[11:22] <Klintran> i xan
[11:22] <Klintran> I only dislike 3 people on chat atm
[11:22] <Klintran> Actually 2
[11:22] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Did the 3rd go AFK? :{P 
[11:22] <Keplers> By tolerate I simply mean I have no wish to end your life with a 10-millimeter bull let.
[11:22] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Oh, thanks.
[11:22] <Keplers> *bullet
[11:22] <Klintran> No, I changed my mind about Malc.
[11:22] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> That makes me feel pretty good.
[11:22] <Marro1> Klint am I one/
[11:22] <Klintran> he's pretty cool sometimes
[11:22] <Klintran> :P 
[11:22] <Klintran> No Marro. :P 
[11:23] <Marro1> Good. :p 
[11:23] <Klintran> Roseann and Keps. (MRE) 
[11:23] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I always think your username is "Mario."
[11:23] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :P 
[11:23] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> *Rose goes away* XD
[11:23] <Keplers> I like Rose! She's awesome!
[11:23] <Marro1> Satl. No just no. ;p 
[11:23] <Keplers> I've never seen a better paycho in my life.
[11:23] <Marro1> in fact. I'm gonna go switch my name.
[11:23] <Marro1> BRB.
[11:23] <Marro1> I'm gonna be annoying. :D 
[11:25] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hello, Caysie.
[11:25] <Caysie98> \o 
[11:25] <Caysie98> Hello!
[11:25] <Keplers> Hit List Update: I like Caysie.
[11:25] <Caysie98> Aw thanks 
[11:25] <Caysie98> :P 
[11:25] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Everyone likes Caysie. :P 
[11:25] <Caysie98> You're not that bad yourself :P 
[11:25] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> That avatar. :{P 
[11:25] <Caysie98> (bf) Really?
[11:26] <Caysie98> :P 
[11:26] <Malc.> Ugh. 
[11:26] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Swipe is alive.
[11:26] <Caysie98> What, Swipe?
[11:26] <Caysie98> Hi, btw
[11:26] <Caysie98> :P 
[11:26] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Welcome back from perpetual darkness.
[11:27] <Malc.> * Malc. just realized that his chat wasn't working right so he's been talking to a dead PM for like ten minutes. 
[11:27] <Keplers> Lol
[11:27] <Indigo~> Omg I've done that before
[11:27] <Caysie98> :P 
[11:27] <Indigo~> It's really embarrassing. :P 
[11:27] <Caysie98> Yup :P 
[11:27] <Caysie98> Hi \o 
[11:27] <SP1012> o/ 
[11:27] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hello, SP.
[11:27] <SP1012> /hai
[11:27] <SP1012> :P 
[11:27] <SP1012> 
[11:28] <SP1012> Hey clutch@
[11:28] <Caysie98> Hi Clutch \o 
[11:28] <Indigo~> Hey, SP, Clutch. o/ 
[11:28] <Malc.> * Malc. is going to switch to computer
[11:28] <Malc.> BBIAB
[11:28] <Caysie98> Ok
[11:28] <Caysie98> :P 
[11:28] <Malc.> (Be back in a bit) :p 
[11:29] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> When did Boyo leave?
[11:29] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Very sad.
[11:29] <Indigo~> Okay!
[11:29] <Caysie98> I figured :P 
[11:29] <Keplers> I just blew Skul off on his birthday topic. :P 
[11:29] <Dr. Satl, M.D.>
[11:29] <Keplers> But his birthday was yesterday. :P 
[11:29] <Keplers> Skul's younger than me? Surprising. 
[11:29] <Keplers> ---
[11:29] <Keplers> Pfft, no. I'm the youngest oldie around. XD 
[11:29] <Keplers> ---
[11:29] <Keplers> Lol oldie ur funny.
[11:29] <Keplers> 
[11:29] <Keplers> 
[11:29] <Keplers> 
[11:29] <Keplers> Come back in like five years. 
[11:30] <Malc.> Heyo!
[11:30] <Malc.> :P 
[11:30] <Malc.> Computer! :3
[11:30] <Caysie98> Heyo! :P 
[11:30] <Caysie98> Swipe! :P 
[11:30] <Caysie98> :3
[11:31] <Caysie98> So
[11:31] <Caysie98> How is everyone's day going? :P 
[11:31] <Keplers> On Sunday my account turn 8. :3
[11:31] <Malc.> Pretty good. :P 
[11:31] <Indigo~> fine
[11:31] <Malc.> Nice, Keplers. :P 
[11:31] <Keplers> My day is going well.
[11:31] <Malc.> I like to think I don't have a account. :P 
[11:31] <Malc.> But I do. :P 
[11:31] <Malc.> Because I wanted to post something once. :P 
[11:31] <Malc.> I regret it. :P 
[11:31] <Malc.> Because I don't use it. :P 
[11:32] <Caysie98> :P 
[11:32] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> ....... :P 
[11:32] <Caysie98> I'm glad everyone's day is going well :P 
[11:32] <Malc.> :P 
[11:32] <TwistedAlpha> Going back through my old videos, I remembered how dumb I am.
[11:32] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I am doing terribly. :P 
[11:32] <TwistedAlpha> But sometimes it a funny way.
[11:32] <Malc.> How's your day going, Cay? :P 
[11:32] <Keplers> LOL
[11:32] <Caysie98> It's going alright :P 
[11:33] <Caysie98> Better than some :P 
[11:33] <Keplers> Just remembered? XD
[11:33] <Malc.> Making any new friends, Cay? :P 
[11:33] <Keplers> Me :3
[11:33] <Caysie98> no :c :P 
[11:33] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I forgot how dumb I am required to be on this website.
[11:33] <TwistedAlpha> "Generally I dislike all of these items. Therefore, I went ahead and put them all together in a loadout!"
[11:33] <TwistedAlpha> lel Kep
[11:33] <Klintran> I'm retarded!
[11:34] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> That's good!
[11:34] <Caysie98> BM, I did iMovie projects in 3rd and 4th grade that are so cute because my voice is so little and my sentences I came up with are so weird :P 
[11:34] <Malc.> xD :P 
[11:34] <Caysie98> They were over like Chimps and stuff
[11:34] <Keplers> XD
[11:34] <Malc.> I'd love to see those, Cay. :P 
[11:34] <Marro1> Ik Klint.
[11:34] <Malc.> It'd be totally awesome. :P 
[11:34] <Caysie98> I should find them and post them :P 
[11:34] <Keplers> 4th. Grade girls. If they stayed that way.. FOREVER .... :P 
[11:34] <Keplers> So cute. So not annoying. :P 
[11:34] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :P 
[11:34] <Caysie98> It's a bunch of pictures and videos of chimpanzees with my 8 year old voice narrating :P 
[11:35] <Dalekst> sup
[11:35] <Caysie98> \o 
[11:35] <Caysie98> There's also one about wetlands
[11:35] <Caysie98> :P 
[11:35] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hello...... Wait...
[11:36] <Dalekst> yes
[11:36] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> LFY alternate account.
[11:36] <Dalekst> what
[11:36] <Keplers> BYEBYE. :P 
[11:36] <Dalekst> this was my main
[11:36] <Dalekst> and is again, actually
[11:36] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Good to know.
[11:36] <Keplers> Or can someone just un<span style="color:red;">ban</span> Reversal Matrix if dupes are allowed? :P
[11:36] <Dalekst> I only used Legofanyoda1547 because this was globally <span style="color:red;">block</span>ed for 2 weeks
[11:36] <Dalekst> so
[11:36] <Caysie98> (fp) 
[11:36] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Why?
[11:36] <Keplers> So you used another account because your main one was globally <span style="color:red;">block</span>ed XD
[11:37] <Keplers> YEAH SENSE MAKE XD
[11:37] <Caysie98> :P 
[11:37] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Obviously, Kep.
[11:37] <Caysie98> What did you do? :P 
[11:37] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I mean, what else what you do?
[11:37] <Dalekst> reasons, Satl
[11:37] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :P 
[11:37] <Roseann Shadowflame> WHERE IS HAN
[11:37] <Roseann Shadowflame> I NEED TO SHOW HER MATHIAS
[11:37] <Roseann Shadowflame> (gah) 
[11:37] <Keplers> Han Solo is dead
[11:37] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Did it have to do with trolling sannse/pretending to be Meiko?
[11:37] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :P 
[11:37] <Dalekst> no
[11:37] <Dalekst> that was months ago
[11:37] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Oh, all right. :P 
[11:37] <Dalekst> I already got that <span style="color:red;">block</span>
[11:37] <Dalekst> in early november
[11:37] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Oh, right.
[11:38] <Keplers> I suppose you bypassed that too
[11:38] <Dalekst> for the 1 hour that it was <span style="color:red;">block</span>ed yes
[11:39] <Keplers> HW did you magine to remove it?
[11:39] <Keplers> *How
[11:39] <Dalekst> sannse let me use the dupe to evade the <span style="color:red;">block</span> back in november
[11:39] <Dalekst> and she didn't care this time either
[11:39] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Heh.
[11:39] <Keplers> And if you've been GLOBALLY <span style="color:red;">block</span>ed so many times I think you're kinda a threat.
[11:40] <Dalekst> 2 =/= many
[11:40] <Keplers> Just a passing thought.
[11:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Keplers for CM 2015
[11:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :P 
[11:40] <Dalekst> do your research or go back to school keps
[11:40] <Malc.> Okay, sure, Shadowflame. :P 
[11:40] <Roseann Shadowflame> Both of you shut up. Stop fighting. (unamused) 
[11:40] <Roseann Shadowflame> :p 
[11:40] <Malc.> What do you need help on? :P 
[11:40] <Roseann Shadowflame> How old are you, five? Just shut it
[11:40] <Roseann Shadowflame> THE BACKGROUND
[11:40] <Roseann Shadowflame> FOR THIS PICTURE
[11:40] <Roseann Shadowflame> MALC :p 
[11:40] <TwistedAlpha> KepxKlint
[11:40] <Caysie98> Back
[11:40] <Roseann Shadowflame> BM that's weird :p 
[11:41] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Heh.
[11:41] <TwistedAlpha> (troll) 
[11:41] <Roseann Shadowflame> Malc :p 
[11:41] <Indigo~> *falls out of the treehouse*
[11:41] <Indigo~> Ouch. 3:
[11:41] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I need recommendations for CM, I am going to try to go for it. :P 
[11:41] <Caysie98> How are you so good at drawing :P 
[11:41] <TwistedAlpha> I demand Rio be demoted and <span style="color:red;">block</span>ed
[11:41] <Roseann Shadowflame> I practice, Caysie :p 
[11:41] <TwistedAlpha> His tennis obsession has made him unfit for admin
[11:41] <Caysie98> Lolwut BM
[11:41] <Roseann Shadowflame> A lot :p 
[11:41] <Caysie98> Oh :P 
[11:41] <Keplers> I like Rio.
[11:41] <Caysie98> I should do that :P 
[11:42] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> He likes Novak. :P 
[11:42] <Roseann Shadowflame> :P 
[11:42] <Roseann Shadowflame> 
[11:42] <Malc.> She's getting a lot better. ^_^
[11:42] <Caysie98> I just don't want to draw badly :P 
[11:42] <Roseann Shadowflame> I got this far without any help at all, so... :p 
[11:42] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> He clearly is not mentally capable of the position. :P 
[11:42] <Caysie98> Which I would if I drew :P 
[11:42] <Dalekst> rio isn't a good admin imo
[11:42] <Roseann Shadowflame> Really, you just gotta practice (yeS) 
[11:42] <Dalekst> good user, sure
[11:42] <Dalekst> good admin, not really
[11:42] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Rio hasn't done much.
[11:42] <Roseann Shadowflame> Malc
[11:42] <Dalekst> sorta like jdude
[11:42] <Roseann Shadowflame> help
[11:42] <Roseann Shadowflame> the background
[11:42] <Roseann Shadowflame> I'm lacking creativity :p 
[11:42] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Yes. 
[11:42] <Roseann Shadowflame> AND IT'S A VICTORIAN CHARACTER
[11:42] <Keplers> Dark,
[11:42] <Malc.> Mm. But I hate all the results of my work. :P Sooo, I hate practising. :P 
[11:42] <Roseann Shadowflame> SO DON'T SAY BURNING HOUSE
[11:42] <Keplers> Kinda wavy edges. :p 
[11:42] <Roseann Shadowflame> BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO DRAW A HOUSE :p 
[11:42] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Dr. Satl, M.D. for CM 2014
[11:42] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Just sayin' :P 
[11:42] <Keplers> Just total dark. :p 
[11:43] <Malc.> An exploding nuclear powerplant? :P 
[11:43] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> So, a mushroom cloud? :P 
[11:43] <Keplers> Or maybe the inside of a dark mansion.
[11:43] <Keplers> Lit by candles.
[11:43] <Caysie98> How about outside
[11:43] <Caysie98> In the evening
[11:43] <Keplers> I prefer a dark mansion. :p 
[11:43] <Keplers> by a window. :p 
[11:43] <Roseann Shadowflame> VICTORIAN ERA, MALC
[11:43] <Roseann Shadowflame> VICTORIAN ERA. :P 
[11:43] <Caysie98> So it's dark but not really dark like it would be at night
[11:43] <Roseann Shadowflame> Black Butleeeeer :p 
[11:44] <Roseann Shadowflame> Good idea, Caysie (sie) 
[11:44] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> So, steampunk, Rose? :{P 
[11:44] <Malc.> Well, you know he could time travel. :P 
[11:44] <Roseann Shadowflame> NOT STEAMPUNK :P 
[11:44] <Caysie98> (bf) 
[11:44] <Malc.> People did that in the Victorian Era. :P 
[11:44] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Add various steampunk airships. :{P 
[11:44] <Roseann Shadowflame> GAHHHH :P 
[11:44] <Keplers> It would be pretty dark. One three-part candle.
[11:44] <Roseann Shadowflame> I like kep's and Caysie's the best :P 
[11:44] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Well, give him a pitchfork.
[11:44] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :P 
[11:44] <Keplers> Lol
[11:44] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> If he's a demon. :P 
[11:44] <Caysie98> Yay
[11:44] <Keplers> X
[11:44] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> And, rename him to Daemon. :{P 
[11:44] <Keplers> *.XD
[11:44] <Roseann Shadowflame> HIS NAME IS MATHIAS P
[11:44] <Malc.> He's a demon. :P And he has a time travel pocket watch. :P 
[11:45] <Roseann Shadowflame> Which ironically enough means Gift of God... :p 
[11:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> XD
[11:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Wait
[11:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Would Matthew be derived from Mathias?
[11:45] <Caysie98> You could always put The Doctor in the background doing something Doctor-y. :P 
[11:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> *My name is totally not Matthew.* (SS) 
[11:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :P 
[11:45] <Caysie98> He goes to the Victorian Era at least once :P 
[11:45] <Keplers> LAWL CAY
[11:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :{P 
[11:45] <MeltE2> Hello.
[11:45] <Caysie98> Hi Melt! \o 
[11:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hello, Melt.
[11:46] <Indigo~> Hi Uncle!
[11:46] <Keplers> Update Hit Last: tolerate Melt.
[11:46] <Dalekst> good for you
[11:46] <Marro1> o/ 
[11:46] <MeltE2> Hello Indi dear, others. 
[11:46] <Malc.> Okay. Let's just say . . . Okay why not a palace or something behind him? :P A
[11:47] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Yes. An Arabian palace.
[11:47] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :P 
[11:47] <Malc.> xD :P 
[11:47] <Malc.> No no, like an upside down temple or something. :P With people with wings for arms. :P 
[11:47] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Or a mech. :{P 
[11:47] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hey, Ire. :P 
[11:47] <MeltE2> Hay Ire.
[11:47] <Malc.> Hey, Ire. :P 
[11:47] <Malc.> Oh!
[11:47] <Dalekst> hi ireithien
[11:47] <Malc.> Hey, Melt. :P 
[11:47] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I have a feeling Rose just wants to kill us. :P 
[11:47] <Dalekst> malc
[11:48] <Ireithien> So how did Dalekst get un<span style="color:red;">ban</span>ned? :P
[11:48] <Keplers> Why not have a TARDIS behind him? Maybe a. DeLorean too.
[11:48] <MeltE2> Hi Malc.. \o 
[11:48] <Dalekst> why so many :P s
[11:48] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Magic, Ire. :P 
[11:48] <Dalekst> it was only <span style="color:red;">block</span>ed for two weeks ire
[11:48] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> And hax
[11:48] <Ireithien> Oh. :P 
[11:48] <Keplers> And some canisters from War ofthe Worlds, I love that book.
[11:48] <Keplers> And a. Toa. Canister too.
[11:48] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> H.G. Wells.
[11:48] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> The Time Machine was better, I thought.
[11:48] <Keplers> That was really good too
[11:49] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Wow, I love reading ancient chat logs from 2011.
[11:49] <Klintran> ..
[11:49] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> It feels prehistoric.
[11:49] <Indigo~> :p 
[11:49] <Caysie98> back
[11:49] <Malc.> xD :P 
[11:50] <Keplers> WB Caycay
[11:50] <Caysie98> TY :P 
[11:50] <Malc.> Interesting choice of words, Captain Salty. :P 
[11:50] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> So...
[11:50] <Caysie98> Liam!
[11:50] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I guess I would be saying that I am prehistoric.
[11:50] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> And should go extinct.
[11:50] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I don't know.
[11:50] <Dalekst> shh satl
[11:50] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> And, LFY, I suppose, is prehistoric too.
[11:50] <Caysie98> Guys
[11:51] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> just sayin'
[11:51] <Caysie98> Who is in Liam's avvie?
[11:51] <Caysie98> :P 
[11:51] <Dalekst> your dad
[11:51] <Keplers> Lol
[11:51] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Oh
[11:51] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> The Master
[11:51] <Caysie98> No, I think I'd know if it was my dad. :P 
[11:51] <Caysie98> Who?
[11:51] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Er...
[11:51] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Who played him, Ire?
[11:51] <Dalekst> the guy who plays Bilbo Baggins
[11:51] <Keplers> Which Masters?
[11:51] <Marro1> Um, bilbo Baggins and watson.
[11:51] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Ah.
[11:51] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Right.
[11:51] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> That is not The Master.
[11:51] <Leinad849> Martin Freeman. :{P 
[11:51] <Keplers> Okay.
[11:51] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Excuse my stupidity.
[11:52] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Morgan Freeman is superior.
[11:53] <MeltE2> So. How is everyone?
[11:53] <Keplers> Hit List Update: I tolerate SP
[11:53] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hello, again, SP.
[11:53] <Dalekst> hi SP
[11:53] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Not too bad, and you?
[11:53] <MeltE2> Fine.
[11:53] <Dalekst> im upset melt
[11:54] <MeltE2> About what?
[11:54] <Dalekst> idk
[11:54] <MeltE2> k
[11:54] <Dalekst> i have a feeling it has to do with keps
[11:54] <MeltE2> oh
[11:54] <MeltE2> not good
[11:54] <MeltE2> what did u do keps
[11:54] <Caysie98> Back again :P 
[11:55] <MeltE2> I find it funny how I never notice you're gone, but you're always saying "back".
[11:55] <Keplers> All I did was reprimand him for using a dupe to evade his <span style="color:red;">block</span>.
[11:56] <Keplers> But that conversation was long ago.
[11:56] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> o/ 
[11:56] <Keplers> I'd let it go.
[11:56] <Caysie98> Hi Brick \o 
[11:56] <Marro1> London o/ 
[11:56] <Keplers> Hit List Update: I have a low tolerance for LDC.
[11:56] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> EVERYONE has a low tolerance for me.
[11:56] <Caysie98> Keps, why do you keep telling us your opinion of each user that comes on? :P 
[11:57] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> I don't give a brick, though :P 
[11:57] <Caysie98> Nah, you're alright :P 
[11:57] <Keplers> It is a live update to my hit list as people arrive.
[11:57] <Caysie98> I like you, Brick :P 
[11:57] <Keplers> The better your are (usually to me :P ) the higher your rating goes.
[11:57] <Keplers> Someday you could be like Rose and Von and Arya. :3
[11:57] <MeltE2> I don't mind you, Brick.
[11:57] <Keplers> *you
[11:57] <ClutchTheGreat> Lawl, most of the yellow team consists of people me and Res know. :P 
[11:57] <Caysie98> Wait so we're higher up on the hit list? Isn't that a bad thing? :P 
[11:57] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Thanks, Cays :P 
[11:57] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Clutch, yellow team on what?
[11:58] <Ireithien> Von? :P 
[11:58] <ClutchTheGreat> Base Wars
[11:58] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Ah
[11:58] <Caysie98> Liam!
[11:58] <Keplers> No.
[11:58] <Ireithien> Von has a high rating? :P 
[11:58] <Ireithien> Hi Cay. :P 
[11:58] <Keplers> Higher rating as in I have a higher approval.
[11:58] <Caysie98> Oh
[11:58] <Caysie98> But isn't a hit list a list of people you want to kill or injure? :P 
[11:58] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> ^^
[11:59] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Hit lists is what the mafia use to find the guys they don't like, see. :P 
[11:59] <MeltE2> No, it's people he wants to hit on.
[11:59] <Caysie98> Lol :P 
[11:59] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> lawl
[11:59] <Keplers> No.
[11:59] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Kepa: So, Brick... How's it goin... :P 
[11:59] <Ireithien> No wonder Arya's high on it, then.
[11:59] <Ireithien> :P 
[11:59] <MeltE2> In which case, his is disturbing.
[11:59] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Ugh, no thanks
[11:59] <Caysie98> Hi Loney \o 
[11:59] <Loney 97> Hey everyone o/ 
[11:59] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> KILL EM LIAM! :P 
[11:59] <Keplers> Low approval on my hit list means I wish to put a 10-millimeter bullet through your skull
[11:59] <Ireithien> I ship Kepya. Kinda. :P 
[11:59] <Keplers> OI
[11:59] <Keplers> :P 
[11:59] <Malc.> Where am I on the list, Keps? :P 
[12:00] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> I keep saying "kill em" after I saw the Vine. :P 
[12:00] <Keplers> I like you.
[12:00] <Caysie98> Low as in close to number one?
[12:00] <Dalekst> keps is weird
[12:00] <Loney 97> Kepya? Die Jedil :| 
[12:00] <Malc.> Oh. :P Good. :P 
[12:00] <Keplers> Number one target, yes (troll) 
[12:00] <Caysie98> Oh I see now :P 
[12:00] <Ireithien> Ok, I don't ship Kepya. Arya would not be in very good hands, then. :P 
[12:00] <Keplers> OIIIII
[12:00] <Ireithien> I ship Rioya or Arlu777. :P 
[12:00] <Keplers> NOOOO
[12:01] <Caysie98> \o 
[12:01] <Caysie98> I don't :P 
[12:01] <Keplers> HEYYY
[12:01] <Loney 97> I'm not aaaaaas against that... :p 
[12:01] <Indigo~> :P 
[12:01] <Caysie98> That does not work. :P 
[12:01] <Caysie98> No. :P 
[12:01] <Caysie98> just no. :P 
[12:01] <Keplers> PER CAY :P 
[12:01] <Ireithien> I ship Leindigo. :P 
[12:01] <Ireithien> That would be so cute. (bf) 
[12:02] <Indigo~> Iiiirrreeeeee. 
[12:02] <Malc.> XD :P 
[12:02] <Indigo~> Why me (sniffle) 
[12:02] <Indigo~> :P 
[12:02] <Leinad849> o-o 
[12:02] <Dalekst> ire stop ship<span style="color:red;">ping</span> people it's annoying
[12:02] <Leinad849> Ire. (fw) :P 
[12:02] <Dalekst> speaking of annoying
[12:02] <Dalekst> :) 
[12:02] <Malc.> Leindigo. xD :P I would ship that because of the awesome name. :P 
[12:02] <Dalekst> jkjk
[12:02] <Caysie98> Hi GK \o 
[12:02] <Roseann Shadowflame> So
[12:02] <Roseann Shadowflame> Kep, Caysie
[12:02] <Caysie98> Per Swipe :P 
[12:02] <Caysie98> yeah, Rose?
[12:02] <Roseann Shadowflame> How about he's by a window, in a mansion, and outside it's Dusk? :p 
[12:02] <Leinad849> Aaand back to skyrim. :P 
[12:02] <Indigo~> No comment. :P 
[12:02] <Caysie98> I like it :P 
[12:02] <Roseann Shadowflame> OKAY
[12:02] <Caysie98> DO IT ROSE :P 
[12:02] <Roseann Shadowflame> I combined both of your ideas and that beautiful thing came up :p 
[12:03] <Roseann Shadowflame> Thankyeh :p 
[12:03] <Malc.> Go ahead, Shadowflame. :P 
[12:03] <MeltE2> Who is by a window?
[12:03] <Roseann Shadowflame> My character. :p 
[12:03] <Malc.> (You forgot the nuclear bomb. :P )
[12:03] <Keplers> Oh, cool Rose!
[12:03] <MeltE2> Oh.
[12:03] <MeltE2> So you're doing a picture?
[12:03] <MeltE2> Or something?
[12:03] <MeltE2> Similar?
[12:03] <Malc.> < Shadowflames :P 
[12:03] <Malc.> Pretty good right? :P 
[12:04] <Malc.> '*
[12:04] <Roseann Shadowflame> Yes, Melt :p 
[12:04] <Gameking99> Donald Glover will be leaving the cast of Community :( 
[12:04] <Roseann Shadowflame> OIh my Black Butler oC.
[12:04] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> purple eyes? wot
[12:04] <Roseann Shadowflame> He's a boy, of course
[12:04] <MeltE2> My goodness, that's amazing Rose.
[12:04] <Roseann Shadowflame> DEMON EYES, LDC
[12:04] <Roseann Shadowflame> Look up "Black Butler demon eyes"
[12:04] <Roseann Shadowflame> Thanks, Melt :p 
[12:04] <Caysie98> Ikr Melt
[12:04] <MeltE2> GTG.
[12:04] <Keplers> In theory I could do stuff just like that. :p 
[12:04] <Malc.> The line work has to be my favourite thing on it though. It's amazing. :P 
[12:05] <Keplers> In practice... I need practice. :P 
[12:05] <Keplers> I'm just not used to drawing. :P 
[12:05] <Roseann Shadowflame> Thank you Malc (sie) 
[12:05] <Gameking99> Ricktrin is AFK! :( 
[12:05] <Malc.> The shading and colouring is fine. Although I would prefer rough edge shadows instead of gradient based shadows. :P 
[12:05] <Dalekst> ricktrin hates you GK
[12:05] <Gameking99> IMPOSSIBLE
[12:05] <Indigo~> Obi o/ 
[12:05] <Gameking99> Ricktrin cannot express hate!
[12:05] <Dalekst> hi obi
[12:05] <Obi the LEGO Fan> /o 
[12:05] <Gameking99> Only things
[12:05] <Caysie98> Yeah the coat is amazing
[12:05] <Gameking99> And stuff
[12:05] <Caysie98> Hi Obi!
[12:05] <Dalekst> GK you know nothing about him
[12:05] <Gameking99> Oh dear LFY is here...
[12:06] <Malc.> * Malc. just realized something. Why am I using British spelling. >_<
[12:06] <Dalekst> stop acting like you do
[12:06] <Klintran> Ricktrin is hot!
[12:06] <Gameking99> *oh god
[12:06] <Keplers> Hit list Update : I tolerate Obi. I dislike GK.
[12:06] <Gameking99> Hey
[12:06] <Caysie98> The jacket or whatever it's called
[12:06] <Dalekst> GK is weird
[12:06] <Gameking99> Really?
[12:06] <Dalekst> obi is good
[12:06] <Caysie98> :P 
[12:06] <Gameking99> Obi.
[12:06] <Gameking99> PM
[12:06] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Okay
[12:06] <Klintran> Keplers is a jerk to my sometimes
[12:06] <Gameking99> Accidentally clicked Message Wall
[12:06] <Klintran> But I can tolerate him
[12:06] <Obi the LEGO Fan> I have no PM from you :P 
[12:06] <Klintran> =/
[12:06] <Roseann Shadowflame> Ohmygosh you're all so nice (sie) 
[12:06] <Roseann Shadowflame> Except you Klint. :p 
[12:06] <Klintran> Roseann I dislike
[12:06] <Roseann Shadowflame> You're mean. :c
[12:06] <Ireithien> :P 
[12:06] <Klintran> Shes horrible
[12:06] <Dalekst> i can tolerate keplers 5% of the time
[12:06] <Roseann Shadowflame> Who's horri- oh, me. :p 
[12:07] <Ireithien> So I'm nice!? (ss) 
[12:07] <Roseann Shadowflame> Hey, at least I can spell right.
[12:07] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Liam is nice. :P 
[12:07] <Dalekst> I can never tolerate ire
[12:07] <Roseann Shadowflame> Ire, you don't count as a person. :p 
[12:07] <Klintran> Ireithien is better then some people here
[12:07] <Roseann Shadowflame> So no. :p 
[12:07] <Caysie98> D:
[12:07] <Ireithien> I cannot tolerate LFY. Ever. 
[12:07] <Dalekst> he's a bad mod, no offense intended
[12:07] <Caysie98> Liam is a person
[12:07] <Ireithien> I have never tolerated LFY.
[12:07] <Caysie98> :P 
[12:07] <Ireithien> In my life.
[12:07] <Ireithien> :P 
[12:07] <Indigo~> *Sits in the corner of le treehouse* 3:
[12:07] <Ireithien> Yep I am
[12:07] <Klintran> I only like 3 people here (RE) 
[12:07] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> The only reason I wouldn't like him is cause he's rooting for the Broncos, but he's still meh fwend
[12:07] <Ireithien> We're all bad mods. :3 
[12:07] <Ireithien> :P 
[12:07] <Dalekst> klint was like the only good mod
[12:07] <Klintran> I tolerate the rest
[12:07] <Dalekst> but
[12:07] <Klintran> except Roseann
[12:07] <Klintran> Roseann never
[12:07] <Dalekst> he resigned, but they won't give him his rights back if he asks
[12:07] <Keplers> Rose is epic.
[12:08] <Keplers> I want you to name another PAYCHO this awesome.
[12:08] <Ireithien> You're one to judge modding skills, considering you're NOT one, LFY. :P 
[12:08] <Dalekst> and
[12:08] <Dalekst> how is that relevant 
[12:08] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> I got 99 problems, but loving everyone on chat aint one. (bf) 
[12:08] <Malc.> * Malc. is no longer an admin or mod
[12:08] <Indigo~> Please don't start arguing guys... :c
[12:08] <Dalekst> i'm a mod at two wikis that are often more active than this one
[12:08] <Klintran> Not to be offensive but I agree with LFY on Ire. :P 
[12:08] <Ireithien> You're entitled to your opinion. :P 
[12:08] <Keplers> I'm an admin OIN a high-traffic wiki. LFY.
[12:08] <Klintran> But Ire is cool normally.
[12:08] <Keplers> yOur point?
[12:08] <Ireithien> Want my opinion on you? :P 
[12:08] <Gameking99> I know you have grill problems, and I feel bad for you son, I've got 99 problems but propane ain't one.
[12:08] <Malc.> Because that problem is the 100th 
[12:08] <Dalekst> "oin"
[12:08] <Dalekst> wth
[12:09] <Indigo~> *Hugs knees* 
[12:09] <Klintran> Keplers, a wiki with usually nobody on chat
[12:09] <Klintran> Unless you invite them
[12:09] <Klintran> x3
[12:09] <Dalekst> yeah klint's right
[12:09] <Keplers> They use forums.
[12:09] <Gameking99> SCGMD4 (SIE) 
[12:09] <Keplers> Not chat.
[12:09] <Dalekst> and
[12:09] <Klintran> How many edits per day average, Keps?
[12:09] <Klintran> @the whole wiki
[12:09] <Klintran> not just you
[12:09] <Gameking99> *Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4
[12:09] <Ireithien> I'm sorry. I do just find it funny that two people without ANY rights are judging how well moderators do their jobs. :P 
[12:09] <Keplers> Dozens.
[12:09] <Dalekst> I have over 9,000 edits on two wikis
[12:09] <Keplers> If not more.
[12:09] <Gameking99> Per Ire
[12:09] <Ireithien> Brb.
[12:09] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Liam, 'Murica
[12:09] <Dalekst> Ire, anyone is free to judge anyone
[12:10] <Klintran> Ireithien I was a moderator
[12:10] <Gameking99> True, dalek
[12:10] <Gameking99> If you live in a free country :P 
[12:10] <Klintran> Does that take away my opinion or something
[12:10] <Indigo~> brb dads home
[12:10] <Keplers> Dalek:To my knowledge many edits wre received from a script?
[12:10] <Malc.> Give him a hug for me, Annie :p 
[12:10] <Ireithien> Yes, LFY. :P 
[12:10] <ClutchTheGreat> Just saying this to save Keplers the trouble of saying THIS: 
[12:10] <ClutchTheGreat> Keplers: Updated Hit List: I tolerate Clutch. 
[12:10] <Gameking99> Annie from Community? :P 
[12:11] <Gameking99> I'd love a hug from HER! :P 
[12:11] <Keplers> Thank you. :P 
[12:11] <Klintran> I've made over 20,000 edits without a bot script
[12:11] <ClutchTheGreat> NP. c:
[12:11] <Klintran> @Keps
[12:11] <Dalekst> idk what "wre" means, so
[12:11] <Malc.> Indigo is Annie. :p 
[12:11] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Ire, you could be a good mod, but you usually do nothing with your rights 
[12:11] <Keplers> *were, moron.
[12:11] <Klintran> Per.
[12:11] <Dalekst> yeah obi's right
[12:11] <Keplers> Really if you can't see through that minor typo you have some problems.
[12:11] <Ireithien> Usually do nothing? :P 
[12:11] <Dalekst> lol keps
[12:11] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Obi, that's cause nobody bothers chat anymore.
[12:11] <Gameking99> Oh God, Malc.
[12:11] <Klintran> You don't enforce rules, ire. :P 
[12:11] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Yes. :P 
[12:11] <Gameking99> MALCHEMIST! :P 
[12:11] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> And if someone does, it's nobody new
[12:11] <Malc.> Well, what can he do?
[12:11] <Ireithien> I certainly do! :P 
[12:11] <Klintran> And when you do, you usually only warn the person
[12:11] <Ireithien> So?
[12:11] <Caysie98> i GTG walk the dogs
[12:12] <Caysie98> bbl
[12:12] <Keplers> O/ 
[12:12] <Obi the LEGO Fan> /o 
[12:12] <Klintran> And you warn them 60 times before doing anything else
[12:12] <Dalekst> the only mod who uses his rights is Aok
[12:12] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Yeah, screw Obi's comment, Liam is a good mod. (mre) 
[12:12] <Dalekst> and he's a little
[12:12] <Klintran> ...Just sayin
[12:12] <Dalekst> eh
[12:12] <Ireithien> My mod skill is not based on how often I kick/<span style="color:red;">ban</span> someone, for the record.
[12:12] <Dalekst> over-strict
[12:12] <Gameking99> Oh dang
[12:12] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Per Liam
[12:12] <Obi the LEGO Fan> I agree, Ire
[12:12] <Malc.> Full metal Malchemist 
[12:12] <Gameking99> I wanna play Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 now...
[12:12] <Keplers> Hey Dalek if you criticize these boys, how about I be a CM?
[12:12] <Keplers> Since anyone is better than IREI.
[12:12] <Keplers> *Ire
[12:12] <Klintran> Keplers stop tryharding for CM
[12:12] <Obi the LEGO Fan> But, you rarely try to resolve conflicts, that I see. 
[12:12] <Dalekst> did I say /anyone/ was better than ire
[12:12] <Dalekst> also per Klint
[12:12] <Klintran> you've been <span style="color:red;">block</span>ed so many times here. :P
[12:13] <Dalekst> you were just un<span style="color:red;">ban</span>ned too xD
[12:13] <Gameking99> 87
[12:13] <Malc.> Oh, Obi, watch Madoka Magica yet?
[12:13] <Gameking99> Oops
[12:13] <Keplers> I'm not asking for CM (ye) 
[12:13] <Dalekst> you're not asking for it
[12:13] <Ireithien> It's based on how well I am able to interpret and enforce the rules. I may not have been the best at the job, I agree. But no one's perfect. You're all entitled to these opinions - but that doesn't mean you should constantly make them public.
[12:13] <Keplers> I'm just saying, Ire does a better job than is supposed I would.
[12:13] <Dalekst> you're tryharding for it
[12:13] <Klintran> You constantly imply that you'd be a "better" or "good" CM
[12:13] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Not more 
[12:13] <Indigo~> Per Ire
[12:13] <Klintran> Ireithien I was just commenting on "doesn't use your rights"
[12:13] <Malc.> I think Ire is doing fine.
[12:13] <Ireithien> yep.
[12:14] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Yes, I'm not saying you're a bad mod. 
[12:14] <Keplers> Klint, Dalek, quit trolling the wiki by flaring arguments.
[12:14] <Ireithien> I will now kindly provide my opinions on every single one of you, over and over, to show you what you are doing. :P 
[12:14] <Indigo~> ^
[12:14] <Klintran> Keplers, stop getting un<span style="color:red;">block</span>ed
[12:14] <Indigo~> @Keps :p 
[12:14] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Just that I don't see you working to solve conflicts or keep peace very often. 
[12:14] <Keplers> Says the best friend of someone globally <span style="color:red;">block</span>ed twice (ys)
[12:14] <Dalekst> keps why do you keep provoking us minutes after the conversation is over
[12:14] <Dalekst> seriously
[12:14] <Dalekst> it's annoying
[12:14] <Ireithien> Solving conflicts isn't always just telling people to stop talking. :P 
[12:14] <Keplers> ... I wouldn't provoke you after it ends.
[12:14] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Exactly
[12:14] <Klintran> And Keplers since when do global issues matter here
[12:14] <Klintran> lol idiot
[12:14] <Obi the LEGO Fan> @Ire
[12:15] <Dalekst> per klint xD
[12:15] <Dalekst> keps, you already are so
[12:15] <Roseann Shadowflame> HAN NEEDS TO GET ON
[12:15] <Keplers> Uh, they're global.
[12:15] <Roseann Shadowflame> SO I CAN SHOW HER MATHIAS
[12:15] <Keplers> That means it affects everywhere that has "" in it.
[12:15] <Roseann Shadowflame> :p 
[12:15] <Indigo~> Don't call people idiots plz :p 
[12:15] <Ireithien> Klint and LFY, can you get off Kep's back?
[12:15] <Klintran> Lol Ire learn to watch conversations
[12:15] <Dalekst> when keps stops being himself yes
[12:15] <Klintran> he's been provoking us
[12:15] <Keplers> Hey look being a CM XD
[12:15] <Dalekst> your point? ^
[12:16] <Keplers> You just said he didn't do enough XD
[12:16] <Ireithien> I have been watching the entire time. What I'm seeing is that both sides are being stupid and annoying. :P 
[12:16] <Indigo~> Both sides. HE SPEAKS THE TRUTH..
[12:16] <Indigo~> .*
[12:16] <Ireithien> Kep needs to stop continuing it, but at the same time, LFY and Klint are being very rude and not speaking respectfully. 
[12:16] <Ireithien> Quit.
[12:16] <Agent Spy> Back
[12:16] <Klintran> and yet he feels the need to insult us
[12:16] <Klintran> Speak for yourself Ire xD
[12:16] <Indigo~> Wait Klint
[12:16] <Klintran> "Both sides are being stupid and annoying"
[12:16] <Dalekst> ^ xD
[12:16] <Indigo~> Insult you? But you just called him an idiot...
[12:16] <Ireithien> I didn't say you WERE stupid. You're just acting it. :P 
[12:16] <Indigo~> im lost
[12:16] <Klintran> I'm not the CM, Indi
[12:16] <Keplers> Okay I'd like to file for personal attack against Klint and LFY here. :p 
[12:17] <Indigo~> I know :p 
[12:17] <Klintran> he is.
[12:17] <Dalekst> good for you keps
[12:17] <Ireithien> Basically, let's create love, peace, and rainbows. :P 
[12:17] <Keplers> ^
[12:17] <Indigo~> Yes!
[12:17] <Klintran> idiot staff gg I'm not gonna bother
[12:17] <Marro1> Ire (ys) Creat love?
[12:17] <Ireithien> yep
[12:17] <Ireithien> create love
[12:17] <Ireithien> :3
[12:17] <Dalekst> lol marro
[12:17] <Klintran> soon as around 3 people get demoted and more <span style="color:red;">block</span>ed I'll look at main. bye [[]]:D
[12:17] <Gameking99> Rainbows pouring out of our ears....
[12:17] <Marro1> *create
[12:17] <Dalekst> ire should be <span style="color:red;">ban</span>ned for saying that
[12:17] <Gameking99> And all of our orifices. 
[12:17] <Dalekst> it's inappropriate
[12:17] <Dalekst> "create love"
[12:18] <Dalekst> no thanks
[12:18] <Marro1> :p 
[12:18] <Indigo~> dalek
[12:18] <Dalekst> indigo
[12:18] <Keplers> Klin, Dalek, if you hate the staff, go away.
[12:18] <Keplers> Forever if possible.
[12:18] <Keplers> I doubt you'll be missed heavily.
[12:18] <Indigo~> I don't think he meant it like that. :P 
[12:18] <Dalekst> because it's your business keps
[12:18] <Ireithien> Good grief, you half-miserable frogswimmers. :P 
[12:18] <Dalekst> leave us alone keps
[12:18] <Dalekst> go away
[12:18] <Ireithien> I didn't mean it that way. (xd) 
[12:18] <Indigo~> no u go away dalek
[12:18] <Keplers> Updated Hit List: I like. Sad
[12:19] <Ireithien> Kep, that is the prime example of provoking them with an unneeded insult. :P 
[12:19] <Klintran> Keps, and you are saying people wouldn't miss you either
[12:19] <Klintran> because from what I've seen most people here generally dislike you
[12:19] <Klintran> so screw off
[12:19] <Ireithien> You could have said 'you can leave' without tacking on the missing part. :P 
[12:19] <Marro1> How bout we all be friends.
[12:19] <Gameking99> Updated Hit List: Assassinate British Captain at Port Bosworth for 1,000$, then visit the port and upgrade my ship.
[12:19] <Ireithien> And Klint, LFY, instead of leaving it alone, you are, ironically, CONTINUING THE ARGUMENT 
[12:19] <Keplers> Lots of peopled miss me.
[12:19] <Indigo~> I don't dislike him.
[12:19] <Gameking99> Then keep doing Assassin's Creed related things
[12:19] <Keplers> And " screw off" WUT (XD )
[12:19] <Marro1> I like Kep, and klint.
[12:19] <Indigo~> He isn't as bad as he was before he was <span style="color:red;">block</span>ed :p
[12:19] <Klintran> I'd probably get <span style="color:red;">ban</span>ned for saying the alternative, Keps
[12:19] <Ireithien> While people shouldn't provoke you, you shouldn't let everything bother you. :P 
[12:20] <Sadistica> Kee<span style="color:red;">ping</span> grudges are good for no one. Good grief :p
[12:20] <Keplers> Says the sadist. :p 
[12:20] <Sadistica> Exactly :{p 
[12:21] <Indigo~> So guys.
[12:21] <Indigo~> If we're done arguing...
[12:21] <Indigo~> Let's all go in the treehouse! :3
[12:21] <Sadistica> But I don't just pick one person I like messing with everyone's minds. I like watching them beg for mercy.
[12:21] <Marro1> yay! The tree house!
[12:21] <Keplers> Lol 
[12:21] <Gameking99> aGoukisan
[12:21] <Leinad849> Yay! *scurries up the ladder and waits by the door* :3
[12:22] <Indigo~> *I unlock the door* [[]]:D
[12:22] <Indigo~> Hi Swipe!
[12:22] <Ireithien> *comes in the treehouse*
[12:22] <Ireithien> :P 
[12:22] <Indigo~> Come in the treehouse with us! :P 
[12:22] <Malc.> Hiya!
[12:22] <Marro1> ?me enters the tre house.
[12:22] <Malc.> #Climbs up#
[12:22] <Sadistica> Hi Meiko
[12:22] <Gameking99> Just be thankful for all the good things in life. Like traffic and getting hit in the groin.
[12:22] <Ireithien> I wonder when someone will post a blog of this fight, cuz, every fight needs a blog. :P 
[12:22] <Keplers> Lawl
[12:22] <Marro1> * /me enters the tree house
[12:22] <Ireithien> * Ireithien enters the treehouse
[12:22] <Ireithien> * Ireithien sees the teapot
[12:22] <Sadistica> GK :{p 
[12:22] <Marro1> (fp) 
[12:22] <Indigo~> We've had worse and nobody posts anything, Ire. :P 
[12:23] <Ireithien> * Ireithien makes some tea
[12:23] <Ireithien> :P 
[12:23] <Ireithien> Ok. :P 
[12:23] <Marro1> * Marro1 enters the tre house.
[12:23] <Ireithien> Well, let's hope that's true of this. :P 
[12:23] <Gameking99> Sadistica, strike a pose and hold it. HOOOOOOOLD IT.... KEEP HOLDING IT...!
[12:23] <Marro1> *TREE!!!!!!!
[12:23] <Sadistica> Wait wut
[12:23] <Keplers> * Keplers Exterminates the tree.*
[12:23] <Marro1> (angry) 
[12:23] <Marro1> GK that's what she said.
[12:23] <ClutchTheGreat> *<span style="color:red;">kick</span>s open a hole in the treehouse, climbs in*
[12:23] <Ireithien> * Ireithien is having cheeseburgers for dinner tonight. He is glad.
[12:23] <Ireithien> :P 
[12:23] <Leinad849> *looks around for any more visitors*
[12:24] <Leinad849> *sits in my place in the doorway, guarding it*
[12:24] <Leinad849> :P 
[12:24] <Indigo~> *sits down in a corner in the treehouse*
[12:24] <Marro1> Kill Kep. He's a dalek.
[12:24] <Ireithien> -brings Lein a cup of tea-
[12:24] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> * LondonDauntlessCorvair963 is having soup with meatballs and noodles. He is glad.
[12:24] <Keplers> * Keplers fires into the treehouse*
[12:24] <Leinad849> *sips tea* Thanks. :{P 
[12:24] <Ireithien> Np. :{P 
[12:24] <Marro1> Ew. Don't pee in the tree house.
[12:24] <Malc.> * Malc. sips tea
[12:25] <Sadistica> Is anyone else lost...
[12:25] <Marro1> Sicko.
[12:25] <Sadistica> :{p 
[12:25] <Indigo~> Yes, Bat
[12:25] <Malc.> * Malc. eats a scone
[12:25] <Ireithien> * Ireithien eats a scone with Swipe
[12:25] <Ireithien> :P 
[12:25] <Keplers> * Keplers calls in a fleet and the treehouse is properly exterminated*
[12:25] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> me eats a scone with my homies
[12:25] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> * /me eats a scone wih my homies
[12:26] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Ugh, you get da point
[12:26] <Indigo~> (fp) ;P 
[12:26] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> GTG o/ 
[12:26] <Indigo~> :p *
[12:26] <Ireithien> *ignores the treehouse's extermination and continues eating scones and drinking tea*
[12:26] <Keplers> *The treehouse falls*
[12:26] <ButchCavendish> I'm supposed to be doing work right now and instead I'm just sitting here eating scones
[12:27] <Indigo~> What? (sniffle) 
[12:27] <Leinad849> Why is this treehouse such a target for bullets and violence? (uh) :P 
[12:27] <Indigo~> *shrugs* 
[12:27] <Indigo~> I dunno.
[12:27] <Indigo~> But it makes Indeh sad. :c
[12:27] <Malc.> It's supposed to be a peaceful place.
[12:27] <Sadistica> You know what's fun? Sticking your foot out and trip<span style="color:red;">ping</span> a random stranger then watch them get up stunned. Their faces are filled with shock and humility. 
[12:27] <Malc.> * Malc. sips tea
[12:28] <ButchCavendish> also I was PMing obi and my phone autocorrected 'shibe' to a NSFLMBW word that starts with an S
[12:28] <Marro1> sadistica. You're sadistic.
[12:28] <Gameking99> I almost perfected a song on Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4! I missed ONE note (gah) 
[12:28] <Sadistica> What else is new? :p 
[12:28] <Marro1> :p 
[12:28] <Keplers> Sadistica you sound like me (XD) 
[12:28] <Gslover1> Salutations malefactors 
[12:28] <Keplers> Updated Hit List: I tolerate GS.
[12:28] <Malc.> What type of phone do you use? :p 
[12:29] <Sadistica> Heh xD I did it to some random lady at Starbucks this morning.
[12:29] <Leinad849> o\ 
[12:29] <ButchCavendish> Malc.: Nexus 5
[12:29] <Roseann Shadowflame> BATTY
[12:29] <Roseann Shadowflame> I HAS MADE BLACK BUTLER OC (sie) 
[12:29] <Gslover1> I think you already said that, Kep.
[12:29] <Roseann Shadowflame> A male one. :p 
[12:29] <Sadistica> Let me see Rosé :p 
[12:29] <Roseann Shadowflame> one second C:
[12:29] <Keplers> Is it better?
[12:30] <Indigo~> :P 
[12:30] <Indigo~> 
[12:30] <Roseann Shadowflame> It isn't finished yet, mind you :p 
[12:30] <Roseann Shadowflame> It's loading. :p 
[12:30] <Sadistica> Kk
[12:30] <Keplers> :P 
[12:30] <Sadistica> :p 
[12:31] <Gslover1> She awaits your creation, Rose. 
[12:31] <Keplers> So do I because I influenced it.
[12:31] <Keplers> :P 
[12:31] <Keplers> Not the demon part. :P 
[12:31] <Keplers> Just the background. :P 
[12:32] <Sadistica> Yes...I promise I won't make any Innaproprite remarks. :{p 
[12:32] <Keplers> ... OI. :P 
[12:33] <Roseann Shadowflame> I'M WORKING ITTTT :p 
[12:33] <Roseann Shadowflame> *ON ITTTTT
[12:33] <Roseann Shadowflame> Dang it
[12:33] <Keplers> :P 
[12:33] <Indigo~> Hello Indy! o/ 
[12:33] <Sadistica> OLÈ :{p 
[12:33] <Roseann Shadowflame> The screen shot doesn't have the mansion in it. I forgot to turn that layer back on. .-.
[12:34] <Gslover1> Salutations, Indy.
[12:34] <Sadistica> Hey Indy
[12:34] <IndyAJD> Hello people :P 
[12:34] <Roseann Shadowflame> Well, mansion-less, but still :p 
[12:34] <Ireithien> Hey Indy
[12:34] <IndyAJD> Heya
[12:34] <Keplers> Looks good.
[12:34] <Sadistica> Holy cow Rose
[12:34] <ButchCavendish> that eye is odd
[12:34] <IndyAJD> Is anyone here a PC gamer?
[12:34] <Sadistica> That's good.
[12:34] <Sadistica> :p 
[12:34] <ButchCavendish> I'm a PC gamer
[12:34] <Keplers> I do MC.
[12:34] <IndyAJD> Like moreso than minecraft? :P 
[12:34] <Roseann Shadowflame> Thank you Batty (Sie) 
[12:34] <ButchCavendish> yes
[12:34] <Roseann Shadowflame> aND ASSORTED PEOPLE :P 
[12:34] <Marcel77799> Yes I l am
[12:34] <Ireithien> I'm not a PC gamer. My PC is a piece of junk and I'm broke
[12:34] <Ireithien> :P 
[12:34] <Sadistica> NP-Harry
[12:34] <ButchCavendish> speaking of that I need to go finish Metro Last Light
[12:34] <Indigo~> Hey, Harry o/ 
[12:34] <Sadistica> :p 
[12:35] <IndyAJD> What games do you guys play, those who said yes?
[12:35] <Marcel77799> PC only
[12:35] <IndyAJD> Besides Marcel, I know what you play :P 
[12:35] <Keplers> I actually don't have a worthwhile. PC.
[12:35] <Roseann Shadowflame> His name is Mathias Ainsworth, Batty (sie) 
[12:35] <Roseann Shadowflame> :p 
[12:35] <Harold89> Hello. \o 
[12:35] <Marcel77799> Mainlx LoL
[12:35] <Keplers> I use a Mac. :P 
[12:35] <Sadistica> Nice (yes) :p 
[12:35] <Marcel77799> :P 
[12:35] <ButchCavendish> TF2, Minecraft, Metro, Assassin's Creed, Half Life, Hitman: Absolution, etc
[12:35] <Sadistica> Hi CHC
[12:35] <Sadistica> CJC*
[12:35] <Malc.> Hey CJ
[12:35] <Indigo~> CJC O/ 
[12:35] <IndyAJD> Sweet
[12:35] <Harold89> Obi, PM.
[12:35] <CJC95> Oh, ~ isn't here
[12:35] <Gslover1> Huh? :P 
[12:35] <Sadistica> O.O
[12:35] <Gslover1> I'm....
[12:36] <Gslover1> I'm ...................
[12:36] <Harold89> .. :P 
[12:36] <Leinad849> I just went up to an elk and skyrim and attacked it, and it didn't even move o.o
[12:36] <Leinad849> :P 
[12:36] <Leinad849> And that's new :P 
[12:36] <Gslover1> Obi, you made a mistake. 
[12:36] <Keplers> You slit the spinal cord.
[12:36] <Keplers> It couldn't have.
[12:36] <Sadistica> Dahek :p 
[12:36] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Nope.
[12:36] <Marcel77799> HiCJC
[12:36] <Roseann Shadowflame> WOW
[12:36] <IndyAJD> PC or console leinad?
[12:36] <Gslover1> :P 
[12:36] <Roseann Shadowflame> AWESOME
[12:36] <Roseann Shadowflame> :p 
[12:36] <Leinad849> I shot fire at it, kep. :P 
[12:36] <Leinad849> PC
[12:36] <Sadistica> I thought...NVM
[12:36] <Sadistica> :p 
[12:36] <Malc.> Thanks, Obi. :p 
[12:36] <Ireithien> Assassin's Creed, Meiko? c:
[12:36] <IndyAJD> :P 
[12:36] <Roseann Shadowflame> HEY CONGRATS
[12:36] <Indigo~> Congratulations, Swipe. :} 
[12:36] <Roseann Shadowflame> COMMONER
[12:36] <Indigo~> :p 
[12:36] <Gslover1> Obi, what's going on? :| 
[12:36] <Roseann Shadowflame> CONGRATS :p 
[12:36] <Ireithien> Lein, elks always run into the nearest source of water. :P 
[12:36] <ButchCavendish> these are the only games I play
[12:36] <ButchCavendish> usually
[12:36] <IndyAJD> What games do you play Leinad?
[12:36] <Leinad849> Ire, it didn't move at all. :P 
[12:36] <Sadistica> I thought he already had admin.
[12:36] <Harold89> Gs, Malc. demoted himself.. now he wants to be promoted again. :P 
[12:36] <Leinad849> Like
[12:37] <Sadistica> :p 
[12:37] <Ireithien> I mean I attack it and it always runs into the nearest river. :P 
[12:37] <Leinad849> I was walking along a road
[12:37] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Swipe had mod way before me, Gs :P 
[12:37] <Leinad849> so I shot flames at it
[12:37] <CJC95> can we make my name pink like it is at brickipedia Obi
[12:37] <Leinad849> didn't move
[12:37] <Gslover1> :| 
[12:37] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Just giving it back to him
[12:37] <Leinad849> Lydia shot an arrow at it
[12:37] <Leinad849> didn't move
[12:37] <Leinad849> So I killed it :P 
[12:37] <IndyAJD> Minecraft is on steam?!
[12:37] <Ireithien> Lydia 
[12:37] <Malc.> Now my admin rights should be coming next time Drew gets on .. . i 
[12:37] <Ireithien> Lol
[12:37] <Ireithien> Good grief :P 
[12:37] <CJC95> did it take an arrow in the knee?
[12:37] <Malc.> . . .*
[12:37] <Ireithien> I hate Lydia 
[12:37] <Ireithien> Brb.
[12:37] <Marcel77799> :P 
[12:37] <ButchCavendish> Indy, I only added the .desktop file for Minecraft to my Steam library
[12:37] <IndyAJD> Oh okay :P 
[12:37] <Marcel77799> Good
[12:37] <Gslover1> What exactly is going on here, Obi? :P 
[12:38] <IndyAJD> Nobody will play DayZ with me :P 
[12:38] <Malc.> Actually, Harold Drew took my rights. Not me.
[12:38] <IndyAJD> o/ 
[12:38] <ButchCavendish> I haven't bought DayZ
[12:38] <MeltE2> Hello.
[12:38] <Gslover1> Melt o/ 
[12:38] <ButchCavendish> I need a paycheck firt
[12:38] <Indigo~> Hey, Uncle o/ 
[12:38] <ButchCavendish> *first
[12:38] <IndyAJD> Yeah I understand
[12:38] <CJC95> Like I have time for stuff like Day|
[12:38] <Sadistica> At first I thought it said "Congrads, Malc and Obi have made you moderator. " Then when I looked closer at it I was like (gasp) :p 
[12:38] <CJC95> DayZ
[12:39] <Roseann Shadowflame> nono batty
[12:39] <Roseann Shadowflame> you were like (gas2)
[12:39] <Roseann Shadowflame> * (gasp2) 
[12:39] <Sadistica> Yeah :p 
[12:39] <Indigo~> Fail Rose :P 
[12:39] <ButchCavendish> here's the rest of my games not counting F2Ps
[12:39] <IndyAJD> Cool
[12:39] <IndyAJD> I like assassins creed
[12:39] <Gslover1> Okay, I think that was just a commands joke. :P 
[12:40] <Indigo~> Grue, Cay o/ 
[12:40] <Caysie98> Hey guys 
[12:40] <Malc.> Is that steam box? 
[12:40] <ButchCavendish> No Malc
[12:40] <CJC95> CayCay
[12:40] <Sadistica> Hey Grue and Cay (sie) 
[12:40] <Caysie98> I need some input
[12:40] <IndyAJD> Hey Caysie :) 
[12:40] <IndyAJD> Input
[12:40] <IndyAJD> MD o/ 
[12:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I return.
[12:40] <Caysie98> So my mom is an assistant librarian at an elementary school
[12:40] <CJC95> Is it about the sit from yest?
[12:40] <IndyAJD> Thats cool
[12:40] <Sadistica> Hey Sat
[12:40] <IndyAJD> Arya! :D 
[12:40] <CJC95> did you use my FINE line?
[12:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Wow, chat is ridiculously crowded.
[12:40] <MeltE2> Hey Arya.
[12:40] <Sadistica> Arya /o 
[12:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hey, Arya.
[12:40] <Gslover1> Hello, Everyone who joined o/ 
[12:40] <CJC95> or my BEAUTIFULL one?
[12:40] <Gslover1> lag
[12:40] <Ireithien> Ohcay? :P 
[12:40] <Caysie98> They're having a party for kids who read a certain number of books from a list
[12:40] <Caysie98> There are 94 kids going to the party
[12:41] <CJC95> Not even librarian. just assistant?
[12:41] <Marcel77799> Back
[12:41] <IndyAJD> wb marcel
[12:41] <CJC95> She needs some ambition
[12:41] <Marcel77799> Thx
[12:41] <ButchCavendish> Malc. my computer doesn't look like SteamOS
[12:41] <Caysie98> You have to have a teaching license to be a librarian
[12:41] <Caysie98> Anyway
[12:41] <ButchCavendish> SteamOS looks like my computer
[12:41] <Caysie98> There
[12:41] <IndyAJD> test
[12:41] <IndyAJD> Continue
[12:42] <Marcel77799> Well, Steam OS is Abs d on Linux. ..
[12:42] <Caysie98> *there's activities like computer games and nail painting stations, but they want something that would appeal to boys
[12:42] <Ireithien> Video games
[12:42] <Caysie98> Kind of like the nail painting stations
[12:42] <IndyAJD> computer games :P 
[12:42] <Ireithien> Video games always work
[12:42] <Caysie98> yeah they have that
[12:42] <IndyAJD> DayZ :P 
[12:42] <Ireithien> VIDEO GAMES
[12:42] <Caysie98> But they want something else
[12:42] <Ireithien> :P 
[12:42] <Ireithien> Hmm
[12:42] <ButchCavendish> My computer is Ubuntu 13.10 x86_64 w/ GNOME Shell
[12:42] <ButchCavendish> SteamOS is a really weird version of Debian with GNOME
[12:42] <Sadistica> Cay, photography maybe?
[12:42] <IndyAJD> Airsoft
[12:42] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Indie games.
[12:42] <Ireithien>
[12:42] <IndyAJD> good luck with the legal issues :P 
[12:42] <CJC95> Shaving station
[12:42] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Best type
[12:43] <Caysie98> it's an hour long party, including eating and a book exchange
[12:43] <Sadistica> Lol CJC
[12:43] <Ireithien> Batty... photography?
[12:43] <Ireithien> :P 
[12:43] <IndyAJD> paintball
[12:43] <Caysie98> It's inside the library :P 
[12:43] <IndyAJD> airsoft
[12:43] <ButchCavendish> Well, should I send out a group text to all my friends?
[12:43] <Sadistica> Yeah Ire :{p 
[12:43] <IndyAJD> That'd be awesome :P 
[12:43] <ButchCavendish> nevermind I just did
[12:43] <IndyAJD> In the library :P 
[12:43] <Roseann Shadowflame> Mathias I freaking love you
[12:43] <Roseann Shadowflame> Sorry. :P 
[12:43] <IndyAJD> Food
[12:43] <ButchCavendish> 2 of my friends say marijuana is appealing
[12:43] <IndyAJD> Lots of food
[12:43] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Fan some more, Rose. :{P 
[12:43] <CJC95> Say "Hey guys, there this cool plkace called lmbw and u should come here coz it awsom"
[12:43] <Harold89> Rose.
[12:43] <Harold89> The guy.. on YouTube...? :P 
[12:43] <IndyAJD> (and girls) :P 
[12:43] <Roseann Shadowflame> NO. :P 
[12:43] <Marcel77799> Plz no drug talk...
[12:43] <IndyAJD> And the boys will come :P 
[12:43] <Roseann Shadowflame> My OC. :p 
[12:43] <Marcel77799> Thx
[12:43] <Harold89> Oh, ok. :P 
[12:44] <Roseann Shadowflame> My MALE oc for black butler
[12:44] <Roseann Shadowflame> [plp[
[12:44] <Roseann Shadowflame> Woah, sorry'
[12:44] <Caysie98> Guys seriously though I need ideas :P 
[12:44] <ButchCavendish> yay my exams are cancelled again tomorrow
[12:44] <ButchCavendish> 6 day weekend :D 
[12:44] <Roseann Shadowflame> Ideas for what? :p 
[12:44] <CJC95> lazy Butch
[12:44] <Sadistica> IK IK
[12:44] <Keplers> Is it done Rose. : p
[12:44] <Caysie98> What I just explained :P 
[12:44] <IndyAJD> board games? :P 
[12:44] <Harold89> @Cay: Pull down a screen and show Star Wars.. ya know.. like on a TV or screen or something. :P 
[12:44] <Ireithien> I hope Rio comes on chat. :P 
[12:44] <IndyAJD> test
[12:44] <IndyAJD> teeessstttt
[12:44] <Roseann Shadowflame> NO, KEPLERS
[12:44] <Sadistica> fortune teller
[12:44] <Caysie98> Yeah I thought of that but I don't think there'd be enough time to teach the game and play it
[12:44] <Keplers> SORRY ROSEANN
[12:45] <CJC95> I have no appropiate suggestions
[12:45] <CJC95> what age group we talkin
[12:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> If Rio comes on, I will make rude comments about Novak.
[12:45] <Marcel77799> I mean most will play the video games anyway
[12:45] <Caysie98> 3rd to 5th grade
[12:45] <IndyAJD> :P 
[12:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hey, Jdude.
[12:45] <Gslover1> Hello, Jdude. 
[12:45] <MeltE2> Hey Jdude.
[12:45] <CJC95> what is that in age
[12:45] <Sadistica> Hey Jd /o 
[12:45] <Harold89> Read my suggestion, Cay. (STEVE) 
[12:45] <Jdude420> 'Ello.
[12:45] <Harold89> Admin people \o :P 
[12:45] <Caysie98> 8, 9, and 10 year olds
[12:45] <ButchCavendish> I suggest marijuana
[12:45] <Ireithien> How do you change the size of text in coding :P 
[12:45] <Klintran> (FW) 
[12:45] <IndyAJD> 8 9 and 10 year olds? :P 
[12:45] <Sadistica> Lol Cay
[12:45] <Klintran> Ireithien how have you been on Wikia for almost 2 years
[12:45] <CJC95> No Butch, some of the blue.
[12:45] <Caysie98> But Harold, it'll be too loud probably
[12:45] <Klintran> and you can't do that
[12:45] <Sadistica> I thought you meant teens.
[12:45] <Gslover1> Meiko (fw) 
[12:45] <Klintran> -sigh-
[12:45] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Butch, no drug refs
[12:45] <Malc.> Just so you know I probably won't be on for awhile. 
[12:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> You do "Print: "I am not bright";
[12:45] <ButchCavendish> Ireithien: <span style="font-size:16px;">Text</span>
[12:45] <Caysie98> It's an elementary school :P 
[12:45] <CJC95> Paint
[12:46] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> There you go
[12:46] <Harold89> Probably, Cay.
[12:46] <Roseann Shadowflame> so MY DAD WAS CUTTING CHICKEN EARLIER
[12:46] <Jdude420> Sat, Gs, Melt, CJC, Hairs, Cay, Butch, Jed, Lint, Indy, NG, Aravis, Obi, Swipe... Goodness a lot fo active people. :P 
[12:46] <Roseann Shadowflame> And I was watching.
[12:46] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Marcel already said that, so please don't.
[12:46] <Roseann Shadowflame> And there was blood.
[12:46] <Dalekst> Klint PM @ AJW
[12:46] <Jdude420> And, er hi Rose. :P 
[12:46] <CJC95> I KNOW
[12:46] <Roseann Shadowflame> now my appetite is ruined :p 
[12:46] <CJC95> Chicken killing
[12:46] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Yeah, it is pretty crowded, Jdude
[12:46] <IndyAJD> Hello sir :P 
[12:46] <Sadistica> Cay, maybe a building station?
[12:46] <Indigo~> im active
[12:46] <Katuchim> Um, hi.
[12:46] <Indigo~> just quiet 
[12:46] <Indigo~> :P 
[12:46] <CJC95> Nothing more manly than killing the chicken, plucking it, then cooking it
[12:46] <Jdude420> AL, hai. =3
[12:46] <Roseann Shadowflame> We aren't vegetarians, guiz :p 
[12:46] <CJC95> No need to thank me Caysie
[12:46] <Caysie98> What kind of building?
[12:46] <Keplers> Rose saw blood. Her appetite WAs ruined.
[12:46] <Keplers> The syllogism doesn't work.
[12:46] <Keplers> :P 
[12:46] <Indigo~> Hai Jdude =3
[12:46] <Jdude420> We butcher our own chickens. :P 
[12:46] <IndyAJD> Food, girls, games.... :P 
[12:46] <Jdude420> Oh, and hello Keps. :P 
[12:46] <Jdude420> lol, INday :P 
[12:46] <Roseann Shadowflame> Nono, CHICKEN blood
[12:46] <Roseann Shadowflame> It's just gross 'cuzz
[12:46] <Roseann Shadowflame> I'mma eat it
[12:46] <Marcel77799> xD
[12:46] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Keplers, it is an enthymeme.
[12:47] <Roseann Shadowflame> Buuuut, I like 
[12:47] <Jdude420> *Inday
[12:47] <Harold89> Cay, that party needs more cowbell, I'll tell ya that.
[12:47] <Roseann Shadowflame> I like blood itself. (ss) 
[12:47] <IndyAJD> Thats what I like at a party :P 
[12:47] <Harold89> :P 
[12:47] <Caysie98> NG
[12:47] <Indigo~> Cutting chickens, Rose? :p 
[12:47] <Keplers> Obi: left a part out of it.
[12:47] <CJC95> Second day running that I've given you great advice Cay
[12:47] <Indigo~> How could that be bad? :p 
[12:47] <Malc.> Cya! Annie, I can't use the internet again. Talk to you later, tell that to anyone that asks.
[12:47] <Harold89> "Cut chickens every day" :P 
[12:47] <IndyAJD> Board games maybe Cay?
[12:47] <Keplers> The first premise was not included.
[12:47] <Roseann Shadowflame> BLOOD :P 
[12:47] <Roseann Shadowflame> EVERYWHERE :P 
[12:47] <Sadistica> Hm?
[12:47] <Roseann Shadowflame> THAT I EAT :p 
[12:47] <Roseann Shadowflame> TIS' KINDA WEIRD :p 
[12:47] <Harold89> Swipe? 
[12:47] <Indigo~> Aww, Swipe :C
[12:47] <Caysie98> NG: what kind of building?
[12:47] <Jdude420> Tone down the caps. :P 
[12:47] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> the heck
[12:47] <CJC95> Shooting range
[12:47] <CJC95> This is America, right?
[12:47] <Roseann Shadowflame> CHICKENS ARE PEOPLE TOO- why? :c
[12:47] <Roseann Shadowflame> :p 
[12:47] <Ireithien> Swipe, you can't use the Internet anymore? D:
[12:47] <Marcel77799> CJC
[12:48] <Indigo~> When can you come back>
[12:48] <Indigo~> ?*
[12:48] <Marcel77799> That are kids
[12:48] <Caysie98> Indy: I've thought of that but I don't think there'd be enough time to teach the games and play them
[12:48] <Keplers> Lag is too much.
[12:48] <Sadistica> Like with Legos, link n' logs, and maybe Mindstorms(if you can get the parts)
[12:48] <Keplers> At MCC or Mossy wikis.
[12:48] <IndyAJD> True...
[12:48] <IndyAJD> Maybe shorter ones
[12:48] <IndyAJD> checkers
[12:48] <CJC95> Yes, and the NRA's solution to gun violence was giving everyone guns
[12:48] <Jdude420> *LEGO
[12:48] <MeltE2> Lincoln Logs.
[12:48] <IndyAJD> (here comes the gun control talk) :P 
[12:48] <Jdude420> Great.... a gun debate, just what a full chat needs. :P 
[12:48] <CJC95> So, train them early
[12:48] <Caysie98> Hmm maybe
[12:48] <CJC95> Never too old to get them started
[12:48] <Roseann Shadowflame> You know, if Criminals are Criminals, I doubt they'll listen to the gun control law
[12:48] <Roseann Shadowflame> SO. :P 
[12:49] <Ireithien> Gun control talk is so 6 months ago. :P 
[12:49] <IndyAJD> Agreed Rose :P 
[12:49] <Marro1> per Rose.
[12:49] <Sadistica> CJC knows his stuff. :p 
[12:49] <Roseann Shadowflame> SEEING AS THEY'RE CRIMINALS 
[12:49] <Roseann Shadowflame> THEY BREAK THE LAW
[12:49] <Ireithien> Yep Rose.
[12:49] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Keplers, I know. That's what an enthymeme is, a syllogism with an assumed premise.
[12:49] <Marro1> people need to research this stuff.
[12:49] <CJC95> In Britain, our criminals only shoot criminals
[12:49] <Roseann Shadowflame> MEANING IT'S JUST TAKING OUR SELF EFENSE AWAY. :p 
[12:49] <CJC95> They don't shoot police because that would be silly
[12:49] <Roseann Shadowflame> *Defense
[12:49] <Ireithien> All it does is take our self-def- yes. :P 
[12:49] <Marro1> per Rose.
[12:49] <Dalekst> klint PM @ AJW again
[12:49] <CJC95> You don't need defence unless your criminals :P 
[12:49] <Marcel77799> Rose, caps :P 
[12:49] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> .. :{P 
[12:49] <Roseann Shadowflame> ^ Per me. :p 
[12:49] <Roseann Shadowflame> Marc
[12:49] <Roseann Shadowflame> I'm being LIBERTTYYYY
[12:49] <IndyAJD> But you need defense...from the criminals... :P 
[12:49] <TwistedAlpha> More guns = more shootings
[12:49] <TwistedAlpha> Less guns = less shootings
[12:50] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> logic
[12:50] <IndyAJD> Thats debatable
[12:50] <CJC95> criminals are less likely to shoot people who can't shoot them :P 
[12:50] <Ireithien> I need a link to the image file for the :@ emote. :P 
[12:50] <Roseann Shadowflame> More guns = same amount of shooting
[12:50] <Roseann Shadowflame> Less guns = more shootings
[12:50] <Roseann Shadowflame> (yds) 
[12:50] <Roseann Shadowflame> :p 
[12:50] <TwistedAlpha> How Rose
[12:50] <IndyAJD> In todays world? No
[12:50] <Jdude420> And in Britian someone can get cut up with butcher knives in public... yay
[12:50] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Gun laws, because criminals follow laws
[12:50] <CJC95> Yes, that happens every day Jdude
[12:50] <Marro1> Constitutional rights are being taken away by the government, but no one knows the constitution so no one knows.
[12:50] <CJC95> I can't walk out in the street without being stabbed
[12:50] <TwistedAlpha> Stop giving guns to everyone
[12:50] <TwistedAlpha> Yeah me too CJC
[12:50] <IndyAJD> Give guns to everyone
[12:50] <IndyAJD> :P 
[12:50] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> liberals
[12:50] <Gslover1>
[12:50] <Caysie98> How did we go from children's activities to gun control? :P 
[12:50] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> ugh
[12:50] <CJC95> I suggested a shooting range Cay
[12:50] <TwistedAlpha> They're the same thing Cay\
[12:50] <Jdude420> Ug, this is so in the ton 10 most pointless debates on the entire internet. :P 
[12:51] <Loney 97> A lot of people on chat right now, eh?
[12:51] <Jdude420> *top
[12:51] <Marcel77799> xD
[12:51] <Gslover1> Quite, Loney. 
[12:51] <CJC95> The solution is to just not have a constitution
[12:51] <CJC95> Then people can't moan about it
[12:51] <Roseann Shadowflame> I don't want my sister gto go to england for collage because of said butcherings :p 
[12:51] <Loney 97> :p 
[12:51] <Gslover1> Nice new Avatar, by the way. @Loney
[12:51] <Roseann Shadowflame> *college 
[12:51] <IndyAJD> And then we have anarchy and cause and tyranny :P 
[12:51] <Roseann Shadowflame> Geez. :p 
[12:51] <IndyAJD> Sounds like fun
[12:51] <IndyAJD> And DayZ xD :P 
[12:51] <Loney 97> Thanks, I'm looking for something new.
[12:51] <CJC95> You were fine with removing prohibition from the constitution 
[12:51] <Marro1> then the government would have too much power CJC.
[12:51] <IndyAJD> test
[12:52] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Constitution is pointless. Military dictatorship is the best type of government, obviously.
[12:52] <CJC95> Like they don't already.....
[12:52] <Gslover1> Test completed
[12:52] <Ireithien> The best type of government is me ruling the world. :P 
[12:52] <CJC95> Your government does what it wants when it wants :P 
[12:52] <IndyAJD> The only way gun control can work is if all gun blueprints are destroyed, all guns eradi<span style="color:red;">cat</span>ed, and everyone who knows something about manufacturing a gun killed
[12:52] <Ireithien> Sadly, yes, CJC.
[12:52] <Marro1> They only have too much power because people don't take control of their rights.
[12:52] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hey, Sam.
[12:52] <Loney 97> Good luck with that, Jedil :p 
[12:52] <Ireithien> Samed. c:
[12:52] <Samed5> Hello. /o 
[12:52] <Ireithien> *glomps Samed*
[12:53] <Samed5> Glomp? :p 
[12:53] <Ireithien> Glomp.
[12:53] <CJC95> Also, where is this stabbing thing coming from?
[12:53] <Obi the LEGO Fan> It means to hug enthusiastically :P 
[12:53] <Gslover1> Glomp, internet hug attack.
[12:53] <Ireithien> A jum<span style="color:red;">ping</span> hug.
[12:53] <Ireithien> :P 
[12:53] <CJC95> Like, stabbing is something criminals do instead of shooting each other....
[12:53] <Loney 97> There's also Glump, which is what you do when a person is kinda sad and you want to cheer them up :3
[12:53] <IndyAJD> Probably cause its simpler than buying a gun illegally
[12:54] <Samed5> Ah. :p 
[12:54] <CJC95> Normal people don't get stabbed, especiallly not at universities
[12:54] <IndyAJD> For someone living in a city
[12:54] <Ireithien> This chat makes me lag. (uh) Refreshing again, then I'm off to the kitchen to fetch me some chocolately goodness to much on. :P 
[12:54] <CJC95> I'm at a university, but yet have let to get stabbed....
[12:54] <CJC95> yet*
[12:54] <IndyAJD> Well, maybe its a nice campus :P 
[12:54] <IndyAJD> Or maybe you're just never at the wrong place at the wrong time
[12:54] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I am at a university as well, and I have actually heard something going on, once.
[12:54] <Rchie743> Ello!
[12:55] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hello, Rchie.
[12:55] <IndyAJD> o/ 
[12:55] <Gslover1> Salutations, Rchie.
[12:55] <Ireithien> RCHIE LOOK
[12:55] <CJC95> Or, maybe, you lot are just looking for a way to make the US seem slightly less bad about its gun massacres :P 
[12:55] <Ireithien> (psych) 
[12:55] <Ireithien> ( psych ) :P 
[12:55] <IndyAJD> All I know is I'm getting a gun license as soon as I can
[12:55] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> This chat is incredibly amusing.
[12:55] <Indigo~> Hey Rchie o/ 
[12:55] <Ireithien> Same Indy! :P 
[12:55] <Rchie743> Heyo! :D 
[12:55] <CJC95> By inventing the idea that anyone on the streets in the UK wil get stabbed within seconds
[12:55] <IndyAJD> Its stupid not to have one as long as your allowed
[12:55] <Marro1> Per Indy.
[12:56] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hello, BCGirl.
[12:56] <Dalekst> klintran
[12:56] <Dalekst> <span style="color:red;">ping</span>
[12:56] <Ireithien> Rchie can you forcefully make Sherman join chat 
[12:56] <Ireithien> :P 
[12:56] <Ireithien> (nerd) 
[12:56] <Loney 97> Hey BCGirl o/ 
[12:56] <Klintran> what
[12:56] <IndyAJD> o/ 
[12:56] <Jdude420> I didn't mean that, CJC. :P 
[12:56] <Gslover1> Greetings, BCGirl. 
[12:56] <CJC95> ~ apparently I'm going to be stabbed :( 
[12:56] <Jdude420> It was just a point. :P 
[12:56] <Marro1> hey guys. Here's a really helpful guide to get girls.
[12:56] <CJC95> Its apparently what happens in the UK :P 
[12:56] <Marro1>
[12:56] <Jdude420> Perhaps poor, but a point nonetheless. :P 
[12:56] <IndyAJD> Ooh, guide to get girls :P 
[12:56] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> lol, Marro
[12:56] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> win
[12:56] <IndyAJD> xD :P 
[12:56] <Gslover1> That's an old one, Marro.
[12:56] <Ireithien> Jdude. You need to continue the tale of Faint Green Face.
[12:56] <Jdude420> No, it's for chickens, Indy.
[12:56] <Ireithien> And the boy from Arkansas. 
[12:56] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> RCHIE
[12:56] <Jdude420> I need Boy, Jed. :P 
[12:56] <CJC95> In the states, forklift. <fat joke/>
[12:57] <Ireithien> And Murphy. 
[12:57] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> YOUR USERPAGE
[12:57] <Dalekst> PM @Klint
[12:57] <Ireithien> Yeah
[12:57] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> HISHE
[12:57] <Jdude420> And less busy chat. :P 
[12:57] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> win
[12:57] <Jdude420> This chat is ridiculously busy. :P 
[12:57] <Indigo~> I should go.
[12:57] <Ireithien> You should write it down and post it in a blog. :P 
[12:57] <IndyAJD> Iron Man 3 Hishe
[12:57] <IndyAJD> is amazing
[12:57] <Obi the LEGO Fan> G2G
[12:57] <Gslover1> Goodbye, Obi.
[12:57] <IndyAJD> Cya Obi! o/ 
[12:57] <Keplers> *Reads Indi's mind*
[12:57] <Ireithien> .-.
[12:57] <Keplers> "I helped to birth a world of order. But from what I have seen in the female's mind... you have turned it into a universe of madness and fear. It is not worth saving. But it is the universe you and your kind deserve. Go! Take yourselves from my prison... take your memories and plans with you... for the horrors already in your minds are worse than any I could visit upon you. I condemn you to your fate – life in the universe you and your kind have made."
[12:57] <Keplers> 
[12:57] <Dalekst> klintran <span style="color:red;">ping</span> / PM
[12:58] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Interesting.
[12:58] <Keplers> Yes I apparently helped make LMBW :{P 
[12:58] <Jdude420> HISHIE is over-fangirl/boyed over, honestly. :P 
[12:58] <Ireithien> Profound. :P 
[12:58] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> HISHE is. :P 
[12:58] <Ireithien> HISHE is kinda dumb. :P 
[12:58] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> But, it is kind of amusing. :P 
[12:58] <Roseann Shadowflame> Hey, Rich Kid from a British Family (meaning Kep) 
[12:58] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Once again, it is. :P 
[12:58] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> XD
[12:58] <Gslover1> Ire, simmer down.
[12:58] <Keplers> I'm a rich British kid? AWESOMMEEEEE
[12:58] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I just love the Batman. :P 
[12:58] <Jdude420> My best friend and his sisters honestly watch HISHIE before they watch the movie, if they even watch them. :P 
[12:58] <Ireithien> Simmer down? :P 
[12:58] <CJC95> I'm a poor British kid :( 
[12:58] <Keplers> Or am I being compared to a paycho anime kid. :P 
[12:59] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Gs.... telling IRE... to simmer down? :{P 
[12:59] <Jdude420> RIch Britich sometimes have epic LEGO collections. :P 
[12:59] <Ireithien> *glomps Gs*
[12:59] <Jdude420> *Rich
[12:59] <IndyAJD> Paycho :P 
[12:59] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Gs, minimodding. :) 
[12:59] <Ireithien> Paycho paycho paycho. :P 
[12:59] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :P 
[12:59] <Keplers> :P 
[12:59] <IndyAJD> To to to to to togo :P 
[12:59] <Indigo~> cya'll later o/ 
[12:59] <Jdude420> Pay psychos? (thinking) 
[12:59] <Keplers> :P 
[12:59] <Jdude420> Obi. D:
[12:59] <Keplers> No. :P 
[12:59] <Gslover1> Chocolate is such an abused substance here. :P 
[12:59] <Jdude420> I'm lost. :P 
[12:59] <Keplers> *Haha
[12:59] <Jdude420> Chocolate is now a narcotic, lul.
[12:59] <Roseann Shadowflame> LOL
[12:59] <Jdude420> jk
[01:00] <Jdude420> :P 
[01:00] <Roseann Shadowflame> :P 
[01:00] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> what is even happening
[01:00] <IndyAJD> Its Tobuscus :P 
[01:00] <Ireithien> The party don' start till Obeh leaves!
[01:00] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:00] <Keplers> :P 
[01:00] <Harold89> CAYSIE :P 
[01:00] <Jdude420> Life, in the fast lane Sat.
[01:00] <Jdude420> :P 
[01:00] <Gslover1> *Tells Ire to glomp-off*
[01:00] <Jdude420> Now, now, be good Jed. :P 
[01:00] <Jdude420> I still watch. :P 
[01:00] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Ain't no party like a LMBW party cuz a LMB party just... oh, stopped
[01:00] <Jdude420> And Obi is back. (XD) 
[01:00] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :P 
[01:00] <Loney 97> LOL Doc :p 
[01:00] <Harold89> Sat xD 
[01:00] <Jdude420> Glomp is honestly the weirdest word I ave heard this year.....
[01:00] <Jdude420> *have
[01:00] <Jdude420> :P 
[01:00] <Keplers> *Glomps Obi*
[01:00] <Keplers> Hehehe
[01:00] <Harold89> #Glomp
[01:01] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> What is a glomp? :{P 
[01:01] <Loney 97> #nocapsplease
[01:01] <Indigo~> *glomps Sat*
[01:01] <Indigo~> I go now. o/ 
[01:01] <Harold89> "How does one, glomp? " :P 
[01:01] <IndyAJD> So nobody here plays DayZ :P 
[01:01] <IndyAJD> o.
[01:01] <IndyAJD> o/ 
[01:01] <Harold89> \o 
[01:01] <Keplers> Glomming is fun.
[01:01] <Indigo~> *glomps Harry* 
[01:01] <Jdude420> Being drowned by liquid lollipops = Glomp.
[01:01] <Keplers> Well not iffffff.
[01:01] <Keplers> Well.
[01:01] <Loney 97> Ah glomp is a enthusiastic hug.
[01:01] <Keplers> Eh. :P 
[01:01] <Leinad849> It's a new trend that Rose started here. It's basically a tackling hug. :P 
[01:01] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Indy, the standalone?
[01:01] <Harold89> @Sat: ""Glomp glomps every day" :P 
[01:01] <IndyAJD> Yes
[01:01] <Indigo~> Only the cool people glomp. (<span style="color:red;">spy</span>)
[01:01] <Loney 97> Usually from behind.
[01:01] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> ....... :P 
[01:01] <Ireithien> *glomps Indi*
[01:01] <IndyAJD> I don't have zie mod
[01:01] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Ah
[01:01] <ButchCavendish> why did obi leave
[01:01] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I don't have Gmod either :P 
[01:01] <Gslover1> *new kid enters chat* What the brick is glomp? You guys are perverts! (gah) 
[01:01] <Keplers> I can't glomp I'd be perma<span style="color:red;">ban</span> need. :P
[01:01] <CJC95> He hates you Butch
[01:01] <IndyAJD> Neither do I
[01:01] <Keplers> *perma<span style="color:red;">ban</span>ned
[01:01] <ButchCavendish> I was talking to Obi about drugs in PM
[01:02] <Indigo~> Bye :p o/ 
[01:02] <Ireithien> *glomps Leindigo* 
[01:02] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I'ma glomp all of you
[01:02] <Leinad849> I want gmod :C
[01:02] <IndyAJD> Who likes zombies? Say I if you do :P 
[01:02] <Ireithien> I
[01:02] <Leinad849> Ire. :P 
[01:02] <Ireithien> I WUV ZOMBIES 
[01:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Gmod looks cool
[01:02] <Ireithien> SO MUCH
[01:02] <Keplers> l
[01:02] <Harold89> "You may glomp the bride!" :P 
[01:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I
[01:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> l
[01:02] <Keplers> LOL
[01:02] <Marro1> Not I.
[01:02] <IndyAJD> So do any of you have DayZ? :P 
[01:02] <Ireithien> I want to play DayZ and watch The Walking Dead but
[01:02] <Ireithien> parents 
[01:02] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:02] <IndyAJD> Ah :P 
[01:02] <Harold89> #I
[01:02] <Harold89> :P 
[01:02] <Ireithien> My parents don't like zombies unless they're Minecraft zombies.
[01:02] <Jdude420> The name Butch makes me think of a middle-aged Caucasian male who works on a farm, IDK why.... :P 
[01:02] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:02] <Keplers> Most terrifying thing in her life?
[01:02] <Keplers> Must see.
[01:02] <CJC95> Rose - I've seen Klint
[01:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> |
[01:02] <ButchCavendish> Obi and I agreed that marijuana shouldn't be criminalised because it's stupid to criminalise it, and that the only drugs that should be illicit are sodium thiopental and midazolam without prescription
[01:02] <Jdude420> I dislike zombies. :P 
[01:02] <CJC95> Checkmate
[01:03] <Jdude420> So, do my parents - we are of one mind on that matter. :P 
[01:03] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hallucinogens, good for the public.
[01:03] <Keplers> Lol
[01:03] <Jdude420> Just tax 'em, @Butch
[01:03] <Jdude420> :P 
[01:03] <Keplers> LAWL
[01:03] <Gslover1> Oh man, I just listen to the wildest electric cello ever. He was totally playing like an electric guitar or something. :| 
[01:03] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I actually am not a big zombie fan, but TWD is amazing.
[01:03] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hey, again, Arya. :P 
[01:03] <Loney 97> Hey Arya o/ 
[01:03] <Jdude420> They are out there whether on not they're illegal. :P 
[01:03] <Loney 97> *Hugs*
[01:03] <IndyAJD> wb arya
[01:03] <Jdude420> I found TWD stupid. :P 
[01:03] <ButchCavendish> Criminalising marijuana is like criminalising alcohol, which America tried once, failed, and then decriminalised it.
[01:03] <Harold89> "Tax em up up up tax em up up up tax em up up up we outta moneyyyyy" (anyone? :P )
[01:03] <Leinad849> I gotta go finish watching sherlock holmes o\ 
[01:03] <Jdude420> But, that's just me. :P 
[01:03] <ButchCavendish> Marijuana is the same way
[01:03] <CJC95> I find it boring
[01:03] <Harold89> cyalei \o 
[01:03] <CJC95> Sure, action is good
[01:03] <Ireithien> Marijuana. I think Missouri is the next one to do it. :P 
[01:04] <CJC95> But in between its like watching this
[01:04] <Ireithien> Not sure, though. What I heard. :P 
[01:04] <Jdude420> Minnesota will be soon probably. :P 
[01:04] <CJC95> but less interesting
[01:04] <Jdude420> We're like an icy Colorado. :P 
[01:04] <ButchCavendish> Virginia will be last
[01:04] <Leinad849> Bai everbody o\ 
[01:04] <Leinad849> *everybody
[01:04] <ButchCavendish> Virginia is last at doing everything
[01:04] <Gslover1> Goodbye, Leinad. 
[01:04] <Keplers> PM only I can't follow chat. Intellectuals and friends only.
[01:04] <Caysie98> Bye Dan \o 
[01:04] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Wait, "glomp" is actually on Ur<span style="color:red;">ban</span> Dictionary? :P
[01:04] <Jdude420> o/ 
[01:04] <Keplers> Others will be <span style="color:red;">block</span>ed.
[01:04] <CJC95> sucks to be you Butch
[01:04] <Ireithien> I'm not opposed to legalizing it. Not that I'll go smoke it, but I'm not opposed to it.
[01:04] <Jdude420> Same Jed. :P 
[01:04] <Keplers> What guys?,
[01:04] <Jdude420> Just tax it, like alcohol. :P 
[01:04] <ButchCavendish> I don't smoke marijuana but it's a waste of resources and effort to criminalise it
[01:05] <Keplers> BUT I WANTED YOU TO SMOKE WID ME... :( 
[01:05] <Keplers> AWWWW
[01:05] <Ireithien> Yep Butch 
[01:05] <Ireithien> I agree
[01:05] <Jdude420> Per Butch. :P 
[01:05] <Loney 97> Yes Doc, it's a word.
[01:05] <Jdude420> Just tax it. :{P 
[01:05] <ButchCavendish> Same with every drug really
[01:05] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Since when? :P 
[01:05] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> It just sounds wrong. :P 
[01:05] <CJC95> I find alcohol makes here more bearable 
[01:05] <Keplers> JD: Tax everything.
[01:05] <ButchCavendish> Alcohol is the only way I can tolerate LMBW
[01:05] <Jdude420> Good for you, CJC. :P 
[01:05] <Loney 97> I dunno, it's just a word.
[01:05] <Keplers> Maybe well go out of debt if we tax air. :3p
[01:05] <Harold89> Glomp: "An embrace of this kind; to embrace enthusiastically; to pounce on and hug, often from a running start"
[01:05] <Jdude420> And you too Butch.... :P 
[01:05] <Keplers> * :{P 
[01:05] <Ireithien> I only wish the legal age for drinking was lower here in 'murica
[01:05] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:05] <Harold89> Direct from Google Dictionary. :P 
[01:05] <IndyAJD> In maryland we tax the rain :P 
[01:05] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hey, Arya. :P 
[01:05] <Gslover1> *so much drug talk* (watching) 
[01:06] <ButchCavendish> drugs not hugs
[01:06] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Ire likes drinking
[01:06] <Jdude420> Alcohol is so over-rated. :P 
[01:06] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :P 
[01:06] <Roseann Shadowflame> [[User blog:Roseann Shadowflame/Conversation with a Commoner]] (Ss) 
[01:06] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hey, BCGirl.
[01:06] <Keplers> TBH K was expecting a warning or too?
[01:06] <Ireithien> I have acquired a taste for good wine, yes. :P 
[01:06] <CJC95> ~
[01:06] <Keplers> * I 
[01:06] <Jdude420> And same goes for smokes. :P 
[01:06] <ButchCavendish> I hate when people call beer alcohol
[01:06] <Ireithien> I'm usually allowed to sip my dad's drinks. :P 
[01:06] <IndyAJD> (it is)
[01:06] <Keplers> I only joined in because CMs started talking. :P 
[01:06] <ButchCavendish> When I'm talking about alcohol, I mean hard alcohol
[01:06] <CJC95> That is the posh way of saying "I am an alcoholic"
[01:06] <Roseann Shadowflame> Wine = yummeh
[01:06] <CJC95> Kep
[01:06] <Caysie98> We don't have a state income tax here
[01:06] <ButchCavendish> like a bourbon manhattan or a gin and tonic
[01:06] <Jdude420> Waste of good inards and money. :P 
[01:06] <Harold89> A single hug is more powerful than a whole pound of drugs (SIE) 
[01:06] <Harold89> JK JK, hit me up.
[01:06] <Harold89> JK JK :P 
[01:06] <ButchCavendish> Wine is not alcohol oh my god
[01:07] <ButchCavendish> it's fermented grapes
[01:07] <Roseann Shadowflame> I NEVER SAID IT WAS :
[01:07] <ButchCavendish> not hard alcohol
[01:07] <Jdude420> I know that, Butch. :P 
[01:07] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Vodka
[01:07] <Roseann Shadowflame> * :p 
[01:07] <Ireithien> It's got alcohol in it. (y) :P 
[01:07] <Roseann Shadowflame> I SAID WINE IS GOOD :p 
[01:07] <Jdude420> I generalize much. :P 
[01:07] <Caysie98> Isn't beer just fermented bread?
[01:07] <Jdude420> *wheat
[01:07] <Caysie98> Idk
[01:07] <Ireithien> Alcohol's in it = alcohol. Pretty much. :P 
[01:07] <Jdude420> :P 
[01:07] <Samed5> Just because it's not strong doesn't mean it's not alcohol.
[01:07] <ButchCavendish> barley actually, Jdude
[01:07] <Ireithien> True dat
[01:07] <Caysie98> I'm probably just being stupid :P 
[01:07] <Jdude420> Or, right. :P 
[01:07] <Jdude420> *Oh
[01:07] <Keplers> I drink fermented condensed air.
[01:07] <ButchCavendish> The legal drinking age in the US should not be 21
[01:07] <IndyAJD> I'm pretty sure Alchoholic beverages are beverages that contain alcohol :P 
[01:07] <Keplers> Yds
[01:08] <Ireithien> Samed is probably the wisest person I know. I'm going to like him overly much for the next hour. Is that cool with you Samed? 
[01:08] <ButchCavendish> Once again, the US is slow to change things, so we still have it at 21
[01:08] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:08] <CJC95> Butch only drinks pure ethanol
[01:08] <ButchCavendish> true
[01:08] <Samed5> Sure, ire. :P 
[01:08] <Gslover1> I'm leaving, too much talk about stuff I don't support. :P 
[01:08] <Caysie98> You know if this conversation had been going on here this time last year, there would be like ten blogs about it and people would be <span style="color:red;">ban</span>ned and demoted (xd) :P
[01:08] <Jdude420> Barely for beer companies fetches good prices, better than selling it for other uses. :P 
[01:08] <IndyAJD> Agreed GS :P 
[01:08] <Harold89> Agreed, GS. :P 
[01:08] <Ireithien> I wish the drinking age were lower over here. Sadly, 21 is probably the best age to put it at. 
[01:08] <IndyAJD> Fairwell liberals! :P 
[01:08] <Jdude420> Drinking ethanol... really bright idea. :P 
[01:08] <Jdude420> Mush corn. :P 
[01:08] <Loney 97> Same Gs.
[01:08] <Caysie98> Bye bye Indy :P 
[01:08] <Roseann Shadowflame> Corn ethanol. (sie) (cyclops) 
[01:08] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> ....... :P 
[01:08] <IndyAJD> Cya cay :P 
[01:08] <Ireithien> I'm not a liberal. :P 
[01:08] <Harold89> Well... I'm more of an Independent, Indy, but yeah. :P 
[01:08] <Keplers> This time last year I'd be <span style="color:red;">block</span>ed for saying ''My opinion is—"
[01:08] <Jdude420> Ethanol is all made from corn, Rose.... :P 
[01:08] <Caysie98> WB BCGirl
[01:08] <Ireithien> I'm extremely conservative. :P 
[01:09] <BusyCityGirl> O.o lag
[01:09] <Jdude420> BCGurl. =3
[01:09] <IndyAJD> I wasn't mainly talking to you Ire. :P 
[01:09] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hello, again, BCGirl.
[01:09] <Ireithien> But I have "liberal" opinions at times.
[01:09] <ButchCavendish> In the US at 18, you can go to war and die for your country, but you can't legally party and drink with friends.
[01:09] <Keplers> I'm going. LAG?
[01:09] <Ireithien> Cool Inndy :P 
[01:09] <BusyCityGirl> Thanks caysie (=
[01:09] <Roseann Shadowflame> Extremely... Conservative...
[01:09] <Roseann Shadowflame> EXCUSE ME WHILE I LAUGH xd
[01:09] <Roseann Shadowflame> :p 
[01:09] <Jdude420> Join this lovey discussion of drugs, alcohol, wine, fermentation and the likes!
[01:09] <Caysie98> I guess I'm liberal. I'm definitely not conservative. :P 
[01:09] <Roseann Shadowflame> ire
[01:09] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Like my opinion that only those with high school diplomas can have drivers licenses, Ire? :P 
[01:09] <ButchCavendish> I support communism
[01:09] <Ireithien> Yep Butch. Probably for the best, though... teens can't really handle it. :P 
[01:09] <Samed5> Same, Meiko. :p 
[01:09] <Jdude420> Good for you, Butch.... :P 
[01:09] <Ireithien> I mean, we've seen how it turns out.
[01:09] <ButchCavendish> but sadly nobody has good faith so communism doesn't work
[01:09] <IndyAJD> Commumism? Why? 
[01:09] <Roseann Shadowflame> u dnt even desurv propr speling nd grammer 
[01:09] <Roseann Shadowflame> (ss) 
[01:09] <Keplers> I am a socialist.
[01:10] <IndyAJD> I've gotta here this at least
[01:10] <ButchCavendish> Communism would work great if people had good faith
[01:10] <Keplers> Because the big government is the pathway to a free america!,,,,,
[01:10] <Ireithien> Communism is pretty much the worst idea EVER
[01:10] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Socialism is impractical in a human society, but no one are idealists.
[01:10] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:10] <Keplers> HEIL ME!
[01:10] <Keplers> :P 
[01:10] <IndyAJD> Whats your definition of communism
[01:10] <Klintran> assume good faith meiko
[01:10] <ButchCavendish> Ireithien: how
[01:10] <Jdude420> I consider myself a conservative, and communism can never work. :P 
[01:10] <CJC95> Communism is impractical - at least pure communism
[01:10] <IndyAJD> Agreed Ire
[01:10] <Jdude420> Per Sat. :P 
[01:10] <Klintran> Ireithien your mom and dad getting married was worse
[01:10] <Klintran> (troll n) 
[01:10] <Caysie98> I think Germany knows what's up. Drinking age at 16, driving at 18. That way you build up some resistance to alcohol before you start driving.
[01:10] <MeltE2> lol
[01:10] <Ireithien> YEP CAY
[01:10] <Ireithien> GERMANY MAN
[01:10] <Ireithien> WOOHOO
[01:10] <Ireithien> :3
[01:10] <CJC95> Socialism is fine - its called Europe
[01:10] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:10] <IndyAJD> But I wanna drive, and I don't wanna drink :P 
[01:10] <Jdude420> All I can say to Germany's laws is *facedesk*.
[01:10] <Keplers> Only pure communism works. Impure communism creates what we had in USSR.
[01:10] <Klintran> I support Klintism gg
[01:10] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I hate driving.
[01:11] <Jdude420> lol, sure Europe is doing SO well :P 
[01:11] <ButchCavendish> Communism is a brilliant idea, but impractical because nobody can be trusted to share things in a community, since they don't have good faith
[01:11] <Klintran> gonna go
[01:11] <Klintran> bye
[01:11] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> True, so, we don't need any Stalins.
[01:11] <Caysie98> Bye Klint
[01:11] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Exactly, Meiko.
[01:11] <MeltE2> Bye Klint.
[01:11] <Jdude420> Since humans are naturally evil. :P 
[01:11] <Caysie98> \o 
[01:11] <Jdude420> Hence communism doesn't work. :P 
[01:11] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> In a human society, it is rather unstable.
[01:11] <ButchCavendish> Wikipedia is pretty communist
[01:11] <IndyAJD> Communism is a great idea
[01:11] <IndyAJD> As is pacifism
[01:11] <Jdude420> We aren't perfect, ifw e were perfect communism could work. :P 
[01:11] <Jdude420> *if we
[01:11] <ButchCavendish> Every wiki is communist except this one
[01:11] <IndyAJD> But neither will EVER work
[01:11] <ButchCavendish> This wiki is a horrible oligarchy
[01:11] <Keplers> Yep
[01:12] <Ireithien> Oligarchies. Ew. :P 
[01:12] <Ireithien> I hate oligarchies. :P 
[01:12] <Caysie98> So I have a new English assignment
[01:12] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> In an ideal society, perhaps a society based upon Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, socialism would easily work.
[01:12] <IndyAJD> You one of the oligarchs Ire. :P 
[01:12] <Ireithien> Even, dare I say it, a mob democracy is better. :P 
[01:12] <Loney 97> Even the name sounds awful :p 
[01:12] <Keplers> xd
[01:12] <ButchCavendish> Because according to Drew, the chatmods and admins have some authority over other users apparently
[01:12] <Ireithien> Meh, not really Indy
[01:12] <Ireithien> Mostly the admins. :P 
[01:12] <ButchCavendish> Never seen other wikis where users are superior to others
[01:12] <ButchCavendish> but apparently they are here
[01:12] <Jdude420> Meh, tell me when this discussion is over, I have better things to do. :P 
[01:12] <Ireithien> For the last time, we're not superior. :P 
[01:12] <Caysie98> The assignment is: "Write a poem. Around a page long, and organized into stanzas."
[01:12] <Ireithien> Good grief. :P 
[01:12] <Caysie98> Like, that's it. That's the instrustions :P 
[01:12] <Loney 97> About anything?
[01:13] <Caysie98> Yep :P 
[01:13] <ButchCavendish> according to drew you are
[01:13] <Loney 97> Free verse?
[01:13] <Caysie98> Oh, and put in at least 3 literary devices :P 
[01:13] <IndyAJD> free verse is dumb
[01:13] <Caysie98> Doesn't matter, Loney
[01:13] <Ireithien> We are given the authority, however, to enforce the rules through additional tools. Doesn't mean we are in anyway better.
[01:13] <CJC95> Lets just say, if I get hit by a car, I don't have to worry about how I can afford it :P 
[01:13] <Samed5> Per Ire.
[01:13] <Jdude420> Per Jed.
[01:13] <IndyAJD> Use meter?
[01:13] <Caysie98> I'm planning on using a rhyme scheme
[01:14] <Caysie98> I think it might end up being kind of dark :P 
[01:14] <ButchCavendish> according to drew also, the majority of the community (non-mods) don't have the ability to write the policies for the wiki through collaboration, and it's done by the admins instead
[01:14] <Ireithien> Make it about a serial killer.
[01:14] <Ireithien> Who kills serial killers.
[01:14] <Ireithien> Who kill serial killers.
[01:14] <MeltE2> GTG, see you all sometime.
[01:14] <CJC95> Who kills serial killers
[01:14] <Caysie98> Nah
[01:14] <Caysie98> Mye Maelt
[01:14] <Caysie98> Lol typos :P 
[01:14] <Ireithien> Basically Dexter but with a few more layers.
[01:14] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:14] <MeltE2> Mye to you too.
[01:14] <CJC95> Did my FINE line work on that girl Caysie?
[01:14] <Ireithien> Yes Meiko... the mods don't have that ability, though, either. 
[01:15] <IndyAJD> Make it a sonnet :3 :P 
[01:15] <Caysie98> I think it's gonna be about metaphorical drowning in a whirlpool ting
[01:15] <Caysie98> *thing
[01:15] <Ireithien> It's just the admins.
[01:15] <Caysie98> :P 
[01:15] <ButchCavendish> That's dumb @Ire
[01:15] <Ireithien> I agre
[01:15] <Ireithien> *agree.
[01:15] <Caysie98> :P 
[01:15] <CJC95> Admin is a god given right, like the kings of yore Meiko
[01:15] <Ireithien> ^^
[01:15] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:15] <ButchCavendish> The community should write policies, not the admins
[01:15] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Admin is a holy relic from a forgotten era.
[01:15] <Ireithien> Yep yep yep!
[01:15] <IndyAJD> The best poem of all time is The Charge of the Light Brigade
[01:15] <ButchCavendish> Which is why this wiki is oligarchal unlike every other wiki which is communist
[01:16] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I worship these relics.
[01:16] <Ireithien> The admins can participate, but yes I agree with you Meiko
[01:16] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Cult orders.
[01:16] <CJC95> "And so God did say, may the chosen people become admin, and have the ability to delete pages, and rule over all"
[01:16] <IndyAJD> I think we should be a democracy :P 
[01:16] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Heh.
[01:16] <ButchCavendish> this is my favourite thing that LMBW doesn't have
[01:16] <Jdude420> I memorized that one ever so long ago, Indy. :P 
[01:16] <ButchCavendish>
[01:16] <CJC95> "And their sons shall inherit the right upon the death"
[01:16] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Democracies are rather impractical at times.
[01:16] <IndyAJD> Half a league, half a league onward....
[01:16] <Ireithien> Our wiki's really more of a dictatorship - oligarchy blend. :P 
[01:16] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Republics are impractical as well.
[01:17] <TwistedAlpha> ^
[01:17] <CJC95> "For all of time, by the will of God"
[01:17] <TwistedAlpha> @Ire that is
[01:17] <Caysie98> Guys do you think my poem idea might be too dark?
[01:17] <Caysie98> :P 
[01:17] <Jdude420> We're working toward a more community-involved Wiki.
[01:17] <Jdude420> FYI.
[01:17] <IndyAJD> No :P 
[01:17] <Ireithien> Sure, Jdude, sure. :P 
[01:17] <Caysie98> Ok :P 
[01:17] <ButchCavendish> It will probably get worse
[01:17] <Ireithien> You've been saying that for... how long now? :P 
[01:17] <CJC95> Yeah, soon people will be able to decide what colour to make the stars on the sidebar 
[01:17] <Jdude420> It's true, believe me or not, your choice Jed.
[01:17] <CJC95> That is true progress
[01:17] <TwistedAlpha> Yeah right Jdude.
[01:17] <IndyAJD> I mean, if you feel like that then thats what you should write about :P 
[01:17] <Ireithien> Meh. :P It's probably true... but nothing will ever HAPPEN
[01:17] <Caysie98> Yeah I think I could make it really good
[01:17] <Ireithien> Feel free to laugh in my face, if I am wrong, Jdude. :P 
[01:18] <Ireithien> I hereby grant permission. :P 
[01:18] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Satlmd for Admin 2014
[01:18] <Jdude420> Non-rights users hel<span style="color:red;">ping</span> making decisions, an idea Meiko had.
[01:18] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Just saying. :P 
[01:18] <ButchCavendish> I would probably be a good admin here
[01:18] <ButchCavendish> I've given this wiki so many ideas
[01:18] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Meiko would be.
[01:18] <TwistedAlpha> The Committee was a good idea until we realized it's like trying to build a bridge over the pacific ocean.
[01:18] <CJC95> I've been saying that for years
[01:18] <Caysie98> But I thought the community was supposed to come up with the ideas 
[01:18] <TwistedAlpha> To connect continents.
[01:18] <Jdude420> We're working on implementing a version of an idea Meiko had that he discussed with Rio and Obi.
[01:18] <ButchCavendish> The only thing that happened here that I didn't have any involvement in the idea was the committee
[01:18] <IndyAJD> Only problem with a democracy is that anyone can come in and help make decisions
[01:18] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Exactly.
[01:18] <Jdude420> The Committee never tells the Admins anything, FYI.
[01:18] <Ireithien> Committee was a flop 
[01:18] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:19] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> What defines "Citizens" in a democracy?
[01:19] <Ireithien> We all know Jdude xD
[01:19] <Caysie98> White male landowners
[01:19] <Caysie98> Oh wait
[01:19] <Samed5> Per Ire. Most of the projects to get the community involved are flops. :P 
[01:19] <Caysie98> :P 
[01:19] <IndyAJD> They have citizenship :P 
[01:19] <ButchCavendish> Jdude420: oh my god are you going to implement the arbcom I suggested
[01:19] <Jdude420> Yes, Meiko. :P 
[01:19] <Ireithien> Pure democracies don't work and are incredibly impractical. What the people choose isn't always best. :P 
[01:19] <ButchCavendish> oh goodness
[01:19] <Agent Spy> Anyone play Minecraft?
[01:19] <Caysie98> Really, all the community like to do it chat :P 
[01:19] <ButchCavendish> Am I going to be on the ArbCom
[01:19] <Caysie98> *likes
[01:19] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> And, a republic will always result in bland representatives or radical demagogues, resulting in either nothing or negative results.
[01:19] <Jdude420> A slightly modified, but similar to the one you suggested.
[01:19] <CJC95> Which makes the politicians people choose not always the best :P 
[01:19] <Samed5> ArbCom?
[01:20] <Ireithien> I don't think a republic is all that bad of an idea. The US though is in bad shape. :P 
[01:20] <Jdude420> You'll see, Samed.
[01:20] <Agent Spy> [[User blog:Agent Spy/BOARDSCRAFT REVISITED/PE/UHC NEWS!]]
[01:20] <ButchCavendish> Samed
[01:20] <CJC95> Its because you have two parties
[01:20] <Jdude420> I think it'll be announced February 1st with CU, Buro, and CM stiff.
[01:20] <CJC95> And both are conservative
[01:20] <Jdude420> *stuff
[01:20] <Caysie98> Parties are bad
[01:20] <Jdude420> But, I'm not sure.
[01:20] <Caysie98> Like, politcal parties
[01:20] <IndyAJD> Parties are horrible
[01:20] <CJC95> And British is heading that way - though both being centre
[01:20] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I would like parties to be made unconstitutional. 
[01:20] <ButchCavendish> ArbCom is the highest position you can hold in the Wikipedia community. :[[]]D
[01:20] <Caysie98> Fun parties are fun :P 
[01:20] <IndyAJD> Agreed
[01:20] <Jdude420> Depends on the party.
[01:20] <ButchCavendish> ArbCom > adminship
[01:20] <Ireithien> Ooh, exciting, promotion stuff. I bet Obi's getting buro - soooo excited 
[01:20] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:20] <CJC95> Shotgun a spot
[01:21] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Green Party is best
[01:21] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Bull Mooses.
[01:21] <ButchCavendish> Sannse was an ArbCom member at Wikipedia before she was Wikia Staff the first time
[01:21] <Jdude420> Someone is getting their position removed.
[01:21] <Ireithien> CM stuff though, might be exciting. :P 
[01:21] <CJC95> (Now if you make the committee, I get a spot)
[01:21] <Agent Spy> Wikia ruined her! D:
[01:21] <IndyAJD> I'm gonna start my own party
[01:21] <ButchCavendish> yay who jdude
[01:21] <Ireithien> Dun dun dun. :O From Buro, Jdude?
[01:21] <IndyAJD> I'll call it "The Logical and Moral Party" :P 
[01:21] <CJC95> Lol logic
[01:21] <CJC95> morals
[01:21] <Agent Spy> Hey Twisted o/ 
[01:21] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Bull Moose party, let's go Theodore Roosevelt!
[01:21] <CJC95> and politics
[01:21] <Jdude420> I'll leave the suspense till February 1st. :P 
[01:21] <CJC95> U hilarious Indy
[01:22] <IndyAJD> They don't mix :P 
[01:22] <AG-SYSTEMS> o/ 
[01:22] <Caysie98> Hi BM and AG
[01:22] <Ireithien> It's probably BCG. :P If it's in the buro <span style="color:red;">cat</span>egory... if it's CheckUser then BCG again. If CM then it's probably me. :P
[01:22] <CJC95> Bet its that Jdude
[01:22] <Agent Spy> We aren't doing a Valentines promotions blog? D:
[01:22] <Ireithien> Soo pumped to find out! :P 
[01:22] <Jdude420> Morals - something that isn't very cmoon.
[01:22] <Samed5> Don't be so secretive Jdude! >:c :P 
[01:22] <CJC95> Seems awfully suspicious 
[01:22] <CJC95> And always giving away secrets
[01:22] <Caysie98> I have morals :P 
[01:22] <ButchCavendish> Jdude pm
[01:22] <Agent Spy> The CheckUser demotion is DB
[01:22] <Jdude420> I like suspense.
[01:22] <Jdude420> Good for the soul.
[01:22] <IndyAJD> But with me as their spokesmen we can rule the- I mean, we can help america. :P 
[01:22] <CJC95> Why you need to demote people?
[01:22] <Jdude420> <span style="color:red;">Spy</span>, how the brick did you know that? :P
[01:23] <Ireithien> ...
[01:23] <CJC95> Other than CU as there is a limit
[01:23] <Ireithien> There's a thread.
[01:23] <Ireithien> Jdude.
[01:23] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:23] <Jdude420> Besides, don't ruin good suspense, LO
[01:23] <Caysie98> :P 
[01:23] <Jdude420> Oh, duh. :P 
[01:23] <Jdude420> I'm so stupid. :P 
[01:23] <Ireithien> Drew PUBLICLY ACCOUNCED IT
[01:23] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:23] <Ireithien> *announced 
[01:23] <Agent Spy> [[Thread:137909]]
[01:23] <Jdude420> Dumb 'ol me. :P 
[01:23] <Jdude420> I remember. :P 
[01:23] <Jdude420> Must be my old age. :| 
[01:23] <Ireithien> Well, then I can be content that I won't dai! c:
[01:23] <Jdude420> Amnesia.
[01:23] <CJC95> Alcoholism
[01:23] <Ireithien> Brb I need chocolate cereal coated in powdered sugar 
[01:23] <ButchCavendish> Oh then who Drew told me wasn't the person Jdude is talking about
[01:24] <Caysie98> Amnesia doesn't come with old age, Jdude :P 
[01:24] <AG-SYSTEMS> How come I keep thinking sometimes when people accidentally hit the L and O buttons instead of the : and P buttons that they are trying to say LOL?
[01:24] <IndyAJD> Someday I'm going to own my own island (cool) :P 
[01:24] <Jdude420> It does for me, Cay.
[01:24] <Ireithien> AG
[01:24] <Jdude420> That just kills your inards, CJC.
[01:24] <Ireithien> IDK 
[01:24] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:24] <AG-SYSTEMS> @Indy, a real island or a virtual one?
[01:24] <IndyAJD> Real :P 
[01:24] <AG-SYSTEMS> Well thanks Ire. c:
[01:25] <CJC95> It can also make you forget what happened :P 
[01:25] <IndyAJD> And I'll have a private army, and we'll succeed from America :P 
[01:25] <AG-SYSTEMS> *secede
[01:25] <Caysie98> *secede
[01:25] <Ireithien> *secede
[01:25] <IndyAJD> And they won't do anything about it, cause doing so would waste lives :P 
[01:25] <IndyAJD> Okay, I get it :P 
[01:25] <Ireithien> Can I join?
[01:25] <Caysie98> I think Rick Perry threatened to secede before :P 
[01:25] <Ireithien> I'll be your general. :P 
[01:25] <Caysie98> Lol
[01:25] <IndyAJD> Yes :P 
[01:25] <Jdude420> I read all three of those as, "Seduce". lawl
[01:25] <Jdude420> :P 
[01:26] <ButchCavendish> what would you people do if I got VSTF and suddenly had the ability to <span style="color:red;">kick</span> any of you or globally block you all
[01:26] <Ireithien> Seduce... :3
[01:26] <Caysie98> Jdude (fp) 
[01:26] <CJC95> Laugh
[01:26] <Ireithien> Yeah, I'd laugh. :P 
[01:26] <Jdude420> Me and my bad eyesight, must be old age. :P 
[01:26] <Ireithien> Probably. :P 
[01:26] <Jdude420> Jed, get a life. :P 
[01:26] <Caysie98> If you did you wouldn't be a VSTF anymore (ys) 
[01:26] <AG-SYSTEMS> What would I do, Meiko? Probably get a new account.
[01:26] <Ireithien> Or I'd go underground ho<span style="color:red;">ping</span> you don't notice me
[01:26] <Ireithien> Then pop up months later under a new identity.
[01:26] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:26] <ButchCavendish> yay caysie is the only one to have thought practically here
[01:26] <IndyAJD> And then we'd have a nice new government :P 
[01:26] <Samed5> I would do nothing. :p 
[01:26] <AG-SYSTEMS> Hey BM. o/ 
[01:26] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hey, BM.
[01:26] <ButchCavendish> Samed you get a cookie
[01:26] <Agent Spy> Meiko, you won't ever get VSTF :P 
[01:26] <Caysie98> :P 
[01:27] <Caysie98> Do I get a cookie? :P 
[01:27] <CJC95> Also, get ready to be killed by a whale in a spacesuit playing "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" on a guitar
[01:27] <Samed5> Yay. :p 
[01:27] <ButchCavendish> I could become countervandalism staff though
[01:27] <Agent Spy> Samed, do you play MC?
[01:27] <ButchCavendish> Caysie you get a high five
[01:27] <CJC95> Since the probabilities are approxiametly equal
[01:27] <Caysie98> Aw. Okay
[01:27] <Samed5> Sometimes, @<span style="color:red;">Spy</span>
[01:27] <Ireithien> *glomps Samed*
[01:27] <Samed5> lol :P 
[01:27] <Ireithien> I might get on Boardscraft tonight and break PVP again. :P 
[01:27] <ButchCavendish> Caysie98: High five is the rarest and most honorary life achivement.
[01:27] <Agent Spy> :P 
[01:27] <ButchCavendish> *achievement
[01:27] <Caysie98> I did just lick a brownie mix bowl so I guess I'm okay :P 
[01:27] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> You... Broke PVP? :P 
[01:28] <Caysie98> Oh, yay. c:
[01:28] <Caysie98> :P 
[01:28] <IndyAJD> Is boardscraft up?
[01:28] <CJC95> So basically Meiko - if you gott VTSF I/'d have to buy a harpoon gun
[01:28] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I have one better, as I blew up spawn with /nuke :{P 
[01:28] <Agent Spy> Yeah, Indy
[01:28] <Ireithien> I somehow obtained the sword in the item frame called PVP
[01:28] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:28] <Agent Spy> [[User blog:Agent Spy/BOARDSCRAFT REVISITED/PE/UHC NEWS!]]
[01:28] <Caysie98> *Frames the high five and puts it on my wall*
[01:28] <Agent Spy> Hey Obi o/ 
[01:28] <Caysie98> Hi Obi \o 
[01:28] <Ireithien> So I had a sword called PVP
[01:28] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> It was an accident, I swear :P 
[01:28] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:28] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Lol
[01:28] <AG-SYSTEMS> Hiya Obi. o/ 
[01:28] <Agent Spy> Hi Arya o/ 
[01:28] <AG-SYSTEMS> Hey Arya. o/ 
[01:28] <Ireithien> Hold on, getting a pesky hair off of my keyboard.
[01:28] <IndyAJD> WB all
[01:28] <IndyAJD> Whats the IP?
[01:29] <IndyAJD> I wanna get on
[01:29] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Are you on the beta whitelist, Indy?
[01:29] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> 
[01:29] <Ireithien> bdv njhjds Now I'm going to pretend I hit Enter and accidentally posted my <span style="color:red;">spam</span> (xd)
[01:29] <IndyAJD> Don't think so, can someone put me on?
[01:29] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> ....... DIY
[01:29] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :P :P :P 
[01:29] <Caysie98> :P 
[01:29] <IndyAJD> Where....
[01:29] <Agent Spy> Indy, you can add yourself, [[User blog:Agent Spy/BOARDSCRAFT REVISITED/PE/UHC NEWS!]] (There's a link to it in the blog)
[01:30] <AG-SYSTEMS> Hey Ihawxd. o/ 
[01:30] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Well, I am going to head on out.
[01:30] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Fare thee well.
[01:30] <Agent Spy> Hey Wii o/ 
[01:30] <Agent Spy> Cya \o 
[01:30] <CJC95> such a showing off name
[01:30] <AG-SYSTEMS> Bye Satl. o/ 
[01:30] <Caysie98> Bye Sat \o 
[01:30] <Ireithien> Satl I HATE YOU :@ 
[01:30] <Ireithien> Just kidding man u rock (xd) 
[01:30] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:30] <Ireithien> I'm gonna KILL YOU
[01:30] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:30] <Ireithien> Mood swings.
[01:30] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:30] <Jdude420> If I say llama out of context I give you all the permission to slap me. :} 
[01:30] <Caysie98> Ok :P 
[01:31] <Ireithien> Jdude can I post a big L out of TSes in chat if no one talks for a minute?
[01:31] <AG-SYSTEMS> Lama face.
[01:31] <Ireithien> I bet people would love my amazing art. (xd) 
[01:31] <Ireithien> Can I do it now :P 
[01:31] <Jdude420> No.
[01:31] <Ireithien> please :P 
[01:31] <Jdude420> itz <span style="color:red;">spam</span>
[01:31] <Ireithien> no D:
[01:31] <Jdude420> i <span style="color:red;">kick</span> ur hinny den
[01:31] <Jdude420> and u cry
[01:31] <IndyAJD> do I make a new box? :P 
[01:31] <Ireithien> Only if it's annoying. (xd) 
[01:31] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:31] <Jdude420> in the cornor witha dunce hat
[01:32] <Ireithien> Cardboard Indy
[01:32] <Ireithien> and some tape
[01:32] <AG-SYSTEMS> Hey LSB. o/ 
[01:32] <Ireithien> Duct tape, preferably. 
[01:32] <LegoSuperBowser> o/ 
[01:32] <AG-SYSTEMS> Hey Keps. o/ 
[01:32] <Caysie98> \o and \o 
[01:32] <IndyAJD> No, for the whitelist spreadsheet
[01:32] <CJC95> keo
[01:32] <Ireithien> Though you could use scotch/electrical if you needed to.
[01:32] <Keplers> Rose is away :c
[01:32] <Ireithien> Oh.
[01:32] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:32] <Keplers> My favorite Paycho
[01:32] <Keplers> CJC
[01:32] <Ireithien> Well figure it out YOURSELF :@ 
[01:32] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:32] <Keplers> ONLY ARY CALLS ME KEO
[01:32] <Keplers> GODIE
[01:32] <Keplers> :P 
[01:32] <LegoSuperBowser> WHo is butch? :P 
[01:32] <Caysie98> Ugh I so do not feel like doing English homework
[01:32] <AG-SYSTEMS> Meiko is.
[01:32] <Caysie98> George
[01:32] <Ireithien> I'll add it for you if you want Indy, what's your MC username?
[01:32] <CJC95> werent talkin to u
[01:32] <Keplers> IKR Cay.
[01:32] <Keplers> But it's easy. :P 
[01:32] <Keplers> So I do it in class. :P 
[01:33] <Keplers> And draw newbish stuff. :P 
[01:33] <ButchCavendish> Butch is the coolest user on this wiki who should be a chat mod here
[01:33] <Keplers> Only my Lhikan drawing looks good. :P 
[01:33] <CJC95> talking to keo
[01:33] <ButchCavendish> just kidding you're all pretty cool
[01:33] <Caysie98> We don't ahve time in class
[01:33] <Samed5> afk
[01:33] <Roseann Shadowflame> Han where are you (Sie) 
[01:33] <ButchCavendish> None of you have made me hate you yet
[01:33] <Jdude420> I thought CJC said, "Talking to Kreo".
[01:33] <Jdude420> :P 
[01:33] <LegoSuperBowser> For a min I thought butch was a girl maybe. :P 
[01:33] <Ireithien> Well that's cool Meiko
[01:33] <Keplers> Meh. I don't listen to the teacher. I know it all already so I just do it. :P 
[01:33] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:33] <Jdude420> Butch a girl?! :P 
[01:33] <Ireithien> Aren't you special, Kep. :P 
[01:33] <Agent Spy> [[User:Agent Spy/Closed Beta Boardscraft Revisited Whitelist]]
[01:33] <AG-SYSTEMS> Hey DC. o/ 
[01:33] <LegoSuperBowser> I'm taking piano lessions. :P 
[01:33] <Agent Spy> Hey DC o/ 
[01:33] <Caysie98> \o 
[01:34] <Jdude420> o/ 
[01:34] <Ireithien> You're just so genius you already know it all omg so smart much edu<span style="color:red;">cat</span>ion <3
[01:34] <DC superheroes fan> o/ 
[01:34] <LegoSuperBowser> o/ 
[01:34] <Keplers> What is. CJC's question?
[01:34] <LegoSuperBowser> Jdude. o/ 
[01:34] <Jdude420> Hey, DC, heard about Gal Gadot signing a three-picture deal with WB? :P 
[01:34] <CJC95> I was talking to Keo not you Kep
[01:35] <DC superheroes fan> Wait, what Jdude?
[01:35] <Caysie98> Can I sing for a sec
[01:35] <Caysie98> :P 
[01:35] <LegoSuperBowser> :p 
[01:35] <LegoSuperBowser> o/ 
[01:35] <Caysie98> \o 
[01:35] <CJC95> Are you nasty?
[01:35] <Ireithien> My goal is to post the longest run on sentence I can, can I do it, I think so, what do you guys think, I hope you think I can do it, oh and I love sandwiches, especially ones with mayonnaise and turkey and maybe mustard sometimes I don't put mustard on it but sometimes I do it depends on my mood oh and I like those mayo jars where you can squirt out the delicious white sandwich material but usually we don't have that we only have the regular jar stuff where you have to use a knife and um i like the color blue!!
[01:35] <AG-SYSTEMS> Hey Dalekst. o/ 
[01:36] <Jdude420> DC, Gal Gadot signed a three-picture deal with WB to play Wonder Woman. :P 
[01:36] <Ireithien> Did I win? :P 
[01:36] <Ireithien> I wanted to stay within the chat character limit. :P 
[01:36] <DC superheroes fan> Oh, yeah, I knew she was playing WW, that was spoiled a long time ago :P 
[01:36] <Caysie98> I think they should be a bunch of fragments 
[01:36] <Caysie98> that'd be funnier
[01:36] <Caysie98> :P 
[01:36] <Caysie98> Idkk
[01:36] <Caysie98> *idk
[01:36] <Caysie98> Maybe they are
[01:36] <Caysie98> I'm tired of Enlish
[01:37] <CJC95> She could...some sort of WW pun 
[01:37] <Ireithien> I need more chocolately cereal powdered sugar goodness. 
[01:37] <Jdude420> She just said though she signed on for a three-pictue deal. :P 
[01:37] <Caysie98> *English
[01:37] <DC superheroes fan> Oh, cool
[01:37] <Jdude420> Also, she is getting 300k for BvsS, so she'll have a pretty minor role in it I assume.
[01:37] <CJC95> only 300k?
[01:37] <CJC95> poor her
[01:38] <Jdude420> That's not a lot for a pic-picture deal. :P 
[01:38] <Jdude420> *bug
[01:38] <Jdude420> **big
[01:38] <Jdude420> Gk. o/ 
[01:38] <Agent Spy> o/ 
[01:38] <Jdude420> I can't spell either.
[01:38] <AG-SYSTEMS> Hey Gk. o/ 
[01:38] <DC superheroes fan> :P 
[01:38] <Caysie98> Who cares, divine intervention, I want to be praised from a new perpective...
[01:38] <Jdude420> Man, I must be getting old.
[01:38] <Jdude420> :P 
[01:38] <Caysie98> Hi \o 
[01:38] <Gameking99> ESTABON! What is the meaning of this?!
[01:38] <Caysie98> I (heart) P!ATD
[01:38] <AG-SYSTEMS> Estabon as in the Suite Life character?
[01:39] <Caysie98> :P 
[01:39] <Ireithien> ESTABON 
[01:39] <Ireithien> YES
[01:39] <CJC95> I constantly thank god for esta<span style="color:red;">ban</span> 
[01:39] <Ireithien> ZOMG
[01:39] <Ireithien> MR. MOSEBY 
[01:39] <Ireithien> ZACK 
[01:39] <Ireithien> CODY
[01:39] <Jdude420> Estabom, waaaaa?
[01:39] <Ireithien> WHATEVER HER FACE IS
[01:39] <Ireithien> WHATEVER HER OTHER FACE IS
[01:39] <Gameking99> London?
[01:39] <AG-SYSTEMS> London?
[01:39] <Ireithien> OH YEAH
[01:39] <Ireithien> LONDOIN
[01:39] <Jdude420> Disney channel show?
[01:39] <Ireithien> *LONDON TIPTON PERSON
[01:39] <Ireithien> THING
[01:39] <Ireithien> YEAH
[01:39] <Jdude420> ewww
[01:39] <Ireithien> AND UM WHO ELSE
[01:39] <Gameking99> London Tipton is a parody or Paris Hilton :P 
[01:39] <Gameking99> Seriously :P 
[01:39] <Ireithien> THAT ONE GUY?
[01:39] <LegoSuperBowser> Jdude, you are old. :P 
[01:39] <Ireithien> THE WEIRD SCIENTIST? 
[01:40] <Gameking99> The janitor dude :P 
[01:40] <Ireithien> YEP
[01:40] <Caysie98> Maddie I think
[01:40] <Ireithien> HIM
[01:40] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:40] <AG-SYSTEMS> What's his face. :P 
[01:40] <Jdude420> Yeah, Im 116 year old.
[01:40] <Jdude420> *I'm
[01:40] <DC superheroes fan> WHY ARE WE TALKING IN CAPS?
[01:40] <Caysie98> The candy girl
[01:40] <LegoSuperBowser> :p 
[01:40] <Ireithien> You guys remember Phil of the Future? :P 
[01:40] <Caysie98> I think her name was Maddie or Maggie
[01:40] <Gameking99> The janitor?
[01:40] <AG-SYSTEMS> I didn't watch that one really.
[01:40] <Caysie98> idk
[01:40] <Ireithien> That's So Raven? Kim Possible?
[01:40] <CJC95> It was called Back to the Future Ire
[01:40] <DC superheroes fan> Maddie
[01:40] <Gameking99> That's So Raven was pretty funny :P 
[01:41] <Gameking99> Remember when That's So Raven, Hannah Montana, and Suite Life did a crossover episode? :P 
[01:41] <DC superheroes fan> Ah memories
[01:41] <Caysie98> Yeah
[01:41] <Ireithien> yep
[01:41] <Caysie98> Maddie was hot
[01:41] <Caysie98> :P 
[01:41] <Gameking99> That was a MASSIVE event in television history :P 
[01:41] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:41] <AG-SYSTEMS> I think Raven started made the phrase, "OH SNAP!", populare. :P 
[01:41] <AG-SYSTEMS> *populare
[01:41] <Gameking99> Oh snap :p 
[01:41] <AG-SYSTEMS> *popular
[01:41] <CJC95> Oh I doubt that GK
[01:41] <Caysie98> hi Wiix and Han
[01:41] <Caysie98> \o 
[01:41] <Gameking99> I know :P 
[01:41] <LegoSuperBowser> o/ 
[01:41] <Jdude420> I know someone who says, "Oh, snap!" all the time. :P 
[01:41] <Gameking99> The Tom Clarke Memorial MegaTower :P 
[01:41] <Hansologirl> Hi o/ 
[01:41] <Ireithien> Maddie was sorta hot, not as hot as they make her out to be in the show, Cay. :P 
[01:42] <AG-SYSTEMS> Anyone remember Jimmy Neutron?
[01:42] <CJC95> yes
[01:42] <Gameking99> Jimmy Neutron :P 
[01:42] <Roseann Shadowflame> HAN
[01:42] <Roseann Shadowflame> HAN
[01:42] <Roseann Shadowflame> HAN
[01:42] <Roseann Shadowflame> I DREW THE BLACK BUTLER DEMON OC
[01:42] <Roseann Shadowflame> i do, AG
[01:42] <Gameking99> Yes :P 
[01:42] <CJC95> link to image
[01:42] <Caysie98> Naw she was pretty hot :P 
[01:42] <Ireithien> Nah
[01:42] <Gameking99> Ireth, who is that in your avvie :P 
[01:42] <Ireithien> Martin Freeman
[01:42] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:42] <LegoSuperBowser> Who's hot? :P 
[01:42] <CJC95> what show was she on Cay?
[01:42] <Gameking99> Maddie from the Suite Life of Zach and Cody :P 
[01:42] <Ireithien> Maddie from Suite Life of Zack and Cody LSB
[01:42] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:42] <Caysie98> Suite life of zak and cody
[01:43] <Ireithien> GK ninja'd me
[01:43] <Gameking99> Now they have the Suite Life on Deck :P 
[01:43] <Caysie98> The hot blonde girl
[01:43] <Ireithien> (ninja) 
[01:43] <Caysie98> :P 
[01:43] <Caysie98> Ashley Tisdale :P 
[01:43] <LegoSuperBowser> I gonna go. I might be back.
[01:43] <LegoSuperBowser> o/ 
[01:43] <Gameking99> o/ 
[01:43] <Caysie98> Bye LSB \o 
[01:43] <AG-SYSTEMS> o/ 
[01:43] <AG-SYSTEMS> The Suite Life on Deck ended.
[01:43] <CJC95> Images from the show she doesn't look that hot
[01:43] <Gameking99> The Uncle Phil Memorial MegaTower
[01:44] <Ireithien> Everyone name the hottest celebrity you can think of
[01:44] <Gameking99> Alison Brie
[01:44] <Gameking99> Done.
[01:44] <Ihaveawiixboxds> The sun.
[01:44] <CJC95> But Ashley Tisdale does in some pictures
[01:44] <Gameking99> The Sun is not a celebrity.
[01:44] <CJC95> AliBrie used to be my avatar
[01:44] <DC superheroes fan> GTG o/ 
[01:44] <Caysie98> Idk I saw it a long time ago :P 
[01:44] <AG-SYSTEMS> Bai DC. o/ 
[01:44] <Gameking99> Though the Sun is a hot topic...
[01:44] <Agent Spy> Cya, DC \o 
[01:44] <Caysie98> From what I remember she was hot :P 
[01:44] <Gameking99> Oh you little :P 
[01:44] <Agent Spy> Indy, PM
[01:44] <Caysie98> Liam, Jennifer Lawrence
[01:44] <Ireithien> Hmm, I dunno who my favorite is. :P 
[01:45] <Gameking99> Nice, cay :P 
[01:45] <Caysie98> Or that girl from Firefly and Homeland
[01:45] <Gameking99> I found mah new favorite :P 
[01:45] <CJC95> Oh JLawl
[01:45] <Ireithien> Jennifer Lawrence, Jenna Coleman, Evangeline Lilly even if she's older, Jaimie Alexander's pretty hot too. :P 
[01:45] <CJC95> Hayley Williams
[01:45] <ButchCavendish><span style="color:red;">Agent</span>_Spy/Closed_Beta_Boardscraft_Revisited_Whitelist I'm an op? :o
[01:45] <Caysie98> Morena Baccarin is hot too. Especially on Firefly
[01:45] <Gameking99> CJC, from Paramore? :P 
[01:45] <Agent Spy> Yep. [[]]:o
[01:45] <Ireithien> Pics Cay
[01:45] <ButchCavendish> Emma Stone ^_^
[01:45] <Gameking99> Ohhh :P 
[01:45] <Ireithien> :P 
[01:46] <Gameking99> Alison Brie (sie) 
[01:46] <CJC95> No, from my school IT class GK
[01:46] <Gameking99> That's why I'd go Greendale :P 
[01:46] <ButchCavendish> Candice Swanepoel ^_^
[01:46] <Caysie98>
[01:46] <Ireithien> Cay she is not that hot
[01:46] <Gameking99> DARN IT! OH MY GOD...
[01:46] <Caysie98> Yes she is
[01:46] <Gameking99> I opened up LDD...
[01:47] <CJC95> Meiko's mum <went there>
[01:47] <Caysie98> None of the pics are very good
[01:47] <CJC95> Someone had to make a mum joke
[01:47] <Caysie98> But she is beautiful
[01:47] <Gameking99> Who?
[01:47] <CJC95> me
[01:47] <Caysie98> Morena Baccarin
[01:47] <Ireithien> Gtg.
[01:47] <Ireithien> Bye. o/ 
[01:47] <Jdude420> o/ 
[01:47] <Caysie98> Bye Liam \o 
[01:47] <AG-SYSTEMS> o/ 
[01:47] <CJC95> I'm ist.
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> Lol Parsoid died on the server
[01:47] <Gameking99> Even worse, LDD ain't responsding
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> master(4072) initializing 7 workers
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> - worker(4079) loading...
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> - worker(4078) loading...
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> - worker(4081) loading...
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> - worker(4079) ready
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> - worker(4105) loading...
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> - worker(4078) ready
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> - worker(4087) loading...
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> - worker(4088) loading...
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> - worker(4103) loading...
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> - worker(4081) ready
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> - worker(4087) ready
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> - worker(4105) ready
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> - worker(4103) ready
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> - worker(4088) ready
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> ERROR in localhost:Main_Page
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> Stack trace: DoesNotExistError: Page Fetch failure for null : Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> worker 4079 died (1), restarting.
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> - worker(4430) loading...
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> - worker(4430) ready
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> 
[01:47] <Caysie98> We'll miss you D:
[01:47] <CJC95> Fine, I'm hottest
[01:47] <Gameking99> What the heck Butch...
[01:47] <ButchCavendish> WORKER 4079 DIED
[01:47] <Caysie98> Lolwut :P 
[01:48] <Gameking99> WORKER 4079 D: 
[01:48] <Caysie98> D:
[01:48] <ButchCavendish> It's parsoid
[01:48] <Caysie98> This is why we need better working conditions D:
[01:48] <Caysie98> :P 
[01:48] <Ihaveawiixboxds> I've found a picture so good I might actually want a masthead. :P 
[01:48] <Caysie98> Link
[01:49] <ButchCavendish> parsoid :3
[01:49] <Gameking99> Worker 4079 was a great man. He was one of those people you could go out and have a burger with. He was that guy who would discover an easter egg in a video game and tell you how to complete it. Worker 4079 was that guy.
[01:49] <ButchCavendish>,n,z
[01:49] <Ihaveawiixboxds>
[01:49] <Gameking99> He would know you have girl problems and feel bad for you, son.
[01:49] <Gameking99> It's because he was perfect. He had 99 problems.
[01:49] <Gameking99> But a girl was never one.
[01:49] <Gameking99> o/ Cake
[01:50] <CJC95> But your mum ain't one
[01:50] <Cakedude222> O/ 
[01:50] <Caysie98> Hi Cake
[01:50] <Cakedude222> Hello
[01:50] <Gameking99> A minute ago we were talking about celeb crushes :P 
[01:50] <Gameking99> Or something :P 
[01:50] <Caysie98> yeah :P 
[01:50] <Caysie98> Mine is still Jennifer Lawrence though
[01:50] <CJC95> Worker 4079 had the rap patrol on the gat patrol
[01:50] <Ihaveawiixboxds>
[01:50] <Ihaveawiixboxds> And that game, too.
[01:50] <CJC95> And foes that wanted to make sure his casket was closed.
[01:51] <ButchCavendish> wow
[01:51] <Caysie98> WB
[01:51] <CJC95> They did it
[01:51] <ButchCavendish> someone linked BZPower
[01:51] <Gameking99> Bionicle (sie) 
[01:51] <Gameking99> Or something (sie) 
[01:51] <Ihaveawiixboxds> I hated when they deleted those games...
[01:51] <AG-SYSTEMS> * AG-SYSTEMS is out! (PEACE) 
[01:51] <CJC95> And now Worker whatever his number was is dead
[01:51] <ButchCavendish> Haven't seen anyone use BZPower in a while
[01:51] <Jdude420> Bionicle was over rated, IMO. :P 
[01:51] <Gameking99> Worker 4097
[01:51] <Jdude420> Intriguing story though. :P 
[01:51] <Caysie98> \o 
[01:51] <Gameking99> *4079
[01:51] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Jdude.
[01:51] <Jdude420> BZPower is like, dead.:P
[01:51] <CJC95> He was like a brother to me.
[01:51] <Gameking99> Worker 4079 will always remain in our hearts.
[01:51] <Ihaveawiixboxds> you obviously never played any of those two games I linked to images about. :P 
[01:51] <CJC95> One of those brothers that gets seperated at birth
[01:51] <Keplers> Only 15 real BIO fans are left.
[01:51] <AG-SYSTEMS> @Ihawxd, you could use the way back machine to find the game pages.
[01:51] <Keplers> The others have moved on.
[01:51] <Gameking99> How did Worker 4079 die anyway? :P 
[01:51] <CJC95> And that you only here about wen they die
[01:51] <Gameking99> *when
[01:52] <Keplers> Those 15 are in the BIO Forum.
[01:52] <Gameking99> *hear
[01:52] <CJC95> His foes
[01:52] <Gameking99> D:
[01:52] <Gameking99> How dare they!
[01:52] <CJC95> They made sure his casket was closed
[01:52] <Gameking99> We shall have our revenge!
[01:52] <Keplers> Anyways since the only people here I like are Cay and Han, Han had better be active. :p 
[01:52] <CJC95> The rap critics said he liked money and women
[01:52] <Hansologirl> Hi :P 
[01:52] <Gameking99> He was a worker at Sipsco
[01:52] <Keplers> Ehllo
[01:52] <Caysie98> Ooh I like this song
[01:52] <Gameking99> And lived up to their motto, "Big Money. Big Women. Big Fun."
[01:52] <Caysie98> Back to the street where we began...
[01:52] <Caysie98> :P 
[01:53] <Gameking99> THAT SONG (SIE) 
[01:53] <CJC95> But he was from the hood, so they were lying
[01:53] <Keplers> LOL
[01:53] <Ihaveawiixboxds> I'm gonna play Piraka Attack now.
[01:53] <CJC95> He grew up with holes in his zaptoes, and celebrated when he had doe
[01:53] <Gameking99> Municipal 
[01:53] <Gameking99> I spelled it right
[01:53] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Relive my childhood.
[01:53] <CJC95> He disliked critics, and felt they could just go, and should leave him alone.
[01:53] <Gameking99> Bionicle (yes) 
[01:53] <Gameking99> Hero Factory (no) 
[01:54] <CJC95> Yet despite this, 4097 always had beef with radio, as he wouldn't play their show
[01:54] <Gameking99> His name was Worker 4079!
[01:54] <CJC95> But they never played his hits
[01:54] <Jdude420> Hero Factory has far more intrigue in building than the last like five years of Bionicle had.
[01:54] <Ihaveawiixboxds> I remember me and my friends would try to beat each other;s high scores in this game. :P 
[01:54] <Caysie98> Cuz it's 9 in the afternoon... your eyes are the size of the moon...
[01:54] <Jdude420> Well, I have school to do, farewell.
[01:54] <Gameking99> Does anyone remember playing G-Switch on NotDoppler? :P 
[01:54] <Caysie98> Bye Jdude \o 
[01:54] <CJC95> Those mags were trying to use him to get more cash for ads
[01:54] <CJC95> They didn't understand the intellegence Worker 4079 had
[01:55] <Gameking99> Cay, that song is awesome! It's in Rock <span style="color:red;">Ban</span>d 2! :P
[01:55] <Gameking99> But I forgot the name :P 
[01:55] <Caysie98> It's in Rock <span style="color:red;">Ban</span>d 1 also
[01:55] <Caysie98> :P 
[01:55] <Gameking99> And RB2 doesn't work :P 
[01:55] <Caysie98> And it's just awesome
[01:55] <Caysie98> And the <span style="color:red;">ban</span>d is awesome
[01:55] <Gameking99> And I lost interest :P 
[01:55] <CJC95> He went from rags to riches, he weren't dumb, he had 99 problems, and now he dead
[01:55] <Gameking99> Who wrote it? Panic at the Disco? :P 
[01:55] <Caysie98> It's called 9 In the Afternoon by Panic! At The Disco
[01:55] <Gameking99> OH! I was right! :P 
[01:55] <Caysie98> :P 
[01:55] <CJC95> No GK, its Panic! At The Disco
[01:55] <CJC95> Not Panic at the Disco.
[01:55] <Caysie98> It is :P 
[01:55] <Gameking99> OKAY THEN (GAH) 
[01:55] <Gameking99> GOSH (GAH) 
[01:56] <Gameking99> O/ Hey hey keppy \o 
[01:56] <CJC95> Without the exclamation mark, they are nothing
[01:56] <Keplers> HAN WER SHE GO (sob)
[01:56] <Gameking99> (bh) 
[01:56] <Caysie98> \o 
[01:56] <CJC95> Kep u crazy
[01:56] <Keplers> Yes. (BH) 
[01:56] <Keplers> ;( 
[01:56] <Gameking99> Is this the real life?
[01:56] <Keplers> OH
[01:56] <Gameking99> Or is this fantasy?
[01:56] <Keplers> Yhh....
[01:56] <Keplers> *Scratches back of head and slowly lowers down screen.*
[01:57] <CJC95> GK are you Freddie Mercury?
[01:57] <Keplers> Hehe.
[01:57] <Gameking99> Maybe :P 
[01:57] <Gameking99> (evil) 
[01:57] <Keplers> Lol
[01:57] <Hansologirl> Sorry..iPod is being laggy :P 
[01:57] <CJC95> If not, its against my religion for you to even try singing this song
[01:58] <CJC95> (Mercurism)
[01:58] <Gameking99> I'm done.
[01:58] <CJC95> (The belief that Freddie Mercury is the greatest singer ever)
[01:58] <Keplers> :P 
[01:59] <Gameking99> I have some concealed information but Kep might know what I'm about to say
[01:59] <CJC95> Anyway, I should go somewhere slightly less crazy
[01:59] <CJC95> Like my head
[01:59] <Gameking99> HG Wiki :P 
[01:59] <Jdude420>
[01:59] <CJC95> or Arkharm
[01:59] <Jdude420> :P 
[01:59] <Gameking99> At the HG Wiki, they don't even talk about HG! ;P 
[01:59] <Jdude420>
[01:59] <Jdude420> :P 
[01:59] <Jdude420> Okay, now I go. ;P 
[01:59] <Gameking99> I HAVE SINNED!
[01:59] <Gameking99> I meant to say :P 
[01:59] <Gameking99> Not ;P 
[01:59] <Caysie98> Well then
[01:59] <Caysie98> :P 
[01:59] <CJC95> HOW DARE YOU
[02:00] <Jdude420> Arkkarm is still competing with my head for craziest place with the most nut-jobs.
[02:00] <Jdude420> :P 
[02:00] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Darn.
[02:00] <Gameking99> THE POWER OF :P COMPELS YOU! :P 
[02:00] <Ihaveawiixboxds> I only made it to level 8...
[02:00] <Roseann Shadowflame> WHEEEEEEE
[02:00] <Gameking99> o/ Fuher Godrick \o 
[02:00] <Gameking99> *fuhrer
[02:01] <Samed5> test
[02:01] <Gameking99> Pass
[02:01] <Caysie98> That's awesome, Rose :P 
[02:01] <Keplers> Han here
[02:01] <Keplers> ?
[02:01] <Bgirlabby> Just got a minute
[02:01] <Keplers> Abby!
[02:01] <Caysie98> \o 
[02:01] <Keplers> Herro.
[02:01] <Bgirlabby> ROSE THAT'S AMAZING
[02:01] <Bgirlabby> :P 
[02:01] <Keplers> Hit list update: I like Abby.
[02:01] <Bgirlabby> *ignores Keps*
[02:02] <Keplers> I just confirmed I do not wish to put a 10-millimeter bullet into your skull :P 
[02:02] <Keplers> Why ignore me?:P
[02:02] <Gameking99> Oh God why...
[02:02] <Keplers> Oh your God why...
[02:02] <Caysie98> :P 
[02:02] <Bgirlabby> :p 
[02:02] <Roseann Shadowflame> Thanks Abby (Sie) 
[02:02] <Gameking99> Yep.
[02:02] <Roseann Shadowflame> Thank you Caysie c:
[02:02] <Bgirlabby> :p 
[02:03] <Keplers> It does look good. Rose.
[02:03] <Keplers> Even if it's not me, not made by a famous artist, and not of myself. :P 
[02:03] <Caysie98> This <span style="color:red;">ban</span>d is so good
[02:03] <Keplers> *,
[02:03] <Gameking99> OOH KILL 'EM
[02:03] <Hansologirl> ROOSE
[02:03] <Caysie98> :P 
[02:03] <Hansologirl> WHYAREYOZSOAMAZING
[02:03] <Caysie98> Per Han :P 
[02:04] <Caysie98> \o 
[02:04] <Gameking99> o/ Clutch \o 
[02:04] <ClutchTheGreat> Update for the hit list coming
[02:04] <ClutchTheGreat> I can feel it
[02:04] <Gameking99> o/ Cake \o 
[02:05] <Keplers> Update: I dislike Cka.e ILike Clutch.
[02:05] <Keplers> *Cake, I like
[02:05] <Cakedude222> Guys I need help with a fanon! What should be the plot of this fanon:
[02:05] <ClutchTheGreat> When did that happen? :P 
[02:05] <Keplers> Clutch, congrats! You have been moved up to "Like"! :D 
[02:05] <Gameking99> Cake, should I be in it?
[02:05] <Cakedude222> No Gameking
[02:05] <ClutchTheGreat> Yay c:
[02:05] <Caysie98> They all meet up in a coffee shop
[02:05] <Gameking99> Come on...
[02:06] <Caysie98> They can't find a table big enough so they have to choose people to sit with
[02:06] <Cakedude222> You won't be in the show until Season 2
[02:06] <Gameking99> I'm tired of not being included....
[02:06] <Gameking99> Oh come on
[02:06] <Gameking99> How many episodes in S1?
[02:06] <Caysie98> The coffee shop owners keep wanting them to buy stuff but they just sit there and talk 
[02:06] <Cakedude222> 13
[02:06] <Gameking99> Oh God
[02:06] <Gameking99> o/ IndiCo \o 
[02:06] <Caysie98> \o 
[02:06] <ClutchTheGreat> Indi o/ 
[02:07] <Gameking99> Can someone say something funny? :P 
[02:07] <Caysie98> Well duh :P 
[02:07] <Keplers> Game king!
[02:07] <Keplers> Die! :D 
[02:07] <Keplers> AHAHAHAHAHA
[02:07] <Keplers> LOL
[02:07] <Keplers> IM SO FUNNY
[02:07] <Keplers> XD
[02:07] <Keplers> X'D
[02:07] <Caysie98> Me, Liam, Batty, and Rio sit together
[02:07] <Gameking99> *uses invincibility cheat code* :P 
[02:07] <Gameking99> *uses infinite ammo cheat code* :P 
[02:08] <Gameking99> *uses double points cheat code* :P 
[02:08] <Cakedude222> Gameking 13 isn't even that much. I at first planned 26 episodes for the first season, but I decided to make it shorter.
[02:08] <Caysie98> Are you planning on producing these? :P 
[02:09] <Cakedude222> @Caysie not until in like 15 years.
[02:09] <Keplers> Here's a joke I made up only BIO fans will get: What did Icarax say to Teridax?
[02:09] <Caysie98> I gtg
[02:09] <Keplers> O/ 
[02:10] <Cakedude222> Btw Caysie and Indigo are gonna get arrested in Episode 3. :p 
[02:10] <Keplers> No one? :P 
[02:10] <Keplers> No BIO fans :c
[02:10] <Keplers> Wrong crowd. :c
[02:10] <ClutchTheGreat> Well, I'm a fan, but I don't exactly know every characters personality. :
[02:10] <ClutchTheGreat> * :P 
[02:11] <Indigo~> :P 
[02:11] <Keplers> Just you get what happened, right?
[02:11] <ClutchTheGreat> Uhm
[02:12] <Keplers> It'd be funny if you knew just one detail between Icarax and Teridax. :P 
[02:12] <ClutchTheGreat> "hey dude give me an axe"? :{P 
[02:12] <Keplers> No. :P 
[02:12] <ClutchTheGreat> :c
[02:12] <Keplers> Storyline detail. :P 
[02:12] <Keplers> Here we'll see if you get it. :P 
[02:12] <Keplers> "We're Kraahkan-lackin'."
[02:13] <ClutchTheGreat> Something tells me I'm missing something obvious
[02:13] <Keplers> Icarax took Teridax's Mask... :P 
[02:13] <Keplers> The Kraahkan. :P 
[02:13] <ClutchTheGreat> (yk) 
[02:13] <ClutchTheGreat> :P 
[02:14] <Gameking99> I'm done.
[02:15] <ClutchTheGreat> With? (alemas) 
[02:15] <Gameking99> This
[02:15] <Gameking99> Just THIS in general
[02:15] <ClutchTheGreat> Poor this :c
[02:15] <Gameking99> Now I'm mad face
[02:15] <Gameking99> >:(
[02:15] <ClutchTheGreat> What did this ever do? :c
[02:15] <Gameking99> Stuff
[02:16] <Gameking99> Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangs
[02:16] <Gameking99> o/ Link \o 
[02:16] <ClutchTheGreat> This is always mean. :| 
[02:16] <LinkCelestrial> What?
[02:16] <ClutchTheGreat> You know.
[02:16] <ClutchTheGreat> "This"
[02:16] <Gameking99> Stuff
[02:16] <Gameking99> Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangs
[02:17] <ClutchTheGreat> He's so rude. :| 
[02:17] <Gameking99> I know, right! This can be such a jerk sometimes!
[02:17] <LinkCelestrial> He's either rude or determined. 
[02:17] <Gameking99> Or determined to be rude
[02:17] <ClutchTheGreat> Remember that one time where he climbed in the chimney! 
[02:17] <Gameking99> Darn it, this!
[02:18] <Gameking99> I know! We said, "This, you're not Santa!"
[02:18] <Indigo~> * Indigo~ whimpers
[02:18] <ClutchTheGreat> I think we should use exclamation points instead of question marks!
[02:18] <Gameking99> But, if you scramble the letter in Santa, you can spell Satan.
[02:18] <LinkCelestrial> Are you okay, Indi?
[02:18] <Indigo~> *shakes head*
[02:18] <ClutchTheGreat> And then he through coal at us! 
[02:18] <ClutchTheGreat> It was so rude!
[02:18] <Gameking99> *threw
[02:18] <Gameking99> I know!
[02:18] <ClutchTheGreat> wow
[02:18] <LinkCelestrial> What's wrong, Indi? D:
[02:18] <ClutchTheGreat> Fail :P 
[02:19] <ClutchTheGreat> And then when he destroyed the lights!
[02:19] <Gameking99> Remember when This stole my PSP? 
[02:19] <Gameking99> That, too!
[02:19] <ClutchTheGreat> So rude!
[02:19] <Gameking99> I know!
[02:19] <ClutchTheGreat> But then at times!
[02:19] <ClutchTheGreat> He would be nice!
[02:19] <ClutchTheGreat> He even made me a bagel once!
[02:19] <Gameking99> Why do we disregard every other punctuation mark and use exclamation points!
[02:20] <ClutchTheGreat> And then he programmed me a game!
[02:20] <Gameking99> How sweet!
[02:20] <ClutchTheGreat> Because doge!
[02:20] <Gameking99> o/ Dalek \o 
[02:20] <Gameking99> This worked at Taco Ball
[02:20] <Gameking99> *Bell
[02:20] <Gameking99> :P 
[02:20] <Gameking99> But a Taco Ball would taste awesome :P 
[02:20] <ClutchTheGreat> And then when he created the most famous meme ever for me!!!11!!1!1111!!11!!!!!1!!!!11!!1!1
[02:20] <Gameking99> o/ Crick \o 
[02:20] <ClutchTheGreat> ( :P )
[02:20] <Cricket62> drinking from the sunn
[02:20] <Gameking99> This created doge!
[02:21] <ClutchTheGreat> IKR!
[02:21] <Gameking99> IKR!
[02:21] <ClutchTheGreat> IKR!
[02:21] <Gameking99> IKR!
[02:21] <LinkCelestrial> IRK!
[02:22] <Gameking99> IRK!
[02:22] <LinkCelestrial> KIR!
[02:22] <Gameking99> RIK!
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> IKR
[02:22] <Cricket62> (ys) 
[02:22] <Gameking99> Crick stahp :P 
[02:22] <Gameking99> MOTHER OF <span style="color:red;">SPAM</span> :P
[02:22] <Cricket62> some girl just called me hot and i feel really special
[02:22] <Gameking99> I am literally LOL'ing! :P 
[02:22] <Cricket62> :) 
[02:22] <ClutchTheGreat> Such combo breaker!
[02:22] <ClutchTheGreat> No non-<span style="color:red;">spam</span>!
[02:22] <ClutchTheGreat> Much spam!
[02:23] <Gameking99> WOW
[02:23] <LinkCelestrial> Crick needs to grow up. :p 
[02:23] <Gameking99> o/ IndiCo \o 
[02:23] <Gameking99> Oh my God crick! :P 
[02:23] <Cricket62> its true
[02:23] <Indigo~> \o 
[02:23] <Indigo~> is Crick behaving? (evil) 
[02:23] <Cricket62> no
[02:23] <Gameking99> Probably :P 
[02:23] <ClutchTheGreat> Not at all!
[02:24] <Gameking99> He <span style="color:red;">spam</span>med IKR :P
[02:24] <Cricket62> i know right
[02:25] <Gameking99> We fight not for our freedom!
[02:25] <LinkCelestrial> I'm gonna go now.
[02:25] <ClutchTheGreat> Look through Klint's account if you must!
[02:25] <Gameking99> We fight...
[02:25] <Gameking99> FOR SCOTLAND!
[02:25] <ClutchTheGreat> >:D:D" width="19" height="19"> 
[02:25] <Cricket62> LINK
[02:25] <Cricket62> DONT
[02:25] <Cricket62> LEAVE
[02:25] <Cricket62> ME
[02:25] <Cricket62> ALONE
[02:25] <Cricket62> WITH
[02:25] <LinkCelestrial> I need to go. :P 
[02:25] <Cricket62> WITH..WITH
[02:25] <Indigo~> caps
[02:25] <Cricket62> CLUTCH
[02:25] <Gameking99> THEM
[02:25] <Cricket62> NOOO
[02:25] <Gameking99> Them!
[02:25] <Cricket62> DONNTTTTTTTTTTTTT
[02:25] <LinkCelestrial> Clutch is a good guy. :P 
[02:25] <ClutchTheGreat> c:
[02:25] <LinkCelestrial> He only fights when provoked. 
[02:25] <Gameking99> You guys are tyrannical! :P 
[02:25] <Cricket62> THIS IS MADD DANGEROUS
[02:25] <Cricket62> IM GONNA FREAK OUTT'
[02:26] <Indigo~> Cricket. Caps.
[02:26] <Cricket62> HUH
[02:26] <Indigo~> I'm warning you. Enough caps.
[02:26] <Roseann Shadowflame> (Hp2) 
[02:26] <Roseann Shadowflame> Cricket...
[02:26] <Cricket62> Warning about what (ys) 
[02:26] <Roseann Shadowflame> Use more caps.... (hp2) 
[02:26] <Indigo~> Rose. :| :p 
[02:26] <Cricket62> no
[02:26] <Cricket62> i will not disobey the admin
[02:26] <Roseann Shadowflame> she's not an admin ._.
[02:26] <Roseann Shadowflame> :p 
[02:26] <Cricket62> stop trying to enforce disbehavioral trajectories
[02:27] <Indigo~> Good Cricket. *pats you on the head* 
[02:27] <Indigo~> But I'm not an admin. :P 
[02:27] <TwistedAlpha> #uprising #rebel
[02:27] <Gameking99> #cricketuprising
[02:27] <Cricket62> i have no idea what i just said
[02:27] <Cricket62> eat me gk
[02:27] <Gameking99> Gladly :P 
[02:27] <Gameking99> *eats crick*
[02:27] <Gameking99> The last person I ate in Roleplay was [[campie1212|this guy]]
[02:27] <Cricket62> thats hot
[02:27] <Roseann Shadowflame> Why not? It worked in blazing saddles (cool) 
[02:28] <Indigo~> Behave, you two... :P 
[02:28] <Gameking99> Don't interrupt our rebellion! (gah) 
[02:28] <Cricket62> im hot
[02:28] <Cricket62> like a coal
[02:28] <Cricket62> (ys) 
[02:29] <ClutchTheGreat> And remember!
[02:29] <ClutchTheGreat> Eat more fructose! :D 
[02:29] <ClutchTheGreat> (Only Rose would get that) :P 
[02:30] <Roseann Shadowflame> OH GOSHNO
[02:30] <Roseann Shadowflame> NOOOOOOOOOO
[02:31] <Cricket62> GAME TIME PARTY PRO (SS) 
[02:31] <ClutchTheGreat> IM ROSE
[02:31] <ClutchTheGreat> HEHEHEHE
[02:31] <ClutchTheGreat> Asset.C:
[02:31] <ClutchTheGreat> :p 
[02:31] <ClutchTheGreat> zomg
[02:32] <Indigo~> Test
[02:32] <ClutchTheGreat> I just remember I gave Rose the emote breaker o-o 
[02:32] <ClutchTheGreat> * remembered
[02:32] <ClutchTheGreat> I'm gonna get a meme ready for my brother now.
[02:32] <Indigo~> Hovawart... o/ 
[02:33] <Hovawart> Don't bother me, I was looking for Keplers.
[02:33] <Hovawart> And this avatar was due to a bet, too. I promise.
[02:33] <Indigo~> Okay... :P 
[02:33] <Hovawart> I don't normally run around with something hideous like this as my public face.
[02:34] <Indigo~> Hey, Han. o/ 
[02:35] <Cricket62> jays on my feett
[02:35] <Indigo~> ? :P 
[02:35] <Indigo~> AG. o/ 
[02:35] <AG-SYSTEMS> o/ 
[02:36] <Hovawart> At least they're soft and feathery, eh?
[02:36] <ClutchTheGreat> I just fell off my chair...
[02:36] <Hovawart> Was it from a great height?
[02:36] <Indigo~> Jays as in a blue jay, or Jay as in your brother? :P 
[02:36] <ClutchTheGreat> Nah.
[02:36] <Hovawart> Or the sad 'ol two feet?
[02:36] <AG-SYSTEMS> Did you break your collar bone like I did once?
[02:36] <Indigo~> Clutch. :p 
[02:36] <AG-SYSTEMS> Hey BM. o/ 
[02:36] <Indigo~> Twisted. o/ 
[02:37] <TwistedAlpha> o/ 
[02:37] <ClutchTheGreat> Wait, BlueJay is his brother? o-o 
[02:37] <TwistedAlpha> Hovawart?...
[02:37] <Cricket62> who is BlueJay
[02:37] <Indigo~> Crick, caps.
[02:37] <Cricket62> ??/
[02:37] <Cricket62> WHAT CAPS LOL
[02:37] <Indigo~> Not bluejay. :P 
[02:37] <Indigo~> Jaybud. :P 
[02:37] <ClutchTheGreat> Oh
[02:37] <Cricket62> who the devil is Jaybud
[02:37] <Cricket62> sounds like a nerd
[02:37] <Indigo~> I don't even know who Bluejay is. :P 
[02:37] <ClutchTheGreat> I thought you were talking about mah old friend (cool) 
[02:38] <Indigo~> Cricket, you know who he is. :| 
[02:38] <Indigo~> *Smashes a book on your head*
[02:38] <Cricket62> I DONT EVEN KNOW HIM
[02:38] <Cricket62> :_:
[02:38] <ClutchTheGreat> Turned Brickipedian. 
[02:38] <Indigo~> You know him. (ss) 
[02:38] <ClutchTheGreat> He never talks to me anymore (yk) 
[02:39] <Indigo~> Cricket, I have known you for about a year. Don't act like I don't know you and Jaybud. :P 
[02:39] <Indigo~> Test.
[02:39] <Cricket62> ok
[02:39] <ClutchTheGreat> You can hiiiiiiiiide (hp2) 
[02:39] <Cricket62> rite
[02:39] <Indigo~> Ouch, chat kill.
[02:39] <ClutchTheGreat> Sorry
[02:39] <ClutchTheGreat> Quote. :P 
[02:40] <AG-SYSTEMS> c:
[02:41] <Hovawart> There you are!
[02:41] <AG-SYSTEMS> Hey Keplers. o/ 
[02:41] <Keplers> Burn, mortals!
[02:41] <Keplers> You are infidel!
[02:42] <Keplers> And Hovawart is my friend IRL.
[02:42] <Indigo~> Hi, Kep
[02:42] <Hovawart> Look at me! My soul is shriveling from the contact of this plane! Argh!
[02:42] <Indigo~> Oh, that's cool. :P 
[02:42] <Hovawart> And I'm not an infidel.
[02:42] <Hovawart> I'm a heathen.
[02:42] <Keplers> I will see him at fencing Friday so be nice to him or we will quite wittily diss your lack of intelligence. :P 
[02:42] <Hovawart> I heartily approve of that plan.
[02:42] <Keplers> As do I. :P 
[02:42] <Indigo~> *glomps both of you*
[02:43] <Keplers> Oh.
[02:43] <Indigo~> Twisted o/ 
[02:43] <Keplers> Get off.
[02:43] <Keplers> Only my girlfriend will do that.
[02:43] <Keplers> Or Arya.
[02:43] <Keplers> Not that they're the same person. :P 
[02:43] <Hovawart> If I knew what a "glomp" was, I might take offense.
[02:43] <Indigo~> I like glom<span style="color:red;">ping</span> people though...:c
[02:43] <Hovawart> As it is, it sounds like your stomach is inverting and deflating.
[02:43] <Hovawart> So I'm not particularly offended.
[02:43] <Keplers> A highly enthusiastic jump-hug from behind, usually with a running start.
[02:43] <Indigo~> A glomp is like a tackle hug. :P 
[02:43] <AG-SYSTEMS> Glomp is basically a tackle hug.
[02:43] <Keplers> Like that one night. :P 
[02:44] <Hovawart> I should think my spiked armor might make that a bit painful.
[02:44] <Indigo~> *glomps AG* 
[02:44] <AG-SYSTEMS> Indi beat me. :c
[02:44] <Keplers> It's 'hood American slang. :P 
[02:44] <Hovawart> But hey, it's your body to ravage.
[02:44] <Indigo~> By the way guys, if you haven't heard,
[02:44] <Indigo~> It's National Glomp Day today.
[02:44] <Indigo~> If you don't glomp at least person, you will die. :3
[02:44] <AG-SYSTEMS> Orly? 
[02:44] <Indigo~> *nods*
[02:44] <Hovawart> Bah! It's only death.
[02:44] <Hovawart> I have no fear of such things.
[02:44] <ClutchTheGreat> Well yeah.
[02:44] <Keplers> XD
[02:44] <ClutchTheGreat> WE all die. (cross) 
[02:45] <Indigo~> *glomps Clutch*
[02:45] <Keplers> Now, now. Take your medi<span style="color:red;">cat</span>ion.
[02:45] <Hovawart> *You all die.
[02:45] <AG-SYSTEMS> Figuratively or physically glomp someone?
[02:45] <Hovawart> I certainly do not.
[02:45] <AG-SYSTEMS> Hey Obi. o/ 
[02:45] <Keplers> Hov, meet Obi. Obi, meet Hov.
[02:45] <Indigo~> *glomps Obi* Hi Obi!
[02:45] <Keplers> Though I am sure Obi is older, my etiquette is destroyed. :P 
[02:45] <TwistedAlpha> o/ 
[02:45] <Obi the LEGO Fan> *falls over8
[02:45] <Obi the LEGO Fan> **
[02:45] <Indigo~> Oops. 3: 
[02:45] <ClutchTheGreat> BRB, gonna get some chocolate milk.
[02:45] <Keplers> I am an insane English teen like those animes.
[02:46] <Indigo~> Sorry Obi. 3:
[02:46] <Keplers> I have twisted sense of etiquette. :P 
[02:46] <Hovawart> I'm obviously possessed of a higher rank, it is only proper for you to introduce him to me initially.
[02:46] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Hi Hov!
[02:46] <Hovawart> Indeed.
[02:46] <Keplers> True.
[02:46] <Obi the LEGO Fan> What system are you using to rank yourself? :P 
[02:46] <Keplers> Magical theory.
[02:47] <Keplers> He has somewhere near a Doctorate.
[02:47] <Keplers> Possibly three.
[02:47] <Keplers> Yes, with a capital D.
[02:47] <Keplers> He earned a doctorate long ago.
[02:47] <Indigo~> Does nobody need a glomp? 3:
[02:47] <Obi the LEGO Fan> I prefer philosophical theories to metaphysical hokum like that. :P 
[02:47] <Indigo~> *sits down*
[02:47] <Indigo~> 3:
[02:47] <Obi the LEGO Fan> No Indi, one is good for me thanks. :} 
[02:48] <TwistedAlpha> *glomps Indi*
[02:48] <AG-SYSTEMS> Hey Indi, there are lots of people who need glomps. c:
[02:48] <Roseann Shadowflame> H-H-H-H-HOVAWART? O_O 
[02:48] <Hovawart> No, no.
[02:48] <Hovawart> I'm Phil.
[02:48] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Although, metaphysics is a branch of philosophy. But more like pseudo-metaphysics. 
[02:48] <Hovawart> Philbert Obbington the Fourth.
[02:48] <Roseann Shadowflame> *falls over* I've seen a ghost ._.
[02:48] <Roseann Shadowflame> ...hovering wart *snickers* 
[02:48] <Roseann Shadowflame> :p 
[02:48] <Keplers> Oh, Obi.
[02:48] <TwistedAlpha> The Hovering Wart.
[02:48] <Keplers> He also fences sabre.
[02:48] <Indigo~> Rose (gasp2) 
[02:48] <Hovawart> I would also like to point out, again, that this avatar was the result of a dare.
[02:49] <Leinad849> O/ 
[02:49] <AG-SYSTEMS> Hey Lien. o/ 
[02:49] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Yes, yes I do.
[02:49] <Keplers> Normally his Avvie is of his RPC, Bardicus.
[02:49] <Roseann Shadowflame> Nono Indi
[02:49] <Leinad849> It's lein (steve) 
[02:49] <Hovawart> And I will continue to point it out until everyone realizes that I normally do not use pictures such as this.
[02:49] <Roseann Shadowflame> that's (gasp2) (gasp2) (gasp2) (gasp2) (gasp2) 
[02:49] <Roseann Shadowflame> :p 
[02:49] <Hovawart> Mhm. Bardicus. Heh.
[02:49] <AG-SYSTEMS> Lien. c:
[02:49] <Indigo~> Dan! *glomps* 
[02:49] <Obi the LEGO Fan> So Phil, I take it you're a friend of Keplers?
[02:50] <Leinad849> Ow :{p 
[02:50] <Hovawart> I am, indeed.
[02:50] <Indigo~> Glomps don't hurt! 3:
[02:50] <Indigo~> If you didn't hear, today is National Glomp Day. [[]]:D :p 
[02:50] <Leinad849> :P 
[02:50] <TwistedAlpha> *glomps Rose*
[02:50] <Leinad849> I hope so. :P 
[02:50] <Indigo~> *glomps Batty* Hello!
[02:50] <AG-SYSTEMS> Hey BG. o/ 
[02:50] <Sadistica> Dahek :{p 
[02:50] <Leinad849> This needs to die down after today. :P 
[02:50] <Roseann Shadowflame> KEP
[02:50] <Roseann Shadowflame> KEP
[02:50] <Roseann Shadowflame> KEPPY
[02:50] <Roseann Shadowflame> :p 
[02:50] <Sadistica> Hai :3
[02:51] <TwistedAlpha> Keplers.
[02:51] <Indigo~> But I liek glompz. 3:
[02:51] <TwistedAlpha> Keplers.
[02:51] <TwistedAlpha> Keplers.
[02:51] <TwistedAlpha> Keplers.
[02:51] <Roseann Shadowflame> 'tis mathias C:
[02:51] <Roseann Shadowflame> :P 
[02:51] <Indigo~> <span style="color:red;">Spam</span>.
[02:51] <Indigo~> :p 
[02:51] <Hovawart> Do you want him to come for some nefarious purpose?
[02:51] <Leinad849> You lick glomps...? :{p 
[02:51] <Hansologirl> Batty o/ 
[02:51] <TwistedAlpha> [[User blog:Brickmaster7946/Log 13: "Kepler<span style="color:red;">spam</span>"]]
[02:51] <Obi the LEGO Fan> So, Batty, what do you prefer to be called now? I'm so confused by all the name changes. :P 
[02:51] <Leinad849> oh
[02:51] <Sadistica> That awkward moment when I look up glomp.
[02:51] <Leinad849> I thought it was a c
[02:51] <Roseann Shadowflame> I'm his friend... :P 
[02:51] <TwistedAlpha><span style="color:red;">spam</span>%22
[02:51] <Leinad849> Stupid font.
[02:52] <Leinad849> I can't fix the font for chat on my ipad
[02:52] <Indigo~> *shakes head* I like glomps. 3:
[02:52] <Indigo~> :P 
[02:52] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Change it in Options
[02:52] <Keplers> SORRY.
[02:52] <Sadistica> Obi, just call me Batty. IK and I wish I didn't delete my other account. My parents should have told me before if I could stay. :| 
[02:52] <AG-SYSTEMS> Then keep doing it Indi. :P 
[02:52] <Leinad849> I've tried, obi.
[02:52] <Keplers> I have no <span style="color:red;">ping</span>s at the moment.
[02:52] <Obi the LEGO Fan> I'm on my iPad too :P 
[02:52] <Indigo~> And you're a panda. You must have hugs. That's what red pandas do. :3
[02:52] <Hovawart> Are you his friend? Really? I'll need to check this.
[02:52] <Keplers> Now I do. :P 
[02:52] <Indigo~> *Glomps AG* [[]]:D :P 
[02:52] <Leinad849> Okay :3
[02:52] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Okay Batty
[02:52] <Roseann Shadowflame> KEPLERS.
[02:52] <AG-SYSTEMS> Obi...
[02:53] <Roseann Shadowflame> AM I YOUR FRIEND. :p 
[02:53] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Yes AG?
[02:53] <Sadistica> Rose your everyone's friend.
[02:53] <AG-SYSTEMS> Was there a Bible study today?
[02:53] <Sadistica> :p 
[02:53] <Keplers> Yes.
[02:53] <Keplers> I like Rose.
[02:53] <Keplers> No other attractive pay his. save me. :P 
[02:53] <Sadistica> You're hard to forget.
[02:53] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Yeah, although we didn't do that much
[02:53] <Keplers> *paychos
[02:54] <Keplers> BRB.
[02:54] <Hovawart> Very well, you are allowed to get near Keppy without recieving, say, a sharp object in the back.
[02:54] <Maxthebrickguy> I'm back
[02:54] <Keplers> LAWL
[02:54] <Sadistica> Hi Max
[02:54] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Hi Klint, Max /o 
[02:54] <Indigo~> Max. o/ 
[02:54] <Leinad849> O/ 
[02:54] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Ihave /o 
[02:54] <Roseann Shadowflame> Hovering wart
[02:54] <Sadistica> Wut
[02:54] <Roseann Shadowflame> (yuno) recognize my username. :{P 
[02:54] <Roseann Shadowflame> :p 
[02:54] <Keplers> Back.
[02:54] <AG-SYSTEMS> brb
[02:56] <Keplers> Rose.
[02:56] <Keplers> He does.
[02:56] <Keplers> Very much.
[02:56] <Sadistica> Camp Pre Veterinary Medicine
[02:56] <Sadistica> - Camp Self Defense
[02:56] <Sadistica> - Camp Soccer
[02:56] <Sadistica> - Camp Biology
[02:56] <Sadistica> - Camp Photography
[02:56] <Sadistica> - Camp Chemistry
[02:56] <Sadistica> - Man Camp
[02:56] <Sadistica> - Camp Christian Music Jam (almost full)
[02:56] <Sadistica> - Camp CSI
[02:56] <Sadistica> - Camp Computer Gaming Design
[02:56] <Sadistica> - Camp Pre-Law / Mock Trial
[02:56] <Sadistica> - Camp Rocket Science and Flight
[02:56] <Sadistica> - Camp Anatomy and Physiology
[02:56] <Sadistica> - Camp Art
[02:56] <Sadistica> - Camp Forensic Psychology
[02:56] <Sadistica> - Camp Leadership
[02:56] <Sadistica> - Camp Physics
[02:56] <Sadistica> - Camp Psychology
[02:57] <Sadistica> Which sounds the most interesting? Cause I can't decide. :p 
[02:57] <Keplers> Mock trial and leadership.
[02:57] <Indigo~> The almost full one!
[02:57] <ClutchTheGreat> MOCK TRIAL
[02:57] <Indigo~> Because it must be good. :p 
[02:57] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Mock trial.
[02:57] <Keplers> Maybe physics.
[02:57] <Keplers> If that's your think.
[02:57] <Keplers> NAW SADISTICA DO MAN CAMP. :P 
[02:57] <ClutchTheGreat> My brother is in mock trial. :3
[02:57] <Ihaveawiixboxds> I've done one before, so you can ask me for help. (SS) 
[02:57] <Sadistica> Haha
[02:57] <Sadistica> They fly drones in that one Kep.
[02:57] <Sadistica> /p
[02:58] <Sadistica> :p 
[02:58] <Roseann Shadowflame> *that awkward moment when you look at your old writing/drawing and start screaming "WHATT IS THIS"
[02:58] <Roseann Shadowflame> :p 
[02:58] <Keplers> XD
[02:58] <Indigo~> I know the feeling Rose o.O
[02:58] <Indigo~> :p 
[02:59] <Leinad849> I look at my handwriting from a week ago and say that. :P 
[02:59] <Keplers> LAWL
[02:59] <ClutchTheGreat> Maybe I can convince Vii to get an account here... 
[02:59] <ClutchTheGreat> :P 
[02:59] <Indigo~> :p 
[02:59] <Sadistica> I can never be a writer. I don't care for English.
[02:59] <Sadistica> :p 
[03:00] <AG-SYSTEMS> You can be a writer. :P 
[03:00] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Then write in...a different language? :P 
[03:01] <Ihaveawiixboxds> ^
[03:01] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Write in Latin. :{P 
[03:01] <Leinad849> Yeah.
[03:01] <ClutchTheGreat> I can never be an anything. :P 
[03:01] <Sadistica> Latin is pretty much the same though.
[03:01] <Leinad849> that sounds good.
[03:01] <Keplers> Latin is fun to write in.
[03:01] <Keplers> You don't need to add a new word for tense. :{P 
[03:01] <Sadistica> :{p 
[03:01] <Leinad849> Latin is fun to make classy names with. :{p 
[03:02] <Keplers> Keplericus. :3
[03:02] <Leinad849> like, Suilla
[03:02] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Ihaveawiixboxdus, i. 
[03:02] <Sadistica> Actually to be honest I don't give a brick about writing. I just do it because I have to.
[03:02] <Leinad849> that's so much cooler than "pork". :P 
[03:02] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Actually...
[03:02] <Ihaveawiixboxds> I prefer 4th declension. :P 
[03:02] <Leinad849> Leinadius. :P 
[03:02] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Ihaveawiixboxdus, us.
[03:03] <Leinad849> That sounds like gladius.
[03:03] <Leinad849> I'm a gladius. :3
[03:03] <AG-SYSTEMS> GLaDOS. c:
[03:03] <Keplers> *Wields Leinad.*
[03:03] <Keplers> *Thrutsts my Leinad at AG.*
[03:03] <Keplers> *Beheads the dead AG.*
[03:03] <AG-SYSTEMS> *ducks*
[03:03] <Keplers> *Thrusts
[03:03] <Leinad849> Portal. :3
[03:04] <AG-SYSTEMS> Kej, why you kill me?
[03:04] <Ihaveawiixboxds> My favorite is "Appropinquabaminine". 
[03:04] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Yes, that is a real Latin word. :P 
[03:04] <Leinad849> :P 
[03:04] <Keplers> Meaning?
[03:05] <Keplers> This is my first year of Latin. :{P 
[03:05] <Ihaveawiixboxds> "Were you being ravaged?"
[03:05] <AG-SYSTEMS> Kep, why did you kill me? 
[03:05] <Ihaveawiixboxds> That's what it means. :P 
[03:05] <Keplers> Because you were the last person to speak so I saw your name first. :P 
[03:05] <Hovawart> Oh, don't complain.
[03:05] <AG-SYSTEMS> Ah.
[03:05] <Hovawart> He only killed you.
[03:05] <Keplers> I needed a random person to kill and I just typed the first name I saw. :P 
[03:05] <Hovawart> He could have done much worse.
[03:05] <AG-SYSTEMS> Yeah, but I like to know why people kill me.
[03:06] <Hovawart> Or, to be exact, he could have had me do much worse.
[03:06] <Keplers> I could've White Sphere'd you.
[03:06] <Keplers> So SHADDAP. :P 
[03:06] <AG-SYSTEMS> White Sphere?
[03:06] <Hovawart> Ooh! Ooh!
[03:06] <Hovawart> Barcha suggested an Improvement!
[03:06] <Keplers> Oh?
[03:06] <AG-SYSTEMS> Hey Codyn. o/ 
[03:06] <Hovawart> Once the tunnel opens for the, say, ninth time, the time where the victim just gives up and doesn't go through?
[03:06] <Hovawart> You then reveal it was an actual, real exit.
[03:07] <Hovawart> Then sit back and laugh.
[03:07] <AG-SYSTEMS> @Kep, people kill me, I just wanted to know why you killed me. :P 
[03:08] <AG-SYSTEMS> Codyn leaves quickly. :c
[03:08] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Cody D:
[03:09] <Hovawart> And thus the crowd diminishes. Heh heh heh...
[03:09] <Hovawart> No!
[03:09] <Hovawart> Wrong person!
[03:09] <Ihaveawiixboxds> So, I have to go through black belt testing again. :P 
[03:09] <Hovawart> Diminish in the opposite way!
[03:09] <Ihaveawiixboxds> This Saturday... :S 
[03:10] <Hovawart> Why, did you not pass the first run?
[03:10] <Hovawart> And what martial art do you do, eh? I, personally, prefer Kung Fu.
[03:10] <Hovawart> It has the greatest variety, and can be rather... flashy.
[03:11] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Uh...
[03:11] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Koguryo Tang Soo Do.
[03:11] <Ihaveawiixboxds> I passed my first test.
[03:11] <Hovawart> So, then. Are you testing for your next rank?
[03:12] <Ihaveawiixboxds> But now another guy is taking it, so I have to go and help out...
[03:12] <Cricket62> I am Blue Belt in Capoara :) 
[03:12] <Hovawart> Ah, yes. I've done that once, and been busy every other subsequent testing. :P 
[03:12] <Cricket62> highest rank
[03:12] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Which means I have to do all the warm ups. (IHWaXD)
[03:12] <Cricket62> jk
[03:12] <Cricket62> im like decent
[03:12] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Whoops. :P 
[03:12] <Ihaveawiixboxds> * (IHAWXD) 
[03:13] <Ihaveawiixboxds> And for those of you who didn't know, the warm ups are a 2 hour long intense workout. :p 
[03:13] <Cricket62> ez
[03:14] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Which is why I'm not exactly thrilled. 
[03:14] <Keplers> Eesh
[03:14] <Ihaveawiixboxds> But hey!
[03:14] <Cricket62> how many push up reps can you do?
[03:14] <Ihaveawiixboxds> It's better than being in tha Army! :{P 
[03:14] <Ihaveawiixboxds> *than
[03:14] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Directly in a row, only about 55... :P 
[03:14] <Cricket62> aah lol
[03:15] <Cricket62> so i take it you're a bit new there?
[03:15] <Ihaveawiixboxds> But I did over 130 at my first black belt test. :P 
[03:15] <Hovawart> I'm far better at leg-strength exercises.
[03:15] <Cricket62> try 215 :D 
[03:16] <Ihaveawiixboxds> We did pushups, then transferred immediately into flutter <span style="color:red;">kick</span>s, than transferred back to pushups, and so on.
[08:14] <Indigo~> :P 
[08:14] <Gslover1> Yes, Sato got it right.
[08:15] <Marcel77799> *bored*
[08:16] <A5637> Same Marcel :P 
[08:17] <GuacamoleCCXR> Requiem For A Dream is THE most cliche song ever
[08:17] <LinkCelestrial> :O 
[08:17] <GuacamoleCCXR> 2nd only to Equinox
[08:17] <Nehpets700> Yes, YES! (Ev) 
[08:17] <LinkCelestrial> WTB.
[08:17] <Satoshi2> @NeH: (rofl) 
[08:18] <Agent Spy> o/ 
[08:18] <Satoshi2> That's just cruel. :P 
[08:18] <Gslover1> <span style="color:red;">Spy</span> o/
[08:18] <LinkCelestrial> Ya. That he had to deal with all those 1D posters before.
[08:18] <Agent Spy> NEHPETS IS JUSTIN? D: D: D:
[08:18] <Satoshi2> (yes) 
[08:19] <Gslover1> Arya o/ 
[08:19] <Katuchim> You don't even treat these people as human, don't you.
[08:19] <Satoshi2> Hi, Arya o/ 
[08:20] <Arya Elf> Ahahaha, hi, Neh. :P 
[08:20] <LinkCelestrial> o\ Arya.
[08:20] <Gslover1> Grue o/ 
[08:20] <Virtual Grue> Halloo.
[08:21] <Satoshi2> o/ 
[08:21] <Gslover1> Indigo o/ 
[08:21] <Arya Elf> Herro.
[08:21] <Alemas2005> Nice avvie, Arya.
[08:21] <Alemas2005> But that's old. :P 
[08:21] <Arya Elf> It's okay.
[08:22] <Alemas2005> He got arrested today. :P 
[08:22] <Arya Elf> It's still him. :{P 
[08:22] <LinkCelestrial> What would you be if you were attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis?"
[08:22] <Satoshi2> ...I don't get it. :P 
[08:22] <Arya Elf> It's a dare, and I thought that this was better than his face.
[08:22] <Gslover1> LINK! :P 
[08:22] <Gslover1> I think I know this one. :P 
[08:22] <Gslover1> Maybe.
[08:22] <Indigo~> brb
[08:22] <Gslover1> Is it "osculation"? 
[08:23] <LinkCelestrial> Nope. :p 
[08:23] <Gslover1> Shoot, just looked it up.
[08:23] <Gslover1> It's not. :p 
[08:23] <LinkCelestrial> What is it? :{P 
[08:23] <GuacamoleCCXR>
[08:23] <Gslover1> What is what? :P 
[08:23] <LinkCelestrial> The answer. :P 
[08:23] <Arya Elf> I like it, Guac.
[08:23] <Gslover1> I dunno the answer, you asked the question. :P 
[08:24] <GuacamoleCCXR> I put my toasts in the freezer so the jam doesn't flow off
[08:24] <Gslover1>
[08:24] <Alemas2005> YEAH, 9gag's full of Bieber-related memes now. :{P 
[08:24] <Arya Elf> XD
[08:24] <Satoshi2> @Gs: (sie) 
[08:24] <Satoshi2> WAITWAITWAIT
[08:24] <Arya Elf> I watn one, Gs.
[08:24] <Virtual Grue> Gs, WHAT. :P 
[08:24] <Satoshi2> JB got arrested?!
[08:24] <Arya Elf> * want
[08:24] <GuacamoleCCXR> We should call him Beer-ber now. #lamejokes
[08:25] <LinkCelestrial> "What would you be if you were attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis?"
[08:25] <LinkCelestrial> Anyone?
[08:25] <Arya Elf> Nope.
[08:25] <Virtual Grue> Guac... :P 
[08:25] <Gslover1> I dunno, Link.
[08:26] <LinkCelestrial> Screwed. You'd be screwed. :P 
[08:26] <Gslover1> Ah, I see it now. :P 
[08:26] <GuacamoleCCXR> A dihedral synchro-helix door
[08:26] <Alemas2005> ... :P 
[08:26] <Arya Elf> Lolz, Shift XD
[08:27] <Arya Elf> /AFK
[08:27] <GuacamoleCCXR> What would you be if you were small, blue and triangular?
[08:27] <LinkCelestrial> I have found a way to turn a small square of paper into an endless fidget. 
[08:27] <Gslover1> Did anyone know what I was talking about when I said "osculation"? 
[08:27] <LinkCelestrial> You'd be small, blue and triangular. 
[08:27] <LinkCelestrial> I didn't.
[08:27] <Gslover1> Don't cheat by looking it up. :P 
[08:27] <GuacamoleCCXR> Almost
[08:27] <GuacamoleCCXR> A small blue triangle
[08:28] <GuacamoleCCXR>
[08:28] <GuacamoleCCXR> Destroid are way to cool for this world
[08:28] <Gslover1> No one knows what osculation is? :| 
[08:29] <Gslover1> Come on, it's a math term, and something else. (ss) 
[08:29] <LinkCelestrial> (mathematics) a contact of two curves (or two surfaces) at which they have a common tangent
[08:29] <LinkCelestrial> Or...
[08:29] <Alemas2005> *Yawns*
[08:29] <LinkCelestrial> The act of kissing.
[08:29] <Gslover1> Link, did you look it up? :P 
[08:29] <Alemas2005> Bored.
[08:29] <LinkCelestrial> Yes. I did. *hangs head in shame*
[08:29] <Gslover1> :| 
[08:29] <Alemas2005> Go to your room, then.
[08:30] <Alemas2005> And stay there.
[08:30] <Gslover1> Well, now you know.
[08:30] <Alemas2005> You are grounded.
[08:30] <Katuchim> Blast it, I KNEW it was familiar
[08:30] <Gslover1> I'm a nerd, sorta. :P 
[08:30] <Virtual Grue> I'm a geek. :P 
[08:30] <LinkCelestrial> I feel like I need to share my discovery with the world.
[08:30] <Gslover1> What discovery, Link?
[08:30] <Alemas2005> Lone, hi.
[08:30] <Gslover1> Loney, hi. o/ 
[08:30] <Virtual Grue> Loney, hello there. o/ 
[08:31] <Loney 97> Hey everyone! o/ 
[08:31] <Katuchim> Hi Daddy o/ 
[08:31] <LinkCelestrial> Go get a small square ish piece of paper. :P 
[08:31] <Gslover1> Yes, Link.
[08:32] <LinkCelestrial> Like about two inches by twoish inches. :p 
[08:32] <Gslover1> I'll get a post it. :p 
[08:32] <Gslover1> brb
[08:32] <LinkCelestrial> That'll do. :P 
[08:32] <Virtual Grue> BRB
[08:32] <Alemas2005> *Bored*
[08:32] <Legofanyoda1547> oh wrong account/browser
[08:32] <LinkCelestrial> Go get a piece of paper and follow my tutorial, Alemas. :P 
[08:32] <Gslover1> I'm back
[08:32] <Alemas2005> Nah, too lazy.
[08:32] <Alemas2005> Why?
[08:33] <LinkCelestrial> Okay now fold it in half so it creases. 
[08:33] <Gslover1> okay...
[08:33] <Alemas2005> Dalek, go back to your LFY account.
[08:33] <Gslover1> Dale, o/ 
[08:33] <Loney 97> I'm just going to try and imagine it in my mind :p 
[08:33] <Dalekst> I already said "wrong account/browser" on my LFY account
[08:34] <Loney 97> ETST
[08:34] <Alemas2005> ...why would you need two accounts?
[08:34] <Dalekst> because this was globally <span style="color:red;">block</span>ed until yesterday
[08:34] <LinkCelestrial> Now do the same the other way.
[08:34] <LinkCelestrial> Sorry, keyboard died.
[08:35] <Alemas2005> which account do you want <span style="color:red;">ban</span>ned? :P
[08:35] <Gslover1> Okay, now I have a smaller square. :P 
[08:35] <Dalekst> Neither, because neither violated the rules
[08:35] <Gslover1> Green, o/ 
[08:35] <Virtual Grue> Green o/ 
[08:35] <Greenninjasgirlfriend> HEY
[08:35] <Dalekst> *I violated the rules on neither of the accounts
[08:35] <Loney 97> *Imagines two creases crossing each other at right angles*
[08:36] <LinkCelestrial> Dang it.
[08:36] <LinkCelestrial> You're supposed to unfold it first. :p 
[08:36] <LinkCelestrial> So that you have a square with creases to give you 4 small squares. :p 
[08:36] <Greenninjasgirlfriend> BAI!
[08:36] <Greenninjasgirlfriend> :P 
[08:36] <Loney 97> Uh, okay, see you Greenie o/ 
[08:36] <Gslover1> Okay, got it.
[08:36] <Virtual Grue> Green, you leaving?
[08:37] <Virtual Grue> Apparently so/
[08:37] <Virtual Grue> *.
[08:37] <Virtual Grue> Klint, hello.
[08:37] <LinkCelestrial> Now fold it in half along one of the creases, pinch both the ends and push forward so that the middle gives out along the other crease. 
[08:37] <Klintran> -Hugs Alemas-
[08:37] <LinkCelestrial> Did that make sense? :p 
[08:37] <Klintran> I love you
[08:38] <Alemas2005> Lint, leave me alone.
[08:38] <Loney 97> Makes sense in my head.
[08:38] <Loney 97> 'Lemy, dun't <span style="color:red;">ping</span> me.
[08:38] <Klintran> Why Alemas?
[08:38] <Klintran> D:
[08:38] <Alemas2005> I don't want hugs.
[08:38] <Alemas2005> I'm a loner.
[08:38] <Alemas2005> Being alone isn't that bad anyway.
[08:39] <Klintran> -Hugs Alemas again-
[08:39] <LinkCelestrial> Being alone sucks.
[08:39] <Klintran> [[]]:D
[08:39] <Klintran> 
[08:39] <Loney 97> <span style="color:red;">Ping</span> ping ping...
[08:39] <Alemas2005> Lint, give up. :P 
[08:39] <Gslover1> *sets up a "hug free zone" sign around Ale*
[08:39] <Alemas2005> Lone...
[08:39] <Alemas2005> One thing.
[08:39] <Alemas2005> In this place, one thing you DON'T say is "Don't <span style="color:red;">ping</span> me".
[08:39] <LinkCelestrial> I'll post a tutorial on instagram one day. :p 
[08:39] <Loney 97> Yeah, I ought to have remembered that :p 
[08:39] <Gslover1> Wait, what, Alemas? 
[08:40] <LinkCelestrial> How is it going, Gs? With the square thingy. :P 
[08:40] <Loney 97> Wait Boyo, that's it?
[08:40] <Gslover1> Err, I'm not sure, Link.
[08:40] <Loney 97> Oh, okay :p 
[08:40] <LinkCelestrial> Nope. :p 
[08:40] <Gslover1> Hello, Green.
[08:40] <Greenninjasgirlfriend> :P 
[08:40] <Klintran> Alemas is my hero
[08:40] <Dalekst> alemas is a cuss word at MMC Wiki due to the images it brings up on google
[08:40] <Greenninjasgirlfriend> XD
[08:40] <LinkCelestrial> Flip it over and pinch and push again. Keep doing it till there's a small hole in the middle of the paper.
[08:40] <Alemas2005> MMC?
[08:40] <Dalekst> yes
[08:40] <Dalekst> MC
[08:41] <Dalekst> *MMC
[08:41] <Greenninjasgirlfriend> XDDDDD
[08:41] <Alemas2005> De-acronymise it, please. :P 
[08:41] <Greenninjasgirlfriend> Nope
[08:41] <Greenninjasgirlfriend> Troll
[08:41] <Greenninjasgirlfriend> :P 
[08:41] <LinkCelestrial> Munch Munch Cafe. 
[08:41] <Dalekst> it stands for MMC Wiki
[08:41] <Alemas2005> OH.
[08:41] <Alemas2005> Wait what, that topic has its own Wiki? (YS) 
[08:42] <Greenninjasgirlfriend> Is that a problem? (ys) 
[08:42] <Dalekst> the MMC wiki can be found [[w:c:mmc:Special:Chat|here]], if you were wondering
[08:43] <Klintran> Or [[Special:UserLogout|here]]
[08:43] <SP1012> o/ 
[08:43] <SP1012> (dalek) 
[08:43] <Gslover1> SP, Katu o/ 
[08:44] <LinkCelestrial> Gs, do you have a hole in it yet? :p 
[08:44] <Alemas2005> *User enters chat*
[08:44] <Gslover1> Link, are you saying I should bend the paper over and over until it is weak and creates a hole in itself? :S 
[08:44] <Alemas2005> *Immediately posts a (dalek) emote*
[08:44] <Alemas2005> *Is not impressed*
[08:44] <Greenninjasgirlfriend> :P 
[08:45] <Dalekst> alemas klint wants to talk to you at MMC Wiki
[08:45] <LinkCelestrial> If you do it right, by flip<span style="color:red;">ping</span> it over and pinching/pushing a small hole will form in the center of the paper. It adds flexibility. :P
[08:45] <Gslover1> Ire o/ 
[08:45] <Gslover1> So, it's about flexibly, Link? 
[08:45] <SP1012> :P 
[08:45] <Ireithien> I am extremely tempted to watch TWD episode 1 just to see if I'd like it before I ask my parents if I can or not. :P 
[08:45] <Ireithien> Course, I also need time to watch Sherlock. :P 
[08:45] <LinkCelestrial> A bit.
[08:45] <Klintran> Ireithien, it's awesome
[08:45] <Gslover1> Oreh o/ 
[08:46] <Klintran> I got S1 on DvD yesterday, finally. :P 
[08:46] <Ireithien> Which I am allowed to watch
[08:46] <Gslover1> Fascinating, Link.
[08:46] <Ireithien> The Walking Dead is TV-MA, right?
[08:46] <LinkCelestrial> I'm trying it on another piece of paper and you don't need too. It just makes it look cooler when you start playing with it. :p 
[08:46] <Klintran> ...TV-MA?
[08:46] <Klintran> :P 
[08:46] <Ireithien> I'm allowed to watch Sherlock because it's BBC and it's only TV-14 and it was recommended to me by one of our librarians. :P 
[08:46] <Ireithien> Yeah, like a movie rating, Klint. :P 
[08:46] <Klintran> TWD is TV-14
[08:46] <Klintran> iirc
[08:47] <Ireithien> Is it?
[08:47] <Klintran> Yeah
[08:47] <Klintran> It isn't really that bad...Lots of language and a few [[]]sexual scenes, but not many. :P 
[08:47] <Ireithien> Meh. Language I can handle. 
[08:48] <Ireithien> I play Assassin's Creed, remember? c:
[08:48] <Klintran> and a toooon of violence. :P 
[08:48] <LinkCelestrial> And gore.
[08:48] <GuacamoleCCXR> So what
[08:48] <Klintran> Not just a little
[08:48] <Ireithien> And violence is NOTHING. (sie) I don't enjoy endless and intense gore but I can put up with it. :P 
[08:48] <Agent Spy> BRB
[08:50] <Ireithien> Ok.
[08:50] <Ireithien> He's supposed to dictate a Valentine's Day card for me. :P 
[08:50] <Ireithien> To give to a special someone. <3 
[08:50] <Ireithien> :P 
[08:50] <Arya Elf> XD
[08:50] <Klintran> Back. :P 
[08:50] <Klintran> My internet went out randomly
[08:50] <LinkCelestrial> I'm a bit of a poet. I can help. :p 
[08:51] <Ireithien> Poems are overused. :P 
[08:51] <Gslover1> Ire (ss) 
[08:51] <LinkCelestrial> Roses are red, violets are VIOLET, to the depths with this poem, let's start a riot!
[08:51] <Ireithien> Nice.
[08:51] <Ireithien> :P 
[08:51] <Ireithien> The problem is, I have a very low budget. :P 
[08:51] <Ireithien> $2.
[08:51] <Ireithien> :P 
[08:51] <Arya Elf> Let's start a riot! A riot!
[08:52] <Arya Elf> Let's start a riot!
[08:52] <LinkCelestrial> Arya got it!
[08:52] <LinkCelestrial> *high five!*
[08:52] <Arya Elf> Hehe :3
[08:52] <Arya Elf> *High fives you back*
[08:52] <Ireithien> You can sing that to the tune of 'Eye of the Tiger' perfectly. :P 
[08:53] <Gslover1> Here's a gentlemanly way to say something sweet, Ire. :P 
[08:53] <Gslover1> 
[08:53] <Gslover1> “damoiselle, your tortuous mold beghasts me to perform osculation upon your labium, of course.” 
[08:53] <Ireithien> ...
[08:53] <Ireithien> That sounds... dirty.
[08:53] <Ireithien> :P 
[08:53] <Arya Elf> Very dirty.
[08:53] <SP1012> XD
[08:53] <Ireithien> "tortuous mold"
[08:53] <Ireithien> :P 
[08:53] <LinkCelestrial> STOP!
[08:53] <LinkCelestrial> There.
[08:53] <LinkCelestrial> I couldn't copy it cause chat kept moving. :P 
[08:53] <Gslover1> Ire, it's very sweet. :P 
[08:53] <Gslover1> You want a translation? :P 
[08:53] <Ireithien> "perform osculation upon your labium" o_o 
[08:53] <Ireithien> yep, sure.
[08:53] <Ireithien> :P 
[08:53] <SP1012> :p 
[08:53] <LinkCelestrial> Kiss your lips. :p 
[08:54] <Ireithien> Oh.
[08:54] <Ireithien> Awesome.
[08:54] <Ireithien> :P 
[08:54] <LinkCelestrial> Sounds like how Sheldon would hit on somebody.
[08:54] <Ireithien> But what about the tortuous mold?
[08:54] <Ireithien> :P 
[08:54] <Arya Elf> (uh) 
[08:54] <Arya Elf> Sometimes I wonder about Ire.
[08:54] <Gslover1> I just said that "your beautiful form inspires me to kiss you." (sie) 
[08:54] <Gslover1> @Ire: That part was calling her beautiful. :P 
[08:54] <LinkCelestrial> Uhm...
[08:55] <Arya Elf> I should go.
[08:55] <Arya Elf> I have no time for this madness.
[08:55] <Arya Elf> 
[08:55] <LinkCelestrial> Tortuous: full of twists and turns.
[08:55] <Ireithien> Beautiful form?
[08:55] <Ireithien> XD
[08:55] <Ireithien> Hahaha. Curvy.
[08:55] <Ireithien> :P 
[08:55] <Gslover1> Curvy, Link. (ss) 
[08:55] <Satoshi2> Per Arya... :P 
[08:55] <LinkCelestrial> Dayum. :P 
[08:55] <Ireithien> "Baby got it goin' on." to quote Suite Life
[08:55] <Ireithien> :P 
[08:55] <Gslover1> I spend way too much time thinking this out. :P 
[08:56] <Gslover1> Link, please none of that. :P 
[08:56] <Arya Elf> *Punches Gs, knocking him out, then runs out of chat*
[08:56] <Gslover1> Arya?! :P 
[08:56] <LinkCelestrial> Gs, whoever it is/will be, is a lucky gal.
[08:56] <Gslover1> Link, you jest. 
[08:56] <LinkCelestrial> No, I mean it.
[08:56] <Gslover1> Link, come on. :p 
[08:56] <LinkCelestrial> C'mon man. :P 
[08:56] <Ireithien> The girl will be a lucky gal? :P 
[08:56] <Ireithien> Yes, she will be. :P 
[08:56] <LinkCelestrial> ^^ see?
[08:57] <Ireithien> I will marry her. Not yet. But I will. (sin) 
[08:57] <Ireithien> :P 
[08:57] <Gslover1> By the way, I know how to call complement a girls beauty in four languages. :P 
[08:57] <Ireithien> I will EVENTUALLY
[08:57] <Ireithien> ;P 
[08:57] <Ireithien> * :P 
[08:57] <SP1012> :P 
[08:57] <LinkCelestrial> I meant whoever Gs gets with. :p 
[08:57] <Katuchim> *compliment
[08:57] <Ireithien> Gs is becoming a ladies man quickly. 
[08:57] <Ireithien> Oh.
[08:57] <Ireithien> :P 
[08:57] <Katuchim> Complement means something else. :P 
[08:57] <Gslover1> (smug) 
[08:57] <Ireithien> LMBW has corrupted his talents into a dark, twisted form of chivalry and love.
[08:57] <Ireithien> :P 
[08:57] <Gslover1> Ire, you're so right! (xd2) 
[08:57] <Ireithien> Oh lordy, that emote just sealed the deal. :P 
[08:57] <Ireithien> A new Gs. :P 
[08:58] <LinkCelestrial> I'm trying not to fall off my chair. XD
[08:58] <LinkCelestrial> 
[08:58] <Ireithien> Well, can't say I like him worse than his old self!
[08:58] <Ireithien> :P 
[08:58] <Ireithien> Less, I guess, would fit better. :P 
[08:58] <Ireithien> My grammar completely fell apart, there. :P 
[08:58] <LinkCelestrial> I like him worse.
[08:58] <Ireithien> I butchered the trash bags last night. :P 
[08:58] <Ireithien> They're cheap, anyhow. :P 
[08:58] <LinkCelestrial> Gs is like. Idek.
[08:58] <Gslover1> Hello, Nehpets. 
[08:59] <Ireithien> Neh. o/ Neh, I need your help to prepare for Valentine's Day. :P 
[08:59] <Nehpets700> Hey. :P 
[08:59] <Virtual Grue> Neh, my doggie boy o/ 
[08:59] <LinkCelestrial> That guy that you just know is cool, despite what anybody else might think. :p 
[08:59] <Nehpets700> Oh boy. :P 
[08:59] <LinkCelestrial> Like.
[08:59] <LinkCelestrial> That's it.
[08:59] <LinkCelestrial> Gs is classy.
[08:59] <Gslover1> Classy? 
[08:59] <Ireithien> Hopefully with the advice gathered from Rio, Gs, Boyo, and Neh, I'll be able to succeed in my Valentine endeavors. :P 
[08:59] <Gslover1> :| 
[08:59] <Virtual Grue> Oh wow. I come back from gallivanting in other places, and this is what I find. :/ 
[08:59] <Virtual Grue> :P 
[08:59] <Gslover1> Yes, Ire. 
[08:59] <Nehpets700> I drew a valentines day comic for pokemon once. :P 
[09:00] <Ireithien> Oh, I just had a sudden epiphany about what Gs' name means after reading a facebook post.
[09:00] <LinkCelestrial> Classy is like the gentleman's version of cool.
[09:00] <Gslover1> Oooh, really, Ire? :P 
[09:00] <Ireithien> Gs = GS. GS = Girl Scout. 
[09:00] <Nehpets700> With my sucky drawing skills but... (uh)
[09:00] <Nehpets700> :P 
[09:00] <Ireithien> Girl Scout Lover.
[09:00] <Ireithien> Gs loves Girl Scouts. :P 
[09:00] <Gslover1> Yes, Link I am aware of the definition of classy. :p 
[09:00] <Gslover1> @Ire: (xd2) 
[09:00] <LinkCelestrial> And you live it. :P 
[09:00] <Nehpets700> Don't ask what happened to the arms in the last panel. :P 
[09:00] <Gslover1> What a revelation, Ire. :P 
[09:01] <Ireithien> What happened to the arms in the last panel?
[09:01] <LinkCelestrial> pokemon = dates.
[09:01] <Ireithien> #rebellion
[09:01] <LinkCelestrial> Have you seen the RC foils?
[09:01] <LinkCelestrial> Stunfish specifically. 
[09:01] <Nehpets700> Exaccle, Link! :3 :P 
[09:01] <Gslover1> *Is tempted to ask about the arms, doesn't*
[09:01] <Nehpets700> :| 
[09:02] <Ireithien> I'll be sure to give her a shiny Pokemon. :P 
[09:02] <LinkCelestrial> If that won't get dates, IDK what will.
[09:02] <Gslover1> You could give her flowers. 
[09:02] <LinkCelestrial> I actually gave somebody one. xD
[09:02] <Nehpets700> Link, Lawl. (XP) 
[09:02] <Ireithien> Well, I have a budget of approximately $2.04. :P 
[09:02] <LinkCelestrial> And have a spare that I'm saving for..something. :P 
[09:02] <LinkCelestrial> I think that card is worth 49c Ire.
[09:02] <Gslover1> Or better yet, give those type of carnations that absorb colored water. (sie) 
[09:02] <LinkCelestrial> You could get it. :p 
[09:03] <Ireithien> Nah, she doesn't like Pokemon. :P 
[09:03] <Nehpets700> :O 
[09:03] <Ireithien> She pretty much likes girly stuff.
[09:03] <Ireithien> Ikr Neh? Sacrilege. 
[09:03] <Gslover1> Or you could write a short love poem upon the petals of a white rose. 
[09:03] <Gslover1> Do that.
[09:03] <Nehpets700> Why are you in to this girl?? (ABE) 
[09:03] <Nehpets700> :P 
[09:03] <Indigo~> Hello!
[09:03] <Gslover1> Hello, Indigo. o/ 
[09:03] <LinkCelestrial> Ire. 
[09:03] <Agent Spy> o/ 
[09:03] <LinkCelestrial> Dump her she's not worth it.
[09:03] <Ireithien> The worst bit is that she likes a One Direction song. :P 
[09:03] <Nehpets700> Even if she's really hot, it only goes so far. :P 
[09:03] <Indigo~> My new avatar iz my kitteh, Panther. He iz so funneh :3
[09:03] <Ireithien> But it can be forgiven because she is pretty hot and she likes Star Wars and LOTR.
[09:03] <Ireithien> :P 
[09:04] <Gslover1> Panther, very good.
[09:04] <Ireithien> I can overlook not being interested in Pokemon and liking a 1D song if she likes Tolkien. :P 
[09:04] <LinkCelestrial> Kitteh. :3
[09:04] <Nehpets700> Who daheq likes Star Wars and LotR but not Pokemanz? :P 
[09:04] <Ireithien> Her.
[09:04] <Ireithien> :P 
[09:04] <Nehpets700> (YDS) 
[09:04] <Ireithien> She is a Tolkien fangirl. :P 
[09:04] <Virtual Grue> I gonna going gone farewell I go bye bye now. (gaH) 
[09:04] <Klintran> Ireithein, please change your makes me sick looking at it
[09:04] <Klintran> (RE) 
[09:04] <Gslover1> Farewell, Grue. 
[09:05] <Nehpets700> What about mine, Klin?
[09:05] <Klintran> It's pretty cute
[09:05] <Klintran> :3
[09:05] <Nehpets700> .....
[09:05] <Nehpets700> Okay.
[09:05] <Nehpets700> :P 
[09:05] <Ireithien> Oh cool Sherman invited me to a debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. :P 
[09:05] <Katuchim> Marus is Daddy.
[09:05] <Ireithien> I might try to attend. :P 
[09:06] <Ireithien> Aravis
[09:06] <Ireithien> No (xd) 
[09:06] <LinkCelestrial> I'm going to attend.
[09:06] <Ireithien> Remember, I am Marus?
[09:06] <Ireithien> :P 
[09:06] <Katuchim> No, it's Dad.
[09:06] <Ireithien> What a last name Ken has... Ham.
[09:06] <Ireithien> :P 
[09:06] <Ireithien> HAM.
[09:06] <Ireithien> :P 
[09:06] <Ireithien> WOULDN'T YOU LOVE TO BE NAMED HAM?
[09:06] <Ireithien> :P 
[09:06] <LinkCelestrial> Have you seen his petrified ham? :P 
[09:07] <Ireithien> No. :P 
[09:07] <LinkCelestrial> He jokes about how he's not related to it. :P 
[09:08] <Indigo~> ;P 
[09:08] <Indigo~> :P *
[09:08] <Indigo~> Dan, <span style="color:red;">ping</span>
[09:08] <Leinad849> wat
[09:08] <Leinad849> oh
[09:08] <Leinad849> hey
[09:08] <Leinad849> o\ 
[09:08] <Indigo~> Finally! :p 
[09:09] <Indigo~> I should've thought of <span style="color:red;">ping</span>ing you in the first place. :p
[09:09] <Indigo~> PM. :p 
[09:09] <Gslover1> That's is what <span style="color:red;">ping</span>s are for, yes.
[09:09] <Indigo~> Saddlemud o/ 
[09:09] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hello
[09:10] <LinkCelestrial> Satl! o\ 
[09:11] <Ireithien> Hey Marus. :P 
[09:11] <Gslover1> Satl, Loney. Salutations. 
[09:11] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Loney is Marus? :P 
[09:11] <Loney 97> Why hello there, Jedil :p 
[09:11] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Not big surprise :{P 
[09:11] <Ireithien> Evidently. :P 
[09:11] <Ireithien> Now I feel like an idiot for not realizing it. :P 
[09:12] <Ireithien> It was so painfully obvious. :P 
[09:12] <LinkCelestrial> Pain.
[09:12] <Loney 97> It was? :p 
[09:12] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hey, Arya.
[09:12] <LinkCelestrial> Without love. 
[09:12] <Arya Elf> Pain.
[09:12] <LinkCelestrial> My shoulders hate me.
[09:12] <Arya Elf> Can't get enough.
[09:12] <LinkCelestrial> Pain, I like it rough.
[09:12] <Arya Elf> Cuz I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all.
[09:12] <Loney 97> Got some TDG fans in the house.
[09:12] <Ireithien> What I liked the most was your "I am your father" line, loney. :P 
[09:12] <Arya Elf> ...Yes (lol) 
[09:13] <LinkCelestrial> Chyea. :p 
[09:13] <Ireithien> That was... genius. :P 
[09:13] <Loney 97> Heheh, that was fun :p 
[09:13] <Ireithien> Truly. :P 
[09:13] <Arya Elf> *Brofists Boyo and flashes a grin at Daddy*
[09:13] <LinkCelestrial> *Brofist returned*
[09:14] <Loney 97> *Smiles*
[09:14] <Nehpets700> Back
[09:14] <Roseann Shadowflame> since when
[09:14] <Roseann Shadowflame> sorry
[09:14] <Roseann Shadowflame> having a mn- NEHP
[09:14] <Roseann Shadowflame> YO AVVIE
[09:14] <Nehpets700> Since now, Rose. :P 
[09:14] <Roseann Shadowflame> WAI
[09:14] <Nehpets700> I was forced. :c
[09:14] <Roseann Shadowflame> BY WHO :p 
[09:15] <Roseann Shadowflame> WHAT IS IT WITH YOU PEOPLE AND JUSTIN BIEBER :p 
[09:15] <Nehpets700> *Cries*
[09:15] <Roseann Shadowflame> You know, I think we should all change our avvies to Justin bIEBER TO SHOW OUR SUPPORT (cross) 
[09:15] <Roseann Shadowflame> :p 
[09:15] <LinkCelestrial> Now I remember why I don't watch Cage The Elephant music videos.
[09:15] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I love how he got arrested.
[09:15] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> That was epic. :D 
[09:15] <LinkCelestrial> *slaps Rose*
[09:15] <LinkCelestrial> No.
[09:15] <Roseann Shadowflame> THRANDUIL DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THAT YOU JERK *Tackles*
[09:15] <LinkCelestrial> Pull yourself together.
[09:15] <Roseann Shadowflame> Sorry, having a moment. :{P 
[09:15] <Nehpets700> You can't slap a girl! D:
[09:16] <Indigo~> I am currently imagining how those fangirls are reacting. :P 
[09:16] <Klintran> -Slaps Nehpets=
[09:16] <Ireithien> Yeah man. 
[09:16] <Ireithien> :P 
[09:16] <Klintran> i jsu ded
[09:16] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Yes, Indi. XD
[09:16] <Ireithien> Klint don't slap girls
[09:16] <Klintran> sc3w u
[09:16] <Indigo~> Crying into their pillows..."BIEBER GOT TOOK TO JA-A-AAAAAIIIL"
[09:16] <Indigo~> lol
[09:16] <Nehpets700> Klint, why did I totally see that coming? :P 
[09:16] <Ireithien> hey, do any of you guys remember... <span style="color:red;">Block</span>buster?
[09:16] <LinkCelestrial> I do.
[09:16] <Agent Spy> Yes, Ire
[09:16] <Ireithien> I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't, it's pretty much ancient history.
[09:16] <Ireithien> By now.
[09:17] <LinkCelestrial> VHQ though. That's what was close to our house.
[09:17] <Indigo~> <span style="color:red;">Block</span>buster? Why does that sound familiar?
[09:17] <Indigo~> :p 
[09:17] <Arya Elf> Heh heh...
[09:17] <Ireithien> It was like, the Netflix of six or seven years ago.
[09:17] <Ireithien> :P 
[09:17] <Gslover1> I remember <span style="color:red;">block</span>buster. 
[09:17] <LinkCelestrial> You would go to the store, and rent the movies. :P 
[09:17] <Indigo~> OH!
[09:17] <LinkCelestrial> Anybody remember VHQ though? :p 
[09:17] <Indigo~> I went there all the time with my mum and my brother when I was little!
[09:18] <Marcel77799> o/ 
[09:18] <Gslover1> Welcome, Katu.
[09:18] <Ireithien> *represses urge to say something about Linkuchim* 
[09:18] <Ireithien> I feel like roleplaying. :P 
[09:18] <LinkCelestrial> Me too. :3
[09:18] <Ireithien> Anyone wanna make a serious roleplay in this wiki's forums and try to revive that place?
[09:19] <Ireithien> It was fun, until it became <span style="color:red;">spam</span>my and lame. :P
[09:19] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Nah.
[09:19] <Ireithien> If we use another wiki it always becomes inactive.
[09:19] <Agent Spy> Sure, Ire
[09:19] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :P 
[09:19] <Katuchim> The forums are stupid, TBH. 
[09:19] <Katuchim> :P 
[09:19] <Ireithien> It's a forum about a wiki about some forums about toys.
[09:19] <Ireithien> :P 
[09:19] <Gslover1> Roleplaying? That sounds exciting, although my time here is quickly reaching it's end. 
[09:20] <Ireithien> Ok, let's do it. :P 
[09:20] <Ireithien> wait
[09:20] <LinkCelestrial> I have an RP wiki that i'm working on. :{P 
[09:20] <Ireithien> Instead of HQs, we could make one of those threads like in the HF RP on the boards - a serious RP area. :P 
[09:20] <Ireithien> OR
[09:20] <Ireithien> Better yet, a subforum.
[09:20] <Ireithien> With stricter R<span style="color:red;">Ping</span> rules. :P
[09:20] <Marcel77799> BBS
[09:21] <Ireithien> As a patroller I might be able to make one... maybe not though
[09:21] <Ireithien> Let me check.
[09:21] <Gslover1> I dunno, roleplaying with you people seems..... Disastrous . 
[09:21] <LinkCelestrial> Ire, my dear. :P 
[09:21] <Ireithien> Yes? :P 
[09:21] <LinkCelestrial> My structured RP wiki needs help. :P 
[09:21] <Ireithien> Well, let's get started. :P 
[09:21] <Loney 97> Gs, it's actually really fun, depending on who you do it with.
[09:22] <Ireithien> The real problem is creating a roleplay that gets enough people and yet staying within boundaries.
[09:22] <Gslover1> I'll find out soon enough, Loney. 
[09:22] <LinkCelestrial> My GM style RPs of old were decent. :P 
[09:22] <Ireithien> Like, genre, that sort of thing.
[09:22] <Loney 97> Boyo is awesome to RP with.
[09:22] <LinkCelestrial> (BF) 
[09:22] <Ireithien> Yep, those were fun, although time-consuming
[09:22] <Ireithien> Yep Loney
[09:22] <Loney 97> Dungeon Crawl (bf) 
[09:22] <Katuchim> Hey, <span style="color:red;">Spy</span>, are you here?
[09:22] <Ireithien> Well we can use your wiki, Boyo. :P 
[09:22] <Loney 97> Haven't done that in a long time.
[09:23] <Ireithien> I don't really care what sort of roleplay we do, I'm just in teh mood for one.
[09:23] <Indigo~> :P 
[09:23] <Ireithien> Preferably one, however, that does not require everyone to be active in a chat at the same time
[09:23] <Ireithien> That rarely works.
[09:23] <LinkCelestrial> Okay.
[09:23] <LinkCelestrial> We can do a GM style one or I can try to throw together the RP 2.0 system thingy. :P 
[09:24] <Ireithien> Wouldn't a GM one need to be "live"?
[09:24] <LinkCelestrial> Kinda. Turn order kills it a bit.
[09:24] <Roseann Shadowflame> I WANT TO HUG KEMME
[09:24] <Roseann Shadowflame> *glomps Kemme*
[09:25] <Roseann Shadowflame> KEMME YOU ADORABLE (sie) 
[09:25] <Roseann Shadowflame> I LOVE YOUUUU (sie) 
[09:25] <Roseann Shadowflame> YOU'RE JUST SO DANG CUTE (Sie) 
[09:25] <Gslover1> And now it is my time to leave. Goodbye everyone, see you all at another time. o/ 
[09:25] <Arya Elf> Test
[09:25] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Bye, Gs.
[09:25] <Ireithien> yeah Boyo
[09:25] <Ireithien> It just kinda moves really slowly and isn't flexible.
[09:26] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I would like to protest against the use of the term commonly known as "glomp."
[09:26] <Ireithien> I say we do a zombie apocalypse, maybe semi-GM style if we can do it, that isn't live. :P 
[09:26] <Katuchim> Bye Gs o/ 
[09:26] <Ireithien> *glomps Satl*
[09:26] <Ireithien> :P 
[09:26] <Roseann Shadowflame> This song.. is so pretty (sie) 
[09:26] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> That just sounds... wrong, Ire. :P 
[09:26] <Roseann Shadowflame> i want to glomp kemme
[09:26] <Roseann Shadowflame> I LOVE HIIIIIM
[09:26] <Roseann Shadowflame> It means a tackle hug, Satl... :P 
[09:26] <Klintran> glomps self
[09:26] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> IK :P 
[09:27] <LinkCelestrial> Ire, how much time do you have? :P 
[09:27] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> But it still sounds wrong... :P 
[09:27] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> "GLOMP GLOMP GLOMP" (SS) 
[09:27] <TwistedAlpha>
[09:28] <Ireithien> Boyo
[09:28] <Nehpets700> Hey, who here watched Forster's Home for Imaginary Friends? :P 
[09:28] <Katuchim> Salutations, Marcel o/ 
[09:28] <SP1012> :P 
[09:28] <Ireithien> Time? Practically unlimited at this point.
[09:28] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I know what it "means," thank you, BM. :P 
[09:28] <Ireithien> I'm open for anything. :P 
[09:28] <TwistedAlpha> :P 
[09:28] <Nehpets700> Cause... this is the saddest conspiracy theory I've ever seen for the show. :c
[09:28] <LinkCelestrial> Lemme look...
[09:28] <Marcel77799> o/ 
[09:29] <Marcel77799> :P 
[09:29] <Klintran> ughghghg feb 9 come sooner
[09:29] <Klintran> pleaaaseeee
[09:30] <Marcel77799> Why?
[09:30] <Klintran> TWD resume
[09:30] <Klintran> hi meiko
[09:30] <LinkCelestrial> YES!
[09:30] <LinkCelestrial> Feb 9th. (SIE) 
[09:31] <Marcel77799> Hmm ok
[09:31] <Ireithien> Anyone wanna see my extremely juvenile science book answers from a long time ago?
[09:31] <Ireithien> :P 
[09:31] <Klintran> but alas, it's taking too long!
[09:31] <Marcel77799> Lucky you Americans...
[09:31] <TwistedAlpha> What about Feb 8th...?
[09:31] <Loney 97> Sure Jedil :p 
[09:31] <LinkCelestrial> AFM.
[09:32] <Marcel77799> We'll have to wait for ages here...
[09:32] <Arya Elf> BRB
[09:32] <Ireithien> Surpasses character limit. :P 
[09:32] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> This lag...
[09:33] <Ireithien> 1.1	They were not trying to find out why their methods worked, only using the methods to treat their patients. 
[09:33] <Ireithien> 
[09:33] <Ireithien> 1.2	Cork, vegetable oil, ice cube, water, grape, syrup, rock.
[09:33] <Ireithien> 
[09:33] <Ireithien> 1.3	The atoms in an ice cube move slower than the atoms in a glass of water.
[09:33] <Ireithien> 
[09:33] <Ireithien> 1.4	You should tell your friend the story of Aristotle and spontaneous generation: even though Aristotle was a brilliant thinker, he was wrong. We should make scientific observations based on data collected, not people.
[09:33] <Ireithien> 
[09:33] <Ireithien> 1.5	The story of the Ptolemaic system is a good example.
[09:33] <Ireithien> 
[09:33] <Ireithien> 1.6	Because there are very few people who are interested in science, it will not grow very quickly and will not make as many advancements as fast.
[09:33] <Ireithien> 
[09:33] <Ireithien> 1.7	Because he essentially invented the modern scientific method.
[09:33] <Ireithien> 
[09:33] <Ireithien> 1.8	There isn’t really a right or wrong answer here – I think he made a good choice in recanting his scientific belief in order to remain a part of his church.
[09:33] <Ireithien> There. :P 
[09:33] <Ireithien> I had to cut out the last two questions. :P 
[09:33] <Ireithien> See how juvenile they are. :P 
[09:33] <Ireithien> I should edit them and make them sound better now that I have more knowledge
[09:33] <Ireithien> :P 
[09:33] <Loney 97> Hey Kep o/ 
[09:34] <Keplers> Taking off my tie and all that.
[09:34] <Keplers> AFK.
[09:34] <Ireithien> "1.7	Because he essentially invented the modern scientific method. "
[09:34] <Nehpets700> I like this ending. :3 
[09:34] <Nehpets700> Who the heck hops on chat and immediately goes AFK???
[09:34] <Keplers> The ones that need to take off ties.
[09:34] <Nehpets700>
[09:34] <Nehpets700> Fine. :| 
[09:34] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Keplers, duh.
[09:35] <Arya Elf> Back.
[09:35] <Arya Elf> KEP!
[09:35] <Marcel77799> WB
[09:35] <Ireithien> Neh 
[09:35] <Ireithien> What the
[09:35] <Ireithien> :P 
[09:35] <TwistedAlpha> :P 
[09:36] <Ireithien> LINKCELESTRIAL <span style="color:red;">PING</span>
[09:37] <Keplers> Critical Hit List (extermination-fit only): Klintran and Butch
[09:37] <LinkCelestrial> Yes? :p 
[09:38] <Klintran> meiko we are united because keps wants to kill us
[09:38] <Klintran> wanna gang up on him and brutally murder 'em?
[09:38] <Ireithien> Um well
[09:38] <Ireithien> what sort of "time period" or type is this RP?
[09:38] <Ireithien> I kinda need some context to make my character. :P 
[09:39] <LinkCelestrial> I'm thinking semi-futuristic, magic allowed.
[09:39] <Ireithien> Ok
[09:39] <Ireithien> So almost dystopian, but not really?
[09:39] <Ireithien> Dystopian/sci-fi/fantasy?
[09:39] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Dystopian is rather predicable. :P 
[09:39] <Katuchim> Magic ruins everything. :P 
[09:39] <LinkCelestrial> Fantasy. 
[09:39] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Just felt like pointing that out. :P 
[09:39] <Ireithien> Dystopian is awesome. Like, my favorite genre. :P 
[09:39] <Katuchim> It's fake and stupid. :P 
[09:39] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Well, Aravis, some MINOR magic can be OK.
[09:40] <TwistedAlpha> Magic's awesome, Twin. :P 
[09:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> No "FIRE SPELL OF MIGHT," as that is terrible.
[09:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Dystopian is overdone, Ire. :P 
[09:40] <LinkCelestrial> Satl, you might want to help with the rules. They're super rough and untested. :P 
[09:40] <Arya Elf> Magic ruins everything?
[09:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> You all doing a roleplay?
[09:40] <Arya Elf> Try telling that to Hov (Lol) 
[09:40] <LinkCelestrial> All the lore needs to be figured out.
[09:40] <Katuchim> It's unpredictable and unfair.
[09:41] <TwistedAlpha> Depending on how it's executed, Twin,
[09:41] <LinkCelestrial> Hence the long list of rules, Aravis. :p 
[09:41] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I rather think that "false utopian" societies are far superior to utopias.
[09:41] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> *Dystopias
[09:41] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> XD
[09:41] <Ireithien> :P 
[09:42] <Arya Elf> BRB
[09:42] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> If you want my advice, minor magic, such as a minor spell to heal wounds, or to light a building, would be OK.
[09:42] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> A mighty water spell to quench demons? Eh, I would not be a fan. :P 
[09:42] <LinkCelestrial> Agreed.
[09:42] <Roseann Shadowflame> Is it bad that when someone's tooth gets pulled and the kid sounds sad I'm like "Whatever, we all have to do it"? ._.
[09:42] <LinkCelestrial> There will be "preset" spells for each character and they can freeform within reason.
[09:42] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Ah.
[09:42] <Katuchim> Good for you Rose
[09:42] <Arya Elf> Actually, AFK for a while
[09:43] <Ireithien> Alrighty well, since we have magic, I have to be a mage. :P 
[09:43] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Who is participating in this RP?
[09:43] <Roseann Shadowflame> EVERYONE START TALKING
[09:43] <Roseann Shadowflame> HEH
[09:43] <Keplers> Was yours Rose?
[09:43] <Keplers> Uughhh
[09:43] <Katuchim> All kids need that sense beat into the,
[09:43] <Roseann Shadowflame> Eh? Was my what? :p 
[09:43] <Katuchim> *them
[09:43] <Ireithien> And since we're semi-futuristic, I'm going to have a trenchcoat and fedora fyi
[09:43] <Keplers> Lol
[09:43] <Keplers> What is this?
[09:43] <Roseann Shadowflame> Yeah, I was just like "Im coo wif dis" :P 
[09:43] <LinkCelestrial> RP 2.0 wiki, keps. :p 
[09:43] <Keplers> Long coats are MY thing. :| 
[09:43] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Ire, Boyo. Who is participating in this RP?
[09:43] <Keplers> And mine alien. :| 
[09:43] <Ireithien> Let's see... Age... hmm..
[09:43] <Keplers> *alone
[09:43] <LinkCelestrial> ATM us. :p 
[09:43] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Willing to take on one more member?
[09:43] <Ireithien> Teenager or young adult?
[09:44] <LinkCelestrial> Sure.
[09:44] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> All right.
[09:44] <Ireithien> Is this teens or adults here, Boyo? :P 
[09:44] <Katuchim> 4 year olds
[09:44] <Katuchim> :P 
[09:44] <LinkCelestrial> Idk. :p 
[09:44] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> And, what weapons besides minor magic would be allowed? That is another important question.
[09:44] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> XD
[09:44] <Katuchim> That would actually be cool.
[09:44] <Ireithien> I'll make him an adult, 23 years of age. :P 
[09:44] <LinkCelestrial> I'm either using LinkCelestrial who's 305 but looks 16. :p 
[09:44] <Keplers> Guns, swords, etc.
[09:44] <LinkCelestrial> Or somebody else.
[09:44] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> All right.
[09:44] <Roseann Shadowflame> "Hoho, yeah, Glutouness, right, I HAVEN'T EATEN IN A WEEK" Oh, I love that character
[09:45] <Katuchim> Plastic explosive
[09:45] <LinkCelestrial> Satl, nothing OP. The rule is if you can explain how it works and get it approved, you're in. :p 
[09:45] <Roseann Shadowflame> I HATE MY SPELLING THOUGH
[09:45] <Roseann Shadowflame> GAH
[09:45] <Roseann Shadowflame> THAT WAS HORRIBLE
[09:45] <Roseann Shadowflame> :p 
[09:45] <Loney 97> I used to always RP as Pika chu with a bow and arrows...
[09:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Could I be an assassin for hire? :{P 
[09:45] <Loney 97> *Pikachu
[09:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I always liked assassins and mercenaries. :P 
[09:45] <LinkCelestrial> Yes.
[09:45] <Katuchim> I drew a picture of a Pikachu ponie once
[09:45] <Katuchim> I should find it
[09:45] <LinkCelestrial> Pikachu with bows and arrows was awesome. :p 
[09:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> To be fair, I suppose I will be a klutzy one.
[09:45] <Ireithien> I'll make him a homeschooled student who excelled so quickly that he had a doctorate in something like mechanical science by the time he was 16. :
[09:45] <Ireithien> * :P 
[09:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Less stealthy. :P 
[09:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> XD
[09:45] <Katuchim> Dr. Sadie the Stupid :P 
[09:46] <LinkCelestrial> xD
[09:46] <Loney 97> If I RPed with you guys, would it be possible for me to be an animal? :p 
[09:46] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> ....... :P 
[09:46] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Thanks, Aravis. (BH) 
[09:46] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> That really hurt. (BH) 
[09:46] <Loney 97> Ergo Pikachu.
[09:46] <TwistedAlpha> Oh, does that mean he kills people who disagree with his religious views, Ire? :P 
[09:46] <Indigo~> GTG
[09:46] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> OK, not really. :P 
[09:46] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Bye, Indi. :P 
[09:46] <Nehpets700> Rose, PM. :P 
[09:46] <Katuchim> You SAID you didn't mind your personality
[09:46] <LinkCelestrial> Yes, Loney. :p 
[09:46] <Roseann Shadowflame> "What, are you givingbirth or something? Shut up, I don't wanna hear it." ...I change that, i really love her. :p 
[09:46] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I don't. :P 
[09:47] <Ireithien> Then he went to work for a top-secret agency. :P 
[09:47] <Ireithien> I guess, BM. (yes) 
[09:47] <Loney 97> Poor kid, Rose, go give her a glomp for me :P 
[09:47] <Keplers> I wanna join this RP. :P 
[09:47] <LinkCelestrial> Keps, you know where it is. :p 
[09:47] <Loney 97> No, actually, a glump.
[09:47] <LinkCelestrial> I think we should just playtest this all and work it out from there. :p 
[09:48] <Katuchim> Madeline o/ 
[09:48] <Ireithien> This guy will be a meld of the Doctor, Sherlock Holmes, and James Bond.
[09:48] <Ireithien> My three favorite people. :P 
[09:48] <Loney 97> Hey MADD o/ 
[09:48] <LinkCelestrial> xD
[09:48] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> That's pretty cool. :P 
[09:48] <Loney 97> Sounds a little OP to me already :p 
[09:49] <Katuchim> Not as OP as Alex Rider
[09:49] <Katuchim> :P 
[09:49] <Ireithien> Upon getting his doctorate he was contacted and selected by some agency to work for them when he turned 17.
[09:49] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I am rather thinking of my character - A rather klutzy fellow, but wielding a blade that can emit an electric shock. Would that be OP?
[09:49] <Ireithien> At some point he was captured by another group and given secret mental conditioning 
[09:49] <TwistedAlpha> "some agency"
[09:49] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> NSA
[09:49] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :P 
[09:49] <Katuchim> SCORPIA
[09:49] <LinkCelestrial> Nope. 
[09:49] <LinkCelestrial> @Satl.
[09:49] <Katuchim> The world must be overtaken by Alex Rider canon :P 
[09:50] <LinkCelestrial> I'm probably using a bladecharge so... :p 
[09:50] <Ireithien> An overriding directive to assassinate some key, influential character of some sort is placed within him, buried deep and hidden. :P 
[09:50] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> You can use my weapon, Ire. :{P 
[09:50] <Ireithien> He continues to work for the agency after "esca<span style="color:red;">ping</span>" from the enemy
[09:50] <Ireithien> There he helps them develop, of COURSE, primitive time travel technology (no TARDISes though!).
[09:51] <Katuchim> :3
[09:51] <LinkCelestrial> I don't like time travel. :P 
[09:51] <LinkCelestrial> Teleporting is okay in moderation, though. :p 
[09:51] <Ireithien> fine, teleportation. :P 
[09:51] <Loney 97> Kewl Aravis. :p 
[09:51] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Time Travel is a little... :P 
[09:51] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Yeah. :P 
[09:51] <Ireithien> He becomes disillusioned with his agency after learning that they are funding a terrorist group 
[09:51] <Klintran> Ire is a horrid RPer, Boyo
[09:52] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Er, Boyo?
[09:52] <Klintran> don't listen to him
[09:52] <Klintran> :P 
[09:52] <Katuchim> That's all of them except Russian Roulette.
[09:52] <Katuchim> Which I must have
[09:52] <LinkCelestrial> Yes, Satl? :p 
[09:52] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Could I add "Stun" to Status Effects on the rules?
[09:52] <Katuchim> I'll probably buy it on Amazon.
[09:52] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> For weapons such as my electric shock blade?
[09:52] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Or perhaps one of you could do it better than I. :P 
[09:52] <Ireithien> Taking his tech, which includes several cool <span style="color:red;">spy</span> gadgets :P and maybe some like, cybernetic implants (not OP though) he leaves. He travels the world. :P
[09:52] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Cybernetic implants? Much better than Google Glass. :P 
[09:53] <Loney 97> Just noticed BMs edit to MARUS's page :p 
[09:53] <LinkCelestrial> I don't have status effects for stun/paralyze/frozen yet. As in other games they get really annoying. :p 
[09:53] <TwistedAlpha> :3
[09:53] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> All right.
[09:53] <LinkCelestrial> Maybe it could be knockdown for now?
[09:53] <Ireithien> At some point he learns his inherent ability to control fire/lightning/water/someothersortofmagic and sets off on a quest to redeem the world or something.
[09:53] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> That would be fine.
[09:53] <Ireithien> Sound good?
[09:53] <Roseann Shadowflame> n
[09:53] <Roseann Shadowflame> Sorry.
[09:53] <Ireithien> Too dramatic?
[09:53] <Ireithien> Too many abilities?
[09:53] <Katuchim> Dad, the one thing on that page that sounded like you was the last line.
[09:53] <Roseann Shadowflame> Dropped apiece of chicken on the keyboard. :{P 
[09:53] <Roseann Shadowflame> :p 
[09:53] <Marcel77799> xD
[09:53] <LinkCelestrial> Keep it to one or two types.
[09:54] <Loney 97> That's exactly what Melt said, Aravis :p 
[09:54] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Assassins just aren't... Well, fighters really. More folks who perform sneak attacks.
[09:54] <Ireithien> "types"? :P 
[09:54] <LinkCelestrial> And remember your freeforming skill, and that you're probably going to buy alot of perks. :p 
[09:54] <LinkCelestrial> For the magics. :p 
[09:54] <Ireithien> Well yes
[09:54] <Katuchim> Uncle Melt knew all along?
[09:54] <Ireithien> I'm sticking with one.
[09:54] <Ireithien> And maybe a few tiny other spells. :P 
[09:54] <Loney 97> Not all along, about halfway through he found out.
[09:54] <Ireithien> As for gadgets, they will be limited and the implants are relatively unimportant, just depth. :P 
[09:55] <Ireithien> I think it's cool. :P 
[09:55] <Katuchim> Oh, okay.
[09:55] <LinkCelestrial> Implants should be bought as a perk to allow superhuman feats. 
[09:55] <Katuchim> When you started the messages?
[09:55] <Ireithien> Okay then
[09:55] <Ireithien> But it has to fit into the story. :P 
[09:55] <Ireithien> Can he start with some tools and his magic, though? (at a low skill of course)
[09:55] <LinkCelestrial> I mean bought with your 10 point pool. 
[09:55] <LinkCelestrial> Sounds good.
[09:55] <Ireithien> Oh
[09:55] <Ireithien> Then that's fine
[09:55] <Loney 97> Somewhere around there.
[09:55] <LinkCelestrial> I need guidelines for weapons. :p 
[09:56] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Are we all humans? :P 
[09:56] <Ireithien> Teleportation will be a gained thing too, probably. :P 
[09:56] <Ireithien> I'm human. :P 
[09:56] <LinkCelestrial> I'm human. 
[09:56] <LinkCelestrial> Unless I change to my half demon.
[09:56] <LinkCelestrial> Or a key. :3
[09:56] <Ireithien> This is turning out to be a really cool RP. Perks and stats and all that. Very nicely done.
[09:56] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Teleportation would be an ability only available for magic users, correct? :P 
[09:56] <LinkCelestrial> I've changed my mind to the Kaze clan Key.
[09:56] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> So, my assassin could not learn it? :P 
[09:56] <LinkCelestrial> Yep.
[09:57] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Darn. :P 
[09:57] <Ireithien> Now on to fleshing out him... name, family, where he lived, details like that.
[09:57] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> It was worth a check. :P 
[09:57] <LinkCelestrial> Unless you can imagine a teleportation device. :P 
[09:57] <Ireithien> Name is always the hardest 
[09:57] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I don't want my character to be too OP, so I guess no. :P 
[09:57] <LinkCelestrial> Rick Kaze. :P 
[09:57] <LinkCelestrial> Okay. :p 
[09:57] <Ireithien> Any advice to help with name?
[09:57] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Google
[09:58] <Klintran> My character is 667 years old and he's invincible
[09:58] <Klintran> his name is Joint
[09:58] <Dr. Satl, M.D.>
[09:58] <Ireithien> Needs to not sound overly exotic... he wasn't born part of a mage order or anything.
[09:58] <TwistedAlpha> My character is 668 years old and he's extremely vulnerable
[09:58] <LinkCelestrial> Klint, get out. :p 
[09:58] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> er
[09:58] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I guess not
[09:58] <TwistedAlpha> His name is killmepls
[09:58] <Ireithien> Quirinus... awesome surname. :P 
[09:58] <Roseann Shadowflame> Mephisto Jackson.
[09:59] <Ireithien> Now I just need a first name.
[09:59] <TwistedAlpha> Qiunirus.
[09:59] <Roseann Shadowflame> Mephisto.
[09:59] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Rinion Isurlis. That is my name.
[09:59] <Ireithien> Jackson can be his middle name. :P 
[09:59] <Roseann Shadowflame> VANCE FAUXHALL. No.
[09:59] <Roseann Shadowflame> NO BODY is more epic than him
[09:59] <Roseann Shadowflame> *Nobody
[10:00] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> My character has no middle name. (ninja) 
[10:00] <Ireithien> I like Luke, but it doesn't flow well with Quirinus. :P 
[10:00] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Uh. No. :P 
[10:00] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> That would be terrible. :P 
[10:00] <Ireithien> Lance Quirinus sounds kind of cool. :P 
[10:00] <Arya Elf> Back.
[10:00] <Roseann Shadowflame> WAIT NO
[10:00] <Roseann Shadowflame> IRE
[10:00] <Roseann Shadowflame> QAPLA
[10:00] <Roseann Shadowflame> anD HEY
[10:00] <Ireithien> No.
[10:00] <Roseann Shadowflame> HEY
[10:00] <Katuchim> It's "Vauxhall", Rose
[10:00] <Katuchim> :P 
[10:00] <Roseann Shadowflame> You can't use Vance. Lance is fine. Not Vance. :{P 
[10:00] <Roseann Shadowflame> I CLAIMED VANCE
[10:00] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Rinion Seldon or Rinion Isurlis?
[10:01] <Roseann Shadowflame> You also cannoT use MATHIAS
[10:01] <Roseann Shadowflame> YOU CANNOT USE MATHIAS, IRE
[10:01] <Keplers> Wha
[10:01] <Roseann Shadowflame> DO NOT EVEN PRETEND YOU CAN USE MATHIAS :p 
[10:01] <Keplers> What.
[10:01] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> The first is a reference to my favorite book. :P 
[10:01] <Ireithien> Alvar Quirinus. That sounds sort of cool. :P 
[10:01] <Keplers> Oh yeah.
[10:01] <LinkCelestrial> How could my character hold a lot of water? :p 
[10:01] <Roseann Shadowflame> No
[10:01] <Roseann Shadowflame> ALVAR IS TOO CLOSE TO ALVA :p 
[10:01] <Ireithien> His belly
[10:01] <LinkCelestrial> On his back preferably. :P 
[10:01] <Ireithien> Rose... too bad. :P 
[10:01] <Roseann Shadowflame> DON'T YOU GO STEALING MY NAMES YOU EVIL PERSON :p 
[10:01] <Ireithien> I got it off a name generator
[10:01] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Ooh, Rinion Atreides. How about that?
[10:01] <Ireithien> :P 
[10:01] <Roseann Shadowflame> I'LL SEND MATHIAS AFTER YOU :p 
[10:01] <Roseann Shadowflame> HAN
[10:01] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hey, Han.
[10:01] <LinkCelestrial> Or what's something you could wear on your back made out of crystal? :P 
[10:01] <Roseann Shadowflame> IRE'S TRYING TO STEAL ALVA'S NAME (Gah) 
[10:01] <Katuchim> Marus. :P 
[10:02] <Roseann Shadowflame> USE CHUCK :p 
[10:02] <Katuchim> Hey Rose, can you draw Marus?
[10:02] <Roseann Shadowflame> Ire, use Chuck
[10:02] <Ireithien> Lance Quirinus or Alvar Quirinus? Can't decide
[10:02] <Hansologirl> Hi o/ 
[10:02] <Roseann Shadowflame> I could, Aravis. c:
[10:02] <Roseann Shadowflame> PM me what he looks like :p 
[10:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Chuck is a good name :P 
[10:02] <LinkCelestrial> Lance.
[10:02] <Roseann Shadowflame> STOP HUSING MY NAMES, IRE :p 
[10:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> The second one, Ire.
[10:02] <Roseann Shadowflame> *STOP USING
[10:02] <Roseann Shadowflame> Ire, use Chuck
[10:02] <Roseann Shadowflame> SATL
[10:02] <Roseann Shadowflame> NO
[10:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> How about Rinion Atreides?
[10:02] <Roseann Shadowflame> NOOOO
[10:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> For myself, I mean. :P 
[10:02] <Katuchim> Just make him big and black and demonish-looking, but not too horrid. He has to look suave, too.
[10:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> *No response, as expected.* :P 
[10:02] <Hansologirl> I'M SO HAPPY (sie) 
[10:02] <Ireithien> I'll make Alvar his long-lost brother or something 
[10:03] <Ireithien> Sounds good Satl.
[10:03] <Roseann Shadowflame> How can he look suave if he's black...? :P 
[10:03] <Roseann Shadowflame> BY BLACK I MEAN THE COLOR BLACK :P 
[10:03] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Thank you. 
[10:03] <Ireithien> Racist
[10:03] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> YOU RACIST
[10:03] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :P 
[10:03] <LinkCelestrial> I guess he could just summon it instead of carrying it. :p 
[10:03] <Ireithien> BLACKS CAN BE SUAVE TOO :@ 
[10:03] <Nehpets700> THAT'S RACIST!!!! 
[10:03] <Roseann Shadowflame> I MEAN
[10:03] <Nehpets700> Ohhhh
[10:03] <Nehpets700> :P 
[10:03] <Hansologirl> I'M GETTING A COSPLAY (sie) -screams-
[10:03] <Ireithien> Lance Quirinus. Scientific genius. Mage. <span style="color:red;">Spy</span>. freakin awesom dude
[10:03] <Roseann Shadowflame> YAY HAN (Sie) 
[10:03] <Ireithien> :P 
[10:03] <Katuchim> Don't give him long hair; Marus can't have long hair
[10:03] <Arya Elf> Awesome, Han!
[10:03] <Roseann Shadowflame> I should cosplay too
[10:03] <LinkCelestrial> Do you think you could get hit by a buster sword without getting hurt? :p 
[10:03] <Roseann Shadowflame> WHO SHOULD I COSPLAY AS (evil
[10:03] <Roseann Shadowflame> 0
[10:03] <Katuchim> Well, not past his shoulders
[10:03] <Roseann Shadowflame> WHY CAN'T HE HAVE LONG HAIR
[10:04] <Roseann Shadowflame> LONG HAIR IS AWESOME :p 
[10:04] <Katuchim> It doesn't suit him.
[10:04] <Roseann Shadowflame> Aravis
[10:04] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Rinion Atreides.... Assassin for hire, dark hair, and does not talk much.
[10:04] <Roseann Shadowflame> Like, that type of hair? Would that type of hair be okay? :p 
[10:04] <Ireithien> Now to move on to appearance. 
[10:04] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> ....... :P 
[10:04] <Roseann Shadowflame> Ire, do not steal my character's appearances.
[10:04] <Roseann Shadowflame> EVER. :p 
[10:04] <Ireithien> Hair.. color and style is so difficult. :P 
[10:04] <Katuchim> A bit shorter is perfect, Rose
[10:04] <Roseann Shadowflame> Okay, wawavis :p 
[10:04] <Ireithien> I'll just model him after myself
[10:05] <Katuchim> Make him look mischievous yet evil 
[10:05] <Ireithien> dark brown, nearly black hair
[10:05] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> How about my character should be a demon, blackish clothes, long black hair, and with purple eyes? :{P 
[10:05] <Roseann Shadowflame> SATL
[10:05] <Arya Elf> Heh heh heh.,..
[10:05] <Arya Elf> I have long hair, Rose :P 
[10:05] <Roseann Shadowflame> TOO SIMILAR TO MATHIAS
[10:05] <Hansologirl> My friend is getting the Sasuke cosplay and I'm getting Ciel Phantomhive (sie) 
[10:05] <Roseann Shadowflame> TOO. SIMILAR. TO MATHIAS P
[10:05] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> (YDS) ROSE?
[10:05] <Roseann Shadowflame> Should I cosplay as Alois, Han? :{p 
[10:05] <Roseann Shadowflame> :p 
[10:05] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :P 
[10:05] <Ireithien> Thick hair, somewhat shaggy, but does not hang down... brushed over and has an awesome quiff. 
[10:05] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> doo rag
[10:05] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :{P :{P 
[10:05] <Katuchim> BRB
[10:06] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Couldn't resist. :P 
[10:06] <Ireithien> Can't find better words to describe it than those :P 
[10:06] <Hansologirl> I wanted to be Alois xD But I love Ciel and I found a great deal
[10:06] <Ireithien> Eyes... an emerald green.
[10:06] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I have to go.
[10:06] <Ireithien> My eyes are brown but that is boring
[10:06] <Ireithien> o/ 
[10:06] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Goodbye, folks.
[10:06] <Ireithien> Cya.
[10:06] <Ireithien> Age... hmm
[10:07] <Ireithien> At the time of the roleplay, 23 years old. (ss) :P 
[10:07] <Loney 97> Brown eyes are kewl, and easy to colour :p 
[10:07] <Ireithien> Now, I need to think about his family.
[10:07] <Ireithien> The Quirinus family should definitely be rich. :P 
[10:07] <Ireithien> And have lots of power and influence. :P 
[10:07] <Hansologirl>
[10:07] <Ireithien> But they're cold, calculating, and cruel
[10:08] <Hansologirl> I'm getting that one
[10:08] <Ireithien> They live in a large house. His father owns (owned?) a <span style="color:red;">ban</span>k
[10:08] <Loney 97> Oh well, I should get going.
[10:08] <Ireithien> Or maybe he was in the government of sorts.
[10:09] <TwistedAlpha> AGAINST THE SQUARES
[10:09] <Ireithien> :P 
[10:09] <Loney 97> See you all later tonight o/ 
[10:09] <Ireithien> No, no dramatic family death story. :P 
[10:09] <Katuchim> Bye dad o/ 
[10:09] <Ireithien> I'm gonna go and plan this character some o/ 
[10:09] <TwistedAlpha> Bye Marus o/ 
[10:10] <Arya Elf> Bye, Daddy. (:() 
[10:10] <Arya Elf> I wub you. (:() 
[10:10] <Loney 97> Please, dun't keep calling me that BM :P 
[10:10] <TwistedAlpha> I will forever :P 
[10:10] <Loney 97> Bye Arya, love you too *Hugs*
[10:10] <Arya Elf> *Hugs*
[10:10] <Loney 97> *Hugs Aravis cuz I don't think I ever have*
[10:10] <Arya Elf> ...Really?
[10:11] <Arya Elf> Woah.
[10:11] <Katuchim> Yeah.
[10:11] <Loney 97> Sadly, I don't remember ever hugging Aravis :\
[10:11] <Arya Elf> :/ 
[10:11] <Arya Elf> *Starts to cry*
[10:11] <Arya Elf> It's sad... :/ 
[10:11] <Katuchim> What? :P 
[10:11] <Marcel77799> :P 
[10:11] <Loney 97> I know... :'c
[10:11] <TwistedAlpha> D:
[10:11] <TwistedAlpha> Poor Twin
[10:11] <TwistedAlpha> Never loved by her father
[10:11] <Katuchim> Even Twin has hugged me
[10:11] <TwistedAlpha> ;_;
[10:11] <Marcel77799> xD
[10:12] <Katuchim> :P 
[10:12] <Nehpets700> Hue hue hue (ev) 
[10:12] <Nehpets700> Afk :P 
[10:12] <TwistedAlpha> Yeah :P 
[10:12] <Katuchim> BBBFF hasn't though
[10:12] <Katuchim> He's likely not to. :P 
[10:13] <Arya Elf> BBBFF?
[10:13] <Arya Elf> 
[10:13] <Arya Elf> You're using that now?
[10:13] <Nehpets700> This is probably Aravis right now. :P
[10:13] <Nehpets700> Okay, NOW Afk.
[10:13] <Arya Elf> Aweshume (SIE) 
[10:13] <Katuchim> BCG
[10:13] <TwistedAlpha> o/ 
[10:13] <Katuchim> He's our oldest sibling
[10:13] <DC superheroes fan> o/ 
[10:13] <TwistedAlpha> [[w:c:nehpets:file:Father.png]]?
[10:13] <TwistedAlpha> Oops
[10:13] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> Hi DC
[10:13] <TwistedAlpha> [[w:c:nehpets700:file:Father.png]]
[10:14] <TwistedAlpha> Wait wut
[10:14] <TwistedAlpha> father.png.jpg
[10:14] <TwistedAlpha> [[w:c:nehpets700:file:Father.png.jpg]]
[10:14] <TwistedAlpha>
[10:15] <LinkCelestrial> Did Ire leave? D:
[10:16] <TwistedAlpha> Yes. (evil) 
[10:16] <LinkCelestrial> Awe.
[10:16] <DC superheroes fan> Gruesome o/ 
[10:16] <TwistedAlpha> o/ 
[10:17] <TwistedAlpha> o/ 
[10:17] <Obi the LEGO Fan> /o 
[10:17] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> \o 
[10:17] <Samed5> test
[10:17] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> ^chain breaker 
[10:17] <TwistedAlpha> Indeed Samed is (troll) 
[10:17] <Marcel77799> :P 
[10:19] <Obi the LEGO Fan> How's everyone?
[10:19] <TwistedAlpha> Angry.
[10:20] <LinkCelestrial> Tired. Sore.
[10:20] <Obi the LEGO Fan> D:
[10:20] <Katuchim> To add to these woes: about the blow up North Amerika
[10:20] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Blow up?
[10:22] <Katuchim> Yes.
[10:22] <Katuchim> *to
[10:22] <Arya Elf> Test
[10:24] <Obi the LEGO Fan> What blew up?
[10:24] <Katuchim> My wifi, maybe
[10:26] <Agent Spy> Test
[10:27] <Marcel77799> BBL
[10:27] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> Geck
[10:28] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> stupid computer won't upload pics of my new MOC. >:c
[10:30] <LegoSuperBowser> Hi guys. o/ =D 
[10:31] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> Hi Bowsa
[10:31] <LegoSuperBowser> Katu, I thought you said, "my wife, maybe" (XD) 
[10:31] <LegoSuperBowser> :P 
[10:31] <Roseann Shadowflame> Batty said I should cosplay as Hanna
[10:31] <Roseann Shadowflame> But I'm not tall, or pretty enough. :p 
[10:31] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> Aravis' wife blew up
[10:31] <Roseann Shadowflame> I could cosplay as Alois... :{p 
[10:31] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> lel
[10:31] <Roseann Shadowflame> :p 
[10:31] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> Uuuuuuh
[10:32] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> Ciel
[10:32] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> :{P :{P :{P :{P 
[10:32] <LegoSuperBowser> Mad, I can't understand you sometimes. (FP) 
[10:32] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> Wat
[10:32] <LegoSuperBowser> That's a good thing. =D 
[10:32] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> ?
[10:32] <LegoSuperBowser> ;p 
[10:32] <Roseann Shadowflame> Han's cosplaying as Ciel :p 
[10:32] <Agent Spy> Obi, PM
[10:32] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> What do you not understand :P 
[10:32] <Roseann Shadowflame> *thinks hard*
[10:32] <Roseann Shadowflame> NOT undertaker. :p 
[10:32] <Roseann Shadowflame> Sebby's too manly for me to do...
[10:32] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> KELLY ALREADY COSPLAYED AS CIEL
[10:32] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> :P 
[10:32] <Roseann Shadowflame> ...there's always Grell :p 
[10:33] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> DO GRELL :P 
[10:33] <Roseann Shadowflame> SHOULD I HONESTLY DO GRELL? :P 
[10:33] <Roseann Shadowflame> I'D LOOK SO WEIRD :p 
[10:33] <Roseann Shadowflame> And I'm a bit short to be Grell :p 
[10:33] <Roseann Shadowflame> But if I wore boots... :{P 
[10:33] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> THAT'S WHY YOU SHOULD DO IT :P :P :P 
[10:33] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> BTW I found your soundalike a few days ago
[10:33] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> :{P 
[10:33] <Roseann Shadowflame> Eh? :P 
[10:33] <Roseann Shadowflame> Link. :p 
[10:34] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> No, at a place I ate breakfast at there was this weirdo that sounded exactly like you
[10:34] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> :{P 
[10:34] <Roseann Shadowflame> Uhuh. :p 
[10:34] <Roseann Shadowflame> What did she look like? :p 
[10:34] <Agent Spy> o/ 
[10:34] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> BRB AFK gotta vacuum my laundry room, it's filthy
[10:34] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> :P 
[10:34] <LegoSuperBowser> Ire. o/ 
[10:34] <Samed5> Ugh, I better get started on my essay. D: 
[10:35] <LegoSuperBowser> YOUR laundry room? :{P 
[10:35] <LegoSuperBowser> And I better start on my piano soon. :P 
[10:36] <Roseann Shadowflame> Not even Madame Red? :{P 
[10:36] <Roseann Shadowflame> :p 
[10:36] <Roseann Shadowflame> I DUNNO WHO TO COSPLAY (gah) 
[10:36] <Samed5> My mom expects me to make significant progress on my essay when she gets back, and I haven't even started yet. D: :p 
[10:36] <Samed5> * by the time she gets back
[10:36] <Roseann Shadowflame> Or...
[10:36] <Roseann Shadowflame> OR
[10:36] <Roseann Shadowflame> I COULD BE A FEMALE CIEL (sie) 
[10:36] <Ireithien> Is Boyo one?
[10:37] <Ireithien> *on
[10:37] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> BACK
[10:37] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> Yes, Bowser, MY laundry room. :P 
[10:37] <Ireithien> LinkCelestrial <span style="color:red;">ping</span>
[10:37] <LegoSuperBowser> Samed, are you homeschooled?
[10:38] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> Anyway Rose she just had blackish hair :P 
[10:38] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> That's all I remember :P 
[10:38] <LegoSuperBowser> I don't know any boy, WHO HAS HIS OWN LUANDY ROOM> :{P 
[10:38] <LegoSuperBowser> Sorry. :P 
[10:38] <Ireithien> LINKCELESTRIAL 
[10:38] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> ..............I'm 19
[10:38] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> :P 
[10:38] <Ireithien> <span style="color:red;">PING</span>
[10:38] <Ireithien> :P 
[10:38] <LegoSuperBowser> Mad's 19, I forgot. :P 
[10:38] <Samed5> Yes, I am homeschooled. :p 
[10:38] <LegoSuperBowser> Kid. :P 
[10:38] <LegoSuperBowser> Klint. o/ 
[10:39] <Roseann Shadowflame> I could just cosplay as Hatsune Miku *shrugs*
[10:39] <Roseann Shadowflame> I can't cosplay as a guy, I'd just...
[10:39] <Roseann Shadowflame> i'D LOOK...
[10:39] <Roseann Shadowflame> WRONG. :p 
[10:39] <Roseann Shadowflame> My face shape is so weird. :{P 
[10:39] <Roseann Shadowflame> It's... what... <span style="color:red;">block</span>ish :P
[10:39] <LegoSuperBowser> I haven't seen you Rose, so I don't know. :P 
[10:39] <Roseann Shadowflame> In some angles it looks more feminine, but eh 
[10:39] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> I may or may not have, Bowser
[10:39] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> :{P 
[10:39] <Roseann Shadowflame> With eyeshadow, eyeliner, and photoshop... :P 
[10:40] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> wait
[10:40] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> "<span style="color:red;">block</span>ish"
[10:40] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> ermergerd
[10:40] <LegoSuperBowser> Mad, what? :p 
[10:40] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> I apparently also saw Rose's lookalike
[10:40] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> :{P 
[10:40] <Indigo~> Hey.
[10:40] <LegoSuperBowser> Indi. o/ 
[10:40] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> Hi Indi
[10:41] <LegoSuperBowser> Mad, are you going to go to college? :P 
[10:41] <Ireithien> Mad, do you live with your parents
[10:41] <Ireithien> :P 
[10:41] <LegoSuperBowser> :P :P 
[10:41] <LegoSuperBowser> Ire, do YOU? :P 
[10:42] <Ireithien> Yes!
[10:42] <Ireithien> :P 
[10:42] <Ireithien> I have exactly 3,800 edits now. :3
[10:42] <LegoSuperBowser> Ire, that was a statemeant you made to mad. :P 
[10:42] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> Yes, no
[10:42] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> :P 
[10:42] <Indigo~> Dan. <span style="color:red;">Ping</span>. :P
[10:42] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> I am going to college, I don't live with my parents 
[10:42] <LegoSuperBowser> Ire, I have about 1, 300, and I've been on since June. :P 
[10:42] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> :P 
[10:42] <Ireithien> 1,150 of those edits are... user blog comments...
[10:43] <LegoSuperBowser> o/ 
[10:43] <Indigo~> Cay o/ 
[10:43] <Caysie98> Hello
[10:43] <LinkCelestrial> What's a word for really big sword? Like Cloud's buster sword big?
[10:43] <Obi the LEGO Fan> I have over 2,000 blog comments :P 
[10:43] <LinkCelestrial> Hello Caysie.
[10:43] <Agent Spy> lol, Obi
[10:43] <Indigo~> Leinad849.
[10:43] <Indigo~> <span style="color:red;">Ping</span>.
[10:43] <Indigo~> :p 
[10:43] <Ireithien> BOYO
[10:43] <LinkCelestrial> You're back. :p 
[10:43] <Ireithien> GOOD GRIEF BOYO RESPOND TO YOUR FREAKIN <span style="color:red;">PING</span>S
[10:43] <Ireithien> :P 
[10:43] <LegoSuperBowser> My edits are like, 805 blog commments. :P 
[10:43] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
[10:43] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
[10:43] <LinkCelestrial> My <span style="color:red;">ping</span>s are off! :P
[10:43] <Ireithien> Yes, I am back. :P 
[10:43] <LegoSuperBowser> 80%
[10:43] <LinkCelestrial> Chathacks won't load.
[10:43] <Agent Spy> I have 1,555 blog comments
[10:43] <Ireithien> Turn them on! :P 
[10:44] <LinkCelestrial> Okay, okay. :p 
[10:44] <Caysie98> Wait what are we talking about? :P 
[10:44] <Ireithien> Anyway
[10:44] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Zweihänder,Boyo
[10:44] <LinkCelestrial> There. :p 
[10:44] <LinkCelestrial> I mean a word that people would know, Obi. :p 
[10:44] <Ireithien> Do I submit Lance Qurinius or whatever his last name was's profile to the submission board now? :P 
[10:44] <LinkCelestrial> Or I could just call it something and classify it as melee XL. :p 
[10:44] <Ireithien> I did some more thinking about him. :P 
[10:44] <LinkCelestrial> Yes, you do. :P 
[10:44] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> @Cay random crud :P 
[10:44] <Ireithien> You'll have to help me figure out the perks thing. :P 
[10:44] <Ireithien> Ok. 
[10:44] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Zweihabders were huge
[10:44] <LinkCelestrial> okay. 
[10:44] <Caysie98> Oh okay :P 
[10:44] <Obi the LEGO Fan> *Zweihander
[10:45] <LegoSuperBowser> Me: User blog comment	958	59.95%
[10:45] <Caysie98> I have a headache D:
[10:45] <LegoSuperBowser> :p 
[10:45] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> D:
[10:45] <LegoSuperBowser> Thread	468	29.29%
[10:45] <LegoSuperBowser> :P 
[10:45] <Ireithien> I just need to create weapons.
[10:45] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> Then why are you on chat :P 
[10:45] <Caysie98> Idk
[10:45] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> If you have a headache :P 
[10:45] <Ireithien> Would a hidden blade-esque weapon be acceptable, Boyo :P 
[10:45] <LinkCelestrial> Like that big, Obi? :P 
[10:45] <Caysie98> I always come on chat :P 
[10:45] <LinkCelestrial> Most likely, Ire. :p 
[10:45] <Ireithien> It doesn't fit super well with the character, but I didn't have many other ideas.
[10:45] <Caysie98> A large machete? :P 
[10:45] <Indigo~> Leinad.
[10:45] <Indigo~> <span style="color:red;">Ping</span>.
[10:46] <Indigo~> Dan, where iz you D: :p 
[10:46] <LinkCelestrial> Use a buster sword.
[10:46] <LinkCelestrial> Buster swords are cool. :p 
[10:46] <Indigo~> Twisted o/ 
[10:46] <Caysie98> Hi BM
[10:46] <LegoSuperBowser> MB. o/ 
[10:46] <LegoSuperBowser> *BM
[10:46] <Ireithien> I was thinking... a pistol, maybe a couple throwing knives, and the hidden blade for actual weapons. :P 
[10:46] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> Hi BM
[10:46] <LinkCelestrial> That could work.
[10:46] <Ireithien> Other than my magic. But that may be too many. (thinking) 
[10:46] <Caysie98> This week is going on too
[10:46] <Caysie98> *too long
[10:46] <Caysie98> Liam
[10:47] <LinkCelestrial> I'd suggest either drop<span style="color:red;">ping</span> the throwing knifes or the pistol.
[10:47] <LegoSuperBowser> Ire, have you ever even shot a gun before? :P 
[10:47] <Ireithien> Yep.
[10:47] <Caysie98> She wasn't there today. :c I don't know where she went.
[10:47] <LegoSuperBowser> How many times? :P 
[10:47] <Ireithien> I've shot an AR-22 or whatever they are called. :P 
[10:47] <Ireithien> Lots. :P 
[10:47] <Klintran> Ire's probably a horrid shot. :P 
[10:47] <Ireithien> I'm actually a half-decent shot. :P 
[10:47] <LegoSuperBowser> AR-22? :p 
[10:47] <Ireithien> Yeah, a big assault rifle. :P 
[10:47] <LegoSuperBowser> :{P 
[10:47] <Klintran> I'm pretty durn good. (mre) 
[10:47] <LegoSuperBowser> AR-15. :P 
[10:47] <Klintran> I've killed lots of stuff. :P 
[10:47] <Ireithien> Ah yes
[10:47] <LegoSuperBowser> (FP) 
[10:48] <Ireithien> AR-15. I forgot, ok? :{P 
[10:48] <LegoSuperBowser> :{P 
[10:48] <LegoSuperBowser> (FP) 
[10:48] <Ireithien> Throwing knives or pistol... throwing knives or pistol... I'll drop the throwing knives if that's alright Boyo. :P 
[10:48] <Klintran> Deer, people, squirrels, dogs, <span style="color:red;">cat</span>s, turtles, trees, poachers, dinosaurs, and a few other things
[10:48] <LinkCelestrial> Sounds good.
[10:48] <Ireithien> Pistol would be more useful anyway.
[10:48] <LegoSuperBowser> What about a shot gun Ire? :P 
[10:48] <LegoSuperBowser> With slugs?
[10:48] <LegoSuperBowser> 
[10:48] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> Klint is like chat's Uncle Si
[10:48] <LegoSuperBowser> :P 
[10:48] <Obi the LEGO Fan> I own a shotgun :P 
[10:48] <Ireithien> Haven't shot a shotgun. :P 
[10:49] <LegoSuperBowser> Obi, with slugs? :P 
[10:49] <Obi the LEGO Fan> And a bolt action rifle 
[10:49] <Klintran> Indeed Madkat
[10:49] <Klintran> :P 
[10:49] <Indigo~> Wow, Klint
[10:49] <Indigo~> :p 
[10:49] <Ireithien> Obi has 2nd Amendment home security. (sin) 
[10:49] <LegoSuperBowser> Slugs are powerful. :P 
[10:49] <Obi the LEGO Fan> No, not slugs
[10:49] <Ireithien> :P 
[10:49] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Buck shot 
[10:49] <LegoSuperBowser> Oh. Yes.
[10:49] <Klintran> I've killed a poacher before :3
[10:49] <Klintran> He had it coming.
[10:49] <Obi the LEGO Fan> ^liar
[10:49] <Klintran> BOOM! Headshot!
[10:49] <Obi the LEGO Fan> :p 
[10:49] <LegoSuperBowser> (TROLL) 
[10:49] <Klintran> It was Obi's uncle, he's a bit...well, confused about the subject
[10:49] <Klintran> Just ignore him
[10:49] <Ireithien> Now Boyo, would it be acceptable to have non-violent tools along with my weapons or will I have to sacrifice those for the gadgets? :P 
[10:50] <LinkCelestrial> Assuming you can logically carry them all, go for it. :p 
[10:50] <LegoSuperBowser> ^ says a 13 year old. :P 
[10:50] <Ireithien> Alrighty. :P 
[10:50] <LegoSuperBowser> Rock. o/ 
[10:50] <Caysie98> Yeah, I'm pretty experienced with guns and weapons and stuff. (<span style="color:red;">spy</span>)
[10:50] <CougarsRock> hey o/ 
[10:50] <Keplers> LOL
[10:50] <Caysie98> :P 
[10:50] <LinkCelestrial> That's me Caysie. xD
[10:50] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> Hi Mlu
[10:50] <Ireithien> I was thinking some sort of electronic magnifying glass thing, and, naturally... a watch.
[10:50] <Klintran> Keplers, we should have a gun fight or something. :P 
[10:50] <LegoSuperBowser> Nice Cay. :P 
[10:51] <CougarsRock> hey Kate :P 
[10:51] <Caysie98> :P 
[10:51] <Klintran> I'd kill you, though. On an "accident". :P 
[10:51] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> BTW LOL Cay
[10:51] <Ireithien> A watch with voice chat and a JARVIS-esque computer program. :P 
[10:51] <Ireithien> Actually
[10:51] <Ireithien> "voice chat" is not the right term
[10:51] <Ireithien> :P 
[10:51] <Ireithien> ANYWAY
[10:51] <Ireithien> :P 
[10:51] <Klintran> .
[10:51] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Klint, do you own any guns?
[10:51] <Caysie98> Sorry 
[10:51] <Caysie98> :P 
[10:51] <Obi the LEGO Fan> (of your own)
[10:51] <Caysie98> (angel) 
[10:51] <Ireithien> Oh, Boyo, I need your help to figure out an acronym for the agency he initially joined... 
[10:52] <Ireithien> I was thinking SHOCK would be a cool acronym, but I'm having a hard time creating a name for it. :{P 
[10:52] <CougarsRock> SAtO :P 
[10:52] <Klintran> Yes, Obi. :P 
[10:52] <CougarsRock> NEH :P 
[10:52] <LegoSuperBowser> o/ o/ 
[10:52] <Satoshi2> Hi Mlu. o/ :P 
[10:52] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> o/ 
[10:52] <Caysie98> Usually acronyms come from the name of the agency :P 
[10:52] <Klintran> I own a shotgun, rifle, and a old pistol 
[10:52] <LinkCelestrial> ATM i'm thinking of making it ARMA vs Somethingerather. 
[10:52] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> Hi Brick
[10:52] <Caysie98> Hi Sato, Neh, and Brick \o 
[10:52] <Klintran> No idea what the pistol is though
[10:52] <CougarsRock> Hi Sato :P 
[10:52] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Mad. o/ 
[10:52] <Klintran> :P 
[10:52] <LinkCelestrial> ARMA vs SHOCK could work. :p 
[10:53] <LegoSuperBowser> o/ 
[10:53] <Obi the LEGO Fan> What calibers? 
[10:53] <CougarsRock> Drew :P 
[10:53] <Klintran> Hi Drewy
[10:53] <Caysie98> HI Drew \o 
[10:53] <Drew1200> o/ 
[10:53] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Drew /o 
[10:53] <LegoSuperBowser> CHAT IS FLOODING! :O 
[10:53] <LegoSuperBowser> :P 
[10:53] <Drew1200> Have you all voted here? :P 
[10:53] <Drew1200> [[Thread:137909]]
[10:53] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> ruuuuuuuuuuuuuun toooooooooo ppppppppppppppmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[10:53] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> :P 
[10:53] <CougarsRock> *water overflows* :P @LSB
[10:53] <Ireithien> The only unrealistic part of my bio is the multiple-doctorate-and-PhD-at-age-16 thing. :P 
[10:53] <Roseann Shadowflame> "Do not fear, young child...
[10:53] <Roseann Shadowflame> I will watch over you until the morning comes...
[10:53] <Roseann Shadowflame> 
[10:53] <Roseann Shadowflame> Young child covered in shadow 
[10:53] <Roseann Shadowflame> Why do you cower so sadly...?
[10:53] <Roseann Shadowflame> 
[10:53] <Roseann Shadowflame> Do not cry
[10:53] <Roseann Shadowflame> for an angel shouldn't shed tears." 
[10:53] <Roseann Shadowflame> I FREAKIN' LOVE THAT LULLABY D:
[10:53] <Roseann Shadowflame> Vempeth has the best lullabies. :{p 
[10:53] <Ireithien> "voted," Drwe?
[10:53] <Indigo~> :P 
[10:54] <Caysie98> I have, Drew
[10:54] <Ireithien> i didn't vote I just said I was fine with it. :{P 
[10:54] <LegoSuperBowser> I have. :P 
[10:54] <Roseann Shadowflame> *stops listening to that song* it's depressing me. :
[10:54] <Caysie98> I h=guess i did
[10:54] <Caysie98> Idk 
[10:54] <Roseann Shadowflame> "Ruroute Ethael Nuthiro
[10:54] <Roseann Shadowflame> Souria Golisha Mothian teathra
[10:54] <Roseann Shadowflame> No...
[10:54] <Roseann Shadowflame> 
[10:54] <Roseann Shadowflame> Ruroute Kaesi no Glario 
[10:54] <Roseann Shadowflame> Sethina Gresae durino gau...
[10:54] <Roseann Shadowflame> 
[10:54] <Roseann Shadowflame> Deathnu sah gashino tumaie
[10:54] <Roseann Shadowflame> Elthaeta sen go lisa no Kema'si zhay.."
[10:54] <Roseann Shadowflame> 
[10:54] <Caysie98> I commented 
[10:54] <Roseann Shadowflame> ^ It's even prettier like that
[10:54] <Caysie98> :P 
[10:54] <Roseann Shadowflame> :P 
[10:54] <Caysie98> *guess
[10:54] <ButchCavendish> oh there is a drew here
[10:54] <Ireithien> I need a classy name for the watch thing.
[10:54] <CougarsRock> O_O 
[10:54] <Caysie98> Hi George
[10:54] <ButchCavendish> caysie I've been here for a while
[10:54] <ButchCavendish> Drew: pls
[10:54] <Caysie98> Well I didn't notice you :P 
[10:54] <CougarsRock> GTG
[10:55] <Ireithien> I should name the watch PERM. Pretty Epic Regular Machine. :P 
[10:55] <Satoshi2> Cya, Mlu o/ 
[10:55] <Roseann Shadowflame> Emmerlessa Tantibus (Sie) Meliarun Tantibus (sie) Kemme (sie) Alvarin Solsist (sie) 
[10:55] <LegoSuperBowser> o/ 
[10:55] <LegoSuperBowser> Anyone want to see my watch? :P 
[10:56] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> SO JB was arrested in Miami for resisting arrest, drag racing, DUI, driving with an expired license, and let's not forget the cocaine in his house found by the feds. Way to be a role model, Justin. (y) 
[10:56] <Satoshi2> Wow.
[10:56] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> (y) 
[10:56] <Indigo~> (y(
[10:56] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> (smug) 
[10:56] <LegoSuperBowser>
[10:56] <Indigo~> (fw) 
[10:56] <Satoshi2> JB's really screwed himself up. :P 
[10:56] <LegoSuperBowser> *loves it* :P 
[10:56] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> WHo even cares about JB anymore :P 
[10:57] <Caysie98> *Directs attention towards Neh's avvie*
[10:57] <Caysie98> :P 
[10:57] <Roseann Shadowflame> That awkward moment when a Lady Gaga song totally fits this picture of a demon (cross) 
[10:57] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> He's like, officially irrelevant now. :P 
[10:57] <Indigo~> JB should just quit his music career. Most of his "little" fans probably won't be allowed to be listening to his music after this. :p 
[10:57] <LegoSuperBowser> :P 
[10:57] <LegoSuperBowser> THere all girls. :P 
[10:57] <LegoSuperBowser> Most of them*
[10:57] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Indi, his explicit album already did that :P 
[10:58] <ButchCavendish> Kaffit!
[10:58] <Cricket62> fat chance of that
[10:58] <Caysie98> Hi MSD and LED \o 
[10:58] <LegoSuperBowser> o/ o/ 
[10:58] <LegoSuperBowser> o/ 
[10:58] <Indigo~> Ha. :P 
[10:58] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> JB has an explicit album?
[10:58] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> LOL
[10:58] <Caysie98> And Jeff :P \o 
[10:58] <Indigo~> MsD, Messi, Jeff o/ 
[10:58] <ButchCavendish> Roachy boy :D 
[10:58] <Roseann Shadowflame> Woah, everyone I hate came in at the same time :p 
[10:58] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Yeah Mad :P 
[10:58] <Caysie98> Do I know you? (thinking) :P 
[10:58] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> I gotta look up the lyrics 
[10:58] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Hi LED, Jeff /o 
[10:58] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> that's actually hilarious
[10:58] <Cricket62> No one likes you Rose
[10:58] <Cricket62> Shut up.
[10:59] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> i liek her D:
[10:59] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> :P :P :P :P 
[10:59] <Satoshi2> I like you, Rose. c:
[10:59] <Dalekst> cricket is being inappropriate
[10:59] <Dalekst> 'shut up' is mean
[10:59] <Dalekst> :( 
[10:59] <Indigo~> Dun be mean to Rose D: 
[10:59] <LegoSuperBowser> :P 
[10:59] <LegoSuperBowser> Be back later. o/ 
[10:59] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> One does not simply insult rose
[10:59] <Indigo~> Cricket, you offended Dalek! Look at him, he's crying. 
[10:59] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> and not get their butt <span style="color:red;">kick</span>ed
[10:59] <Roseann Shadowflame> Likewise, Cricket. (ss) 
[10:59] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> bye bowsa
[10:59] <Satoshi2> Arya o/ 
[10:59] <Roseann Shadowflame> *pulls out hatchet* (Ss) 
[10:59] <Caysie98> Hi Arya \o 
[11:00] <Cricket62> stop
[11:00] <Caysie98> Oh, hi Cricket
[11:00] <Dalekst> yeah rose stop
[11:00] <Cricket62> hi cay :) 
[11:00] <Caysie98> I didn't notice you were here :P 
[11:00] <Dalekst> don't hit people with hatchets
[11:00] <Dalekst> its not nice
[11:00] <Klintran> xD
[11:00] <Satoshi2> One does not simply insult Rose... And not BE CAST THE FIRES OF DEATH. (EV) 
[11:00] <LEGOMessProductions1> Today was ... exhausting. ._.
[11:00] <Cricket62> what has happened to my picture. O_O 
[11:00] <Roseann Shadowflame> This is worse when I'm listening to Lady Gaga. You all look so weird :p 
[11:01] <Cricket62> holy fudgecicles
[11:01] <Indigo~> :P 
[11:01] <Cricket62> 1.6k LIKES
[11:01] <Caysie98> ikr LED
[11:01] <Cricket62> :O 
[11:01] <Roseann Shadowflame> ...Am i renound as the one who is murderous and kills everyone? :p 
[11:01] <MsD> yes :P 
[11:01] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> yes
[11:01] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> BRB AFK
[11:01] <Cricket62> i like you rose dont shut up :D 
[11:01] <Satoshi2> (yes) 
[11:01] <Cricket62> Satoshi I dont worship you :D 
[11:01] <Roseann Shadowflame> Eww. *pushes you away*
[11:01] <Cricket62> MADKAT I LOVE YOU'
[11:01] <Cricket62> :O :O :O :O :D 
[11:01] <Roseann Shadowflame> Heck, Cricket :P 
[11:02] <Roseann Shadowflame> Are you a girl or something :p 
[11:02] <Arya Elf> XD
[11:02] <Indigo~> brb
[11:02] <Satoshi2> I'm still not sure what gender Crick is. :P 
[11:02] <Klintran> Sometimes I wonder if Rose is actually a boy
[11:02] <Klintran> ...:/
[11:02] <Cricket62> i'm neuter
[11:02] <Cricket62> as you can see
[11:02] <Dalekst> i worship meiko, as i go to the meiko church
[11:02] <Cricket62> in my picture
[11:02] <Cricket62> clearly
[11:02] <Cricket62> neuter
[11:02] <Klintran> Me too, Dalek.
[11:02] <Satoshi2> ...
[11:02] <ButchCavendish> Meiko church is great
[11:02] <MsD> i go to normal churches like a normal person
[11:02] <ButchCavendish> Meiko = Based God
[11:03] <Samed5> I don't go to church. :P 
[11:03] <Cricket62> cause my fabulous hair makes me look like a girl :D 
[11:03] <Satoshi2> Oh great. First Klintism, and now this? :P 
[11:03] <MsD> samed :P 
[11:03] <MsD> hi :P 
[11:03] <Samed5> Hello. :P 
[11:03] <Klintran> Samed why the Jay avatar
[11:03] <Klintran> D:
[11:03] <MsD> you've gotten a lot more giddy since I last saw you :P 
[11:03] <Cricket62> msd ily
[11:03] <MsD> which was like half a year ago :P 
[11:03] <Cricket62> i love everyone here 
[11:03] <Samed5> Lol. :P 
[11:03] <Klintran> MsD do you remember old Klint
[11:03] <Cricket62> right now
[11:03] <MsD> yes :P 
[11:03] <Arya Elf> Mild silly Disorder! :3
[11:03] <Satoshi2> BM o/ 
[11:03] <Roseann Shadowflame> I love Japan. :p 
[11:03] <Klintran> I was so cruel to you
[11:04] <Klintran> "GRRRR <span style="color:red;">BAN</span> MSD"
[11:04] <Caysie98> Wb
[11:04] <Cricket62> Arya is probably my favorite user js
[11:04] <MsD> old klint always used to <span style="color:red;">ban</span> everybody :P
[11:04] <Klintran> My objective
[11:04] <ButchCavendish> Klint became a great person after I got him demoted
[11:04] <Dalekst> LFY is a noob
[11:04] <Klintran> Yeah thanks Meiko
[11:04] <Klintran> :P 
[11:04] <ButchCavendish> :) 
[11:04] <Arya Elf> I'm what, Cricket? 
[11:04] <Cricket62> ikr
[11:04] <ButchCavendish> no problem friend
[11:04] <Cricket62> my favorite user
[11:04] <Dalekst> i actually agree with meiko
[11:04] <Dalekst> klint is great now
[11:04] <Caysie98> Cricker OM
[11:04] <Caysie98> * PM
[11:04] <Caysie98> Oh 
[11:04] <Caysie98> You responded
[11:04] <Caysie98> Nevermind
[11:04] <Caysie98> :) 
[11:04] <Klintran> Klint is god now*
[11:04] <Dalekst> cricker
[11:04] <Klintran> You silly boys.
[11:04] <Klintran> And girls.
[11:04] <Jeff16306> /more
[11:05] <Dalekst> hi jeff
[11:05] <Cricket62> Jeff no one likes you
[11:05] <Cricket62> wait nvm
[11:05] <Cricket62> ily
[11:05] <LEGOMessProductions1> So for this internship I have to do I spent 12 hours at a set. 
[11:05] <Caysie98> What internship?
[11:05] <Satoshi2> Crick, no one likes you either. :) 
[11:05] <LEGOMessProductions1> School thing.
[11:05] <Cricket62> satoshi ily
[11:05] <MsD> CONGRATULATIONS LEGOMessProductions1 for being the only mature user on chat right now :P 
[11:05] <MsD> (clap)
[11:06] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Guys, no insults please :P 
[11:06] <Dalekst> satoshi is being rude
[11:06] <Dalekst> can someone <span style="color:red;">ban</span> him
[11:06] <Klintran> Obi is fat
[11:06] <Satoshi2> I'm mature. :( 
[11:06] <Klintran> :3
[11:06] <ButchCavendish> Am I being immature
[11:06] <Caysie98> Like, what kind of internship is it?
[11:06] <MsD> yes 
[11:06] <Cricket62> Butch your avatar looks like snape gg
[11:06] <ButchCavendish> I should be a chatmod here
[11:06] <MsD> a very intern-ey one, caysie :P 
[11:06] <Cricket62> plz no
[11:06] <Samed5> AFK, I need to start writing this essay. :p 
[11:06] <LEGOMessProductions1> Yuo know, you spent 2 weeks in some concern and you basically try to get an idea of life after school.
[11:06] <Cricket62> klint is phat
[11:06] <Klintran> xD Crick
[11:06] <ButchCavendish> I'd be a great mod.
[11:06] <Dalekst> yeah per cricket
[11:06] <MsD> ...until you get globally <span style="color:red;">block</span>ed again :P
[11:06] <MsD> @meiko
[11:06] <Cricket62> ^
[11:07] <ButchCavendish> Seeing as I've suggested like everything at this wiki
[11:07] <Cricket62> which is hopefully in the near future
[11:07] <ButchCavendish> Actually Wikia staff know who this account is
[11:07] <Cricket62> near future as in hopefully like tomorrow
[11:07] <ButchCavendish> WP:DBAD
[11:07] <Cricket62> bc butch isn't popular (peace) 
[11:07] <Dalekst> wikia staff knew who Legofanyoda1547 was too, and it wasn't <span style="color:red;">block</span>ed
[11:07] <Klintran> [[Special:Contact/general]] reporting Meiko
[11:07] <Klintran> brb
[11:07] <Cricket62> LFY is gorgeous
[11:07] <Madkatmaximus96 :P> Back
[11:07] <ButchCavendish> Klint - you're more likely to get globally <span style="color:red;">block</span>ed for that than I
[11:07] <Caysie98> WB Mad
[11:07] <Dalekst> klint meiko just said WP:DBAD listen oh my gosh
[11:07] <Satoshi2> Crick is... Innapropriate. ;) 
[11:07] <Cricket62> Klint is never going to be <span style="color:red;">block</span>ed
[11:07] <Caysie98> HI Sat \o 
[11:08] <Cricket62> he is gorgeous
[11:08] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> HEllo.
[11:08] <Caysie98> Cricket is pwetty :3
[11:08] <Samed5> Hi, Saddle. /o 
[11:08] <MsD> hi seattle md :P 
[11:08] <MsD> *satl
[11:08] <Klintran> Meiko what did I do
[11:08] <Klintran> D:
[11:08] <Cricket62> Caysie defines beauty
[11:08] <Cricket62> Saddle xD
[11:08] <Satoshi2> ._.
[11:08] <MsD> saddle md :P 
[11:08] <Satoshi2> @Crick & Cay
[11:08] <ButchCavendish> wikia staff don't tolerate people who report other users through special:contact because it's <span style="color:red;">spam</span>
[11:08] <Caysie98> Totally
[11:08] <Caysie98> :P 
[11:08] <Caysie98> Lol
[11:08] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :P 
[11:09] <Cricket62> Satoshi is an absolutely attractive <span style="color:red;">cat</span>
[11:09] <Cricket62> js
[11:09] <Dalekst> didn't msd special:contact you back in september though meiko
[11:09] <Cricket62> dalek ily
[11:09] <Dalekst> :) 
[11:09] <MsD> yeah
[11:09] <MsD> like 5 times
[11:09] <MsD> :P 
[11:09] <ButchCavendish> Yes but those account would have been globally <span style="color:red;">block</span>ed anyways
[11:09] <Cricket62> msd do you have an issue with me
[11:09] <Cricket62> fite me
[11:09] <MsD> yes :P 
[11:09] <Cricket62> irl
[11:09] <MsD> no :P 
[11:09] <MsD> i don't know where you live :P 
[11:10] <MsD> nor do I want to know :P 
[11:10] <MsD> @crickey
[11:10] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> FIGHT ME IRL
[11:10] <ButchCavendish> MeikoBot was shut down by Sactage because of the global <span style="color:red;">block</span> and MeikoTest was globally blocked by Jen
[11:10] <Klintran> -grabs MsD and eats him-
[11:10] <Cricket62> 31 Longwood Ave Warwick 02888 RI USA
[11:10] <Cricket62> :) 
[11:10] <Ireithien> LinkCelestrial, PM. :P 
[11:10] <ButchCavendish> personal info <span style="color:red;">ban</span>
[11:10] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Google Earth time :{P :{P 
[11:10] <MsD> i read "RI USA" as "RUSSIA" for a minute :P 
[11:10] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> GTG o/ 
[11:10] <Klintran> Who wants my phone #?
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