[10:25] <NetbagReborn> Cody ping
[10:25] <A Walruse> What I'm saying is
[10:25] <Aravis Tarkheena> That's great
[10:26] <A Walruse> You know enough about Polanball to know that there should be no outlines between the colours
[10:26] <A Walruse> But
[10:26] <Aravis Tarkheena> My brother does essentially the same thing at youth group and he's started using SmK too
[10:26] <A Walruse> FOr some reason you don't know that polandball always has red on top?
[10:26] <Worldracer99> If you like SmK, Tobu is also really great
[10:26] <Aravis Tarkheena> I'll tell him that
[10:27] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Then I guess mistakes by the maker(s)... :P 
[10:27] <652Graystripe> Be back soon.
[10:27] <Marcel77799> kk
[10:27] <A Walruse> Polandball generally has red on top
[10:28] <Marcel77799> O/ 
[10:29] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> I know it's a mistake turned running gag...
[10:29] <Worldracer99> polandball cannot into space
[10:29] <Jahchildren> o/ Izzy
[10:29] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> I'm just pointing out it is a mistake because that's what I do. :P 
[10:30] <Aravis Tarkheena> Drace, this will be perfect :P 
[10:30] <Madkatmaximus> You know LDC that's a good way to lose friends 
[10:30] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> I do. (ok)
[10:30] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Dang it, no "okay" rage face. :P 
[10:31] <Worldracer99> nanobii (it's supposed to be nocaps) is also pretty great, Vis.
[10:31] <Worldracer99> He doesn't have too much out, though.
[10:31] <Aravis Tarkheena> Yeah, I checked that out
[10:31] <Aravis Tarkheena> It's not bad :P 
[10:31] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> But for some reason, my friends don't make a lot of mistakes, at least not around me. But I don't think that's a coincidence. :P 
[10:33] <Worldracer99> vonness11`, pm
[10:34] <CougarsRock> Gonna go
[10:34] <CougarsRock> Bye o/ 
[10:34] <Vonness11`> o/ 
[10:34] <Jahchildren> o/ 
[10:34] <Jahchildren> \o 
[10:34] <Jahchildren> ;p 
[10:34] <Jahchildren> JCF been on today? ;) 
[10:34] <Jahchildren> * :) 
[10:34] <Madkatmaximus> no
[10:34] <Madkatmaximus> BRB
[10:35] <Aravis Tarkheena> o/ 
[10:35] <Jahchildren> BFN o/ 
[10:35] <BrickfilmNut> o/ 
[10:35] <Jahchildren> Riolu o/ 
[10:35] <BrickfilmNut> So many people in chat. :S 
[10:35] <Jahchildren> @BFN:
[10:35] <Jahchildren>
[10:35] <Jahchildren> ^
[10:35] <Packachoo> o/ 
[10:36] <Jahchildren> o/ 
[10:36] <Worldracer99> windex pm
[10:36] <Packachoo> Is everyone in chat here, or CC leakers?
[10:36] <BrickfilmNut> That's a lot to take in at once, Jah. :P 
[10:36] <BrickfilmNut> I think basically all of them are LMBWians, Pack.
[10:36] <Vonness11`> * Vonness11` is playing smash
[10:37] <Riolu777> There aren't any CC peeps, I think.
[10:37] <Jahchildren> @BFN: Is that a good thing or a bad thing? :P 
[10:37] <Jahchildren> \o 
[10:37] <BrickfilmNut> Neither in particular. Just takes a while to get an impression is all. :P 
[10:37] <Caysie98> The word "kewl" is apparently a word in English according to the online German-English dictionary I use
[10:37] <BrickfilmNut> lol
[10:37] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Wait, the W in LMBW stands for "Wiki". So really, it wouldn't be LMBWians, it'd be LMBWans, because Wiki already ends in the letter I. :P 
[10:38] <Jahchildren> I wish the scanner didn't mess it all up. :( 
[10:38] <Aravis Tarkheena> Oh, I'm not the only person who's noticed. :P 
[10:38] <BrickfilmNut> Finally scanned over it all. Well done, Jah.
[10:38] <Jahchildren> Thankee. :D 
[10:38] <Worldracer99> ohai sato
[10:38] <Jahchildren> o/ 
[10:38] <Satoshi2> World \o 
[10:38] <Satoshi2> And Jah. \o 
[10:38] <Caysie98> like obi-wan
[10:38] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> ^ xD
[10:38] <Jahchildren> Satoshi o/ 
[10:38] <Caysie98> LMB-wan
[10:38] <Caysie98> :P 
[10:38] <Packachoo> Did anyone else know that 'gruntled' is a word, and is in fact, the opposite of disgruntled?
[10:38] <Caysie98> yes
[10:38] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Yes Cays. :P 
[10:39] <Packachoo> :0 New ping word
[10:39] <Riolu777> You stole that from tumblr, Pack.
[10:39] <Caysie98> ^
[10:39] <SouperBrick2> helo
[10:39] <Caysie98> Chippy!
[10:39] <Worldracer99> who's souperbrick
[10:39] <Madkatmaximus> back
[10:39] <Aravis Tarkheena> According to the law of root words it makes sense
[10:39] <Packachoo> No, my brother just told me that. He probably stole it from Tumblr :p 
[10:39] <Riolu777> He did. :P 
[10:39] <Packachoo> Who's ever used the word, "Gruntled" 
[10:39] <Packachoo> In context
[10:39] <SouperBrick2> i'm new hear
[10:39] <A Walruse> Hey Rio
[10:40] <Aravis Tarkheena> Not I. :P 
[10:40] <A Walruse> you beautiful penguin shrimp omlette mushroom dessert
[10:40] <Nart L. Chipikal> Well, it's good that you're finally hearing things. 
[10:40] <Riolu777> Oh stop flattering me, LED.
[10:40] <Jahchildren> o/ 
[10:41] <Packachoo> (dalek) 
[10:41] <Worldracer99> mad pm
[10:41] <Packachoo> :D 
[10:41] <A Walruse> ugh
[10:41] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Black Friday in Gotham
[10:41] <A Walruse> i want Porter to release a DVD of Worlds
[10:41] <A Walruse> Like, with the visuals of the show
[10:41] <Worldracer99> it took me a second to see batman, LDC.
[10:42] <Caysie98> yes I found the pencil is fell between the couch seats
[10:42] <Satoshi2> XD
[10:42] <Caysie98> *it
[10:42] <Riolu777> My Crobat is a god.
[10:43] <Caysie98> Ok everyone I need to color my homework I am afk cannot respond to pms 
[10:43] <Jahchildren> o/ 
[10:43] <Jahchildren> @Satoshi:
[10:43] <Jahchildren>
[10:43] <Madkatmaximus> we recently destroyed some old furniture and I found one of my old spiderman toys from about 15 years in one of them
[10:43] <Madkatmaximus> it was amazing
[10:43] <Satoshi2> Color your homework?
[10:43] <Satoshi2> :P 
[10:43] <Madkatmaximus> * years ago
[10:43] <Worldracer99> I don't do much on the gallery anymore
[10:43] <Nart L. Chipikal> I don't wanna color your homework. :c
[10:43] <A Walruse> She had to make a comic Sato :P 
[10:43] <Riolu777> Yay Mad. c:
[10:43] <Worldracer99> I plan to make more sprite builds though @Jah
[10:44] <Satoshi2> Oh
[10:44] <Satoshi2> Awesome
[10:44] <Satoshi2> :P 
[10:44] <A Walruse> boredom
[10:44] <A Walruse> (Derp) 
[10:44] <Riolu777> LED, shouldn't you be sleeping
[10:45] <A Walruse> Maybe if I went to bed now I wouldn't wake up at noon tomorrow and I would be able to sleep on the night from sunday to monday and I wouldn't be tired at school
[10:45] <A Walruse> but nah
[10:45] <A Walruse> And Rio, no, I should not.
[10:45] <A Walruse> It's not even 12
[10:45] <Riolu777> But don't you want to be productive?
[10:45] <Madkatmaximus> Hi Drwe
[10:45] <A Walruse> no
[10:45] <652Graystripe> I'm back.
[10:45] <Madkatmaximus> Hi Grya
[10:45] <Madkatmaximus> (derp) 
[10:46] <A Walruse> I really should set up my surround system properly but that would require me to a. work and b. have cables all over the room :c
[10:46] <Riolu777> Be productive. c:
[10:46] <A Walruse> But I doN't want cables all across the room :c
[10:47] <Riolu777> Then hide them. c:
[10:47] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Put a rug or carpet over them. :P 
[10:48] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Or maybe a cool little bridge, with a moat underneath
[10:48] <A Walruse> that would look extremely crappy in my case
[10:48] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> (Make sure the cables have the plastic stuff around them, if you're gonna stick them in water, though.) :P 
[10:48] <Riolu777> Or remove the insulated layer and have them be a deterrent for anyone trying to come into your room.
[10:48] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> xD
[10:48] <Madkatmaximus> Skul :( 
[10:49] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Dig a hole underground and make the wires run through that. :P 
[10:49] <Riolu777> Skul :( 
[10:49] <Madkatmaximus> The LEGO TBBT topic got locked :( 
[10:49] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> TBBT?
[10:49] <Madkatmaximus> the big <span style="color:red;">ban</span>g theory
[10:49] <NetbagReborn> ^
[10:49] <A Walruse> My bedroom is on the second floor Brick
[10:49] <Riolu777> Due to idiocy?
[10:49] <Agent Spy> lolwat
[10:49] <Satoshi2> What for?
[10:49] <Satoshi2> @Mad
[10:49] <Aravis Tarkheena> I watched like one episode of that and it was amusing enough
[10:49] <Madkatmaximus> Due to the kids not staying civil and kept using childish insults :P 
[10:50] <Madkatmaximus> was amazing to watch
[10:50] <Satoshi2> XD
[10:50] <Satoshi2> @Mad
[10:50] <Satoshi2> I saw a bit of some episodes, too.
[10:50] <Aravis Tarkheena> It was kind of too cheesy to be enjoyable though, somehow :P 
[10:50] <Riolu777> dem kiddies and dem insults (derp) 
[10:50] <A Walruse> Did they try to be mature by saying the show was inappropriate Mad
[10:50] <Satoshi2> Did anyone ever see that one with the time machine, though?
[10:50] <Madkatmaximus> Yes LED
[10:50] <Satoshi2> And the ending with the morlocks dream?
[10:50] <Satoshi2> ...That scared the crap out of me
[10:50] <A Walruse> That really wasn't hard to guess
[10:50] <Satoshi2> :P 
[10:50] <Madkatmaximus> "You seem to have nothing to offer to this topic than snide remarks."
[10:51] <Madkatmaximus> "Why are you talking to yourself? (smug) "
[10:51] <Madkatmaximus> I LOL'd
[10:51] <A Walruse> dat burn do
[10:51] <Satoshi2> Who said those quotes, respectively? 
[10:51] <Satoshi2> Because that's great
[10:51] <Satoshi2> XD
[10:51] <Madkatmaximus> those are paraphrasing but it was Ryantr(?) and Johnyjo
[10:51] <Madkatmaximus> johnyjo is like the ultimate example of a typical MB kid
[10:52] <Satoshi2> (clap) 
[10:52] <Satoshi2> I actually have to applaud him for his remark. :P 
[10:52] <Madkatmaximus> Dude the "Why are you talking to yourself" thing gets old after 4th grade :P 
[10:53] <BrickfilmNut> :P 
[10:53] <Riolu777> "if you're so snide then why don't you marry yourself"
[10:54] <Msd the CODYN Fan> hi :P 
[10:54] <SouperBrick2> oh i've seen that topeic!
[10:54] <Madkatmaximus> Oh yeah he also wanted to start a religious debate and couldn't spell religion, and also thinks atheism is a religion 
[10:54] <Madkatmaximus> :P 
[10:54] <Riolu777> Now, I thought this was the MsD imitator? :P 
[10:54] <SouperBrick2> codyn has fanns?
[10:55] <ToneTyphoon> XD
[10:55] <SouperBrick2> is that a gam of thrones name
[10:55] <Alemas2005> Mad, that made me really laugh. :P 
[10:55] <Alemas2005> Thank my sleepdrunkedness! :P 
[10:55] <NetbagReborn> No he doesn't Soup
[10:55] <ToneTyphoon> It is Soup
[10:55] <Madkatmaximus> ALE IS SLEEPDRUNK? :O 
[10:55] <Madkatmaximus> That's new
[10:55] <Skully Of House Lannister> Ale is just drunk. :P 
[10:55] <Packachoo> Alemas PM
[10:56] <A Walruse> ugh
[10:56] <A Walruse> I'm tired
[10:56] <Kerberos89> hey
[10:57] <Drew1200> It's like 2AM here, except my clock says 5:57. :S 
[10:57] <A Walruse> pretty much midnight over h ere
[10:57] <Codyn329> Wth
[10:57] <Codyn329> Oh it's MsD
[10:57] <Drew1200> My body says it's 2AM, at least.
[10:58] <Madkatmaximus> Drew is a time lord confirmed 
[10:58] <SouperBrick2> drew1200 do you live in asia
[10:58] <A Walruse> Uhm
[10:58] <A Walruse> THat's an eastern european time zone
[10:58] <A Walruse> But k
[10:58] <ToneTyphoon> Who invited Mr Lunt?
[10:58] <A Walruse> Or well, African I suppose
[10:58] <Drew1200> Maybe I'm in Asia, and I have 8 hour jet lag.
[10:58] <A Walruse> "Maybe"
[10:58] <A Walruse> Uhm
[10:59] <A Walruse> How do you know not where you are
[10:59] <Madkatmaximus> Drew are you lost
[10:59] <Madkatmaximus> DO YOU NEED HELP
[10:59] <Madkatmaximus> Call this number
[10:59] <Drew1200> It'd be one zone over, Walruse.
[10:59] <A Walruse> Over what
[10:59] <Drew1200> Yes please
[10:59] <Drew1200> Past EET
[10:59] <Drew1200> Maybe
[10:59] <Drew1200> Unless I'm wrong again. :P 
[10:59] <Alemas2005> Drew, PM.
[11:00] <A Walruse> Well I think Pauline is in that timezone in which it's 2am right now and she's in the western part of Russia (i think)
[11:00] <Drew1200> I know, Alemas. It's urgent.
[11:00] <Drew1200> Yes, same timezone as Pauline.
[11:01] <Madkatmaximus> wait what
[11:01] <Drew1200> EET is +2
[11:01] <Madkatmaximus> I got another lucky edit
[11:01] <Madkatmaximus> when
[11:01] <Madkatmaximus> how
[11:01] <Madkatmaximus> why
[11:01] <Madkatmaximus> Jdude might kill me now
[11:01] <Madkatmaximus> :P 
[11:01] <Drew1200> When? :P 
[11:01] <Madkatmaximus> I don't know I just looked at my badges and I have another one :P 
[11:01] <Packachoo> lol
[11:01] <Drew1200> What's the name of Moscow's timezone?
[11:02] <SouperBrick2> timecow
[11:02] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> The Communist Timezone of Communism
[11:02] <Agent Spy> Drew, PM
[11:02] <Madkatmaximus> chatlogger please start working again 
[11:02] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Brought to you by Communism since 1918
[11:03] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> A division of Marx Inc.
[11:03] <Drew1200> They quit that sorta thing awhile ago :P 
[11:03] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Communism is still out there.
[11:03] <Caysie98> Bye 
[11:03] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> o/ 
[11:03] <A Walruse> Bye 
[11:03] <A Walruse> c
[11:04] <A Walruse> * :c
[11:04] <Drew1200> I want to visit Moscow FYI. I don't really care about most cities, but Moscow would be cool to visit.
[11:04] <Madkatmaximus> Drew LDC lives in like 1983
[11:04] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Big Red? What a communist name.
[11:04] <Jahchildren> \o 
[11:04] <Drew1200> I live in 2AM
[11:04] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Yes, Mad. The year is 1983, which means I was born in 1970. I started supporting the Vietnam War at age 2. :P 
[11:04] <A Walruse> Moscow would be cool to visit, yeah
[11:05] <Drew1200> If there's another world war, are they going to call it WWIII, or World War 3.0? (derp) 
[11:05] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> At age 4, I owned my first gun. :P 
[11:05] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> ...You can have a fraction of a war? :P 
[11:05] <A Walruse> And at age 5 you shot your first terrorist.
[11:06] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Hell yeah I did
[11:06] <Drew1200> I actually still don't own a gun.
[11:06] <A Walruse> Oh wait that's 40 years later
[11:06] <A Walruse> *30
[11:06] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Viet Cong = terrorist, same thing
[11:06] <A Walruse> Right
[11:07] <A Walruse> As long as they don't want to accept true american freedom into their lives they're terrorists, I forgot.
[11:07] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> ...IDK if her name is pronounced "Izzybee", "Izzybay", or "Izzybeh".
[11:07] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Correct, LMP
[11:07] <ToneTyphoon> I pronounce it IzzyBe
[11:07] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> ...OK, and how would that sound...?
[11:07] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> :P 
[11:07] <ToneTyphoon> Izzy bee :P 
[11:08] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> OK. :P 
[11:08] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Same
[11:08] <ToneTyphoon> this is all just speculation, I've never talked to her :P 
[11:08] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Nobody has. :P 
[11:08] <ToneTyphoon> :P 
[11:09] <ToneTyphoon> Don't mind her, just the NSA (<span style="color:red;">spy</span> o)
[11:09] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> She's a communist.
[11:09] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Izzybe has 6 letters.
[11:09] <A Walruse> so does weed
[11:09] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> 6 times 10 is 60.
[11:09] <A Walruse> and so does satan
[11:09] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> xD
[11:09] <A Walruse> Izzy is the antichrist confirmed
[11:10] <Madkatmaximus> and so does BIEBEr
[11:10] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> If you take the year in which Russia became communist, which is 1918, and add 60, you get 1978.
[11:10] <ToneTyphoon> Whir o/ 
[11:10] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> 1978 was the year communism took control of Afghanistan.
[11:10] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Izzybe = communist confirmed
[11:11] <A Walruse> "communism took control of"
[11:11] <A Walruse> xD
[11:11] <Worldracer99> communism took control of
[11:11] <Worldracer99> "WHO IS THIS 4CHAN"
[11:12] <Alemas2005> GTG...
[11:12] <Alemas2005> Bye.
[11:12] <SouperBrick2> bye aleams2005
[11:12] <NetbagReborn> o/ 
[11:13] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> ?
[11:13] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Communism took control in 1978...
[11:13] <Worldracer99> madkatmaximus pm
[11:13] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> I don't get what is so funny.
[11:13] <Worldracer99> The sentence is just kinda phrased awkwardly
[11:14] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> OK...
[11:14] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> 1978 is the year the communist party ruled Afghanistan. :P 
[11:14] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> *started ruling
[11:14] <A Walruse> It makes it sound like Communism is a person or a country
[11:14] <Worldracer99> It would be better if it was
[11:14] <Worldracer99> 1978 is the year the Communist Party took control of Afghanistan.
[11:14] <A Walruse> Which is probably what some rednecks believe
[11:14] <A Walruse> 1978 is the year in which Afghanistan was under communist rule.
[11:15] <A Walruse> Or had a communist regime.
[11:15] <A Walruse> Or started having [...]
[11:16] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> BOT, Izzybe is a communist.
[11:16] <A Walruse> And the antichrist.
[11:16] <A Walruse> And Obama's a double
[11:16] <BrickfilmNut> gtg o/ 
[11:16] <Marcel77799> Why her?
[11:16] <A Walruse> *Obama's double
[11:17] <A Walruse> Because her name has 6 letters
[11:17] <A Walruse> So does Satan
[11:17] <Marcel77799> Oh ok :P 
[11:17] <Marcel77799> (derp) 
[11:17] <Satoshi2> What is going on in this chat
[11:17] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> GTG
[11:17] <A Walruse> nothing
[11:17] <Madkatmaximus> WB Cay
[11:17] <Marcel77799> WB Cay
[11:17] <Jahchildren> Politics, Satoshi. (nerd) 
[11:17] <Caysie98> wait is Rio an admin
[11:17] <Worldracer99> Grammar, Sato.
[11:18] <Madkatmaximus> Not anymore
[11:18] <Satoshi2> No
[11:18] <Madkatmaximus> :c
[11:18] <Caysie98> what happened
[11:18] <Madkatmaximus> He resigned 
[11:18] <Caysie98> Oh
[11:18] <Marcel77799> He demoted himself
[11:18] <Marcel77799> Yeah
[11:18] <Marcel77799> Sadly
[11:18] <Caysie98> He didn't do something bad though :P 
[11:18] <Marcel77799> No
[11:18] <Worldracer99> madkat pm
[11:19] <Jahchildren> I finished my Christmas album. (cool) 
[11:19] <Marcel77799> He did it coz he left for some time and wasnt that happy with his admin role
[11:20] <Marcel77799> o/ 
[11:21] <Marcel77799> :c
[11:21] <Codyn329> darn did BFN leave already
[11:21] <Jahchildren> Sadly, yes. :c
[11:22] <Codyn329> ;~;
[11:22] <Jahchildren> o/ 
[11:23] <Worldracer99> madkat pm
[11:24] <Jahchildren> I finished my Christmas album! :'D (party) 
[11:24] <Jahchildren> 
[11:24] <Jahchildren> 59 minutes, 42 seconds. (nerd) Here's what I've got:
[11:24] <Jahchildren> 
[11:24] <Jahchildren> The Christmas Song (4:41)
[11:24] <Jahchildren> Little Drummer Boy (3:21)
[11:24] <Jahchildren> Silver Bells (3:15)
[11:24] <Jahchildren> Winter Wonderland (4:56)
[11:24] <Jahchildren> Greensleeves (What Child Is This?) (5:17)
[11:24] <Jahchildren> Frosty The Snowman (3:01)
[11:24] <Jahchildren> Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town (3:53)
[11:24] <Jahchildren> Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (4:21)
[11:24] <Jahchildren> O Come O Come Emmanuel (5:36)
[11:24] <Jahchildren> Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (2:14)
[11:24] <Jahchildren> Jingle Bells (3:58)
[11:24] <Jahchildren> Blue Christmas (3:32)
[11:24] <Jahchildren> Digital Winter (6:06)
[11:24] <Jahchildren> So This Is Christmas (5:05)
[11:24] <Worldracer99> you made your own versions of all those songs?
[11:25] <Jahchildren> Yup. (nerd) 
[11:25] <Jahchildren> o/ 
[11:25] <Marcel77799> o/ 
[11:25] <Jahchildren> And almost all of them are in different genres. (nerd) 
[11:25] <A Walruse> oh jesus just please get all this christmas out of my face
[11:26] <A Walruse> everyone's all cheery and crap
[11:26] <A Walruse> and it makes me wanna murder kittens
[11:26] <Worldracer99> does this help at all walruse
[11:26] <Marcel77799> Go listen gto ABR Christmas album :p 
[11:26] <Marcel77799> @LED
[11:27] <Marcel77799> *to
[11:27] <Jahchildren> I gtg \o 
[11:28] <Jahchildren> Darthy's coming on. ;) (santa) 
[11:28] <A Walruse> No
[11:28] <A Walruse> WR NO
[11:28] <A Walruse> NO
[11:28] <A Walruse> GOD PLEASE NO
[11:28] <A Walruse> NOOO
[11:28] <A Walruse> NO
[11:28] <Vonness11`> wr why do you keep using youtube
[11:29] <Worldracer99> because i'm lazy and you don't have to read the comments
[11:29] <A Walruse> Ugh 
[11:29] <Vonness11`> so you're willingly breaking the rules
[11:29] <Vonness11`> k
[11:29] <Worldracer99> k, sorry
[11:29] <Worldracer99> i'll use viewpure more
[11:29] <A Walruse> All the bronies in the comments with incredibly low standards
[11:29] <Marcel77799> LED:
[11:29] <Worldracer99> but there's barely anyone on chat so
[11:29] <A Walruse> How can anyone even listen to this
[11:29] <Marcel77799> This might help
[11:30] <A Walruse> I /don't want/ to get into christmas
[11:30] <A Walruse> I just want this to be over agani
[11:30] <Marcel77799> Why? :p 
[11:30] <Vonness11`> what's wrong with Christmas
[11:30] <Vonness11`> don't be like Gameking
[11:31] <A Walruse> Keep your bucking religious stuff please out of EDM WR ;_;
[11:31] <Marcel77799> xD
[11:31] <Worldracer99> would menacing steampunk christmas music help
[11:31] <Worldracer99> and trust me, when you run sound at a church, you have to learn some christian edm artists
[11:32] <Packachoo> Can someone find some Dubstep Christmas music
[11:32] <Packachoo> I want my brains to explode
[11:32] <Packachoo> o/ AJR
[11:32] <A Walruse> WR just linked one of those 
[11:32] <Ajraddatz> meow
[11:32] <A Walruse> Except it was so horribly produced
[11:32] <NetbagReborn> yey a VSTF
[11:32] <A Walruse> My brain exploded from the horrible-ness
[11:32] <Ajraddatz> where???
[11:32] <Marcel77799> :P 
[11:32] <Codyn329> It's ajr
[11:32] <Codyn329> (derp) 
[11:32] <Ajraddatz> w00f
[11:32] <Codyn329> and bricki saff
[11:33] <Codyn329> *staff
[11:33] <Codyn329> meow
[11:33] <A Walruse> Aw jeez at least ABR are actually good
[11:33] <Ajraddatz> :O a cuk too
[11:33] <Marcel77799> Yeah
[11:33] <Marcel77799> Sleddin' Hill is amazing
[11:33] <Packachoo> Drew pm
[11:33] <Worldracer99> walruse is this any better
[11:33] <Packachoo> Anyone else be laggin
[11:33] <NetbagReborn> I ain't
[11:33] <A Walruse> Just leave me alone WR
[11:33] <Marcel77799> WR:
[11:34] <Worldracer99> it's menacing steampunk christmas music
[11:34] <Worldracer99> played on a fiddle and a piano
[11:34] <A Walruse> Also I still refuse to accept Steampunk as a genre
[11:34] <A Walruse> For music, that is
[11:34] <Packachoo>
[11:34] <Packachoo> Anyone else read dis
[11:34] <Worldracer99> OK then it's music based on steampunk.
[11:34] <Packachoo> Dis good
[11:34] <Worldracer99> Feel free to call it whatever genre you want.
[11:35] <Worldracer99> Kindly shove a cactus somewhere painful, Packachoo.
[11:35] <Ajraddatz> wow so rude
[11:35] <Ajraddatz> :( 
[11:35] <Worldracer99> I'm allowed to be rude when it comes to Twilight.
[11:35] <Packachoo> xD
[11:35] <Packachoo> Looking for fellow Twilitian fans
[11:35] <Marcel77799> o/ 
[11:35] <Worldracer99> Look somewhere else then, Pack.
[11:36] <Worldracer99> The people on this wiki enjoy /good/ literature
[11:36] <Packachoo> Ok :( 
[11:36] <A Walruse> Actually I'm pretty sure 50% of the wiki is illiterate
[11:37] <Ajraddatz> not meee
[11:37] <Worldracer99> nah, not that much
[11:37] <ToneTyphoon> o/ 
[11:37] <Ajraddatz> im litarates
[11:37] <ToneTyphoon> How's Aj?
[11:37] <ToneTyphoon> *Who's
[11:37] <Ajraddatz> excellent, thanks
[11:37] <Ajraddatz> :( 
[11:37] <Ajraddatz> idk
[11:37] <ToneTyphoon> Well neither do I
[11:37] <Marcel77799> VSTF
[11:37] <Vonness11`> If we're illiterate, how can we read your messages =) .
[11:37] <ToneTyphoon> =) 
[11:37] <ToneTyphoon> Siri =) 
[11:38] <Packachoo> AJR's epic
[11:38] <Ajraddatz> <33
[11:38] <Packachoo> Except he has no Leaf
[11:38] <Packachoo> No Canadian Leaf
[11:38] <Packachoo> :S 
[11:38] <Ajraddatz> I'll need to get on that.
[11:38] <ToneTyphoon> Ooooooh CAAAANADAAAAA
[11:39] <Marcel77799> xD
[11:39] <Ajraddatz> better?
[11:39] <Madkatmaximus> AFK BRB
[11:39] <Ajraddatz> I'm in a Quebec sort of mood atm
[11:39] <Marcel77799> kk
[11:40] <Packachoo> Close enough
[11:40] <Worldracer99> These shows I watch have such little merch that I should just persuade Mad to do art and put it on a shirt
[11:40] <ToneTyphoon> :P 
[11:40] <Packachoo> I have an epic avatar now
[11:40] <Packachoo> It's a Packachoo Alpaca
[11:42] <Vonness11`> wr I just found like 20 danganronpa shirts on google images
[11:42] <Vonness11`> :p 
[11:42] <Worldracer99> and how many of them official
[11:42] <Worldracer99> *are official
[11:42] <Worldracer99> and the only ones i could find are way overpriced
[11:43] <Vonness11`> kden
[11:43] <Worldracer99> and all of them just have monokuma on it
[11:43] <A Walruse>
[11:43] <Worldracer99> don't get me wrong i love monokuma, i just wish there were others
[11:43] <Vonness11`> feenix rite
[11:44] <Worldracer99> i would buy this tho
[11:45] <Vonness11`> yes :3
[11:46] <Worldracer99> and don't even get me started on Another Crawling Chaos
[11:46] <Worldracer99> they have like no shirts
[11:46] <Worldracer99> at all
[11:46] <Vonness11`> brb
[11:49] <Bonrw1> That was one of the best birthdays I've had!! (cake) 
[11:50] <Madkatmaximus> back
[11:51] <Marcel77799> WB
[11:51] <A Walruse>
[11:51] <A Walruse> this is so
[11:51] <A Walruse> so
[11:51] <A Walruse> so
[11:51] <A Walruse> not 
[11:52] <A Walruse> ok
[11:52] <Ajraddatz> whynot?
[11:52] <Vonness11`> *no one gets it*
[11:52] <A Walruse> Play BL2
[11:53] <A Walruse> most people on chat here don't get your anime stuff either
[11:53] <Vonness11`> I could bring up a list of people who get it
[11:53] <Vonness11`> ...was about to wave "hi" to netbag (fp) 
[11:54] <Codyn329> looool
[11:55] <NetbagReborn> You can now (derp) 
[11:55] <Madkatmaximus> o/ 
[11:55] <Madkatmaximus> :P :P :P 
[11:55] <A Walruse> The new chat messages are so dumb anyway
[11:55] <Nart L. Chipikal> Hellos are just goodbyes in reverse. 
[11:55] <SouperBrick2> do you guy like my avatar
[11:56] <A Walruse> I always think people join when someone leaves because the welcome messages used to be longer than the leaving messages.
[11:56] <NetbagReborn> (gasp) 
[11:56] <NetbagReborn> Bad words
[11:56] <ToneTyphoon> (gasp) 
[11:57] <Madkatmaximus> Soup, don't post links with swears in them.
[11:57] <Marcel77799> Abby o/ 
[11:57] <Bgirlabby> o/ 
[11:57] <SouperBrick2> oky
[11:57] <ToneTyphoon> A lemon?
[11:57] <Madkatmaximus> Hi abby
[11:57] <SouperBrick2> sorry
[11:57] <Bgirlabby> A lemon :p 
[11:57] <ToneTyphoon> K :P 
[11:58] <Marcel77799> You forgot the vodka, Abby :p 
[11:58] <Bgirlabby> (ud) 
[11:58] <Vonness11`> Hey Abby :3
[11:58] <Marcel77799> Vodka lemon (derp) 
[11:59] <Bgirlabby> is thT cLEAR I see
[11:59] <Bgirlabby> Dangit I cannot type
[11:59] <Bgirlabby> :p 
[11:59] <Vonness11`> yes :3
[11:59] <Vonness11`> vodka x russia 
[11:59] <Bgirlabby> OTP
[11:59] <Marcel77799> I know where it went...
[11:59] <Marcel77799> You drank it :p 
[11:59] <Bgirlabby> *sigh*
[11:59] <Marcel77799> Thats why you cant type
[11:59] <Bgirlabby> You got me :p 
[02:48] <Legofrodo12> Dead King x Witch King
[02:50] <Codyn329> test
[02:50] <Keplers> Lhikan II x Lhikan I x Lhikan
[02:51] <Keplers> Mata Nui Robot x Shore Turtle
[02:52] <Legofrodo12> Aragorn x Anduril
[02:53] <Legofrodo12> Narsil x Anduril
[02:53] <Legofrodo12> (as) 
[02:54] <Keplers> Makuta x Rahkshi
[02:54] <Keplers> [[ ]]Incest or just really weird 
[02:54] <Keplers> You decide
[02:54] <MeltE2> Hey <span style="color:red;">Spy</span>.
[02:54] <Legofrodo12> <span style="color:red;">Spy</span>. (sie)
[02:56] <Legofrodo12> Yay I killed it. :P 
[02:58] <NetbagReborn> test
[03:01] <Codyn329> failed
[03:01] <Codyn329> yet again
[03:01] <Codyn329> (n) 
[03:02] <Codyn329> o/ 
[03:03] <Legofrodo12> My internet died... (:|) And I was just thinking earlier that it had been a while since it had done that. XP
[03:04] <Codyn329> :P 
[03:07] <Legofrodo12> *starts dancing* 
[03:07] <Legofrodo12> DEAD DEAD DEAD ALL DEAD! :'D :'D :'D :'D :'D 
[03:10] <ToneTyphoon> 
[03:10] <ToneTyphoon> Seriously?
[03:10] <ToneTyphoon> Back to the shipping thing again?
[03:11] <Madkatmaximus> that was like forever ago
[03:11] <ToneTyphoon> Ah yeah, 20 minutes ago
[03:11] <Legofrodo12> Eh?
[03:11] <ToneTyphoon> Hey Frofro o/ 
[03:12] <Legofrodo12> Hi Tonester. o/ 
[03:12] <ToneTyphoon> And who's CaptainBrickmaster?
[03:12] <MeltE2> Some old person.
[03:12] <ToneTyphoon> I see this now
[03:15] <Vonness11`> TwistedAlpha's dup
[03:15] <Vonness11`> *du[e
[03:15] <Vonness11`> **DUPE
[03:15] <Legofrodo12> XD
[03:18] <ToneTyphoon> That's what I was thinking actually :P 
[03:18] <ItsCryptiid> I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE
[03:18] <ToneTyphoon> Hey Crpyt o/ 
[03:18] <MeltE2> Hi Crypt.
[03:18] <ItsCryptiid> I JUST CAN'T DO IT./
[03:18] <ItsCryptiid> I SERIOUSLY CAN'T.
[03:18] <NetbagReborn> I gotta go. o/ 
[03:19] <ItsCryptiid> \O 
[03:19] <MeltE2> can't take what
[03:19] <Madkatmaximus> afk brb
[03:20] <ItsCryptiid> MY MOTHER
[03:20] <ItsCryptiid> I JUST CAN'T STAND HER,
[03:20] <MeltE2> oh
[03:20] <MeltE2> Hi Pack.
[03:20] <ItsCryptiid> She is driving me to insanity with her bigotry, ignorance, and flat-out scumbaggery.
[03:21] <Packachoo> o/ 
[03:21] <Legofrodo12> Crypt... That's not nice. :O 
[03:21] <Packachoo> What did she do?
[03:21] <ItsCryptiid> SHE'S HORRIBLE.
[03:22] <ItsCryptiid> AND THAT'S NOT ALL.
[03:22] <Vonness11`> I LIKE CAPS TOO.
[03:23] <Packachoo> Most moms do that
[03:23] <ItsCryptiid> AND ON TOP OF ALL OF THAT...
[03:23] <Packachoo> Not the religion thing, but the annoying logic thing
[03:23] <Vonness11`> am I the only one with (mostly) sane parents here :p 
[03:23] <ItsCryptiid> Yes, Von
[03:23] <MeltE2> no, von
[03:23] <ItsCryptiid> Also, she is a scumbag!
[03:24] <Vonness11`> Tell her to give Steve his hat back.
[03:24] <ItsCryptiid> She was born with it, von.
[03:24] <ItsCryptiid> And it is just KILLING ME.
[03:24] <ItsCryptiid> I am seriously about to run.
[03:24] <Vonness11`> Scumbag Steve stole it from her though
[03:24] <Vonness11`> 
[03:24] <Vonness11`> #stealsahatfromababy
[03:24] <Legofrodo12> No Von, my parents are sane.
[03:24] <Vonness11`> good
[03:24] <ItsCryptiid> Because that's the only solution I have
[03:25] <ItsCryptiid> She tells me to not use the r-word but calls me it all the time.
[03:25] <ItsCryptiid> Her hypocrite-ness is literally cancerous.
[03:26] <Vonness11`> So your mom ticked you off a little with bad logic, so you're going to run away.
[03:26] <Vonness11`> kkk
[03:26] <Vonness11`> "R word" ...wat
[03:26] <NetbagReborn> Rat (derp) 
[03:26] <ItsCryptiid> "ticked you off a little with bad logic"
[03:26] <ItsCryptiid> IT'S MORE THAN THAT.
[03:26] <ItsCryptiid> TERUST ME.
[03:26] <ItsCryptiid> *TRUST
[03:26] <ItsCryptiid> IF YOU WERE ME, YOU'D KNOW.
[03:26] <Agent Spy> she calls you the R-WORD?
[03:26] <ItsCryptiid> TRUST ME, YOU'D KNOW.
[03:26] <ItsCryptiid> YES!
[03:26] <Agent Spy> Runt?
[03:26] <Agent Spy> O:
[03:26] <Vonness11`> RAPPER?
[03:26] <ItsCryptiid> Now.
[03:26] <Packachoo> I'm on the verge of running, all of the time
[03:27] <ItsCryptiid> *No
[03:27] <Packachoo> Retard ?
[03:27] <Packachoo> Oh
[03:27] <Packachoo> oops
[03:27] <ItsCryptiid> Yes, pack.
[03:27] <Agent Spy> warning, pack. :P 
[03:27] <ItsCryptiid> The people who said sarcastic answer are what pack just said.
[03:27] <NetbagReborn> I thought we got that un<span style="color:red;">block</span>ed :P
[03:27] <Packachoo> Sorry <span style="color:red;">Spy</span>, thought that word was apropriate when used in the right way
[03:27] <Vonness11`> Lol, personal attack much, GK?
[03:27] <NetbagReborn> ^
[03:27] <Packachoo> Cryptiid, I'm on the verge of running. Have been.
[03:28] <ItsCryptiid> Well you guys were being sarcastic in the stupid form possible
[03:28] <Packachoo> I;ve decided to wait it out.
[03:28] <Packachoo> We're teens
[03:28] <ItsCryptiid> In the most apathetic form 
[03:28] <Codyn329> Cryptid, watch what you say
[03:28] <ItsCryptiid> So... yeah I had to.
[03:28] <ItsCryptiid> SIGH...
[03:28] <Codyn329> Next is a <span style="color:red;">kick</span>
[03:28] <Packachoo> 18 and then we're done
[03:28] <Packachoo> No parents
[03:28] <ItsCryptiid> You mean 20, pack :P 
[03:28] <ItsCryptiid> You're techincally no longer a teen when you reach 20
[03:29] <ItsCryptiid> I'm getting <span style="color:red;">kick</span>ed for getting annoyed lol ok.
[03:29] <ItsCryptiid> (ys) 
[03:29] <ItsCryptiid> You're just like my mom...
[03:29] <ItsCryptiid> Always trying to tick me off...
[03:29] <ItsCryptiid> Spiteful witch.
[03:29] <Vonness11`> no, for personally attacking people
[03:29] <NetbagReborn> ^
[03:29] <ItsCryptiid> Me?
[03:29] <NetbagReborn> Yes
[03:29] <ItsCryptiid> How was that an attack?
[03:29] <Vonness11`> No, we're just sick of you whining 99% of the time you're on chat.
[03:29] <Vonness11`> You called us "retards" xD
[03:29] <Vonness11`> How is that not an attack?
[03:29] <NetbagReborn> ^
[03:29] <Vonness11`> o/ 
[03:29] <ItsCryptiid> UGH
[03:29] <ItsCryptiid> ..................................BN 
[03:30] <ItsCryptiid> I am abut to put my ehad through my wall...
[03:30] <ItsCryptiid> You guys aren't helping.
[03:30] <ItsCryptiid> AT ALL.
[03:30] <ItsCryptiid> You guys are making me feel worse than I already am!
[03:30] <ItsCryptiid> So, fromt he bottom of my heart, thank you.
[03:30] <FortressOfNight> whats going on
[03:30] <ItsCryptiid> I'm having family problems and what do you do?
[03:30] <Vonness11`> Maybe we'd listen to what you were saying if you didn't complain all the time already.
[03:30] <ItsCryptiid> Torment me.
[03:30] <Vonness11`> How the hell am I suppo-
[03:30] <Vonness11`> oh my god
[03:30] <ItsCryptiid> How am I complaining?
[03:30] <Vonness11`> xD
[03:31] <ItsCryptiid> I'm venting my anger towards my mom
[03:31] <ItsCryptiid> I thought you'd guys help.
[03:31] <ItsCryptiid> But no.
[03:31] <ItsCryptiid> No.
[03:31] <ItsCryptiid> You never do.
[03:31] <ItsCryptiid> I'm Satan to you guys, so I'm done.
[03:31] <ItsCryptiid> I'm too hated here
[03:31] <FortressOfNight> to be fair, this is the internet
[03:31] <ItsCryptiid> So, I'm done.
[03:31] <ItsCryptiid> Bye.
[03:31] <ItsCryptiid> For good.
[03:31] <ItsCryptiid> o/ o/ o/ 
[03:31] <FortressOfNight> apathy =/= hare
[03:31] <FortressOfNight> hate*
[03:31] <Vonness11`> ...Why am I going to help someone who complained because he wasn't getting a playstation for Christmas.
[03:31] <Madkatmaximus> coming to LMBW doe comfort or something is a really bad idea
[03:31] <Madkatmaximus> * for
[03:31] <FortressOfNight> ^
[03:32] <Vonness11`> per mad
[03:32] <Vonness11`> o/ 
[03:32] <FortressOfNight> like yjf for example
[03:32] <FortressOfNight> he comes on chat like "guys pls halp me"
[03:32] <Agent Spy> o/ 
[03:32] <Madkatmaximus> Steve :D 
[03:32] <Packachoo> Sorry Cryptiid
[03:32] <Nehpets7000> People! (as) 
[03:32] <Packachoo> Is there anything we can do to help?
[03:32] <Vonness11`> * Vonness11` smashes Steve with Kirby's hammer
[03:32] <Vonness11`> i smASH'D U BROOOOO
[03:33] <Vonness11`> hehehehe so fun e
[03:33] <Vonness11`> he ragequitted, pack
[03:33] <Packachoo> Lag then
[03:33] <ItsCryptiid> Took a breather
[03:33] <ItsCryptiid> Calmed down.
[03:33] <Packachoo> He's back
[03:33] <ItsCryptiid> Now, can we try this again?
[03:33] <Nehpets7000> soup or smashed
[03:33] <Packachoo> Sure
[03:34] <ItsCryptiid> Me and my mother are currently hating each other
[03:34] <FortressOfNight> why? D:
[03:34] <Packachoo> Is there anything we can do to help you with that relationship?
[03:34] <ItsCryptiid> There is apparently some form of phenomonomn where everything we do seems to tick each other off
[03:34] <Packachoo> or just survival wise?
[03:34] <ItsCryptiid> She hates my gaming, I hate her shopping
[03:34] <ItsCryptiid> We can't compromise.
[03:34] <MeltE2> GTG, see you all sometime.
[03:34] <Vonness11`> o/ 
[03:35] <ItsCryptiid> She is obsessed with religion, I think it's preposterous 
[03:35] <Legofrodo12> Bye Melt. o/ 
[03:35] <Madkatmaximus> bye melt
[03:35] <ItsCryptiid> She shoves it in my face, I ATTEMPT to ignore it.
[03:35] <ItsCryptiid> We just can't live with each other
[03:35] <ItsCryptiid> We're eventually going to harm each other
[03:35] <Packachoo> Hm. Just an idea, tellme how it would work -
[03:35] <ItsCryptiid> It's literally gotten to the point where I've almost had to sleep with a knife under my pillow for safety.
[03:36] <ItsCryptiid> And where I've planned to dispose of her with said sharp object.
[03:36] <Packachoo> Could you tell her to save an hour for the two of you, sit down, and tell her your point of view 
[03:36] <ItsCryptiid> She won't listen!
[03:36] <Packachoo> Propose a plan to shop with her so often
[03:36] <ItsCryptiid> She's too bigoted and ignorant!
[03:36] <Packachoo> Hm.
[03:36] <FortressOfNight> seems like a bit of an overreaction
[03:36] <Packachoo> I don't think it does.
[03:36] <ItsCryptiid> You can't get any logic into her thick skull full of Joel Olsteen and H&M.
[03:36] <Packachoo> You could try running away for a day. On the weekend.
[03:37] <Packachoo> Disappear
[03:37] <ItsCryptiid> I'm currently planning to, Pack.
[03:37] <Packachoo> Reapear at the end of the day
[03:37] <FortressOfNight> that also sounds like an overreaction
[03:37] <ItsCryptiid> When I'm leaving and where I'm going is still being planned.
[03:37] <Packachoo> She'll freak 
[03:37] <ItsCryptiid> Yeah, Pack, and I won't return until things change.
[03:37] <ItsCryptiid> Overreaction? More like a solution.
[03:38] <Madkatmaximus> leaving would pretty much just make it worse
[03:38] <ItsCryptiid> If you knew how it felt, you'd know, Fort.
[03:38] <FortressOfNight> overreactions and solutions aren't excluaive
[03:38] <ItsCryptiid> If you knew how I feel.
[03:38] <ItsCryptiid> You'd know.
[03:38] <ItsCryptiid> I'm literally freaking out.
[03:38] <FortressOfNight> oh god, the "you dont understand" excus
[03:38] <ItsCryptiid> I can't take her anymore.
[03:38] <Packachoo> If you run away
[03:38] <Packachoo> just do it for a day
[03:39] <ItsCryptiid> I'll do it for as long as I need to.
[03:39] <Packachoo> Then wait a while before you do the same again
[03:39] <Packachoo> See what happens
[03:39] <ItsCryptiid> Though it is true that it'll get worse, it may also fix everything.
[03:39] <ItsCryptiid> Because I have had ENOUGH of this... PERSON!
[03:39] <ItsCryptiid> IF I CAN EVEN CALL HER THAT.
[03:40] <ItsCryptiid> She's just too horrible to be labeled as a human being!
[03:40] <Packachoo> Have you tried full on avoiding her?
[03:40] <Packachoo> Never talking, if she enters a room, leave?
[03:40] <ItsCryptiid> I currently am, Pack.
[03:40] <ItsCryptiid> o/ Net and Blue \o 
[03:41] <BlueSeven123> Hai.
[03:41] <BlueSeven123> o/ 
[03:41] <ItsCryptiid> I am freaking out like Kaos LiKeBuTTeR on Gears of War 3 right now over this.
[03:41] <BlueSeven123> :p 
[03:42] <ItsCryptiid> You know who LikeButter is, Blue? :P 
[03:43] <ItsCryptiid> I mean, she literally told me that I'm not getting anything for Christmas.
[03:43] <ItsCryptiid> So that's one reason to skedaddle.
[03:43] <ItsCryptiid> I mean, it's one thing to have low expectations, but it's another to absolutely CRUSH them.
[03:43] <Agent Spy> Kat, PM
[03:44] <Packachoo> Have you threatened to run away yet?
[03:44] <ItsCryptiid> No
[03:44] <Packachoo> Might scare her
[03:44] <ItsCryptiid> I plan on running, but I haven't told her.
[03:44] <ItsCryptiid> If I tell her, she'll SKIN ME.
[03:45] <Packachoo> Is there anything you can do to pacify her?
[03:45] <Packachoo> Better grades,more housework?
[03:46] <ItsCryptiid> I have straight A's, and she doesn't really ask me to help with anything.
[03:47] <ItsCryptiid> So I'll just have to wait it out
[03:47] <ItsCryptiid> Wait till the time is right.
[03:47] <FortressOfNight> running away is a terrible idea
[03:48] <FortressOfNight> regardless of how long
[03:48] <ItsCryptiid> But it's the only thing I can do at this point.
[03:48] <FortressOfNight> it proves nothing except you really have no regard for her emotions and your own safety
[03:48] <ItsCryptiid> I can't compromise with her
[03:48] <Agent Spy> o/ 
[03:48] <ItsCryptiid> I can't make peace with this horrible human being.
[03:48] <ItsCryptiid> It's impossible
[03:49] <FortressOfNight> compromise implies that you both have to lose something
[03:49] <ItsCryptiid> She's been enthralled by Joel Olsteen, health food, and Christianity.
[03:49] <ItsCryptiid> "implies that we both have to lose something"
[03:49] <ItsCryptiid> As in what?
[03:49] <ItsCryptiid> Hey drew and net
[03:49] <Legofrodo12> Hi Drew, welcome back Net o/ 
[03:49] <FortressOfNight> you could, like, both accept that you disagree on things
[03:50] <Nehpets7000> Jesus wasn't old testament. He was in Bible II, Electric Boogaloo. Do you even salvation?
[03:50] <Nehpets7000> 
[03:50] <FortressOfNight> xD
[03:50] <ItsCryptiid> But as I stated before, she's too bigoted and ignorant to listen to any reason but her own, which is HORRIBLY cringeworthy.
[03:50] <ItsCryptiid> Neh do you even Bible
[03:50] <ItsCryptiid> Because it sounds like you only Torah
[03:50] <ItsCryptiid> rekt
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