[10:18] <Alemas2005> Ah, Bubbles, hi.
[10:18] <Alemas2005> You haven't slept a lot. :P 
[10:20] <Impossibubbles> Not really, no
[10:22] <Alemas2005> Problems sleeping? :P 
[10:22] <Alemas2005> Or just not sleepy enough? :P 
[10:23] <Roddy15> my nation's economy is now really, really good
[10:23] <Roddy15> 1 yo-yo is now $1.05
[10:23] <Impossibubbles> I dunno, I'm just doing stuff and I forget to sleep :P 
[10:24] <Alemas2005> "forget to sleep".
[10:24] <Alemas2005> Seriously. :P 
[10:24] <Alemas2005> How does one...?! :P 
[10:25] <Alemas2005> What, Roddy? :P 
[10:25] <Alemas2005> What nation? :P 
[10:25] <Alemas2005> NationStates? :P 
[10:25] <Impossibubbles> I just do >:3
[10:25] <Alemas2005> Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here come the topics.
[10:25] <Impossibubbles> Wot
[10:25] <Alemas2005> You are now obsessed with topics. :P 
[10:26] <Impossibubbles> Yeah, because they're all out of date :P 
[10:26] <Roddy15> yeah nationstates
[10:26] <Impossibubbles> no one cares about the topic articles
[10:26] <Impossibubbles> I've adopted them
[10:26] <Alemas2005> ... :P 
[10:27] <Alemas2005> You care so others don't have to, hm? :P 
[10:27] <Roddy15> my economy is thriving thanks to the highest poor income and the fact we live like a year more than the 2nd place in lifespan :P 
[10:27] <Impossibubbles> Yep :P 
[10:27] <Alemas2005> ...I have the second-highest poor income...
[10:27] <Alemas2005> Yet my economy is only "reasonable".
[10:27] <Alemas2005> (UA) 
[10:28] <Alemas2005> All you seem to do is create topics. :P 
[10:28] <Alemas2005> Topic articles. :P 
[10:28] <Impossibubbles> Because we barely have one page of topic articles
[10:28] <Impossibubbles> do you know how old those articles are? :P 
[10:28] <Impossibubbles> Practically ancient xD
[10:29] <Alemas2005> [[LEGO News Station Advanced 3 (LNSA 3)]]
[10:29] <Alemas2005> While you are at it, fix that. :{P 
[10:29] <Alemas2005> Oh, but wait.
[10:29] <Alemas2005> The whole LEGO News forum got deleted.
[10:29] <Impossibubbles> yeah
[10:29] <Roddy15> oh wow I remember LNSA
[10:29] <Alemas2005> ...the article for the Brickys got deleted?!
[10:29] <Alemas2005> Oh c'mon, that was a part of MB history. (UA) 
[10:30] <Impossibubbles> Probably because it didn't meet MOS requirements technically
[10:30] <Roddy15> I never posted in it but I read it a few times :P 
[10:30] <Impossibubbles> If you know what the page was, you can undelete it
[10:30] <Impossibubbles> Or I can do it
[10:30] <Alemas2005> [[The Brickys]]
[10:30] <Alemas2005> Oh.
[10:31] <Roddy15> oh that No Man's Sky update dropped
[10:31] <Alemas2005> [[Brickys]]
[10:31] <Impossibubbles> it doesn't look very deleted to me
[10:31] <Alemas2005> "21:01, August 4, 2016 HyperFlash Studios (wall | contribs | block) deleted page Brickys (Unused redirect) (view/restore)"
[10:31] <Alemas2005> "(Unused redirect)"
[10:31] <Alemas2005> (YK) 
[10:31] <Alemas2005> Wait what Roddy.
[10:31] <Alemas2005> *Starts up Steam*
[10:31] <Impossibubbles> Hype has been deleting a lot of things he shoulding
[10:31] <Impossibubbles> *shouldn't
[10:31] <Roddy15> it updated for me about 10 minutes ago
[10:31] <Impossibubbles> I've been getting red links all over the place
[10:32] <Impossibubbles> redirects aren't useless
[10:32] <Alemas2005> [[LEGO News Station Advanced 3 (LNSA 3)]]
[10:32] <Alemas2005> Now that's better.
[10:32] <Roddy15> Okay NMS is borked for me
[10:32] <Alemas2005> ...y'know, when going through the subforums...
[10:32] <Alemas2005> Wait no.
[10:32] <Alemas2005> C'mon.
[10:33] <Roddy15> it just made this window full screen
[10:33] <Roddy15> and launched the game in a window...
[10:33] <Impossibubbles> what are you on about? :P 
[10:33] <Alemas2005> Ah, it happened sometimes to me as well.
[10:33] <Alemas2005> You just have to close NMS.
[10:33] <Alemas2005> And Chrome.
[10:33] <Alemas2005> A game, Bubbles.
[10:33] <Impossibubbles> the brickys has no categories...
[10:33] <Impossibubbles> no wonder no one could ever find it
[10:34] <Impossibubbles> also wikia isn't loading for me
[10:34] <Impossibubbles> lovely
[10:35] <Roddy15> and the hitches are still there... 170fps down to like 40fps
[10:35] <Roddy15> doesn't seem quite as bad
[10:35] <Alemas2005> ...urgh, where are the patch notes...
[10:35] <Roddy15> ewwww it changed AA to FXAA
[10:36] <Roddy15> not sure they have them out yet
[10:36] <Roddy15> they'd be on the website or reddit soon
[10:36] <Alemas2005> You do your magic, Bubbles. :P 
[10:36] <Alemas2005> Your editing magic. :P 
[10:36] <Roddy15> but the update just came out 15 minutes ago
[10:36] <Impossibubbles> With what? :P 
[10:36] <Alemas2005> Brickys. :P 
[10:36] <Alemas2005> Ah.
[10:36] <Impossibubbles> I need to fix up the article
[10:36] <Alemas2005> Alrighty then. :P 
[10:36] <Impossibubbles> it's awful
[10:36] <Impossibubbles> But for now I've just added categories
[10:36] <Alemas2005> (UA) 
[10:37] <Alemas2005> You could have added the categories AND fixed up the article.
[10:37] <Alemas2005> In one edit.
[10:37] <Impossibubbles> No, that would take to long
[10:37] <Alemas2005> ...?! :P 
[10:37] <Impossibubbles> I need to go to bed :P 
[10:37] <Impossibubbles> I work tomorrow xD
[10:37] <Roddy15> yeah fps drops still there but the game is running a lot higher in the fps so it doesn't come across as bad as before
[10:37] <Alemas2005> Are you running on fullscreen?
[10:38] <Roddy15> windows borderless
[10:38] <Alemas2005> They might have fixed alt-tabbing.
[10:38] <Alemas2005> Still haven't started it up. :P 
[10:38] <Roddy15> i'm pretty sure they had a kind of thrown together patch notes a few days ago
[10:38] <Roddy15> but it was basically a list of issues and the issues they were fixing
[10:39] <Roddy15> going to see if the fps is as bad when loading new planets
[10:39] <Roddy15> i found that was the worst
[10:39] <Impossibubbles> [[Thread:273725]] since it looks like this is going to pass with no opposition, may I start employing common sense in adding articles now? (derp) 
[10:40] <Alemas2005> Not until that vote closes. :{P 
[10:40] <Roddy15> lowest dip was to 93fps
[10:40] <Alemas2005> Patience, young one. :{P 
[10:40] <Roddy15> way better
[10:40] <Impossibubbles> You are such a stubborn bean, ale
[10:40] <Alemas2005> How do you even measure the FPS?
[10:40] <Alemas2005> Steam in-game counter?
[10:40] <Impossibubbles> there are so many potential topics I could add!
[10:40] <Impossibubbles> :( 
[10:40] <Alemas2005> Just wait. :{P 
[10:40] <Alemas2005> Re-add, actually. :P 
[10:41] <Alemas2005> You should have a look at the deletion log. :P 
[10:41] <Impossibubbles> I want to add ones with fancy pink and blue topic listings ;~;
[10:41] <Alemas2005> Now just go to bed. :{P 
[10:41] <Alemas2005> And sleep over it. :P 
[10:41] <Impossibubbles> Tomorrow night I get my 30 day badge. Have I really been back that long? 0.o
[10:42] <Roddy15> yeah i'm using the steam one
[10:43] <Roddy15> shadowplay doesn't seem to be playing nice for me so i just use the steam one
[10:47] <Impossibubbles> Alright, I'm gonna die if I don't sleep
[10:47] <Impossibubbles> night night o/ 
[10:40] <Alemas2005> Re-add, actually. :P 
[10:41] <Alemas2005> You should have a look at the deletion log. :P 
[10:41] <Impossibubbles> I want to add ones with fancy pink and blue topic listings ;~;
[10:41] <Alemas2005> Now just go to bed. :{P 
[10:41] <Alemas2005> And sleep over it. :P 
[10:41] <Impossibubbles> Tomorrow night I get my 30 day badge. Have I really been back that long? 0.o
[10:42] <Roddy15> yeah i'm using the steam one
[10:43] <Roddy15> shadowplay doesn't seem to be playing nice for me so i just use the steam one
[10:47] <Impossibubbles> Alright, I'm gonna die if I don't sleep
[10:47] <Impossibubbles> night night o/ 
[12:27] <Legoanimals750> lol
[12:28] <Son of Elrond> she like came out of nowhere and now she has jester 
[12:28] <Legoanimals750> ikr
[12:28] <Son of Elrond> dupe confirmed!!! :O :O 
[12:28] <Son of Elrond> 
[12:29] <Son of Elrond> samkim o/ 
[12:29] <KnightoftheLight> Well Mish was like that. :P 
[12:29] <Son of Elrond> oh right
[12:30] <Son of Elrond> mish is a dupe confirmed? 
[12:30] <Son of Elrond> (as) 
[12:30] <KnightoftheLight> And kind of Dumble except he just became active randomly. :P 
[12:30] <KnightoftheLight> Mish=Alemas! :O 
[12:30] <Son of Elrond> nahnah
[12:31] <Son of Elrond> mish=supermom
[12:31] <Son of Elrond> O: O: O:
[12:31] <Son of Elrond> 
[12:32] <Legoanimals750> I don't think so
[12:32] <KnightoftheLight> Mish=Hsim! :O 
[12:32] <Legoanimals750> I remember when i didn't like mish. :P 
[12:33] <KnightoftheLight> I didn't like Mish or any of the users that joined around him. :P 
[12:33] <Son of Elrond> I remember when I liked everybody 
[12:33] <KnightoftheLight> I thought they ruined/spammed up FF. :P 
[12:33] <A Walruse> ok so how is it that when people are home i always get so irrationally angry when a person initiates contact
[12:33] <Son of Elrond> and I mean /everbody/ :P 
[12:33] <KnightoftheLight> But now I like them all. :3
[12:33] <A Walruse> but now tha tim home alone im already starting talking to myself on the second day
[12:33] <Son of Elrond> that's life wal
[12:36] <KnightoftheLight> :P 
[12:36] <Son of Elrond> that last one though 
[12:37] <Legoanimals750> ok. :P 
[12:37] <Son of Elrond> also I knew you were dora already (ys) 
[12:37] <Son of Elrond> hi cakedude 
[12:37] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[12:40] <Cakedude222> Hi o/ 
[12:41] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[12:43] <Son of Elrond> PUNCH THE CLOCK
[12:43] <Son of Elrond> BABY ON THE NIGHTSTAND
[12:43] <Son of Elrond> bye
[12:43] <Son of Elrond> o/ 
[12:44] <Cakedude222> (Derp) 
[12:47] <Cakedude222> .
[01:02] <Matoro4212> o/ 
[01:10] <Roddy15> \o 
[02:15] <A Walruse> bruh
[02:15] <Legoanimals750> ok....
[02:15] <A Walruse> kanye west stated that he's gonig to run 2020
[02:15] <Worldracer99> at least trump doesn't look like what would happen if Gandalf lived in a trailer park
[02:16] <A Walruse> no
[02:16] <A Walruse> but he looks like what would happen if hitler had intercourse with a carrot
[02:16] <Worldracer99> fair enough
[02:17] <Legoanimals750> true
[02:17] <A Walruse> what th ehell is duck dynasty about anyway
[02:17] <A Walruse> like, i know it's some christian hick tv show but everything else
[02:17] <A Walruse> ??
[02:17] <Legoanimals750> a show where people make duck calls (derp4) 
[02:18] <Worldracer99> it's about a bunch of rich rednecks who run a p big hunting equipment company getting into shenanigans
[03:07] <KnightoftheLight> Oh, that makes sense. :P 
[03:08] <Ked830> Oooooh ROTC, I have a friend who dies that
[03:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> >dies
[03:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> is this a message that i will die in my own jrotc class
[03:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> ale we need another screenshot here
[03:08] <Ked830> does
[03:08] <Ked830> shhhhh
[03:08] <Ked830> shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[03:08] <KnightoftheLight> Alemas2005 ping
[03:09] <Legoanimals750> Anyone can take screen shots 
[03:09] <Alemas2005> Sorry, refreshing.
[03:09] <Alemas2005> WAIT.
[03:09] <Majolo9050> ale do it now
[03:09] <Legoanimals750> Ale did you get it?
[03:09] <Alemas2005> Yes I did.
[03:10] <Majolo9050> and even if ale didnt i di- alrightly then
[03:10] <Alemas2005> [[File:WhoDiesThat.png]]
[03:10] <Legoanimals750> (Y) 
[03:10] <Ked830> ;;;~~~;;;
[03:10] <Alemas2005> And I don't have pings.
[03:10] <Alemas2005> Knight.
[03:10] <Alemas2005> :P 
[03:10] <KnightoftheLight> Oh. :P 
[03:11] <Majolo9050> i approve of the new additions (y) 
[03:11] <Alemas2005> [[User blog:Alemas2005/Autocowrecks - The Second Coming]]
[03:11] <KnightoftheLight> o/ 
[03:11] <Alemas2005> What a marvellous collection.
[03:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> ok
[03:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> my creamy sugary coffee
[03:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> is pretty goof
[03:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> good*
[03:12] <HyperFlash Studios> Goof
[03:12] <Majolo9050> somehow my tablet typos didn't get on there xD
[03:12] <Legoanimals750> I'm wearing my Jurassic world Delta shirt today. :P 
[03:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> the cream is all lumpy
[03:12] <Majolo9050> i'm wearing a 4H camp shirt (derp7) 
[03:12] <Alemas2005> You did it on purpose. :P 
[03:12] <Alemas2005> That typo. :P 
[03:12] <Alemas2005> Too easy. :P 
[03:13] <Ked830> Ale doesn't love me *cri*
[03:13] <KnightoftheLight> I'm on the typo blog! :'D 
[03:13] <Majolo9050> poor ked, if she keeps going like this nobody will love her
[03:13] <Legoanimals750> *Pats Ked on the back* Poor Ked
[03:13] <Majolo9050> oh god its the cancer emote
[03:14] <Majolo9050> nuuuu my eyessssss ;-;
[03:14] <KnightoftheLight> :'D 
[03:14] <Majolo9050> ;-;
[03:14] <Ked830> *coves Maj's eyes* es okay bby
[03:14] <Ked830> i gotchu
[03:14] <Majolo9050> danku
[03:14] <Legoanimals750> If I used that emote the world with be destroyed. :P 
[03:14] <Legoanimals750> Would*
[03:15] <KnightoftheLight> The MBs seriously need the derp emote. :P 
[03:15] <Majolo9050> *curls up into my little ball and goes to sleep*
[03:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> is it a good idea to mix alcohol and caffeine 
[03:15] <Majolo9050> probably not bnr
[03:15] <KnightoftheLight> No
[03:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> like not into the same drink
[03:15] <Majolo9050> do it anyways
[03:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> but seperately
[03:15] <Ked830> ..what?
[03:15] <KnightoftheLight> Try to stay away feom,the alcohol in general
[03:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> i cant
[03:15] <KnightoftheLight> *from
[03:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> i have to show keps
[03:16] <Legoanimals750> Together but separately? :P 
[03:16] <KnightoftheLight> Do your parents know ab
[03:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> that im absolutely insane
[03:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> probably
[03:16] <KnightoftheLight> o*about your addiction?
[03:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> Playing bullet hell games whilst caffeinated and drunk
[03:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> sounds like a good idea
[03:17] <Ked830> Indeed
[03:17] <KnightoftheLight> Not. :P 
[03:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> im gonna record it too
[03:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> :^)
[03:17] <Majolo9050> how fun
[03:17] <Legoanimals750> And show it to Keps? :P 
[03:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah
[03:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> this coffee is gonna make me throw up
[03:18] <Ked830> Dooooooc hai
[03:18] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[03:18] <Ked830> brave then stop drinking it???
[03:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> no
[03:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> i need my 210 milligrams of caffeine 
[03:19] <Majolo9050> i think the comments on the typo blog are better than the actual blog
[03:19] <Legoanimals750> They probably are
[03:20] <Ked830> If you throw it up will you still have the caffeine tho?
[03:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> probably 
[03:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> ive thrown up coffee so many times
[03:20] <Ked830> yuck
[03:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> now throwing up alcohol and coffee
[03:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> i havent done that yet
[03:20] <Ked830> why would you do that to yourself ;~;
[03:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> for keps
[03:20] <Legoanimals750> Why are you drinking it then?
[03:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> FOR KEPS
[03:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> GOD
[03:21] <Ked830> 'for senpai
[03:21] <Legoanimals750> Ok...
[03:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> senpiss keps
[03:21] <Ked830> haiii Ely
[03:21] <Son of Elrond> hi
[03:21] <Legoanimals750> O/ 
[03:22] <Majolo9050> wat soe is alive
[03:22] <Majolo9050> i never knew
[03:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> when was soe dead
[03:22] <Son of Elrond> what
[03:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> lolwut
[03:22] <HyperFlash Studios> Falafel :{P 
[03:22] <Son of Elrond> Hiphype :{P 
[03:22] <KnightoftheLight> Felldoh o/ 
[03:22] <Legoanimals750> When Maj though he was. :P 
[03:22] <Son of Elrond> Samkim o/ 
[03:22] <HyperFlash Studios> Oh, hi Salt
[03:22] <KnightoftheLight> Arula o/ 
[03:22] <Ked830> He left
[03:22] <Ked830> ;~;
[03:23] <Majolo9050> soe is dead when i think thes xead
[03:23] <Majolo9050> *hes
[03:23] <Ked830> Hype he left
[03:23] <HyperFlash Studios> Hooray for a glitchy sidebar
[03:23] <Majolo9050> *dead
[03:23] <Ked830> yey
[03:23] <Majolo9050> v-v
[03:24] <Son of Elrond> these xead
[03:24] <Legoanimals750> Ale be like "I look forward to adding your typos to my collection."
[03:24] <KnightoftheLight> Supermomof13 is 16
[03:24] <KnightoftheLight> And she has 13 kids
[03:24] <KnightoftheLight> Okaaaaay. :P 
[03:24] <Majolo9050> no, she uses her moms account
[03:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> does anyone still use binary files?
[03:24] <Ked830> Wait she's 16??
[03:24] <Majolo9050> she has 12 siblings xD
[03:24] <KnightoftheLight> What's what I thought, Maj. (Derp) 
[03:25] <Ked830> and she's 16?????
[03:25] <Legoanimals750> Dang. :P 
[03:25] <Ked830> Maaaan
[03:25] <Majolo9050> and sheesh shes 16?
[03:25] <Majolo9050> never knew
[03:25] <Son of Elrond> wait what
[03:25] <Ked830> okay tbh she doesn't act 16
[03:25] <Majolo9050> you'd never be able to tell xD
[03:25] <Ked830> she can't be older than me
[03:25] <Ked830> Maaaan
[03:25] <Majolo9050> and sheesh shes 16?
[03:25] <Majolo9050> never knew
[03:25] <Son of Elrond> wait what
[03:25] <Ked830> okay tbh she doesn't act 16
[03:25] <Majolo9050> you'd never be able to tell xD
[03:25] <Ked830> she can't be older than me
[03:25] <Legoanimals750> Ikr
[03:25] <Ked830> i thought she was like 8
[03:25] <KnightoftheLight> Ben's a week younger than her. :P 
[03:25] <Ked830> WTH
[03:25] <Majolo9050> her typing is reminiscent of mine from my pink font days (Derp7) 
[03:25] <Ked830> WHAT IS THIS
[03:25] <Legoanimals750> Wow. :P 
[03:25] <Majolo9050> per kede
[03:26] <Ked830> So confuseded
[03:26] <Legoanimals750> Ked's mind just exploded. :P 
[03:26] <KnightoftheLight> Plot twist: She is Ben
[03:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> it's always a ben dupe
[03:27] <Ked830> It exploded again
[03:27] <Legoanimals750> Another Ben dupe. :P 
[03:27] <KnightoftheLight> Guys
[03:27] <KnightoftheLight> Spinlyn is my dupe.
[03:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> guys
[03:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> knight is my dupe
[03:27] <Son of Elrond> guys
[03:27] <Son of Elrond> bnr is my dupe
[03:28] <Ked830> guys
[03:28] <Ked830> Ale is my dupe
[03:28] <Majolo9050> guys
[03:28] <Majolo9050> i dont have a dupe
[03:28] <Legoanimals750> Guys
[03:28] <HyperFlash Studios> I don't have one either
[03:28] <Ked830> ooooo:
[03:28] <Legoanimals750> Ked is my dupe
[03:28] <Majolo9050> O:
[03:28] <KnightoftheLight> guys
[03:28] <Majolo9050> shocker
[03:28] <KnightoftheLight> Nigma is my dupe
[03:28] <HyperFlash Studios> Webby go awaya
[03:28] <HyperFlash Studios> *away
[03:28] <Son of Elrond> awaya
[03:28] <HyperFlash Studios> (ud) 
[03:28] <HyperFlash Studios> Go away
[03:29] <Man.city1> Hyoer
[03:29] <Man.city1> :o 
[03:29] <Majolo9050> *awaya
[03:29] <HyperFlash Studios> MC
[03:29] <KnightoftheLight> "Awaya"
[03:29] <Man.city1> hyoer what has happened :p 
[03:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> awayayaya
[03:29] <HyperFlash Studios> ? :P 
[03:29] <KnightoftheLight> "Hyoer"
[03:29] <Legoanimals750> How does one go "awaya?"
[03:29] <Son of Elrond> guys i'm going to college tomorrow (derp2) 
[03:29] <HyperFlash Studios> Yes, Sam
[03:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> prepare to be destroyed soe
[03:29] <Ked830> Ely nuuuuuuu
[03:29] <Majolo9050> wat soe nu D:
[03:29] <HyperFlash Studios> Aww Falafel
[03:29] <Man.city1> you used to be on 24/7
[03:29] <Man.city1> now you rarely alive 
[03:29] <Legoanimals750> Have fun. :P 
[03:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> i hope youre not getting a degree in gender studies
[03:30] <Son of Elrond> nu moar soe on lmbw (derp2) 
[03:30] <HyperFlash Studios> One word
[03:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> or women's history
[03:30] <HyperFlash Studios> Parents
[03:30] <HyperFlash Studios> (derp) 
[03:30] <Man.city1> Hmm?
[03:30] <Son of Elrond> lel bnr noooo
[03:30] <Ked830> whaaaaaat Ely nuuuuuu
[03:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> those are basically degrees that certify you to get triggered
[03:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> on demand
[03:30] <Majolo9050> fel you aren't allowed to leave ;-;
[03:30] <Son of Elrond> I can leave if it so pleases me
[03:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh my god
[03:31] <Majolo9050> nope
[03:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> the sounds of nature
[03:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> in a song
[03:31] <HyperFlash Studios> Falafel I told you not to go
[03:32] <Son of Elrond> I don't have to do what you say :| 
[03:32] <Ked830> Will you visit us cousin? ;~;
[03:32] <Son of Elrond> if I'm able to, yes
[03:32] <Ked830> yey
[03:32] <Son of Elrond> though it's doubtful I'll often be able to
[03:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> hey
[03:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> there's always spring break
[03:33] <Son of Elrond> oh yes
[03:33] <Legoanimals750> And winter break 
[03:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> but i imagine you'd be doing something a bit more productive (kappa) 
[03:33] <Son of Elrond> I also have like a week break in October which is awesome 
[03:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> why
[03:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> do people in college exclusively celebrate halloween for that long
[03:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> or is this a rare religion thing
[03:34] <Son of Elrond> idk just fall break yo
[03:35] <Majolo9050> if theres a break
[03:35] <Majolo9050> you take it
[03:35] <KnightoftheLight> I had never heard of people not celebrating Halloween until I joined the MBs. :P 
[03:35] <Son of Elrond> even if there isn't a break i'll take it
[03:35] <Son of Elrond> (derp) 
[03:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> what age did you join the mbs
[03:35] <KnightoftheLight> Me? :P 
[03:35] <Legoanimals750> Break is break. :P 
[03:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah
[03:35] <KnightoftheLight> 10
[03:35] <Majolo9050> i'm too old to do halloween, apparently (derp7) 
[03:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> lolwut
[03:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> i learned the first time i did it
[03:35] <Legoanimals750> I stopped at 12. :P 
[03:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> now i just buy a large bag of skittles every halloween
[03:35] <Majolo9050> i stopped at 10
[03:35] <KnightoftheLight> Well, I mean for religious reasons. :P 
[03:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> o
[03:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> i still never understood that
[03:36] <Ked830> I haven't stopped yet (derp4) 
[03:36] <Legoanimals750> I want more 3 musketeers. :P 
[03:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> nice
[03:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> tbh i just wanna dress up for halloween
[03:36] <Legoanimals750> Good for you Ked, I guess. :P 
[03:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> but i dont feel like going out
[03:36] <Majolo9050> never really liked taking stuff from people anyways, i was one child who understood stranger danger (derp6) 
[03:36] <Son of Elrond> last time I went trickrtreating I was 14 (derp) 
[03:36] <Ked830> I wore a trench coat cuz I had nothing else (derp3) 
[03:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> are you keps
[03:36] <Son of Elrond> I was Clark Kent (Derp) 
[03:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> but grill form
[03:36] <KnightoftheLight> *Webby eats Psycho, SSTO and BTG*
[03:36] <Ked830> nuuupe
[03:37] <Son of Elrond> grill form
[03:37] <Majolo9050> omg sam xD
[03:37] <Ked830> not keps
[03:37] <Ked830> i have better hair
[03:37] <KnightoftheLight> There, you ate your 3 Musketeers. =) 
[03:37] <KnightoftheLight> o/ 
[03:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> heh
[03:37] <Son of Elrond> Auraaa o/ 
[03:37] <Majolo9050> o/ 
[03:37] <Man.city1> *grills falafel*
[03:37] <Ked830> AUROOOIO HAI
[03:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> im gonna tell keps that
[03:37] <Auroramay> Heeeyyyy!!!
[03:37] <Auroramay> O/ 
[03:37] <Ked830> He may agree (as) 
[03:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> wew
[03:37] <Son of Elrond> *sautés MC* 
[03:37] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[03:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> i read that as "salutes"
[03:37] <Man.city1> *eats ked*
[03:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> mc
[03:37] <Legoanimals750> O/ 
[03:37] <Auroramay> O/ 
[03:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> vore day was 10 days ago
[03:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> pls
[03:37] <Ked830> MC whyyyyy
[03:37] <Man.city1> idc
[03:37] <Man.city1> idc ked
[03:37] <KnightoftheLight> Okay, MC's a straight up cannibal. DP
[03:38] <Man.city1> yes imam
[03:38] <Man.city1> *i am
[03:38] <Legoanimals750> Yup
[03:38] <HyperFlash Studios> Alright, I'm off for now
[03:38] <Man.city1> *eats knight*
[03:38] <HyperFlash Studios> Later all
[03:38] <Auroramay> Um, maybe we should be running away
[03:38] <KnightoftheLight> At least Webby has the decency to make his victims into candy bars before eating them. :P 
[03:38] <Auroramay> Be
[03:38] <Majolo9050> seize the cannibal >.>
[03:38] <Auroramay> Bye
[03:38] <Majolo9050> baiiii
[03:38] <Ked830> Bai Hype darlinggg
[03:38] <Legoanimals750> Bye o/ 
[03:38] <Son of Elrond> byeee hype
[03:38] <Son of Elrond> don't die 
[03:38] <Son of Elrond> or anything 
[03:38] <Son of Elrond> :| 
[03:38] <Ked830> take caaaaare
[03:38] <KnightoftheLight> *Crawls out of MC*
[03:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> dont die in jrotc
[03:38] <HyperFlash Studios> Same goes for you, Falafel
[03:38] <KnightoftheLight> O\ 
[03:38] <Auroramay> Run before MC gets u
[03:38] <HyperFlash Studios> :| 
[03:38] <Son of Elrond> k
[03:38] <Man.city1> *throws you back in*
[03:38] <Son of Elrond> :| 
[03:38] <Legoanimals750> Ikr, I'm so much better. :P 
[03:38] <Majolo9050> mc =l
[03:38] <KnightoftheLight> *Cuts open your stomacj*
[03:38] <Man.city1> *sows it back*
[03:39] <Ked830> luvu hype
[03:39] <Majolo9050> give us back the ked e =l
[03:39] <Son of Elrond> such violence and mutilation going on wow
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> this is a pretty violent chat
[03:39] <KnightoftheLight> MC has Extremis confirmed! :O 
[03:39] <Majolo9050> we need ked to survive
[03:39] <Man.city1> *gives knight back*
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> everyone is hungry 
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> just eat budapest
[03:39] <Man.city1> *keeps ked*
[03:39] <Auroramay> I'd prefer bacon
[03:39] <Ked830> Awww
[03:39] <Legoanimals750> At least Knight is free. :P 
[03:39] <Majolo9050> but mc
[03:39] <Majolo9050> wat about kede
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> you know in budapest theres a place called "Eat&Meet Hungary"
[03:40] <Ked830> Ked > knight
[03:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> i think mc should go there
[03:40] <Ked830> js
[03:40] <Majolo9050> mhm
[03:40] <Man.city1> nah
[03:40] <Man.city1> ked is tasty
[03:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> yah
[03:40] <Legoanimals750> I know, you're cuter. :P 
[03:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> it's on the danube too
[03:40] <Ked830> D:
[03:40] <Son of Elrond> I hit the wrong button button again 
[03:40] <Majolo9050> ked must be tasty because she looks good
[03:40] <Auroramay> *opens MC's mouth and pulls out ked*
[03:40] <Majolo9050> it's the only way!!11!11!!
[03:41] <Man.city1> Swallows auro as well*
[03:41] <Majolo9050> run kede
[03:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> you know if i was normal i would be a little scared
[03:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> but im a weirdo
[03:41] <Ked830> heh (derp4) 
[03:41] <Man.city1> ked doesn't leave 
[03:41] <Auroramay> Ah!
[03:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> i think im waking up my neighbors with my crap music
[03:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> uhh
[03:41] <Ked830> It's okay Brave we all are
[03:41] <Ked830> weirdos
[03:41] <KnightoftheLight> *Webby proceeds to make SprinkleOtter, Gideon, and LCM into a second bar*
[03:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> if they knock on my door like last time
[03:41] <Ked830> no waking up our neighbors
[03:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> im in some deep crap
[03:41] <Man.city1> whats the time bnr :p 
[03:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> 8:42 am
[03:42] <Man.city1> meh whatever :p 
[03:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> i used to play at 5:30 am
[03:42] <KnightoftheLight> *Webby makes Hydreigon, M4 and Joester into a final bar*
[03:42] <Majolo9050> do it! do it! do it! (Derp7) 
[03:42] <Majolo9050> god i'm starving
[03:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> why do all my songs have the same beat
[03:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> asfjaksfasf
[03:42] <Majolo9050> i haven't ate in like a day xD
[03:43] <Auroramay> Cookie? (Cookie) 
[03:43] <Legoanimals750> Would you like a jelly baby? :P 
[03:43] <Ked830> Maj EAT
[03:43] <Majolo9050> *curls up into my little ball and dies* nu
[03:43] <Man.city1> *spits ked and auro out*
[03:43] <Auroramay> RIP Maj
[03:43] <Ked830> FREEDOM
[03:43] <Legoanimals750> Yay Ked is free
[03:43] <Majolo9050> XD
[03:44] <Majolo9050> ked e yey
[03:44] <Auroramay> Yay!
[03:44] <Son of Elrond> what is going on
[03:44] <KnightoftheLight> Would you like a Chilled Cowboy? =) A tan skull topped with Webkinz stuffing and snake scales! =) 
[03:44] <Auroramay> Sounds delicious
[03:44] <Majolo9050> there's like nothing to eat in my house so xD
[03:44] <Ked830> eat a chair
[03:44] <Man.city1> martin garrix ft bebe rexha
[03:44] <Man.city1> in the name of love 
[03:44] <Majolo9050> all of it is stuff i cant eat with my expander
[03:44] <Ked830> thatll work
[03:45] <Majolo9050> aka: popcorn
[03:45] <KnightoftheLight> A Rev sandwhich!
[03:45] <KnightoftheLight> Actually no
[03:45] <KnightoftheLight> I don't want to be eaten.
[03:45] <KnightoftheLight> :P 
[03:45] <Legoanimals750> Yes, eat Knight. :P 
[03:45] <Majolo9050> you know its sad when the only thing in the house is popcorn
[03:45] <Majolo9050> *eats knight*
[03:45] <Ked830> Kay I have school baiiiiiii
[03:45] <Majolo9050> baiiiiiiii
[03:45] <Son of Elrond> bye ked have fun
[03:45] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[03:45] <Legoanimals750> Bye Ked o/ 
[03:46] <Auroramay> Bye!
[03:46] <KnightoftheLight> Have fun! :'D 
[03:46] <Majolo9050> dont die from overlearning
[03:46] <Man.city1> iPhone 7 won't have the headphones jack
[03:46] <Man.city1> and it will have a supercharger 
[03:46] <Legoanimals750> Sam, Maj ate you. :P 
[03:46] <Man.city1> a
[03:46] <Majolo9050> :'D (y) 
[03:46] <Man.city1> apparently coming out 7th September 
[03:46] <Majolo9050> he tasted good
[03:46] <KnightoftheLight> I'm shouting out Maj's throat.
[03:46] <KnightoftheLight> (ws) (y) 
[03:46] <Majolo9050> no u arent c;<
[03:46] <BlizardBrick> o/ 
[03:46] <Majolo9050> blizzzzzz
[03:46] <Majolo9050> ai
[03:46] <BlizardBrick> haiii
[03:46] <Legoanimals750> O/ 
[03:47] <KnightoftheLight> Like that guy who Pythor ate in Ninjago episode 9. :P 
[03:47] <KnightoftheLight> o
[03:47] <KnightoftheLight> o/ 
[03:47] <Majolo9050> okey thats it brb i'm gonna make a sandwich but what its gonna consist of god knows
[03:47] <Legoanimals750> Ok, have fun. :P 
[03:47] <Son of Elrond> it's a bliz
[03:47] <BlizardBrick> Ehhh I stink at thinking of names. ;P 
[03:47] <BlizardBrick> Like, I have a drawing...and this character's name...but any title I can think of is either dorky or cheesy.
[03:48] <BlizardBrick> yesh it's a blizzz
[03:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> why dont you just go to the name generator
[03:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> unless it's supposed to be some stupid japanese name
[03:49] <BlizardBrick> Nah, it's not gonna be Japanese. XP
[03:49] <Legoanimals750> Brb in like 10
[03:49] <Majolo9050> there chicken sandwich xDD
[03:49] <Majolo9050> kaaaayyy
[03:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> welp
[03:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> the drunkening is starting
[03:53] <KnightoftheLight> Please stop drinking
[03:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> i will soon
[03:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> after i do the thing
[03:56] <Son of Elrond> ggg
[03:56] <GandalftheWizard> sss
[03:56] <Son of Elrond> (as) 
[03:57] <GandalftheWizard> P: 
[03:57] <GandalftheWizard> P: 
[03:57] <GandalftheWizard> WORK
[03:57] <GandalftheWizard> (derp8) 
[03:57] <Son of Elrond> what
[03:57] <GandalftheWizard> there
[03:57] <GandalftheWizard> it worked
[03:57] <Son of Elrond> it worked all three times... :{p 
[03:58] <GandalftheWizard> did???
[03:58] <KnightoftheLight> Good job! <img class="chatags-image" src="">
[03:58] <GandalftheWizard> not on my end
[03:58] <Son of Elrond> WHAT
[03:58] <Son of Elrond> 
[03:58] <Son of Elrond> sam that's huge
[03:58] <KnightoftheLight> On my end it did. :P 
[03:58] <GandalftheWizard> godzilla emote :P 
[03:58] <GandalftheWizard> so huge xD
[03:58] <GandalftheWizard> brb
[03:58] <KnightoftheLight> SS will Trump over you all! (Evil) 
[03:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> >ss
[03:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> ss is for babies
[03:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> wehrmacht is where its at
[03:59] <KnightoftheLight> Ss the emote. :P 
[03:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> o
[03:59] <A Walruse> ss? 
[04:00] <A Walruse> i prefer ß
[04:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> pls
[04:01] <KnightoftheLight> (Bb) 
[04:02] <Son of Elrond> hi again aura
[04:02] <Auroramay> Hey
[04:02] <Auroramay> Sup?
[04:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> why wont my task manager open
[04:03] <Son of Elrond> blue skies 
[04:05] <Marcel77799> You can also open it by ctrl+shift+escape 
[04:10] <Majolo9050> gan the >.>
[04:12] <Son of Elrond> ggg
[04:13] <Majolo9050> mr. wizard, pm
[04:13] <GandalftheWizard> Holy. Crap.
[04:13] <GandalftheWizard> I had such trouble with pm. *pants*
[04:13] <GandalftheWizard> *chat
[04:13] <GandalftheWizard> trouble with chat
[04:13] <GandalftheWizard> I couldn't get it to open
[04:13] <Majolo9050> apparently xD
[04:13] <Majolo9050> .....
[04:13] <GandalftheWizard> but it showed me as here
[04:13] <Majolo9050> okey then
[04:15] <GandalftheWizard> It better not do that again, or else there will be a very mangled up mess of microchips and silicone on the floor of my room
[04:15] <Majolo9050> nu gand
[04:15] <Auroramay> Bye people. Gtg
[04:15] <Majolo9050> don't smash it
[04:15] <Majolo9050> baii
[04:15] <Auroramay> O/ 
[04:15] <Son of Elrond> bye 
[04:15] <GandalftheWizard> farewell o/ 
[04:16] <GandalftheWizard> Why not, Maj???
[04:16] <GandalftheWizard> I need to let my anger out.
[04:16] <Majolo9050> because at my last count ranger used that computer too xD
[04:16] <GandalftheWizard> ...true
[04:16] <Legoanimals750> Well that took longer then I thought 
[04:16] <GandalftheWizard> but who cares??? XD
[04:16] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[04:16] <GandalftheWizard> yo webbe o/ 
[04:16] <Majolo9050> I care XD
[04:16] <Majolo9050> webli ai
[04:17] <GandalftheWizard> Do you think I care that you care??? XD
[04:17] <GandalftheWizard> that range cares??? XD
[04:17] <Majolo9050> I don't think that you care that i care 
[04:17] <Majolo9050> but i am pretty sure range cares xD
[04:19] <GandalftheWizard> The fact that range cares does not make me care XD
[04:19] <Majolo9050> I know xD
[04:19] <Majolo9050> I think it actually makes you are less xD
[04:19] <GandalftheWizard> it does, actually XD
[04:20] <GandalftheWizard> Before range cared, I could care less, and now I couldn't XD
[04:20] <Majolo9050> xD
[04:20] <Majolo9050> *confusion*
[04:21] <Son of Elrond> bye
[04:24] <GandalftheWizard> [[User:Kingjwa | Please be right link, please be right link...>.<]]
[04:25] <GandalftheWizard> dammit
[04:25] <Legoanimals750> Maj, Det is on. :P 
[04:25] <Majolo9050> I know he's on xD
[04:25] <GandalftheWizard> Debt is on???
[04:25] <GandalftheWizard> Where are the creditors?? :P 
[04:26] <Legoanimals750> oh. :P 
[04:26] <Majolo9050> sorry im lagging tho
[04:26] <Legoanimals750> same
[04:26] <Majolo9050> internet is slowww
[04:26] <GandalftheWizard> [[User:Kingwja | No one liked my joke. Typical. :P ]]
[04:26] <GandalftheWizard> HAHA!!!
[04:26] <Majolo9050> no, like, i'm probably the reason you're lagging
[04:27] <GandalftheWizard> IT WOOOOORRRRKKKKK!!!!
[04:27] <Legoanimals750> oh
[04:27] <Alemas2005> "The nation's infamous boot camp is more brutal than most battlefields, consumption of cat memes has skyrocketed, citizens applying for their first jobs face fierce competition from the homeless, and the police have reaffirmed their tough stance on drugs."
[04:28] <Alemas2005> :{P 
[04:28] <Majolo9050> "cat memes"
[04:28] <Legoanimals750> lol
[04:28] <Majolo9050> yus
[04:28] <Majolo9050> a nation is in good hands if it has cat memes
[04:28] <Alemas2005> I just increased funding for Internet. :{P 
[04:28] <Majolo9050> I did too xD
[04:28] <Legoanimals750> (y) 
[04:28] <Majolo9050> either that or i banned it
[04:28] <Legoanimals750> lol
[04:28] <Majolo9050> i think i might have banned it xD
[04:28] <Majolo9050> idc XD
[04:29] <Legoanimals750> I think I'm going to build a stable. :P 
[04:30] <Majolo9050> whatever you do, don't build as big of a stable as i did xDD
[04:31] <Legoanimals750> i should build a bigger one. :P 
[04:32] <Majolo9050> o:
[04:32] <Majolo9050> have fun xD
[04:33] <Legoanimals750> ty
[04:34] <GandalftheWizard> have no fun >_>
[04:34] <GandalftheWizard> at
[04:34] <GandalftheWizard> all
[04:34] <Legoanimals750> meanie
[04:37] <GandalftheWizard> sorry
[04:37] <GandalftheWizard> it's in my blood :P 
[04:38] <Alemas2005>
[04:38] <Alemas2005> It's "Impossibubbles".
[04:38] <Alemas2005> (YK) 
[04:39] <GandalftheWizard> you think I care???
[04:40] <Alemas2005> You should.
[04:41] <GandalftheWizard> I don't
[04:41] <GandalftheWizard> Yo Soe o/ 
[04:41] <Son of Elrond> ay
[04:41] <Majolo9050> fel ai again
[04:41] <Son of Elrond> ai
[04:43] <Son of Elrond> hi mum
[04:44] <Impossibubbles> "impossiblebubbles" 
[04:46] <Alemas2005> ...perfect timing.
[04:47] <Alemas2005>
[04:47] <Alemas2005> ...lower-case "b"...
[04:47] <Impossibubbles> lol at least it's spelled right. idrc about capitalization xD
[04:48] <A Walruse> everytime something like this happens im so glad im never included in these things
[04:48] <Alemas2005> So it's fine if I call you "IMPossiBuBBles"? :{P 
[04:48] <Alemas2005> I have no such luck. :P 
[04:48] <Impossibubbles> If you really want to? (derp) 
[04:48] <A Walruse> iMpOsSiBuBbLeS for maximum cancer
[04:49] <A Walruse> wait now
[04:49] <A Walruse> xXxiMpOsSiBuBbLeSxXx
[04:49] <Legoanimals750> No, just no
[04:49] <Impossibubbles> anyway, I gtg. Work now >.>
[04:49] <Alemas2005> Make it your YouTube channel name.
[04:49] <Impossibubbles> o/ 
[04:49] <Majolo9050> D:
[04:49] <Alemas2005> :{P 
[04:49] <Majolo9050> baibaiii
[04:49] <Legoanimals750> Bye o/ 
[04:49] <A Walruse> so anyway
[04:50] <A Walruse> story time
[04:50] <A Walruse> the last few weeks i have done literally nothing
[04:50] <A Walruse> like, barely any leaving the hosue at all
[04:50] <A Walruse> why would i, all my friends are off somewhere on vacation
[04:51] <A Walruse> so during these times during summer break i usually end up only eating like one meal a day or smth like that
[04:51] <A Walruse> so today i wanted to bike to a store in the next city to get some sunglasses
[04:51] <A Walruse> i come home after biking for about 30 minutes
[04:52] <A Walruse> and im so hungry i can barely move
[04:52] <A Walruse> moral of the story
[04:52] <A Walruse> if im not here tomorrow im probably dead
[04:52] <Alemas2005> Ok then.
[04:53] <Legoanimals750> good to know
[04:53] <A Walruse> i want a viking burial jsyk and im holding yall accountable if i don't get oen
[04:58] <Marcel77799> We'll get you into Valhalla 
[04:58] <Marcel77799> Don't worry xD
[05:00] <A Walruse> i can see the light
[05:00] <A Walruse> some also call it frozen pizza
[05:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> im surprisingly chill when im drunk
[05:00] <A Walruse> why are you here when you're drunk
[05:01] <Marcel77799> (Yk) 
[05:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> because keps told me to
[05:01] <Marcel77799> I've drunk on chat many times xD
[05:01] <Marcel77799> *I've been
[05:02] <A Walruse> to what, get drunk all alone?
[05:02] <A Walruse> that's pretty sad
[05:02] <Marcel77799> But no one ever notices it
[05:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> no because i was playing video games
[05:03] <Marcel77799> Nah, its usually when I get on chat after some party
[05:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> this is gonna take a year to render (derp) 
[05:15] <A Walruse> ssoooo
[05:15] <A Walruse> new OW patch on the test servers already
[05:16] <A Walruse> no genji spam for instant wins anymore :c
[05:17] <GandalftheWizard> bubblybubbles o/ 
[05:18] <Alemas2005> Ah, Bubbles, hi again.
[05:18] <Alemas2005> You are with the brats now?
[05:19] <GandalftheWizard> You scared her off, Ale -_-
[05:19] <GandalftheWizard> or not
[05:20] <Impossibubbles> Yes
[05:21] <ItsCryptiid> I just ran out of monthly internet
[05:21] <ItsCryptiid> Just as I was about to complete something
[05:21] <ItsCryptiid> And now I literally have a 2 KBPS down and 0.1 KBPS up.
[05:22] <ItsCryptiid> I HAVE A 43.7 KBPS UPLOAD.
[05:22] <ItsCryptiid> AND A 1 MB DOWNLOAD
[05:23] <ItsCryptiid> 28 DOWNLAOD
[05:23] <ItsCryptiid> KBPS
[05:29] <Kingwja> *Haiiii
[05:29] <Majolo9050> *yey*
[05:29] <Kingwja> xD
[05:29] <Majolo9050> xD
[05:29] <Kingwja> Jinx
[05:29] <Majolo9050> ked e o/ 
[05:29] <Kingwja> Hey Ked o/ 
[05:29] <Majolo9050> div o/ 
[05:30] <Ked830> Haii
[05:30] <Kingwja> Div :c
[05:30] <Ked830> Divvy person hai
[05:30] <I'mDivergent> hi x2
[05:30] <GandalftheWizard> KED o/ 
[05:30] <Ked830> Hola
[05:30] <I'mDivergent> oh ked gabby douglas said her favorite singer was hollyn 
[05:31] <Ked830> WOOOOOOOOW
[05:31] <Ked830> Cooliooooo
[05:31] <I'mDivergent> On national TV too, the video is on Hollyn's Instagram if you care at all
[05:31] <I'mDivergent> hi sam
[05:31] <Kingwja> Hey Sam o/ 
[05:32] <Ked830> I'll look at it later, thankee
[05:32] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[05:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> 3 hours estimated time on this render (derp) 
[05:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> kill me
[05:32] <KnightoftheLight> What did you need to talk to me about, Div? :P 
[05:32] <Kingwja> Bubbles o/ 
[05:32] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[05:32] <Ked830> Hai bubbly
[05:33] <I'mDivergent> hi bubbles
[05:33] <Impossibubbles> Ugh I don't wanna go to school tonight
[05:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> emergency uninstalling of all my games
[05:40] <Kingwja> Well chat is pretty dead right now, isn't it? :P 
[05:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> indeed
[05:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> just like my pc
[05:41] <Kingwja> That's not good. :c
[05:41] <Kingwja> Why exactly are you emergency uninstalling stuff?
[05:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> because
[05:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> i made a video
[05:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> 30 minutes long
[05:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> the raw footage was 55 gb
[05:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> and now im rendering it
[05:42] <Kingwja> what the heck
[05:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> it's gonna be like 100 gb and i dont have that kinda space
[05:42] <Kingwja> 55 Gigabytes???
[05:42] <Kingwja> oh wow
[05:42] <Kingwja> Why exactly is it taking up 100 GB worth of space?
[05:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> because its 30 minutes
[05:43] <Kingwja> Oh yeah. (derp) 
[05:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol like 5 minutes of video takes up like 3 gbs
[05:43] <Kingwja> That's not normal though, I mean my computer has tons of movies, and it doesn't take that much space. :S 
[05:43] <Kingwja> * (confused n) 
[05:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> movies are compressed
[05:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> things you make yourself are not
[05:44] <Kingwja> Oh ok, that's right
[05:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> ugh
[05:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> pirate software is so hard to uninstall
[05:45] <Kingwja> yes, yes it is.
[05:45] <Impossibubbles> Ew. So apparently whipped cream comes in a plastic container and you have to dish it out with a spoon 
[05:45] <Impossibubbles> this is gross
[05:46] <Kingwja> That's how I normally use whipped topping
[05:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> 46 gbs free now
[05:46] <Kingwja> It's always been in containers. (derp) 
[05:46] <Kingwja> Ooh, that's nice, BNR
[05:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> im uninstalling the big boys now
[05:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> like skyrim and civ
[05:47] <Kingwja> I love Civ.
[05:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> eh
[05:47] <Impossibubbles> That's gross
[05:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> i've moved onto more complex strat games
[05:47] <Impossibubbles> why wouldn't you make your own
[05:47] <Kingwja> No it isn't, it's normal. xD
[05:47] <Impossibubbles> How is that normal (derp) ...ew
[05:48] <Kingwja> Actually, I like it better than the can stuff. :P 
[05:48] <Kingwja> Hey Derrick o/ 
[05:48] <Kingwja> *Verrack
[05:48] <Kingwja> That was autocorrect I swear
[05:48] <Impossibubbles> can stuff is gross too
[05:49] <Kingwja> I've never actually had homemade whipped topping.
[05:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> then dont eat whipped cream? (derp) 
[05:49] <Verrack333> Hi, I'm Derrick. o/ 
[05:49] <Kingwja> XD
[05:49] <Impossibubbles> i make my own whipped cream
[05:49] <Kingwja> I want to try that someday
[05:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> is it creamy
[05:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> creme de la meme
[05:49] <Impossibubbles> as I assumed any civilized person dis
[05:50] <Impossibubbles> *did
[05:50] <Verrack333> yeah, just mix heavy whipping cream and sugar and you got whipped cream :P 
[05:50] <Impossibubbles> (derp$
[05:50] <Impossibubbles> damn phkne
[05:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol what
[05:50] <Impossibubbles> pgine
[05:50] <Kingwja> More importantly, does it taste good? :P 
[05:50] <Impossibubbles> phone
[05:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> i was gonna ask how you mistake ) for $
[05:50] <Kingwja> wow, your phone is bad. (derp) 
[05:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> dont you wish you could just skip the recycle bin sometimes
[05:50] <Verrack333> i'm the bo))
[05:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> and just delete stuff permanently automatically 
[05:51] <Kingwja> Yeah, but other times I don't :P 
[05:51] <Kingwja> I need the recycle bin sometimes. :P 
[05:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> how do i uninstall recycle bin
[05:51] <Kingwja> I don't think you can. 
[05:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> i dont wanna delete 10 gbs worth of stuff /twice/
[05:51] <Kingwja> Yeah xD
[05:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> some reason i still have lego star wars popping up in my uninstall list
[05:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> but im pretty sure i manually deleted it
[05:52] <Kingwja> well, I gtg, cya guys o/ 
[05:52] <Verrack333> cya o/ 
[05:52] <Kingwja> o/ 
[05:53] <Verrack333> hey Sam
[05:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> rip
[05:59] <Impossibubbles> She's making smores with the gas stove and Nutella (derp) 
[05:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> i read that as gask mask
[05:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> *gas
[06:02] <Alemas2005> ...what.
[06:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> wot
[06:02] <Alemas2005> you have many... "special" kids to take care of, Bubbles? :P 
[06:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> welp
[06:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> i hope i didnt just delete any important system files
[06:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> ayy skull
[06:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> are you still stranded
[06:06] <SkullyDuggs> Ape 
[06:07] <SkullyDuggs> u lil :o 
[06:07] <SkullyDuggs> nsh 
[06:07] <SkullyDuggs> I'm at Niagara 
[06:07] <AmazingPythor> ?
[06:07] <AmazingPythor> Oh, nice. :P 
[06:07] <SkullyDuggs> camp ended early so
[06:08] <AmazingPythor> I woke up like two hours ago. (y) 
[06:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> gg
[06:08] <SkullyDuggs> Lol 
[06:08] <SkullyDuggs> been up since 6 
[06:08] <AmazingPythor> o/ x2
[06:08] <AmazingPythor> Damn. :P 
[06:08] <SkullyDuggs> Kedemoo! 
[06:08] <Ked830> Skulbae heyyyy
[06:10] <Ked830> Hey Gandy
[06:12] <Alemas2005> ...oh for crying out loud...
[06:12] <Alemas2005> "Uber to deploy self-driving cars in Pittsburgh"
[06:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> instead of rapists
[06:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> your new threat
[06:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> is hackers
[06:13] <Alemas2005> "The ride-sharing firm Uber will, for the first time, allow users to hail self-driving cars within a fortnight, the company has confirmed."
[06:13] <Alemas2005> "At first, the vehicles will be supervised by a driver, who can take control if necessary, and an observer, Bloomberg reported."
[06:13] <Alemas2005> Oh God no.
[06:13] <Alemas2005> No no no, this is way too early.
[06:13] <Alemas2005> "It added that it was teaming up with Volvo."
[06:13] <Ked830> How do?
[06:13] <Alemas2005>
[06:13] <Ked830> How so
[06:13] <Alemas2005> Those are the cars.
[06:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> the future is never too early
[06:14] <Alemas2005> the case of self-driving cars, yes it is...
[06:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> google already has like 30 of them
[06:14] <Ked830> Meh
[06:14] <Alemas2005> Yeah, Google.
[06:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[06:14] <Alemas2005> Google.
[06:14] <Alemas2005> And you have Uber.
[06:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> whats wrong with uber
[06:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> have you ever been in an uber car
[06:15] <Alemas2005> ...they began testing those cars in MAY?!
[06:15] <Alemas2005> No. :P 
[06:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> neither have i
[06:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> so i dont really care if they have self driving cars
[06:15] <Alemas2005> So after 3 months of testing they want to introduce self-driving cars on the public roads...?
[06:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> it's not really that hard
[06:15] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[06:15] <Ked830> Hey MC
[06:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> there's already tech that allows automatic parking and breaking
[06:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> and it's in most modern cars
[06:16] <Man.city1> Hey ale and ked
[06:16] <Man.city1> *a
[06:16] <Man.city1> e
[06:16] <Man.city1> **ape
[06:16] <Impossibubbles> Skul PMed me and now he's gone and I don't know what he said (derp2) 
[06:16] <Ked830> And Ale you said they'd have people ready to take over the wheel of something went wrong so
[06:16] <AmazingPythor> MC did you really mistake me for Alemas
[06:16] <AmazingPythor> smh
[06:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> hey
[06:17] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[06:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> it's better than you thinking mc comes in when marsh tricks you
[06:18] <AmazingPythor> Fair point.
[06:18] <Roddy15> \o 
[06:18] <Impossibubbles> Oh, AP :3
[06:18] <Ked830> Hai Roddy 
[06:18] <AmazingPythor> Hey Bubbles :3
[06:18] <Alemas2005> Just the whole concept of self-driving cars...
[06:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> ALE
[06:18] <Alemas2005> ...I'm not a fan.
[06:18] <AmazingPythor> How is work going
[06:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> THE FUTURE IS NOOOOOOW
[06:18] <Alemas2005> The future should stop and think instead. (UA) 
[06:19] <AmazingPythor> I must agree Alemas
[06:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> what could /possibly/ go wrong
[06:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> we have the government (kappa) 
[06:19] <Alemas2005> People are too concerned to think about whether they can make self-driving cars viable that they aren't thinking about whether they should bother with them at all.
[06:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> well i mean
[06:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> self driving cars will allow the disabled to drive themselves
[06:19] <Ked830> Plurky ayyyyy
[06:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> pretty sweet deal
[06:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> also texting and driving will be less dangerous (derp4
[06:20] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[06:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> (der4)
[06:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> (derp4) 
[06:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> kill me
[06:20] <AmazingPythor> wb bae
[06:20] <AmazingPythor> <3
[06:20] <Impossibubbles> Test
[06:20] <Ked830> Pass
[06:20] <Plurky of House Targaryen> passeth
[06:20] <Impossibubbles> I hate this pjnne
[06:20] <Impossibubbles> phine
[06:20] <Impossibubbles> pone
[06:20] <Impossibubbles> phone
[06:20] <Roddy15> to be honest though self-driving cars probably won't work in a lot of areas
[06:20] <AmazingPythor> How is work going Bubbles
[06:21] <Ked830> Phones and typing do not mix
[06:21] <Impossibubbles> how is what going to wokr
[06:21] <Impossibubbles> work
[06:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> eh
[06:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> as long as there is minimal user interaction
[06:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> will probably be ok
[06:21] <Roddy15> if you look at tesla's system it kind of depends on white lines being very visible and it's only usable on highways from what i've seen
[06:21] <Impossibubbles> Oh
[06:21] <Impossibubbles> wait
[06:21] <AmazingPythor> ... :P 
[06:21] <Impossibubbles> i misread that
[06:21] <Impossibubbles> shes playing flute
[06:21] <Roddy15> if you want to have a self-driving car in say skye, it's not going to happen
[06:21] <AmazingPythor> Mobile is disorienting, it's fine lol
[06:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> bubbles
[06:22] <Roddy15> it's why there will always be a wheel there to use
[06:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> has she learned the british grenadiers at least
[06:22] <AmazingPythor> I assume she's a child prodigy Bubbles
[06:22] <Impossibubbles> before that she wanted to make smores on the gas stove 
[06:22] <AmazingPythor> what
[06:22] <Roddy15> not to mention the fact complete self-driving cars are just avenues to get sued
[06:22] <Impossibubbles> and she used Nutella instead of chocolate 
[06:22] <Marcel77799> Test
[06:22] <Ked830> Who needs to make stores on the stove when you have a microwave tho
[06:22] <Ked830> pass
[06:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> the risk of getting sued means that they wont be as stupid with it
[06:22] <Ked830> smores
[06:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats good at least
[06:23] <AmazingPythor> She sounds like a connoisseur Bubbles
[06:23] <Impossibubbles> because microwave smores are the worst?
[06:23] <Roddy15> i think the systems could be really easily used on motorway and major roads but that's about it
[06:23] <Impossibubbles> anyway
[06:23] <Impossibubbles> it was gross
[06:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> i guess
[06:23] <AmazingPythor> I make microwave smores sometimes out of laziness and desperation 
[06:23] <Impossibubbles> TEST
[06:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> fail
[06:24] <AmazingPythor> Is the wifi bad
[06:24] <Impossibubbles> And then her brother was making a banana split
[06:24] <AmazingPythor> The immature 15 year old one?
[06:24] <Impossibubbles> i didn't know whipped cream came in tubs? (Derp) 
[06:24] <Impossibubbles> yes
[06:25] <AmazingPythor> ... That's a thing
[06:25] <AmazingPythor> ?
[06:25] <Impossibubbles> It's gross
[06:25] <Ked830> Yes it is
[06:25] <AmazingPythor> What barbarians don't make their own whipped cream
[06:25] <Impossibubbles> see!
[06:25] <AmazingPythor> Do these people have like, things to do or something
[06:25] <Impossibubbles> thats what I said
[06:25] <Impossibubbles> but I was told whipped cream in a tub was normal
[06:26] <Impossibubbles> i refuse to accept that 
[06:26] <AmazingPythor> I thought they were normally bought in aerosol cans
[06:26] <Impossibubbles> i think the funniest thing
[06:27] <Impossibubbles> was that the kid started raving about how great the banana split was
[06:27] <Impossibubbles> but literally everything on it was store bought 
[06:27] <AmazingPythor> Well you can't blame him for not making his own ice cream :{P 
[06:28] <AmazingPythor> Or growing his own bananas :{P 
[06:28] <Impossibubbles> like you didn't make your own whipped cream or chocolate sauce. how is it any better than any other banana split made with the same ingredients 
[06:29] <AmazingPythor> I haven't made chocolate sauce in a while
[06:29] <AmazingPythor> But yeah that hardly requires culinary genius
[06:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> >making chocolate sauce
[06:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> i just microwave chocolate chips
[06:30] <Impossibubbles> cuz then the dad was like "did you have grandma's banana splits last night? They're the best," and she literally used the same ingredients 
[06:31] <AmazingPythor> Grandma's secret recipe
[06:31] <AmazingPythor> 1. buy things at store
[06:31] <AmazingPythor> 2. put them in a bowl
[06:31] <AmazingPythor> 3. eat
[06:31] <Impossibubbles> also brave homemade fudge sauce isn't the same as melting chocolate chips
[06:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> i was joking
[06:32] <Impossibubbles> exaptly ap
[06:32] <Impossibubbles> exactly 
[06:32] <AmazingPythor> exaptly
[06:32] <Impossibubbles> this damb lhone
[06:32] <Impossibubbles> damn phine
[06:32] <Impossibubbles> phone
[06:33] <Alemas2005> "exAPtly".
[06:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> every time
[06:33] <AmazingPythor> I made a worse typo the other day tbf so I'm not one to talk
[06:33] <Alemas2005> Oh God.
[06:33] <Alemas2005> :P 
[06:33] <Impossibubbles> i want my laptop
[06:33] <ItsCryptiid> Destiny literally has the dumbest playerbase in the universe
[06:33] <AmazingPythor> At least you didn't have to do this for an entire weekend bubbles
[06:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> cause youre in it
[06:33] <Impossibubbles> true
[06:34] <Alemas2005> [[File:Exaptly.png]]
[06:34] <Alemas2005> [[User blog:Alemas2005/Autocowrecks - The Second Coming]]
[06:34] <AmazingPythor> I typed fairly well and maintained relative eloquence considering I was always on mobile
[06:34] <Alemas2005> 8 times.
[06:34] <Impossibubbles> im so glad school stars next week
[06:34] <Impossibubbles> next
[06:34] <Impossibubbles> i mean
[06:34] <Impossibubbles> starts
[06:34] <Alemas2005> You are fast approaching Finn in the leaderboards.
[06:34] <Impossibubbles> hmph
[06:34] <AmazingPythor> Is slice still the king
[06:35] <AmazingPythor> Ale you missed my best typos well I was at florida ;~;
[06:35] <Impossibubbles> poor ap
[06:35] <AmazingPythor> I've been on there once between both of the blogs
[06:35] <AmazingPythor> ikr
[06:35] <AmazingPythor> "I'm on a layover from nuclear to boston"
[06:35] <AmazingPythor> c'mon man
[06:35] <Impossibubbles> ylire just too refined (mm) 
[06:35] <Alemas2005> "well I was"?
[06:35] <Impossibubbles> youre
[06:36] <AmazingPythor> But of course. (mm) 
[06:36] <AmazingPythor> wb
[06:36] <Alemas2005> [[File:SchoolStarsNextWeek.png]]
[06:36] <Alemas2005> [[File:WellIWas.png]]
[06:36] <Impossibubbles> im gonna see how long I can make flute last
[06:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats not even a funny ale
[06:37] <AmazingPythor> Ale c'mon man
[06:37] <AmazingPythor> Anyways I have to go
[06:38] <Impossibubbles> Nooooo
[06:38] <AmazingPythor> I'll bbl, try not to die bubbles
[06:38] <Impossibubbles> ;~;
[06:38] <AmazingPythor> ;~;
[06:39] <Alemas2005> AmazingBubbles confirmed.
[06:39] <Alemas2005> Even though...
[06:39] <Alemas2005> [[File:Impossithor.png]]
[06:39] <Alemas2005> Meh, who cares, new ship name.
[06:39] <Impossibubbles> No ship
[06:40] <Alemas2005> Even though...
[06:40] <Alemas2005> Nah.
[06:40] <Alemas2005> Too little affection.
[06:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> are you kidding me
[06:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> they're like the indirect affectionate type
[06:42] <Impossibubbles> What
[07:02] <Impossibubbles> Only 2 hours left
[07:05] <Marcel77799> Lol
[07:05] <Marcel77799> Deadness 
[07:14] <Marcel77799> O/ 
[07:15] <Ked830> Ey Marc
[07:16] <Marcel77799> It's dead
[07:17] <Ked830> Quite
[07:24] <Alemas2005> "KIDS REACT TO HOWTOBASIC"
[07:24] <Alemas2005> ...oh yes.
[07:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> great
[07:25] <Sir Guurahk> gr8 (derp) 
[07:25] <Ked830> Hey Guu
[07:26] <Sir Guurahk> Hello Ked o/ 
[07:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> pizza rolls taste good
[07:31] <Ked830> Where is that buzzing noise coming from aaaaaagh
[07:31] <Ked830> ive never had a pizza roll
[07:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> wow
[07:32] <Ked830> am I still allowed to live? ;~;
[07:34] <Alemas2005> They did an "Elders react" for HowToBasic...
[07:34] <Alemas2005> Now a "Kids react".
[07:34] <Alemas2005> Bad idea.
[07:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes ked
[07:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> you can live
[07:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> but eat a pizza roll
[07:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> it's like a pizza
[07:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> but mini
[07:36] <Sir Guurahk> Next up: "Middle aged people react" (derp) 
[07:36] <Ked830> Sounds great
[07:36] <Ked830> now I just have to get one
[07:36] <Ked830> somewhere
[07:36] <Alemas2005> That'd be "adults react".
[07:36] <Ked830> oh actually I could bike to the grocery store and just but some XD
[07:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> ye
[07:37] <Ked830> But that requires moving
[07:37] <Ked830> and I don't feel like moving rn
[07:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> darn
[07:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> do you ever feel like moving
[07:37] <Ked830> hey cryp
[07:37] <Ked830> Yes
[07:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> o
[07:38] <Ked830> im not that physically lazy
[07:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> sure
[07:38] <Ked830> I would just rather not currently (derp) 
[07:42] <Majolo9050> i think my mom wants me to be my fathers keeper while she's at work
[07:42] <Majolo9050> hahahaaaa, not doin it xD
[07:42] <Majolo9050> o/ 
[07:42] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[07:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> keeper?
[07:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> ??
[07:42] <Majolo9050> make sure he gets to work
[07:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh
[07:43] <Majolo9050> and actually gets out of bed
[07:43] <Majolo9050> id do it but i dont know if it's worth being yelled at
[07:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> i thought it was like
[07:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> a different kind of keeper
[07:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> that is disgusting when you think about it
[07:43] <Majolo9050> god no xD
[07:43] <Legoanimals750> Slave owner? :P 
[07:44] <Ked830> Bbl
[07:44] <Majolo9050> baiii
[07:44] <Legoanimals750> Bye Ked o/ 
[07:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> no
[07:44] <Sir Guurahk> o/ 
[07:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> ever heard the phrase
[07:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> "she's a real keeper"
[07:45] <Legoanimals750> Yeah
[07:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats what i thought
[07:43] <Legoanimals750> Slave owner? :P 
[07:44] <Ked830> Bbl
[07:44] <Majolo9050> baiii
[07:44] <Legoanimals750> Bye Ked o/ 
[07:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> no
[07:44] <Sir Guurahk> o/ 
[07:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> ever heard the phrase
[07:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> "she's a real keeper"
[07:45] <Legoanimals750> Yeah
[07:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats what i thought
[07:54] <Ked830> Skulbae
[07:54] <SkullyDuggs> In England I said that and they asked what team (ud) 
[07:55] <Ked830> hai
[07:55] <SkullyDuggs> @bnr
[07:55] <SkullyDuggs> Kedemoooooooo
[07:55] <SkullyDuggs> lmbw sucks on mobile 
[07:55] <SkullyDuggs> I should chat with you guys elsewhere 
[07:55] <SkullyDuggs> but I don't use my g+ 
[07:55] <Ked830> Do you wanna keep taking or no?
[07:55] <Ked830> i don't either
[07:55] <Ked830> so
[07:55] <SkullyDuggs> God just make an LMBW fb group guys 
[07:55] <SkullyDuggs> even my WoW guild has one 
[07:56] <Man.city1> Skul
[07:56] <Ked830> I don't have FB currently (derp) 
[07:56] <Man.city1> u do know that most ppl on the wiki don't have fb :{p 
[07:56] <Man.city1> right? :p 
[07:56] <SkullyDuggs> I need to pee and I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere again but this time because my moms shopping
[07:56] <SkullyDuggs> What mc 
[07:56] <SkullyDuggs> doesnt everyone 
[07:56] <Legoanimals750> I only have a personal one. :P 
[07:56] <SkullyDuggs> weirdos 
[07:56] <Man.city1> web 
[07:56] <Ked830> Hey AP
[07:56] <SkullyDuggs> I'm fb friends with a bunch of LMBers personal accounts lol 
[07:57] <AmazingPythor> \o 
[07:57] <SkullyDuggs> APE 
[07:57] <Man.city1> Id hope you only have a personal account 
[07:57] <Man.city1> :{p 
[07:57] <SkullyDuggs> I THOUGHT YOU WERENT HERE 
[07:57] <AmazingPythor> ?
[07:57] <SkullyDuggs> I have a personal account and one for my underground life as a hooker 
[07:57] <Man.city1> ape came back for u skul
[07:57] <AmazingPythor> I just got here skul
[07:57] <SkullyDuggs> Apeybaby (sie) 
[07:57] <Legoanimals750> I'd wouldn't use it for a LMB wiki group though. :P 
[07:57] <AmazingPythor> skul e (sie) 
[07:57] <Legoanimals750> I*
[07:57] <SkullyDuggs> how are American politics 
[07:58] <Man.city1> i have fb but wouldn't join coz...yea... :p 
[07:58] <AmazingPythor> We're now a Marxist utopia skul
[07:58] <Man.city1> i want to reduce my presence here and not increase it :p 
[07:58] <Legoanimals750>
[07:58] <SkullyDuggs> ape did you hear that the federal gov is gonna stop using private prisons 
[07:58] <AmazingPythor> Wait really
[07:58] <AmazingPythor> Nice :P 
[07:58] <SkullyDuggs> yes
[07:58] <SkullyDuggs> just the feds
[07:58] <AmazingPythor> That's good
[07:58] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[07:58] <SkullyDuggs> most people are in state prisons anyway but 
[07:58] <AmazingPythor> Bubblesssss
[07:58] <SkullyDuggs> step in the right direction 
[07:58] <AmazingPythor> Yeah skul
[07:58] <Ked830> Hey bubbly
[07:59] <AmazingPythor> Private prisons are kind of idiotic and corrupt. :{P 
[07:59] <SkullyDuggs> I'm going out of signal 
[07:59] <SkullyDuggs> exactly ape 
[07:59] <SkullyDuggs> but MOoooolah 
[07:59] <AmazingPythor> ofc
[07:59] <SkullyDuggs> moo kede moo 
[07:59] <Ked830> moo skuleh
[07:59] <SkullyDuggs> bye all ape fb me later m8 (ud) 
[07:59] <AmazingPythor> k Cya skul
[08:00] <Legoanimals750> "Home Alone 2 is about a boy abandoned by liberal parents who meets an American hero! #TrumpExplainsMoviePlots"
[08:02] <AmazingPythor> o/ times 3
[08:02] <Ked830> Hai mqj
[08:02] <Ked830> maj
[08:02] <Legoanimals750> "#TrumpExplainsMoviePlots 
[08:02] <Legoanimals750> Darth Vader is a builder, good guy, I know him personally, great guy."
[08:02] <Majolo9050> ai
[08:02] <Ked830> and rusrus
[08:02] <Majolo9050> GANDY
[08:02] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[08:02] <GandalftheWizard> MAJJY
[08:02] <Legoanimals750> Well, gtg bye o/ 
[08:02] <AmazingPythor> \o 
[08:02] <Majolo9050> ba- late
[08:06] <Ked830> Senpaiiiiiiiii
[08:06] <Ked830> hullooo
[08:08] <Sir Guurahk> >Checks NationStates issues
[08:08] <Sir Guurahk> >"When the police recently used a main battle tank to stop a robbery in downtown Guuonia City, many questioned whether the police should be buying up army surplus."
[08:08] <Sir Guurahk> >"the police recently used a main battle tank to stop a robbery"
[08:08] <Sir Guurahk> (y) 
[08:09] <Ked830> (Y) 
[08:10] <Sir Guurahk> (y) (y) 
[08:10] <Romaniandude12> hey
[08:10] <GuacamoleCCXR> 
[08:10] <Ked830> there you are hai
[08:10] <Ked830> Hai Guac
[08:10] <AmazingPythor> lol Guac
[08:11] <Romaniandude12> guac wat x
[08:11] <Romaniandude12> xD
[08:11] <Ked830> Woohoo Aphmoo is out of the hospital happiness eeeee
[08:11] <Romaniandude12> wat
[08:11] <Ked830> Aphmauuuuu
[08:11] <Ked830> YTer
[08:12] <Ked830> i luv her su much
[08:12] <Ked830> and she was in the hospital ;~;
[08:12] <Ked830> but NOW SHES NOT
[08:12] <Romaniandude12> oh,aphmau
[08:12] <Ked830> so I'm happy
[08:12] <Ked830> aphmoo c:
[08:12] <AmazingPythor> APhmoo
[08:12] <AmazingPythor> (UD) 
[08:12] <Ked830> ..oops
[08:12] <Romaniandude12> xD
[08:13] <Romaniandude12> ima call you aphmoo now
[08:13] <AmazingPythor> :{P 
[08:13] <Romaniandude12> (As) 
[08:13] <Ked830> anyway yeyeyey
[08:16] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[08:18] <Ked830> I shoulda cleaned my room last night instead of painting my nails
[08:18] <AmazingPythor> I should've went to bed before 5 last night
[08:18] <Ked830> ..yeep
[08:20] <Man.city1> What colour ked
[08:20] <Ked830> Want a pic?
[08:20] <Man.city1> no
[08:20] <Man.city1> colour is enough :{p 
[08:20] <Ked830> i did my pointer finger gold/silvery and the rest is like blood red
[08:21] <Man.city1> I actually guessed it would be blood red :{p 
[08:21] <Ked830> Why? XD
[08:21] <GandalftheWizard> i want a pic :P 
[08:21] <GandalftheWizard> sounds like an interesting combination
[08:21] <Man.city1> .... Well to hide your crimes Ked :{p 
[08:23] <Ked830> Tru
[08:23] <Ked830> my fingers are long
[08:23] <Ked830> they look long
[08:23] <Man.city1> I,thoguht,they'd,be fat tbh :{p 
[08:24] <Ked830> ..fat XD
[08:24] <AmazingPythor> ... :P 
[08:24] <Ked830> nah, mine aren't fat XD
[08:25] <Ked830> [[File:BloodyNailz.jpeg]]
[08:25] <Ked830> i think at least
[08:25] <Ked830> they don't feel or look fat
[08:25] <Majolo9050> how purty, kede
[08:26] <Ked830> Maj you don't to see the other hand XD I absolutely butchered it 
[08:26] <GandalftheWizard> that really does look like blood...xD
[08:26] <Majolo9050> xD
[08:26] <AmazingPythor> A tad. :{P 
[08:26] <Majolo9050> my left one always looks awesome and then my right one.. xD
[08:26] <Ked830> It's a nice color really
[08:27] <Majolo9050> my hands are always butchered tho
[08:27] <Ked830> exactly maj
[08:27] <Ked830> cuz im not ambidextrous;~;
[08:27] <Majolo9050> same D:
[08:28] <Ked830> Also at 1AM I don't have anyone to do my right hand so XD
[08:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> try using your mouth
[08:30] <Ked830> That'd probably turn out worse
[08:30] <Majolo9050> bnr have you ever painted your nails
[08:30] <Majolo9050> its hard
[08:30] <AmazingPythor> brb
[08:31] <Majolo9050> and i did it with my mouth once, looked like i was a muderer
[08:31] <GandalftheWizard> i painted my nails once
[08:31] <Majolo9050> why
[08:32] <GandalftheWizard> it was with that anti-nailbiting stuff that tastes like crap
[08:32] <Ked830> So regular nail polish?
[08:33] <Ked830> Except not toxic probably
[08:34] <GandalftheWizard> yeah
[08:34] <GandalftheWizard> and it's clear, so :P 
[08:35] <Sir Guurahk> I once painted my nails black, for some reason I can't remember. (derp3) 
[08:35] <Ked830> I have a very bad experience with clear nail polish
[08:35] <Ked830> black is elegant bro
[08:36] <GandalftheWizard> bad experience???
[08:36] <Sir Guurahk> 2emo4me (derp) 
[08:36] <Ked830> Anyway when I was like 5 I wasn't invited to a birthday party cuz I wasn't wearing 'real' nail polish cuz it was clear 
[08:36] <Ked830> ;;;---;;;
[08:36] <Majolo9050> wow
[08:37] <Majolo9050> ima sorry kede *huggies*
[08:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> rip
[08:37] <GandalftheWizard> oh...that's cruel
[08:38] <Ked830> I was scarred for life
[08:38] <Ked830> so
[08:38] <Ked830> thats a fun story (derp) 
[08:39] <GandalftheWizard> real fun (derp7) 
[08:39] <GandalftheWizard> why did 5yo girls care so much about nail polish??? :P 
[08:39] <Ked830> Beats me
[08:40] <Ked830> the girl whose party it was was maybe a year or so earlier than me
[08:40] <Majolo9050> when i was 5 i had this little dora nail polish, so xD
[08:40] <Ked830> i was lucky to be wearing nail polish at all XD
[08:40] <Majolo9050> that too xD
[08:40] <Ked830> Elyyyyy hai
[08:40] <AmazingPythor> (mm) 
[08:41] <Son of Elrond> ay
[08:41] <GandalftheWizard> soe o/ 
[08:41] <Son of Elrond> (mm) 
[08:41] <Majolo9050> fel ai
[08:41] <Son of Elrond> ai
[08:41] <Ked830> I can't say it looks like it's eyeball is falling out anymore ;~;
[08:41] <Son of Elrond> yay :P 
[08:41] <Ked830> The monocle emote you two use
[08:41] <Ked830> cri
[08:42] <AmazingPythor> Monocle pinged me
[08:42] <AmazingPythor> Also ha
[08:42] <Ked830> Hey Roddy 
[08:42] <Roddy15> \o 
[08:43] <Ked830> I have do many shirts good grief
[08:43] <Ked830> So
[08:43] <Ked830> heyyyyy
[08:47] <Ked830> Hey Knight
[08:47] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[08:47] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[08:48] <Son of Elrond> samkim o/ 
[08:48] <Son of Elrond> The Killers have become an addiction 
[08:48] <Son of Elrond> halp
[08:48] <Son of Elrond> ;~;
[08:49] <KnightoftheLight> Painkillers?
[08:49] <Man.city1> Night guys
[08:49] <Ked830> Night MC
[08:49] <KnightoftheLight> O\ 
[08:49] <Ked830> take caaaaare
[08:49] <Ked830> take caaaaare
[08:50] <Son of Elrond> night m.c
[08:50] <Ked830> Is it bad that I have two of at peasy three shirts
[08:51] <Ked830> least
[08:51] <Ked830> my gosh
[08:51] <KnightoftheLight> Yessssss! XD
[08:52] <Ked830> Hm hm hm
[08:52] <Son of Elrond> rekt
[08:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[08:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> destroyed
[08:58] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[09:01] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[09:01] <Ked830> Ey
[09:02] <KnightoftheLight> ...Peud's going into 7th grade? Wow. :P 
[09:02] <Ked830> I am super satisfied with myself, I just rearranged my tshirt draw XD it's all neat now 
[09:03] <Legoanimals750> Yay
[09:04] <Ked830> Brb
[09:04] <GandalftheWizard> hooray! a victory has been won for organisation!
[09:05] <KnightoftheLight> Yaaaaay! Organization! :P 
[09:05] <Legoanimals750> I think I'm going to leave BB for a week and post in FF again. :P 
[09:06] <Son of Elrond> all of my friendssss say, I should move onnnn
[09:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> from what
[09:06] <KnightoftheLight> Ooh, nice, Webby. :P 
[09:07] <KnightoftheLight> MOVE OOOOOON
[09:07] <KnightoftheLight> YOU WATCH ME
[09:07] <KnightoftheLight> BLEED UNTIL I CAN'T BREATHE
[09:07] <KnightoftheLight> I'M SHAKING
[09:07] <KnightoftheLight> FALLING ONTO MY KNEES
[09:07] <KnightoftheLight> (derp) 
[09:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> you sound gay
[09:08] <KnightoftheLight> How does singing Stitches make me gay? :P 
[09:08] <Son of Elrond> it just does
[09:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> i said that ironically
[09:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> god
[09:08] <KnightoftheLight> Move on from what, though, Arula? 
[09:08] <Son of Elrond> she's just anotherrr gurl
[09:09] <Son of Elrond> it's a song sam
[09:09] <Son of Elrond> :P 
[09:09] <KnightoftheLight> Oh. :P 
[09:09] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[09:10] <KnightoftheLight> Tfw you're on your TY channel and compare your old and new videos. :P 
[09:10] <KnightoftheLight> My voice changed sooooooooooo much. :P 
[09:10] <KnightoftheLight> *YT
[09:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> i wanna gonna upload a drunken video of me playing a game today
[09:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> but the whole video was bigger than my entire pc space
[09:11] <KnightoftheLight> XD
[09:11] <KnightoftheLight> Aren't PCs like 300 gigs though? :P 
[09:11] <Roddy15> more like 500gb min these days
[09:12] <Roddy15> unless you go with a flash storage laptop or something
[09:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> my pc only had 50 in free space
[09:12] <GandalftheWizard> my pc has a terebyte
[09:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> because 55 were taken up by the raw video
[09:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> and the rest is taken up by system
[09:12] <Roddy15> 4.5TB here :P 
[09:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> roddy everytime you speak about your pc
[09:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> i get more jealous
[09:12] <KnightoftheLight> O
[09:12] <KnightoftheLight> o/ 
[09:13] <Roddy15> i'm actually running out of room for games
[09:13] <Legoanimals750> I have around 600 GBs
[09:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> roddy
[09:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> how many games do you have installed
[09:13] <Roddy15> on steam about 50
[09:14] <Roddy15> there's more there but i haven't reinstalled them yet
[09:14] <Roddy15> so it's probably 60-70
[09:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> wth
[09:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> how are you out of space
[09:14] <Roddy15> i have 1TB for games
[09:14] <Roddy15> i'm using over 900GB of that now
[09:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> what is the rest for
[09:15] <Roddy15> but that also includes pictures, music and stuff like that
[09:15] <Roddy15> so it's probably about 400GB of that is games
[09:15] <Roddy15> 3TB is for recording then
[09:16] <Roddy15> and my 500GB SSD holds the OS, most of the programs and a few games that benefit from it
[09:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> ??
[09:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> recording
[09:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> what
[09:16] <Roddy15> yeah videos
[09:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> do you record like 50 hour videos
[09:16] <Roddy15> the stuff takes up a lot of space
[09:17] <Roddy15> especially when you have to use fraps.
[09:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> im aware
[09:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[09:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> i was just wondering what you were recording
[09:18] <Roddy15> at some points i have about 70% of that space used up
[09:18] <Roddy15> it's not really that full right now though because we don't record that much anymore
[09:18] <Roddy15> i mean thinking about it i could switch them round
[09:18] <Roddy15> make the 3TB my games and the 1TB recording
[09:19] <Roddy15> just during our better days we'd have daily videos to get ready
[09:19] <Roddy15> and we'd have over hundred hours in recordings on the drive
[09:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> wew
[09:20] <Roddy15> but i mean the recording folder right now is 715GB in size
[09:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> cant upload them somewhere?
[09:21] <Roddy15> we do upload
[09:21] <Roddy15> it's just with the leaving cert
[09:21] <Roddy15> and now there's hardly any decent games to cover
[09:21] <Roddy15> i have No Man's Sky stuff done though
[09:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> wew
[09:22] <Roddy15> and we have some indie games to do
[09:22] <Roddy15> but they are always rubbish ones
[09:23] <Roddy15> when it comes to youtube i always find it's very hard to be motivated when you know hardly anyone will ever watch it
[09:23] <Roddy15> no matter how good it is
[09:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> i guess
[09:24] <Roddy15> it's not like i want to be pewdiepie but having people other than close friends watching would be nice :P 
[09:24] <Roddy15> and knowing there are other people watching it :P 
[09:25] <Roddy15> we had that feeling with our payday 2 stuff for a while and it felt less taxing to be spending hours editing when you know someone will watch it
[09:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> just stream it next time (derp) 
[09:25] <Roddy15> i'd love to do streams but 0.2mbps upload
[09:26] <Roddy15> which as you can also probably guess makes youtube video uploads a pain :P 
[09:26] <Impossibubbles> I LIVED
[09:26] <Roddy15> the last video we uploaded took about 18 hours to upload :P 
[09:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[09:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> at least i have /something/ in tech that's better than yours (derp3) 
[09:27] <Roddy15> 1gbps fibre soon though hopefully
[09:27] <Legoanimals750> Yay For Bubbles 
[09:27] <Impossibubbles> AP 
[09:27] <Impossibubbles> I survived 
[09:27] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles
[09:27] <AmazingPythor> yay c:
[09:27] <Impossibubbles> and tomorrow is my last day
[09:27] <AmazingPythor> How many hours
[09:27] <GandalftheWizard> of life???
[09:27] <GandalftheWizard> last day of life???
[09:27] <Impossibubbles> 6 hours
[09:28] <AmazingPythor> Oh (D:) 
[09:28] <AmazingPythor> Well at least it's the end
[09:28] <Impossibubbles> yeah (derp) 
[09:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> do you get to babysit another stupid child afterwards
[09:28] <Impossibubbles> No
[09:29] <AmazingPythor> When do you start tomorrow
[09:29] <Impossibubbles> 9:30
[09:29] <AmazingPythor> Eugh. :{P 
[09:29] <Legoanimals750> *updated 22 days ago yet still said he active but hasn't made a post in a year*
[09:29] <Impossibubbles> mum is gonna try to force me to get a job during the school year
[09:29] <Impossibubbles> I wanna work at Chipotle
[09:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> /try/
[09:29] <AmazingPythor> Like, during weekends?
[09:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> will she be successful 
[09:29] <Impossibubbles> no
[09:30] <AmazingPythor> I'm just doing one on the weekends, if I had to balance a daily job and school I'd die
[09:30] <Impossibubbles> Unless I can get a job on campus
[09:30] <Impossibubbles> that would be nice
[09:30] <AmazingPythor> Though I'll have to go to work at like 6am so
[09:30] <Impossibubbles> But it's not as if hundreds of other people want those jobs or anything (derp) 
[09:31] <AmazingPythor> 'Course not
[09:31] <GandalftheWizard> KED HI
[09:32] <AmazingPythor> Anyways 
[09:32] <Impossibubbles> Placement tests are a thing that have to be taken by homeschoolers? (derp) 
[09:32] <GandalftheWizard> HEY CONGRATULATIONS!!!
[09:32] <GandalftheWizard> LET'S PARTY TO CEEEELLEEEBRAAATEEE!!!
[09:32] <Ked830> I'm doing online classes this year bubbles
[09:32] <Legoanimals750> Yay for Ked
[09:32] <Impossibubbles> I wonder if I could get a tutoring job
[09:32] <BraveNewRoyalty>
[09:32] <AmazingPythor> Starting two weeks from now I may barely be active at all (derp) 
[09:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> ????
[09:32] <Impossibubbles> I'm good at english
[09:32] <Impossibubbles> or I could tutor low level math classes
[09:32] <Ked830> i had to take the tests to get credit for the classes I took in 9th
[09:33] <AmazingPythor> My Chinese friend tutors seniors in AP Calculus
[09:33] <AmazingPythor> He's 16
[09:33] <Alemas2005> Bubbles, I asked you a question earlier, but you didn't reply. :P 
[09:33] <Alemas2005> Do you deal with "special" kids? :{P 
[09:33] <Impossibubbles> I deal with one deaf child
[09:34] <Alemas2005> ...not that type of "specialness". :{P 
[09:34] <AmazingPythor> Honestly they sound like they'd have mental disabilities though based on their behavior
[09:34] <AmazingPythor> Especially the 15 year old
[09:34] <Legoanimals750> ^
[09:34] <Impossibubbles> They're just lazy and spoiled
[09:34] <AmazingPythor> I mean not everyone is super mature at 15 or anything, but that still appalls me. :{P 
[09:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> the xbox kid sounds like he has severe autism
[09:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> honestly
[09:35] <AmazingPythor> Out of context I would've thought a 3 year old was being described
[09:35] <Alemas2005>
[09:36] <Alemas2005> What are you talking about, Pythor?
[09:36] <Roddy15> but I wanna play Xbox!!!!!!!
[09:36] <Legoanimals750> I was thinking 4 year old
[09:36] <Impossibubbles> Alright
[09:36] <Impossibubbles> I'm filling out a student aid application now (derp) 
[09:36] <AmazingPythor> The chap who cried because his mom wouldn't let him walk around in his underwear and took away his Xbox over it or something
[09:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> at least nobody has had to ever babysit me before
[09:36] <AmazingPythor> He's like 15 apparently
[09:36] <Alemas2005> ...?!
[09:36] <Impossibubbles> yep
[09:36] <AmazingPythor> Honestly at 15 you should be perfectly capable of babysitting your siblings
[09:37] <AmazingPythor> I was doing that at like 12
[09:37] <Alemas2005> Is it one of Bub-
[09:37] <Alemas2005> THAT'S what I meant with "special kids", Bubbles. (UA) 
[09:37] <Legoanimals750> ikr
[09:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> i dont think the severely autistic should be trusted with babysitting
[09:37] <Impossibubbles> I don't watch that kid, ale
[09:37] <Alemas2005> Oh.
[09:37] <AmazingPythor> He's not even actually disabled tho
[09:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> he might as well be
[09:37] <Alemas2005> who does...? :P 
[09:37] <Alemas2005> Sorry, you guys seem to know more than me. :{P 
[09:38] <AmazingPythor> That's because I'm not always afk playing FIFA. :{P 
[09:38] <Impossibubbles> I can't remember my phone number help (derp) 
[09:38] <GandalftheWizard> 383-944-8584
[09:38] <AmazingPythor> Mine is stupidly easy to remember
[09:38] <GandalftheWizard> there you go, bubbles :P 
[09:38] <Alemas2005> I'm not even playing FIFA.
[09:38] <Alemas2005> Got bored of it.
[09:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> mine is 867-5309
[09:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> :^)
[09:38] <GandalftheWizard> *calls it*
[09:38] <Alemas2005> Oh God. :P 
[09:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> "hello this is jenny"
[09:39] <Legoanimals750> Bored? What?!? But You're Ale. :P 
[09:39] <Alemas2005> Bubbles, life hack.
[09:39] <Alemas2005> Create a contact with your own phone number.
[09:39] <Alemas2005> Extremely useful.
[09:39] <Impossibubbles> I did that
[09:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> i'd give out my real phone number if you make fun of me
[09:39] <Impossibubbles> I just don't know where my phone is
[09:39] <Alemas2005> Oh. :P 
[09:39] <Ked830> Get your phone number tattooed onto you wrist
[09:39] <Alemas2005> Then ask someone to call it. :{P 
[09:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> ked
[09:39] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles do you have an iPhone?
[09:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> she isnt a jew in a concentration camp
[09:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> she doesn't need number tattoos 
[09:40] <Alemas2005> Not one of us. :P 
[09:40] <Ked830> Mhm?
[09:40] <Impossibubbles> It's official 
[09:40] <Alemas2005> Your parents. :P 
[09:40] <Impossibubbles> I'm not getting this job (derp) 
[09:40] <Ked830> right
[09:40] <Alemas2005> ...? :P 
[09:40] <Alemas2005> What job? :P 
[09:40] <AmazingPythor> ? :{P 
[09:40] <Impossibubbles> There were three pages of questions about my ethnicity 
[09:40] <Alemas2005> Why not? :P 
[09:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> oops
[09:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> liberals strike again
[09:40] <AmazingPythor> Is it a highly competitive job...? :P 
[09:40] <Impossibubbles> And I had to select white for all of them (derp) 
[09:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> diversity quotas were a good idea
[09:40] <Alemas2005> What job? (UA) 
[09:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> (derp) 
[09:40] <Impossibubbles> A student aid, ale
[09:41] <AmazingPythor> Is there a lot of competition for it or
[09:41] <Alemas2005> ... :P 
[09:41] <Impossibubbles> Well
[09:41] <Impossibubbles> At least I
[09:41] <Alemas2005> Well, you are a nanny. (derp) 
[09:41] <Impossibubbles> I'm female
[09:41] <Alemas2005> Is it a summer job?
[09:41] <Impossibubbles> No
[09:41] <Worldracer99> ok how do u ember images again
[09:42] <Impossibubbles> It's a campus job
[09:42] <Worldracer99> *embed
[09:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> bubbles just say you've been sexually assaulted or something
[09:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> then you'll get the job
[09:42] <AmazingPythor> bnr plz
[09:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> cause muh oppression 
[09:42] <Alemas2005> (YK) 
[09:42] <Legoanimals750> ....
[09:42] <Alemas2005> Not funny.
[09:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> but its right
[09:42] <Alemas2005> Doing uni?
[09:42] <Worldracer99> anybody
[09:42] <GandalftheWizard> maybe he was serious
[09:42] <Worldracer99> how do u embed images again
[09:42] <Slicer Vorzakh> what do you want to embed
[09:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> <img class="chatags-image" src="http://">
[09:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> omg
[09:43] <Worldracer99> an image
[09:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> img=""
[09:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> brackets around it tho
[09:43] <Worldracer99> img="[link without the http]", right
[09:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah
[09:43] <Impossibubbles> I'm just hoping my whiteness doesn't cancel out my femaleness (derp) 
[09:43] <Alemas2005>
[09:44] <Worldracer99> img=""
[09:44] <Alemas2005> Before img and after the quote.
[09:44] <Alemas2005> Oh God. :{P 
[09:44] <Worldracer99> img="[<a href="]" "="">]"</a>
[09:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> >you need [ }
[09:44] <Alemas2005> After the last quote. :P 
[09:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> [ ]*
[09:44] <Assassin Swipe> . . . :P 
[09:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol wr is an html noob
[09:44] <Worldracer99> img="[]
[09:44] <Legoanimals750> *Gives up* :P 
[09:44] <Alemas2005> BEFORE img. (UA) 
[09:44] <Slicer Vorzakh> just link your damn image
[09:44] <Worldracer99> "img=[]
[09:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> ^
[09:44] <Alemas2005> ?!?
[09:44] <Worldracer99> "img=[]"
[09:45] <Alemas2005> THE BRACKET.
[09:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> bracket before the img
[09:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> omg
[09:45] <Alemas2005> (UA) 
[09:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> quotes around the link
[09:45] <Worldracer99> img=[""]
[09:45] <Slicer Vorzakh> just link your goddamn image
[09:45] <Alemas2005> OH C'MON.
[09:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> <span class="me-username">* <span>BraveNewRoyalty</span></span> breathes
[09:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> BOY
[09:45] <Alemas2005> XD
[09:45] <Alemas2005> I'm laughing though. :P 
[09:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> <img class="chatags-image" src="">
[09:45] <Worldracer99> i'm equally frustrated that i keep screwing it up and amused at your frustration
[09:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> it's not even a real image
[09:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[09:45] <Alemas2005> This is how IT support must feel like. :P 
[09:45] <AmazingPythor> Did Ale just use "XD"
[09:45] <Alemas2005> Pythor.
[09:46] <Alemas2005> I use it.
[09:46] <Alemas2005> Just rarely.
[09:46] <Alemas2005> Nothing special.
[09:46] <Worldracer99> img="[]"
[09:46] <AmazingPythor> I have never seen it until now. :{P 
[09:46] <Alemas2005> ... *Sigh*
[09:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> wr
[09:46] <GandalftheWizard> i have xD
[09:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> i just did it for you
[09:46] <AmazingPythor> Drace are you for real
[09:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> and the img doesnt exist
[09:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> so
[09:46] <Worldracer99> ok so
[09:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> conclusion: stop being stupid
[09:46] <Alemas2005>
[09:46] <Worldracer99> img="[link goes here]"
[09:46] <Alemas2005> That's the link.
[09:46] <Worldracer99> correct?
[09:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> OH
[09:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> OH GOOD ONE
[09:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> GOOD IMAGE
[09:47] <Worldracer99> i was using that as a test
[09:47] <Worldracer99> there's a different image i want to send
[09:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> wr i just told you the format like 4 times
[09:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> and you still do it wrong
[09:47] <Slicer Vorzakh> just link your images since his obviously won't work
[09:47] <Alemas2005> Gimme a sec.
[09:47] <Worldracer99> but it's img="[link goes here without http]"
[09:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> no
[09:47] <Worldracer99> img=["link goes here without http"]
[09:47] <Worldracer99> ?
[09:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> i cant actually type it out completely cause it will think im trying to embed
[09:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> but it's
[09:47] <Slicer Vorzakh> [[w:c:Dev:ChatTags|READ]]
[09:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> [
[09:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> img="link"]
[09:47] <Alemas2005> [[User blog:Alemas2005/Chat Tags added to Chat]]
[09:47] <Alemas2005> READ.
[09:47] <Legoanimals750> lol
[09:48] <Worldracer99> <img class="chatags-image" src="">
[09:48] <Worldracer99> there we go
[09:48] <Alemas2005> ...nothing on images there.
[09:48] <Worldracer99> thanks
[09:48] <Alemas2005> AT LAST.
[09:48] <Assassin Swipe> we've been waiting all this time 
[09:48] <Assassin Swipe> watching
[09:48] <Assassin Swipe> for Sample Text
[09:48] <Assassin Swipe> :P 
[09:48] <Assassin Swipe> Wow :P 
[09:48] <Worldracer99> anyways i found a picture of marshal
[09:48] <Legoanimals750> *Slow clap* :P 
[09:48] <Worldracer99> <img class="chatags-image" src="">
[09:48] <Alemas2005> Trump?
[09:48] <Worldracer99> marshall.jpg
[09:49] <Assassin Swipe> hey that's me 
[09:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> that's a goddamn 3 year image
[09:49] <Alemas2005> ... :P 
[09:49] <Slicer Vorzakh> how goddamn edgy of you
[09:49] <Legoanimals750> lol
[09:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> this was not worth it
[09:49] <Assassin Swipe> ^ :P 
[09:49] <Alemas2005> Nah. :P 
[09:49] <Legoanimals750> ikr
[09:49] <Worldracer99> so are we now allowed to goddamn curse like frank goddamn miller writing about the goddamn batman
[09:50] <Impossibubbles> gonna go
[09:50] <GuacamoleCCXR> all of calculus is really just l'hôspital for days
[09:50] <Impossibubbles> see ya o/ 
[09:50] <AmazingPythor> Bye Bubbles \o 
[09:50] <GuacamoleCCXR> like, something doesn't work? slap a l'hôspital on it
[09:50] <Alemas2005> Don't overdo it, WR. :P 
[09:50] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[09:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> the hospital?
[09:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> ???
[09:50] <Assassin Swipe> Bye baloobablooos 
[09:50] <Legoanimals750> I'm late. :P 
[09:50] <GuacamoleCCXR> then repeat until success is achieved
[09:51] <KnightoftheLight> Wtb, WR? XD
[09:51] <GuacamoleCCXR>
[09:53] <Worldracer99> who thinks i should put that pic on marsh's message wall
[09:54] <GuacamoleCCXR> chat is no place to have sophisticated discussions on hm2, is it 
[09:54] <Majolo9050> gandandandandand
[09:54] <Worldracer99> GRAND DAD
[09:54] <GandalftheWizard> PFFFFFT
[09:54] <GandalftheWizard> WUUUUT
[09:54] <GuacamoleCCXR> surely someone here knows what i'm talking about
[09:54] <GuacamoleCCXR> right
[09:54] <GuacamoleCCXR> /right/
[09:54] <Alemas2005> ...what the hell...
[09:54] <Alemas2005> You guys know NerdCubed?
[09:54] <GandalftheWizard> don't sk
[09:54] <Worldracer99> <img class="chatags-image" src="">
[09:54] <GandalftheWizard> just
[09:55] <GandalftheWizard> don't xD
[09:55] <Alemas2005> NerdCubed?
[09:55] <Alemas2005> Anyone?
[09:55] <Worldracer99> i've heard the name but i don't really care about him
[09:55] <GandalftheWizard> ...???
[09:55] <AmazingPythor> Only the name.
[09:55] <GuacamoleCCXR> i always thought it was nerd³
[09:56] <Alemas2005> Yeah, whatever, easier to write NerdCubed. :P 
[09:56] <GuacamoleCCXR> because fiver letters are easier than shift+alt+3, ok
[09:56] <GuacamoleCCXR> five*
[09:56] <Alemas2005> Welcome to this mad corner of the Internet, Jaq.
[09:56] <Alemas2005> Your sanity may take a beating.
[09:56] <Alemas2005> So he's this British gamer. :P 
[09:56] <Son of Elrond> hi new person 
[09:56] <Jaq42> I'm not new xP
[09:56] <Majolo9050> *will take a beating
[09:56] <KnightoftheLight> Welcome to the wiki, Jaq! :D 
[09:56] <Alemas2005> 2,4 million subs, basically the British PewDiePie. :P 
[09:56] <KnightoftheLight> Oooooh nvm. :P 
[09:56] <Son of Elrond> then what are you (gasp) 
[09:56] <GuacamoleCCXR> a mate of mine offered me free gamescom tickets 
[09:56] <Alemas2005> And he has Patreon...
[09:56] <GuacamoleCCXR> but i can't go 
[09:57] <Son of Elrond> OLD? (Gasp2) 
[09:57] <KnightoftheLight> What was your old account? :P 
[09:57] <Jaq42> It's my new account
[09:57] <Jaq42> I used to be called Matoro here xD
[09:57] <Alemas2005> Try to guess how much he makes per month.
[09:57] <Son of Elrond> ohoh
[09:57] <Legoanimals750> Someones dupe? :P 
[09:57] <GuacamoleCCXR> because i have exams and i must be in stuttgart
[09:57] <KnightoftheLight> Ooooh. :P 
[09:57] <Legoanimals750> oh, nvm. :P 
[09:57] <Legoanimals750> 
[09:57] <GuacamoleCCXR> so /pissed/
[09:57] <Alemas2005> [[User%3AMatoro4212|User:Matoro4212]]
[09:57] <Alemas2005> ?
[10:57] <Pacman87> but this song keeps on bothering me
[10:57] <Alemas2005> OH.
[10:57] <Benboy755> >pajamaman
[10:57] <Alemas2005> F1 2016. :P 
[10:57] <Alemas2005> You're right.
[10:57] <Roddy15> yeah ale :P 
[10:57] <Pacman87> Oh look it's boyben
[10:57] <Alemas2005> It's August 19 for me already. (derp) 
[10:57] <Roddy15> it's apparently launching at 00:01
[10:58] <HyperFlash Studios> "Boyben" 
[10:58] <HyperFlash Studios> No
[10:58] <Roddy15> i've been sat here waiting for the thing to open
[10:58] <AmazingPythor> 00:01 London time?
[10:58] <Alemas2005> You're going to guy it as well? :P 
[10:58] <Alemas2005> "buy it".
[10:58] <Roddy15> i have it already :P 
[10:58] <AmazingPythor> So in like four minutes? :P 
[10:58] <Pacman87> boyen
[10:58] <Roddy15> downloading the day one patch now
[10:58] <Alemas2005> (YK) 
[10:58] <Alemas2005> Day One patch.
[10:58] <Alemas2005> Another game with a day one patch.
[10:58] <Roddy15> it's apparently 500mb for PC
[10:59] <Roddy15> pretty sure the xbox crowd are saying it's about 2GB for them :P 
[10:59] <Pacman87> ben is cute
[10:59] <Roddy15> 300MB for me
[10:59] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[10:59] <Ked830> Yeah div
[10:59] <Alemas2005> ?!?
[10:59] <HyperFlash Studios> Hey Div
[10:59] <Peudguin> Hey Div o/ 
[10:59] <Alemas2005> What's in the patch? :P 
[10:59] <I'mDivergent> hi
[11:00] <Ked830> Div what was that fifth harmony song you wanted to put in your sit but it had to many curse words in it
[11:00] <Roddy15> no idea, probably just bug fixes and feedback from the closed beta and preview builds
[11:00] <I'mDivergent> Not That Kind of Girl
[11:00] <Roddy15> i'm really hyped for this game
[11:00] <HyperFlash Studios> Put in your sit
[11:00] <Alemas2005> You have y steering wheel?
[11:00] <Alemas2005> "a".
[11:00] <HyperFlash Studios> ??? 
[11:00] <Roddy15> i used to play a lot of f1 games, did online league racing for like four years too :P 
[11:00] <Roddy15> yeah I have a G29
[11:00] <Ked830> Ah okay
[11:00] <Ked830> sig
[11:00] <Alemas2005>
[11:00] <Ked830> i meant sig hypey
[11:01] <Alemas2005> You are a hardcore gamer.
[11:01] <Alemas2005> :P 
[11:01] <Roddy15> i used the DFGT for about five years
[11:01] <I'mDivergent> They shout "don't get f worded up" in the chorus so... :P 
[11:01] <Roddy15> only got the G29 last year when it went on sale for a reasonable price
[11:01] <HyperFlash Studios> Lol Div
[11:02] <Roddy15> i used to be really good at the F1 games too, most pole positions in my league in F1 2010. :P 
[11:02] <Roddy15> no race wins on that though, didn't get one until 2011
[11:02] <Roddy15> my skills went downhill though once school got serious :P 
[11:02] <Alemas2005> ...wooooooooow.
[11:03] <Alemas2005> A pro, basically. :P 
[11:03] <Roddy15> well i wasn't a pro per say :P 
[11:03] <I'mDivergent> self link (derp) 
[11:03] <Roddy15> there were people who were way faster than me
[11:04] <Roddy15> my first league race I qualified 3rd and had a turn one collision with the championship leader too :P 
[11:04] <HyperFlash Studios> Div how do you self link google
[11:04] <HyperFlash Studios> Just
[11:04] <HyperFlash Studios> How
[11:04] <HyperFlash Studios> Ok bye
[11:05] <Alemas2005> Meh, gotta go.
[11:05] <Alemas2005> Bye.
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