[08:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> Keps i would enjoy your dick out for me
[08:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> and you damn well know it
[08:34] <Keplers> Trump: If I had owned that zoo I'd have built a wall over the enclosure and made the gorillas pay for it
[08:34] <Nehpets7000> Man I miss the old LMBW.
[08:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> are you seriously that nostalgic for the drew dynasty
[08:35] <Keplers> the old lmbw was racist/sexist/classist/bourgeois
[08:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> dont forget homophobic
[08:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> why do people add -phobic to everything now tho
[08:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> im not scared of gays i just hate them
[08:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> same with trans and pocs
[08:36] <Nehpets7000> And it was still better than the dump it is now.
[08:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> kek
[08:36] <Nehpets7000> Ah, Alemas
[08:36] <Nehpets7000> WELCOMING AVVIE WELCOMES YOU :D 
[08:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> ale what did you think of the Drew Dynasty?
[08:36] <Alemas2005> Ah, Neh, hi.
[08:36] <Alemas2005> Go to sleep, BNR.
[08:36] <Alemas2005> :P 
[08:37] <Nehpets7000> I honestly feel bad for Ale
[08:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> ale i did
[08:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> I slept like 4 hours
[08:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> (ale) 
[08:37] <Nehpets7000> He's like the mascot of this place in a way
[08:37] <Nehpets7000> And he's been turned into a meme
[08:37] <Alemas2005> No idea what the Drew Dynasty even is.
[08:37] <Keplers>
[08:37] <Alemas2005> Does it involve our Drew? :P 
[08:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> the drew dynasty is the official name of the era in which drew was the leader
[08:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> aka 2011-2013
[08:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> "Dynasty" is fitting because the busy city family was also in control (derp) 
[08:38] <Keplers> I like the Obi Period as a name tho
[08:38] <Keplers> Because it's like Edo but Obi
[08:39] <Keplers> Plus obi is actually an article of clothing
[08:39] <Keplers> So like win-win
[08:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> shut up you shogun sympathizer
[08:39] <Keplers> shut up you pro-meiji ija slime
[08:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> grr
[08:39] <Keplers> I have a sword
[08:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> chosu and satsuma > everyone else
[08:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> lololol
[08:39] <Nehpets7000> I wonder if Ulrich forgot she still needs to force me to do the Supreme Dragon Ball Wiki character thing...
[08:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh god
[08:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> dont talk about that
[08:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> im actually perma banned from there now
[08:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> so
[08:40] <Nehpets7000> I GOT BUSY OKAY
[08:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> nehp stop embarrassing me in front of keps
[08:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> jesus christ
[08:41] <Slicer Vorzakh> caps neh
[08:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> slice thats not gonna make you become admin any faster (kappa) 
[08:41] <Slicer Vorzakh> no that's not it
[08:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> <span class="me-username">* <span>BraveNewRoyalty</span></span> breathes
[08:41] <Keplers> if he tells people "caps"
[08:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> ITS JOKE.
[08:41] <Keplers> He will become Alemas
[08:41] <Keplers> And thus become admin
[08:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> caps caps forty caps
[08:42] <Keplers> ...
[08:42] <Keplers> no :P 
[08:42] <Slicer Vorzakh> caps brave
[08:43] <Nehpets7000> *Unscrews cap from Coke bottle and throws it at Slice*
[08:46] <Keplers> ... wasn't that from Ale's spreaker
[08:46] <Keplers> and it sounded like 4d keps
[08:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah it did
[08:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> also my wifi is dead
[08:47] <Keplers> fun
[08:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> time to crank that mobile data
[08:47] <Keplers> lel
[08:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> i havent used it since pokemon go
[08:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> Cause i dont go outside
[08:47] <Keplers> lol
[08:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> except when its a full moon
[08:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> then i go to the cemetary
[08:49] <Slicer Vorzakh> there are three pokestops in my local cemetery
[08:49] <Slicer Vorzakh> that's really depressi.g
[08:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> yay its back
[08:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> also at my cemetary there were gyms
[08:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> nobody takes them
[08:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> keps
[08:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> keps
[08:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> 4d keps
[08:51] <Slicer Vorzakh> the gyms are really flawed
[08:52] <Slicer Vorzakh> it's nearly impossible to take gyms in a big city like mine
[08:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> well duh
[08:52] <Keplers> There was apparently depressingly average stuff around Area 51
[08:52] <Keplers> Plus unclaimed gyms
[08:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> slice have you ever experienced world of warcraft
[08:52] <Keplers> kek
[08:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> or any mmo with community markets
[08:52] <Slicer Vorzakh> no
[08:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> well
[08:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> you know basic economics?
[08:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> (derp) 
[08:53] <Slicer Vorzakh> yeah
[08:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> so in wow
[08:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> when the game first started the stuff on the market was cheap
[08:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> like 100-1000 gold 
[08:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> but now a days since you can grind unlimited gold
[08:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> the same stuff goes for like
[08:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> 1000 times that amount
[08:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> and still rises
[08:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> im worried that pokemon go will be similar
[08:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> but have an eventual cp economic crash
[08:55] <Slicer Vorzakh> i just think the battle system in general is flawed
[08:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh lol
[08:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah duh
[08:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> but its still mostly based on cp
[08:55] <Slicer Vorzakh> it's ridiculous that you have to kill a certain pokemon up to 8 times till they're eliminated
[08:55] <Slicer Vorzakh> yeah
[08:55] <Slicer Vorzakh> cp would be easy for me if stardust wasn't spent so quickly
[08:56] <Keplers> i like how you can sell gold on WoW for cold American dollars
[08:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> well i mean cp has a cap
[08:56] <Keplers> and all it takes is spending a few sweet hours playing a game
[08:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> And the stronger pokemons get harder and harder to find
[08:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> So eventually the cp growth will stagnate
[08:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> and the gyms will never change
[08:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> as they will be owned by the bourgeoisie
[08:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> i mean the higher level trainers
[08:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> with good cp pokemon
[08:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> conclusion: pokemon global offensive will die even harder than it did one week after launch
[09:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> keps
[09:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> have you heard the sountrack for hoi4 at least
[09:01] <Slicer Vorzakh> who
[09:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> what
[09:02] <Keplers> what
[09:03] <Keplers> no
[09:03] <Keplers> i don't intend to
[09:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> why
[09:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> Arent you going to play the damn game
[09:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> youll have to some day
[09:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> i was playing britain and the allied radio tracks made me cry
[09:05] <Keplers> why
[09:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> well 
[09:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> it was sung very beautifully
[09:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> and it reminded me of myself
[09:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> (panzerlied is also gay)
[09:06] <Keplers> ah
[09:07] <Nehpets7000> neat
[09:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> panzerlied being sung by swedes is bad
[09:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> "oub starmt odor schniiight"
[09:15] <Alemas2005> [[User blog:Alemas2005/Please Welcome the Polandball of Editing, AmazingPythor, as our new Administrator!]]
[09:16] <Keplers> bias much
[09:16] <Alemas2005> Inside joke. :P 
[09:16] <Alemas2005> No bias. :P 
[09:16] <Alemas2005> I even supported the guy, I just like poking fun at people. (steve) 
[09:17] <Alemas2005> It's like calling you the Prince Charming of the Wiki. :P 
[09:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> whats my nickname
[09:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> "go to sleep"?
[09:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> Ulrich "The Sleepless" 
[09:21] <Keplers> I'll take it
[09:21] <Keplers> It means I'll never have to sleep with you (troll) 
[09:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> ugh
[09:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> if i had someone to cuddle with my insomnia would be cured
[09:23] <Nehpets7000> *Hands Ulrich my teddy bear I was totally not cuddling with just now*
[09:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> you drooled on it
[09:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> they have to be able to hug me back
[09:23] <Keplers> so I'm doing a loosely viking-based rp with a friend of mine
[09:24] <Keplers> he has just entered this town and met its chief, he has no idea about the world so far
[09:24] <Keplers> and this celebration is happening with lots of mead
[09:24] <Nehpets7000> *Picks up Keplers*
[09:24] <Nehpets7000> Ulrich, you're kay with boys, right?
[09:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah
[09:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> also >rping
[09:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol keps
[09:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> who's the other ners
[09:25] <Keplers> "We are pleased by your welcome, mighty Shieldbate! I am Sigil Wolfsbane, and this is my companion Aechek Ironstorm."
[09:25] <Keplers> "If I might ask, what is the cause for celebration?"
[09:25] <Keplers> 
[09:25] <Keplers> "What better cause than the return of day, good Wolfsbane?"
[09:25] <Keplers> "As surely as the sun does turn with the sky, Skynn Shieldbate shall drink mead!"
[09:25] <Keplers> "And, further, the passing of an enemy to his own oblivion!"
[09:25] <Keplers> "His end -- met by falling from his horse! And so a toast: to Aethelfaerd and his terrible riding!"
[09:25] <Keplers> The assembly raise their cups. "To terrible riding!"
[09:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> nerd*
[09:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> LOL
[09:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> what a push over
[09:26] <Nehpets7000> Wait, boys ARE okay?
[09:26] <Nehpets7000> *Throws Keplers away*
[09:26] <Nehpets7000> Sorry, buddy, you're no use here.
[09:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> well I mean if keps is a girl thats fine too
[09:26] <Nehpets7000> Kep isn't a girl.
[09:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> what are they then
[09:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> check ur privilege before answering
[09:27] <Nehpets7000> He is trans cucumber mayonnaise. That's the newest gender according to tumblr, everyone is identifying as it.
[09:27] <Keplers> kek
[09:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> k
[09:27] <Nehpets7000> It's not a phase mom, it's who I really am.
[09:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> either way keps is really hot so
[09:28] <Nehpets7000> True
[09:28] <Nehpets7000> But that's why you can't have him
[09:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh sod off
[09:29] <Nehpets7000> He is mine
[09:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> ..
[09:29] <Nehpets7000> 1 v 1 me
[09:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> 1v1 me on club penguin kid
[09:30] <Nehpets7000> I already have the mountain dew
[09:32] <Keplers> lol
[09:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> im gonna pass out
[09:35] <Keplers> good you need sleep
[09:36] <Slicer Vorzakh> how long have you been awake brave
[09:37] <Nehpets7000> She is weak, her bloodline is weak, and she will not survive the winter.
[09:37] <Keplers> good
[09:38] <Slicer Vorzakh> has this been 4 days straight he's been awake?
[09:40] <Keplers> no he slept "four hours"
[09:57] <Alemas2005> NG and Slice are such spoilsports.
[09:57] <Alemas2005> Reverting my little prank.
[10:01] <Nehpets7000> what prank?
[10:10] <Alemas2005> ...rickrolling on the home page of the Wiki... :{P 
[10:26] <GuacamoleCCXR> for all intents and purposes
[10:26] <GuacamoleCCXR> i am, as a matter of fact, fairly positive
[10:26] <GuacamoleCCXR> that i passed
[09:40] <Keplers> no he slept "four hours"
[09:57] <Alemas2005> NG and Slice are such spoilsports.
[09:57] <Alemas2005> Reverting my little prank.
[10:01] <Nehpets7000> what prank?
[10:10] <Alemas2005> ...rickrolling on the home page of the Wiki... :{P 
[10:26] <GuacamoleCCXR> for all intents and purposes
[10:26] <GuacamoleCCXR> i am, as a matter of fact, fairly positive
[10:26] <GuacamoleCCXR> that i passed
[10:42] <A Walruse> thats honestly not even how rickrolling works
[10:47] <Legoanimals750> ikr
[11:07] <Alemas2005> (JC) 
[11:26] <Alemas2005> Wow.
[11:26] <Legoanimals750> What?
[11:27] <Alemas2005> I'm in the top 10% in the world for trout fishing.
[11:27] <Alemas2005> And I'm not even first in my own region. :{P 
[11:28] <Legoanimals750> Lol. we love to trout fish. :P 
[11:28] <Legoanimals750> The heck
[11:29] <Legoanimals750> We love to go trout fishing* 
[11:33] <Legoanimals750> "Mad Max vs. Jar-Jar Binks 2: The Unrated Edition"
[11:40] <GuacamoleCCXR>
[11:43] <Alemas2005> ...yes guac, she's all grown up.
[11:44] <GuacamoleCCXR> funny, i thought the same
[11:45] <Alemas2005> ...oh great.
[11:45] <Alemas2005> "Outgoing UKIP leader Nigel Farage has urged Republicans to "get your walking boots on" and drum up support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.
[11:45] <Alemas2005> He appeared before 15,000 activists in Jackson, Mississippi, being introduced by and sharing the stage with Mr Trump."
[11:45] <Alemas2005> "Mr Trump, who is trailing his rival Hillary Clinton in the opinion polls, backed the UK's exit from the EU.
[11:45] <Alemas2005> In a tweet last week, Mr Trump said: "They will soon be calling me Mr Brexit.""
[11:45] <Alemas2005> (FW) 
[11:46] <GuacamoleCCXR> oh god 
[11:46] <Alemas2005> Oh, uh, guac, Marc...
[11:46] <GuacamoleCCXR> that is the emerald's wet dream right there
[11:46] <GuacamoleCCXR> i wonder why i haven't seen any posts about this happening
[11:46] <Legoanimals750> oh, lovely
[11:46] <Alemas2005> Is it just me, or does Germany not really care about the Abitur results...? :P 
[11:46] <GuacamoleCCXR> what do you mean
[11:46] <Alemas2005> Like, the results don't end up in newspapers.
[11:46] <Alemas2005> The trend.
[11:46] <Alemas2005> Whether they declined or not.
[11:46] <GuacamoleCCXR> oh, no, they're just crappy and we're all embarrassed of them
[11:47] <Alemas2005> In England, it's like a national event.
[11:47] <Alemas2005> The release of GCSE results.
[11:47] <Alemas2005> Even Jeremy Clarkson mentioned them.
[11:47] <Alemas2005> "GCSE results show significant decline"
[11:47] <Alemas2005> "This year's GCSE results have shown the biggest ever year-on-year decline - down to the lowest level since 2008.
[11:47] <Alemas2005> The overall proportion of entries achieving A* to C has declined from 69% to 66.9%. Top A* grades have slipped from 6.6% to 6.5%.
[11:47] <Alemas2005> This has been blamed on more pupils in England being required to resit English and maths."
[11:47] <GuacamoleCCXR> because we're a first world country and we have sediment graduating from the gymnasium that thinks electricity is a fossile fuel
[11:48] <Alemas2005> Funny, my parents think in the UK it's exactly the same. :{P 
[11:48] <Alemas2005> Except the Brits make the whole thing a national event. :P 
[11:49] <Alemas2005> The Germans just seem to think "Abitur? ...yeah, alright then.". (derp) 
[11:50] <GuacamoleCCXR> just look at this
[11:50] <GuacamoleCCXR> sadness
[11:50] <Alemas2005> The Brits: "GCSE? Oh God, what will this mean for the country? What will this mean for pupils? Are our pupils geniuses or not? Can we be proud of ourselves?".
[11:50] <Alemas2005> The tables, you mean? :P 
[11:51] <GuacamoleCCXR> yeah
[11:51] <Alemas2005> Well, you are still above the UK.
[11:51] <GuacamoleCCXR> germany's positions relative to its development and wealth are laughable
[11:51] <GuacamoleCCXR> we're central europe, not the us
[11:51] <GuacamoleCCXR> anything less than top 5 is pathetic
[11:51] <Alemas2005> are still above the UK and US. :{P 
[11:51] <GuacamoleCCXR> implying that is an achievement 
[11:52] <Alemas2005> Ah, and we are below them all.
[11:52] <Alemas2005> ...heh. (derp) 
[11:53] <GuacamoleCCXR> how the united states aren't endlessly ashamed of being on rank 30 something in maths is beyond me 
[11:53] <GuacamoleCCXR> i mean, no, i understand how 
[11:53] <GuacamoleCCXR> because western culture, american culture in particular has been propagating how boring, stupid and useless mathematics supposedly are for decades
[11:54] <GuacamoleCCXR> and it has taken over europe by now as well; and they ask themselves why students do so poorly 
[11:54] <GuacamoleCCXR> how could they not, if they are being bombarded by the notion that they /should/ hate the subject from primary school onwards
[11:54] <GuacamoleCCXR> /rantover
[11:55] <GuacamoleCCXR> *</rant>, rather, excuse me
[11:53] <GuacamoleCCXR> i mean, no, i understand how 
[11:53] <GuacamoleCCXR> because western culture, american culture in particular has been propagating how boring, stupid and useless mathematics supposedly are for decades
[11:54] <GuacamoleCCXR> and it has taken over europe by now as well; and they ask themselves why students do so poorly 
[11:54] <GuacamoleCCXR> how could they not, if they are being bombarded by the notion that they /should/ hate the subject from primary school onwards
[11:54] <GuacamoleCCXR> /rantover
[11:55] <GuacamoleCCXR> *</rant>, rather, excuse me
[12:11] <Marcel77799> Test
[12:11] <Legoanimals750> pass
[12:12] <Marcel77799> It's dead eh?
[12:12] <Legoanimals750> yup
[12:36] <Alemas2005> I'd be able to do a Spreaker right now, but... I'd have no audience. (derp) 
[12:39] <Alemas2005> ...?!
[12:39] <Alemas2005> There's a"Music Video Sins" channel?!
[12:39] <Alemas2005> Brand Sins as well.
[12:39] <Alemas2005> Wow.
[01:02] <Roddy15> i really don't get the reasoning of some of these votes
[01:02] <Roddy15> i'm sorry but i don't
[01:03] <Roddy15> that's why we need that inactivity policy as well as this clean out vote
[01:04] <Roddy15> it's the only way to ensure inactive people aren't given rights because clearly, some people are far too sentimental.
[01:10] <Alemas2005> How's F1 2016?
[01:10] <Alemas2005> Is it still spontaneously combusting at times? :P 
[01:12] <Roddy15> it was fine after i messed around with it
[01:12] <Roddy15> i suspect it may have actually been shadowplay not playing nice with it
[01:13] <Alemas2005> On the subject of ShadowPlay, why isn't it working with No Man's Sky?
[01:15] <EtherealSpirit> Hiya! ^_^ o/ 
[01:15] <Roddy15> no idea honestly
[01:16] <Roddy15> probably because PS4 to PC port
[01:16] <Roddy15> like the game files are literally just copies of the PS4 version...
[01:16] <Roddy15> what i do is just do desktop capture
[01:16] <Roddy15> which seems to work then for f1 2016 and NMS
[01:23] <Alemas2005> So... anyone for a Spreaker?
[01:23] <Alemas2005> Or nah?
[01:23] <GuacamoleCCXR> alemas, we could have a dual spreaker
[01:23] <GuacamoleCCXR> i'd be up for it 
[01:23] <Alemas2005> does that even work... :P 
[01:23] <GuacamoleCCXR> via hangouts or skype or something 
[01:23] <Alemas2005> Oh, you have your own channel.
[01:24] <GuacamoleCCXR> yup 
[01:24] <Alemas2005> I have neither. :{P 
[01:24] <Alemas2005> I only have the official LMBW Radio channel.
[01:24] <GuacamoleCCXR> mumble, ts, discord?
[01:24] <GuacamoleCCXR> anything of the sort
[01:24] <Alemas2005> ...nope... :P 
[01:24] <GuacamoleCCXR> jesus 
[01:24] <GuacamoleCCXR> i could call you on your phone too but i don't feel like paying a 80€ phone bill
[01:25] <Alemas2005> You don't even have my phone... :P 
[01:25] <Marcel77799> How do you even communicate, Ale?
[01:25] <Marcel77799> Smoke signals?
[01:25] <Alemas2005> No, pigeons. (steve) 
[01:25] <Alemas2005> So lemme set it up, the Spreaker...
[01:26] <Marcel77799> You live in the wrong century
[01:27] <GuacamoleCCXR> activating plugins is really arduous
[01:27] <GuacamoleCCXR> ooh, plugin alliance actually gives you stuff for free if ou just sign up
[01:27] <GuacamoleCCXR> that's dank
[01:27] <Alemas2005> Wow, they changed the app quite a bit.
[01:27] <Skully Of House Lannister> mumble ftw
[01:27] <GuacamoleCCXR> also i just a got a 50€ plugin for free, that's pretty rad 
[01:27] <Roddy15> yeah mumble is better than TS imo
[01:28] <Roddy15> lacks some features but the core experience of low latency voip is much better
[01:28] <GuacamoleCCXR> mumble above all
[01:28] <GuacamoleCCXR> yes
[01:28] <Roddy15> mumble 1.3 should add in a lot of the features i'd like to see anyway
[01:29] <Roddy15> like adjusting individual user's output volumes
[01:29] <Alemas2005>
[01:29] <Alemas2005> Tell me when you're listening. :P 
[01:30] <Alemas2005> ... (UA) 
[01:32] <GuacamoleCCXR> i'll listen in a sec
[01:32] <GuacamoleCCXR> there
[01:32] <Alemas2005> [[User blog:Alemas2005/The 2016 Census]]
[01:32] <GuacamoleCCXR> dealing with plugins 
[01:32] <GuacamoleCCXR> uh
[02:32] <Man.city1> skul
[02:32] <Man.city1> who said that.
[02:32] <Skully Of House Lannister> Nehpets7000
[02:32] <Skully Of House Lannister> Alemas what was your first date like?
[02:32] <Alemas2005>
[02:32] <Alemas2005> There we go.
[02:32] <Man.city1> oh my :p 
[02:32] <Man.city1> */sighs loudly* :{p 
[02:33] <Legoanimals750> "Alemas Does Not Hate The Homeless" :P 
[02:33] <Man.city1> ive had enough entertainment for one chat session thanks to that :p 
[02:33] <Man.city1> goodbye :p 
[02:33] <Nehpets7000> Okay 
[02:34] <Nehpets7000> Can you at least tell us about a crush you've had?
[02:34] <GuacamoleCCXR> it always takes me like three minutes to register that a spreaker is looping 
[02:34] <GuacamoleCCXR> so i always miss the first parts
[02:34] <Alemas2005> Jesus, guac.
[02:34] <GuacamoleCCXR> [[]]:(
[02:34] <Alemas2005>
[02:34] <Alemas2005> Refresh or something. :P 
[02:34] <GuacamoleCCXR> no i'm listening now
[02:37] <Nehpets7000> Ale, would you rather be a Cowboy or a Spaceman? 
[02:38] <GuacamoleCCXR> he'd like to be a spacecow
[02:38] <Legoanimals750> Ale wants to be a cow who's in space
[02:39] <Nehpets7000> Alemas: The Cow-Spaceman who plots to kill the homeless because he hates them.
[02:39] <Legoanimals750> Yes
[02:39] <GuacamoleCCXR> maybe he was beaten up by a homeless man as a child
[02:39] <GuacamoleCCXR> so he has a deep trauma 
[02:39] <GuacamoleCCXR> and now devotes his life to a personal vendetta against the homeless
[02:40] <Legoanimals750> Mhm
[02:40] <GuacamoleCCXR> alemas if you ever buy another ja product i will never talk to you again
[02:42] <Nehpets7000> alemas how do you feel about hitler
[02:42] <GuacamoleCCXR> i need to physically shield my laptop and machinery from sunlight so it doesn't heat up to unreasonable temperatures
[02:43] <Nehpets7000> Today I learned Hitler was homeless.
[02:44] <GuacamoleCCXR> crapppp my silicate leaks
[02:44] <Skully Of House Lannister> Ale IS Hitler
[02:44] <GuacamoleCCXR> like
[02:44] <Legoanimals750> Hi BCG o/ 
[02:44] <Nehpets7000> Hi BCGirl! o/ 
[02:45] <GuacamoleCCXR> i have this bag of silicate in my room that absorbs humidity
[02:45] <BusyCityGirl> Hello! c:
[02:45] <GuacamoleCCXR> and it's usually in a polymer shell so the condensed water doesn't flow out
[02:45] <GuacamoleCCXR> because it irritates skin
[02:45] <GuacamoleCCXR> and it leaks
[02:45] <BusyCityGirl> :P 
[02:46] <GuacamoleCCXR> it's massive ale, like .5kg
[02:46] <GuacamoleCCXR> they're crystals or something
[02:46] <GuacamoleCCXR> not gel
[02:46] <GuacamoleCCXR> against mould
[02:46] <Nehpets7000> Hey Alemas
[02:46] <GuacamoleCCXR> because this building is terrible
[02:46] <Alemas2005>
[02:46] <Nehpets7000> Which of these would you take?
[02:46] <Nehpets7000>
[02:46] <GuacamoleCCXR> yes that
[02:46] <GuacamoleCCXR> exactly
[02:47] <BusyCityGirl> Div o/ 
[02:47] <Alemas2005> Guac, refresh. :P 
[02:47] <Alemas2005>
[02:48] <BusyCityGirl> The yellow Neh. Totally yellow
[02:48] <Legoanimals750> Ale once again can't count. :P 
[02:49] <Legoanimals750> Yes. :P 
[02:49] <Nehpets7000> Alemas should become Count Dracula 
[02:50] <BusyCityGirl> \o 
[02:50] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[02:50] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[02:51] <KnightoftheLight> Was Ale's name completely white for anyonenelse before you clicked on it? (Derp) 
[02:51] <Legoanimals750> No
[02:51] <Legoanimals750> "Love making pill" 
[02:51] <KnightoftheLight> Oh, must have just been for me. :
[02:51] <KnightoftheLight> * :P 
[02:51] <Alemas2005> I'm so sorry, slip of the tongue. :P 
[02:52] <Nehpets7000> "I'm going to stab you"
[02:52] <Nehpets7000> *Touch*
[02:52] <Nehpets7000> "Never mind I love you"
[02:52] <Nehpets7000> Hey, Alemas, I've got another one
[02:52] <Nehpets7000>
[02:52] <Nehpets7000> I did, surprised you remember that.
[02:52] <Skully Of House Lannister> ale takes a love-making pill?
[02:53] <Skully Of House Lannister> what did he say?
[02:53] <Nehpets7000> You're welcome, buddy.
[02:53] <Skully Of House Lannister> did he finally admit to using viagara?
[02:53] <Alemas2005> (UA) 
[02:53] <Alemas2005>
[02:53] <Alemas2005> That thing.
[02:53] <Alemas2005> The grey one.
[02:54] <Nehpets7000> Alemas will go kill a hobo, go back into the past, and help himself kill the hobo.
[02:54] <GuacamoleCCXR> kill all hobos
[02:54] <GuacamoleCCXR> in past, present and future
[02:54] <Legoanimals750> Not a hobo, a homeless person. 
[02:55] <Nehpets7000> Another!
[02:55] <Nehpets7000>
[02:57] <Nehpets7000> "Unfortunately, we have to keep Civil Rights..." - Alemas, 2016.
[02:57] <Nehpets7000> #QuotesWithoutContext
[02:57] <Roddy15> ale playing the game properly by looking up the issue results beforehand 
[02:58] <Roddy15> i don't do it, i just go in blind every time
[02:59] <Roddy15> democracy lets you see what will happen beforehand though
[03:00] <Nehpets7000> Alemas why did you end the whole "Welcoming avvie welcomes you :D " thing?
[03:01] <Nehpets7000> Idunno man
[03:01] <Nehpets7000> I got CM and if you recall, I sat on peoples' heads.
[03:01] <Nehpets7000> Anything is possible.
[03:02] <Alemas2005> 8 listeners, Jesus.
[03:03] <Alemas2005> Someone's stalking me.
[03:03] <Alemas2005> Guac, refresh.
[03:03] <Alemas2005>
[03:03] <Nehpets7000> Well, I gotta go. Later, everyone. Thanks for the entertainment, Alemas!
[03:04] <Alemas2005> Pythor, Spreaker link above.
[03:04] <AmazingPythor> k
[03:04] <Alemas2005> [[User blog:Alemas2005/Please Welcome the Polandball of Editing, AmazingPythor, as our new Administrator!]]
[03:05] <Legoanimals750> gtg bye o/ 
[03:05] <AmazingPythor> Ah yes, I saw that on mobile. :P 
[03:05] <AmazingPythor> \o 
[03:05] <Man.city1> Ape
[03:05] <BusyCityGirl> Mc o/ 
[03:05] <AmazingPythor> Mc
[03:05] <Man.city1> heu bcgirl :p 
[03:05] <Alemas2005> Guac, you listening? :P 
[03:05] <AmazingPythor> Sounds good, Ale.
[03:05] <BusyCityGirl> Heu o/ 
[03:06] <AmazingPythor> That was semi-sarcastic jsyk
[03:08] <BusyCityGirl> Wow nice i didn't know spreaker was still a thing around here 
[03:09] <Alemas2005> ...lag check.
[03:10] <Alemas2005> ...ok. (BH) 
[03:11] <Alemas2005> [[User blog:HyperFlash Studios/AmazingPythor should not be trusted with coding matters?file=ApeCode.png]]
[03:11] <AmazingPythor> I'm listening Ale
[03:11] <Man.city1> Im waiting ape
[03:11] <Man.city1> :o 
[03:11] <Man.city1> *':p
[03:12] <AmazingPythor> I'm paying attention to your ramblings but I'm also paying attention to MC's PM ramblings so
[03:13] <Man.city1> "Ramblings" we haven't even exchanged 5 messages :| 
[03:13] <AmazingPythor> wow
[03:13] <AmazingPythor> MC Ale just said you should shut up
[03:13] <Man.city1> ah 
[03:13] <Man.city1> ironic
[03:13] <Man.city1> since
[03:13] <Man.city1> he is the one tlaking 
[03:14] <BusyCityGirl> Mc you should do one sometime
[03:14] <AmazingPythor> MC's on a tablet jsyk ale
[03:14] <AmazingPythor> I think
[03:14] <Man.city1> IPad Air 2 to be exact :p 
[03:15] <AmazingPythor> He still does better than Finn with his tablet
[03:15] <Man.city1> Ape switch that rubbish off :p 
[03:16] <AmazingPythor> There's like a minute left anyways
[03:16] <AmazingPythor> Omg if you hover over my name it says Polandball of editing too
[03:17] <AmazingPythor> Also I'm assuming you added my name under the "admins" thing on the top bar while I was asleep
[03:17] <AmazingPythor> Because it wasn't there at 2am last night
[03:18] <AmazingPythor> I am quite satisfied, yes.
[03:18] <Marcel77799> Led PM
[03:21] <AmazingPythor> wow ale
[03:22] <Man.city1> Ape
[03:22] <Man.city1> dont listen to his lies
[03:22] <AmazingPythor> I wish I could've somehow screenshot that moment in time
[03:23] <AmazingPythor> Wait
[03:23] <AmazingPythor> ignore that, nvm
[04:07] <AmazingPythor>
[04:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> the best genesis is the theme for michael jackson's moonwalker on the SEGA Genesis (TM)
[04:11] <Skully Of House Lannister> ape
[04:11] <Skully Of House Lannister> in the same way the best kinks song is "Come Dancing" 
[04:11] <Skully Of House Lannister> :p 
[04:12] <AmazingPythor> Just messing :{P 
[04:12] <AmazingPythor> Anyways I have to go
[04:12] <Skully Of House Lannister> Alas, like every other good 60s band that survived both the 60s and the 70s, even Ray Davies was persuaded to change with the times and release...
[04:12] <Skully Of House Lannister>
[04:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> zz
[04:19] <Skully Of House Lannister> TOP 
[04:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> KEK
[04:21] <GuacamoleCCXR> petition for alemas to rename himself to hobo genocide 
[04:21] <EtherealSpirit> What XD
[04:22] <Skully Of House Lannister> ale kills the homeless
[04:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> >hobo genocide
[04:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> just take it up one more notch
[04:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> to homo genocide
[04:23] <GuacamoleCCXR> kill all the hobos and the gay ones in particular
[04:24] <EtherealSpirit> o:
[04:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> homo hobo genocide
[04:29] <Man.city1> Marcel
[04:30] <Marcel77799> Yo
[04:30] <Marcel77799> Im watching xD
[04:30] <Man.city1> real vs Dortmund :{p 
[04:30] <Marcel77799> I saw
[04:30] <GuacamoleCCXR> lol, these "@B owes you [...]" posts are getting out of hand
[04:30] <Marcel77799> Oh yeah
[04:30] <GuacamoleCCXR> i saw one for 40€ and one for a full petrol tank today already
[04:30] <GuacamoleCCXR> that's like 
[04:30] <GuacamoleCCXR> a lot of money
[04:30] <Marcel77799> Those are so annoying 
[04:30] <Man.city1> crap
[04:30] <Man.city1> psg got taken 
[04:31] <Man.city1> marcel
[04:31] <Marcel77799> You'll play us again xD
[04:31] <Man.city1> odds of city vs bayern ? :{p 
[04:31] <Marcel77799> I feel it
[04:31] <Man.city1> I hope not barca tbh
[04:31] <Man.city1> crap
[04:31] <Man.city1> benefica taken 
[04:32] <Man.city1> bayer 
[04:32] <Man.city1> Crap
[04:32] <Man.city1> either you or barca 
[04:32] <Marcel77799> XD
[04:32] <Man.city1> crap we got barca 
[04:32] <Man.city1> coz athelti can't be with barca 
[04:32] <Marcel77799> Yeah
[04:33] <Marcel77799> Dang
[04:33] <Man.city1> ouch for both of us
[04:33] <Marcel77799> I don't want Atletico either
[04:34] <Man.city1> Oh well on to pot 3 now :p 
[04:34] <Man.city1> lol "juve Sevilla" a big match :p 
[04:34] <EtherealSpirit> MC, I think you forgot about PM ;p 
[04:34] <Man.city1> Es 
[04:35] <Man.city1> give me 15 mins :p 
[04:35] <EtherealSpirit> Okay ;p 
[04:35] <EtherealSpirit> Well, I'm leaving now XD
[04:35] <Man.city1> me and Marcel Are deep in thought :p 
[04:35] <EtherealSpirit> Thanks for the talk XD
[04:35] <Man.city1> okok, cu , take care :p 
[04:35] <EtherealSpirit> Take care amd have a great day! ^_^
[04:35] <EtherealSpirit> *and
[04:35] <EtherealSpirit> Thanks, I'll try ;p 
[04:35] <Marcel77799> PMs are broken anyway
[04:35] <EtherealSpirit> Byeee o/ 
[04:36] <EtherealSpirit> KED
[04:36] <EtherealSpirit> I'm staying for you now ;p 
[04:36] <Ked830> u r leaving aw
[04:36] <Ked830> oh lol
[04:36] <EtherealSpirit> ^^^
[04:36] <Ked830> hai
[04:36] <EtherealSpirit> XD
[04:36] <EtherealSpirit> Hey ;p 
[04:36] <Man.city1> The on,y good thing of barca now
[04:36] <EtherealSpirit> I don't have long though
[04:36] <Man.city1> is that we can't get them in last 16 if we qualify 
[04:37] <EtherealSpirit> Keddybae PM
[04:37] <Ked830> i just popped in to see what was happening, wasn't planning on staying particularly long as I have something to attend to
[04:37] <Ked830> oh okay
[04:37] <EtherealSpirit> Same
[04:37] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[04:37] <Ked830> Hey Slushy and Webso
[04:38] <EtherealSpirit> Webby \o 
[04:38] <Legoanimals750> "Webso" that's a new one. 
[04:39] <Skully Of House Lannister> WUBBO
[04:39] <Skully Of House Lannister> and 
[04:39] <Skully Of House Lannister> Kedebae <3
[04:40] <Ked830> Skullyyyyyy
[04:40] <Ked830> hoi
[04:40] <Legoanimals750> Hi Skul
[04:41] <Man.city1> There are some relaly weak groups
[04:41] <Legoanimals750> Eh?
[04:41] <Man.city1> Lucky Marcel :p 
[04:42] <Marcel77799> PSV is good
[04:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> australian football is wild
[04:42] <Skully Of House Lannister> "If the homo sapiens were in fact..."homo" sapiens, is that why they're extinct?"
[04:42] <Man.city1> My god 
[04:42] <Skully Of House Lannister> this show 
[04:42] <Man.city1> Pwhat a crap group
[04:43] <Man.city1> leicater, Porto and club brugge
[04:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> i hope this is a comedy, skull
[04:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> or "comedy"
[04:43] <Legoanimals750> That's so dumb Skul
[04:43] <Marcel77799> Free win for Porto
[04:43] <Man.city1> god
[04:43] <Man.city1> we got Gladbach I think
[04:43] <Marcel77799> Yeah
[04:43] <Man.city1> meh 
[04:44] <Man.city1> plast season we beat them twice 
[04:44] <Man.city1> But it's tough
[04:44] <Marcel77799> The played very well yesterday though
[04:45] <Man.city1> Yea
[04:45] <Man.city1> h
[04:45] <Man.city1> but we should beat them anyway if we want to go well
[04:46] <Roddy15> watching fox news "business" guy use greece to counter the idea of free college education is just cringe
[04:47] <Roddy15> ignoring the fact that greece's main problem is tax evasion
[04:47] <GuacamoleCCXR> ignoring the fact that germany has free universities
[04:47] <GuacamoleCCXR> we're like the economically most unstable country in europe right
[04:47] <Roddy15> up to 30 billion euro a year is uncollected...
[04:49] <Marcel77799> Group G is a joke
[04:49] <Man.city1> What a joke
[04:50] <Roddy15> wow fox news business guy actually just cuts off the person he's talking too
[04:50] <Man.city1> group Aand F should be straightforward 
[04:50] <Roddy15> to get the last word...
[04:50] <Roddy15> "journalism" at it's greatest
[04:51] <Roddy15> i've never seen that kind of unprofessionalism on RTE before and i'm not overly keen on the main news guy there
[04:51] <Man.city1> Group E could,be trcky 
[04:51] <Roddy15> but he actually says "look we have to wrap up here now" giving the other person a chance to finish...
[04:52] <Skully Of House Lannister> dude
[04:52] <Skully Of House Lannister> have you seen 
[04:52] <Skully Of House Lannister> anything from fox news 
[04:52] <Skully Of House Lannister> thats nowhere near the worst lol 
[04:52] <Man.city1> Group H also a joke
[04:52] <EtherealSpirit> <span class="me-username">* <span>EtherealSpirit</span></span> poofs *
[04:53] <Man.city1> Ouch amrcel
[04:53] <Legoanimals750> Bye Varn o/ 
[04:53] <Man.city1> rostov :p 
[04:53] <Marcel77799> Well
[04:53] <Man.city1> going away to them is ugly
[04:53] <Ked830> Aight I have a school thing to attend to do I'll be going as well, adios
[04:53] <Marcel77799> Easy
[04:53] <Man.city1> depends how freezing it is 
[04:53] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[04:53] <Marcel77799> Still
[04:54] <Man.city1> we got Celtic I think
[04:54] <Man.city1> barca, city, gladbach and Celtic 
[04:54] <Marcel77799> Yep
[04:54] <Man.city1> 2nd shoukdnt hRd
[04:54] <Man.city1> *hard
[04:54] <Skully Of House Lannister> kede killed my father ;-; 
[04:54] <Man.city1> meh could be worse
[04:56] <Alemas2005> We have an easy group, yay...
[04:56] <Marcel77799> Yeah lucky
[04:57] <Marcel77799> Well it's only Atletico 
[05:02] <Marcel77799> Deadness 
[05:13] <Jaq42> o/ 
[06:12] <EtherealSpirit> Yeah ^_^
[06:12] <KnightoftheLight> And why did Izzy get blocked by an abuse filter? :P 
[06:12] <Riolu777> lol guac I wasn't aware of that debate on chat :p 
[06:12] <GuacamoleCCXR> consistency, ladies and gentlemen 
[06:12] <Alemas2005> 'cause she had been chat logging too frequently...
[06:12] <EtherealSpirit> ;P 
[06:13] <Alemas2005> Um... little test.
[06:13] <Alemas2005> Uh...
[06:13] <Alemas2005> Hang on a sec.
[06:13] <EtherealSpirit> Okie
[06:14] <Riolu777> whoops gtg
[06:14] <EtherealSpirit> Hey! ^_^ o/ 
[06:14] <Riolu777> gonna hang out on the strip (cool o) 
[06:14] <EtherealSpirit> Take care and have a great day, bye o/ 
[06:14] <EtherealSpirit> XD
[06:14] <EtherealSpirit> Have fun (spy) 
[06:15] <EtherealSpirit> KEDDY
[06:15] <EtherealSpirit> <3
[06:15] <Ked830> IM SO EXCIIIIITED
[06:15] <EtherealSpirit> SO AM I
[06:15] <Ked830> Why are you excited? XD
[06:15] <EtherealSpirit> I LOVE YOU THANKS FOR THE TALK
[06:16] <EtherealSpirit> IM SO HAPPY RN
[06:16] <Ked830> Oh lol is that why? XD
[06:16] <Ked830> oh my
[06:16] <EtherealSpirit> I just talked to a friend after a very long time
[06:16] <EtherealSpirit> Today's her b'day ^$^
[06:16] <EtherealSpirit> *^_^
[06:16] <Ked830> oh fun
[06:16] <EtherealSpirit> It made me feel so much better ;D 
[06:16] <Ked830> aw yay
[06:16] <Ked830> hai mc
[06:16] <EtherealSpirit> (We live in opposite sides of the earth jsyk)
[06:17] <Man.city1> *eats ked*
[06:17] <EtherealSpirit> MC ^_^
[06:17] <Man.city1> hey es
[06:17] <EtherealSpirit> D:
[06:17] <Ked830> do I know this friend?
[06:17] <Man.city1> ked is safe now
[06:17] <Ked830> MC I know I'm sweet but like ;-;
[06:17] <EtherealSpirit> Note
[06:17] <Ked830> 'safe'
[06:17] <EtherealSpirit> *nope
[06:17] <EtherealSpirit> She's an IRL friend
[06:17] <Ked830> im going to be digested >:c how is that safe 
[06:17] <Ked830> ooooooh
[06:17] <EtherealSpirit> XD
[06:17] <Man.city1> good point
[06:17] <Man.city1> *takes Ked out*
[06:18] <Ked830> No
[06:18] <EtherealSpirit> We used to go to school to fourth grade
[06:18] <GuacamoleCCXR> is "bastard" still blocked 
[06:18] <Man.city1> who knows guac :p 
[06:18] <Ked830> Yes guac
[06:18] <EtherealSpirit> *together till
[06:18] <Man.city1> we should be cms :p 
[06:18] <GuacamoleCCXR> it's like
[06:18] <EtherealSpirit> And then we both shifted countries
[06:18] <EtherealSpirit> :\
[06:18] <GuacamoleCCXR> really not a bad word though? [[]]:p
[06:18] <Man.city1> Guac
[06:18] <Ked830> MC plz give me a sec 
[06:18] <Man.city1> the male reproductive organ is blcoked
[06:19] <Man.city1> this wiki doesn't make sense :p 
[06:19] <GuacamoleCCXR> yeah but that's like a sexual word, that's at least /logical/ to some extent
[06:19] <GuacamoleCCXR> i mean
[06:19] <Man.city1> meh :p 
[06:19] <GuacamoleCCXR> coherent, i guess
[06:19] <Man.city1> :o 
[06:19] <GuacamoleCCXR> i'll make a vote on "bastard" sometime, i really want it unblocked because it's like the best word ever 
[06:19] <Man.city1> * :p 
[06:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> it is
[06:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> all the triggered homeschoolers will hate you though 
[06:20] <GuacamoleCCXR> why tho
[06:20] <GuacamoleCCXR> i mean
[06:21] <GuacamoleCCXR> most words are blocked because they're sexual
[06:21] <GuacamoleCCXR> "retard" is blocked because it's offensive to people with disabilities
[06:21] <GuacamoleCCXR> who thinks "bastard" is offensive though, i mean, i doubt even illegitimate children do nowadays 
[06:22] <Man.city1> Guac remmeber we on a wiki that doesn't make sense
[06:22] <A Walruse> ha
[06:22] <Man.city1> led my brother
[06:22] <A Walruse> tfw you're watching YT in 720p and while downloading stuff at over 5mbps
[06:22] <GuacamoleCCXR> i bought instant cappuchino today
[06:22] <A Walruse> yo mc
[06:22] <GuacamoleCCXR> that might have been a mistake
[06:23] <GuacamoleCCXR> *cc
[06:23] <GuacamoleCCXR> how to orthography 
[06:25] <Ked830> Man U srs get back here 
[06:26] <A Walruse> Travis has the best shirts honestly
[06:26] <A Walruse> "Muscle wizard casts FIST"
[06:29] <Ked830> Hey Roddy
[06:30] <Roddy15> \o 
[06:31] <Man.city1> You called ked
[06:31] <Man.city1> ?
[06:32] <Ked830> Gosh u suck
[06:32] <Ked830> did you want to talk? [[:]]P
[06:32] <Man.city1> yea
[06:33] <Ked830> Sorry Ether Chan I'll get back to you in a minute
[06:33] <Man.city1> One minute :| 
[06:33] <EtherealSpirit> It's okie ^_^
[06:33] <Ked830> More than a minute?
[06:34] <EtherealSpirit> Sure ^_^
[06:34] <Man.city1> An hr should suffice ked
[06:34] <Ked830> rlly
[06:34] <Man.city1> Ye
[06:34] <Ked830> im not gonna be hear for an hour even
[06:34] <EtherealSpirit> I'll wait forever if I had to... Though I'd be dead by then.
[06:34] <Ked830> Here
[06:34] <Ked830> i can't english
[06:35] <EtherealSpirit> >Varn is turning romantic o:
[06:35] <Ked830> IM SO NERVOUS GAHH
[06:35] <EtherealSpirit> I'm so excited XD
[06:35] <EtherealSpirit> And happy XD
[06:35] <Ked830> I'm nervoucited
[06:36] <Ked830> though mostly nervous
[06:36] <Man.city1> You two 
[06:36] <EtherealSpirit> I'm happicited
[06:36] <Ked830> im not ready to learn from and with real people
[06:36] <Ked830> and have teachers
[06:36] <Man.city1> stop all the (h) stuff
[06:36] <EtherealSpirit> Mhmm
[06:36] <Ked830> and grades
[06:36] <Man.city1> lightnigj 
[06:36] <Man.city1> *lightning
[06:36] <Man.city1> thunder 
[06:36] <EtherealSpirit> MC is Jelous D:
[06:36] <Man.city1> a storm is brewing 
[06:37] <EtherealSpirit> Ked is mine (:|) 
[06:37] <Ked830> TOO MANY PEOPLE
[06:37] <Ked830> REAL
[06:37] <Ked830> PEOPLE
[06:37] <Ked830> CLASSES
[06:37] <Ked830> THIS IS SO MUCH
[06:37] <EtherealSpirit> *hugs Keddy* don't worry... I'm here for you
[06:37] <Keplers> Eth is lesbian?
[06:37] <Keplers> Didn't know that
[06:37] <EtherealSpirit> You'll thrive over there
[06:37] <Ked830> I'm still panicking
[06:38] <Keplers> KetherealSpirit confirmed
[06:38] <Ked830> BUT SO MUCH TO DO
[06:38] <Keplers> Ale get here and screenshot it
[06:38] <Ked830> Kethereal XD
[06:38] <EtherealSpirit> Keps makes snap assumptions, didn't know that.
[06:38] <EtherealSpirit> Yuss <3
[06:38] <Ked830>
[06:38] <Man.city1> Ew you two
[06:38] <Man.city1> please
[06:38] <EtherealSpirit> XD
[06:38] <Man.city1> get a p,
[06:38] <Man.city1> *pm
[06:38] <EtherealSpirit> I'm as straight as a line.
[06:38] <Ked830> IM NOT TRYING TO FLIRT
[06:38] <EtherealSpirit> ;P 
[06:38] <Ked830> IM FREAKING OUT
[06:39] <EtherealSpirit> I didn't flirt at all XD
[06:39] <GuacamoleCCXR> wiki f/f mhm 
[06:39] <EtherealSpirit> I was just being a friend XD
[06:39] <Man.city1> Mhm
[06:39] <EtherealSpirit> <_<
[06:39] <Man.city1> (bb) 
[06:39] <Man.city1> es 
[06:39] <EtherealSpirit> >_>
[06:39] <Ked830> halp
[06:39] <Man.city1> ked,is a good apple
[06:39] <EtherealSpirit> *halos*
[06:39] <Man.city1> dont corrupt her innocence :{p 
[06:39] <EtherealSpirit> *halps*
[06:40] <EtherealSpirit> MC.
[06:40] <EtherealSpirit> Please.
[06:40] <Man.city1> *gives Ked a lollipop*
[06:40] <EtherealSpirit> (UK)
[06:40] <Man.city1> dw my child 
[06:40] <Ked830> innocence right that still exists
[06:40] <Ked830> candy fun
[06:40] <EtherealSpirit> * (YK) 
[06:40] <Man.city1> *gives ked blanku*
[06:40] <Man.city1> *blanky
[06:40] <EtherealSpirit> I thought I was the innocent one ;~;
[06:40] <Ked830> I can't fall asleep rn ;-;
[06:40] <Ked830> I have stuff to look over
[06:40] <Man.city1> Es
[06:40] <Man.city1> no
[06:41] <EtherealSpirit> ;~;
[06:41] <Man.city1> ked is the innicent one 
[06:41] <EtherealSpirit> Nuuu
[06:41] <Man.city1> *puts ked in the play-pen* 
[06:41] <EtherealSpirit> Ked is my mom... So that means I'm more innocent than her...?
[06:41] <Ked830> *curls into a ball* so constructing
[06:41] <Ked830> HAAAAA
[06:41] <EtherealSpirit> OuO
[06:42] <Ked830> i forgot I adopted peopke
[06:42] <Ked830> im such a great mom
[06:42] <EtherealSpirit> Mommy
[06:42] <Ked830> im more like your sister than anything XD
[06:42] <EtherealSpirit> Well, true ;P 
[06:42] <Ked830> omgomgomg
[06:42] <Ked830> classmates
[06:42] <Ked830> are talking
[06:42] <Ked830> people
[06:43] <EtherealSpirit> *curls into a ball*
[06:43] <Ked830> real people
[06:43] <EtherealSpirit> I wanna be the innocent one too
[06:43] <Skully Of House Lannister> kede kills small people 
[06:44] <Ked830> Hey Bubbly
[06:44] <Ked830> Skul u taddle tail
[06:44] <Ked830> Taddle tale
[06:44] <Impossibubbles> I hate my life
[06:44] <Impossibubbles> theres a creepy person staring at me
[06:44] <Keplers> [img=""]
[06:44] <Impossibubbles> i still have no computer 
[06:44] <Keplers> what is wrong with you stupid curve
[06:44] <Keplers> the joke died
[06:44] <Keplers> screw you, image
[06:45] <Ked830> Bubbles you need to get like things that you can put over your car windows so people can't see you
[06:45] <Ked830> shades or something
[06:45] <Impossibubbles> I'm at school
[06:45] <Ked830> Ooh
[06:45] <Impossibubbles> in the hallway
[06:45] <Impossibubbles> i have class until 9:15
[06:46] <Impossibubbles> yay
[06:46] <Ked830> 9 tonight?
[06:46] <Impossibubbles> lovw that
[06:46] <Impossibubbles> *love
[06:46] <Impossibubbles> yep
[06:46] <GuacamoleCCXR> like 21:15?
[06:46] <GuacamoleCCXR> jesus
[06:46] <Ked830> Woohoo
[06:46] <Impossibubbles> yeah (derp) 
[06:46] <Man.city1> Sorry guys
[06:46] <GuacamoleCCXR> even my classes go until 19:00 max 
[06:46] <Impossibubbles> honors psych
[06:46] <Impossibubbles> yaaaaay
[06:46] <Man.city1> power went out for a,but coz of storm
[06:47] <Roddy15> my classes now for uni all have to end by 6pm
[06:47] <Man.city1> mine have. A max till 6pm altho that happened twoce only
[06:47] <Impossibubbles> 9:15 should be my bedtime >.>
[06:47] <A Walruse> iread that as "glasses" instead of classes and was very confused for a moment
[06:47] <GuacamoleCCXR> tbh i don't even have a lot of classes/lectures/whatever
[06:47] <GuacamoleCCXR> it's mostly just a buckload of work you're supposed to do on your own
[06:47] <Impossibubbles> I went to bed so early last night
[06:47] <Impossibubbles> 1 am (gasp) 
[06:48] <Man.city1> Hey kngiht
[06:48] <Ked830> Kay I gtg bbl
[06:50] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[06:51] <EtherealSpirit> I'm on the run.
[06:51] <EtherealSpirit> Bye guys o/ 
[06:51] <KnightoftheLight> Eth is Nya confirmed
[06:51] <KnightoftheLight> o
[06:51] <EtherealSpirit> <span class="me-username">* <span>EtherealSpirit</span></span> poofs *
[06:51] <KnightoftheLight> o\ 
[06:51] <KnightoftheLight> Starts GoFundMe (derp) 
[06:51] <KnightoftheLight> Forgot to add asteriks. :P 
[06:53] <Impossibubbles> Alright bai >.>
[06:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> zz
[07:13] <Ked830> Brave wake up *smack*
[07:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> ok
[07:15] <Alemas2005> "Trump calls Hillary Clinton a 'bigot'""
[07:15] <Alemas2005> Ayyyyyyyy, petty name-calling as if we were all six year-olds...
[07:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> rayycist fascist
[07:16] <Ked830> Let's be honest
[07:16] <Ked830> were all six year olds at heart 
[07:16] <KnightoftheLight> XD
[07:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> true
[07:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> im playing flash games like a 6 y/o
[07:18] <Ked830> Except Brave is an actual six year old
[07:18] <Ked830> <3 (derp4) 
[07:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> well i'll take that as fair i guess
[07:27] <KnightoftheLight> *Brings up Linda for no reason*
[07:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> who's linda
[07:31] <KnightoftheLight> And MB Legend
[07:31] <KnightoftheLight> Who is hated by many
[07:31] <KnightoftheLight> *An
[07:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> nice
[07:34] <A Walruse>
[07:34] <A Walruse> me in 10 years
[07:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[07:35] <Alemas2005> Wow.
[07:35] <Alemas2005> Well-played.
[07:35] <Roddy15> uni just emailed me with a list of all the things i need to do before wednesday (orientation day), need my PPS number though and i don't know it
[07:36] <Roddy15> PPS number is like a social security number
[07:37] <Roddy15> i never need to know because it's pointless
[07:37] <Roddy15> like the houses's postcode
[07:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> wew
[07:37] <Roddy15> the only times you really need is for the dole
[07:38] <Roddy15> and for when revenue want to make sure you are paying all their taxes
[07:40] <Alemas2005> Aaaaaand Pythor's absent.
[07:40] <Alemas2005> Told you.
[07:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> he's on when youre not on (ys) 
[07:41] <Roddy15> apparently i won't have to keep my torrented MS Office since i'll be getting the education version :P 
[07:42] <Alemas2005> ...torrenting's still a thing?
[07:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> ale you shovel
[07:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> ofc it is
[07:42] <Alemas2005> He should be on when I'm on a swell, BNR. (UA) 
[07:42] <Alemas2005> "you shovel".
[07:42] <Alemas2005> You spade.
[07:42] <Roddy15> yeah i torrent everything
[07:42] <Roddy15> except good games/musics/films
[07:42] <Alemas2005> ...what. :P 
[07:42] <Alemas2005> Wow. :P 
[07:43] <Roddy15> i don't even have a genuine windows 10 copy anymore :P 
[07:43] <Alemas2005> "as well".
[07:43] <Alemas2005> ...?! :P 
[07:43] <Alemas2005> WOW. :P 
[07:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> same
[07:43] <Alemas2005> ...WOW.
[07:43] <Roddy15> i had windows 10 home running and it was OEM
[07:43] <Alemas2005> Two illegals here.
[07:43] <Alemas2005> (derp) 
[07:43] <Roddy15> but because of the big upgrade i did before redstone update i can't transfer the license
[07:44] <Roddy15> redstone=anniversary update :P 
[07:44] <Alemas2005> ...why do call it that... :P 
[07:44] <Alemas2005> "do you".
[07:44] <Alemas2005> Why the arcane Minecraft reference? :P 
[07:44] <Roddy15> it was the internal name for like a year
[07:44] <Alemas2005> ...OH.
[07:44] <Alemas2005> Wow.
[07:44] <Alemas2005> That's cheesy.
[07:45] <Roddy15> the original release was "Threshold 1"
[07:46] <Roddy15> people called it the RTM version and MS were all angry about that naming :P 
[07:46] <Roddy15> because apparently windows 10 is a living ecosystem and insert other marketing speak.
[07:46] <GuacamoleCCXR>
[07:51] <Man.city1> Anywya guys im out 
[07:51] <Man.city1> cumtomorrow
[07:51] <Man.city1> *cu tomorrow
[07:52] <GuacamoleCCXR> night mate
[07:53] <Riolu777> SIMCITY 3000 UNLIMITED IS ON GOG NOW
[07:53] <Riolu777> WHAT
[07:53] <Riolu777> WHATTTTTT
[07:53] <Alemas2005> ...on what?
[07:53] <Alemas2005> Oh God MC.
[07:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> WEW
[07:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> gog = good ol games
[07:53] <Alemas2005> He should really be more careful with his typing. :P 
[07:54] <Riolu777> IM SO HAPPY
[07:54] <Sir Guurahk> Yes. "Anywya" is a really annoying typo. (derp3) 
[07:54] <Alemas2005> Caps. (UA) 
[07:55] <Alemas2005> So this GoG guys... they just take old games and make them compatible with modern hardware and OSes?
[07:55] <Riolu777> whatever alemas
[07:55] <Alemas2005> "these".
[07:55] <Riolu777> well yes, it's drm-free
[07:55] <Riolu777> so it works on modern windows
[07:56] <Alemas2005> Bet there's something illegal involved... :{P 
[07:56] <Riolu777> nope
[07:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> if you call fun illegal
[07:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> then yeah
[07:56] <Riolu777> it's only 10 bucks too
[07:56] <Riolu777> I cannot wait to get home now
[07:57] <Riolu777> I wonder if I can buy it on this laptop and have it work on my desktop
[07:57] <Riolu777> hmm
[07:57] <Sir Guurahk>
[07:57] <Sir Guurahk> (derp) 
[07:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> gog has cloud services?
[07:58] <Riolu777> not sure
[07:59] <Verrack333> o/ 
[07:59] <Dumbledore115> Hallo
[08:00] <Verrack333> what's up?
[08:00] <Dumbledore115> The floor
[08:00] <Verrack333> .....That's a new one. XD
[08:00] <Verrack333> \
[08:00] <Dumbledore115> Yup
[08:00] <Verrack333> what's down?
[08:02] <Dumbledore115> The sky
[08:02] <Verrack333> Knew it. XD It seems you're upside down. :P What happened? :P 
[08:02] <Dumbledore115> Nothing happened
[08:02] <Alemas2005> Dumble moved to Australia.
[08:03] <Dumbledore115> Im in the basement, causing the floor to be up
[08:03] <Dumbledore115> And the sky is down because its night
[08:03] <Dumbledore115> >logic
[08:03] <Verrack333> Australia, mate? :P Ah, I see. :P 
[08:03] <Dumbledore115> I'm not an aussie!
[08:04] <Verrack333> Okay, m8. :P 
[08:04] <Dumbledore115> m9 :P 
[08:04] <Verrack333> m7. :P 
[08:04] <Dumbledore115> Sam! :3
[08:04] <Verrack333> Sammy boy! :P 
[08:05] <Dumbledore115> m100
[08:05] <Dumbledore115> m150
[08:05] <Verrack333> m83 = a musical group.
[08:05] <Dumbledore115> Never heard of it
[08:05] <Dumbledore115> m1=a gun :P 
[08:06] <Verrack333> They're not that popular, but I heard they're good. :P 
[08:06] <Verrack333> I see a car not a gun. :P 
[08:06] <Dumbledore115> I gtg :P 
[08:06] <Verrack333> Later. \o 
[08:08] <BubseyBrick> I currently have 11111 posts :P 
[08:08] <BubseyBrick> \o 
[08:08] <BubseyBrick> Dead chat, huh? :P 
[10:01] <Impossibubbles> actually 
[10:02] <Impossibubbles> I'm gonna wait 15 minutes
[10:02] <Impossibubbles> until the next class period
[10:02] <Impossibubbles> that way no line xD
[10:02] <AmazingPythor> That's probably wise. :P 
[10:02] <Impossibubbles> Oh lord
[10:02] <Legoanimals750> Good idea
[10:02] <AmazingPythor> One of my friends proposed the idea of building a Starbucks in my school cafeteria 
[10:02] <Impossibubbles> the class of these people >.>
[10:02] <AmazingPythor> Which would end /horribly/
[10:03] <Alemas2005> Oh hello again.
[10:03] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[10:03] <AmazingPythor> I bet they're not even wearing monocles, bubbles.
[10:03] <AmazingPythor> Hi Ale
[10:03] <Dumbledore115> Good day Lemmy
[10:03] <Alemas2005> Don't be a snob. :{P 
[10:03] <Alemas2005> Bubbles. :{P 
[10:03] <Alemas2005> Unless you want to pretend to be British. :{P 
[10:03] <Impossibubbles> "Michelle, pull out front. No out front the damn building. No, just listen what I'm telling you to does. Out the damn building"
[10:04] <Impossibubbles> >.>
[10:04] <AmazingPythor> Ale in her defense it's community college
[10:04] <Dumbledore115> is that even grammatically correct
[10:04] <Impossibubbles> im listening to that conversation rn
[10:04] <AmazingPythor> Imagine what I'll have to deal with on a daily basis soon
[10:06] <Impossibubbles> >.>
[10:06] <NXTein1996> Back. :P Was texting multiple things at once, (bad idea >.>)
[10:07] <Dumbledore115> You people use too many >.>'s
[10:07] <Majolo9050> >.>
[10:07] <Impossibubbles> >.> perfectly portrays my mood
[10:07] <Skully Of House Lannister> >says someone poured boiling water on a gay couple 
[10:07] <Skully Of House Lannister> "why does that sound messed up skul"
[10:07] <Dumbledore115> No skul, i mean why do you think its messed up
[10:07] <Impossibubbles> im still pissed about my computer 
[10:08] <Dumbledore115> The person who did that or the punishment they got
[10:08] <Legoanimals750> How is it not messed up?
[10:08] <NXTein1996> Oh I read about that Skul... some people... 
[10:08] <Dumbledore115> "49 years in prison"
[10:08] <Dumbledore115> 40*
[10:08] <Impossibubbles> that sounds lenient to me
[10:08] <Legoanimals750> Well it sends a clear message not to dump boiling water on people 
[10:09] <NXTein1996> The justice system confuses me sometimes with their sentences...
[10:09] <AmazingPythor> Eh, the whole American justice system is rather screwed up in general
[10:09] <Legoanimals750> ^
[10:09] <NXTein1996> Very true
[10:09] <Dumbledore115> Skul, do you mean the person who dumped bioling water is messed up or his 40 years punishment was messed up?
[10:10] <AmazingPythor> Countries that focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment actually have less crime
[10:10] <Impossibubbles> Why would 40 years for dumping boiling water be messed up
[10:10] <Impossibubbles> thafs almost as bad as acid
[10:10] <Impossibubbles> *that's
[10:10] <Dumbledore115> Maybe skul thought it wasnt a good enough or a too bad punishemnt
[10:10] <NXTein1996> Verrack o/ 
[10:10] <Dumbledore115> Hi verr o/ 
[10:10] <Impossibubbles> okay here I go >.>
[10:10] <Verrack333> Hey buddy. o/ What's up. Hai Dumbles. :3
[10:10] <Impossibubbles> i hope I don't die >.>
[10:11] <AmazingPythor> Off to make the brutal journey to Starbucks
[10:11] <Legoanimals750> Good luck o/ 
[10:11] <Bioniclefan1> People who've done much worse got much less 
[10:11] <Impossibubbles> Oh nvm
[10:11] <AmazingPythor> I admire your bravery, Bubbles.
[10:11] <Impossibubbles> oh waiy
[10:11] <Impossibubbles> eait
[10:11] <Impossibubbles> wait
[10:11] <Legoanimals750> What?
[10:11] <Impossibubbles> its just a tour
[10:11] <AmazingPythor> :P 
[10:11] <Impossibubbles> k I'm good
[10:11] <Impossibubbles> my feet hurt 
[10:12] <AmazingPythor> Anyways the Iceland justice system is ludicrously lenient and yet has the lowest crime rate in the world iirc
[10:12] <AmazingPythor> But then again there's also a lot less poverty in Iceland
[10:12] <NXTein1996> Mhm, I remember reading that somewhere
[10:12] <Impossibubbles> herhee I sound like a crappy horse sound effect 
[10:12] <AmazingPythor> ?
[10:13] <Impossibubbles> my heels
[10:13] <Impossibubbles> on tile
[10:13] <Dumbledore115> Icelanders including their government believe in elves
[10:13] <NXTein1996> Oh :{P 
[10:13] <Bioniclefan1> No context someone screenshot please 
[10:13] <Impossibubbles> also I almost fell down a ramp
[10:13] <AmazingPythor> Oh, that's fun.
[10:13] <Dumbledore115> Screenshot what
[10:13] <Verrack333> Huh. :P 
[10:14] <Bioniclefan1> What Impossi said. Good for no context. someone screenshot 
[10:14] <Verrack333> You know, I wonder what Rogue One will be like. It better be good. :P 
[10:14] <Impossibubbles> Freaking dying rn
[10:14] <AmazingPythor> y
[10:14] <Impossibubbles> okay gtg
[10:14] <AmazingPythor> Aw cya
[10:15] <Bioniclefan1> Bye 
[10:15] <Legoanimals750> Bye, stay alive 
[10:15] <Verrack333> Bye o/ 
[10:15] <Dumbledore115> Bai bubbles :3
[10:15] <Impossibubbles> Where am I going
[10:15] <AmazingPythor> Message me later if you can, or just come on chat :P 
[10:15] <Impossibubbles> idk
[10:15] <Impossibubbles> a stupid sign threw me off
[10:15] <Majolo9050> baii 
[10:16] <Dumbledore115> Samantha o:
[10:16] <Impossibubbles> oh there's the tpur
[10:16] <Dumbledore115> o/ *
[10:16] <Impossibubbles> tpir
[10:16] <Impossibubbles> tpur
[10:16] <Verrack333> Sam o/ 
[10:16] <Impossibubbles> tpur
[10:16] <Skully Of House Lannister> Meh 
[10:16] <AmazingPythor> tour?
[10:16] <Skully Of House Lannister> That case isn't too bad 
[10:16] <Impossibubbles> yes
[10:16] <Impossibubbles> that
[10:16] <Skully Of House Lannister> This college student raped two girls 
[10:16] <Skully Of House Lannister> was convicted
[10:16] <Skully Of House Lannister> the judge let him off with just probation 
[10:16] <Bioniclefan1> Yep 
[10:16] <Skully Of House Lannister> because he didn't want to take away his "college experience"
[10:16] <AmazingPythor> Alright cya Bubbles, come back in one piece
[10:16] <Majolo9050> screenshotting bubbles for the typo blog
[10:16] <Legoanimals750> ikr that's messed up 
[10:16] <Dumbledore115> That judge is crazy :P 
[10:17] <Majolo9050> that is just nuts
[10:17] <AmazingPythor> Also why is the freaking death sentence still a thing
[10:17] <Dumbledore115> Because it is AP
[10:17] <Legoanimals750> ikr
[10:17] <Skully Of House Lannister> Because barbarism 
[10:17] <Skully Of House Lannister> :p 
[10:17] <Impossibubbles> I found it
[10:17] <AmazingPythor> Literally no other Western country uses that except us and Belarus
[10:17] <Impossibubbles> bai
[10:17] <AmazingPythor> cya
[10:17] <Dumbledore115> Bye bye beautiful
[10:18] <AmazingPythor> I think Japan still has the death sentence oddly enough
[10:18] <Verrack333> Bye
[10:18] <Dumbledore115> France last used guillotines for execution in 1977
[10:18] <Marcel77799> Oh BTW guys
[10:18] <Bioniclefan1> Don't die. Bye o/ 
[10:18] <Legoanimals750> What?
[10:18] <Verrack333> Wow
[10:18] <Brick425> o/ 
[10:19] <NXTein1996> What, Marcel?
[10:19] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[10:19] <Marcel77799> I won't be on much for the next seven days
[10:19] <Dumbledore115> Brick is hefe oh nooo
[10:19] <Dumbledore115> here*
[10:19] <Verrack333> Oh, how come?
[10:19] <Marcel77799> Vacation 
[10:19] <Legoanimals750> Cool
[10:19] <AmazingPythor> Oh, cya Marc
[10:19] <Verrack333> Nice.
[10:19] <Dumbledore115> Have fun
[10:19] <Marcel77799> Spending a few days at the sea
[10:19] <Marcel77799> Thanks
[10:19] <AmazingPythor> Have fu- yeah what Dumbles said :P 
[10:19] <Verrack333> Have a good time
[10:20] <Dumbledore115> AP almost said the f word!!!111
[10:20] <Marcel77799> I'll probably be around a bit in the evenings
[10:20] <AmazingPythor> dumbles plz
[10:20] <Dumbledore115> Jk
[10:20] <Impossibubbles> Oh my god
[10:20] <Dumbledore115> ?
[10:20] <Impossibubbles> i ran into my cousin
[10:20] <Dumbledore115> What
[10:20] <Marcel77799> So yeah
[10:20] <AmazingPythor> lol
[10:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> its one of the many things the US has in common with countries below its...station 
[10:20] <Marcel77799> Cya o/ 
[10:20] <Legoanimals750> Fun. :P 
[10:21] <AmazingPythor> Bye Marc
[10:21] <Skully Of House Lannister> isnt the US one of two countries to not provide paid maternal leave 
[10:21] <NXTein1996> That must have been strange, Bubbles :P 
[10:21] <AmazingPythor> Yes skul
[10:21] <Verrack333> Bye Marcel. o/ 
[10:21] <AmazingPythor> Even North Korea has it
[10:21] <AmazingPythor> Also even Russia doesn't have capital punishment iirc
[10:21] <Dumbledore115> America is the best country on Earth
[10:22] <Skully Of House Lannister> 
[10:22] <NXTein1996> 'Murica
[10:22] <Verrack333> Good 'ol 'Merica.
[10:22] <Dumbledore115> Inb4 skul sayd "america is a continent"
[10:22] <Skully Of House Lannister> nah 
[10:22] <Dumbledore115> says*
[10:22] <Skully Of House Lannister> i don't need to say that 
[10:22] <Brick425> I hate when people say that
[10:22] <Brick425> So annoying
[10:22] <Dumbledore115> Say what brick
[10:22] <Skully Of House Lannister> saying America is the best country is silly already, no need to mock it (as) 
[10:22] <NXTein1996> Yeah, don't they know America is two continents? Smh 
[10:23] <Brick425> Skul: The US doesn't guarantee paid maternity leave, but that doesn't mean all companies don't have it
[10:23] <Verrack333> North and South. :P 
[10:23] <Dumbledore115> Brick, what do you hate ppl saying 
[10:23] <Skully Of House Lannister> @Brick: mothers are still treated pretty terribly especially in lower paying jobs. :p 
[10:23] <Brick425> America is a continent
[10:23] <Brick425> When I shorten United States of America to America
[10:23] <Dumbledore115> Oh
[10:24] <Dumbledore115> I shorten it to murica 
[10:24] <Brick425> Skul, to be fair, why are people having kids if they can't afford them
[10:24] <Brick425> I mean, I know that isn't really a proper answer
[10:24] <Skully Of House Lannister> ...srsly reproduction is a human right 
[10:24] <Skully Of House Lannister> and even if they can afford them 
[10:24] <Skully Of House Lannister> they can easily lose jobs 
[10:24] <Brick425> I know it's a right, but nothing is free
[10:24] <Dumbledore115> Being born is a human right :P 
[10:24] <Roddy15> ehhh because they might be able to afford them, just not able to afford to take months of unpaid leave
[10:25] <Skully Of House Lannister> Dumble, I don't deny there are solid pro-life arguments, but you've never made one, so don't even try to start a debate. :p 
[10:25] <Brick425> ^ xD
[10:25] <Dumbledore115> Im not trying to debate :P 
[10:25] <Brick425> I'm not pro-life, I
[10:25] <Dumbledore115> "Youve never made one" lolol
[10:25] <Brick425> *I'm pro protection :P 
[10:25] <NXTein1996> *grabs the popcorn*
[10:25] <Majolo9050> *goes off to my corner because this is going to be a debate worth watching*
[10:25] <Skully Of House Lannister> You really haven't. :P You sort of just get triggered. :p 
[10:26] <Dumbledore115> I DONT GET TRIGGERED
[10:26] <NXTein1996> Maj, join me, I have popcorn (derp) 
[10:26] <Dumbledore115> (troll) 
[10:26] <Skully Of House Lannister> Okay then. :p 
[10:26] <Skully Of House Lannister> Sure. :P 
[10:26] <Legoanimals750> I'm hungry. :P 
[10:26] <Dumbledore115> *punches skul* :@ 
[10:26] <Roddy15> Obligatory: Caps (UA) 
[10:26] <Skully Of House Lannister> @Brick: I can relate to that. :p 
[10:26] <Verrack333> Oh boy, let's see how this goes. :P *Takes NXT's popcorn* :P 
[10:26] <Brick425> Also Skul, California and New Jersey both require paid maternity leave :P 
[10:26] <NXTein1996> Then go get some chicken fries Web :P 
[10:26] <Majolo9050> *joins nxt because POPCORN*
[10:26] <Alemas2005> Ah, Bubbles, hi again.
[10:26] <Skully Of House Lannister> ofc but its not federally required which is silly. :p 
[10:26] <Legoanimals750> I would if i had some
[10:26] <Brick425> IK Skul
[10:26] <Dumbledore115> I hate popcorn 
[10:26] <Brick425> But it must count for something
[10:27] <Alemas2005> Oh, what do I see, another candidate entry for Autocowrecks...
[10:27] <Legoanimals750> Ok, I'm going to find food, bye o/ 
[10:27] <Majolo9050> i actually cant have popcorn because braces xD
[10:27] <Bioniclefan1> I already ate my popcorn (derp2) 
[10:27] <Majolo9050> baiii
[10:27] <Alemas2005> YES.
[10:27] <Alemas2005> Bubbles.
[10:27] <Brick425> I once had popcorn when I had braces (wo) 
[10:27] <Dumbledore115> Bai web 
[10:27] <Verrack333> What? How do you not like popcorn Dumbles? :P 
[10:27] <NXTein1996> Popcorn is amazing
[10:27] <Brick425> He hates what he doesn't understand
[10:27] <Majolo9050> my wire is too thing to be able to have it ;-;
[10:27] <Brick425> How does it pop?
[10:27] <Brick425> Why is it crunchy?
[10:27] <Majolo9050> *thin
[10:27] <Brick425> etc
[10:27] <Bioniclefan1> What kind of person doesn't like popcorn 
[10:27] <Verrack333> I love popcorn.
[10:27] <NXTein1996> Especially caramel popcorn (heart) 
[10:27] <Dumbledore115> ...brick, dont bring this up
[10:27] <Skully Of House Lannister> Brick, I'll never understand the whole "no abortions except when women are raped thing". :P 
[10:27] <Brick425> Dumble, chill out :P 
[10:27] <Dumbledore115> I understand popcorn, and i hate it 
[10:28] <Brick425> It's a good meme
[10:28] <Verrack333> Caramel popcorn (heart) 
[10:28] <Skully Of House Lannister> Obviously its better than just no abortions, but the actual logic seems flawed. :P 
[10:28] <Dumbledore115> Its a freaking food that has a taste i dont prefer
[10:28] <Brick425> @Skul: Because if you don't want a baby, wear a condom or get on the pill
[10:28] <Brick425> Or both
[10:28] <Skully Of House Lannister> "I don't get triggered"-Dumble 
[10:28] <Verrack333> With chocolate popcorn too. (heart) 
[10:28] <Majolo9050> caramel popcorn
[10:28] <Majolo9050> why people
[10:28] <Skully Of House Lannister> @Brick: Both can fail. 
[10:28] <Majolo9050> so hungry.. ;-;
[10:28] <Dumbledore115> I DONT GET TRIGGEREDDDDD :&@
[10:28] <Brick425> Condoms only have a 99% chance of failing
[10:28] <Dumbledore115> :@ *
[10:28] <Brick425> The pill is 98%
[10:28] <Verrack333> Anyone here like candy corn? :P 
[10:28] <Roddy15> yeah so what about the 1% and 2%
[10:28] <Alemas2005> ...that's you being triggered right there, Dumble...
[10:29] <Alemas2005> Just saying.
[10:29] <Brick425> *chance of not failing
[10:29] <Brick425> :P 
[10:29] <NXTein1996> I do not like candy corn... :| 
[10:29] <Brick425> 99% chance of failing xD
[10:29] <Skully Of House Lannister> 1% and 2% of the pop will fail then. :p 
[10:29] <Brick425> how 2 statistic
[10:29] <Verrack333> Why not? :P 
[10:29] <Majolo9050> candy corn is eh
[10:29] <Skully Of House Lannister> And in a country like the US, 1%-2% of the pop is like 30 million people. :p 
[10:29] <Brick425> Skul, I'm not saying if they fail you can't get an abortion
[10:29] <AmazingPythor> Candy corn is an acquired taste
[10:29] <Majolo9050> i'll eat it, but it's not my favorite
[10:29] <NXTein1996> I just don't. Besides, I'm more of a chocolates person
[10:29] <Verrack333> IDK why I like candy corns so much. :P 
[10:29] <Brick425> Yes Skul, because everyone is having sex with condoms
[10:29] <Dumbledore115> Candy corn taste good 
[10:29] <Skully Of House Lannister> Ik, and obviously I agree, if you don't want to have a baby, all precautions should succeed. :P 
[10:29] <Majolo9050> well, i have this weird taste for black licorice so (Derp7) 
[10:29] <Verrack333> Yeah, chocolate is delicious. :P 
[10:30] <Brick425> I think if you wear protection and it fails, you can have an abortion. If not, sorry :P 
[10:30] <Skully Of House Lannister> I'm just saying even with those precautions a proportion of the population can still end up getting pregnant. :p 
[10:30] <Skully Of House Lannister> But how do you tell, Brick? :P 
[10:30] <Roddy15> wait...why is Hillary attacking Farage??? He doesn't even lead a party anymore...
[10:30] <Skully Of House Lannister> Roddy
[10:30] <Brick425> Save your condom or pill receipts
[10:30] <Skully Of House Lannister> Farage appeared on stage with Trump 
[10:30] <Roddy15> why is she attacking Farage and not Trump?
[10:30] <Roddy15> her attack is just really bad too
[10:30] <Skully Of House Lannister> who knows 
[10:31] <Skully Of House Lannister> @Brick: But I mean, that still leaves so much room for abuse. :P 
[10:31] <Skully Of House Lannister> You buy a pack, but you say it "feels" better to not use it, you show the receipt, bam abortion. :P 
[10:31] <Skully Of House Lannister> That can be gimmicked easily. :p 
[10:31] <Roddy15> like farage's return punch was way stronger
[10:31] <Roddy15> “Perhaps Mrs. Clinton should spend more time speaking to normal, working people in her country than trying to attack me using dodgy half-quotes”.
[10:31] <Verrack333> Well, I gotta go now. Bye Dumbles. \o Bye NXT. o/ 
[10:31] <Dumbledore115> Bai verr o/ 
[10:32] <Brick425> Honestly that method of abuse wouldn't bother me :P 
[10:32] <Majolo9050> baii
[10:32] <Dumbledore115> Chat is better when slice is modding 
[10:32] <Skully Of House Lannister> ...than when? :p 
[10:33] <Brick425> One might argue that a fetus is life, but I say barely :P 
[10:33] <Majolo9050> dumbles you slice summoner
[10:33] <Dumbledore115> Soeak of the devil
[10:33] <Skully Of House Lannister> Dumble, what's it better than :P 
[10:33] <Dumbledore115> Any other time
[10:33] <Skully Of House Lannister> Better than no modding? :P Certainly :p 
[10:33] <Dumbledore115> Skul
[10:33] <Skully Of House Lannister> lol 
[10:33] <Skully Of House Lannister> he hardly does anything like most of the mods 
[10:33] <Dumbledore115> Hes the best mod
[10:33] <Skully Of House Lannister> there's rarely any need for it 
[10:34] <Slicer Vorzakh> well you've all get german mods on, so I suppose having me on is better then no moderation at all
[10:34] <Skully Of House Lannister> what's he done that you approve of :p 
[10:34] <Dumbledore115> Slice is racist to germans!!!111
[10:34] <Dumbledore115> Batty ^-^
[10:34] <Majolo9050> bats ey
[10:34] <BatGirl9431> Dumbles
[10:34] <Skully Of House Lannister> batty is someone else (ud) 
[10:35] <Dumbledore115> "Someone else"?
[10:35] <Majolo9050> batgirl78
[10:35] <Dumbledore115> Oh
[10:35] <Dumbledore115> Old people
[10:35] <NXTein1996> Soe o/ 
[10:35] <BatGirl9431> Elrondson.
[10:35] <Majolo9050> dumbles, there is more than 1 batgirl in existence
[10:35] <Son of Elrond> oi
[10:35] <Bioniclefan1> Didnt we just go over this last night 
[10:35] <Majolo9050> soe ai gain
[10:35] <Dumbledore115> I know of the other bathirl
[10:35] <Dumbledore115> girl*
[10:35] <BatGirl9431> But only one BatGirl9431
[10:35] <Dumbledore115> Yes ^
[10:35] <Bioniclefan1> Actualllyyyyyy
[10:36] <BatGirl9431> ...
[10:36] <Dumbledore115> There's only one BatGirl9431
[10:36] <Bioniclefan1> There's like 3 
[10:36] <Dumbledore115> There's only one BatGirl9431
[10:36] <Majolo9050> ugh i want to make the grill joke but you'd give me a typing-to about it ;-;
[10:36] <Dumbledore115> I just said the same thing twice...
[10:36] <BatGirl9431> ...Maj. It's okay. You can do whatever you want.
[10:37] <Majolo9050> I won't, because you've already had a bad enough day and I don't need to add to it
[10:38] <Majolo9050> sam o/ 
[10:38] <Bioniclefan1> Barbera Gordon, Betty Kane, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie brown, Helena bertinelli are all batgirls
[10:38] <Bioniclefan1> 
[10:38] <Dumbledore115> Samantha
[10:38] <Bioniclefan1> But those are fictional characters 
[10:38] <BatGirl9431> Yep.
[10:38] <Majolo9050> *barbara
[10:38] <Majolo9050> >.>
[10:39] <Roddy15> iamverysmart
[10:39] <Roddy15> "piers"
[10:39] <Bioniclefan1> Yahoo Roddy? 
[10:40] <Roddy15> "but know matter how much"
[10:40] <Roddy15> for a 15 year old he's sure ahead of age when it comes to English
[10:41] <Roddy15> and what do you mean by "Yahoo Roddy?" :P 
[10:41] <Bioniclefan1> Are those Yahoo comments 
[10:42] <Alemas2005> ... :P 
[10:42] <Roddy15> youtube
[10:42] <Alemas2005> Ah, the YouTube comments section.
[10:42] <Roddy15> or google plus
[10:43] <Roddy15> it's a google section
[10:43] <Bioniclefan1> How did I not see that
[10:43] <Dumbledore115> Best place in the while world!
[10:43] <Dumbledore115> YouTube comments!
[10:43] <Alemas2005> ...said no-one ever.
[10:43] <Bioniclefan1> Yahoo comments are worse though 
[10:45] <Bioniclefan1> Has chat ever been a victim of premeditated murder 
[10:45] <BatGirl9431> This chat or....?
[10:45] <Dumbledore115> Uh...
[10:45] <Dumbledore115> Maybe
[10:46] <Bioniclefan1> This one 
[10:46] <BatGirl9431> most likely.
[10:46] <KnightoftheLight> Tfw you're trying to argue with some random kid on Youtube over whether Star Wars comics published within the new canon universe is canon and you have articles to back you up and the kid says "lets see um my brother that introduced me to star wars my father and he has the real scripts for the movie and he knows a lot of the star wars universe and logic and comics is obviously not cannon" (fp) 
[10:46] <Bioniclefan1> I ask many strange questions 
[10:47] <Alemas2005> "you're trying to argue with some random kid on Youtube"
[10:47] <Alemas2005> Stopped reading at that.
[10:47] <Bioniclefan1> Lol knight 
[10:47] <Alemas2005> You don't argue with random kids on YouTube.
[10:47] <Alemas2005> You just... don't.
[10:47] <Bioniclefan1> By don't you believe Lucas Jr 
[10:47] <Roddy15> cyberbully!
[10:47] <Bioniclefan1> Why 
[10:48] <Roddy15> Misha has declared war on the likes of you knight!
[10:48] <Dumbledore115> >misha
[10:48] <Dumbledore115> Mish?
[10:48] <Roddy15> Misha
[10:48] <Roddy15> the Pokemon Go song kid
[10:49] <Dumbledore115> I literally know nothing about Pokemon Go
[10:49] <KnightoftheLight> WARNING BLOCKED WORD but this is the logic-filled convo. (Derp) 
[10:49] <Bioniclefan1> You just learned something about it 
[10:49] <Roddy15> you don't need to dumble, he's a kid who made a song about it
[10:50] <Roddy15> it's terrible though
[10:50] <Roddy15> channels "roasted" the video and he made a new song declaring war on cyberbullies who bully "little kids"
[10:50] <Bioniclefan1> I'm sure that solved his problems 
[10:51] <Roddy15> i can't link the new song since it has a good few swears, one which this community voted against unblocking
[10:51] <Alemas2005> (UA) 
[10:51] <Bioniclefan1> Singing solves everything 
[10:51] <Alemas2005> "The page isn’t working"
[10:51] <Alemas2005> *Shrugs*
[10:51] <Bioniclefan1> Disney did it 
[10:51] <Bioniclefan1> To protect 
[10:51] <Bioniclefan1> Lucas Jr
[10:52] <Bioniclefan1> O/ 
[10:52] <KnightoftheLight> Go down to LegoMETAL44's comment and read the replies. :P 
[10:53] <Roddy15> the cringe when climate change deniers are shown charts, graphs and historical data by the scientist talking to them and they still ignore it...
[10:53] <BatGirl9431> Hey Keps.
[10:53] <BatGirl9431> Elrondson.
[10:53] <Skully Of House Lannister> lol roddy
[10:53] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[10:53] <Skully Of House Lannister> its just the liberal medis
[10:53] <Skully Of House Lannister> a
[10:54] <Roddy15> most recent case of it was Brian Cox on Q&A
[10:54] <KnightoftheLight> If you don't believe in climate change, you get people like Rick Scott who are responsible for ruining their state's water. (Derp) 
[10:54] <Roddy15> some Australian senator was denying it 
[10:55] <KnightoftheLight> Even funnier are people in Trump's campaign trying to defend his claims and policies though. p
[10:55] <Roddy15> and Brian Cox was just "I HAVE A GRAPH!" and showed it to him and the camera. The politician said it was "made up by NASA"
[10:55] <KnightoftheLight> * :P 
[10:55] <Dumbledore115> I don't believe in global warming.
[10:56] <Roddy15> apparently all major met offices and climate researchers are working together to create false data
[10:56] <Dumbledore115> Not saying anything else
[10:56] <Roddy15> nice bait m8
[10:56] <KnightoftheLight> Dumble. What about all the evidence backing it up? :P 
[10:56] <Skully Of House Lannister> Don't bother Sam.
[10:56] <Skully Of House Lannister> Dumble believes in flat-earth too, there's no reason to try and argue with him xD
[10:56] <Keplers> tbh though "global warming" is stupid
[10:56] <Keplers> it's climate change :P 
[10:56] <Skully Of House Lannister> global warming is an outdated phrase 
[10:56] <Skully Of House Lannister> climate change is far more accurate
[10:57] <Roddy15> yeah global warming was a bad phrase to use
[10:57] <Dumbledore115> Um, no i dont...
[10:57] <Skully Of House Lannister> did argue for it. :P 
[10:57] <Skully Of House Lannister> Quite a lot. :P 
[10:57] <Skully Of House Lannister> Sorry, you believe in a possibility of flat-earth. :P 
[10:57] <KnightoftheLight> I'm moderare but I might become a Republican just so I can help bring sanity to the party. (Derp) 
[10:57] <Roddy15> the problem with global warming is they go "but y'all said it was gonna get hotter but it ain't hotter here"
[10:57] <Keplers> Dumble you've tinfoiled so much I'm honestly going to just say nobody knows what you believe but it's safe to assume not the majority :P 
[10:57] <Dumbledore115> I dont 100% believe in it, but it's fun to learn about
[10:57] <KnightoftheLight> And if someone like Kasich isn't chosen to be the nominee then vote blue. (Derp) 
[10:58] <Skully Of House Lannister> >tfw someone believes in the possibility of flat earth but completely denies climate change 
[10:58] <Roddy15> using climate change as the label makes for a better case
[10:58] <Keplers> So, Knight, basically if they're not a democrat-republican vote democrat :P 
[10:58] <Keplers> no crap genius :P 
[10:58] <KnightoftheLight> Ya, Keps. :P 
[10:58] <Skully Of House Lannister> kasich is hardly a democrat-republican 
[10:58] <Keplers> He's the most democrat-republican of the candidates
[10:58] <KnightoftheLight> I like Kasich though.
[10:58] <Skully Of House Lannister> hes the most moderate
[10:58] <Skully Of House Lannister> he's still not a a democrat by far :p 
[10:59] <Roddy15> "moderate" :P 
[10:59] <KnightoftheLight> He respects gay rights even though he doesn't believe in them, for example.
[10:59] <Skully Of House Lannister> best thing ever 
[10:59] <Skully Of House Lannister> state governments were offered a chance to expand their medicare 
[10:59] <Skully Of House Lannister> the feds would pay for it 
[10:59] <Roddy15> i'd rather the politician didn't say what they personally believe in when it comes to that stuff but that's just me
[10:59] <Skully Of House Lannister> so basically all it would do on a state level is cause more people to have coverage and cost nothing 
[10:59] <Skully Of House Lannister> several republican governors denied it 
[11:00] <Skully Of House Lannister> kasich basically said "i dont agree with obamacare but free coverage for my people...what am i, crazy?" 
[11:00] <Roddy15> that's why i supported putting gay marriage to referendum, cuts out politicians and lets people choose what they want individually on an issue like gay marriage
[11:00] <Skully Of House Lannister> ofc 
[11:00] <Skully Of House Lannister> i dont know why we have to put human rights on referendum though (derp4) 
[11:00] <GuacamoleCCXR> oh man, i actually just had a meaningful conversation with slynk about production 
[11:00] <GuacamoleCCXR> #goals
[11:00] <Keplers> >free coverage
[11:00] <Keplers> >paid by feds
[11:00] <Keplers> >kek
[11:00] <Roddy15> obamacare was basically republican though :P 
[11:01] <Skully Of House Lannister> i said on a state level, kep 
[11:01] <Skully Of House Lannister> it was offered to the states, by the feds 
[11:01] <Dumbledore115> Obamacare is evil
[11:01] <Keplers> 
[11:01] <Keplers> state governments were offered a chance to expand their medicare 
[11:01] <Keplers> the feds would pay for it 
[11:01] <Roddy15> just not the new mad hatter republican idea
[11:01] <Skully Of House Lannister> yes
[11:01] <Skully Of House Lannister> and so for the states themselves
[11:01] <Skully Of House Lannister> it cost nothing 
[11:01] <KnightoftheLight> Evil? Doesn't it give free medical care to everyone? How is that evil?
[11:01] <Skully Of House Lannister> nah 
[11:01] <Keplers> yes but it still costs the feds which is a bit larger than the states
[11:01] <Skully Of House Lannister> obamacare was implemented poorly 
[11:01] <Roddy15> skully on referendums, ireland has them on anything as big as marriage equality
[11:01] <Keplers> "free" medical care
[11:01] <Keplers> my family's medical costs went up
[11:02] <Skully Of House Lannister> socialized healthcare should obviously be the goal of any sane nation 
[11:02] <Roddy15> we'll hopefully get one on abortion within five years
[11:02] <Roddy15> the party in government though keep pulling the "let's put a pin in it"
[11:02] <KnightoftheLight> Hopefully abortion is never free
[11:02] <Skully Of House Lannister> people shouldnt be dying because they cant afford treatment in a developed country lol 
[11:02] <Dumbledore115> Hopefully it isnt even legal soon
[11:02] <Dumbledore115> :P 
[11:02] <Skully Of House Lannister> ...its not going to become illegal lol 
[11:02] <KnightoftheLight> The life of the innocent child should come before the parent
[11:03] <BatGirl9431> Hi Ked
[11:03] <Dumbledore115> ^yes sam
[11:03] <Roddy15> technically the referendum wouldn't legalise abortion, it just repeals the constitutional ammendment that makes it illegal here
[11:03] <Ked830> hey batgirl
[11:03] <GuacamoleCCXR> ... what 
[11:03] <Roddy15> after that the dail will have to make up the laws
[11:03] <Skully Of House Lannister> seriously though the US healthcare system even with obamacare is so messed up 
[11:03] <Roddy15> as it stands though it will probably be a moderate pro-choice position
[11:03] <Bioniclefan1> "I probably wouldn't have posted it if I read the whole thing." - Trump staff member, Teresa Unrue after posting a racist essay about how favorite Political quote 
[11:04] <GuacamoleCCXR> are you saying that you would advocate forcing a woman into childbirth knowing that she will die just because you value the kids' life more?
[11:04] <Bioniclefan1> Mistake send
[11:04] <Roddy15> given the marriage equality one only passed by like 10%
[11:04] <Keplers> i thought the name was "untrue" bf1
[11:04] <GuacamoleCCXR> even if the kid will likely have disabilities and it could be avoided by aborting an insginificant number of cells
[11:04] <Dumbledore115> Racist is subjective
[11:04] <Keplers> almost fell out of my chair
[11:04] <Roddy15> so i expect 2 doctor approval and a decent amount of limits on abortion here
[11:04] <Skully Of House Lannister> ..."obamacare is evil" "communists rot in hell" "Racist is subjective" 
[11:04] <Skully Of House Lannister> i swear 
[11:04] <Nart L. Chipikal> children are hellish creatures
[11:04] <Skully Of House Lannister> dumble is fox news incarnate 
[11:04] <Skully Of House Lannister> :p 
[11:05] <BatGirl9431> wat?
[11:05] <Bioniclefan1> That's probably what autocorrect would have thought Keplers 
[11:05] <Legoanimals750> Nah, Fox news is a little better. :P 
[11:05] <Dumbledore115> No I'm not Skul
[11:05] <Legoanimals750> Well, depends. :P 
[11:05] <Bioniclefan1> Brb
[11:05] <Skully Of House Lannister> dumble
[11:05] <Skully Of House Lannister> you basically are 
[11:05] <Skully Of House Lannister> :p 
[11:05] <Keplers> Fox news attempts to compile facts to some degree; how they report on it is another thing
[11:05] <Keplers> Dumble...
[11:05] <Roddy15> obamacare is evil gets you to Fox News honestly :P 
[11:05] <Dumbledore115> No
[11:05] <Keplers> Just... :P 
[11:05] <Skully Of House Lannister> i think "communists rot in hell" got him there tbh :p 
[11:05] <KnightoftheLight> Dumble, are you a Trump supporter?
[11:05] <GuacamoleCCXR> we just need to resurrect lenin everyone 
[11:06] <Legoanimals750> *Makes 35 post gets 70 likes* Cool. :P 
[11:06] <Nart L. Chipikal> dumble do you identify as a news station o:
[11:06] <Dumbledore115> I'm not a trump supporter :P 
[11:06] <Keplers> >resurrect lenin
[11:06] <Keplers> >tried to conquer poland in 1919
[11:06] <Keplers> >how about no
[11:06] <KnightoftheLight> Good. :P 
[11:06] <Dumbledore115> But id rather him than killary
[11:06] <Roddy15> in before "I support Ted Cruz"
[11:06] <GuacamoleCCXR> meh poland 
[11:06] <Dumbledore115> Trump>killary
[11:06] <GuacamoleCCXR> mistakes have been made 
[11:06] <Keplers> what's best was poland beat him
[11:07] <Keplers> he was so butthurt he didn't try to conquer places after that
[11:07] <Roddy15> Trump puts a train into reverse, Hillary just leaves it in the same place.
[11:07] <Roddy15> That's the way I see the election
[11:07] <GuacamoleCCXR> considering the fact that at the time russia was a basically feudal country with little to no industrialistion to speak of, that isn't even surprising keps
[11:07] <Legoanimals750> Per Rid
[11:07] <Keplers> Well yeah
[11:07] <Legoanimals750> Rod*
[11:07] <GuacamoleCCXR> it's good that he didn't attempt land expansion afterwards because it would have only resulted in more embarrassment
[11:07] <Roddy15> I'd rather stay at the same distance to my destination than increase the distance to it :P 
[11:08] <Keplers> Eh, I see the election as Trump putting explosives in the front of the train and Hillary putting explosives in the middle
[11:08] <Keplers> Either way it's gonna blow the hell out of the train
[11:08] <Keplers> One way at least leaves <span style="font-style:italic;">half of it</span>
[11:08] <GuacamoleCCXR> i'm out of bread
[11:09] <GuacamoleCCXR> anyone wanna teleport bread to my location 
[11:09] <GuacamoleCCXR> pls
[11:09] <Keplers> get brot you ape
[11:09] <Keplers> Guac you don't want my cheap American bread
[11:09] <Keplers> alright bbs cutting grass
[11:09] <GuacamoleCCXR> that is probably true
[11:09] <Dumbledore115> Guac you can have my bread
[11:09] <GuacamoleCCXR> isn't american bread super sweet
[11:09] <Keplers> It can be
[11:09] <Majolo9050> we dont even have bread in the house
[11:09] <Keplers> We don't buy the white bread
[11:09] <Keplers> because it's basically sugar in wheat form
[11:09] <GuacamoleCCXR> like don't you lads stuff needless amounts of suger in burgers and all
[11:09] <Majolo9050> despite just having gone to the store
[11:09] <Dumbledore115> White bread is epic
[11:10] <Keplers> No it's not
[11:10] <GuacamoleCCXR> like why would you even want sweat bread for a burger 
[11:10] <Keplers> white bread is an extended death sentence m8
[11:10] <GuacamoleCCXR> i like non-sweet white bread for its texture
[11:10] <Keplers> anyway I really have to go so we can continue this in 30min
[11:10] <Roddy15> that is why free trade with America will take ages
[11:10] <GuacamoleCCXR> like, just wheat but with little sugar
[11:10] <Roddy15> EU food regulations
[11:10] <Dumbledore115> White bread is delicious
[11:10] <GuacamoleCCXR> wow did i just type "sweat bread"
[11:11] <GuacamoleCCXR> definitely don't want that for burger
[11:11] <GuacamoleCCXR> definitely not
[11:11] <Nart L. Chipikal> ew sweat bread
[11:11] <NXTein1996> I like both white and wheat bread
[11:11] <Dumbledore115> *gives guac my sweaty bread* ;) 
[11:11] <NXTein1996> sweat bread however...
[11:11] <Legoanimals750> Yuck sweat bread 
[11:11] <Nart L. Chipikal> sweet wheat bread
[11:11] <Nart L. Chipikal> sweat bread
[11:11] <Majolo9050> sweat bread wth
[11:11] <GuacamoleCCXR> lads it's okay
[11:12] <NXTein1996> Sweat Bread: Always kept naturally moist and fluffy (derp) 
[11:12] <Majolo9050> nxt nuuu (Derp2) 
[11:12] <Dumbledore115> Yummy
[11:12] <Nart L. Chipikal> the moist part i agree with but not so fluffy, i don't think it would be
[11:12] <NXTein1996> That's fair
[11:12] <Nart L. Chipikal> also how does sweat bread work
[11:12] <Majolo9050> i think it'd have lots of air holes tbh
[11:12] <GuacamoleCCXR> uhm
[11:12] <Nart L. Chipikal> does the sweat come from the bread itself
[11:12] <Majolo9050> it has sweat instead of water
[11:12] <Majolo9050> in it
[11:13] <GuacamoleCCXR> if bread can develop tumours then it can probably sweat too
[11:13] <Nart L. Chipikal> good point
[11:13] <Majolo9050> actually bread does sweat
[11:13] <Majolo9050> air moisture
[11:13] <GuacamoleCCXR> unless it's like cats, cats can develop tumours but don't sweat
[11:13] <Dumbledore115> Guac did you take me sweaty bread
[11:13] <GuacamoleCCXR> sweating cats would be weird
[11:14] <Majolo9050> ..why are we debating about something that doesn't even exist
[11:14] <GuacamoleCCXR> wow my toaster ejects a stream of hot exhaust gases into my foot
[11:14] <GuacamoleCCXR> why
[11:14] <Majolo9050> gg
[11:14] <Dumbledore115> Were not arguing about keplers dating life
[11:14] <Majolo9050> i gtg eat, if bg comes back tell her sorry that i had to go
[11:15] <Majolo9050> baii
[11:15] <Dumbledore115> Gud bai
[11:15] <KnightoftheLight> Keps has a dating life
[11:15] <KnightoftheLight> He's dating BNR.
[11:15] <Dumbledore115> It was a joke
[11:15] <Dumbledore115> XD yas
[11:16] <Alemas2005> ...what...
[11:16] <Alemas2005> Ok, chat went weird for a sec.
[11:19] <Alemas2005> Well, gotta go now.
[11:19] <Alemas2005> Bye.
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