[10:47] <Marcel77799> Been on another chat and studied for Biology
[10:47] <FortressOfNight> * FortressOfNight hopes BCGirl-senpai notices him.
[10:47] <Marcel77799> XD
[10:47] <A Walruse> so peoples
[10:47] <A Walruse> hey there
[10:47] <BusyCityGirl> :p 
[10:48] <Paulinekovaleva> I'm not a people :P 
[10:48] <FortressOfNight> You're a Russia, Paolin. A Russia.
[10:48] <Paulinekovaleva> Yep.
[10:49] <Marcel77799> Hi LED
[10:49] <Paulinekovaleva> Hai
[10:49] <CaptainBrickmaster> Well hello there
[10:50] <BusyCityGirl> Alemas o/ 
[10:51] <CaptainBrickmaster> Well, off to bed. 
[10:51] <Marcel77799> Hi Ale
[10:51] <Marcel77799> Cya CBM
[10:51] <CaptainBrickmaster> Tomorrow I need to do scholarship apps and homework.
[10:51] <CaptainBrickmaster> Fun stuff.
[10:51] <Paulinekovaleva> G'night
[10:51] <Paulinekovaleva> o/ 
[10:51] <CaptainBrickmaster> Later
[10:51] <BusyCityGirl> BM. Another one off to bed
[10:52] <FortressOfNight> ;-;
[10:52] <Marcel77799> XD
[10:52] <BusyCityGirl> Night cBm
[10:54] <Lunaicus> windex
[10:54] <Alemas2005> Can anyone confirm this?
[10:55] <A Walruse> pretty sure that's sarcastically quoting people that say that
[10:55] <A Walruse> Because those look pretty normal
[10:56] <Alemas2005> The title's "To the guy talking about Disney and unreal hair expectations".
[10:58] <Paulinekovaleva> brи
[10:58] <Paulinekovaleva> *brb
[10:58] <FortressOfNight> brи
[10:59] <Nehpets7000> False
[10:59] <Nehpets7000> It's rare but they can potentially work very well
[11:00] <A Walruse> yeah well especially the ones in the pic look totally normal
[11:08] <Vonness11`> Goku hairstyle wouldn'
[11:08] <Vonness11`> *wouldn't work irl tho
[11:08] <Nehpets7000> Uhh
[11:08] <Nehpets7000> I actually saw an amazing Goku cosplay
[11:08] <Nehpets7000> that did the Goku hair so dang well
[11:08] <Nehpets7000> It looked really legit
[11:08] <Nehpets7000> and it looked like it could work so well
[11:09] <Vonness11`> with!11740-ssj3_goku_super.jpg that hair?
[11:09] <Vonness11`> OK then, I stand corrected. :p 
[11:10] <Vonness11`> brb afk
[11:24] <Nehpets7000> OH FOUND IT
[11:24] <Nehpets7000> Okay, maybe it's not as great as I remember, but I know I've seen some good ones
[11:25] <Nehpets7000>
[11:29] <BusyCityGirl> Welp This girl needs to practice counting sheep and reciting the last letter of the English alphabet. 
[11:29] <BusyCityGirl> So long \o 
[11:29] <Paulinekovaleva> o/ 
[11:29] <FortressOfNight> \o 
[11:42] <Vonness11`> back
[11:43] <Vonness11`> meh afk
[11:45] <FortressOfNight> crap. it's happening again.
[11:45] <Paulinekovaleva> what?
[11:46] <FortressOfNight> i've opened like eight articles.
[11:48] <FortressOfNight> Aryelf o/ 
[11:48] <Arya Elf> New new or new old?
[11:49] <Arya Elf> Oh, new old.
[11:49] <Arya Elf> Hello, BM.
[11:49] <FortressOfNight> Wat.
[11:49] <Arya Elf> ... *Sighs*
[11:50] <FortressOfNight> :c
[11:51] <Goggles99> Greetings!
[11:52] <FortressOfNight> o/ 
[11:53] <Paulinekovaleva> o/ 
[11:54] <Goggles99> Hello Fortine o/ 
[11:54] <Goggles99> (that way I dont have to say hi to you both)
[11:54] <FortressOfNight> xD
[11:54] <Paulinekovaleva> lol
[11:54] <FortressOfNight> Best ship name (derp) 
[11:55] <A Walruse>
[11:55] <A Walruse> it's just so
[11:55] <A Walruse> so
[11:55] <A Walruse> so
[11:55] <A Walruse> beautiful
[11:56] <FortressOfNight> what is it
[11:58] <A Walruse> A TR-909
[12:01] <Nehpets7000> i gotta say, this is a surprisingly large amount of people on for 7AM
[12:01] <A Walruse> *13:01
[12:01] <A Walruse> :P 
[12:02] <Nehpets7000> No.
[12:02] <A Walruse> In fact, not even half of the people on chat are in that time zone.
[12:02] <A Walruse> The 7am one.
[12:02] <FortressOfNight> 23:02*
[12:02] <A Walruse> Ok, It's only me and Shak in the 1pm time zone as well
[12:02] <FortressOfNight> *only one in that timezone*
[12:02] <FortressOfNight> i feel special
[12:02] <Paulinekovaleva> xD
[12:02] <A Walruse> What about Gogs
[12:02] <A Walruse> Yeah, and Pauline is like, one or two hours in front of me as well
[12:03] <Paulinekovaleva> Yep
[12:03] <A Walruse> Oh, and Alemas is in the same time zone as me. So it's just 4 people that are up early.
[12:03] <FortressOfNight> goggs is a scrub and his state doesn't do daylight savigns
[12:03] <FortressOfNight> so he's an hour behind
[12:03] <A Walruse> ohhh
[12:03] <A Walruse> Scrub.
[12:03] <FortressOfNight> yeh
[12:04] <A Walruse> And Chip is probably sleeping anyway
[12:04] <A Walruse> Or not
[12:04] <A Walruse> I dunno
[12:04] <A Walruse> Chip is 
[12:04] <A Walruse> Unfathomable
[12:04] <FortressOfNight> yeh
[12:30] <A Walruse> "Corporal Bob"
[12:31] <A Walruse> Now I feel bad for killing th edude
[12:32] <FortressOfNight> murder is good tho
[12:33] <A Walruse> tru
[12:38] <Vonness11`> GTG
[12:38] <Vonness11`> o/ 
[12:43] <A Walruse> I killed another corporal bob :c
[12:44] <Paulinekovaleva> what?
[12:04] <A Walruse> Unfathomable
[12:04] <FortressOfNight> yeh
[12:30] <A Walruse> "Corporal Bob"
[12:31] <A Walruse> Now I feel bad for killing th edude
[12:32] <FortressOfNight> murder is good tho
[12:33] <A Walruse> tru
[12:38] <Vonness11`> GTG
[12:38] <Vonness11`> o/ 
[12:43] <A Walruse> I killed another corporal bob :c
[12:44] <Paulinekovaleva> what?
[01:10] <Paulinekovaleva> o/ 
[01:10] <Drew1200> o/ 
[01:14] <Goggles99> o/ 
[01:19] <Drew1200> Codyn329, I hope you make use of chat pings. 
[01:20] <Goggles99> I haven't known him to
[01:23] <Vonness11`> Oh, winter skin is back?
[01:24] <Paulinekovaleva> Yep
[01:25] <Goggles99> Hooray for cleaning up LFY's vandilism (y) 
[01:25] <Marcel77799> GG
[01:26] <Marcel77799> Permablock and IP block plz :P 
[01:26] <Vonness11`> he /is/ IP permablocked
[01:27] <Marcel77799> Well, he knows how to pass it, I guess
[01:27] <Vonness11`> He was hacking and sending messages here from another chat
[01:27] <Vonness11`> At least that's what I understand.
[01:28] <Marcel77799> Well, hacking is a crime...
[01:29] <Worldracer99> what happened
[01:29] <Vonness11`> LFY's been hacking chat or something
[01:29] <Worldracer99> LFY is...?
[01:29] <Worldracer99> I forget his actual username
[01:29] <Vonness11`> so Mad had to mess with chat.js to stop him
[01:30] <Vonness11`> WhiteShadowa
[01:30] <Vonness11`> *shadowa
[01:30] <Vonness11`> -.-
[01:30] <Vonness11`> *shadows
[01:30] <Paulinekovaleva> xD
[01:30] <Worldracer99> right
[01:30] <Worldracer99> (derp) 
[01:30] <Worldracer99> can't we just ban him?
[01:30] <Goggles99> White Shadowa sounds like a cheesy new Bionicle name
[01:30] <Worldracer99> and how was he hacking it?
[01:31] <Worldracer99> I mean, what was he doing?
[01:32] <Alemas2005> Drew1200. (UD) 
[01:32] <Alemas2005> PM. (UD) 
[01:33] <Worldracer99> Vonness11`. (ud) 
[01:33] <Worldracer99> PM. (ud) 
[01:33] <Vonness11`> We /permablocked/ him
[01:35] <Vonness11`> And he was sending messages with dupes while not on chat/making it look like Madkat was spamming swears;
[01:35] <Vonness11`> *.
[01:35] <Worldracer99> ah
[01:39] <Alemas2005> Thank goodness I'm not on "night chat", then.
[01:39] <Alemas2005> He'd have surely done the trick on me. :P 
[01:39] <Vonness11`> such a tiny face
[01:39] <Worldracer99> what a tiny face
[01:40] <Vonness11`> and it's apparently COOL :D 
[01:41] <Vonness11`>
[01:41] <Worldracer99> von pm for proof of the all-star cast that dangan ronpa has
[01:41] <Drew1200> All the hacking issues should be over.
[01:42] <Vonness11`> good
[01:43] <Drew1200> We had some old code left on the wiki from an experiment done several months ago. To my knowledge, he was simply exploiting that code, but it's been removed.
[01:44] <Goggles99> How was he ever a CM
[01:44] <Vonness11`> He used to be better than that.
[01:45] <Drew1200> RfCM
[01:45] <Drew1200> If you can behave well for a month, and throw in a good campaign, most anyone can get CM. :P 
[01:45] <Goggles99> RfCM...... :P 
[01:45] <Drew1200> There are benefits to the system, but one of its weaknesses is certainly a tendency to choose very poor moderators. 
[01:46] <Goggles99> Please, anyone who voted for him as CM, think carefully about any future votes.
[01:46] <Drew1200> Although to be fair, he did do a very good job at acting mature. I don't know that I voted for him, but I did believe that he was fairly responsible. 
[01:47] <Vonness11`> Gogs, I was the last person to vote for him, and thought very carefully about it. :p 
[01:48] <Goggles99> Drew when you say mature, do you mean proactively good? Or just not acting badly?
[01:48] <Worldracer99> von pm
[01:48] <Goggles99> @Von, no comment :P 
[01:48] <Goggles99> I don't blame you Von.
[01:48] <Goggles99> It's no ones fault
[01:48] <Goggles99> Well, except his own of course
[01:49] <Drew1200> Real maturity is proactively good, but if you can just get away with not acting badly, you can normally pass for mature. :P 
[01:49] <Drew1200> I can't recall whether LFY was proactive or not.
[01:50] <Goggles99> Hmm, yes, but I was asking your personal opinion of him at the ti- ah okay.
[01:54] <Worldracer99> von pm cause i g2g soon
[01:54] <Worldracer99> windex
[02:00] <Vonness11`> gtg
[02:26] <RusMan> Stayed up on the Internets till 3am :P 
[02:26] <Benboy755> and you're awake already? :P 
[02:27] <RusMan> Lol yeah
[02:27] <Benboy755> \o 
[02:27] <RusMan> It's always bright outside and I have no blinds so I always wake up :P 
[02:28] <RusMan> Hey Marcel
[02:28] <Benboy755> ah
[02:28] <Benboy755> i have that problem :P 
[02:29] <RusMan> So annoying :P 
[02:30] <Benboy755> yeah :P 
[02:30] <Benboy755> but when it's cloudy i sleep in :P 
[02:31] <RusMan> I'm trying to get back into creepy pastas :P 
[02:31] <Benboy755> cool :P 
[02:31] <RusMan> And so I was up for a while doing that. :P 
[02:32] <Benboy755> I see :P 
[02:34] <RusMan> Are you unbanned from the mbs?
[02:35] <Benboy755> yes
[02:35] <Benboy755> I managed to get them to unban me
[02:35] <Benboy755> :P 
[02:37] <RusMan> nice >:D:D"> 
[02:37] <RusMan> The dude retired ; (
[02:38] <Benboy755> ya
[02:38] <Benboy755> he hadn't been active for eons though
[02:38] <RusMan> (Yes I haven't been on the MBA for months :D )
[02:38] <Benboy755> so no surprise
[02:38] <RusMan> *mbs * :D 
[02:38] <RusMan> Ugh huh
[02:38] <Benboy755> :P 
[02:38] <RusMan> Autocorrect :D 
[02:38] <RusMan> -_-
[02:39] <RusMan> I keep trying to do a :P face
[02:39] <RusMan> :P 
[02:40] <Benboy755> IRL? :P 
[02:41] <RusMan> In chat :P 
[02:42] <RusMan> Lol I never posted a retirement speech :P 
[02:42] <Benboy755> oh xD
[02:43] <Benboy755> if you retire may I have your account I collect them :P 
[02:44] <RusMan> Lol
[02:44] <Benboy755> I have a bunch already =) 
[02:44] <RusMan> I barely have anything posted from my account, you wouldn'twant it :P 
[02:45] <RusMan> Only 3.5k :P 
[02:45] <Benboy755> IDC :P 
[02:46] <Benboy755> I didn't say I'd use it :P 
[02:46] <Benboy755> Better than rotting with nobody using it, at least I could use it if I wanted to :P 
[02:46] <RusMan> Whose accounts do you have?
[02:46] <Benboy755> PM :P 
[02:49] <RusMan> K :P 
[02:55] <Worldracer99> hey hey hey what's going on here
[02:56] <Benboy755> hey hey hey
[02:44] <RusMan> I barely have anything posted from my account, you wouldn'twant it :P 
[02:45] <RusMan> Only 3.5k :P 
[02:45] <Benboy755> IDC :P 
[02:46] <Benboy755> I didn't say I'd use it :P 
[02:46] <Benboy755> Better than rotting with nobody using it, at least I could use it if I wanted to :P 
[02:46] <RusMan> Whose accounts do you have?
[02:46] <Benboy755> PM :P 
[02:49] <RusMan> K :P 
[02:55] <Worldracer99> hey hey hey what's going on here
[02:56] <Benboy755> hey hey hey
[03:13] <ShakiraWow> Hey, hey, hey
[03:13] <ShakiraWow> Just think while you've been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world,
[03:13] <ShakiraWow> You could've been getting down to this, sick, beat. =) 
[03:13] <ShakiraWow> 
[03:13] <ShakiraWow> i had to get that out
[03:13] <Benboy755> (jc) 
[03:13] <ShakiraWow> (sarcastic) 
[03:15] <Bioniclefan1> o/ 
[03:16] <Benboy755> \o 
[03:21] <Man.city1> .
[03:22] <Benboy755> hi
[03:24] <Man.city1> hi
[03:25] <Benboy755> \o 
[03:25] <Worldracer99> >tfw there's no instrumental of a song you want to play
[03:25] <Worldracer99> this is the true struggle of a sound guy
[03:27] <Worldracer99> :c
[03:34] <Benboy755> AFK for a while
[03:46] <Alemas2005> *Yawns*
[03:46] <Man.city1> m
[03:47] <Man.city1> YEA
[03:49] <Man.city1> lol
[03:55] <BrickfilmNut> test
[03:57] <Benboy755> back
[03:57] <Bgirlabby> o/ 
[03:58] <Benboy755> eating a hard candy while wearing headphones is weird (derp) 
[03:59] <Bgirlabby> xD
[04:03] <Man.city1> 7
[04:03] <Man.city1> !
[04:04] <Benboy755> eh? :P 
[04:05] <Bgirlabby> Blegh dead chat :p 
[04:06] <Benboy755> ya :P 
[04:06] <Man.city1> I won an pnline FIFA match 7-1 :P 
[04:06] <Man.city1> *online
[04:08] <Benboy755> cool
[04:10] <Man.city1> Alemas never scored 7 I bet.... :P 
[04:11] <Benboy755> xD
[04:17] <Alemas2005> I'm sure I did score more than 7, once...
[04:18] <Alemas2005> Even more than once.
[04:18] <Worldracer99> pinging abby
[04:18] <Bgirlabby> o/ 
[04:18] <Alemas2005> No need.
[04:18] <Bgirlabby> I'm here (hp2) 
[04:18] <Alemas2005> (derp) 
[04:18] <Man.city1> Alemas
[04:18] <Worldracer99> Abby have you started Dangan Ronpa yet
[04:18] <Man.city1> did you see Inter vs Milan and City vs Bayern?
[04:18] <Bgirlabby> ....
[04:18] <Bgirlabby> no
[04:19] <Bgirlabby> If you give me a link I will fricking watch it right now
[04:19] <Bgirlabby> I swear
[04:19] <Bgirlabby> I just need motivation
[04:19] <Bgirlabby> :p 
[04:20] <Alemas2005> MC, I'll only tell you this... I wasn't disappointed when City won.
[04:20] <Alemas2005> Now, leave me alone. (UD) 
[04:20] <Worldracer99> Naegi is voiced by Yugi
[04:20] <Worldracer99> from Yu-Gi-Oh
[04:20] <Bgirlabby> Well that changes EVERYTHING
[04:20] <Bgirlabby> (yk) 
[04:20] <Worldracer99> and also Shinji from Evangelion
[04:20] <Bgirlabby> Get me some VAs I care about :p 
[04:20] <Worldracer99> and Tia from Bleach
[04:20] <Alemas2005> Ugh.
[04:20] <Alemas2005> Anime talk.
[04:20] <Worldracer99> Ugh.
[04:20] <Worldracer99> Fifa talk.
[04:20] <Alemas2005> Names I don't recognise.
[04:20] <Worldracer99> Players I don't recognise.
[04:21] <Alemas2005> Series I don't recognise.
[04:21] <Worldracer99> Teams I don't recognise.
[04:21] <Alemas2005> Though I do admit, I have heard of Yu-Gi-Oh. :P 
[04:21] <Bgirlabby> Who hasnt? :p 
[04:21] <Alemas2005> But everything else you guys mention...
[04:21] <Worldracer99> Though I do admit, I have heard of Manchester United. :P 
[04:21] <Man.city1> Alemas the best wing combination is Doumbia and Gervinhio :p 
[04:21] <Worldracer99> But everything else you guys mention...
[04:21] <Alemas2005> It's just a complete mess. :P 
[04:21] <Worldracer99> It's just a complete mess. :P 
[04:22] <Benboy755> xDDDDDDDDDD
[04:22] <Alemas2005> I'm not kidding, I can't make sense of anime. :P 
[04:22] <Alemas2005> Ben, shut up. :P 
[04:22] <Bgirlabby> WE CANT MAKE SENSE OF FIA
[04:22] <Man.city1> Alemas answer me :p 
[04:22] <Benboy755> I can't make sense of it either, so xD
[04:22] <Bgirlabby> *FIFA
[04:22] <Worldracer99> I'm not kidding, I can't make sense of football. :P 
[04:22] <Bgirlabby> :p 
[04:22] <Benboy755> I can't make sense of Fifa either xD
[04:23] <Alemas2005>
[04:23] <Alemas2005> That.
[04:23] <Alemas2005> I don't get the joke.
[04:23] <Alemas2005> I CAN'T get the joke.
[04:23] <Alemas2005> Whatever is this "Attack on Titan"?!
[04:23] <Alemas2005> Why the hype?
[04:24] <Bgirlabby> Omg xD
[04:24] <Worldracer99>
[04:24] <Worldracer99> That.
[04:24] <Worldracer99> I don't get the joke.
[04:24] <Worldracer99> I CAN'T get the joke.
[04:24] <Worldracer99> Whatever is this "Fifa 14"?!
[04:24] <Worldracer99> Why the hype?
[04:24] <Bgirlabby> I'll leave you two to this :p 
[04:24] <Bgirlabby> Although, WR seems to be winning
[04:24] <Bgirlabby>
[04:24] <Alemas2005> Abby, no-one is winning. :P 
[04:24] <Alemas2005> It's not a fight. :P 
[04:24] <Bgirlabby> (yk) 
[04:25] <Man.city1> Alemas answer me man :p 
[04:25] <Alemas2005> It's like a musical duet. :P 
[04:25] <Benboy755> xD
[04:25] <Man.city1> Do you think Doumbia and Gervinhio on the wings is the best combo :P 
[04:25] <Bgirlabby> WR, have you ever seen Deadman Wonderland?
[04:25] <Worldracer99> I've heard good things abuot it.
[04:25] <Bgirlabby> If you like Dangan ronpa you'd like it
[04:25] <Worldracer99> dangan ronpa's much less gory and much more bright and colorful
[04:25] <Bgirlabby> It's like Hunger Games and anime and everything mashed into one
[04:25] <Bgirlabby> :p 
[04:26] <Alemas2005> I don't get Hunger Games either. (derp3) 
[04:26] <Bgirlabby> Plus a hot crazy albino lady
[04:26] <Bgirlabby> :p 
[04:26] <Alemas2005> So Hunger Games + anime = Complete mess squared. :P 
[04:26] <Bgirlabby> isn't she cute (ie)
[04:26] <Bgirlabby> * (sie) 
[04:26] <Worldracer99> I don't get soccer either. (derp3) 
[04:27] <Worldracer99> So Soccer + video game = Complete mess squared. :P 
[04:27] <Benboy755> soccer is good to have on in the background when you're doing something else :P 
[04:27] <Bgirlabby> she's a bit scary, but all in all epic
[04:27] <Alemas2005> You are implying you don't get video games, WR... :P 
[04:27] <Benboy755> ^
[04:28] <Worldracer99> I don't get sports video games.
[04:28] <Worldracer99> To me, sports video games are just confusing, boring, and just about as much fun as watching actual sports.
[04:28] <Worldracer99> Which is to say, not at all.
[04:28] <Bgirlabby> Yup :p 
[04:29] <Bgirlabby> WR this is terrifying
[04:29] <Alemas2005> Lemme play FIFA:.. :P 
[04:29] <Worldracer99> what part are you at
[04:29] <Man.city1> Alemas can you hit 7?
[04:30] <Bgirlabby> there's a weird space ship
[04:30] <Bgirlabby> and the bear
[04:30] <Worldracer99> Oh
[04:30] <Worldracer99> The Moon Trip
[04:30] <Worldracer99> You don't learn who that guy is until the series is almost over
[04:30] <Bgirlabby> Oh great (yk) 
[04:31] <Bgirlabby> Anyway, I GTG now but I promise I will finish at least the first ep today :p 
[04:31] <Bgirlabby> It looks interesting
[04:31] <Worldracer99> Don't worry, the art is only like that during the execution scenes
[04:31] <Bgirlabby> Kk
[04:31] <Worldracer99> pm real quick before you go
[04:32] <Bgirlabby> Bye xD
[04:32] <Bgirlabby> o/ 
[04:44] <Benboy755> How's Oblivion, JL :P 
[04:47] <Ireithien> Good.
[04:47] <Ireithien> I've played like two chars so far
[04:47] <Ireithien> First was a female Imperial paladin/crusader who did Knights of the Nine and part of the Fighters and Mages Guild
[04:48] <Ireithien> Retired her at level 14 because she was slow
[04:48] <Ireithien> :P 
[04:48] <Alemas2005> Ah, Irate, hi. :P 
[04:48] <Benboy755> wth :P why do you ditch characters :P 
[04:48] <Ireithien> Currently playing a character I thought would be fun but turned out lame and boring. Female Breton, level 8. Finished the Thieves Guild and started the DB
[04:48] <Ireithien> You have to try all theplaystyles. :P 
[04:48] <Benboy755> i take my characters all the way
[04:48] <Ireithien> *the playstyles
[04:48] <Benboy755> no you don't xD
[04:49] <Ireithien> Well I want to
[04:49] <Benboy755> I want to but I never do
[04:49] <Benboy755> I prefer to just go in with a big weapon and whack everyone :P 
[04:49] <Ireithien> I mean if you play a heavy armor juggernaut the Thieves Guild would be impossible
[04:49] <Ireithien> :P 
[04:49] <Ireithien> And the TG is awesome.
[04:49] <Benboy755> not really :P 
[04:49] <Ireithien> Yeah really
[04:49] <Benboy755> I beat thieves guild easy with my juggernaut
[04:50] <Benboy755> just get invisibility
[04:50] <Ireithien> Unless you have high alteration, you couldn't pick any locks 
[04:50] <Ireithien> But that's a high-Illusion spell
[04:50] <Ireithien> Most warriors don't use illusion. :P 
[04:51] <Benboy755> I play weird :P 
[04:51] <Ireithien> Not weird, just unique :D :P 
[04:51] <Benboy755> I just take up my magic skills by casting spells over and over for hours :P 
[04:51] <Ireithien> I hate grinding. :P 
[04:51] <Benboy755> then get high level healing and invisibility :P 
[04:51] <Benboy755> it's the only way :P 
[04:51] <Benboy755> I summon scamps and beat on them to get blunt and marksman up
[04:51] <Ireithien> I only grinded Illusion in Skyrim by casting Muffle over and over
[04:51] <Ireithien> :P 
[04:52] <Benboy755> loool :P 
[04:52] <Benboy755> Morrowind was decent because you could get unlimited training
[04:52] <Benboy755> just get daedric weapons, sell them to creeper, make big bucks, buy training :P 
[04:52] <Ireithien> I want to play Morrowind but my dad lost his PC disc
[04:53] <Benboy755> that sucks
[04:53] <Ireithien> and my Xbox doesn't have an official Microsoft HDD in it so it can't play the original Xbox Morrowind :P 
[04:53] <Benboy755> my windows 8 won't run Morrowind right :P 
[04:53] <Benboy755> and my XP is crap so I can no longer play on it :P 
[04:53] <Ireithien> :P 
[04:53] <Ireithien> I personally vastly prefer Skyrim to Oblivion
[04:54] <Ireithien> Oblivion's fun, but Skyrim is quite a bit better IMO.
[04:54] <Benboy755> yeah Skyrim is great :P 
[04:54] <Ireithien> Also, I need an opinion: For Christmas should I ask for LEGO The Hobbit, LEGO SW Complete Saga or neither? :P 
[04:54] <Benboy755> Sometimes I get random urges to play Morrowind :P 
[04:54] <Benboy755> Complete saga
[04:54] <Benboy755> Never played Hobbit but complete saga was awesome :P 
[04:55] <Ireithien> Yeah Complete Saga is a lot of content
[04:55] <Ireithien> Cheaper too
[04:55] <Benboy755> I got it ages ago :P 
[04:55] <Benboy755> took me a while to beat it
[04:56] <Benboy755> the perk for 100% is cool though
[04:56] <Ireithien> Currently my Christmas list is sort of threadbare. :P LEGO Hobbit/CS, Interstellar/other movies poster(s), Skyrim mug ( :P ), candy. Baseball cards
[04:56] <Ireithien> :P 
[04:56] <Ireithien> Oh yeah?
[04:56] <Benboy755> I'm getting a new camera :P 
[04:59] <Marcel77799> Tabelt and some money
[04:59] <Marcel77799> *Tablet
[05:00] <Marcel77799> Thats kinda it
[05:03] <Marcel77799> O/ 
[05:04] <BrickfilmNut> o/ 
[05:07] <BrickfilmNut> Trying to write something intentionally bad is hard...
[05:25] <Codyn329> accidentally left this tab open whole night 
[05:25] <Codyn329> ugh :P 
[05:25] <Codyn329> oh well, hi people
[05:26] <BrickfilmNut> Hi Cody o/ 
[05:26] <Ireithien> Hi Cody o/ 
[05:26] <Codyn329> Hey BFN and Ire o/ 
[05:26] <Codyn329> Hey Net o/ 
[05:27] <NetbagReborn> I thought so, I was pinging you like crazy last night to try to wake you up (derp3) 
[05:28] <Codyn329> Wait really :P 
[05:28] <NetbagReborn> Ya :P 
[05:28] <Codyn329> Oh :P 
[05:29] <Codyn329> I told you I was going to sleep yesterday though :P 
[05:29] <NetbagReborn> Ya, but after you got off you got back on :P 
[05:29] <Codyn329> oh
[05:29] <NetbagReborn> So I wasn't sure what the heck you were doin :P 
[05:29] <Codyn329> I accidentally had this open in 2 computers
[05:30] <Codyn329> because I forgot to delete one of them while I switched back comps
[05:30] <NetbagReborn> Ah.
[05:31] <NetbagReborn> yey I have enough rubies to start another alliance (derp) 
[05:31] <Codyn329> don't :P 
[05:32] <NetbagReborn> I know, I am just happy that I have 300 rubies. :P 
[05:32] <NetbagReborn> Two more levels and then I can donate (derp) 
[05:37] <Codyn329> Hey Marc
[05:44] <A Walruse> yoo
[05:44] <Codyn329> Hey wally
[05:45] <NetbagReborn> Bloons isn't working (SAD) 
[05:45] <Codyn329> Aw
[05:45] <Codyn329> Hey Luna o/ 
[05:46] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> hi luna
[05:47] <NetbagReborn> Hey King
[05:47] <NetbagReborn> Are you kat
[05:47] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> yeah
[05:47] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> man is messed up
[05:47] <NetbagReborn> K
[05:47] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> * main
[05:51] <Madkatmaximus> nope still messed up
[05:52] <NetbagReborn> What's wrong with it
[05:53] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> I can't PM anyone without it kicking them
[05:55] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> test
[05:56] <Marcel77799> Hi Kat
[05:56] <Marcel77799> Lol
[05:57] <A Walruse> So yeah
[05:57] <A Walruse> Today we made the best hot chocolate ever
[05:57] <Marcel77799> Lucky
[05:58] <A Walruse> First you need a 60% cocoa/40% milk basis.
[05:58] <A Walruse> Then you put chips in it.
[05:58] <A Walruse> Then a buckton of marshmellows.
[05:58] <A Walruse> Then a few spoons
[05:58] <A Walruse> A branch of a fir
[05:58] <A Walruse> A mug for good measure
[05:59] <A Walruse> And some lemon juice and it's perfect
[05:59] <A Walruse> Actually we dropped the whole lemon in it
[05:59] <A Walruse> Yes this actually happened and yes, I am proud of it.
[06:00] <Codyn329> lemon juice?
[06:01] <Codyn329> whole lemon
[06:01] <Codyn329> hmm, wow. :P 
[06:03] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> hi cay
[06:03] <Caysie98> hey
[06:03] <A Walruse> Cay 
[06:03] <Caysie98> afk doing German homework
[06:04] <A Walruse> [[]]:D
[06:04] <Caysie98> hey! :P 
[06:04] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> abbyyyy
[06:04] <A Walruse> how ya doin
[06:04] <Caysie98> I'm trying to figure out if I have to write an essay or not. I feel like I should know this
[06:04] <Marcel77799> Oh
[06:04] <Caysie98> :P 
[06:04] <Marcel77799> Hi Cay
[06:04] <A Walruse> I never know these things
[06:04] <Caysie98> Marcel! Hi
[06:04] <Marcel77799> Hi Abby
[06:04] <Caysie98> :P 
[06:04] <Bgirlabby> o/ 
[06:04] <A Walruse> And even if I know about them I don't do it anyway :P 
[06:04] <Caysie98> Oh I didn't even see Abby :P 
[06:04] <Caysie98> \o 
[06:05] <Marcel77799> XD
[06:05] <Bgirlabby> Hey :p 
[06:05] <Marcel77799> I have write an essay as well @Cay
[06:05] <Bgirlabby> Okay that was stupid (yk) 
[06:05] <Marcel77799> Its stupid though
[06:06] <Bgirlabby> I was waiting for the computer to open a program and then realized the disc was still sitting next to me
[06:06] <Bgirlabby> Memory (yuno) work
[06:06] <Marcel77799> Lol :P 
[06:06] <Caysie98> I'm not sure if I'm supposed to or not. The substitute said we were supposed to but I don't see that on the handout
[06:06] <A Walruse> Ask classmates.
[06:06] <Marcel77799> But yeah, well a didd stuff like that once #Abby
[06:06] <Caysie98> I'm supposed to draw a comic strip, I know that for sure.
[06:07] <Marcel77799> *@
[06:07] <Caysie98> Maybe it's on the website
[06:07] <Marcel77799> XD
[06:07] <A Walruse> Or just don't do it [[]]:D Like me [[]]:D
[06:07] <A Walruse> :P 
[06:07] <Bgirlabby> xD
[06:07] <Marcel77799> Yeah
[06:08] <Marcel77799> Im one of the few people who actually still do their homework xD
[06:08] <Caysie98> Hey I do my homework I just don't know what it is
[06:08] <Caysie98> :P 
[06:08] <Marcel77799> XD
[06:09] <A Walruse> People like you are the reason mankind ain't going down the drain yet. :P 
[06:09] <Marcel77799> IK
[06:09] <Marcel77799> But at some point itll happen anyway xD
[06:10] <Caysie98> Ok what does Schriftliche Arbeit mean is that essay
[06:10] <Marcel77799> Yeah
[06:10] <Caysie98> Oh
[06:10] <A Walruse> Yeah
[06:10] <Caysie98> Dang it
[06:10] <A Walruse> It's a written ...
[06:10] <Bgirlabby> :p 
[06:10] <A Walruse> thing?
[06:10] <A Walruse> Work
[06:10] <A Walruse> Written work.
[06:10] <Marcel77799> Essays suck
[06:11] <A Walruse> I'm pretty good at making essay as stupidly long as possible.
[06:11] <Marcel77799> Oh yeah
[06:11] <Caysie98> Hm
[06:11] <Marcel77799> 5 pages minimum
[06:11] <Marcel77799> I always repeat myself and and change some details
[06:11] <Caysie98> I try to get more than one page usually
[06:12] <Caysie98> :P 
[06:12] <Caysie98> I'm really bad at essays
[06:12] <A Walruse> I'm only bad when it comes to content. :P 
[06:12] <Caysie98> So I guess the essay is about the story in the comic strip I'm writing...
[06:12] <Marcel77799> Well, always have to analyse literature
[06:12] <A Walruse> For years the content part has kept me from getting a straight A in English exams. :P 
[06:13] <Marcel77799> Language 60% and content 40% here
[06:13] <Marcel77799> O/ 
[06:13] <Drew1200> o-
[06:13] <Codyn329> Hey Drew o/ 
[06:13] <Drew1200> * o/ 
[06:13] <Drew1200> Hey Cody
[06:13] <A Walruse> Style 33, vocabulary 33, content 33
[06:14] <Marcel77799> But yeah,language is usually better than content as well
[06:14] <Marcel77799> Hmm k
[06:14] <Marcel77799> Language is style+vocabs
[06:14] <Caysie98> Hi Drew
[06:14] <A Walruse> oh man
[06:15] <A Walruse> i really
[06:15] <A Walruse> need to go to Qlimax at some point
[06:15] <A Walruse> 
[06:15] <Marcel77799> Then do it :P 
[06:15] <Caysie98> Ok so I'm guessing geschriebene Geschichte means... the written... comic? idk
[06:15] <Marcel77799> Written story
[06:15] <Caysie98> Oh
[06:16] <Caysie98> Oh so I do need to write stuff
[06:16] <A Walruse> Yeah
[06:16] <Marcel77799> I guess so
[06:16] <Caysie98> Darn
[06:16] <Caysie98> :P 
[06:16] <Marcel77799> Poor you
[06:17] <Worldracer99> well i just had an enormous I KNOW THAT VOICE moment
[06:17] <Marcel77799> O/ o/ 
[06:17] <Bgirlabby> WR
[06:17] <Worldracer99> Abby
[06:17] <Bgirlabby> help
[06:17] <Worldracer99> in the English version of Dangan Ronpa, Naegi is Henry from Fire Emblem
[06:17] <Caysie98> My story is about this kid who's pretending to be sick so he can stay home from school
[06:18] <Caysie98> Well that's like the assignment 
[06:18] <Marcel77799> Hmm
[06:18] <Caysie98> So I guess everyone's is gonna be pretty similar 
[06:18] <Marcel77799> We all acted like that kid once xD
[06:18] <Caysie98> :P 
[06:18] <Marcel77799> Didnt we?
[06:18] <Caysie98> Yeah :P 
[06:19] <Marcel77799> But since Im an adult now things are much easier
[06:19] <Marcel77799> If I dont go...
[06:19] <Marcel77799> Well
[06:19] <Caysie98> haha
[06:19] <Caysie98> ha
[06:19] <Caysie98> hahaha
[06:20] <Caysie98> "adult"
[06:20] <Marcel77799> Hmm?
[06:20] <A Walruse> 18
[06:20] <A Walruse> 18 is adult
[06:20] <Drew1200> Wait, things are easier now? :P 
[06:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> who's HOKH,
[06:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> ?
[06:20] <Marcel77799> I dont act or look like one but yeah
[06:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> :p 
[06:20] <Marcel77799> Im 18
[06:20] <Caysie98> Yeah but "adult" sounds so mature :P 
[06:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> srsly
[06:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> man
[06:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> :p 
[06:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> jesus :P 
[06:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> time flies :{P 
[06:22] <Marcel77799> If you are missing in class you usually need to show the teacher a signed letter from your parents with an excuse for not being there
[06:22] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> rio bae
[06:22] <Marcel77799> I can write that myself now so...
[06:22] <Caysie98> Rio \o 
[06:22] <Bgirlabby> ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME MAD
[06:22] <Caysie98> Oh I see Marcel
[06:22] <A Walruse> Hey Rio
[06:22] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> no abby
[06:22] <Riolu777> o/ 
[06:22] <Marcel77799> Hi Rio
[06:22] <Bgirlabby> You better not be (ev) 
[06:22] <A Walruse> You sexy macaroon cocktail pumpkin
[06:22] <Riolu777> His Omnipotence is Mad? :P 
[06:22] <A Walruse> ye
[06:22] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> I just call people bae for literally no reason
[06:22] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> Yeah
[06:22] <Worldracer99> dangit mad
[06:22] <Caysie98> Oh hi Mad
[06:23] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> main is messed up
[06:23] <Worldracer99> DANGIT MAD.
[06:23] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> thanks to LFY
[06:23] <Alemas2005> Eh what.
[06:23] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> ale check the admin site
[06:23] <Riolu777> Dumb LFY. :P 
[06:23] <Alemas2005> Mad, why are you using a dupe account? (UD) 
[06:23] <Marcel77799> Better have a look at what he is doing @Abby
[06:23] <Alemas2005> Ok.
[06:23] <Riolu777> Alemas, how am I more in touch than you. :P 
[06:23] <Alemas2005> What, Rio?`
[06:23] <Riolu777> That I know the background as to why Mad is using a different account. :P 
[06:24] <A Walruse> ugh 
[06:24] <Alemas2005> Ah. :P 
[06:24] <Caysie98> what's a normal temperature for a human in celsius?
[06:24] <A Walruse> im hungry 
[06:24] <Marcel77799> Well
[06:24] <Worldracer99> @Cay: 37 degrees
[06:24] <A Walruse> 36.7 or something
[06:24] <Worldracer99> celsius
[06:24] <Marcel77799> Body temp?
[06:24] <Marcel77799> 37
[06:24] <Caysie98> Thanks
[06:24] <Alemas2005> Ah, Cay, hi. :P 
[06:24] <Worldracer99> walruse do you have any idea how to create instrumentals of a song that's not instrumental
[06:24] <Alemas2005> SPY. (UD) 
[06:24] <Caysie98> Hey Alemas \o :P 
[06:24] <Marcel77799> O/ 
[06:24] <Alemas2005> Where have you been? (UD) 
[06:24] <A Walruse> WR
[06:25] <A Walruse> That doesn't even work
[06:25] <Agent Spy> o/ 
[06:25] <Worldracer99> D:
[06:25] <A Walruse> If you don't have the acapella
[06:25] <A Walruse> I mean if you do that should work
[06:25] <Marcel77799> Ale, she has been on a few times recently
[06:25] <A Walruse> As long as they have exactly the same quality
[06:25] <A Walruse> The original and the acapella, that is
[06:25] <Marcel77799> You are just always AFK xD
[06:25] <Worldracer99> i do not
[06:25] <Worldracer99> only the original track
[06:25] <A Walruse> Yeah, so basicall you're screwed.
[06:25] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> (king) 
[06:26] <Worldracer99> :\
[06:26] <A Walruse> you could look up covers
[06:26] <Worldracer99> it's a remix, so
[06:26] <Worldracer99> and not a very well-known song
[06:26] <A Walruse> ask the guy to make an instrumental version
[06:26] <Caysie98> I've been doing school :P 
[06:26] <Alemas2005> Marc, don't you mean, "he"?
[06:26] <Alemas2005> :P 
[06:26] <Alemas2005> Wait.
[06:26] <Alemas2005> Yeah. :P 
[06:27] <Riolu777> Is Marc referring to Spy or Cays? :p 
[06:27] <A Walruse> Why not both
[06:27] <Caysie98> It's whatever I don't really care :P 
[06:27] <Marcel77799> Cay
[06:27] <Riolu777> Wait, NVM, they're both he's. :P 
[06:27] <Marcel77799> Yeah
[06:27] <Worldracer99> Walruse it was a remix of an actual song from a show from like 2013, so I don't think I could get him to unless he got permission from the creators
[06:27] <Worldracer99> also idk if he speaks english
[06:27] <Marcel77799> Hard to get used to that after that many years (ys) 
[06:27] <A Walruse> WR where the buck does the guy live if he has internet but doesn't speak english
[06:27] <Worldracer99> Japan
[06:28] <A Walruse> Like what the buck who doesn't speak english
[06:28] <Bgirlabby> :p 
[06:28] <Worldracer99> I don't know if he speaks english or not is my thing
[06:28] <Marcel77799> People who dont speak English (yk) 
[06:28] <Riolu777> For a German, LED is quite ethnocentric for English-speakers. :P 
[06:28] <Marcel77799> How am I supposed to communicate with them? 
[06:28] <Marcel77799> I mean
[06:29] <A Walruse> Well Rio
[06:29] <Worldracer99> you could learn to speak their language
[06:29] <Caysie98> Rio don't use big words they confuse people :P 
[06:29] <A Walruse> English is a pretty dang important language you know
[06:29] <Marcel77799> Per LED
[06:29] <Marcel77799> Actually the most important language nowadays
[06:30] <Marcel77799> Everyone should learn English IMO
[06:30] <Marcel77799> O/ 
[06:30] <Satoshi2> Aw
[06:30] <Satoshi2> Em
[06:30] <Satoshi2> Gee
[06:30] <Satoshi2> It's Cay
[06:30] <Worldracer99> satooo
[06:30] <Satoshi2> (derp4) 
[06:30] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> hi SATO
[06:30] <Satoshi2> Hi Mad
[06:30] <Caysie98> If you know English and French you can probably speak to most people in modern-ish countries
[06:30] <Marcel77799> French...
[06:30] <Riolu777> And then Chinese to supplement. :P 
[06:30] <Bgirlabby> Galiiii
[06:31] <A Walruse> Yeah, English for all the countries that don't speak French and French for those that do because otherwise you can't communicate with those peeps :P 
[06:31] <Marcel77799> Well, most people except the French speak English
[06:31] <Satoshi2> Oh, and hi World and Abby
[06:31] <Satoshi2> :P 
[06:31] <Marcel77799> I hate it French people in games refuse to speak English
[06:31] <Alemas2005> [[User blog:ItsCryptiid/YOUR Christmas 2014 Wishlist!#comm-183967]]
[06:31] <Alemas2005> Shall I fix your comment, Sato? (derp) 
[06:31] <Satoshi2> ...yes
[06:31] <Satoshi2> ty
[06:31] <Satoshi2> :P 
[06:31] <Alemas2005> Ok. :P 
[06:32] <Alemas2005> (The perks of being an admin)
[06:32] <Riolu777> (The perks of being an admin with nothing else to do)
[06:32] <Marcel77799> XD
[06:32] <A Walruse> Can't you just do "nowiki" or something
[06:32] <Alemas2005> (The perks of being an admin who likes to be helpful)
[06:32] <A Walruse> That looks better IIRC
[06:32] <Alemas2005> That's what I did, Walli. :P 
[06:33] <A Walruse> oh, right, it showed up differently the first time I opened the link
[06:33] <Riolu777> (The perks of being an overeager admin who doesn't know important things like Mad's incident with LFY but will easily step up to edit a comment on a blog that isn't his)
[06:33] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> abby what the heck was I doing last night
[06:33] <Marcel77799> XD
[06:33] <Riolu777> (ud) 
[06:33] <Marcel77799> Kat
[06:33] <A Walruse> I don't know about the LFY thing either
[06:33] <Marcel77799> You are playing with a knife
[06:33] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> Lol rio
[06:33] <A Walruse> But I honestly don't give a flying buck about it anyway 
[06:33] <A Walruse> :P 
[06:33] <Caysie98> Play nice kids :P 
[06:33] <Bgirlabby> Yeah Mad
[06:33] <Bgirlabby> You almost stabbed yourself in the face
[06:33] <Satoshi2> ...
[06:33] <Caysie98> What
[06:34] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> but marc, nobody got killed so it was fine (y) 
[06:34] <Marcel77799> And complaining about your cat annoying you
[06:34] <Satoshi2> k den
[06:34] <Bgirlabby> And complaining about the cat
[06:34] <Bgirlabby> xP
[06:34] <Satoshi2> ...I have to ask: What did I miss?
[06:34] <Satoshi2> :P 
[06:34] <Bgirlabby> And posting terrifying selfies
[06:34] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> Oh yeah
[06:34] <Bgirlabby> A lot xD
[06:34] <Caysie98> My brother was playing with a knife earlier this year and stabbed his leg
[06:34] <Marcel77799> You looked like a psycho on that knife selfie xD
[06:34] <Satoshi2> D:
[06:34] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> my cat was as sleepdrunk as me last night
[06:34] <Bgirlabby> IKR :P 
[06:34] <Marcel77799> Holy crap, Cay
[06:34] <A Walruse> Jesus just /when/ was that :P 
[06:34] <A Walruse> I was probably in bed already :P 
[06:35] <Marcel77799> It wasnt on here
[06:35] <Bgirlabby> We were on at like 4 AM
[06:35] <Worldracer99> mad pm for an important thing
[06:35] <Bgirlabby> My wiki :p 
[06:35] <Bgirlabby> I think it was around that time anyway
[06:35] <Marcel77799> It was like 11 AM LED
[06:35] <Satoshi2> I miss everything D:
[06:35] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> yeah 4 am
[06:35] <Bgirlabby> I woke up at like 3 and got on chat
[06:35] <Satoshi2> :P 
[06:35] <Bgirlabby> And it was a while later so
[06:35] <Bgirlabby> :p 
[06:35] <Marcel77799> Or 10 AM
[06:35] <Marcel77799> IDK
[06:35] <A Walruse> That was like, 10 my time
[06:35] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> this is my cat when sleepdrunk
[06:35] <Alemas2005> Random question: Is there a random question generator?
[06:35] <A Walruse> I wasn't even awake then already
[06:35] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> Yes Ale: you
[06:35] <Alemas2005> Wait.
[06:36] <Alemas2005> I've just said a Jaden Smith-like sentence.
[06:36] <Alemas2005> Someone help me please. :P 
[06:36] <A Walruse> not really
[06:36] <Marcel77799> XD
[06:36] <A Walruse> a jaden smith sentence would be "if you can ask random question can a random question generator swim"
[06:36] <Riolu777> A Jaden Smith-like question is "so homies what kinda girl is better than my homie Justin's girl?"
[06:36] <Alemas2005> Found one.
[06:36] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> yes
[06:36] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> :P 
[06:36] <Alemas2005> "".
[06:36] <Alemas2005> (derp) 
[06:37] <A Walruse> ...
[06:37] <A Walruse> Alemas
[06:37] <Alemas2005> "Random Questions - Conversation Topic Generator"
[06:37] <A Walruse> seriously
[06:37] <Alemas2005> Man.
[06:37] <Alemas2005> What sadness.
[06:37] <A Walruse> Not even I am that horrible with conversations.
[06:37] <Bgirlabby> :p 
[06:37] <Marcel77799> XD
[06:37] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> alemas is
[06:37] <A Walruse> ANd I hate people so much I'd be rich if I got money for all the moments i think of Napalm
[06:37] <Marcel77799> Yeah
[06:37] <Alemas2005> Well, I've asked a question...
[06:37] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> or else he wouldn't have even thought about it
[06:37] <Alemas2005> I found the answer.
[06:37] <Marcel77799> Gosh
[06:37] <Alemas2005> Simples. :P 
[06:37] <Worldracer99>
[06:38] <A Walruse> DINNER
[06:38] <A Walruse> FINALLY
[06:38] <A Walruse> YEEES
[06:38] <Satoshi2> um
[06:38] <Marcel77799> Now Im imaging Ale using stupid pick up lines (fw) 
[06:38] <Satoshi2> wut
[06:38] <A Walruse> excuse me for a sec
[06:38] <Satoshi2> @WR
[06:38] <Marcel77799> Gahhh
[06:38] <Caysie98> Bye LED
[06:38] <Marcel77799> Help
[06:38] <Bgirlabby> xD
[06:38] <Alemas2005> Marc, I wouldn't use 'em anyway. :P 
[06:38] <Riolu777> I made mac and cheese last night but I want more for lunch.
[06:38] <Marcel77799> Cya LED
[06:38] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> I could go for mac and cheese right now
[06:38] <Alemas2005> Oh for...
[06:38] <Bgirlabby> Me too
[06:39] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> then again like all I ate yesterday was pita chips and cookies at like 2 AM
[06:39] <Worldracer99>
[06:39] <Alemas2005> That same site has a page dedicated to how to start a conversation.
[06:39] <Alemas2005> *Closes tab*
[06:39] <Bgirlabby> xD
[06:39] <Riolu777> I'm gonna make some in a minute.
[06:39] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> Your site, Alemas! :D 
[06:39] <Marcel77799> I sometimes get really hungry at night
[06:39] <Alemas2005> Mad, I'm not THAT bad... :P 
[06:39] <Marcel77799> Its weird
[06:39] <Marcel77799> Once I ate 4 sandwiches at 3 AM
[06:40] <Marcel77799> Hi Neh
[06:40] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> Sorry Alemas, I'm taking out my annoyances with /certain people/ in subtle ways
[06:40] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> I shall stop
[06:40] <Bgirlabby> xD
[06:40] <Bgirlabby> Marc
[06:40] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> Did Nehp make them for you
[06:40] <Marcel77799> IDK what that is @Abby
[06:41] <Marcel77799> Its a bit annoying
[06:41] <Riolu777> Once I made mac and cheese at 4 AM. :P 
[06:41] <Marcel77799> GG
[06:41] <Bgirlabby> :p 
[06:41] <Worldracer99> abb pm
[06:41] <Bgirlabby> Yes yes TRYING TO BE AFK HERE
[06:41] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> One time me and my brother got bored and ate an entire pack of double stuffed oreos at 4 AM
[06:42] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> it was amazing 
[06:42] <Bgirlabby>
[06:42] <Bgirlabby> @WR
[06:42] <Marcel77799> Dont go AFK :c
[06:42] <Bgirlabby> Mad xD
[06:42] <Drew1200> I've only been awake at that time once or twice in my life.
[06:42] <Bgirlabby> seriously?
[06:42] <Bgirlabby> Wow
[06:42] <Bgirlabby> :p 
[06:42] <Riolu777> Drew is such a good boy. :P 
[06:42] <Marcel77799> ^^
[06:42] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> yep
[06:42] <Riolu777> Daughter. o/ 
[06:42] <Marcel77799> Im wake until 3 AM every weekend
[06:42] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> Hi Aravis
[06:42] <Marcel77799> Hi Vis
[06:42] <Aravis Tarkheena> Hi
[06:43] <Nehpets7000> This Michigan/Ohio State game.....
[06:43] <Marcel77799> *awake
[06:43] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> Ew ohio state
[06:43] <Nehpets7000> The hype....
[06:44] <Riolu777> Ew college football
[06:44] <Drew1200> I sleep during the night. :P 
[06:44] <Nehpets7000> Ew tennis
[06:44] <Nehpets7000> :| 
[06:44] <Riolu777> Ew Neh 
[06:44] <Riolu777> :| 
[06:44] <Nehpets7000> Ew :| 
[06:44] <Alemas2005> New emote.
[06:44] <Alemas2005> (dalek)
[06:45] <Alemas2005> Refresh.
[06:44] <Riolu777> Ew Neh 
[06:44] <Riolu777> :| 
[06:44] <Nehpets7000> Ew :| 
[06:44] <Alemas2005> New emote.
[06:44] <Alemas2005> (dalek) 
[06:45] <Alemas2005> Refresh.
[06:45] <Aravis Tarkheena> HI ALEMAS
[06:45] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> There's only 2 college football teams I watch
[06:45] <Alemas2005> Ara, if you shout, I won't greet you. (UD) 
[06:45] <Riolu777> Alemas is quick to make Dalek emotes but quick to throw Novak off a bridge. :| 
[06:45] <Caysie98> Hey Marcel does "Du kannst für die Kopfschmerzen Tabletten nehmen" make sense
[06:45] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> brb
[06:45] <Alemas2005> Rio, it was an emoticon vote. :P 
[06:45] <Nehpets7000> Nehman. (sie) 
[06:45] <Nehpets7000> :P 
[06:45] <Alemas2005> The people voted. :P 
[06:45] <Aravis Tarkheena> hi alemas
[06:45] <Alemas2005> Deal with it. :P 
[06:45] <Riolu777> (djokovic) 
[06:45] <Marcel77799> Yes, Cay
[06:45] <Alemas2005> Ara, hi. (UD) 
[06:45] <Riolu777> (delpo) 
[06:46] <Caysie98> Yay :P 
[06:46] <Aravis Tarkheena> (sniffle) 
[06:46] <Alemas2005> Aw. :P 
[06:46] <Riolu777> I would retire if they were scrapped, Alemas.
[06:46] <Riolu777> Legit retire. :| 
[06:46] <Alemas2005> *Pats Ara on the back*
[06:46] <Alemas2005> There there. :P 
[06:46] <Marcel77799> Instead of "für" a "gegen" would be a bit nicer though
[06:46] <Nehpets7000> So did anybody else not know that (ud) stands for unamused drew? :P 
[06:46] <Aravis Tarkheena> Don't touch me you gross creepy monster
[06:46] <Caysie98> test
[06:47] <Alemas2005> But, I just want to... help. (sniffle) 
[06:47] <Bioniclefan1> o/ 
[06:47] <Marcel77799> Passed
[06:47] <Alemas2005> All I ever want to do is help. (bh) 
[06:47] <Bioniclefan1> Who can tell me what my avatar is? 
[06:47] <Aravis Tarkheena> Uh huh (ud) 
[06:47] <Marcel77799> No one wants to be touched by Ale...
[06:47] <Riolu777> It's black and blue.
[06:47] <Alemas2005> But you think I'm sort of abominable monster. (bh) 
[06:47] <Nehpets7000> You can tell me, Alemas. :;D
[06:47] <Nehpets7000> :;)
[06:47] <Nehpets7000> Uhh
[06:47] <Nehpets7000> How to make that emote again?
[06:47] <Alemas2005> What emote?
[06:48] <Nehpets7000> The new lego laughing emote
[06:48] <Alemas2005> :'D ?
[06:48] <Nehpets7000> There we go!
[06:48] <Nehpets7000> Thank you. :P 
[06:48] <Alemas2005> [[LEGO Message Boards Wiki:Emoticon/Frank Honey?t=20141104100147]]
[06:48] <Alemas2005> [[LEGO Message Boards Wiki:Emoticon/Long Neck/%22Woah%22 emote?t=20141117170115|LEGO Message Boards Wiki:Emoticon/Long Neck/"Woah" emote?t=20141117170115]]
[06:48] <Nehpets7000> See? You just helped me. (derp) 
[06:48] <Alemas2005> Anyone else want to vote?
[06:48] <Riolu777> No, canvas artist. :| 
[06:49] <Alemas2005> I'm not canvassing. (UD) 
[06:49] <Alemas2005> It's not even my own votes. (UD) 
[06:49] <Riolu777> You're canvassing for them. :| 
[06:49] <Alemas2005> Quit trying to make me look bad. (UD) 
[06:49] <Riolu777> And then you're primed to ditch Novak and Delpo. :| 
[06:49] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> Why the heck are the dates on those so high
[06:49] <Marcel77799> IDK
[06:49] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> Those have been up for like a month
[06:49] <Marcel77799> Yeah
[06:49] <Alemas2005> "8 days until vote ends."
[06:49] <Alemas2005> Wait. (UD) 
[06:50] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> Date posted
[06:50] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> "October 27, 2014 (UTC)"
[06:50] <Riolu777> Alemas is canvassing for invalid votes. :| 
[06:50] <Bioniclefan1> Nobody knows what my avatar is?
[06:51] <Caysie98> WTH Wikia changed how edit
[06:51] <Riolu777> Old old old news. :P 
[06:51] <Caysie98> How signature
[06:51] <Bgirlabby> Did you just notice that
[06:51] <Bgirlabby> :p 
[06:51] <Caysie98> no ~~~~
[06:51] <Caysie98> how
[06:51] <Riolu777> Switch views. :P 
[06:51] <Caysie98> I never edit and I've been inactive :P 
[06:51] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> cay go to preferences and make it automatically use source editor 
[06:51] <Caysie98> To source?
[06:52] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> best way to go
[06:52] <Caysie98> But I usually use visual...
[06:52] <Caysie98> Don't judge me
[06:52] <Riolu777> You need to use Source.
[06:52] <Riolu777> :P 
[06:52] <Caysie98> Can I do ~~~~ in source mode
[06:52] <Worldracer99> crap brb
[06:52] <Marcel77799> Switch to old visual
[06:52] <Caysie98> how
[06:52] <Marcel77799> Its still there
[06:52] <Marcel77799> In your preferences IIRC
[06:53] <Alemas2005> No wait.
[06:53] <Alemas2005> There's an arrow beside "Edit".
[06:53] <Alemas2005> Click that.
[06:53] <Marcel77799> Yup
[06:53] <Alemas2005> There should be "Classic editor" underneath.
[06:53] <Marcel77799> Yeah
[06:54] <Caysie98> THANK YOU ALEMAS
[06:54] <Caysie98> :P 
[06:55] <Marcel77799> The new visual editor is pure cancer
[06:55] <Bgirlabby> IKR
[06:55] <Marcel77799> LOOOOOOL
[06:55] <Alemas2005> No problem, Cay. :P 
[06:55] <Marcel77799> Dortmund is 18th xD
[06:55] <Marcel77799> HA HA HA HA 
[06:55] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> They set up VE sayig it would be easier for new editors but if anything that would scare new people away :P 
[06:55] <Codyn329> VisualEditor sucks anyways
[06:55] <Codyn329> I mean
[06:55] <Codyn329> Source Editor
[06:55] <Codyn329> (y) 
[06:56] <Caysie98> Everytime you type anything it says "stop you can't actually edit lol"
[06:56] <A Walruse> soooooo
[06:56] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> Source Editor is best editor
[06:56] <A Walruse> what suuuup
[06:56] <Caysie98> Or something like that
[06:56] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> yoled
[06:56] <Alemas2005> Eh, what?
[06:57] <Marcel77799> :P 
[06:57] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> test
[06:57] <Marcel77799> passed
[06:58] <Alemas2005> No-one cares that we now have a (dalek) emote?
[06:58] <Alemas2005> No?
[06:58] <Codyn329> MAD :P 
[06:58] <Alemas2005> Voted by you?
[06:58] <Alemas2005> No?
[06:58] <His Omnipotence, King Harkinian> What cody
[06:58] <Codyn329> Me and drew figured it out
[06:58] <Codyn329> pm
[06:58] <Riolu777> (djokovic) doesn't care.
[06:59] <A Walruse> so
[07:00] <A Walruse> how are you my fellow bacon flavored basmati souvlets doing
[07:00] <Madkatmaximus> test
[07:00] <Alemas2005> Ah, Mad is back.
[07:00] <Marcel77799> :P 
[07:00] <Worldracer99> god, mad's back to normal
[07:00] <Worldracer99> *good
[07:00] <Madkatmaximus> FREEDOM
[07:00] <Marcel77799> Yay
[07:00] <Riolu777> YES
[07:00] <Alemas2005> May I kick your dupe? (derp3) 
[07:00] <Madkatmaximus> HARKINIAN YOU SUCK
[07:00] <Alemas2005> XD
[07:00] <Riolu777> :P 
[07:00] <Alemas2005> Of course you had to do it. :P 
[07:01] <Worldracer99> mad, abby's attracted to another character named makoto
[07:01] <Riolu777> I want it to be Christmas already. :c
[07:01] <Bgirlabby> Shhhh
[07:01] <Madkatmaximus> nice
[07:01] <Madkatmaximus> Me too Rio
[07:01] <Bgirlabby> be nice WR
[07:01] <Marcel77799> Yeah
[07:01] <Alemas2005> Shall I remove rights from your dupe, Mad? :P 
[07:02] <Worldracer99> i want to postpone christmas as much as possible so i can build my christmas playlist
[07:02] <Marcel77799> Then I wouldnt have to write so many exams
[07:02] <A Walruse> Makoto sounds like a BIO name
[07:02] <Plurky of House Targaryen> greetings friends and fellow companions o/ 
[07:02] <Riolu777> I have two weeks of school starting on Monday and then I'm free. 
[07:02] <Marcel77799> A bit yeah :p 
[07:02] <Caysie98> I'm trying to upload a picture of my comic so far 
[07:02] <Marcel77799> Hi Plurk
[07:02] <A Walruse> I have like, 4 more weeks.
[07:02] <Marcel77799> Same
[07:02] <A Walruse> nice cay
[07:02] <Marcel77799> And 25h of exams
[07:02] <Riolu777> I have to do geometry and chemistry over the whole break though. :P 
[07:02] <Marcel77799> 19h in 6 days :c
[07:03] <Marcel77799> Kill me
[07:03] <Bgirlabby> :c
[07:03] <Plurky of House Targaryen> I just sold my soul to chaos
[07:03] <Plurky of House Targaryen> only in a RP, but still :p 
[07:03] <Worldracer99> You sold your soul to Nyarlathotep?
[07:03] <Marcel77799> Why not IRL?
[07:03] <A Walruse> I did that irl and it's working out just fine
[07:04] <Plurky of House Targaryen> marc, I have not mess chaos yet :p 
[07:04] <Plurky of House Targaryen> * met
[07:04] <Marcel77799> I see
[07:04] <Caysie98>
[07:04] <Caysie98> It's beautiful
[07:05] <Caysie98> I'm good at drawing thermometers btw
[07:05] <Madkatmaximus> *Only knows random words in German and not very much about the grammar*
[07:05] <Madkatmaximus> (derp) 
[07:05] <Worldracer99> plurk, did you sell your soul to Nyarlathotep?
[07:05] <Plurky of House Targaryen> who is Nyarlathotep?
[07:05] <Bgirlabby> per Mad xD
[07:05] <Marcel77799> Pretty good, Cay
[07:05] <A Walruse> That's pretty good German right there
[07:05] <A Walruse> actually
[07:06] <Worldracer99> Nyarlathotep is the Crawling Chaos, the Soul of the Outer Gods.
[07:06] <Marcel77799> Not totally perfect grammar wise but you can understand everything
[07:06] <Worldracer99> Haven't you ever read Lovecraft?
[07:06] <Worldracer99> this guy
[07:06] <Caysie98> Really? :P 
[07:06] <Plurky of House Targaryen> nope worldracer.
[07:06] <Caysie98> yay :P 
[07:06] <Bgirlabby> Why are you in bed (derp4) 
[07:06] <Plurky of House Targaryen> but he looks epci
[07:06] <Bgirlabby> that's about all I'm getting
[07:06] <Riolu777> I can sorta understand it, Cays. :P 
[07:06] <Marcel77799> Shall I correct the small errors or not?
[07:06] <Worldracer99> this is an alternate form of Nyarlathotep
[07:06] <Caysie98> What are they?
[07:06] <A Walruse> Actually there were only some small errors.
[07:06] <Marcel77799> PM
[07:06] <Caysie98> K
[07:06] <Worldracer99> (seriously though that anime is hilarious)
[07:06] <Marcel77799> Yeah
[07:07] <Marcel77799> Mostly prepostions and stuff
[07:07] <Plurky of House Targaryen> propably better german then mine.
[07:07] <Caysie98> Wait who are you?
[07:08] <A Walruse> Plurk is that Dutch guy with the weed
[07:08] <Madkatmaximus> Which is why we love him
[07:08] <A Walruse> yes
[07:08] <Riolu777> I want LED to flippantly describe everyone now. :p 
[07:08] <A Walruse> What? I mean it's true :P 
[07:08] <Bgirlabby> xD
[07:08] <Plurky of House Targaryen> it is
[07:08] <Bgirlabby> Do me next (Derp4) 
[07:08] <Madkatmaximus> Yes
[07:08] <Madkatmaximus> Describe everyone 
[07:09] <Plurky of House Targaryen> not a word was a lie
[07:09] <A Walruse> uhm
[07:09] <A Walruse> Ok Abby
[07:09] <A Walruse> Is 
[07:09] <A Walruse> That bucking weeb
[07:09] <A Walruse> Mad is 
[07:09] <Bgirlabby> Welp
[07:09] <A Walruse> uhm
[07:09] <Bgirlabby> pretty much
[07:09] <Bgirlabby> :p 
[07:09] <Worldracer99> wait i thought that was von, walruse
[07:09] <A Walruse> The Metal weeb
[07:09] <A Walruse> Rys is the annoying weeb
[07:09] <Plurky of House Targaryen> xD
[07:09] <A Walruse> Rio is the personification of perfection
[07:09] <Riolu777> :| 
[07:09] <Worldracer99> what am i
[07:10] <A Walruse> You're 
[07:10] <A Walruse> uhm
[07:10] <Aravis Tarkheena> yay father
[07:10] <Aravis Tarkheena> so perfect (sie) 
[07:10] <Riolu777> Not at all, Daughter. :| 
[07:10] <Drew1200> What? (ud) 
[07:10] <Riolu777> I have many flaws. :| 
[07:10] <Aravis Tarkheena> but I love you father (sie) 
[07:10] <A Walruse> That ... American kid who wants to get into animes, cartoons and EDM so hard
[07:10] <Aravis Tarkheena> We all love you (sie) 
[07:10] <Bgirlabby> xD
[07:10] <Aravis Tarkheena> I mean I don't love you as much as Guac (sie) 
[07:10] <Riolu777> YES LED XD
[07:10] <Aravis Tarkheena> But i love you anyway (sie) 
[07:10] <A Walruse> Aravis is that one mean girl everyone still loves
[07:10] <Worldracer99> ^
[07:11] <A Walruse> Marcel is
[07:11] <A Walruse> uhm
[07:11] <Riolu777> My daughter isn't mean. (uh) 
[07:11] <A Walruse> random German kid
[07:11] <Bgirlabby> New avvie what up
[07:11] <Aravis Tarkheena> A lot of people don't like me
[07:11] <Worldracer99> abby is canon four-eyed lemon
[07:11] <Marcel77799> That fits, LED :p 
[07:11] <A Walruse> Rio, I don't think she's mean either but she always says she is :P 
[07:11] <A Walruse> That one German metal kid :P 
[07:11] <Riolu777> She just wants to fit in. :c
[07:11] <Aravis Tarkheena> Well
[07:11] <Aravis Tarkheena> I was bad yesterday
[07:11] <Bgirlabby> Yee WR
[07:11] <Aravis Tarkheena> I insulted people a lot and they got mad
[07:11] <A Walruse> Like, everyone knows /that ONE German metal kid/.
[07:11] <Madkatmaximus> xD
[07:12] <Bgirlabby> xP
[07:12] <Riolu777> You're too hard on yourself, Daughter. 
[07:12] <Marcel77799> I do that often, Vis :p 
[07:12] <A Walruse> And if you don't you're that one German metal kid yourself
[07:12] <Aravis Tarkheena> But I don't want them to get mad
[07:12] <Aravis Tarkheena> I want them to LOVE ME
[07:12] <A Walruse> Drew is
[07:12] <Riolu777> LOVE HER
[07:12] <Aravis Tarkheena> But I don't know how (sniffle) 
[07:12] <Caysie98> Wait I was in PM I'm sorry who is this? Dutch kid with weed? what
[07:12] <A Walruse> That one person who's popular for reasons unfathomable to me
[07:12] <A Walruse> That's Plurk. :p 
[07:12] <A Walruse> You were asking who Plurk was so I answered. :P 
[07:12] <A Walruse> And now everyone wanted me to do descriptions of people :P 
[07:13] <Riolu777> I want a better one. :| 
[07:13] <Drew1200> Do yourself
[07:13] <Riolu777> ..drew.
[07:13] <Aravis Tarkheena> Um
[07:13] <Madkatmaximus> ....
[07:13] <Caysie98> :P 
[07:13] <Madkatmaximus> ANYWAY
[07:13] <Madkatmaximus> so how bout that weather huh (derp) 
[07:13] <Drew1200> What?
[07:13] <Riolu777> :{P 
[07:13] <A Walruse> Yeah weather looking nice ehh?
[07:13] <Caysie98> Use precise language, Drew :P 
[07:13] <A Walruse> yeeaaaah (derp) 
[07:14] <Aravis Tarkheena> And don't say that again :P 
[07:14] <Caysie98> "do" leaves too much open to interpretation :P 
[07:14] <Plurky of House Targaryen> I can't see the weather, meh curtains are closed :p 
[07:14] <A Walruse> Me neither
[07:14] <A Walruse> Also it's dark
[07:14] <A Walruse> So I can't see it double
[07:14] <Plurky of House Targaryen> indeed walruse
[07:14] <Riolu777> *doubly 
[07:14] <A Walruse> Also I live in Germany we don't do weather over here
[07:15] <Drew1200> Everything's open to interpretation with you guys. :| :P 
[07:15] <A Walruse> Your face is open to interpretation.
[07:15] <Drew1200> Describe yourself, Walruse. :P 
[07:15] <Aravis Tarkheena> True, Drew, but that was worse than it had to be. :P 
[07:15] <A Walruse> I mean it really is considering some people think you're an AI or something while other think you're a cyborg and some people think you're a human.
[07:15] <Caysie98> :P 
[07:15] <Madkatmaximus> :P 
[07:15] <A Walruse> Anyway, me?
[07:15] <A Walruse> Uhm
[07:15] <A Walruse> Good question, actually.
[07:16] <Riolu777> Sarcastic German punk emo wannabe 
[07:16] <Aravis Tarkheena> Walruse is a dude who pretends to have no life when he could be perfectly normal except for a penchant for napalm
[07:16] <Aravis Tarkheena> And death
[07:16] <Bgirlabby> xD
[07:16] <A Walruse> That one kid who who listens to heavy rave music in order to not burn people 
[07:16] <Madkatmaximus> and hardstyle
[07:16] <Marcel77799> LED couldnt be normal :p 
[07:16] <Marcel77799> He hates other humans way too much .p
[07:17] <A Walruse> I actually appear pretty normal
[07:17] <Riolu777> And if he likes someone his form of showing affection is kidnapping. 
[07:17] <A Walruse> When you meet me at first, that is.
[07:17] <Riolu777> (watching) 
[07:17] <A Walruse> But
[07:17] <A Walruse> Internally
[07:17] <A Walruse> I'm always jumpstyling
[07:17] <A Walruse> To rawstyle
[07:17] <A Walruse> And thinking about napalm
[07:17] <Riolu777> I GTG
[07:17] <Plurky of House Targaryen> bye
[07:17] <Madkatmaximus> bye rio
[07:17] <A Walruse> Ok admittedly I think about murder way less than I always say
[07:17] <A Walruse> Bye
[07:17] <A Walruse> :c
[07:18] <Marcel77799> Cya Rio o/ 
[07:18] <A Walruse> Usually just from when I wake up to when I get home from school
[07:18] <Caysie98> \o Rio
[07:18] <A Walruse> sooop
[07:18] <A Walruse> *soooo
[07:18] <Caysie98> soooop
[07:18] <Bgirlabby> Soooooop
[07:18] <Caysie98> Souuuup
[07:18] <A Walruse> soooouuup
[07:19] <Madkatmaximus> soooaaaap
[07:19] <A Walruse> opeeeera
[07:19] <Caysie98> Opraaaaaaaaah
[07:19] <Madkatmaximus> charlie sheeeeen
[07:19] <Plurky of House Targaryen> charlie chaaaaaaaaaaaaaplin
[07:19] <Marcel77799> With him Two and a Half Men was still good...
[07:20] <Marcel77799> Now its just....
[07:20] <A Walruse> Today I had a relapse
[07:20] <A Walruse> I drank some Coke again
[07:20] <A Walruse> As in, the drink
[07:20] <Marcel77799> xD
[07:20] <Keplers> Yo, any of you seen Peglegged in the last month?
[07:20] <Worldracer99> only on the lmbs
[07:20] <Madkatmaximus> No
[07:20] <Marcel77799> You need to do a coke diet, LED
[07:20] <Madkatmaximus> yeah what WR said
[07:20] <Keplers> Hm, okay.
[07:20] <Keplers> Well naw (yds) @wr
[07:20] <Keplers> We're in the BIO RP together (yds) 
[07:21] <Plurky of House Targaryen> biology RP?
[07:21] <A Walruse> Yeah
[07:21] <Keplers> BIONICLE. -.-' :p 
[07:21] <A Walruse> You know
[07:21] <Marcel77799> Biology RP (SS) 
[07:21] <A Walruse> THe hormone HQ attacks the muscle HQ
[07:21] <Plurky of House Targaryen> xD
[07:21] <Plurky of House Targaryen> sounds epic :p 
[07:21] <Codyn329> loooool
[07:21] <Madkatmaximus> xD
[07:21] <Marcel77799> Ofc LED
[07:22] <A Walruse> But everything changed when the synapses attacked
[07:22] <A Walruse> But I believe that blood circulation can save the world
[07:22] <Plurky of House Targaryen> perhaps, perhaps
[07:23] <Plurky of House Targaryen> but the heart is prepairing a strike!
[07:24] <Worldracer99> *sets up a giant storyline involving a dark new enemy*
[07:24] <Madkatmaximus> The LEGO TBBT topic got locked :( 
[07:24] <Madkatmaximus> man theat topic was funny
[07:24] <Caysie98> Liam \o 
[07:24] <Worldracer99> *gets banned by the mods for what the new enemy is*
[07:24] <Madkatmaximus> * that
[07:24] <Marcel77799> o/ 
[07:24] <Codyn329> Ire o/ 
[07:24] <Madkatmaximus> Hi Ire
[07:25] <Ireithien> Guys, for Christmas should I ask for LEGO The Hobbit, LEGO SW Complete Saga or neither :P 
[07:25] <Plurky of House Targaryen> ask world peace (derp) 
[07:25] <Codyn329> Hmm
[07:25] <Codyn329> loooool
[07:25] <A Walruse> guys did seriously no one get the reference
[07:25] <Caysie98> SW
[07:25] <A Walruse> Well except Mad I suppose since he usually knows all these things
[07:25] <Plurky of House Targaryen> we did walruse :P 
[07:25] <A Walruse> good
[07:25] <Plurky of House Targaryen> we just don't reply :P 
[07:25] <A Walruse> you butts
[07:25] <Caysie98> I wasn't paying attention to you LED :P 
[07:25] <Codyn329> Ire IDK
[07:26] <Madkatmaximus> I got it led
[07:26] <Ireithien> I mean, I don't particularly want either one, but I have no better ideas and I would play them if i had them
[07:26] <Ireithien> I might just go Hobbit because it's all newfangled and all dat ^.^
[07:26] <Caysie98> Then just ask for money
[07:26] <A Walruse> so moral of the story is you people are total butts
[07:26] <Plurky of House Targaryen> money as a present for christmas sucks
[07:26] <A Walruse> Except Cay
[07:26] <Codyn329> wait ire did I already suggest a new computer
[07:26] <Caysie98> Then when you do want something you can buy it
[07:26] <A Walruse> Cay is cool
[07:27] <Plurky of House Targaryen> yes we are all buts
[07:27] <Caysie98> Aw thanks LED you're cool too
[07:27] <A Walruse> *butts
[07:27] <Plurky of House Targaryen> 'But that 'cause of all the weed.
[07:27] <Ireithien> Yes Cody but those are expensive :P 
[07:27] <Codyn329> but
[07:27] <Codyn329> computer
[07:27] <A Walruse> I vote Plurk for the best butt 
[07:27] <Codyn329> (y) 
[07:27] <Codyn329> darn :P 
[07:27] <Codyn329> yeah just ask for money. :P 
[07:27] <Marcel77799> Lol :p 
[07:27] <Caysie98> Liam ask for a trust fund
[07:27] <Caysie98> :P 
[07:27] <Codyn329> then you can buy a computer. :P 
[07:27] <Ireithien> I don't want a computer that much :P 
[07:27] <Madkatmaximus> LED am I a butt
[07:28] <Codyn329> how about a new video game or something
[07:28] <A Walruse> Jed become the president, swim in money
[07:28] <A Walruse> Done,
[07:28] <Worldracer99> mad, you're not a butt
[07:28] <Worldracer99> you have a butt
[07:28] <Marcel77799> We knew that, Kat :p 
[07:28] <Ireithien> There
[07:28] <A Walruse> Mad, you of all people are the buttiest butt
[07:28] <Caysie98> I was gonna say that :P 
[07:28] <Caysie98> @WR
[07:28] <Ireithien> *There are none I want, Cody
[07:28] <Codyn329> Ask for a new friend (y) :P 
[07:28] <Ireithien> Closest thing is AC: Rogue (which I don't want) or LEGO The Hobbit, which I sort of want. :P 
[07:28] <Marcel77799> Kat is 90% butt and 10% purple ...
[07:28] <Marcel77799> NVM
[07:28] <Codyn329> we heard that marc :P 
[07:29] <A Walruse> *10% rainbow colours
[07:29] <Caysie98> Marcel :P :P 
[07:29] <Marcel77799> No LED :p 
[07:29] <Worldracer99> mad has a lovely butt but it's not 90% of him
[07:29] <Bgirlabby> xD
[07:29] <Madkatmaximus> How the heck did this devolve into this
[07:29] <Marcel77799> Only Abby, Cay and Kat know what I meant there
[07:29] <A Walruse> shut up we're objectifying Mad WR go away
[07:29] <Madkatmaximus> like what the hell guys
[07:29] <Caysie98> :P 
[07:29] <Alemas2005> Wait.
[07:29] <Alemas2005> What.
[07:29] <Marcel77799> :p 
[07:29] <Alemas2005> Marc, what.
[07:29] <Alemas2005> Walli, what.
[07:29] <Aravis Tarkheena> I suggest you don't ask, Alemas
[07:29] <Ireithien> Actually what I really honestly want is the follow-up Star Wars series to Fate of the Jedi. Unfortunately it does not exist due to Disney
[07:29] <Ireithien> so
[07:29] <Marcel77799> I didnt say anything bad :P 
[07:29] <Ireithien> ,_,
[07:29] <Ireithien> :P 
[07:29] <Codyn329> Oh
[07:29] <Codyn329> Hmm
[07:29] <Caysie98> Shhhh Alemas, it's okay. 
[07:30] <Marcel77799> I made an insider joke and?
[07:30] <A Walruse> Alemas is a total butt, too.
[07:30] <Caysie98> What Liam
[07:31] <Ireithien> Books
[07:31] <Bgirlabby> GTG T.T
[07:31] <Caysie98> Oh
[07:31] <Caysie98> Bye Abby
[07:31] <Madkatmaximus> noooo
[07:31] <Madkatmaximus> abby no
[07:31] <A Walruse> bye
[07:31] <Madkatmaximus> dont leave me
[07:31] <Madkatmaximus> everyone else's PM is boring
[07:31] <Plurky of House Targaryen> bye o/ 
[07:31] <Ireithien> Fate of the Jedi was an awesome Star Wars EU series that ended in a cliffhanger and there was gonna be more but Disney bought Lucasarts and...
[07:31] <Ireithien> so.
[07:31] <Ireithien> :P 
[07:31] <Bgirlabby> Byyyye o/ 
[07:31] <Bgirlabby> Sorry T.T
[07:31] <Madkatmaximus> bye ;-;
[07:31] <Madkatmaximus> * Madkatmaximus glomps bcoz why not
[07:32] <A Walruse> That reminds me, today I 
[07:32] <A Walruse> Hugged
[07:32] <Madkatmaximus> aaaaaaand my foot's asleep
[07:32] <A Walruse> human beings
[07:32] <A Walruse> it felt
[07:32] <A Walruse> ... interesting
[07:32] <Plurky of House Targaryen> starwars isn't fun anyway (derp) 
[07:32] <Madkatmaximus> Wow LED did you get ebola
[07:32] <A Walruse> Yes
[07:32] <Aravis Tarkheena> Hm
[07:32] <A Walruse> And hepatitis A, B, C and Aids and cancer
[07:32] <Aravis Tarkheena> Who was so cursed to be hugged by you
[07:32] <Caysie98> AFK for like 5 seconds
[07:32] <Plurky of House Targaryen> hahaha, on wait, that's not even funny...
[07:32] <A Walruse> 5 people were in fact, Aravis.
[07:33] <Aravis Tarkheena> Hm
[07:33] <Aravis Tarkheena> And they got away alive, I assume
[07:33] <Aravis Tarkheena> but lacking souls?
[07:33] <A Walruse> Yeah
[07:33] <A Walruse> no
[07:33] <A Walruse> Everything intact
[07:33] <Aravis Tarkheena> Wow
[07:33] <Aravis Tarkheena> How impressive
[07:33] <Aravis Tarkheena> I approve
[07:33] <A Walruse> No limbs severed
[07:33] <Plurky of House Targaryen> I don't approve
[07:34] <A Walruse> anyway
[07:34] <A Walruse> can we get back to butts please.
[07:34] <Plurky of House Targaryen> no
[07:34] <Marcel77799> Yes
[07:34] <Madkatmaximus> how about no
[07:34] <A Walruse> go smoke something so you're fun again Plurk
[07:34] <A Walruse> :P 
[07:34] <Plurky of House Targaryen> xD
[07:34] <Madkatmaximus> that got awkward in about 3 seconds
[07:34] <Plurky of House Targaryen> ok :p 
[07:35] <Plurky of House Targaryen> afk for a minute, I need to grab some weed.
[07:35] <A Walruse> ...
[07:35] <A Walruse> plurk
[07:35] <A Walruse> please
[07:35] <Alemas2005> Um.
[07:35] <Aravis Tarkheena> Alemas
[07:35] <Aravis Tarkheena> Do something
[07:35] <A Walruse> if someone on the internet tells you to do drugs
[07:35] <A Walruse> Don't always listen, ok?
[07:35] <Alemas2005> I thought weed references were NOT allowed. (UD) 
[07:35] <A Walruse> Since when
[07:35] <Caysie98> back
[07:35] <Alemas2005> Since a while.
[07:35] <Marcel77799> WB
[07:35] <A Walruse> Not really
[07:35] <Madkatmaximus> Alemes I have told you about a billion times
[07:35] <Plurky of House Targaryen> wut, then what is my purpose for being here? :P 
[07:36] <A Walruse> Stalin
[07:36] <Marcel77799> Ale keeps forgetting that, Kat
[07:36] <Madkatmaximus> Drew said they were okay /using common sense when moderating weed jokes/ :P 
[07:36] <A Walruse> why did you butts even ask Drew 
[07:36] <Marcel77799> Common sense is rare here :P 
[07:36] <A Walruse> Like, jesus, it's not that much of a big deal :P 
[07:36] <A Walruse> YO
[07:36] <Alemas2005> ...explain better, Mad. :P 
[07:36] <A Walruse> MC
[07:36] <Marcel77799> Terry o/ 
[07:36] <Marcel77799> WR o/ 
[07:36] <Madkatmaximus> Tell that to Alemas :P 
[07:36] <Worldracer99> are we still talking about butts
[07:36] <Aravis Tarkheena> Because I got kicked once for talking about cocaine so I want everyone else to get punished
[07:36] <Alemas2005> MC, it's late for you. (UD) 
[07:36] <Aravis Tarkheena> :P 
[07:36] <A Walruse> You sexy tuna cocktail macaroon souvlet
[07:37] <Marcel77799> Terry what are you doing here at this time?
[07:37] <Plurky of House Targaryen> good reason, aravis.
[07:37] <Aravis Tarkheena> Apparently we don't like you here, MC
[07:37] <A Walruse> hey 
[07:37] <Marcel77799> No :p 
[07:37] <A Walruse> I do
[07:37] <A Walruse> I called him sexy
[07:37] <Marcel77799> His timing is just weird
[07:37] <A Walruse> and a tuna cocktail macaroon souvlet
[07:37] <Madkatmaximus> Ale hes basically meant weed jokes were okay as long as they didn't get out of hand and weren't like advocating drug usage
[07:37] <Madkatmaximus> What Plurk said was pretty clearly a joke
[07:37] <Aravis Tarkheena> I don't exactly call all that a compliment
[07:38] <Alemas2005> Hm... (UD) 
[07:38] <Alemas2005> Hm... (UD) 
[07:38] <Caysie98> Hi MC \o 
[07:38] <A Walruse> What's /not/ a compliment about sexy tuna cocktail macaroon souvlet
[07:38] <Plurky of House Targaryen> Kids, don't buy drugs
[07:38] <Marcel77799> Ale 
[07:38] <Plurky of House Targaryen> get them for free!
[07:38] <A Walruse> Grow them
[07:38] <Marcel77799> Deal with it (derp) 
[07:38] <Plurky of House Targaryen> happy now ale? :p 
[07:39] <Plurky of House Targaryen> well, I GTG, bye o/ 
[07:39] <Madkatmaximus> o/ 
[07:40] <Caysie98> \o 
[07:40] <A Walruse> bye
[07:40] <A Walruse> so
[07:40] <A Walruse> deadness
[07:41] <Aravis Tarkheena> (pinkie) 
[07:41] <A Walruse> ugh
[07:41] <A Walruse> i don't wanna spend my evening with you butts
[07:41] <A Walruse> But my friends are all busy ._.
[07:41] <Marcel77799> Awww :p 
[07:41] <Worldracer99> i want to spend my evening with your butt
[07:41] <Worldracer99> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[07:42] <Marcel77799> WR (FW) 
[07:42] <A Walruse> My butt is awesome, I know
[07:42] <BrickfilmNut> ................ XP
[07:42] <A Walruse> no seriously I'm bored
[07:42] <Madkatmaximus> yeahno
[07:42] <A Walruse> Let's post funny letters
[07:42] <A Walruse> ä
[07:43] <A Walruse> ö
[07:43] <A Walruse> ü
[07:43] <A Walruse> Ä
[07:43] <A Walruse> ß
[07:43] <Alemas2005> Spam.
[07:43] <Madkatmaximus> ß is best letter
[07:43] <Aravis Tarkheena> (twi) 
[07:43] <A Walruse> ßutt
[07:43] <Marcel77799> ß is amazing but totally dumb
[07:43] <Aravis Tarkheena> Alemas you're eating dinner
[07:43] <Aravis Tarkheena> Go away
[07:43] <Worldracer99>
[07:43] <Madkatmaximus> if it didn't look so close to B that would be nice
[07:43] <Alemas2005> Not yet, Ara. :P 
[07:43] <Madkatmaximus> :p 
[07:43] <Marcel77799> Lol WR
[07:43] <Madkatmaximus> yes drace
[07:44] <Marcel77799> Still go away :p 
[07:44] <Alemas2005> Fun fact: ß is "ss" in German. :P 
[07:44] <A Walruse> Mad there used to be a letter that looked like an f
[07:44] <Alemas2005> GTG. :P 
[07:44] <A Walruse> It's not; Alemas.
[07:44] <Madkatmaximus> Alemas
[07:44] <Alemas2005> BBL. :P 
[07:44] <Caysie98> Yes Alemas :P 
[07:44] <Madkatmaximus> what is wrong with you :P 
[07:44] <Madkatmaximus> bye
[07:44] <Caysie98> Well like sz
[07:44] <Madkatmaximus> yeah
[07:44] <Caysie98> sound
[07:44] <Marcel77799> Yeah
[07:44] <A Walruse> ss is a sharp s before a quickly pronounced vowel
[07:44] <A Walruse> An ß is a sharp s before a slowly pronounced vowel
[07:44] <A Walruse> #themoreyouknow
[07:45] <Caysie98> What if it's at the end of a word?
[07:45] <A Walruse> Why does that matter
[07:45] <Caysie98> Like past tense essen
[07:45] <Caysie98> idk
[07:45] <A Walruse> Aß?
[07:45] <Caysie98> yeah
[07:45] <A Walruse> Aß has a long vowel
[07:45] <Caysie98> then there aren't any vowels after it
[07:45] <A Walruse> yeah, so
[07:46] <Caysie98> *is confused*
[07:46] <A Walruse> Ohh
[07:46] <Marcel77799> AFKish
[07:46] <Marcel77799> Dinner
[07:46] <A Walruse> Sorry I meant after not before
[07:46] <Caysie98> Oh :P 
[07:46] <Marcel77799> (derp) 
[07:46] <Worldracer99> guys
[07:46] <A Walruse> no
[07:46] <Caysie98> Yeah that wouldn't make sense at all :P 
[07:46] <Worldracer99> let's share unpopular opinion
[07:46] <A Walruse> no
[07:46] <Worldracer99> *opinions
[07:46] <A Walruse> Ok.
[07:46] <A Walruse> Wr is a butt.
[07:47] <Caysie98> I don't think that's an unpopular opinion
[07:47] <BrickfilmNut> Is that unpopular?
[07:47] <BrickfilmNut> test
[07:47] <A Walruse> That's probably tre.
[07:47] <A Walruse> *true
[07:47] <Worldracer99> Demon Days is not Gorillaz' best album
[07:47] <BrickfilmNut> test2
[07:47] <A Walruse> You already told us and we still don't care WR
[07:47] <BrickfilmNut> test2
[07:47] <Madkatmaximus> I'm not even sure if I have any unpopular opinions 
[07:47] <BrickfilmNut> Chat's acting really weird for me all of a sudden.
[07:47] <Madkatmaximus> but I'm probably wrong
[07:47] <A Walruse> Filthy mainstream casual 
[07:47] <A Walruse> You probably play life on easy mode
[07:48] <BrickfilmNut> test
[07:49] <A Walruse> hm lemme think of unpopular opinions that I have
[07:49] <A Walruse> uhm
[07:49] <BrickfilmNut> I have plenty of opinions that are unpopular HERE. :P 
[07:49] <A Walruse> I'd probably always find some kind of people that agrees with me
[07:49] <BrickfilmNut> Not sure about in general.
[07:49] <Caysie98> Same BFN 
[07:50] <Caysie98> At least among some people here
[07:50] <A Walruse> Well I guess that a lot of people here are total butts isn't exactly unpopular
[07:51] <A Walruse> And not the good kind of butts
[07:51] <BrickfilmNut> "the good kind of butts"?
[07:51] <Caysie98>
[07:51] <A Walruse> Well you see
[07:51] <A Walruse> There's Mad
[07:52] <A Walruse> Who's a total butt
[07:52] <A Walruse> But more a good kind
[07:52] <Worldracer99> i say what what
[07:52] <A Walruse> And then there's LSB
[07:52] <A Walruse> Who's sometimes a total butt to people
[07:52] <A Walruse> And not the good kind
[07:52] <BrickfilmNut> I guess I understand. :P 
[07:52] <BrickfilmNut> Am I a butt?! :D 
[07:52] <A Walruse> Everyone's a butt.
[07:52] <A Walruse> Except Cay.
[07:52] <Madkatmaximus> we're all butts
[07:52] <BrickfilmNut> Yay!
[07:52] <Caysie98> Except me, right? 
[07:52] <A Walruse> Ye
[07:53] <Caysie98> Yay
[07:53] <Worldracer99> mad pm
[07:53] <A Walruse> I meant that as a compliment at first but considering there's good and bad kinds of butts I'm not sure anymore, actually.
[07:53] <Madkatmaximus> brb afk need to some stuff
[07:53] <A Walruse> Also I so wanted to put inappropriate puns in that 
[07:53] <Madkatmaximus> * to do
[07:54] <Caysie98> No you need to sum stuff
[07:54] <Marcel77799> Back
[07:54] <Caysie98> You need to do arithmetic 
[07:56] <Caysie98> WB
[07:56] <Worldracer99> we've all had this moment
[08:04] <Caysie98> test
[08:05] <Marcel77799> Passed
[08:05] <A Walruse> no, chat didn't crash and yes, it's dead and I'm currently burying the corpse
[08:05] <Caysie98> \o 
[08:06] <Marcel77799> xD
[08:06] <BrickfilmNut> I'll donate a daisy to the grave.
[08:07] <Worldracer99> is madkat still around
[08:07] <A Walruse> Who said something about graves.
[08:08] <A Walruse> jesus
[08:08] <A Walruse> talk
[08:08] <A Walruse> people
[08:08] <A Walruse> please
[08:08] <Worldracer99> madkatmaximus ping
[08:08] <A Walruse> I'm bored as hell
[08:09] <BrickfilmNut> Hmm...
[08:09] <Worldracer99> did u see the new episode walruse
[08:09] <Marcel77799> Nahh
[08:09] <Marcel77799> Im watching LotR again
[08:09] <A Walruse> ofc I did
[08:09] <Worldracer99> there was a disturbing lack of Her Majesty
[08:10] <A Walruse> yeah
[08:11] <Madkatmaximus> back
[08:12] <Worldracer99> mad you know royals by lorde
[08:12] <Madkatmaximus> who the hell doesn't
[08:12] <Worldracer99> pm mad
[08:12] <BrickfilmNut> *BFN raises hand sheepisly*
[08:13] <Worldracer99> bfn, mad, walruse, pm
[08:19] <Caysie98> :P 
[08:19] <Caysie98> I would talk but I'm trying to German
[08:21] <Marcel77799> Talk to me in German :p 
[08:21] <Caysie98> In a sec I
[08:21] <Caysie98> *I'm drawing
[08:21] <Caysie98> an angry mom
[08:22] <Caysie98> :P 
[08:22] <A Walruse>
[08:22] <A Walruse> how to be dutch 101
[08:23] <Marcel77799> Hmm k
[08:26] <Madkatmaximus> jesus christ
[08:26] <Codyn329> what's happening
[08:26] <Codyn329> chat merge or
[08:27] <Madkatmaximus> LFY again
[08:27] <Caysie98> Hey it didn't kick me
[08:27] <Madkatmaximus> AFK eating
[08:27] <Codyn329> Oh god
[08:28] <Caysie98> can you kick someone due to something other than behavioral issues?
[08:28] <Marcel77799> No
[08:28] <A Walruse> yes and no
[08:28] <A Walruse> Not if they're actual users
[08:29] <A Walruse> The thing is these people were just showing up on the sidebar
[08:29] <Madkatmaximus> LFY has like become the definition of no life
[08:29] <A Walruse> But they're not actually here
[08:29] <Marcel77799> yeah
[08:30] <Caysie98> So can we do anything about LFY...?
[08:31] <Madkatmaximus> Just keep banning him
[08:31] <Madkatmaximus> he's using proxies 
[08:31] <Madkatmaximus> so yeah
[08:31] <Madkatmaximus> Anyway AFK again
[08:33] <Marcel77799> Such a troll...
[08:35] <Codyn329> Oh those people are all legit
[08:35] <Codyn329> Like Ozuzanna who's a CC admin
[08:35] <Alemas2005> Wait what.
[08:35] <Alemas2005> Are we under siege now?
[08:35] <Codyn329> so is Thisismyrofl
[08:39] <Caysie98> \o 
[08:39] <Codyn329> Probably since start of November
[08:39] <Codyn329> I haven't been counting
[08:39] <Marcel77799> Wikia glitch?
[08:39] <Marcel77799> Nahhh
[08:39] <Marcel77799> Earlier
[08:39] <Vonness11`> o/ 
[08:39] <Marcel77799> October
[08:39] <Codyn329> Ah
[08:40] <Caysie98> Oh
[08:42] <Caysie98> Ok I finished the comic
[08:42] <Codyn329> Oh cool
[08:43] <Codyn329> Was that the hw you were talking about earlier? :P 
[08:43] <Codyn329> Hey Net
[08:43] <Codyn329> o/ 
[08:43] <Caysie98> yeah probably :P 
[08:43] <NetbagReborn> Hey o/ 
[08:43] <Codyn329> oh :P 
[08:45] <Caysie98> trying to upload it now
[08:45] <Marcel77799> kk
[08:45] <A Walruse> so yeah
[08:45] <A Walruse> don't go somewhere by bike without gloves when it's 4° outside
[08:46] <A Walruse> My fingers were basically dead
[08:46] <Caysie98>
[08:46] <NetbagReborn> I can'
[08:47] <NetbagReborn> *I can't read that. :P 
[08:47] <Codyn329> beautiful handwriting
[08:47] <Codyn329> (y) 
[08:47] <Caysie98> :P 
[08:48] <Caysie98> My teacher's used to it. I've had her for 3 years now
[08:48] <Codyn329> I can read the letters but I don't understand the connotative meaning of the words. :P 
[08:48] <Marcel77799> My handwriting is awful :p 
[08:48] <Caysie98> Well :P It's not English :P 
[08:48] <Codyn329> Yeah :{P 
[08:49] <Codyn329> Von did you try to PM me? It's empty.
[08:49] <Caysie98> Marcel did I do everything right? :P 
[08:49] <Vonness11`> refresh
[08:49] <Codyn329> OK
[08:49] <Marcel77799> Did you write "anreden"?
[08:49] <Caysie98> Yeah
[08:50] <Caysie98> Oh
[08:50] <Caysie98> lol
[08:50] <Marcel77799> It should be "anrufen" if you mean to call
[08:50] <Marcel77799> Or do you mean to talk?
[08:50] <Vonness11`> Madkat, pm
[08:50] <Caysie98> No I meant anrufen 
[08:50] <Marcel77799> Hmm k
[08:51] <Caysie98> Brain to hand did not compute
[08:51] <Marcel77799> xD
[08:51] <Caysie98> :P 
[08:51] <Vonness11`> [[User:Madkatmaximus/chat.js?diff=579182&oldid=561287]] wth
[08:51] <Marcel77799> o/ 
[08:51] <Caysie98> Is "Immer mit der Ruhe" a weird thing to say? :P 
[08:51] <Kerberos89> hey
[08:52] <Caysie98> Hello person 
[08:52] <Marcel77799> No
[08:52] <Caysie98> oh good
[08:52] <Marcel77799> Its not
[08:52] <A Walruse> Say "Chill digga"
[08:52] <Caysie98> uh
[08:52] <Marcel77799> LED :p 
[08:52] <Caysie98> nah :P 
[08:53] <Marcel77799> If she writes that in an essay
[08:53] <A Walruse> That is totally perfect German
[08:53] <A Walruse> If you're 15 and have an IQ of 80
[08:54] <Caysie98> :P 
[08:54] <Marcel77799> xD
[08:57] <A Walruse> I actually once had a conversation with a classmate about whether chillig or gechillt was correct.
[08:57] <A Walruse> And I still stand by gechillt because chillig sounds like you're a complete tool.
[08:58] <Vonness11`> test
[08:59] <Caysie98> What's the difference? :P 
[09:00] <A Walruse> Everything
[09:00] <Caysie98> :P 
[09:00] <A Walruse> I don't trust people that say chillig.
[09:01] <Caysie98> Du bist nicht sehr chillig, LED. 
[09:01] <Caysie98> idk even know if I said that right
[09:01] <Caysie98> Oh wait
[09:02] <Caysie98> I can't english
[09:02] <A Walruse> Actually in that particular sentence chillig hardly even makes sense.
[09:02] <Caysie98> It's an adjective right?
[09:02] <A Walruse> Yeah
[09:02] <A Walruse> I mean
[09:02] <Caysie98> So how does it not make sense
[09:02] <A Walruse> It's not a real word as in, it's not in the Duden, but yeah. :P 
[09:02] <A Walruse> Well
[09:02] <A Walruse> Uhm
[09:03] <Caysie98> wtb is the duden
[09:03] <A Walruse> I'm honestly at a loss of words right now. :P I really can't explain. :P 
[09:03] <A Walruse> And the Duden is basically the German version of an Oxford dictionary
[09:03] <Caysie98> Oh :P 
[09:04] <Caysie98> How can you not explain this :P 
[09:05] <A Walruse> It probably has something to do with my hatred for the chillig. :P 
[09:05] <Caysie98> :P 
[09:05] <A Walruse> Because those should theoretically mean exactly the same thing. :p 
[09:05] <Alemas2005> I thinks "chillig" means relaxed, calm, chillin' out. :P 
[09:05] <Alemas2005> "think".
[09:05] <A Walruse> Yeah
[09:05] <A Walruse> But
[09:06] <A Walruse> The difference between gechillt, Alemas. :P 
[09:06] <Codyn329> Ugh
[09:06] <Caysie98> Alemas please explain :P 
[09:06] <Alemas2005> Ah.
[09:06] <Alemas2005> I see.
[09:06] <Alemas2005> Uh, here they use "chillig" a lot more.
[09:06] <A Walruse> I hate where you live Alemas.
[09:06] <Madkatmaximus> son of a gun LFY
[09:06] <Alemas2005> Never heard "gechillt" being used in the same way as "chillig". :P 
[09:07] <Alemas2005> What has he done now?
[09:07] <A Walruse> Then in what way would you use chillig :P 
[09:07] <Madkatmaximus> keeps duping
[09:07] <A Walruse> Because it sounds like it means something different :P 
[09:07] <A Walruse> But
[09:07] <Caysie98> How is it used where you live then?
[09:07] <A Walruse> In the same way as gechillt
[09:07] <A Walruse> And it makes me mad as buck
[09:06] <Madkatmaximus> son of a gun LFY
[09:06] <Alemas2005> Never heard "gechillt" being used in the same way as "chillig". :P 
[09:07] <Alemas2005> What has he done now?
[09:07] <A Walruse> Then in what way would you use chillig :P 
[09:07] <Madkatmaximus> keeps duping
[09:07] <A Walruse> Because it sounds like it means something different :P 
[09:07] <A Walruse> But
[09:07] <Caysie98> How is it used where you live then?
[09:07] <A Walruse> In the same way as gechillt
[09:07] <A Walruse> And it makes me mad as buck
[09:08] <Caysie98> No I mean how is gechillt used where Alemas lives
[09:08] <A Walruse> oh
[09:09] <Codyn329> Hey Gold o/ 
[09:10] <Alemas2005> Uh, never actually heard it used, Cay...
[09:10] <Caysie98> Oh
[09:10] <Alemas2005> Yeah.
[09:12] <A Walruse> Alemas you live in a sad place and should get the hell out of there right now
[09:12] <Marcel77799> ^^
[09:12] <Caysie98> :P 
[09:14] <Vonness11`> .
[09:14] <A Walruse>
[09:15] <Madkatmaximus> ok now I'm back
[09:15] <Marcel77799> WB
[09:15] <Marcel77799> WTH LED :P 
[09:16] <A Walruse> Finally Mad
[09:16] <A Walruse> Can we please get a conversation going again now
[09:16] <Madkatmaximus> sure
[09:18] <Codyn329> Hey Net o/ 
[09:18] <NetbagReborn> o/ 
[09:18] <Caysie98> Yooooooo this make sense? Klaus vergass eine größe Aufgabe. Er spielte Basketball die letzte Nacht und tat sie nicht. Am Morgen, hatte er eine Idee. Er würde “krank” sein.
[09:18] <Caysie98> 
[09:18] <A Walruse> *vergaß
[09:18] <A Walruse> Other than that seems fine.
[09:19] <Caysie98> sweet
[09:19] <Alemas2005> *Sigh* :P 
[09:19] <Alemas2005> I'm going to turn a blind eye on the "no foreign languages" policy... :P 
[09:19] <Alemas2005> You could do it in PM, but whatever. :P 
[09:19] <Caysie98> eh
[09:19] <Caysie98> :P 
[09:19] <Vonness11`> Oh it snowed here \o/
[09:19] <Alemas2005> If you say something bad, Cay, I will kick you. :P 
[09:20] <Alemas2005> In German, I mean. :P 
[09:20] <Caysie98> Why would I say something bad in my essay :P 
[09:20] <Madkatmaximus> Oh cay have you learned the art if German cursing yet
[09:20] <Madkatmaximus> :P 
[09:20] <Madkatmaximus> * of
[09:20] <Caysie98> A bit :P 
[09:20] <A Walruse> Whoa whoa whoa
[09:20] <A Walruse> We need to teach you
[09:20] <A Walruse> That's the most important part of any language
[09:20] <Caysie98> perhaps in a GPM? :P 
[09:21] <Alemas2005> "When opening BIOS on PC":
[09:21] <Alemas2005> Yup, very true.
[09:21] <Alemas2005> Good job.
[09:21] <Alemas2005> That's what my father always does.
[09:22] <A Walruse> isn't that what everyone always does
[09:22] <Marcel77799> :P 
[09:23] <Madkatmaximus> If you open a GPM about that I want in it. :P 
[09:23] <Marcel77799> ^^
[09:24] <A Walruse> Why don't you people do the GPM and put /me/ in it.
[09:24] <Caysie98> I made a thing
[09:24] <Caysie98> Mad and Marcel do you see it
[09:25] <Marcel77799> I see it
[09:25] <NetbagReborn> Cody your wife is on chat (derp) 
[09:25] <Madkatmaximus> omg
[09:26] <Codyn329> I don't know who you're talking about net
[09:26] <Codyn329> stop spreading rumors :P 
[09:26] <Madkatmaximus> Cody refresh
[09:26] <Madkatmaximus> it's amazing
[09:26] <NetbagReborn> refresh
[09:26] <Madkatmaximus> AJW user on who has a really convenient name
[09:26] <Codyn329> I don't see anything
[09:26] <Codyn329> oh
[09:26] <Alemas2005>
[09:26] <Codyn329> kden :P 
[09:26] <Alemas2005> Mad, for you.
[09:26] <Codyn329> I shall go afk again :P 
[09:26] <Madkatmaximus> Cody refresh
[09:26] <Madkatmaximus> it's amazing
[09:26] <NetbagReborn> refresh
[09:26] <Madkatmaximus> AJW user on who has a really convenient name
[09:26] <Codyn329> I don't see anything
[09:26] <Codyn329> oh
[09:26] <Alemas2005>
[09:26] <Codyn329> kden :P 
[09:26] <Alemas2005> Mad, for you.
[09:26] <Codyn329> I shall go afk again :P 
[09:28] <Alemas2005> Yay, CC chat leaks!
[09:28] <Madkatmaximus> Actually some of these are AJW users
[09:28] <Alemas2005> (YK) 
[09:28] <Alemas2005> AJW chat leaks now?
[09:29] <Alemas2005> But they still aren't here, right?
[09:29] <Madkatmaximus> Yeah
[09:31] <Alemas2005> Who's Cook Me Plox?
[09:31] <Alemas2005> What's he doing here?
[09:31] <Madkatmaximus> AWESOME HAT is actually here though go
[09:31] <Madkatmaximus> Cook isn't here
[09:31] <Madkatmaximus> he's weird though
[09:31] <Codyn329> Cook Me Plox is a like bot/user
[09:31] <Madkatmaximus> he's a bot, or so it says on his page, and no matter what he leaks everywhere
[09:31] <Alemas2005> Drew said he's some former CC/VSTF guy...
[09:31] <Alemas2005> Yeah.
[09:31] <Alemas2005> Even in Nigma's wiki...
[09:31] <Alemas2005> Meh.
[09:31] <Codyn329> Maybe he was a user and then turned into a bot
[09:31] <Codyn329> idk
[09:32] <Madkatmaximus> He has transcended humanity 
[09:32] <Madkatmaximus> To live his life as a machine
[09:32] <Codyn329> looool
[09:33] <Vonness11`> .
[09:33] <Madkatmaximus> test
[09:33] <Vonness11`> lag
[09:34] <Alemas2005> Ah, Ara, hi.
[09:36] <Codyn329> Net wb
[09:36] <Codyn329> btw pm
[09:40] <Vonness11`> test
[09:41] <Codyn329> pass
[09:42] <Codyn329> Net pm
[09:50] <Alemas2005> For the nerds out there:
[09:51] <Madkatmaximus> Alemas that's like a million years old
[09:51] <Madkatmaximus> :P 
[09:51] <A Walruse> Like everything else you two ever post
[09:52] <Alemas2005> Us two?
[09:52] <Alemas2005> Mad as well?
[09:52] <Alemas2005> It feels nice to not be alone. (derp3) 
[09:52] <Madkatmaximus> I've posted one meme here in like 8 months so
[09:52] <Madkatmaximus> :P 
[09:55] <A Walruse> Actually you posted something that I saw as soon as I started using the internet here like, yesterday
[09:56] <Madkatmaximus> that's the one I'm referring to
[09:56] <Madkatmaximus> that's like it
[09:56] <A Walruse> So yeah
[09:56] <A Walruse> Both of you
[09:58] <A Walruse>
[10:00] <Alemas2005>
[10:05] <Marcel77799> ...
[10:12] <652Graystripe> Hi.
[10:12] <Madkatmaximus> hi
[10:15] <Agent Spy> o/ 
[10:15] <Vonness11`> o/ 
[10:15] <652Graystripe> Hi.
[10:15] <Marcel77799> O/ 
[10:15] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> o/ 
[10:15] <Marcel77799> o/ 
[10:15] <Vonness11`> Hi o/ 
[10:16] <652Graystripe> Hi.
[10:17] <Caysie98> Hi Brick
[10:17] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Herro.
[10:17] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> o/ 
[10:18] <Codyn329> Hola
[10:18] <652Graystripe> Hi.
[10:18] <Vonness11`> o/ 
[10:18] <Worldracer99> von what episode are you on
[10:19] <Vonness11`> of wat
[10:19] <Worldracer99> Dangan Ronpa
[10:19] <Vonness11`> . . .
[10:19] <Vonness11`> i said that i didn't start it yet (yk) 
[10:19] <652Graystripe> Hi.
[10:19] <Vonness11`> o/ 
[10:19] <Worldracer99> i thought you did
[10:19] <Vonness11`>, I was tired :p 
[10:19] <Worldracer99> Would it help if I told you that Claude from Black Butler voices a character in it
[10:19] <Vonness11`> hi mlu o/ 
[10:20] <CougarsRock> Hi o/ 
[10:20] <Vonness11`> I would have started it, but I ended up being active on chat longer than I thought I would
[10:20] <Worldracer99> L from Death Note is in it, too.
[10:20] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Black Butler: "Yo dawg, I got yo drinks right here."
[10:21] <Vonness11`> xD
[10:21] <Vonness11`> you told me, WR
[10:21] <Vonness11`> :p 
[10:21] <CougarsRock> I'm bored
[10:21] <Worldracer99> @LDC:
[10:22] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Death Note: *Walking by the fridge, when suddenly I see a wild paper attached by a magnet* What's this? *Reads* "I will find you. And I will kill you."
[10:22] <Vonness11`> What about Evangelion? (troll o) 
[10:22] <A Walruse>
[10:22] <Vonness11`> I thought that was a pokeball, walrus
[10:22] <Vonness11`> xD
[10:23] <Marcel77799> Per
[10:23] <Marcel77799> Von
[10:23] <Marcel77799> But then :P 
[10:23] <A Walruse> That's polanball you heathen
[10:23] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> ...That would be Indonesia. The Polish flag has red on the bottom. :P 
[10:23] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> And yes, it does look like a pokeball.
[10:23] <Vonness11`> I realized what it was a few seconds afterwards :p 
[10:24] <Marcel77799> ^^
[10:24] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Countryballs aren't supposed to have black outlines between colors. :P 
[10:24] <A Walruse> You don't say Brick
[10:24] <Alemas2005> Aw, poor Polandball.
[10:24] <Worldracer99> also Vis IDK if you're there but you saved my setlist for this week
[10:24] <Jahchildren> Llama! (derP) 
[10:24] <Jahchildren> o/ 
[10:24] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> *Indonesiaball
[10:24] <Jahchildren> (llama) 
[10:24] <Aravis Tarkheena> What?
[10:24] <A Walruse> And how do you know that contryballs aren't supposed to have outlines between the colours but don't know that in order to be polanball there's nothing wrong with the colours
[10:25] <Worldracer99> I had no idea what to pick for this one big awkward blank spot i had in the setlist
[10:25] <Worldracer99> And I was going back through my bookmarks and found SmK
[10:25] <Worldracer99> I hadn't gotten the chance to listen to much of them
[10:25] <Worldracer99> So I picked one at random
[10:25] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> LMP, either I am an idiot or that doesn't make sense. :P 
[10:25] <Worldracer99> and now I've resolved to use them more often because they are great.
[10:25] <NetbagReborn> Cody ping
[10:25] <A Walruse> What I'm saying is
[10:25] <Aravis Tarkheena> That's great
[10:26] <A Walruse> You know enough about Polanball to know that there should be no outlines between the colours
[10:26] <A Walruse> But
[10:26] <Aravis Tarkheena> My brother does essentially the same thing at youth group and he's started using SmK too
[10:26] <A Walruse> FOr some reason you don't know that polandball always has red on top?
[10:26] <Worldracer99> If you like SmK, Tobu is also really great
[10:26] <Aravis Tarkheena> I'll tell him that
[10:27] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Then I guess mistakes by the maker(s)... :P 
[10:27] <652Graystripe> Be back soon.
[10:27] <Marcel77799> kk
[10:27] <A Walruse> Polandball generally has red on top
[10:28] <Marcel77799> O/ 
[10:29] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> I know it's a mistake turned running gag...
[10:29] <Worldracer99> polandball cannot into space
[10:29] <Jahchildren> o/ Izzy
[10:29] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> I'm just pointing out it is a mistake because that's what I do. :P 
[10:30] <Aravis Tarkheena> Drace, this will be perfect :P 
[10:30] <Madkatmaximus> You know LDC that's a good way to lose friends 
[10:30] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> I do. (ok)
[10:30] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Dang it, no "okay" rage face. :P 
[10:31] <Worldracer99> nanobii (it's supposed to be nocaps) is also pretty great, Vis.
[10:31] <Worldracer99> He doesn't have too much out, though.
[10:31] <Aravis Tarkheena> Yeah, I checked that out
[10:31] <Aravis Tarkheena> It's not bad :P 
[10:31] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> But for some reason, my friends don't make a lot of mistakes, at least not around me. But I don't think that's a coincidence. :P 
[10:33] <Worldracer99> vonness11`, pm
[10:34] <CougarsRock> Gonna go
[10:34] <CougarsRock> Bye o/ 
[10:34] <Vonness11`> o/ 
[10:34] <Jahchildren> o/ 
[10:34] <Jahchildren> \o 
[10:34] <Jahchildren> ;p 
[10:34] <Jahchildren> JCF been on today? ;) 
[10:34] <Jahchildren> * :) 
[10:34] <Madkatmaximus> no
[10:34] <Madkatmaximus> BRB
[10:35] <Aravis Tarkheena> o/ 
[10:35] <Jahchildren> BFN o/ 
[10:35] <BrickfilmNut> o/ 
[10:35] <Jahchildren> Riolu o/ 
[10:35] <BrickfilmNut> So many people in chat. :S 
[10:35] <Jahchildren> @BFN:
[10:35] <Jahchildren>
[10:35] <Jahchildren> ^
[10:35] <Packachoo> o/ 
[10:36] <Jahchildren> o/ 
[10:36] <Worldracer99> windex pm
[10:36] <Packachoo> Is everyone in chat here, or CC leakers?
[10:36] <BrickfilmNut> That's a lot to take in at once, Jah. :P 
[10:36] <BrickfilmNut> I think basically all of them are LMBWians, Pack.
[10:36] <Vonness11`> * Vonness11` is playing smash
[10:37] <Riolu777> There aren't any CC peeps, I think.
[10:37] <Jahchildren> @BFN: Is that a good thing or a bad thing? :P 
[10:37] <Jahchildren> \o 
[10:37] <BrickfilmNut> Neither in particular. Just takes a while to get an impression is all. :P 
[10:37] <Caysie98> The word "kewl" is apparently a word in English according to the online German-English dictionary I use
[10:37] <BrickfilmNut> lol
[10:37] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Wait, the W in LMBW stands for "Wiki". So really, it wouldn't be LMBWians, it'd be LMBWans, because Wiki already ends in the letter I. :P 
[10:38] <Jahchildren> I wish the scanner didn't mess it all up. :( 
[10:38] <Aravis Tarkheena> Oh, I'm not the only person who's noticed. :P 
[10:38] <BrickfilmNut> Finally scanned over it all. Well done, Jah.
[10:38] <Jahchildren> Thankee. :D 
[10:38] <Worldracer99> ohai sato
[10:38] <Jahchildren> o/ 
[10:38] <Satoshi2> World \o 
[10:38] <Satoshi2> And Jah. \o 
[10:38] <Caysie98> like obi-wan
[10:38] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> ^ xD
[10:38] <Jahchildren> Satoshi o/ 
[10:38] <Caysie98> LMB-wan
[10:38] <Caysie98> :P 
[10:38] <Packachoo> Did anyone else know that 'gruntled' is a word, and is in fact, the opposite of disgruntled?
[10:38] <Caysie98> yes
[10:38] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Yes Cays. :P 
[10:39] <Packachoo> :0 New ping word
[10:39] <Riolu777> You stole that from tumblr, Pack.
[10:39] <Caysie98> ^
[10:39] <SouperBrick2> helo
[10:39] <Caysie98> Chippy!
[10:39] <Worldracer99> who's souperbrick
[10:39] <Madkatmaximus> back
[10:39] <Aravis Tarkheena> According to the law of root words it makes sense
[10:39] <Packachoo> No, my brother just told me that. He probably stole it from Tumblr :p 
[10:39] <Riolu777> He did. :P 
[10:39] <Packachoo> Who's ever used the word, "Gruntled" 
[10:39] <Packachoo> In context
[10:39] <SouperBrick2> i'm new hear
[10:39] <A Walruse> Hey Rio
[10:40] <Aravis Tarkheena> Not I. :P 
[10:40] <A Walruse> you beautiful penguin shrimp omlette mushroom dessert
[10:40] <Nart L. Chipikal> Well, it's good that you're finally hearing things. 
[10:40] <Riolu777> Oh stop flattering me, LED.
[10:40] <Jahchildren> o/ 
[10:41] <Packachoo> (dalek) 
[10:41] <Worldracer99> mad pm
[10:41] <Packachoo> :D 
[10:41] <A Walruse> ugh
[10:41] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Black Friday in Gotham
[10:41] <A Walruse> i want Porter to release a DVD of Worlds
[10:41] <A Walruse> Like, with the visuals of the show
[10:41] <Worldracer99> it took me a second to see batman, LDC.
[10:42] <Caysie98> yes I found the pencil is fell between the couch seats
[10:42] <Satoshi2> XD
[10:42] <Caysie98> *it
[10:42] <Riolu777> My Crobat is a god.
[10:43] <Caysie98> Ok everyone I need to color my homework I am afk cannot respond to pms 
[10:43] <Jahchildren> o/ 
[10:43] <Jahchildren> @Satoshi:
[10:43] <Jahchildren>
[10:43] <Madkatmaximus> we recently destroyed some old furniture and I found one of my old spiderman toys from about 15 years in one of them
[10:43] <Madkatmaximus> it was amazing
[10:43] <Satoshi2> Color your homework?
[10:43] <Satoshi2> :P 
[10:43] <Madkatmaximus> * years ago
[10:43] <Worldracer99> I don't do much on the gallery anymore
[10:43] <Nart L. Chipikal> I don't wanna color your homework. :c
[10:43] <A Walruse> She had to make a comic Sato :P 
[10:43] <Riolu777> Yay Mad. c:
[10:43] <Worldracer99> I plan to make more sprite builds though @Jah
[10:44] <Satoshi2> Oh
[10:44] <Satoshi2> Awesome
[10:44] <Satoshi2> :P 
[10:44] <A Walruse> boredom
[10:44] <A Walruse> (Derp) 
[10:44] <Riolu777> LED, shouldn't you be sleeping
[10:45] <A Walruse> Maybe if I went to bed now I wouldn't wake up at noon tomorrow and I would be able to sleep on the night from sunday to monday and I wouldn't be tired at school
[10:45] <A Walruse> but nah
[10:45] <A Walruse> And Rio, no, I should not.
[10:45] <A Walruse> It's not even 12
[10:45] <Riolu777> But don't you want to be productive?
[10:45] <Madkatmaximus> Hi Drwe
[10:45] <A Walruse> no
[10:45] <652Graystripe> I'm back.
[10:45] <Madkatmaximus> Hi Grya
[10:45] <Madkatmaximus> (derp) 
[10:46] <A Walruse> I really should set up my surround system properly but that would require me to a. work and b. have cables all over the room :c
[10:46] <Riolu777> Be productive. c:
[10:46] <A Walruse> But I doN't want cables all across the room :c
[10:47] <Riolu777> Then hide them. c:
[10:47] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Put a rug or carpet over them. :P 
[10:48] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Or maybe a cool little bridge, with a moat underneath
[10:48] <A Walruse> that would look extremely crappy in my case
[10:48] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> (Make sure the cables have the plastic stuff around them, if you're gonna stick them in water, though.) :P 
[10:48] <Riolu777> Or remove the insulated layer and have them be a deterrent for anyone trying to come into your room.
[10:48] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> xD
[10:48] <Madkatmaximus> Skul :( 
[10:49] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Dig a hole underground and make the wires run through that. :P 
[10:49] <Riolu777> Skul :( 
[10:49] <Madkatmaximus> The LEGO TBBT topic got locked :( 
[10:49] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> TBBT?
[10:49] <Madkatmaximus> the big bang theory
[10:49] <NetbagReborn> ^
[10:49] <A Walruse> My bedroom is on the second floor Brick
[10:49] <Riolu777> Due to idiocy?
[10:49] <Agent Spy> lolwat
[10:49] <Satoshi2> What for?
[10:49] <Satoshi2> @Mad
[10:49] <Aravis Tarkheena> I watched like one episode of that and it was amusing enough
[10:49] <Madkatmaximus> Due to the kids not staying civil and kept using childish insults :P 
[10:50] <Madkatmaximus> was amazing to watch
[10:50] <Satoshi2> XD
[10:50] <Satoshi2> @Mad
[10:50] <Satoshi2> I saw a bit of some episodes, too.
[10:50] <Aravis Tarkheena> It was kind of too cheesy to be enjoyable though, somehow :P 
[10:50] <Riolu777> dem kiddies and dem insults (derp) 
[10:50] <A Walruse> Did they try to be mature by saying the show was inappropriate Mad
[10:50] <Satoshi2> Did anyone ever see that one with the time machine, though?
[10:50] <Madkatmaximus> Yes LED
[10:50] <Satoshi2> And the ending with the morlocks dream?
[10:50] <Satoshi2> ...That scared the crap out of me
[10:50] <A Walruse> That really wasn't hard to guess
[10:50] <Satoshi2> :P 
[10:50] <Madkatmaximus> "You seem to have nothing to offer to this topic than snide remarks."
[10:51] <Madkatmaximus> "Why are you talking to yourself? (smug) "
[10:51] <Madkatmaximus> I LOL'd
[10:51] <A Walruse> dat burn do
[10:51] <Satoshi2> Who said those quotes, respectively? 
[10:51] <Satoshi2> Because that's great
[10:51] <Satoshi2> XD
[10:51] <Madkatmaximus> those are paraphrasing but it was Ryantr(?) and Johnyjo
[10:51] <Madkatmaximus> johnyjo is like the ultimate example of a typical MB kid
[10:52] <Satoshi2> (clap) 
[10:52] <Satoshi2> I actually have to applaud him for his remark. :P 
[10:52] <Madkatmaximus> Dude the "Why are you talking to yourself" thing gets old after 4th grade :P 
[10:53] <BrickfilmNut> :P 
[10:53] <Riolu777> "if you're so snide then why don't you marry yourself"
[10:54] <Msd the CODYN Fan> hi :P 
[10:54] <SouperBrick2> oh i've seen that topeic!
[10:54] <Madkatmaximus> Oh yeah he also wanted to start a religious debate and couldn't spell religion, and also thinks atheism is a religion 
[10:54] <Madkatmaximus> :P 
[10:54] <Riolu777> Now, I thought this was the MsD imitator? :P 
[10:54] <SouperBrick2> codyn has fanns?
[10:55] <ToneTyphoon> XD
[10:55] <SouperBrick2> is that a gam of thrones name
[10:55] <Alemas2005> Mad, that made me really laugh. :P 
[10:55] <Alemas2005> Thank my sleepdrunkedness! :P 
[10:55] <NetbagReborn> No he doesn't Soup
[10:55] <ToneTyphoon> It is Soup
[10:55] <Madkatmaximus> ALE IS SLEEPDRUNK? :O 
[10:55] <Madkatmaximus> That's new
[10:55] <Skully Of House Lannister> Ale is just drunk. :P 
[10:55] <Packachoo> Alemas PM
[10:56] <A Walruse> ugh
[10:56] <A Walruse> I'm tired
[10:56] <Kerberos89> hey
[10:57] <Drew1200> It's like 2AM here, except my clock says 5:57. :S 
[10:57] <A Walruse> pretty much midnight over h ere
[10:57] <Codyn329> Wth
[10:57] <Codyn329> Oh it's MsD
[10:57] <Drew1200> My body says it's 2AM, at least.
[10:58] <Madkatmaximus> Drew is a time lord confirmed 
[10:58] <SouperBrick2> drew1200 do you live in asia
[10:58] <A Walruse> Uhm
[10:58] <A Walruse> THat's an eastern european time zone
[10:58] <A Walruse> But k
[10:58] <ToneTyphoon> Who invited Mr Lunt?
[10:58] <A Walruse> Or well, African I suppose
[10:58] <Drew1200> Maybe I'm in Asia, and I have 8 hour jet lag.
[10:58] <A Walruse> "Maybe"
[10:58] <A Walruse> Uhm
[10:59] <A Walruse> How do you know not where you are
[10:59] <Madkatmaximus> Drew are you lost
[10:59] <Madkatmaximus> DO YOU NEED HELP
[10:59] <Madkatmaximus> Call this number
[10:59] <Drew1200> It'd be one zone over, Walruse.
[10:59] <A Walruse> Over what
[10:59] <Drew1200> Yes please
[10:59] <Drew1200> Past EET
[10:59] <Drew1200> Maybe
[10:59] <Drew1200> Unless I'm wrong again. :P 
[10:59] <Alemas2005> Drew, PM.
[11:00] <A Walruse> Well I think Pauline is in that timezone in which it's 2am right now and she's in the western part of Russia (i think)
[11:00] <Drew1200> I know, Alemas. It's urgent.
[11:00] <Drew1200> Yes, same timezone as Pauline.
[11:01] <Madkatmaximus> wait what
[11:01] <Drew1200> EET is +2
[11:01] <Madkatmaximus> I got another lucky edit
[11:01] <Madkatmaximus> when
[11:01] <Madkatmaximus> how
[11:01] <Madkatmaximus> why
[11:01] <Madkatmaximus> Jdude might kill me now
[11:01] <Madkatmaximus> :P 
[11:01] <Drew1200> When? :P 
[11:01] <Madkatmaximus> I don't know I just looked at my badges and I have another one :P 
[11:01] <Packachoo> lol
[11:01] <Drew1200> What's the name of Moscow's timezone?
[11:02] <SouperBrick2> timecow
[11:02] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> The Communist Timezone of Communism
[11:02] <Agent Spy> Drew, PM
[11:02] <Madkatmaximus> chatlogger please start working again 
[11:02] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Brought to you by Communism since 1918
[11:03] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> A division of Marx Inc.
[11:03] <Drew1200> They quit that sorta thing awhile ago :P 
[11:03] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Communism is still out there.
[11:03] <Caysie98> Bye 
[11:03] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> o/ 
[11:03] <A Walruse> Bye 
[11:03] <A Walruse> c
[11:04] <A Walruse> * :c
[11:04] <Drew1200> I want to visit Moscow FYI. I don't really care about most cities, but Moscow would be cool to visit.
[11:04] <Madkatmaximus> Drew LDC lives in like 1983
[11:04] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Big Red? What a communist name.
[11:04] <Jahchildren> \o 
[11:04] <Drew1200> I live in 2AM
[11:04] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Yes, Mad. The year is 1983, which means I was born in 1970. I started supporting the Vietnam War at age 2. :P 
[11:04] <A Walruse> Moscow would be cool to visit, yeah
[11:05] <Drew1200> If there's another world war, are they going to call it WWIII, or World War 3.0? (derp) 
[11:05] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> At age 4, I owned my first gun. :P 
[11:05] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> ...You can have a fraction of a war? :P 
[11:05] <A Walruse> And at age 5 you shot your first terrorist.
[11:06] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Hell yeah I did
[11:06] <Drew1200> I actually still don't own a gun.
[11:06] <A Walruse> Oh wait that's 40 years later
[11:06] <A Walruse> *30
[11:06] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Viet Cong = terrorist, same thing
[11:06] <A Walruse> Right
[11:07] <A Walruse> As long as they don't want to accept true american freedom into their lives they're terrorists, I forgot.
[11:07] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> ...IDK if her name is pronounced "Izzybee", "Izzybay", or "Izzybeh".
[11:07] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Correct, LMP
[11:07] <ToneTyphoon> I pronounce it IzzyBe
[11:07] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> ...OK, and how would that sound...?
[11:07] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> :P 
[11:07] <ToneTyphoon> Izzy bee :P 
[11:08] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> OK. :P 
[11:08] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Same
[11:08] <ToneTyphoon> this is all just speculation, I've never talked to her :P 
[11:08] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Nobody has. :P 
[11:08] <ToneTyphoon> :P 
[11:09] <ToneTyphoon> Don't mind her, just the NSA (spy o) 
[11:09] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> She's a communist.
[11:09] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Izzybe has 6 letters.
[11:09] <A Walruse> so does weed
[11:09] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> 6 times 10 is 60.
[11:09] <A Walruse> and so does satan
[11:09] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> xD
[11:09] <A Walruse> Izzy is the antichrist confirmed
[11:10] <Madkatmaximus> and so does BIEBEr
[11:10] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> If you take the year in which Russia became communist, which is 1918, and add 60, you get 1978.
[11:10] <ToneTyphoon> Whir o/ 
[11:10] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> 1978 was the year communism took control of Afghanistan.
[11:10] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Izzybe = communist confirmed
[11:11] <A Walruse> "communism took control of"
[11:11] <A Walruse> xD
[11:11] <Worldracer99> communism took control of
[11:11] <Worldracer99> "WHO IS THIS 4CHAN"
[11:12] <Alemas2005> GTG...
[11:12] <Alemas2005> Bye.
[11:12] <SouperBrick2> bye aleams2005
[11:12] <NetbagReborn> o/ 
[11:13] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> ?
[11:13] <LondonDauntlessCorvair963> Communism took control in 1978...
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