[09:32] <Madkatmaximus> o/ 
[09:33] <Vonness11`> oh :p 
[09:33] <Vonness11`> o/ 
[09:37] <FortressOfNight> von-sonpai pls
[09:38] <FortressOfNight> [small]notoich me[/small]
[09:38] <Vonness11`> * Vonness11` notices fort
[09:39] <FortressOfNight> <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
[09:57] <Vonness11`> .
[10:06] <Vonness11`> GTG
[10:06] <Vonness11`> o/ 
[10:50] <Gab10sti> o/ 
[10:50] <Nehpets7000> (sniffle) 
[10:57] <BusyCityGirl> I was just kind of blankly staring out the window when for one terrible moment I realized there was a face on the other side staring right back!
[10:57] <BusyCityGirl> ...a second later I smiled at my reflection ;p 
[10:57] <Nart L. Chipikal> c:
[11:02] <FortressOfNight> nice work
[11:05] <Marcel77799> O/ 
[11:05] <BusyCityGirl> It takes talent to startle yourself. :p 
[11:05] <BusyCityGirl> Hi Marcy o/ 
[11:06] <Marcel77799> BCGirl :3
[11:06] <Marcel77799> O/ 
[11:06] <BusyCityGirl> :3
[11:23] <FortressOfNight> sometimes it just takes enough fatigue
[11:40] <A Walruse> my room smells like döner
[11:45] <FortressOfNight> i pity you
[11:45] <FortressOfNight> if they smell anything like they look, that must be torturous
[11:45] <A Walruse> they look glorious screw yoou
[11:46] <FortressOfNight> they look disgusting
[11:49] <Lunaicus> hi
[11:59] <Damastermind> Was just reading TVTropes and found out about possibly the main reason why Minecraft is so popular but this is starting to get almost silly
[11:59] <Damastermind> "The influx of new people was enough to knock Mojang's web servers off their metaphorical feet, and for a while the Minecraft homepage was a blank white page with a few lines of text." Hard to even believe that last part
[12:00] <A Walruse> how so
[12:01] <Damastermind> Just seems silly that apparently a game in it's alpha games got mentioned on a webcomic and all of a sudden the homepage managed to end up as that
[12:01] <Damastermind> *alpha phase
[12:01] <Damastermind> Why do I suck at typing
[12:10] <A Walruse> servers actually crash rather often, and if they weren't prepared that makes it even more likely but ok
[12:13] <FortressOfNight> yep
[12:13] <FortressOfNight> freakin reddit's servers block you out of pages because of high traffic pretty regularly
[12:13] <FortressOfNight> and thats reddit
[12:14] <A Walruse> and if i had a dollar everytime wikia servers crash
[12:14] <A Walruse> id have like, 10 dollars
[12:14] <Lunaicus> I'd have like 30
[12:14] <Lunaicus> depending on the day
[12:15] <FortressOfNight> ikr
[12:15] <Lunaicus> I remember a day it was crashing so bad it crashed every 5 secs
[12:15] <FortressOfNight> if i had a dollar for every time i had to refresh chat
[12:15] <Lunaicus> not even joking
[12:15] <A Walruse> chat crashes aren't always server crashes
[12:15] <A Walruse> so
[12:15] <Lunaicus> wellllll 
[12:15] <Lunaicus> actually
[12:15] <FortressOfNight> my chat has been super glitched for like 6 months now
[12:15] <Lunaicus> I'm on more then one chat
[12:15] <FortressOfNight> it freezes every like 5-30 seconds
[12:15] <FortressOfNight> i got used to it tho
[12:16] <FortressOfNight> f5 is best key
[12:16] <A Walruse> well that's more like a problem on your end
[12:16] <Lunaicus> I know the feeling fort
[12:16] <FortressOfNight> i dunno
[12:16] <Lunaicus> but yeah I crashing
[12:16] <Lunaicus> ....
[12:16] <Lunaicus> i can words
[12:16] <FortressOfNight> i went from chrome to firefox, nothing changed
[12:16] <Lunaicus> ignore me
[12:16] <FortressOfNight> got a new computer, nothing changed
[12:16] <FortressOfNight> got a new account, nothing changed
[12:17] <A Walruse> well it doesn't happen for me so that must be an australian thing
[12:17] <Damastermind> "if I had a dollar for every time wikia servers crash"
[12:17] <FortressOfNight> well it doesnt happen for goggs or sky afaik
[12:17] <FortressOfNight> so i guess life hates me
[12:17] <Damastermind> Do you mean the chat servers or the main servers
[12:17] <A Walruse> the whole wikia
[12:17] <Damastermind> Because if the chat servers you would be rich
[12:17] <A Walruse> so main i suppose
[12:17] <Damastermind> Oh :P 
[12:17] <A Walruse> chat crashes all the freaking time of course
[12:17] <Lunaicus> i want a dollar for chat crashes
[12:18] <A Walruse> id be rich
[12:18] <Damastermind> You'd get like 20 dollars per day
[12:18] <Damastermind> By now you would be practically made out of money :P 
[12:18] <A Walruse> well i mean 20 dollars a day isn't even a lot but
[12:18] <Lunaicus> yeah
[12:18] <FortressOfNight> can i have a dollar every time i refresh chat
[12:18] <A Walruse> in fact, it'S literally just working 2 hours a day on minimum wage
[12:18] <FortressOfNight> cause id be making more money in a year than the president
[12:19] <Damastermind> TA if there was a machine that made infinite money and poured it in somebody's house
[12:19] <A Walruse> we'd have an iflation
[12:19] <A Walruse> *inflation
[12:19] <Damastermind> You would have more money a year than that somebody
[12:19] <Damastermind> :P 
[12:21] <FortressOfNight> yes
[12:21] <FortressOfNight> i would
[12:21] <FortressOfNight> depends on what kind of money that machine made tho
[12:21] <FortressOfNight> and how fast
[12:22] <FortressOfNight> like if it made 1,000,000,000,000 rubles per millisecond then it might make enough in a decade to match a mcdonalds cleaner's wage
[12:22] <Paulinekovaleva> xD
[12:22] <Paulinekovaleva> o/ 
[12:23] <Damastermind> xD xD xD
[12:23] <Goggles99> Greetings people!
[12:23] <Lunaicus> hey
[12:23] <A Walruse> considering a dollar is 70k rubel that's you'd still make some decent money with that bm
[12:23] <A Walruse> and cause an inflation
[12:24] <FortressOfNight> gugs
[12:24] <Paulinekovaleva> wooo
[12:24] <Goggles99> Hey Luna o/ 
[12:24] <Goggles99> Hey LED o/ 
[12:24] <Damastermind> So apparently on the TF2 forums somebody mentioning MLP and getting a ton of hate is a thing
[12:24] <Goggles99> Hey Forty o/ 
[12:24] <Paulinekovaleva> I exist :c
[12:24] <Damastermind> Dang I need to get around to making more popcorn if I get into TF2
[12:24] <A Walruse> no you don't, pauline
[12:24] <FortressOfNight> the question is which tf2 forums dama
[12:24] <A Walruse> you don't exist
[12:24] <Paulinekovaleva> aw why not
[12:24] <FortressOfNight> you dont have enough money
[12:24] <A Walruse> you'Re an illusion
[12:24] <FortressOfNight> to exist
[12:25] <Paulinekovaleva> ah ok then
[12:25] <Damastermind> I got the info from TVTropes, and all I know from there is...
[12:25] <Goggles99> Hiieee Pauliiinee!!
[12:25] <Goggles99> (sie) 
[12:25] <Damastermind> The TF2 forums. (derp3) 
[12:25] <A Walruse> pro tip
[12:25] <A Walruse> first hand experience is also a thing
[12:25] <FortressOfNight> oh
[12:25] <FortressOfNight> tvtropes
[12:25] <FortressOfNight> cause like
[12:25] <Damastermind> Also it gives me another chance to say "I am from the government and I am here to help :) "
[12:25] <FortressOfNight> there are entire mlp tf2 communities
[12:26] <FortressOfNight> which function totally fine
[12:26] <A Walruse> anyway, mentioning ponies gets you hate iterally everywhere
[12:26] <Damastermind> Well those are based off of MLP obviously :P 
[12:26] <FortressOfNight> like if you were to mention mlp on spuf they'd be like "meh" and not care
[12:27] <A Walruse> you always have like 4 brony haters and 4 bronies on a server in tf2
[12:27] <A Walruse> the rest is indifferent
[12:27] <A Walruse> in fact
[12:27] <FortressOfNight> but if you mentioned it on spud, well
[12:27] <FortressOfNight> you'd probably be hunted down and bludgeoned to death in your sleep
[12:27] <A Walruse> that's how it is about everyone on the interwebs
[12:27] <FortressOfNight> your organs extracted one by one
[12:27] <Damastermind> I was thinking about making an LMBW comic about how you'd get a ton of hate anywhere if you mentioned ponies but I wanna make a comic with somebody other than Dama again and that comic would probably just involve Dama
[12:27] <FortressOfNight> impaled on stakes
[12:27] <FortressOfNight> and hung on the street
[12:28] <Damastermind> And then get told you were infamous because you used your fight money to buy two of every animal on earth, and then your herded them onto a boat, and then <span style="font-style: italic;">beat the crap out of every single one</span> which is why they killed you
[12:29] <Damastermind> Wait that was worded wrong
[12:30] <Damastermind> *And then they would tell other people you were infamous because...
[12:30] <FortressOfNight> no
[12:30] <FortressOfNight> it was worded fine
[12:30] <FortressOfNight> that's right
[12:33] <Damastermind> Aaaand I just noticed a typo there (derp3) 
[12:33] <Damastermind> "and then your herded them" #damaforbesttyper2015
[12:33] <FortressOfNight> tiepoe
[12:38] <Lunaicus> goggles
[12:39] <A Walruse> i hate my phone
[12:39] <A Walruse> it can't handle more than 15gb
[12:39] <FortressOfNight> i hate your phone too
[12:39] <Lunaicus> i also hate your phone
[12:39] <FortressOfNight> yay
[12:39] <A Walruse> i hate you guys
[12:40] <A Walruse> screw you
[12:40] <Lunaicus> i also hate us
[12:40] <A Walruse> my phone sucks
[12:40] <A Walruse> but
[12:40] <A Walruse> only i am allowed to say that
[12:40] <A Walruse> it's still my phone
[12:40] <FortressOfNight> i hate us too.
[12:40] <A Walruse> good
[12:41] <Damastermind> No piece of technology is worse than my computer
[12:41] <A Walruse> except you
[12:41] <Damastermind> Hell, I'd say the Virtual Boy is a god compared to this thing
[12:42] <Damastermind> And "technology"
[12:42] <Damastermind> (clap) 
[12:42] <A Walruse>
[12:42] <Lunaicus> what about a calculator (derp) 
[12:42] <A Walruse> technically his computer is a calculator
[12:43] <FortressOfNight> REKT walruse
[12:43] <Lunaicus> well wouldn't JUST a calculator be less advanced then?
[12:43] <Damastermind> If for some really screwy reason I had to marry a calculator or my comp. I would choose the calculator
[12:43] <Lunaicus> xD
[12:43] <FortressOfNight> [[File:SupaHotFire.gif]]
[12:44] <A Walruse> considering in more than half the states of the us you can't even marry a person of the same gender you won't be able to marry a calculator or PC anytime soon anyway
[12:44] <A Walruse> so don'T worry
[12:44] <Damastermind> [[SpitfireMad]] So this is how we name parts of articles now
[12:45] <FortressOfNight> the hell
[12:45] <Lunaicus> my feet are cold
[12:45] <FortressOfNight> thats an incredibly nonstandard article layout
[12:46] <FortressOfNight> that would give ben a heart attack
[12:46] <Lunaicus> show it to ben later then (derp) 
[12:46] <Damastermind> We must save it
[12:47] <Damastermind> Ale, Goggs, I AM LOOKING AT YOU, no editing it (zap) 
[12:47] <Lunaicus> yes
[12:47] <FortressOfNight> U GUIS
[12:47] <A Walruse> why is there a friend list on his article
[12:47] <FortressOfNight> PLS
[12:47] <FortressOfNight> theres a saddeningly large number of friends list sections in user articles
[12:48] <A Walruse> why do people do this
[12:48] <FortressOfNight> people seem to think the articles are, like, blogs or something
[12:48] <A Walruse> they could just go ahead and make a user page
[12:48] <A Walruse> bu
[12:48] <A Walruse> eh
[12:48] <A Walruse> that would be too mainstream
[12:48] <FortressOfNight> ikr
[12:48] <FortressOfNight> all the cool kids are completely missing the point of the wiki
[12:49] <Damastermind> Oeh ehm geeee i r iz a coooohl keed i guna edeet my ohwn paeg behcauze it nedz a freend last!!!!!111111one1111eleven
[12:50] <Lunaicus> xD
[12:50] <FortressOfNight> most accurate description of the typical mbs user yet
[12:51] <Lunaicus> idk why one and eleven being typed out is killing me so much xD
[12:52] <FortressOfNight> ikr. it's not like they have guns or anything
[12:52] <FortressOfNight> murder is completely out of characters for them
[12:52] <Lunaicus> what
[12:52] <Lunaicus> oh
[12:52] <Lunaicus> xD
[12:52] <A Walruse> BM
[12:52] <A Walruse> they're
[12:52] <A Walruse> characters
[12:52] <A Walruse> how is anything out of character for them
[12:52] <FortressOfNight> hueheuhuehueheuheueueuh
[12:52] <Lunaicus> xD
[12:52] <FortressOfNight> well
[12:53] <FortressOfNight> like
[12:53] <FortressOfNight> i dunno. magic or something
[12:53] <Lunaicus> well
[12:53] <Lunaicus> 7 8 9 (derp) 
[12:53] <FortressOfNight> 9 8 7 tho
[12:53] <Damastermind> 7.8/9 too much pun
[12:53] <FortressOfNight> plot twist
[12:53] <FortressOfNight> 3.1/4 too many puns
[12:53] <Damastermind> (gasp2) (gasp2) (gasp2) 
[12:54] <Lunaicus> what if
[12:54] <Lunaicus> it was the doctors
[12:54] <FortressOfNight> what if 6 8 10 tho.
[12:54] <A Walruse> what comes between fear and ok i can't say this here
[12:55] <FortressOfNight> pretty sure it's
[12:55] <FortressOfNight> orange juice
[12:55] <FortressOfNight> rite
[12:56] <Damastermind> No
[12:56] <Damastermind> It's 8
[12:56] <Lunaicus> PANCAKES
[12:56] <Damastermind> fear 8 ok i can't say this here (gasp2) 
[12:56] <FortressOfNight> PUNCAKES
[12:57] <Lunaicus> (as) 
[12:57] <A Walruse> this is quite a 
[12:57] <A Walruse> fishy
[12:57] <A Walruse> situation
[12:57] <Lunaicus> (fish) 
[12:57] <FortressOfNight> this is quite a
[12:57] <FortressOfNight> PUN
[12:57] <FortressOfNight> situation
[12:58] <Lunaicus> A PUNNY SITUATION
[12:58] <Alemas2005> Spam.
[12:58] <Alemas2005> Caps.
[12:58] <FortressOfNight> no u
[12:58] <FortressOfNight> UHAUAHUEUAUISUIUJJJJ
[12:58] <FortressOfNight> * FortressOfNight chokes
[12:58] <Lunaicus> * Lunaicus coughs
[12:59] <Alemas2005> (UA) 
[12:59] <Damastermind> *random battle cry mode on*
[12:59] <Damastermind> AAAAEEEHUEHOEIABOII!1!!1111one
[12:59] <FortressOfNight> * FortressOfNight dies a few times
[12:59] <Alemas2005> *Cough*
[01:00] <Lunaicus> *stroke*
[01:00] <Nehpets7000> *smack*
[01:00] <FortressOfNight> *aneurysm*
[01:00] <Damastermind> *rocks*
[01:01] <FortressOfNight> *paper*
[01:01] <Lunaicus> *continues stroking screen*
[01:01] <Damastermind> *scissors*
[01:01] <FortressOfNight> *me also strokes your screen* (ss) 
[01:01] <Lunaicus> GET AWAY FROM MERLIN
[01:01] <Paulinekovaleva> *stays out of this crazy RP*
[01:01] <A Walruse> *strokes my bearded chin*
[01:01] <FortressOfNight> darn. it's february here now
[01:01] <Lunaicus> not here
[01:02] <Paulinekovaleva> not here either
[01:02] <FortressOfNight> well no. you don't have a time machine do you
[01:02] <A Walruse> australia is a magical land from the future
[01:02] <FortressOfNight> less of a land
[01:02] <Lunaicus> ueu
[01:02] <FortressOfNight> more of a time machine in land form
[01:02] <Lunaicus> yeah
[01:02] <A Walruse> also a death trap
[01:03] <Lunaicus> e.e
[01:03] <FortressOfNight> of course
[01:03] <A Walruse> but on the plus side
[01:03] <Damastermind> It's 13:60 XM on Contraguary 20XX over here
[01:03] <FortressOfNight> how else can we keep the foreigners from figuring it out
[01:03] <A Walruse> you can eat kangaroos
[01:03] <FortressOfNight> not if they eat you first
[01:03] <Lunaicus> it's 1/312015 7 am (derp) 
[01:03] <A Walruse> true but
[01:03] <A Walruse> guns and stuff
[01:03] <A Walruse> well about guns
[01:03] <A Walruse> actually
[01:03] <FortressOfNight> thats one hell of a year luna
[01:03] <FortressOfNight> (derp) 
[01:03] <Damastermind> Same as Luna in reality, but 6 am
[01:03] <Lunaicus> xD
[01:04] <A Walruse> tehre's been this war with the birds once that australia lost
[01:04] <Lunaicus> nu it 7
[01:04] <FortressOfNight> there was no emu war. no clue what youre on about.
[01:05] <Lunaicus> emu
[01:05] <A Walruse> yeah
[01:05] <Lunaicus> eeeemmuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
[01:05] <A Walruse>
[01:05] <Lunaicus> fun ti say
[01:05] <Lunaicus> to*
[01:06] <FortressOfNight> NEVER
[01:06] <FortressOfNight> HAPPENED
[01:06] <Damastermind> Who else thought Walruse's link was Special:UserLogout
[01:06] <Lunaicus> not i
[01:07] <FortressOfNight> ok but really the worst military failure in our country's history was against FREAKIN BIRDS MAN
[01:07] <A Walruse> yeah
[01:07] <A Walruse> we just lost two world wars, and we still did pretty well in those
[01:07] <Paulinekovaleva> lol
[01:07] <A Walruse> and you just lose against some birds
[01:07] <Lunaicus> xD
[01:07] <Lunaicus> wow xD
[01:07] <Damastermind> BIRDS!
[01:07] <Damastermind> I command you to destroy them!
[01:08] <Damastermind> You birds are invincible, after all!
[01:08] <Damastermind> (derp3) 
[01:08] <Lunaicus> (bird)
[01:08] <A Walruse> we even had to compensate for having austria on our side 2 times and you just lose against some birds
[01:08] <Damastermind> #birdsforfinalbossoflmbwthegame
[01:08] <Lunaicus> #makethathappen
[01:08] <FortressOfNight> yep
[01:09] <FortressOfNight> like really
[01:09] <FortressOfNight> if were ever in another war no need to send people. just collect as many emus as possible and send them out there.
[01:09] <FortressOfNight> 0 casualties, i assure you
[01:10] <A Walruse> they probably fought like they do in Far Cry
[01:10] <A Walruse> i mean then i can kind of understand
[01:10] <FortressOfNight> yeh
[01:10] <FortressOfNight> just, like, strap a machine gun to its face and make sure it never stops firing
[01:10] <FortressOfNight> then let them go free
[01:11] <A Walruse> apparently they didn't even need machine guns
[01:11] <FortressOfNight> it would help tho
[01:11] <A Walruse> but then again
[01:11] <A Walruse> at least you're not austria
[01:11] <A Walruse>
[01:11] <FortressOfNight> no one wants to be austria
[01:11] <A Walruse> exxactly
[01:12] <Lunaicus> no one
[01:12] <A Walruse> i mean
[01:12] <A Walruse> austria's two biggest achievments in history were convincing hte world hitler was german and beethoven austrian
[01:12] <FortressOfNight> yep
[01:13] <Damastermind> You know when I said birds should be the final boss of LMBW the game
[01:13] <Damastermind> Forget that
[01:13] <Damastermind> That would imply they would be defeatable
[01:13] <A Walruse> they lost a freaking battle /against themselves/
[01:13] <Lunaicus> xD
[01:13] <FortressOfNight> their third biggest success washaving someone care enough to assassinate the archduke
[01:14] <Damastermind> In fact, the final boss should think he would win because everybody in the party except one person died and whoever survives would only have 1 HP
[01:14] <Legopanama> H
[01:14] <Damastermind> Because of some birds
[01:14] <A Walruse> well those were balkan people and they care about everything oging on in the balkan /a lot/
[01:14] <Legopanama> lu
[01:14] <Legopanama> glu
[01:14] <Legopanama> flu
[01:14] <Lunaicus> ?
[01:14] <Legopanama> flop
[01:14] <Legopanama> op
[01:14] <Legopanama> cop
[01:14] <Legopanama> bop
[01:14] <Lunaicus> pop
[01:14] <Legopanama> top
[01:14] <Damastermind> Earth to LP.
[01:14] <Legopanama> pi
[01:14] <Legopanama> die
[01:14] <Legopanama> pie
[01:14] <Lunaicus> hi
[01:14] <Legopanama> my
[01:14] <Legopanama> dai
[01:14] <Legopanama> lie
[01:14] <Lunaicus> hai
[01:14] <FortressOfNight> Keplers. Keplers. Keplers.
[01:14] <FortressOfNight> Keplers.
[01:14] <FortressOfNight> Keplers.
[01:15] <Lunaicus> shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[01:15] <A Walruse> everyone stop
[01:15] <Legopanama> Yes ma'am
[01:15] <Lunaicus> k
[01:15] <FortressOfNight> [[User blog:Brickmaster7946/Log 14: %22Keplerspam%22|User blog:Brickmaster7946/Log 14: "Keplerspam"]]
[01:16] <Legopanama> Marcel r u here
[01:17] <Lunaicus> nein
[01:17] <Legopanama> Are you trying to follow me on instagra,]
[01:18] <FortressOfNight> THATS RACIST LUNA
[01:18] <Lunaicus> NUUUUUUUUU
[01:18] <Damastermind> Windows Nein was renamed Windows 10
[01:19] <Lunaicus> (gasp) 
[01:19] <FortressOfNight>
[01:19] <Lunaicus> IT WAS THE PINEAPPLE'S PLAN
[01:19] <FortressOfNight> i could listen to that for days
[01:20] <Lunaicus> Gogglyeyes
[01:21] <Lunaicus> hi
[01:22] <FortressOfNight> YOURE RACIST
[01:22] <Lunaicus> gogglyeyes (ud) 
[01:23] <FortressOfNight> gugs is an eville
[01:23] <FortressOfNight> he wont resupond
[01:23] <Lunaicus> google
[01:23] <FortressOfNight>
[01:23] <Lunaicus> goggle
[01:24] <Lunaicus> groggle
[01:24] <Lunaicus> groggy
[01:24] <FortressOfNight> hes ded ;-;
[01:25] <FortressOfNight> anywey im off nao
[01:25] <Goggles99> HAY
[01:25] <Goggles99> Stop punging meh
[01:25] <Paulinekovaleva> Bye o/ 
[01:25] <FortressOfNight> ok hes not ded
[01:25] <Lunaicus> nevah
[01:25] <FortressOfNight> niiight \o 
[01:25] <Lunaicus> day
[01:25] <Paulinekovaleva> I didn't ping you (angel) 
[01:25] <Lunaicus> MORNING
[01:26] <Goggles99> Bye Twisty o/ 
[01:26] <Lunaicus> did any of what i said actually ping you? 9der)
[01:26] <Goggles99> nu
[01:26] <Goggles99> xD
[01:26] <Lunaicus> kkkkkkkk
[01:26] <Damastermind> I have...interesting pings
[01:26] <Damastermind> :P 
[01:26] <Damastermind> So no :P 
[01:26] <Lunaicus> NOT TALKIN 2 U
[01:26] <Damastermind> Wait nevermind
[01:26] <Goggles99> Nehpets you stink
[01:27] <Nehpets7000> ur mum
[01:27] <Damastermind> I actually read what you guys were talking about now (derp4) 
[01:27] <Goggles99> no ur mo
[01:27] <Goggles99> *mom
[01:27] <Lunaicus> you can smell though screens? (gasp) 
[01:27] <Goggles99> lel
[01:27] <Damastermind> Either way yeah nothing you would think to say would ping me
[01:27] <Goggles99> *sniffs through screen at luna*
[01:27] <Goggles99> (hp) 
[01:27] <Lunaicus> y
[01:27] <Damastermind> If you can remember that "something" pings me you'll be able to ping me though (derp0
[01:27] <Goggles99> 2 smell u
[01:27] <Damastermind> * (derp) 
[01:28] <Lunaicus> Y u smell me
[01:28] <Alemas2005> [[User:Goggles99/MyGifs]]
[01:28] <Alemas2005> Gog, you shameless copycat.
[01:28] <Goggles99> Because you challenged me to smell you
[01:28] <Goggles99> What Ale? :P 
[01:28] <Goggles99> WHo am I supposedly copying?
[01:28] <Lunaicus> don't smell me
[01:28] <Alemas2005> [[User:Alemas2005/Useful Reaction .GIFs]]
[01:28] <Alemas2005> (UA) 
[01:28] <Nehpets7000> *smells me*
[01:28] <Nehpets7000> (wo) 
[01:28] <Alemas2005> BTW, it should be "oooooooh, BURN".
[01:28] <Damastermind> OMG somebody added an emote
[01:28] <Alemas2005> BBL.
[01:28] <Damastermind> And this other guy came along
[01:29] <Damastermind> AND HE ADDED AN EMOTE
[01:29] <Damastermind> Such a copycat amirite
[01:29] <Goggles99> Alemas
[01:29] <Damastermind> I'm waiting for Ale to say that some day
[01:29] <Lunaicus> so
[01:29] <Lunaicus> hi
[01:29] <Goggles99> Read and weep you little scrub [[User:Alemas2005/Useful Reaction .GIFs?action=history]]
[01:29] <Goggles99> [[User:Goggles99/MyGifs?action=history]]
[01:29] <Goggles99> (ud) 
[01:30] <Lunaicus> hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii?iiiiiiiiiiiii 
[01:30] <Paulinekovaleva> Luna what was that
[01:30] <Lunaicus> how should i know
[01:31] <Lunaicus> ? is an i that was flipped upside down and bent (derp) 
[01:31] <Goggles99> Easy on the spam guys
[01:31] <Lunaicus> y
[01:31] <Goggles99> Im trying to have a healthy straight party
[01:32] <Goggles99> Okay so Omegle
[01:32] <Goggles99> (objection) 
[01:32] <Nehpets7000> *kicks luna and dama in teh feces*
[01:32] <Nehpets7000> *faces
[01:32] <Nehpets7000> oops
[01:32] <Lunaicus> D8
[01:32] <Damastermind> "in teh feces" (jc) 
[01:32] <Lunaicus> (baka) 
[01:32] <Damastermind> (baka) 
[01:33] <Goggles99> Steve what the heck bro
[01:33] <Goggles99> (fp) 
[01:33] <Lunaicus> per goggs (baka) 
[01:33] <Nehpets7000> That's where they're the weakest. (derp3) 
[01:33] <Damastermind> Per Princess Luna and Goggs (baka) 
[01:33] <Lunaicus> i
[01:33] <Lunaicus> I'm the princess of the night
[01:37] <Lunaicus> sooooooooooo
[01:38] <Alemas2005> NEH.
[01:38] <Alemas2005> (UA) 
[01:38] <Nehpets7000> WAT (UD) 
[01:38] <Alemas2005> You know what. (UA) 
[01:38] <Lunaicus> gogglyeyes
[01:39] <Nehpets7000> Maybe I do, maybe I don't. (ud) 
[01:39] <Goggles99> Back
[01:39] <Goggles99> Sorry guys
[01:39] <Goggles99> PC crashed
[01:39] <Alemas2005> Yes you do. (UA) 
[01:39] <Goggles99> Ale did you see my message?
[01:39] <Goggles99> (ud) 
[01:39] <Alemas2005> Gog, you don't have to apologise. :P 
[01:39] <Nehpets7000> Why are you addressing me about it? (ud) 
[01:39] <Goggles99> Maybe I dont
[01:40] <Damastermind> Neh
[01:40] <Goggles99> But you need to apologize, Ale :P 
[01:40] <Damastermind> I'M GONNA KICK YOU AND MAD IN THE FECES (DERP4) 
[01:40] <Alemas2005> Dama.
[01:40] <Alemas2005> (yk) 
[01:40] <Goggles99> Alemas
[01:40] <Goggles99> Did you get my message?!
[01:40] <Alemas2005> Yes I did, Gog.
[01:40] <Alemas2005> But at least, my page has nothing other than .GIFs.
[01:40] <Alemas2005> Yours, despite being named ""MyGifs", has still images.
[01:41] <Alemas2005> So mine's better than yours. :P 
[01:41] <Goggles99> So what? :P 
[01:41] <Goggles99> The argument was not whos was better
[01:41] <Goggles99> But who stole whos idea
[01:41] <Goggles99> It was orignally my idea
[01:41] <Goggles99> And originally it only had GIFs
[01:41] <Goggles99> But it extended (bf) 
[01:41] <Goggles99> So go weep in a hole
[01:41] <Alemas2005> I didn't steal your idea. :P 
[01:41] <Alemas2005> I couldn't, given that your page has still images. :P 
[01:41] <Goggles99> You Goggled-wannabe
[01:42] <Goggles99> Your name is lame and general though
[01:42] <Damastermind> #alewasbornin2005confirmed
[01:42] <Goggles99> "useful reaction gifs"
[01:42] <Goggles99> Mine is more hipster
[01:42] <Damastermind> (derp) 
[01:42] <Alemas2005> Mine is more mainstream.
[01:42] <Alemas2005> Deal with it.
[01:42] <Goggles99> Face it
[01:42] <Goggles99> I had the original sub-page for Gifs
[01:42] <Goggles99> :) 
[01:43] <Alemas2005> You "had".
[01:43] <Goggles99> I saw when you first made yours :P 
[01:43] <Alemas2005> Now you don't.
[01:43] <Goggles99> But I decided not to comment on it
[01:43] <Paulinekovaleva> lol
[01:43] <Goggles99> Because I thought it was cute of you to try and be cool like me
[01:43] <Goggles99> ^_^
[01:43] <Damastermind> He had once, and he still does, sir Ale of house
[01:43] <Damastermind> (yk) 
[01:43] <Alemas2005>
[01:43] <Alemas2005> What.
[01:46] <Damastermind> Oh sorry, did I make it out like you're older than you are? (derp4) 
[01:46] <Damastermind> Seriously though
[01:46] <Damastermind> You basically said "mien r iz bettahr deeeeeel wiff it"
[01:47] <Alemas2005> They are way more used.
[01:48] <Damastermind> [[User blog:Damastermind/Ale reacts]] You do realize this is exactly how original you yourself are right
[01:49] <Goggles99> Way more you (ym) 
[01:49] <Goggles99> And overused, I might add
[01:51] <Damastermind> This whole thing in a nutshell
[01:51] <Goggles99> The act still remains, Ale called ME a copy-cat, when I evidently made mine an entire year before Ale's
[01:51] <Goggles99> Guys?
[01:51] <Goggles99> Does Ale owe me an apology or what?
[01:51] <Goggles99> :c
[01:54] <A Walruse> ale is a beautiful strong independent black woman who don't owe anyone anything
[01:57] <Goggles99> Now now LED
[01:57] <Goggles99> Don't say that
[01:57] <Goggles99> We know what happened last time Nehpets said that
[01:58] <A Walruse> uh
[01:58] <A Walruse> did i miss something
[01:58] <A Walruse> or is my memory just that crappy
[01:59] <Goggles99> oh
[01:59] <Goggles99> probably the former
[01:59] <Goggles99> :P 
[01:59] <A Walruse> meh might also be my memory
[01:59] <A Walruse> im a dumb person
[02:00] <Goggles99> Nahhh, I think you're pretty European
[02:00] <Damastermind> "okay, I got that...wait, what did you just say again?"
[02:00] <Damastermind> (derp) 
[02:01] <Damastermind> Haven't seen WR in forever
[02:01] <Damastermind> o/ 
[02:01] <A Walruse>
[02:01] <Worldracer99> yeah i've been on hangouts mainly
[02:01] <A Walruse> this is what im talking baout
[02:02] <A Walruse> this is alemas
[02:02] <Worldracer99> and i've got about a bazillion anime to watch so
[02:02] <Worldracer99> >implying you wouldn't do that, too, walruse
[02:02] <A Walruse> true
[02:02] <Marcel77799> Lol LED
[02:02] <Marcel77799> 'murica
[02:02] <A Walruse> this was acutally referring to something i said earlier but you may not have seen it
[02:03] <Marcel77799> Saw it :p 
[02:03] <Nehpets7000> People like that are sad
[02:03] <A Walruse> it's funny because in Texas they'd let people marry themselves but not gays xD
[02:03] <Nehpets7000> I keep telling you people
[02:03] <Marcel77799> #Murica
[02:03] <Nehpets7000> Being homosexual is gay! (objection) 
[02:03] <A Walruse> well
[02:03] <A Walruse> i mean
[02:03] <A Walruse> you're not
[02:03] <Lunaicus> sigh
[02:03] <A Walruse> /wrong/
[02:04] <Worldracer99> it wasn't all that funny the first time, neh, but we're glad to see you amuse yourself.
[02:05] <Worldracer99> good lord, goggles, what's with your name in the user bar?
[02:07] <Marcel77799> (yk) :p 
[02:07] <Worldracer99> why does everybody on the wiki enjoy using such ugly fonts
[02:07] <Marcel77799> IDK
[02:08] <Nehpets7000> WR, why must you be so whiny?
[02:08] <Worldracer99> I wasn't whining about you. You're using the default font. Shush, you're fine.
[02:08] <Worldracer99> And it's because I'm a typography nerd.
[02:09] <A Walruse> honestly, all those striking fonts look plain ugly to me
[02:10] <Worldracer99> "striking"
[02:10] <Damastermind> Anyway, WR, no idea if you've been paying attention to the wiki lately, but if not Rio and Goggs got admin
[02:10] <Alemas2005> Good thing's mine is understated. (derp) 
[02:10] <Worldracer99> it's just a basic sans serif font with letters too wide to be useful and obnoxious drip marks underneath it.
[02:10] <Damastermind> And gosh dang how fast they got admin
[02:10] <Worldracer99> Heard about Rio, didn't know about Goggs.
[02:11] <GuacamoleCCXR> Good morrow
[02:11] <Marcel77799> o/ 
[02:11] <Paulinekovaleva> o/ 
[02:11] <A Walruse> which makes it striking among all the other usernames, wr
[02:11] <A Walruse> so
[02:12] <Worldracer99> Strikingly ugly, mayhaps.
[02:12] <A Walruse> exactly
[02:12] <Damastermind> Anyway, Gogg's name has become amaze (sie) 
[02:13] <Timothy9872> Good morning every one. 
[02:13] <Worldracer99> mean his username in the sidebar?
[02:13] <Worldracer99> No it hasn't.
[02:13] <Damastermind> Yes it has
[02:13] <Damastermind> (sie) 
[02:13] <Timothy9872> I think it looks cool
[02:13] <Paulinekovaleva> Yes
[02:13] <Worldracer99> As a person who has well over a thousand fonts installed on my computer, trust me. I've seen much better.
[02:14] <Worldracer99> This is a font with a similar idea, but a much better execution. Maybe I should start a petition to get Goggles to change it to this
[02:15] <A Walruse> all the admins' usernames are ugly simply because they don't fit chat but k
[02:15] <Worldracer99> Ale's isn't too offensive.
[02:15] <A Walruse> and i doubt that font would look good in context of chat either
[02:15] <A Walruse> Ale's is still ok
[02:15] <A Walruse> Mad's is bearable because im used to it
[02:16] <A Walruse>
[02:17] <GuacamoleCCXR> The reason why Ale's is alright is because it fits the general colour scheme of the wiki interface
[02:17] <GuacamoleCCXR> The rest are just way off
[02:18] <Worldracer99> it could be argued that Goggles' is the right color
[02:18] <Worldracer99> But that choice of font is just offensive.
[02:19] <A Walruse> no
[02:19] <Alemas2005> Eh.
[02:19] <A Walruse> gog's colour really doesn't fit
[02:20] <Alemas2005> Oh, nice coincidence.
[02:20] <A Walruse> but i suppose at some point it just comes down to taste
[02:20] <Alemas2005> Because mine's based on TARDIS blue. :P 
[02:20] <Damastermind> (tardis) 
[02:20] <Damastermind> And yeah, it comes down to tase <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">and Gogg's being amaze</span>
[02:20] <Damastermind> *taste
[02:24] <A Walruse> flageolets sound so nice
[02:25] <GuacamoleCCXR> flageolets are amazing
[02:34] <Lilac Neko> I just realized that now that goggles has such a spaced-out name I can only see part of it in the chat bar rather than the whole thing
[02:35] <A Walruse> i love the ghost in the shell sample in Intelstat
[02:40] <Aravis Tarkheena> (rd) 
[02:40] <Lilac Neko> (twi) 
[02:40] <Aravis Tarkheena> (rarity) 
[02:40] <Lilac Neko> (tavi) 
[02:40] <Aravis Tarkheena> (aj) 
[02:40] <Lilac Neko> (fs) 
[02:40] <Aravis Tarkheena> (pinkie) 
[02:41] <Lilac Neko> (pony) 
[02:41] <Aravis Tarkheena> (yay) 
[02:41] <Sam8432> I'm leaving! (scared) 
[02:41] <Lilac Neko> lol okay Sam :P 
[02:41] <Lilac Neko> We're just bored :P 
[02:41] <Aravis Tarkheena> The ponies are exhausted anyway :P 
[02:41] <Aravis Tarkheena> Just (vs) is left and that's broken for me :P 
[02:41] <GuacamoleCCXR> Oh, hi c:
[02:41] <Aravis Tarkheena> Hello :3
[02:42] <Sam8432> Who in the world created ponie emotes? (facepalm) :P 
[02:42] <Aravis Tarkheena> Mad and BCG 
[02:42] <Aravis Tarkheena> So, dearest
[02:42] <Lilac Neko> Dude, like a third of the wiki users like ponies :P 
[02:42] <Aravis Tarkheena> Was that an internet problem last night :P 
[02:42] <Lilac Neko> so you can just ake your pony hate elsewhere :P 
[02:42] <Aravis Tarkheena> Or did you fall asleep :P 
[02:43] <GuacamoleCCXR> Ohhh
[02:43] <GuacamoleCCXR> Yes, I forgot
[02:43] <GuacamoleCCXR> I feel asleep :P 
[02:43] <Aravis Tarkheena> Okay, I guessed that :P 
[02:43] <GuacamoleCCXR> I'm sorry. :P 
[02:43] <Aravis Tarkheena> You do that every time :P 
[02:43] <GuacamoleCCXR> Not /every/ time. :P 
[02:44] <Aravis Tarkheena> It's fine, i left about 5 minutes later anyway :P 
[02:44] <Sam8432> Do what? :P 
[02:44] <Lilac Neko> Fall asleep
[02:44] <GuacamoleCCXR> I'm just out of practise because we haven't talked at night in eons. :P 
[02:44] <Aravis Tarkheena> Every time that /you/ stay up late to talk, and it's only evening for me :P 
[02:44] <Aravis Tarkheena> Well, I'm sorry :P 
[02:44] <GuacamoleCCXR> To my defence, it was my 21st hour of being awake. :P 
[02:45] <Aravis Tarkheena> I don't blame you :P 
[02:45] <Aravis Tarkheena> Who is the one who always tells you to sleep more anyway? :P 
[02:45] <A Walruse> you
[02:45] <A Walruse> me
[02:45] <A Walruse> and he himself
[02:45] <A Walruse> occasionally
[02:45] <GuacamoleCCXR> Yeah, it would be hypocritical anyway. :P 
[02:45] <Aravis Tarkheena> Never him
[02:45] <Aravis Tarkheena> Ever
[02:46] <Aravis Tarkheena> So yeah. It's okay :P 
[02:46] <Aravis Tarkheena> Apparently
[02:47] <Aravis Tarkheena> I'm only allowed to use the computer from 1 till 3 PM today (derp) 
[02:47] <Aravis Tarkheena> But buck that, no one can enforce it
[02:47] <Lilac Neko> (Y) 
[02:48] <Aravis Tarkheena> Besides, it's not like I can be here 12 hours straight
[02:48] <Aravis Tarkheena> I'll have to get up to wash dishes. That counts. :P 
[02:48] <GuacamoleCCXR> That would have been too good, really
[02:48] <GuacamoleCCXR> So yeah. :P 
[03:16] <Marcel77799> Back o/ 
[03:16] <Legofrodo12> pass
[03:16] <Marcel77799> I said BBS so...
[03:16] <Marcel77799> Tone o/ 
[03:16] <Legofrodo12> tooooonnnneeee 
[03:17] <ToneTyphoon> o/ 
[03:17] <Marcel77799> So whats up guys?
[03:18] <ToneTyphoon> stuff
[03:18] <Legofrodo12> Da grass is up. (derp3) 
[03:18] <Marcel77799> XD
[03:19] <Marcel77799> O/ 
[03:19] <Lilac Neko> TONEEEEE :33
[03:19] <ToneTyphoon> i'm drawing stuff and ignoring my friends (as) 
[03:19] <ToneTyphoon> Lily :33
[03:19] <ToneTyphoon> Ale o/ 
[03:19] <ToneTyphoon> Ale-star
[03:19] <ToneTyphoon> like all-star
[03:19] <ToneTyphoon> but Ale-star
[03:19] <ToneTyphoon> ur an Ale-star
[03:19] <Marcel77799> Drawing "stuff" :P 
[03:19] <ToneTyphoon> shut up :P 
[03:19] <Lilac Neko> (ss) 
[03:19] <Marcel77799> :c
[03:19] <Marcel77799> (Ss) 
[03:20] <Lilac Neko> aw tone dont tell people to shurt up thats mean :c
[03:20] <ToneTyphoon> that reminds me
[03:20] <ToneTyphoon> I haven't drawn a girl in a while
[03:20] <Lilac Neko> no wait i tell u to shut up all the time dont I :P 
[03:20] <Marcel77799> I dont mind xD
[03:20] <Lilac Neko> Marc is a girl?
[03:20] <Lilac Neko> He volunteered
[03:20] <ToneTyphoon> not as much as I do Lily :P 
[03:20] <Lilac Neko> to b ur test subject :P 
[03:20] <Marcel77799> Wut Lily (fw) 
[03:20] <ToneTyphoon> I'll draw Marcine (as) 
[03:20] <ToneTyphoon> Marcia
[03:20] <ToneTyphoon> Yeah, Marcia
[03:20] <ToneTyphoon> (as) 
[03:21] <Lilac Neko> "I haven't drawn a girl in a while"
[03:21] <Lilac Neko> "I don't mind" (derp) 
[03:21] <Lilac Neko> see
[03:21] <Lilac Neko> do u c
[03:21] <Marcel77799> The "I dont mind" was directed at the shut up thing
[03:21] <Lilac Neko> I know :P 
[03:21] <Marcel77799> (Yk) 
[03:21] <Lilac Neko> But I want to make ur life difficult (derp) 
[03:21] <Marcel77799> I know :P 
[03:21] <Lilac Neko> and annoy you because I'm bored (derp3) 
[03:21] <Marcel77799> Itd be too easy otherwise xD
[03:22] <ToneTyphoon> heh, Ben's blog
[03:22] <Marcel77799> Im bored as well
[03:22] <ToneTyphoon> [[User blog:Benboy755/It%27s Been Three Years Now. help|User blog:Benboy755/It's Been Three Years Now. help]]
[03:22] <Lilac Neko> Darn now I'm going to think Ale is Goggs
[03:22] <ToneTyphoon> why?
[03:22] <ToneTyphoon> wut did u do?
[03:22] <ToneTyphoon> :| 
[03:23] <Lilac Neko> And when I see goggs I get happy and when I see Ale its just meh
[03:23] <Lilac Neko> The names, Tone ;p 
[03:23] <ToneTyphoon> Oooooh :P 
[03:23] <ToneTyphoon> lol
[03:23] <ToneTyphoon> Ale, Lily thinks you're just "meh"
[03:24] <Lilac Neko> that reminds me
[03:24] <Lilac Neko> i need to read the chatlog from after I died (derp) 
[03:24] <ToneTyphoon> what do you have to say about this
[03:24] <ToneTyphoon> XD
[03:24] <Legofrodo12> GTG, may be back later. :P 
[03:24] <Lilac Neko> Ale doesn't even know I exist (zap) 
[03:24] <ToneTyphoon> Cya Frody o/ 
[03:24] <Marcel77799> Cya Froey o/ 
[03:24] <Legofrodo12> Yes, Lil, you do. xD
[03:24] <Marcel77799> Who cares about Ale? :P 
[03:24] <ToneTyphoon> ale-senpai won't notice you (derp2) 
[03:24] <Lilac Neko> I dunno Marc :P 
[03:24] <ToneTyphoon> I still hate saying senpai
[03:24] <ToneTyphoon> :P 
[03:25] <Lilac Neko> I was just stating something :P 
[03:25] <Lilac Neko> Tone I forgot to call you senpai that one time :P 
[03:25] <Marcel77799> XD
[03:25] <ToneTyphoon> what one time? :P 
[03:25] <Lilac Neko> When I called you about rise up lights and then laughed the whole time like a total weirdo :P 
[03:25] <Marcel77799> Tone-senpai notices Lily though
[03:25] <ToneTyphoon> oh yeah :P 
[03:26] <Lilac Neko> * Lilac Neko starts snickering because of that stupid thing
[03:26] <Lilac Neko> rise up lights
[03:26] <Lilac Neko> (pfftch) 
[03:26] <ToneTyphoon> sigh
[03:26] <ToneTyphoon> so stupid :P 
[03:26] <ToneTyphoon> did you ever tell Goggs about it?
[03:26] <Lilac Neko> but its so funny (derp) 
[03:26] <Lilac Neko> I dunno :P 
[03:27] <ToneTyphoon> it is funny
[03:27] <ToneTyphoon> just
[03:27] <ToneTyphoon> silly funny
[03:27] <ToneTyphoon> Happy happy joy joy o/ 
[03:27] <Lilac Neko> arent silly things supposed to be funny
[03:28] <HappyNinjaGirl01> o/ 
[03:28] <ToneTyphoon> silly things aren't always funny
[03:28] <Lunaicus> hi
[03:28] <ToneTyphoon> ay dere Luna
[03:28] <Lunaicus> ayyyyy
[03:28] <ToneTyphoon> aaayyyyy girl, how u doin
[03:28] <Lunaicus> never do that again (derp) 
[03:28] <Marcel77799> O/ 
[03:29] <ToneTyphoon> (derp2) 
[03:29] <Lunaicus> :| 
[03:29] <ToneTyphoon> (sniffle) 
[03:29] <Lunaicus> u.u
[03:29] <Marcel77799> O/ 
[03:30] <ToneTyphoon> inZane in the membrane o/ 
[03:30] <Marcel77799> Short visit
[03:30] <ToneTyphoon> I offended him (derp2) 
[03:30] <Marcel77799> Bad boy xD
[03:31] <ToneTyphoon> I guess there were no other noobs for him to hang with (derp2) 
[03:31] <ToneTyphoon> happypappy left too (derp2) 
[03:31] <ToneTyphoon> i can't really call her that, that was another dude's name
[03:31] <Lilac Neko> He might've talked to me but yesterday I think I offended him a little (derp) 
[03:32] <ToneTyphoon> Lily, wut'd u do
[03:32] <Lilac Neko> Romey told me Zaney wanted me in his chatroom but I said no and that I didn't feel like going there (derp) 
[03:32] <Marcel77799> People shouldnt mind being offened a bit IMO
[03:32] <ToneTyphoon> well, I hope he's not that childish...... :P 
[03:32] <Marcel77799> Its the internet xD
[03:32] <ToneTyphoon> ^
[03:32] <Lilac Neko> True :P 
[03:32] <ToneTyphoon> and you don't have to be glued to your friends :P 
[03:33] <ToneTyphoon> give em space P
[03:33] <Marcel77799> And thats not even offensivd IMO
[03:33] <ToneTyphoon> * :P 
[03:33] <ToneTyphoon> yeah, not to me, but I'm usually the guy saying I don't want to hang out :P 
[03:33] <Lunaicus> i always want to hang out
[03:33] <ToneTyphoon> well, if I haven't hung out in a while, sure
[03:34] <Marcel77799> Abby o/ :3
[03:34] <ToneTyphoon> Abbs o/ 
[03:34] <Lunaicus> what that is abby
[03:34] <The Fruitlord> o/ 
[03:34] <The Fruitlord> yes
[03:34] <ToneTyphoon> Luna
[03:34] <The Fruitlord> xD
[03:34] <ToneTyphoon> you just now learned this?
[03:34] <Marcel77799> XD
[03:34] <Lunaicus> well I've been out of the loop
[03:34] <ToneTyphoon> Luna, where have you been? :P 
[03:35] <The Fruitlord> it seems
[03:35] <The Fruitlord> :p 
[03:35] <Lunaicus> AWAY OK
[03:35] <Lilac Neko> It was just that this chat was active and I didn't feel like being in both :P 
[03:35] <ToneTyphoon> WB Zane o/ 
[03:35] <ZaneyMcTuxedo> Hai everybodeh
[03:35] <ZaneyMcTuxedo> o/ 
[03:35] <ZaneyMcTuxedo> thanks, tone
[03:35] <Lunaicus> i hide in pm and on other chats
[03:35] <ToneTyphoon> everybody's super sonic racing
[03:35] <ZaneyMcTuxedo> \o 
[03:35] <Marcel77799> O/ 
[03:35] <Lunaicus> i was not aware of this
[03:35] <Lilac Neko> Welcoem, Zanehsy o/ 
[03:35] <ToneTyphoon> gotta keep your feet right on the ground
[03:35] <ZaneyMcTuxedo> Zanehsy? xD
[03:35] <ToneTyphoon> when you're super sonic racing
[03:35] <ZaneyMcTuxedo> Hai lilac xD
[03:35] <ToneTyphoon> there's no time to look around
[03:35] <ZaneyMcTuxedo> o/ 
[03:35] <Lilac Neko> I'm just misspelling the keck out of your name to see how much I can butcher it (derp) 
[03:36] <Lilac Neko> I did a pretty good job last night every time I said "goggles" :P 
[03:36] <Marcel77799> XD
[03:36] <Lilac Neko> but Tone what if u ran into a tree
[03:36] <ToneTyphoon> yeah, you were jacking his name up pretty good :P 
[03:36] <Lilac Neko> It was a success
[03:36] <ToneTyphoon> thanks for throwing a wet blanket on it (derp2) 
[03:37] <ToneTyphoon> I was super sonic racing...... (sniffle) 
[03:37] <Lilac Neko> That was a dry blanket, tone :| 
[03:37] <Lilac Neko> blankets are nice
[03:37] <ToneTyphoon> *snuggles in blanket*
[03:37] <Lilac Neko> * Lilac Neko hides under a blanket 
[03:37] <ToneTyphoon> Shak-fu o/ 
[03:37] <Marcel77799> Ehhh
[03:38] <ToneTyphoon> ehhh?
[03:38] <Marcel77799> Lily hides under a blanket with Tone?!
[03:38] <ToneTyphoon> NO
[03:38] <Marcel77799> Or did I get something wrong?
[03:38] <ToneTyphoon> u dirty mind
[03:38] <Aravis Tarkheena> Different blankets.
[03:38] <ToneTyphoon> I'm under a different blanket
[03:38] <ToneTyphoon> yes
[03:38] <The Fruitlord> xD
[03:38] <Lunaicus> (clap) 
[03:38] <Marcel77799> Hmmm
[03:38] <Marcel77799> That wasnt clear
[03:39] <ToneTyphoon> our comments were just poorly timed
[03:39] <Lilac Neko> We just had the same idea at the same time Marc :| 
[03:39] <Marcel77799> Yes :P 
[03:39] <Lilac Neko> different blankets :| 
[03:39] <ToneTyphoon> Shak be like
[03:39] <ToneTyphoon> "I'm out"
[03:39] <Marcel77799> Boring :P 
[03:39] <Lilac Neko> (yk) 
[03:40] <ToneTyphoon> wow, Marc wants to see some action
[03:40] <ToneTyphoon> alrighty then
[03:40] <Lilac Neko> (ss) 
[03:40] <ToneTyphoon> (smug) 
[03:40] <Lilac Neko> no
[03:40] <ToneTyphoon> I wasn't gonna say anything else (derp3) 
[03:40] <ToneTyphoon> * (derp2) 
[03:40] <Lilac Neko> but u looked at me (gasp) 
[03:41] <Lunaicus> (gasp2) 
[03:41] <Marcel77799> (Ss) 
[03:41] <Lilac Neko> (gasp2) 
[03:41] <ToneTyphoon> it was just a..... random look kinda look (derp2) 
[03:41] <Lunaicus> (gasp2) 
[03:41] <Marcel77799> Looks can say at a lot
[03:41] <Lilac Neko> Luna understands
[03:41] <The Fruitlord> xD
[03:41] <Lunaicus> yes
[03:41] <Lilac Neko> only Luna understands
[03:41] <Lunaicus> i understands
[03:41] <ToneTyphoon> I bet she does (ss) 
[03:41] <Lunaicus> u.u
[03:41] <Lilac Neko> * Lilac Neko hugs Luna
[03:41] <Lunaicus> * Lunaicus hugs lilac
[03:41] <Lilac Neko> TONE 
[03:41] <Lilac Neko> no
[03:41] <ToneTyphoon> (as) 
[03:41] <Lunaicus> tone nono
[03:41] <Lilac Neko> dont go there (D:) 
[03:42] <Lilac Neko> just stop
[03:42] <Lunaicus> *finger wag* nono
[03:42] <ToneTyphoon> u were the one misinterpreting looks (derp2) 
[03:42] <Lilac Neko> (ys) 
[03:42] <Lunaicus> (baka) 
[03:42] <ToneTyphoon> XD
[03:42] <Marcel77799> Oh guys x
[03:42] <Marcel77799> XD
[03:43] <Lilac Neko> Marc is just sitting there not laughing but being amused :P 
[03:43] <Lunaicus> yep
[03:43] <Lilac Neko> Like Tone
[03:43] <Marcel77799> Im laughing 
[03:43] <Lilac Neko> Tone doesn't laugh IRL :P 
[03:43] <ToneTyphoon> yeah, Marc laughs
[03:43] <Lilac Neko> oh what :P 
[03:43] <ToneTyphoon> I LAUGH
[03:43] <ToneTyphoon> just not that much
[03:43] <Marcel77799> You are great entertainment
[03:43] <Lilac Neko> Like, once in a blue moon (ys) 
[03:43] <ToneTyphoon> I smile, ok (derp2) 
[03:43] <ToneTyphoon> smile's count for something (derp2) 
[03:44] <Lilac Neko> no
[03:44] <Lilac Neko> no they dont
[03:44] <Lunaicus> (baka) 
[03:44] <Lilac Neko> smile =/= laugh
[03:44] <Lunaicus> per neko u.u
[03:44] <Marcel77799> ^^
[03:44] <ToneTyphoon> I smile just like this (smug) 
[03:44] <Lilac Neko> Wow perv
[03:44] <ToneTyphoon> (derp) 
[03:44] <Lilac Neko> git away from meh
[03:44] <Lunaicus> * Lunaicus pers neko
[03:44] <ToneTyphoon> nu, wait (derp2) 
[03:44] <Lilac Neko> purrrr
[03:44] <Lilac Neko> purrs neko
[03:44] <ToneTyphoon> iz wuz kid ing (derp2) 
[03:45] <Lilac Neko> YOU LOOK AT KIDS THAT WAY????? (D:) 
[03:45] <Marcel77799> Ofc Tone (ss) 
[03:45] <ToneTyphoon> NUUUU (derp2) 
[03:45] <Lilac Neko> * Lilac Neko hides behind Marc
[03:45] <Marcel77799> Pedo...
[03:45] <Marcel77799> *protects Lily*
[03:45] <ToneTyphoon> but I don't wanna be a bear (derp2) 
[03:45] <Lunaicus> what do i do )zap)
[03:45] <Lunaicus> (zap) 
[03:45] <Lilac Neko> Luna run
[03:45] <Lilac Neko> run away from tone
[03:46] <Lunaicus> i wanna help (zap) 
[03:46] <ToneTyphoon> Luna, nu (derp2) 
[03:46] <Lilac Neko> or like
[03:46] <Lilac Neko> 
[03:46] <Marcel77799> No one can help that guy xD
[03:46] <Marcel77799> (Derp4) 
[03:46] <Lunaicus> i mean help neko
[03:46] <ToneTyphoon> Marc has so much faith in people (derp2) 
[03:46] <Lilac Neko> distract him with ice cream or something while I make my getaway :O 
[03:46] <Marcel77799> Oh ok
[03:46] <ToneTyphoon> Ice cream? (hp2) 
[03:46] <Lunaicus> (icecream) 
[03:46] <ToneTyphoon> ice cream (rofl n) 
[03:47] <Marcel77799> Ice cream is naughty
[03:47] <Lunaicus> * Lunaicus throws (icecream) away from neko
[03:47] <ToneTyphoon> ......
[03:47] <Lilac Neko> Tone I actually recoiled from my computer I was not expecting that emote :P 
[03:47] <ToneTyphoon> XD
[03:47] <Lunaicus> xD
[03:47] <ToneTyphoon> perfect
[03:47] <ToneTyphoon> :P 
[03:47] <ToneTyphoon> * ToneTyphoon dives to save teh ice cream
[03:47] <Marcel77799> I once read a crazy article about ice cream xD
[03:47] <Lilac Neko> One does not simply put (hp2) with ice cream
[03:47] <Lilac Neko> * Lilac Neko runs awayyyyyyyyyy
[03:47] <ToneTyphoon> was it about
[03:47] <Lunaicus> now what do i do (zap) 
[03:47] <Marcel77799> Run Lily, run
[03:47] <ToneTyphoon> ice cream being naught?
[03:47] <Lilac Neko> pchooooooooo
[03:48] <Lilac Neko> running noises
[03:48] <ToneTyphoon> I always picture a little girl saying that whenever I read that
[03:48] <Marcel77799> It made a connectin between ice cream and...
[03:48] <ToneTyphoon> um
[03:48] <ToneTyphoon> well alright
[03:48] <ToneTyphoon> :P 
[03:48] <Marcel77799> *connection
[03:48] <Lunaicus> .....
[03:48] <Lunaicus> *backs away*
[03:49] <Lunaicus> FLEE
[03:49] <Lilac Neko> YOU GUYS ARE CREEEPYYYYYYY (D:) 
[03:49] <Lunaicus> YEAH
[03:49] <ToneTyphoon> Look wut u did Marc (derp2) 
[03:49] <Marcel77799> *sigh*
[03:49] <Lunaicus> wat if i am too (zap) 
[03:49] <Lilac Neko> then i'll run from you too (zap) 
[03:49] <ToneTyphoon> Luna has dark secrets Lily (derp2) 
[03:49] <Lilac Neko> well actually no
[03:49] <Marcel77799> *gives Luna and Lily a cookie*
[03:49] <Lunaicus> i do actually (derp) 
[03:49] <Lilac Neko> Luna's ok because she's a girl (derp) 
[03:49] <Lunaicus> Yay
[03:49] <ToneTyphoon> (derp2) 
[03:49] <ToneTyphoon> fine
[03:49] <Lilac Neko> 
[03:49] <ToneTyphoon> keep your cooties
[03:50] <Lilac Neko> what if u put drugs into that cookie (gasp) 
[03:50] <Marcel77799> As if girls wouldnt be weird xS
[03:50] <Lunaicus> * Lunaicus gives (cookie) to neko
[03:50] <Marcel77799> *xD
[03:50] <Marcel77799> Dont worry Lily
[03:50] <Lilac Neko> to uh
[03:50] <Lilac Neko> sedate me or somethign weird
[03:50] <ToneTyphoon> I'll save you
[03:50] <ToneTyphoon> (spy o) 
[03:50] <Lilac Neko> (ud) 
[03:50] <ToneTyphoon> don't u give me dat look girl :| 
[03:50] <Lunaicus> I'm plenty weird (derp) 
[03:50] <Lilac Neko> * Lilac Neko eats the cookie that Luna gave me but not Mar'cs
[03:51] <Lunaicus> yay
[03:51] <Lilac Neko> *Marc's
[03:51] <Marcel77799> :c
[03:51] <Lunaicus> now i am creepy, but i wouldn't be creepy toward neko
[03:51] <Marcel77799> O/ 
[03:51] <Lilac Neko> marc u souldve kept the ice cream to urself :| 
[03:51] <ToneTyphoon> Hey MC :P 
[03:51] <Lilac Neko> MCxTone
[03:51] <Marcel77799> Terry we dont need to talk about yesterday
[03:51] <ToneTyphoon> um
[03:51] <Lilac Neko> Tonecity otp
[03:51] <ToneTyphoon> yesterday (ss) 
[03:51] <The Fruitlord> ooooh
[03:51] <The Fruitlord> (ss) 
[03:52] <Marcel77799> It was a newspaper article.. @Lily
[03:52] <Lilac Neko> xD
[03:52] <The Fruitlord> xD
[03:52] <ToneTyphoon> MC, WAIT (derp2) 
[03:52] <Lilac Neko> MC leaves
[03:52] <Lunaicus> xD
[03:52] <ToneTyphoon> you didn't even finish our pm (derp2) 
[03:52] <The Fruitlord> yesterday mustve been hardcore
[03:52] <The Fruitlord> :p 
[03:52] <Lunaicus> MC just noped otta here
[03:52] <ToneTyphoon> wb Shakky o/ 
[03:52] <Lunaicus> outta*
[03:52] <Marcel77799> Kinda
[03:52] <The Fruitlord> yup
[03:52] <Marcel77799> Yesterday was all bad expect for one thing
[03:53] <Marcel77799> WB
[03:53] <Lunaicus> hi
[03:53] <Marcel77799> Chat kill
[03:54] <ToneTyphoon> boom
[03:54] <ToneTyphoon> headshot
[03:54] <Lunaicus> how dar
[03:54] <Man.city1> marcel, 4-1? :P 
[03:54] <Lunaicus> MEEP
[03:54] <ToneTyphoon> meep?
[03:54] <Marcel77799> They were sleeping
[03:54] <Lunaicus> idk
[03:54] <ToneTyphoon> Luna turning into a pokemon or something?
[03:54] <Marcel77799> But thats not why yesterday was awful
[03:54] <Lunaicus> ICUS
[03:54] <Man.city1> Why then? :P 
[03:54] <Marcel77799> Uhhm
[03:54] <Marcel77799> PM me
[03:55] <Lilac Neko> oh look its back
[03:55] <Lunaicus>
[03:55] <Lunaicus> i want this alreeaddyyyyyyyyyy
[03:55] <Lilac Neko> *he's back LO
[03:55] <ToneTyphoon> LeBB
[03:55] <Lilac Neko> * :P 
[03:55] <ToneTyphoon> dat angry face
[03:56] <Lunaicus> ikr
[03:56] <ToneTyphoon> he be like
[03:56] <Lunaicus> so angry
[03:56] <Lunaicus> angriest eren face
[03:56] <Lilac Neko> darn
[03:56] <Lilac Neko> reading thru chatlog and remembering that Rio is also polish
[03:56] <Lilac Neko> why
[03:56] <ToneTyphoon> XD
[03:56] <Lunaicus>
[03:56] <Lunaicus> LOOK AT DIS ANGEER
[03:56] <ToneTyphoon> wonder what you'd think of my polish friend :P 
[03:57] <Lilac Neko> I would be like "oh cool" and thats it :P 
[03:57] <Lilac Neko> Rio is weird
[03:57] <Lilac Neko> too weird sometimes
[03:57] <ToneTyphoon> :P 
[03:57] <Aravis Tarkheena> Rio's not weird :P 
[03:57] <Lilac Neko> (ys) 
[03:57] <Aravis Tarkheena> He's nothing like Jdude or even Obi sometimes :P 
[03:57] <GuacamoleCCXR> 
[03:57] <Aravis Tarkheena> Or Mad. :P 
[03:57] <Lilac Neko> We're all mad here :P 
[03:58] <Marcel77799> XD
[03:58] <ToneTyphoon> ok, he's got JD, but Obi, naw :P 
[03:58] <Man.city1> Vis :o 
[03:58] <Lunaicus> sometimes i play a game of what weird thing can i say and no one will acknowledge i said anything
[03:58] <Aravis Tarkheena> MC :O 
[03:58] <Lilac Neko> When Rio and Obi are in the same chat it gets weird :P 
[03:58] <Aravis Tarkheena> No, Mad and Obi :P 
[03:58] <Man.city1> MC and LED :p 
[03:58] <Marcel77799> He he xD
[03:59] <ToneTyphoon> 'scuse me wut Luna
[03:59] <Lunaicus> hm?
[03:59] <ToneTyphoon> what u said
[03:59] <Lilac Neko> "all th admins are like really old rocks" -Neko 2015
[03:59] <Lilac Neko> why
[03:59] <Lilac Neko> just why
[03:59] <ToneTyphoon> Oh, I understand what you said now :P 
[03:59] <ToneTyphoon> cause Lily
[03:59] <ToneTyphoon> cause
[03:59] <Lunaicus> (clap) 
[03:59] <Lunaicus> well done tone u.u
[04:00] <Lilac Neko> what was going through my head :P 
[04:00] <Marcel77799> Wut Lily?
[04:00] <ToneTyphoon> Crypt has you beat in that department though Luna
[04:00] <Lunaicus> that's ok
[04:00] <Marcel77799> Nothing too clever
[04:00] <Marcel77799> XD
[04:00] <ToneTyphoon> he says random stuff and everyone just ignores him cause what can you really say
[04:00] <Lunaicus> I'm not really trying to compete against anyone
[04:00] <Lilac Neko> That's for suer :P 
[04:00] <Lilac Neko> *sure
[04:00] <Marcel77799> Yup
[04:00] <Lunaicus> i want to be noticed (puppyeyes) 
[04:00] <Marcel77799> #sleepdrunklily
[04:01] <ToneTyphoon> *Tone-senpai notices you*
[04:01] <Lunaicus> (puppyeyes) 
[04:01] <Marcel77799> :3
[04:01] <Lilac Neko> :3
[04:01] <Lilac Neko> double kitteh face
[04:01] <Marcel77799> Yay
[04:01] <Lunaicus> (cute) 
[04:01] <The Fruitlord>
[04:01] <The Fruitlord> its a thin watermelon
[04:02] <The Fruitlord> *spontaneously combusts*
[04:02] <Marcel77799> WTH is that
[04:02] <Lunaicus> *cleans up abby*
[04:02] <ToneTyphoon> it's a watermelon slice
[04:02] <Lunaicus> abby u got on the walls (zap) 
[04:02] <ToneTyphoon> just cut really thin
[04:02] <Lunaicus> now i have to clean them (zap) 
[04:02] <The Fruitlord> well excuse me
[04:02] <Lilac Neko> that gif was hilarious and i have no clue why
[04:02] <The Fruitlord> ikr
[04:02] <The Fruitlord> i hate this meme
[04:03] <Lunaicus> i found it funny a few times
[04:03] <The Fruitlord> "when mom isnt home"
[04:03] <The Fruitlord> "wait moms never home"
[04:03] <Lilac Neko> ;~;
[04:03] <Lilac Neko> the feels
[04:03] <Lilac Neko> the feels are real
[04:03] <The Fruitlord>
[04:03] <The Fruitlord> i swear
[04:03] <Lunaicus> por meh :~:
[04:03] <The Fruitlord> ikr
[04:03] <The Fruitlord> ack wrong link
[04:03] <A Walruse> when mom isn'T home is best meme
[04:04] <A Walruse> ohhh
[04:04] <A Walruse> that took me a while
[04:04] <The Fruitlord> ikr
[04:04] <The Fruitlord>
[04:04] <A Walruse> to get it
[04:04] <The Fruitlord> like
[04:04] <Marcel77799> XD
[04:04] <The Fruitlord> shut up fma fandom
[04:04] <Lunaicus> oh FMA fandom
[04:04] <The Fruitlord> we love you
[04:04] <A Walruse> that reminds me
[04:04] <The Fruitlord> but youre terrible
[04:04] <Lunaicus> you know what that hurt me
[04:04] <A Walruse> when Jack isn't home
[04:04] <Lunaicus> is one of a picture of al
[04:04] <Lunaicus> and it says
[04:05] <Lunaicus> cool armor bro i bet it cost you an arm and a leg
[04:05] <Lunaicus> and i was like
[04:05] <The Fruitlord> i was just about to say that
[04:05] <Lunaicus> how dar
[04:05] <The Fruitlord> that one sucks
[04:05] <Lunaicus> how freakin dar
[04:05] <ToneTyphoon> lol Wally
[04:05] <Lunaicus> also abby
[04:05] <Lunaicus> watch jojo
[04:05] <The Fruitlord>
[04:05] <The Fruitlord> *cries*
[04:05] <The Fruitlord> soooon
[04:05] <A Walruse> or the Avatar version
[04:05] <Lunaicus> jojojojojojojojo
[04:05] <A Walruse>
[04:05] <ToneTyphoon> XD
[04:05] <Marcel77799> Dun cry
[04:05] <ToneTyphoon> abby that pic XD
[04:06] <Lunaicus> tone y it funny
[04:06] <ToneTyphoon> cause I'm heartless (as) 
[04:06] <Lunaicus> :O 
[04:06] <Lunaicus> :~:
[04:06] <ToneTyphoon> cmon, u know it's at least a LITTLE funny
[04:06] <Lunaicus> ;~;
[04:06] <Marcel77799> XD
[04:06] <Lunaicus> no the feels hurt
[04:07] <Lilac Neko> tickling hurts
[04:07] <Marcel77799> I kinda laugh all the time xD
[04:07] <The Fruitlord> its not funny at all
[04:07] <The Fruitlord> :c
[04:07] <Lilac Neko> reading my weirdness from last night hurts
[04:07] <Lilac Neko> why am I so weird ;~;
[04:07] <Lunaicus> ticking is actually caused by pain reseptors 
[04:07] <Marcel77799> Lily
[04:07] <Lilac Neko> no
[04:07] <Marcel77799> Stay that way xD
[04:07] <Lilac Neko> dont say it
[04:07] <Marcel77799> Its perfect
[04:07] <Lilac Neko> everytime you're just like "oh weirdness is good"
[04:07] <Lilac Neko> EVERY TIME
[04:07] <Lilac Neko> 
[04:08] <Marcel77799> And?
[04:08] <Lilac Neko> but theres a point when it's too weird :P 
[04:08] <Marcel77799> There is no greatness without some madness
[04:08] <Lilac Neko> (like you) 
[04:08] <ToneTyphoon> Lily
[04:08] <ToneTyphoon> stay weird
[04:08] <Lilac Neko> Jk :P 
[04:08] <ToneTyphoon> it makes u amazing
[04:08] <Lilac Neko> (derp3) 
[04:08] <The Fruitlord> this video will never not be old
[04:08] <Marcel77799> Men like girls that are a bit weird xD
[04:08] <ToneTyphoon> *iz unsure if he should click*
[04:09] <ToneTyphoon> well, yeah
[04:09] <Marcel77799> Just saying
[04:09] <ToneTyphoon> :P 
[04:09] <ToneTyphoon> can't argue with that :P 
[04:09] <Lunaicus> xD
[04:09] <Lunaicus> xD
[04:09] <Lunaicus> abby xD
[04:09] <Lunaicus> i cant xD
[04:09] <Lunaicus> ABBY xD
[04:09] <The Fruitlord> its on my dash every other day and i watch it every time
[04:09] <Lunaicus> xD
[04:09] <The Fruitlord> its amazing
[04:09] <The Fruitlord> xD
[04:09] <Lunaicus> this is amazing xD
[04:09] <The Fruitlord> ikr
[04:09] <Lunaicus> xD
[04:10] <Lunaicus> so showing that to levi later
[04:10] <The Fruitlord> yay x
[04:10] <The Fruitlord> *xD
[04:10] <ToneTyphoon> oh yeah, that video
[04:11] <Marcel77799> Test
[04:11] <Lilac Neko> that was beautiful xD
[04:11] <Lunaicus> D
[04:11] <Lunaicus> xD
[04:11] <Lilac Neko> r u sure thats not just japanese to white people? (derp) 
[04:11] <The Fruitlord> ikr
[04:11] <The Fruitlord> xD
[04:11] <The Fruitlord> probably
[04:12] <Lunaicus> probably xD
[04:12] <The Fruitlord> I tried watching Free! with my little sister 
[04:12] <The Fruitlord> she's 3
[04:12] <Marcel77799> XD
[04:12] <The Fruitlord> and she got so mad because she couldnt understand what they were saying
[04:12] <Lilac Neko> and? :P 
[04:12] <Lunaicus> xD
[04:12] <Lilac Neko> lol
[04:12] <Marcel77799> Oh well
[04:12] <Lunaicus> get the dub (derp) 
[04:12] <The Fruitlord> And she was afraid of Sousuke and "the guy with the funny teeth"
[04:12] <The Fruitlord> because they yelled too much
[04:12] <The Fruitlord> :p 
[04:12] <Marcel77799> WB
[04:13] <Marcel77799> Test
[04:13] <Lilac Neko> this vegemite thing lol how did i even think of that
[04:13] <Lilac Neko> just no
[04:14] <ToneTyphoon> well, Mad was the one calling it poop
[04:15] <ToneTyphoon> i'll never go vegan 
[04:15] <ToneTyphoon> (derp2) 
[04:17] <Man.city1> .
[04:17] <ToneTyphoon> ok, I gotta eat breakfast
[04:17] <Man.city1> eat on the comp :P 
[04:17] <Lilac Neko> but then you'd get food on the keybaord (zap) 
[04:17] <ToneTyphoon> and syrup is sticky
[04:17] <Man.city1> I don't :p 
[04:18] <The Fruitlord> (Ss) 
[04:18] <Man.city1> I eat cereal , chocolate and wafers and drink milk and nothing :p 
[04:18] <ToneTyphoon> (yk) 
[04:18] <ToneTyphoon> that last one sounds really filling
[04:18] <Man.city1> .... :p 
[04:19] <Marcel77799> XD
[04:20] <A Walruse> why is the dota wiki so unbearably slow
[04:20] <The Fruitlord>
[04:20] <Lilac Neko> tone i love your confusion everytime someone says a japanese word
[04:20] <The Fruitlord> im gonna cry
[04:20] <Marcel77799> Dota (yk) 
[04:21] <Marcel77799> Why cry? 
[04:21] <ToneTyphoon> Wally has spoken of the great evil
[04:21] <ToneTyphoon> (derp2) 
[04:21] <ToneTyphoon> :P 
[04:21] <The Fruitlord> the circle
[04:21] <The Fruitlord> its so perfect
[04:21] <Marcel77799> And?
[04:21] <ToneTyphoon> why are you questioning Abby
[04:21] <Marcel77799> Practice
[04:22] <ToneTyphoon> Abby is as Abby does
[04:22] <The Fruitlord> practice what
[04:22] <The Fruitlord> i just want to stare at it
[04:22] <The Fruitlord> all day
[04:22] <The Fruitlord> its beautiful
[04:22] <Marcel77799> Oh well
[04:22] <A Walruse> OH MY GOD ABBY
[04:22] <A Walruse> HOOOOWW
[04:23] <The Fruitlord> yes
[04:23] <The Fruitlord> see
[04:23] <The Fruitlord> son understands me
[04:23] <ToneTyphoon> breakfast
[04:23] <ToneTyphoon> afk
[04:23] <Marcel77799> ... :P 
[04:23] <Man.city1> Abby is here?
[04:23] <Aravis Tarkheena> Practice. :P 
[04:23] <The Fruitlord> and wait
[04:23] <The Fruitlord> wait
[04:23] <Marcel77799> Per Vis
[04:23] <The Fruitlord>
[04:23] <ToneTyphoon> yeah Fruit Loops is Abby
[04:23] <The Fruitlord> she did it again
[04:23] <ToneTyphoon> oops, I did it again
[04:23] <ToneTyphoon> wait, how's the song go?
[04:23] <ToneTyphoon> dang it
[04:23] <Lunaicus> abby
[04:23] <Lunaicus> that's the earth
[04:24] <The Fruitlord> i am hetalia
[04:24] <The Fruitlord> (as) 
[04:24] <A Walruse> abby is FL Studio confirmed xD
[04:24] <Lunaicus> (as) 
[04:24] <The Fruitlord> xD
[04:24] <Marcel77799> XD
[04:26] <Lilac Neko> Italiano Romano
[04:26] <Lilac Neko> is best character
[04:26] <The Fruitlord> yup
[04:26] <The Fruitlord> ack brb
[04:26] <Marcel77799> Kk
[04:26] <Lunaicus> no
[04:26] <Lilac Neko> karkat
[04:26] <The Fruitlord> okay 
[04:26] <The Fruitlord> you win
[04:26] <The Fruitlord> NEKO I HAVE A STORY
[04:26] <The Fruitlord> WAIT FOR ME
[04:26] <The Fruitlord> brb
[04:26] <Lilac Neko> okay :P 
[04:27] <Lunaicus> sealand
[04:27] <Lunaicus> actually America is my favorire character xD
[04:27] <Lunaicus> favorite*
[04:28] <Marcel77799> XD
[04:29] <Lilac Neko> marc y r u laughing
[04:29] <Lunaicus> i should be so offended by America b
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