[03:03] <AmazingPythor> test
[03:04] <Kingwja> agh
[03:04] <Kingwja> pass
[03:04] <Kingwja> but gtg
[03:04] <AmazingPythor> ..........
[03:04] <AmazingPythor> Bye king
[03:04] <Kingwja> cya <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[03:04] <AmazingPythor> So it wasn't working because I freaking turned off chat hacks
[03:08] <AmazingPythor> yes
[03:08] <AmazingPythor> I hate myself
[03:08] <Nart L. Chipikal> okay nevermind my head hurts i can't overwatch c':
[03:08] <Ked830> Ah nu nart
[03:08] <Nart L. Chipikal> it's actually raining outside though o:
[03:08] <Nart L. Chipikal> for the first time in ages o:
[03:08] <EveryOpenEye> yayy
[03:09] <Ked830> Ey thats good
[03:09] <Slicer Vorzakh> ik isn't it amazing nart
[03:09] <Ked830> Allo Coggles
[03:10] <Slicer Vorzakh> it was my first time driving in rain and amazingly I didn't crash
[03:10] <Ked830> Congrats Slushy
[03:10] <Nart L. Chipikal> oh nooo
[03:10] <Nart L. Chipikal> i am afraid to start driving
[03:10] <Nart L. Chipikal> what if i crash into a squirrel
[03:10] <Nart L. Chipikal> how will i be able to stab alemas
[03:11] <AmazingPythor> We have a few extra in the Northeast if that helps
[03:11] <Slicer Vorzakh> I almost ran into a squirrel but fortunately he was smart and ran under my car
[03:11] <Nart L. Chipikal> squirrels are smart
[03:11] <Slicer Vorzakh> the turkeys that were in the road didn't care tho
[03:11] <Nart L. Chipikal> oh you have turkeys
[03:11] <Nart L. Chipikal> there used to be two turkeys running around in my neighborhood but now they're gone
[03:12] <Nart L. Chipikal> did they move to your neighborhood
[03:12] <Slicer Vorzakh> no, I drove on wooded back roads 
[03:12] <Slicer Vorzakh> there used to be turkeys in my neighborhood but they disappeared too
[03:13] <Nart L. Chipikal> someone is stealing the turkeys
[03:14] <Slicer Vorzakh> well they have to have something for thanksgiving
[03:14] <Nart L. Chipikal> it's not november yet
[03:17] <Slicer Vorzakh> if people only took turkeys st November there'd be no turkeys left
[03:18] <Nart L. Chipikal> the bacon festival happened in my city today
[03:19] <Nart L. Chipikal> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[03:19] <Impossibubbles> I spent half an hour meditating 
[03:19] <Impossibubbles> I think I'm making progress
[03:19] <RoboticBrick28> What were you meditating on? <img width="19" height="19" title="(derp)" alt="(derp)" src=""> 
[03:19] <Nart L. Chipikal> did you ascend to a higher plane of existence yet
[03:19] <Impossibubbles> When you meditate you don't think. You're only supposed to try and focus on your breathing and nothing else
[03:20] <RoboticBrick28> How boring. (ud)
[03:20] <Impossibubbles> it's not supposed to be interesting xD It trains concentration 
[03:21] <Coggsworth Motors> I agree
[03:21] <Coggsworth Motors> its not really for fun
[03:21] <RoboticBrick28> Hmm...
[03:22] <RoboticBrick28> How can focusing on breathing and nothing else train concentration...?
[03:22] <Impossibubbles> Ever tried it? <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[03:22] <RoboticBrick28> No.
[03:22] <Impossibubbles> It's really hard. Your mind starts wandering 
[03:22] <EveryOpenEye> id say its pretty impressive to not think of anything else
[03:22] <Impossibubbles> I can get to like...three breaths <img width="19" height="19" title="(derp)" alt="(derp)" src=""> 
[03:22] <RoboticBrick28> I would start thinking of something related to breathing.
[03:23] <RoboticBrick28> Like... lungs. <img width="19" height="19" title=";p" alt=";p" src=""> 
[03:23] <Impossibubbles> right, wandering mind <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[03:23] <Impossibubbles> It's so hard. Because your mind starts wandering, then you notice, then you're thinking about that, then you gotta start all over xD
[03:24] <RoboticBrick28> Sounds stressful.
[03:24] <Coggsworth Motors> It is stressful
[03:24] <Impossibubbles> It's pretty relaxing, actually 
[03:24] <RoboticBrick28> Eh, I've got too much stress in my life alread.
[03:24] <RoboticBrick28> already*
[03:24] <Coggsworth Motors> which is why it increases concentration and ability to deal with stress more easily outside of meditation
[03:24] <RoboticBrick28> ... <img width="19" height="19" title="(derp)" alt="(derp)" src=""> 
[03:25] <RoboticBrick28> My telepathic kicking works! <img width="19" height="19" title=":o" alt=":o" src=""> 
[03:25] <Impossibubbles> I like stressing over whether or not I'm doing it right as opposed to my other emotional issues xD
[03:25] <Game Wolf> *dumps a bucket of Sprite over Bubbles, like a savage*
[03:25] <Impossibubbles> sprite is gross
[03:25] <Game Wolf> yus
[03:26] <RoboticBrick28> Game Wolf, how dare you...
[03:26] <Game Wolf> o 
[03:26] <RoboticBrick28> *gives bubbles a towel*
[03:26] <Game Wolf> i dair
[03:26] <Impossibubbles> dair e air
[03:26] <Game Wolf> a towel won't make her not sticky anymoar
[03:26] <Game Wolf> u can never get rid of the Sprite sticky icky 
[03:26] <Impossibubbles> just hose me down and I'll be fine <img width="19" height="19" title="(derp4)" alt="(derp4)" src=""> 
[03:26] <RoboticBrick28> *sprays a garden hose all over bubbles*
[03:26] <Game Wolf> >hose
[03:26] <Game Wolf> *TRIGGERED*
[03:27] <Impossibubbles> *dances*
[03:27] <Game Wolf> *spasms uncontrollably*
[03:27] <RoboticBrick28> Wolf, what...?
[03:27] <Impossibubbles> k xD
[03:27] <Game Wolf> *drops Sprite nuke onto robo*
[03:27] <RoboticBrick28> ... <img width="19" height="19" title="(ud)" alt="(ud)" src=""> 
[03:27] <Game Wolf> sweet and sticky revenge 
[03:27] <Impossibubbles> I watched the new star wars ep
[03:27] <Game Wolf> <img width="19" height="19" title="(troll)" alt="(troll)" src=""> 
[03:27] <Impossibubbles> it
[03:27] <Impossibubbles> was
[03:27] <Impossibubbles> SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD
[03:27] <Impossibubbles> Hera is so lovely
[03:28] <RoboticBrick28> No spoilers, or I will turn off the hose. <img width="19" height="19" title=";)" alt=";)" src=""> 
[03:28] <Game Wolf> >hose
[03:28] <Game Wolf> *IS STILL TRIGGERED*
[03:28] <RoboticBrick28> Wolf? I have absolutely no idea why you are stressing the fact that it is a hose.
[03:28] <Game Wolf> >hose
[03:28] <RoboticBrick28> Do you have a fear of serpent-like objects?
[03:28] <Impossibubbles> I was really impressed with the animation in this ep
[03:28] <Impossibubbles> it's come a long way
[03:30] <RoboticBrick28> *whacks Wolf over the head with the hose box*
[03:30] <RoboticBrick28> ... Too hard, I guess.
[03:30] <Nart L. Chipikal> i am glad i saved my brownie from college open house this morning
[03:30] <Nart L. Chipikal> i get to have it with my green tea ice cream now c:<
[03:31] <AmazingPythor> Tfw you need extra sources for your history essay and you stumble upon some random 17th century political philosophy in your closet
[03:31] <RoboticBrick28> Oh, how prepared you are. :[[]])
[03:32] <RoboticBrick28> *hides from the wrath of AP*
[03:32] <AmazingPythor> *anschlusses the hell out of robot*
[03:32] <Nart L. Chipikal> ap be my med we gotta drop robot's uber
[03:32] <Nart L. Chipikal> we will shoot rockets at him until he explodes and drops uber
[03:32] <AmazingPythor> I approve of this idea.
[03:33] <RoboticBrick28> I should run to PM...
[03:37] <EveryOpenEye>
[03:37] <Nart L. Chipikal> yesss
[03:37] <Impossibubbles> omg I just had a mini heart attack 
[03:37] <Impossibubbles> I thought there was a crack in my screen
[03:37] <Impossibubbles> but it was a cat hair xD
[03:38] <Nart L. Chipikal> cat hair creates tears in the fabric of your monitor 
[03:38] <Nart L. Chipikal> also i learned in my college tour today that audio people call speakers "monitors" 
[03:39] <AmazingPythor> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[03:39] <Nart L. Chipikal> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[03:39] <Pacman87> trending on youtube : 10 mysterious photos that should not exist
[03:39] <Pacman87> no thanks
[03:40] <Impossibubbles> I watch all those crap videos
[03:40] <Impossibubbles> and I secretly love them
[03:40] <Nart L. Chipikal> i have been rewatching don hertzfeldt for the past week
[03:40] <Nart L. Chipikal> please help
[03:41] <Pacman87> i'd rather not have nightmares
[03:43] <Impossibubbles> language in the post name. But this is freaking hilarious and adorable
[03:44] <Nart L. Chipikal> awww C:
[03:44] <Pacman87> why am i attracted to this
[03:45] <EveryOpenEye> >attracted to hummingbirds
[03:45] <Nart L. Chipikal> are you developing a sexual attraction to hummingbirds
[03:45] <EveryOpenEye> you should get that checked out
[03:45] <RoboticBrick28> EOE, hummingbirds are cute. c:
[03:46] <EveryOpenEye> true
[03:46] <EveryOpenEye> theyre also terrifying
[03:46] <RoboticBrick28> Nah
[03:46] <Nart L. Chipikal> they flap their wings many times forever
[03:46] <Nart L. Chipikal> they will always be flying
[03:46] <Impossibubbles> NXT hello :3
[03:46] <AmazingPythor> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[03:46] <Nart L. Chipikal> they will remind us that we cannot fly
[03:46] <Pacman87> im hummingssexual
[03:46] <NXTein1996> Hello Bubbles, and everyone else. :3
[03:49] <Impossibubbles> I got new eyeliner today :3
[03:49] <Nart L. Chipikal> what color is it o:
[03:49] <Impossibubbles> Hopefully it doesn't make my eyelashes fall out like that last one :3
[03:49] <Impossibubbles> just black xD
[03:49] <Nart L. Chipikal> what :C
[03:49] <Impossibubbles> Ye
[03:49] <Nart L. Chipikal> how did that happen
[03:49] <Impossibubbles> A reaction I guess
[03:49] <Impossibubbles> I wear false lashes now, so it's not a big deal I guess
[03:50] <Nart L. Chipikal> how does that work
[03:50] <NXTein1996> But how does that make your eyelashes just... fall off? <img width="19" height="19" title="(what)" alt="(what)" src=""> 
[03:50] <Nart L. Chipikal> her eyelashes got so triggered by the notion of outer beauty that the eyeliner was yelling at them that they fell off to avoid it
[03:51] <Nart L. Chipikal> hair death is their safe space
[03:51] <Impossibubbles> one eyeliner I tried I had such a horrible reaction my eyes were swollen for days
[03:51] <Impossibubbles> makeup is a dangerous occupation 
[03:52] <NXTein1996> I would never know... <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[03:52] <Nart L. Chipikal> are you allergic to any ingredients
[03:53] <Impossibubbles> Petroleum 
[03:57] <Impossibubbles>
[03:57] <Impossibubbles> dead
[03:57] <Nart L. Chipikal> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[03:57] <NIGHTSHADEXBS> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[03:57] <Nart L. Chipikal> did they photoshop that picture too 
[04:02] <AmazingPythor> Gonna go for a bit
[04:02] <AmazingPythor> Have fun with my bot
[04:02] <Pacman87> kill bot
[04:05] <Nart L. Chipikal>
[04:06] <Pacman87> doe sanyone fold their toilet paper
[04:07] <Impossibubbles> me
[04:07] <Impossibubbles> <img width="19" height="19" title="(derp4)" alt="(derp4)" src=""> 
[04:07] <RoboticBrick28> Huh, strange. Usually my toilet paper folds me... <img width="19" height="19" title="(derp7)" alt="(derp7)" src=""> 
[04:07] <Pacman87> thank god i thought i was the only one
[04:08] <Nart L. Chipikal> are you of russia robot
[04:08] <RoboticBrick28> No.
[04:08] <Nart L. Chipikal> are you heavy
[04:08] <RoboticBrick28> No.
[04:08] <Nart L. Chipikal> heavy weapons guy
[04:08] <Nart L. Chipikal> oh
[04:08] <RoboticBrick28> No.
[04:08] <Nart L. Chipikal> yeah, right you're the other med
[04:08] <RoboticBrick28> I haven't played TF2. xD
[04:08] <Nart L. Chipikal> that's okay me neither i'm tired and sometimes i play overwatch
[04:09] <RoboticBrick28> I haven't played overwatch, either. <img width="19" height="19" title=";p" alt=";p" src=""> 
[04:09] <Nart L. Chipikal> i should get back to tf2 for the halloween
[04:09] <Pacman87> overwatch is so last year
[04:09] <Pacman87> wait nvm it came out this year
[04:10] <RoboticBrick28> <img width="19" height="19" title="(derp)" alt="(derp)" src=""> 
[04:12] <Slicer Vorzakh> I've been told that overwatch is just a 60 dollar dirty bomb (derp)
[04:13] <EveryOpenEye> who said that
[04:13] <Pacman87> you can get a 100 character boost for wow for 60 dollars
[04:13] <EveryOpenEye> cause theyre an idiot
[04:13] <Nart L. Chipikal> do they also play paladins CHAMPIONS of the REALM
[04:13] <Slicer Vorzakh> I haven't seen much of it, but from what I've seen they aren't completely wrong
[04:15] <Nart L. Chipikal> i will look for you, i will find you, and i will make you eat most of those words
[04:16] <Slicer Vorzakh> well I'd never pay 60 bucks for it
[04:16] <EveryOpenEye> youre wrong =
[04:16] <EveryOpenEye> <img width="19" height="19" title="=)" alt="=)" src=""> 
[04:16] <Nart L. Chipikal> meh, i wanted to get it without all the content but i like having a cool foldout box and the reaper skin that reminds me of the demoman
[04:17] <Nart L. Chipikal> i had to wait a week after i got myself a headset but i think it was worth it
[04:18] <Pacman87> I have a special set of skills. I don't know who you are, I dont know what you want. If you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it. But if you don't I will look for you, I will find you, and i will kill you
[04:19] <Nart L. Chipikal> i will build a house around you
[04:19] <Nart L. Chipikal> with no windows
[04:20] <Nart L. Chipikal> no spotify i don't want to listen to country music
[04:20] <Nart L. Chipikal> bluh
[04:23] <EveryOpenEye> aw
[04:25] <AmazingPythor> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[04:25] <EveryOpenEye> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[04:26] <Nart L. Chipikal> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[04:27] <Riolu777> hello
[04:31] <Marshal6000> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[04:31] <Nart L. Chipikal> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[04:32] <Marshal6000> I feel like creating controversy and then just afking then come back in 1/2 hour and see what havoc I created. <img width="19" height="19" title=":{P" alt=":{P" src=""> 
[04:32] <Nart L. Chipikal> it is trump's future grand architect of walls, MARSHAL6000 
[04:32] <Marshal6000> I'm very honored to have that rank.
[04:32] <Nart L. Chipikal> are you a mei main o:
[04:32] <Marshal6000> mei main?
[04:32] <Marshal6000> What? <img width="19" height="19" title=":{P" alt=":{P" src=""> 
[04:33] <EveryOpenEye> lol
[04:33] <Marshal6000> Seriously. what do you mean by that?
[04:33] <Marshal6000> I don't get it <img width="19" height="19" title=":{P" alt=":{P" src=""> 
[04:33] <Nart L. Chipikal> teehee c:
[04:34] <Nart L. Chipikal> oh god my ankle is swelling again why 
[04:34] <Nart L. Chipikal> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[04:35] <Nart L. Chipikal> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[04:35] <PixelFox666> hi!
[04:35] <Marshal6000> I'm trying so hard to not make everyone's sanity take a beating rn. <img width="19" height="19" title=":{P" alt=":{P" src=""> 
[04:36] <Nart L. Chipikal> you cannot drop my sanity i have no sanity left because i fought the bearger with night armors
[04:36] <Nart L. Chipikal> c:<
[04:36] <Marshal6000> <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[04:37] <Nart L. Chipikal> oh yeah i need to farm more nightmare fuel in my game o:
[04:37] <Nart L. Chipikal> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[04:37] <BENNYtheAVENGER> Heeeeeeeey <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[04:37] <PixelFox666> hi m8
[04:37] <BENNYtheAVENGER> I'm sure you all missed me
[04:37] <Impossibubbles> I don't know you, but, ello
[04:38] <BENNYtheAVENGER> Wut
[04:38] <BENNYtheAVENGER> Man
[04:38] <BENNYtheAVENGER> Cmon
[04:38] <BENNYtheAVENGER> You know me
[04:38] <Impossibubbles> I do?
[04:38] <PixelFox666> he trolled this place once
[04:38] <PixelFox666> BennyTheBrick3
[04:39] <PixelFox666> remember him
[04:39] <BENNYtheAVENGER> I've trolled many times
[04:39] <Marshal6000> Seriously though. Why are people so upset about Trump's tape. We have bigger issues than Trump allegedly groping women. Like an actual criminal having the potential to become president. And how the hell does Trump's tape get more attention than Hillary's leaked emails containing classified information. What the hell is this Ship! 
[04:40] <AmazingPythor> >ship
[04:40] <PixelFox666> lets not talk about politics
[04:40] <PixelFox666> hey Pythor
[04:40] <Nart L. Chipikal> man down, man down! abandon ship!
[04:40] <PixelFox666> remember Benny
[04:40] <AmazingPythor> Hi
[04:40] <AmazingPythor> Uh
[04:40] <Nart L. Chipikal> everyone stop drop and roll!
[04:40] <Pacman87> hi
[04:40] <Marshal6000> I'm probably not allowed to say that but I've seen people say buck so IDK <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[04:40] <AmazingPythor> Vaguely
[04:40] <AmazingPythor> maybe
[04:40] <PixelFox666> dang Benny
[04:40] <PixelFox666> nobody remembers u
[04:40] <Nart L. Chipikal> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[04:40] <BENNYtheAVENGER> Ouch
[04:40] <BENNYtheAVENGER> I'm offended
[04:41] <EveryOpenEye> trumpxclinton isnt even good
[04:41] <AmazingPythor> And tbh Marsh I'll agree that people's reaction to that tape makes no sense considering he says worse stuff on a daily basis
[04:41] <Marshal6000> So Pac. Did you every find a spot to build your house on spy's server?
[04:41] <Nart L. Chipikal> with every find comes a new obstacle
[04:41] <BENNYtheAVENGER> <img width="19" height="19" title=":'(" alt=":'(" src=""> 
[04:41] <Nart L. Chipikal> a steady blade balances the soul
[04:42] <PixelFox666> aw chear up Benny
[04:42] <PixelFox666> let me sing a song
[04:42] <Marshal6000> I was watching SNL tonight and my God was the intro funny. xD Trump was acting like Jaws and Hillary was just standing there freaking out. xD
[04:42] <Nart L. Chipikal> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[04:42] <MLG Neo-Futurist> benny
[04:42] <MLG Neo-Futurist> lmmcu chat plz
[04:42] <PixelFox666> okay
[04:44] <BENNYtheAVENGER> Oh
[04:44] <BENNYtheAVENGER> Heeeey
[04:44] <MLG Neo-Futurist> hey
[04:44] <MLG Neo-Futurist> lmmcu plz
[04:44] <Pacman87> wow stranger
[04:44] <Pacman87> s
[04:46] <Riolu777> trumpxclinton is a thing?
[04:46] <Riolu777> come on
[04:46] <Impossibubbles> ew
[04:46] <EveryOpenEye> well obviously
[04:46] <EveryOpenEye> its practically canon
[04:47] <Riolu777> i don't like that
[04:47] <Riolu777> only ship I'll support is stucky
[04:48] <Marshal6000> Paccy! <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[04:48] <AmazingPythor> Why are politician ships a thing
[04:48] <Nart L. Chipikal> because they are
[04:49] <Marshal6000> So anyway I think I have the audio pretty much worked out for my next major stop motion.
[04:49] <Riolu777> they shouldn't be, pyth
[04:49] <Marshal6000> I should really make a poster for it TBH. :P
[04:49] <Pacman87> what marsh
[04:49] <AmazingPythor> Does this go on in other countries
[04:49] <Marshal6000> Maybe I'll do that tonight if I have the time
[04:50] <Marshal6000> I was just wondering if you still play on spy's server pac. <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> Because I now have the iron farm built if you want alot of iron. <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[04:50] <Pacman87> marsh all i want is a creative server with command blocks
[04:50] <Pacman87> i mean i could go back on
[04:50] <Nart L. Chipikal> spy, like the imbisible one from defensing of the ancients two?
[04:51] <Marshal6000> I was only wondering <img width="19" height="19" title=":{P" alt=":{P" src=""> 
[04:51] <Pacman87> maybe marsh
[04:51] <Marshal6000> Agent Spy Nart.
[04:51] <AmazingPythor> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[04:51] <Nart L. Chipikal> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[04:51] <Marshal6000> He's a user
[04:51] <Marshal6000> *was
[04:51] <Marshal6000> IDK <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[04:51] <Nart L. Chipikal> agent spy is cool
[04:51] <Marshal6000> Anyway I'm off to make a teaser poster for my upcoming stop motion. :P
[04:51] <Marshal6000> afk
[04:53] <Lilac Neko> RIOLUUUUU
[04:53] <Lilac Neko> RIO
[04:53] <Lilac Neko> who is amzingpythro
[04:53] <Riolu777> LILAC
[04:53] <Riolu777> HI
[04:53] <AmazingPythor> That's my bot
[04:53] <Lilac Neko> RIOLY RAVIOLI
[04:53] <AmazingPythor> For logging chat
[04:54] <Riolu777> HOW ARE YOU
[04:54] <Lilac Neko> whyd you have to make it typos of your username <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[04:54] <Lilac Neko> I AM MUY BIEN GRACIAS
[04:54] <Lilac Neko> EXTRA GOOD BC YOU ARE HERE <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[04:55] <AmazingPythor> That's a very good question admittedly.
[04:55] <Riolu777> WELL YOURE SWEET <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[04:55] <Riolu777> gonna stop the caps with this sentence 
[04:55] <Riolu777> i'm glad you're doing well
[04:55] <Riolu777> <img width="19" height="19" title=":p" alt=":p" src=""> 
[04:56] <Lilac Neko> Are you also doing well? You are alive so at least there's that <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[04:56] <EveryOpenEye> what the hell why box
[04:56] <EveryOpenEye> ive got like 4 boxes since update and theyve all been awful
[04:56] <EveryOpenEye> this last one had 2 duplicates
[04:57] <AmazingPythor> I keep PMing my bot in trying to check its contributions 
[04:57] <EveryOpenEye> ive got like 4 bad victory poses and highlight intros
[04:57] <Nart L. Chipikal> :c
[04:57] <EveryOpenEye> the rest is sprays and player icons
[04:57] <Nart L. Chipikal> i want player icons
[04:57] <Nart L. Chipikal> i should play some overwatch
[04:58] <EveryOpenEye> maybe
[04:58] <Riolu777> I'm doing okay, trying to make it through college apps 
[04:58] <Riolu777> and worrying constantly about how I'm going to come out to my parents before I leave <img width="19" height="19" title="(D:)" alt="(D:)" src=""> 
[04:58] <Lilac Neko> MEEEEE
[04:58] <Riolu777> but yknow
[04:58] <Riolu777> i live
[04:58] <Lilac Neko> except the coming out part
[04:58] <Lilac Neko> yeah
[04:59] <Lilac Neko> you sure you gotta do that before you leave or are you able to like, text them once you get to college like "pa im gay"
[05:00] <Riolu777> that would be impersonal
[05:00] <Riolu777> <img width="19" height="19" title=":p" alt=":p" src=""> 
[05:00] <Nart L. Chipikal> i dyed my finger silver
[05:00] <Lilac Neko> ok <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[05:00] <Nart L. Chipikal> i am having fun
[05:00] <Lilac Neko> Rio have you written your commonapp essay
[05:00] <Riolu777> no lol
[05:01] <Riolu777> still trying to formulate it
[05:01] <Nart L. Chipikal> when are commonapp things due
[05:01] <Lilac Neko> I know what to write I just haven't put it into words
[05:01] <Riolu777> I've done the writing supplements for the colleges though
[05:01] <Riolu777> what prompt are you doing
[05:01] <Lilac Neko> depends on when your applications are due @Chip
[05:01] <Lilac Neko> if you're doing early action it's usually Nov 1st
[05:01] <Lilac Neko> others might not be til january or even february
[05:02] <AmazingPythor>
[05:02] <Lilac Neko> I'm doing the failure one <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[05:02] <Riolu777> I'm not doing early action because the school I want to go to most doesn't have it so 
[05:02] <Riolu777> <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[05:02] <Riolu777> ah that's cool
[05:02] <Riolu777> and interesting
[05:02] <Riolu777> <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[05:02] <Riolu777> I'm doing the problem I want to solve one
[05:02] <Lilac Neko> that's a good one
[05:03] <Riolu777> and I know what it is I want to solve but don't know how to start it
[05:03] <Lilac Neko> yeah esp after all the examples where they show boring beginnings and i could only think about how that's how i normally start essays :P
[05:03] <Pacman87> i like tacos
[05:03] <Pacman87> y tu
[05:04] <AmazingPythor> mc
[05:04] <Lilac Neko> I'm going to write about my first day of swim team and I threw up and almost quit <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[05:04] <Man.city1> *attacks ape violently*
[05:04] <Impossibubbles> calm yourself mc
[05:04] <AmazingPythor> *throws assorted fruits at mc*
[05:04] <Man.city1> *tears ape in half*
[05:04] <Riolu777> make it full of character 
[05:04] <Lilac Neko> mc stop terrorizing minors
[05:04] <Riolu777> that'll be good
[05:04] <AmazingPythor> Well okay I had a good run I guess
[05:04] <Riolu777> I know you, you can make that story pop 
[05:04] <Riolu777> <img width="19" height="19" title=":p" alt=":p" src=""> 
[05:04] <Man.city1> ape left me again (boo boo)
[05:05] <Man.city1> * <img width="19" height="19" title="(boo hoo)" alt="(boo hoo)" src=""> 
[05:05] <Lilac Neko> awesome thank you for the confidence boost :P
[05:05] <Riolu777> you're welcome
[05:05] <Lilac Neko> you should maybe include how you've experienced your problem in your life
[05:05] <Riolu777> problem:
[05:05] <Riolu777> my parents are insisting they read my essay
[05:05] <Lilac Neko> ah
[05:06] <Impossibubbles> write two essays <img width="19" height="19" title="(derp4)" alt="(derp4)" src=""> 
[05:06] <Lilac Neko> is it about gender or sexual orientation
[05:06] <Riolu777> I wanted to talk about how I want to be a counselor for lgbt youth and young adults, as well as one for people with depression and anxiety, as those are my ballparks, but I don't really like the idea of my parents peering that much into my personal life that I haven't shared with them but am willing to share with college people I've never met
[05:06] <Riolu777> <img width="19" height="19" title=":p" alt=":p" src=""> 
[05:07] <Game Wolf> But, you have come out to your parents right?
[05:07] <Game Wolf> Or are they über Christians? <img width="19" height="19" title="(derp)" alt="(derp)" src=""> 
[05:07] <Riolu777> by proxy, our family therapist, back when I treated it as something to change three years ago
[05:08] <Game Wolf> good plan 
[05:08] <Game Wolf> use a messenger 
[05:08] <Game Wolf> that way they shoot him <img width="19" height="19" title="(derp3)" alt="(derp3)" src=""> 
[05:08] <Riolu777> we haven't talked about it since except for one time when my dad said that I needed to not identify as "gay" and that if I embraced the lifestyle that they would need to love me "from a distance" <img width="19" height="19" title="(derp)" alt="(derp)" src=""> 
[05:09] <Game Wolf> they love you <img width="19" height="19" title="(derp)" alt="(derp)" src=""> 
[05:09] <Game Wolf> but only from a distance <img width="19" height="19" title="(derp4)" alt="(derp4)" src=""> 
[05:09] <Riolu777> anyway, I was thinking of writing a letter to them that would go into detail my position on it, and how it coexists with my Christian beliefs
[05:10] <Riolu777> so that way I don't get super emotional and mess up my words when telling them in person
[05:10] <Riolu777> and they don't speak over me
[05:10] <Game Wolf> good plan 
[05:10] <Pacman87> hi ap
[05:10] <Lilac Neko> yeah that would suck to get overwhelmed and not be able to tell the whole thing
[05:10] <Game Wolf> I know that Old Testament has laws regarding gays but not sure about new 
[05:10] <AmazingPythor> Salutations.
[05:10] <Lilac Neko> crying ruins everything
[05:10] <Riolu777> NT has stuff too wolf
[05:10] <Riolu777> but that's another discussion
[05:11] <Game Wolf> Gay Muslims tho <img width="19" height="19" title="(derp)" alt="(derp)" src=""> 
[05:12] <Riolu777> and I was thinking of sending that to them partway through my first year in college so that they can digest it for a while and then I would see them in the summer or whatever and then we would see how it works then
[05:12] <Lilac Neko> yeah
[05:12] <Lilac Neko> turn 18 first
[05:12] <Riolu777> I am 18
[05:12] <Riolu777> <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[05:12] <Lilac Neko> HOW DAARE YOU <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[05:12] <Lilac Neko> UNFAIR
[05:12] <Riolu777> since June lol
[05:12] <Lilac Neko> when was- AHHHHH
[05:13] <Lilac Neko> so much older than me <img width="19" height="19" title="(crying)" alt="(crying)" src=""> 
[05:13] <Riolu777> I'm sorry <img width="19" height="19" title="(D:)" alt="(D:)" src=""> 
[05:13] <Lilac Neko> wait
[05:13] <Lilac Neko> you've always been older
[05:13] <Riolu777> yeahhh
[05:13] <Lilac Neko> i forgot <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[05:13] <Riolu777> I'm the oldest in my grade at church too which is fun
[05:14] <Lilac Neko> well i'll get to catch up for a tiny two months before you turn 19 <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[05:14] <Lilac Neko> are u gonna vote
[05:14] <Lilac Neko> vote for hillary
[05:15] <Impossibubbles> if your parents are paying to put you through college that may not be a good idea. Like, I dunno about your parents, but if I went to my parents and told them I was agnostic, they would legitimately cut off all my funds and I'd be on my own.
[05:16] <Riolu777> I don't think they'd cut off funds, as I'm going to a Christian university they REALLY like, and probably for a good price
[05:16] <Riolu777> and I'm kind of the favorite kid tbh
[05:16] <Riolu777> <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[05:16] <Riolu777> but I'll keep that in mind
[05:16] <Riolu777> and lilac, I'm gonna vote
[05:16] <Riolu777> not sure if I'll vote for her or for nobody 
[05:16] <Riolu777> focusing on the local stuff more 
[05:17] <Impossibubbles> parents do crazy things when you tell them something they don't like. I mean that "loving from a distance" thing. Do you think that will include funding your life since you're technically an adult? Just something to keep in mind just in case.
[05:17] <Riolu777> and the polling here is going more to her now, making us not really a swing state anymore, which makes my vote not as crucial
[05:17] <Lilac Neko> either way do itttt
[05:17] <AmazingPythor> I made this masterpiece with a thing Info programmed:
[05:17] <Riolu777> another thing, my parents are trump supporters lol
[05:17] <Riolu777> so that
[05:17] <Nart L. Chipikal> ooh he programmed o:
[05:17] <Riolu777> *that's part of my hesitation
[05:18] <Lilac Neko> VOTE HILLARY TO SPITE THEM <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[05:18] <Nart L. Chipikal> that is cool c:
[05:18] <Riolu777> I hate getting into confrontations thoughhhh
[05:18] <AmazingPythor> thx
[05:18] <Riolu777> even though he said "vote for whoever you want" I still feel like I'll get lectured
[05:18] <Lilac Neko> how can your mom support trump tho like what the heck
[05:18] <Riolu777> and thanks, bubbles, I'll be sure to not get too brash
[05:18] <Riolu777> she supports who my dad supports
[05:18] <Man.city1> Painted upon Apes face, love shine so bright 
[05:18] <Lilac Neko> he's so nasty to women
[05:19] <Riolu777> they vote republican on every person on the ballot
[05:19] <AmazingPythor> Goddammit mc is here
[05:19] <Impossibubbles> As long as I don't vote Hillary my parents are happy. And they have nothing to worry about from me in that case xD
[05:19] <Man.city1> why ape <img width="19" height="19" title=":|" alt=":|" src=""> 
[05:19] <AmazingPythor> Rio did you hear about that "repeal the 19th" thing
[05:19] <Man.city1> are u cheating again <img width="19" height="19" title=":|" alt=":|" src=""> 
[05:19] <AmazingPythor> And my left hand is asleep okay
[05:19] <Lilac Neko> gosh Pyth that was horrifying
[05:19] <AmazingPythor> I thought it was ironic at first
[05:20] <AmazingPythor> But I underestimated the alt right
[05:20] <Riolu777> yes pyth I wasn't surprised 
[05:21] <Nart L. Chipikal>
[05:22] <Nart L. Chipikal> bcgirl c:
[05:22] <AmazingPythor> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[05:22] <BusyCityGirl> Hello ^-^
[05:23] <Impossibubbles> ap
[05:23] <AmazingPythor> bubbles
[05:23] <Impossibubbles>
[05:23] <Impossibubbles> relatable <img width="19" height="19" title="(as)" alt="(as)" src=""> 
[05:23] <AmazingPythor> seriously
[05:23] <AmazingPythor> I have to watch something
[05:24] <Lilac Neko> ok it was wonderful seeing you again Rio but I must sleep now, farewell and good luck!!!
[05:24] <AmazingPythor> Bye neko
[05:24] <Riolu777> you toooooo
[05:24] <Lilac Neko> <3
[05:24] <Riolu777> have a lovely sunday <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[05:24] <Lilac Neko> polish half brother friend fellow
[05:24] <Riolu777> <3
[05:24] <AmazingPythor> Okay bubbles this is pretty great actually
[05:24] <Riolu777> polish half sister pal dude
[05:24] <Impossibubbles> It's always great l
[05:25] <Impossibubbles> *k
[05:25] <Riolu777> I remembered that I have oreo ice cream to eat
[05:25] <Riolu777> so I shall leave <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[05:25] <AmazingPythor> bye rio
[05:25] <AmazingPythor> And bubbles the parallels are disturbing
[05:25] <Impossibubbles> (as_
[05:25] <Impossibubbles> <img width="19" height="19" title="(as)" alt="(as)" src=""> 
[05:26] <AmazingPythor> I should probably watch this
[05:26] <Impossibubbles> it's on netflix
[05:26] <AmazingPythor> Ooh nice
[05:26] <RoboticBrick28> Okey, I shall now abandon you all, until Monday or something. <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[05:26] <AmazingPythor> also
[05:26] <AmazingPythor> bye robot
[05:26] <AmazingPythor> anyways
[05:26] <Impossibubbles> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[05:27] <AmazingPythor> I have new reasons to detest your shenanigans bubbles
[05:27] <AmazingPythor> Thanks to you tying me down and forcing me to watch youtube nonsense
[05:28] <AmazingPythor> I'm getting leafy videos suggested in the sidebar
[05:28] <Impossibubbles>
[05:28] <Impossibubbles> you should enjoy this one as well xD
[05:28] <AmazingPythor> Holy crap
[05:28] <AmazingPythor> That's a second one
[05:28] <AmazingPythor> One, and then another one
[05:29] <AmazingPythor> You're so demanding
[05:29] <Impossibubbles> :3
[05:29] <AmazingPythor> :3
[05:29] <AmazingPythor> Wow
[05:29] <AmazingPythor> Not gonna lie I kinda want to watch this now
[05:30] <Impossibubbles> It's amazing xD
[05:30] <AmazingPythor> Oh yeah
[05:30] <AmazingPythor> So remember how yesterday I said I had a new least favorite star trek episode
[05:31] <Impossibubbles> yes?
[05:31] <AmazingPythor> Well the Native American episode didn't hold that position for long
[05:31] <AmazingPythor> Tonight I watched the episode with the annoying children with telekinetic powers
[05:32] <Impossibubbles> oooh yeah xDD
[05:32] <Impossibubbles>
[05:32] <AmazingPythor> Season 3 is kinda lame so far not gonna lie
[05:32] <AmazingPythor> And JESUS CHRIST
[05:32] <AmazingPythor> That's one, and then another
[05:33] <AmazingPythor> And then /another after that/
[05:33] <Impossibubbles> :3
[05:33] <AmazingPythor> :3
[05:33] <AmazingPythor> How many episodes is this show
[05:34] <Impossibubbles> tragically, only 18
[05:34] <AmazingPythor> Wait seriously
[05:34] <AmazingPythor> I'll probably watch it after star trek then lol
[05:34] <AmazingPythor> As in between the original and tng
[05:35] <Impossibubbles> yey xD
[05:35] <AmazingPythor> So
[05:35] <AmazingPythor> Earlier you left before we could discuss things in-depth
[05:36] <AmazingPythor> Were there any horror stories from your cousins' rampage
[05:36] <BusyCityGirl> I guess I'm gonna go
[05:36] <AmazingPythor> Cya bcgirl
[05:36] <BusyCityGirl> So long <img width="19" height="19" title="\o" alt="\o" src=""> 
[05:36] <AmazingPythor> <img width="19" height="19" title="\o" alt="\o" src=""> 
[05:36] <EveryOpenEye> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[05:37] <Impossibubbles> Not really
[05:37] <Impossibubbles> because
[05:37] <Impossibubbles> I avoided them
[05:37] <Impossibubbles> and refused to talk to them
[05:37] <AmazingPythor> Aw so I can't laugh at your torment
[05:37] <AmazingPythor> That sucks
[05:37] <AmazingPythor> I mean uh good for you
[05:37] <Impossibubbles> :3
[05:37] <AmazingPythor> <3
[05:38] <AmazingPythor> Omg so
[05:38] <AmazingPythor> Remember when my dad's friend's family came to my house from Britain 
[05:38] <AmazingPythor> And there were two four year olds or smth
[05:40] <Impossibubbles> ye
[05:40] <AmazingPythor> One of the nights I had stayed up talking to you until like 4am or something
[05:40] <AmazingPythor> And I accidentally left my door unlocked
[05:41] <AmazingPythor> And one of the little cretins opened my door at like 7am and shouted "time to wake up!"
[05:41] <EveryOpenEye> MURDER IT
[05:41] <Impossibubbles> once I stayed overnight at my godmother's house
[05:41] <Impossibubbles> and at the crack of dawn
[05:42] <Impossibubbles> her daughter is like "Isabel! Get up! The sun is shining! The grass is green! The birds are chirping! It's a new day!"
[05:42] <AmazingPythor> LOL
[05:42] <AmazingPythor> Wasn't she autistic or something
[05:42] <Impossibubbles> And her younger brother is echoing everything she says like a choir or something so
[05:43] <AmazingPythor> what
[05:43] <AmazingPythor> God I hate children
[05:43] <Impossibubbles> "The sun is shining!" "Isabel the sun is SHINING!" "The grass is green!" "Isabel the grass is GREEN!" etc
[05:43] <Nart L. Chipikal>
[05:43] <AmazingPythor> wow the grass is green
[05:43] <Impossibubbles> All at the very crack of dawn
[05:43] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles you moron if you had overslept the color would've been different
[05:43] <EveryOpenEye> see this is why we need capital punishment
[05:43] <AmazingPythor> You should thank her
[05:43] <EveryOpenEye> applicable to minors
[05:43] <Nart L. Chipikal> the grass shines like a bird
[05:43] <AmazingPythor> Only for minors and terrorist leaders
[05:44] <AmazingPythor> I'd be cool with that
[05:44] <EveryOpenEye> is there a difference
[05:44] <AmazingPythor> Terrorist leader implies some degree of tact and intelligence 
[05:44] <EveryOpenEye> xD
[05:44] <EveryOpenEye> the actions are approximately the same tho
[05:44] <Nart L. Chipikal> they don't even have to try
[05:44] <EveryOpenEye> the kids are more malicious
[05:44] <Nart L. Chipikal> and they do it
[05:44] <AmazingPythor> Fair.
[05:45] <Nart L. Chipikal> children are creatures straight from the depths of the underworld
[05:45] <Nart L. Chipikal> i mean unless they're not straight
[05:45] <Nart L. Chipikal> that is also a possibility
[05:45] <AmazingPythor> Could they also be gay from the depths of the underworld
[05:45] <EveryOpenEye> im 100% ok with the human race going extinct if it means we didnt have to deal with kids anymore
[05:46] <AmazingPythor> My freaking sister was singing in the kitchen at like 8am
[05:46] <AmazingPythor> And I'm a very light sleeper
[05:47] <EveryOpenEye> second amendment
[05:47] <Impossibubbles> I'm a heavy sleeper. yay m
[05:47] <Impossibubbles> e
[05:47] <Nart L. Chipikal> was she singing her praises to our glorious lord and ruler bob the builder
[05:47] <AmazingPythor> Well bubbles I'd hope so considering your sibling scenario 
[05:48] <AmazingPythor> And yes chip
[05:48] <AmazingPythor> My door is fairly soundproof but she was quite loud
[05:48] <EveryOpenEye> i sleep beautifully
[05:49] <EveryOpenEye> the only thing that wakes me up is my dog barking next to my head
[05:49] <EveryOpenEye> and my dogs bark is like the perfect pitch that its really painful and carries forever
[05:49] <EveryOpenEye> its not good
[05:49] <AmazingPythor> Sometimes my dad talking in the hall wakes me up
[05:49] <Nart L. Chipikal> i wake up to my brother walking around the house at 3 in the morning
[05:49] <AmazingPythor> And my stupid dog barking at squirrels outside
[05:49] <Nart L. Chipikal> either that or i'm up at 3 in the morning and my brother is walking around
[05:49] <AmazingPythor> lolwut
[05:51] <Impossibubbles> I need to get a new iphone case
[05:51] <AmazingPythor> Apple loser lel
[05:51] <Nart L. Chipikal> i need to draw something to put in my case
[05:51] <Nart L. Chipikal> i took off all the logo paint and now i would like to make an artistic statement when i put a drawing into my case
[05:53] <AmazingPythor> I need to get another otterbox
[05:53] <Nart L. Chipikal> yes, putting otters into a box
[05:53] <Impossibubbles> I want this one
[05:53] <Nart L. Chipikal> my favorite pasttime
[05:54] <Nart L. Chipikal> is that like one of those miniature modern art installations
[05:54] <EveryOpenEye> otters should stay as otters and not become boxes
[05:54] <AmazingPythor> I need one of these babies,500x,iphone_7_snap-pad,600x1000,ffffff.u2.jpg 
[05:55] <Nart L. Chipikal> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[05:56] <Impossibubbles>
[05:56] <AmazingPythor> yes
[05:56] <AmazingPythor> Omg
[05:56] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles
[05:56] <Impossibubbles> ?
[05:57] <AmazingPythor> This is the whitest thing I've seen since I met you:
[05:57] <EveryOpenEye> xD
[05:57] <Impossibubbles> xDDD
[05:57] <AmazingPythor> Just
[05:57] <AmazingPythor> I hope this is ironic
[05:59] <Impossibubbles> <img width="19" height="19" title="(cute)" alt="(cute)" src=""> 
[05:59] <AmazingPythor> You're only proving my point further
[06:00] <Impossibubbles> :33333
[06:00] <AmazingPythor> :33333
[06:00] <AmazingPythor> hi king
[06:00] <Nart L. Chipikal> i have not gotten things done today
[06:00] <Kingwja> Hey ap
[06:00] <AmazingPythor> That is p chill though
[06:00] <AmazingPythor> I guess
[06:00] <Kingwja> what did I just stumble into
[06:00] <AmazingPythor> If you're a starbucks addict from tumblr or whatever the hell bubbles is
[06:01] <Kingwja> Huh
[06:01] <Kingwja> well no I'm not even on tumblr
[06:01] <Kingwja> <img width="19" height="19" title="(derp)" alt="(derp)" src=""> 
[06:02] <Kingwja> Oh ap, did you get your bot fixed?
[06:03] <AmazingPythor> Yes actually
[06:03] <AmazingPythor> And by "fixed"
[06:03] <AmazingPythor> I mean I turned on chat hacks
[06:03] <AmazingPythor> <img width="19" height="19" title="(y)" alt="(y)" src=""> <img width="19" height="19" title="(y)" alt="(y)" src=""> <img width="19" height="19" title="(y)" alt="(y)" src=""> 
[11:46] <Alemas2005> My region's message board, now.
[11:46] <Legoanimals750> What?
[11:46] <Legoanimals750> Fine.... <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[11:49] <Legoanimals750> Hmm...
[12:07] <A Walruse> yo guys anyone here still use g+
[12:08] <Legoanimals750> Me. <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[12:08] <A Walruse> because since that update some time ago i can't really find the chats aynmore
[12:08] <Legoanimals750>
[12:09] <A Walruse> ah ok thx
[12:10] <Legoanimals750> mhm
[01:05] <EveryOpenEye> i also got 96% turbulent so i guess im a really really really unstable person
[01:05] <EveryOpenEye> yeah but the test uses questions to do with being alone rather than the actual definitions oo
[01:06] <EveryOpenEye> im not going to like define myself by the test but a lot of it seems to be fairly accurate
[01:07] <GandalftheWizard> Well it IS one of the most accurate personality tests so XD
[01:08] <EveryOpenEye> yeah xD
[01:10] <Game Wolf> Logician
[01:10] <Game Wolf> huh
[01:21] <Roddy15> just did that test, 96% introverted apparently <img width="19" height="19" title=":P" alt=":P" src=""> 
[01:24] <AmazingPythor> Damn I only got 92% introverted
[01:27] <AmazingPythor> <img width="19" height="19" title="o/" alt="o/" src=""> 
[01:05] <EveryOpenEye> i also got 96% turbulent so i guess im a really really really unstable person
[01:05] <EveryOpenEye> yeah but the test uses questions to do with being alone rather than the actual definitions oo
[01:06] <EveryOpenEye> im not going to like define myself by the test but a lot of it seems to be fairly accurate
[01:07] <GandalftheWizard> Well it IS one of the most accurate personality tests so XD
[01:08] <EveryOpenEye> yeah xD
[01:10] <Game Wolf> Logician
[01:10] <Game Wolf> huh
[01:21] <Roddy15> just did that test, 96% introverted apparently :P 
[01:24] <AmazingPythor> Damn I only got 92% introverted
[01:27] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[01:05] <EveryOpenEye> i also got 96% turbulent so i guess im a really really really unstable person
[01:05] <EveryOpenEye> yeah but the test uses questions to do with being alone rather than the actual definitions oo
[01:06] <EveryOpenEye> im not going to like define myself by the test but a lot of it seems to be fairly accurate
[01:07] <GandalftheWizard> Well it IS one of the most accurate personality tests so XD
[01:08] <EveryOpenEye> yeah xD
[01:10] <Game Wolf> Logician
[01:10] <Game Wolf> huh
[01:21] <Roddy15> just did that test, 96% introverted apparently :P 
[01:24] <AmazingPythor> Damn I only got 92% introverted
[01:27] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[02:14] <Romaniandude12> what test
[02:15] <Romaniandude12> humph
[02:31] <Ked830> Romulus
[02:32] <Ked830> Romanian potato >.>
[02:33] <Romaniandude12> no u
[02:33] <Ked830> no u
[02:34] <AmazingPythor> Going for a walk in October in flip flops usually isn't a good idea
[02:34] <Ked830> apapap
[02:34] <Ked830> nah
[02:34] <AmazingPythor> kededed
[02:34] <Romaniandude12> i always read that as kekekeke
[02:34] <AmazingPythor> My feet are quite numb
[02:34] <Romaniandude12> and im like "ap r u ok"
[02:35] <Ked830> at least you have flip flops ap
[02:35] <AmazingPythor> Maybe it's a bad thing
[02:35] <AmazingPythor> Because laziness causes my feet to freeze
[02:36] <Ked830> Right
[02:36] <Ked830> mcmcmc
[02:36] <AmazingPythor> *hurls assorted fruits at mc*
[02:37] <Man.city1> Yes ked
[02:37] <Man.city1> ape
[02:37] <AmazingPythor> mc
[02:37] <Man.city1> ape
[02:37] <AmazingPythor> mc
[02:37] <Alemas2005> Ah, Pythor, hi.
[02:37] <Man.city1> Ale
[02:37] <Ked830> mc
[02:37] <AmazingPythor> Hi ale
[02:37] <Man.city1> Yes ked
[02:38] <Ked830> mc
[02:38] <AmazingPythor> IE crashed last night while I was logging
[02:38] <Ked830> hau
[02:38] <Ked830> hai
[02:38] <AmazingPythor> So for now on I'm using an incognotio chrome tab
[02:38] <Man.city1> Incognito (bb) 
[02:38] <Man.city1> Hai ked :{p 
[02:38] <Ked830> how are you
[02:39] <Man.city1> Ok :{p 
[02:39] <AmazingPythor> I could be using it for porn but instead i'm logging chat with a bot
[02:39] <Ked830> Okie, good
[02:39] <Man.city1> (Bb) 
[02:39] <Ked830> aight ap
[02:39] <Ked830> You can go back to bed now
[02:39] <Man.city1> ape
[02:39] <Man.city1> no u cant
[02:39] <AmazingPythor> It's not even 11
[02:40] <AmazingPythor> am
[02:40] <Ked830> idc
[02:40] <Ked830> gotta gooooo
[02:40] <Ked830> Boi
[02:40] <AmazingPythor> Cya ked
[02:40] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[02:46] <Marshal6000> [[User blog:Marshal6000/2017]]
[02:49] <Marshal6000> chat's so dead
[03:05] <Man.city1> Ape
[03:05] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[03:05] <AmazingPythor> mc
[03:05] <Skully Of House Lannister> sup freaks
[03:15] <Skully Of House Lannister> wow 
[03:15] <Skully Of House Lannister> wont even respond 
[03:16] <Skully Of House Lannister> sup pythor 
[03:16] <Skully Of House Lannister> hows it going with izzy 
[03:16] <AmazingPythor> hi skul
[03:16] <Man.city1> "Hi skul" 
[03:16] <AmazingPythor> MC
[03:16] <Man.city1> Wow ape....that's all huh :{p 
[03:16] <AmazingPythor> Do you take /that/ as cheating too
[03:16] <Man.city1> no :p 
[03:16] <AmazingPythor> Am I not allowed to say hi
[03:16] <AmazingPythor> ok
[03:17] <Man.city1> i don't mind u talking to skul :p 
[03:17] <Man.city1> skullypoo is the only guy you can be with :{p 
[03:17] <Man.city1> *lets ape off leash* go on boi :{p 
[03:17] <AmazingPythor> Wow, you're too generous mc
[03:18] <Man.city1> Go to pm ape
[03:18] <AmazingPythor> k
[03:21] <Skully Of House Lannister> yay 
[03:21] <Skully Of House Lannister> come here apey dear
[03:22] <AmazingPythor> dammit mc this is your fault
[03:22] <Man.city1> *pushes APEY to skullypoo*
[03:22] <AmazingPythor> Is this a form of punishment
[03:22] <Skully Of House Lannister> yes apey 
[03:22] <Skully Of House Lannister> come closer to skullypoo 
[03:22] <Skully Of House Lannister> come reallll close (pfftch) 
[03:23] <Alemas2005> [[Thread:282081]]
[03:23] <Man.city1> You said I wasn't being generous enoguh ape (yds) 
[03:23] <Alemas2005> RIGHT.
[03:23] <Alemas2005> So.
[03:23] <Alemas2005> Demotions.
[03:23] <Alemas2005> Loads of them.
[03:23] <AmazingPythor> to hell with the both of you
[03:23] <Alemas2005> ...can someone get Rio here? (derp) 
[03:23] <AmazingPythor> Rio's likely asleep
[03:23] <Alemas2005> ...what time is it? :P 
[03:24] <AmazingPythor> For him it's like 9
[03:24] <Alemas2005> Doesn't he to go church?
[03:24] <Alemas2005> "he go to".
[03:24] <AmazingPythor> Oh probably then, I forget that's a thing
[03:25] <AmazingPythor> Why do we need rio in specific
[03:25] <Alemas2005> ...the only one I could demote right now would be Mad.
[03:25] <Alemas2005> But as we said...
[03:25] <Alemas2005> Better wait until Wikia gets informed of the 'crat demotions.
[03:25] <Alemas2005> 'cause he can contact Wikia. :P 
[03:25] <Alemas2005> I really... can't. :P 
[03:25] <AmazingPythor> Are all the others bureaucrats? :P 
[03:25] <AmazingPythor> Ah, right.
[03:26] <Man.city1> Wait ape
[03:26] <Alemas2005> Oh, Nxtstep was just an admin.
[03:27] <Alemas2005> [[Thread:282775]]
[03:27] <Alemas2005> Soooooooooooo...
[03:27] <Alemas2005> Should we add that to all retired/demoted admins, then?
[03:28] <Alemas2005> So people like Spy and Gogs get them as well?
[03:28] <Alemas2005> And Irate?
[03:28] <Alemas2005> Yeah, apparently.
[03:28] <AmazingPythor> Wait
[03:28] <Man.city1> Ape
[03:28] <AmazingPythor> Have spy, goggs and ire already been demoted
[03:28] <Alemas2005> They got demoted before this. 
[03:28] <Alemas2005> Long before this. :P 
[03:29] <Alemas2005> They demoted themselves. :P 
[03:29] <Alemas2005> [[User%3AHyperFlash Studios/wikia.js|User:HyperFlash Studios/wikia.js]]
[03:29] <Alemas2005> At this point we should add them as well.
[03:29] <AmazingPythor> I must've missed that I guess :P 
[03:29] <AmazingPythor> Yeah
[03:30] <Alemas2005> But not inactive ones.
[03:30] <Alemas2005> So Obi and Jude won't get them.
[03:31] <Alemas2005> Right, I guess I'll submit the Wikia.js code when Rio sends the email to Wikia for the demotion of the 'crats...
[03:31] <AmazingPythor> Alright, he's rarely on before night though
[03:32] <Alemas2005> ...then you'll do it. :P 
[03:32] <AmazingPythor> If you want I can talk to him if you're asleep before he- yeah :P 
[03:32] <Man.city1> (Derp) 
[03:32] <Alemas2005> Remind him to add a link to the vote thread in the email.
[03:32] <AmazingPythor> Can do. :P 
[03:32] <Alemas2005> And possibly links to each individual 'crat's userpage. (derp) 
[03:32] <Skully Of House Lannister> god 
[03:32] <Man.city1> Åłëmäš 
[03:33] <Skully Of House Lannister> why do you people bother :p 
[03:33] <Alemas2005> Because we can.
[03:33] <Alemas2005> :P 
[03:33] <Man.city1> u saw more or less how my A1 will look? :{p 
[03:33] <Alemas2005> Yeah.
[03:33] <Man.city1> with the combos and everything?
[03:33] <Alemas2005> Uh, no, not with the "combos".
[03:33] <Man.city1> Ok pm then fast
[03:45] <Pacman87> hello
[03:46] <Pacman87> skul
[03:49] <Alemas2005> PYTHOR.
[03:49] <AmazingPythor> ?
[03:49] <Alemas2005> [[Thread:283029#5]]
[03:49] <Alemas2005> I love shouting the names of admins. :{P 
[03:50] <AmazingPythor> I keep thinking you're going to get angry at me for a stupid rason
[03:50] <Pacman87> test
[03:50] <AmazingPythor> reason
[03:50] <AmazingPythor> stupid raisin 
[03:50] <Pacman87> who are you talking to
[03:50] <A Walruse> yo
[03:51] <Pacman87> it's like ark here
[03:53] <Man.city1> APE.
[03:53] <Man.city1> APE
[03:54] <AmazingPythor> MC
[03:54] <AmazingPythor> 
[03:55] <AmazingPythor> okay
[04:05] <Pacman87> skull
[04:44] <AmazingPythor> ....
[04:44] <AmazingPythor> ........
[04:44] <AmazingPythor> I meant to pm ale
[04:44] <AmazingPythor> wth
[04:44] <Impossibubbles> wow
[04:44] <Impossibubbles> just
[04:44] <Man.city1> Yessssss
[04:44] <Impossibubbles> wow
[04:44] <Alemas2005> You absolute derp.
[04:44] <Man.city1> YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS
[04:44] <AmzingPythro> you idiot
[04:44] <Man.city1> nooooooo it's back :( 
[04:44] <Jaq42> o/ 
[04:44] <AmazingPythor> ik
[04:44] <Alemas2005> ... :P 
[04:44] <Alemas2005> Wow. :P 
[04:44] <Alemas2005> Pythor.
[04:44] <Alemas2005> :P 
[04:44] <AmazingPythor> I'm going to go stare at a mirror for a while
[04:44] <Man.city1> *attacks Pythro*
[04:45] <Alemas2005> You kicked your own bot.
[04:45] <AmazingPythor> This is my first accidental kick
[04:45] <Man.city1> APE RLY IS A JOKER 
[04:45] <Alemas2005> No wonder it misbehaves.
[04:46] <Jaq42> How are you?
[04:46] <Alemas2005> Alive, thanks.
[04:47] <Man.city1> Ugh I need help with 2 women :{p 
[04:48] <Impossibubbles> ap and ale?
[04:48] <Impossibubbles> I can help
[04:48] <Impossibubbles> (as) 
[04:48] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles go away
[04:48] <Impossibubbles> no ily
[04:48] <AmazingPythor> ily2 but you're annoying
[04:48] <Impossibubbles> nah
[04:48] <AmazingPythor> yes
[04:48] <AmazingPythor> well
[04:48] <AmazingPythor> no
[04:48] <Man.city1> No ae 
[04:49] <Man.city1> im talking about ...well you know who and a new one :{p 
[04:49] <AmazingPythor> Okay just scratch off that last part *ily2
[04:49] <Alemas2005> ...what.
[04:49] <Alemas2005> :P 
[04:49] <Man.city1> What ale
[04:49] <Man.city1> dont judge 
[04:49] <Impossibubbles> I don't think he's judging
[04:49] <Impossibubbles> just
[04:49] <AmazingPythor> Just so you guys know
[04:49] <Impossibubbles> bewildered 
[04:50] <AmazingPythor> MC's love life is not something either of you have the capacity to understand
[04:50] <AmazingPythor> I know from experience
[04:50] <Impossibubbles> It defies all logic
[04:50] <Impossibubbles> I'm sure
[04:50] <AmazingPythor> Your predictions are correct
[04:50] <AmazingPythor> Also
[04:50] <Man.city1> Let's just say I get many first dates.... :p few second ones :{p 
[04:50] <AmazingPythor> bubbles
[04:50] <AmazingPythor> Is pm functioning properly
[04:51] <Man.city1> due to my...well.....sucky character/ personality I guess :p 
[04:51] <Alemas2005> "AmazingPythor 
[04:51] <Alemas2005> MC's love life is not something either of you have the capacity to understand
[04:51] <Alemas2005> I know from experience"
[04:51] <Alemas2005> One does not need experience to know how convoluted his love life is...
[04:51] <AmazingPythor> Trust me ale
[04:52] <AmazingPythor> You have no idea
[04:52] <Man.city1> No , trust him ale....sometimes it's madness :{p 
[04:52] <AmazingPythor> Impossibubbles
[04:52] <Man.city1> Bubs
[04:52] <Impossibubbles> what
[04:52] <AmazingPythor> is pm being verdun or is it just me
[04:53] <Man.city1> just u
[04:53] <Impossibubbles> PM is broke
[04:53] <AmazingPythor> cri
[04:53] <Man.city1> lies
[04:53] <Man.city1> my pms are alwaysmclass
[04:53] <Man.city1> now go to it ae
[04:53] <Man.city1> *ape
[05:09] <HyperFlash Studios> Swipey!
[05:10] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[05:17] <HyperFlash Studios> Ale, do you want me to finish working on the tags <span style="font-style:italic;">now</span>? :P 
[05:17] <HyperFlash Studios> I need to know who exactly is getting them
[05:17] <Alemas2005> OH.
[05:18] <Alemas2005> Uh, right, yeah.
[05:18] <HyperFlash Studios> Oh
[05:18] <HyperFlash Studios> And I finally fixed that Patroller/rollback tag
[05:18] <Alemas2005> [[Thread:283029#5]]
[05:18] <Alemas2005> Read that?
[05:18] <HyperFlash Studios> And it was such a simple fix too :P 
[05:18] <HyperFlash Studios> Yeah
[05:18] <Alemas2005> Irate, Gogs, and Spy need tags as well.
[05:18] <HyperFlash Studios> Is that all?
[05:19] <HyperFlash Studios> None of them were buros, correct? :P 
[05:19] <HyperFlash Studios> Just admins? :P 
[05:19] <Alemas2005> Yeah.
[05:19] <HyperFlash Studios> k
[05:19] <HyperFlash Studios> Also
[05:20] <HyperFlash Studios> You do know buros can demote themseleves, right? :P 
[05:20] <AmazingPythor> Many of the bureaus haven't edited in years so
[05:20] <HyperFlash Studios> You do realize Drew and BCGuy just posted, it could speed things up if they demoted themselves
[05:21] <Pacman87> hi ked
[05:21] <Alemas2005> Doubt they'd do it.
[05:21] <Alemas2005> And, as I said, I'd rather have everything synchronised...
[05:21] <HyperFlash Studios> It would make wikia staff's jobs easier 
[05:21] <HyperFlash Studios> (derp7) 
[05:22] <Alemas2005> But it'd still be one revision being sent. (steve) 
[05:22] <HyperFlash Studios> Less demotions to review
[05:22] <HyperFlash Studios> (derp4) 
[05:23] <Alemas2005> Stop being impudent. :P 
[05:23] <Alemas2005> One sweeping mass of demotions and that's it. :P 
[05:23] <AmazingPythor> :P 
[05:23] <HyperFlash Studios> ... :{P 
[05:31] <HyperFlash Studios> Ale
[05:31] <HyperFlash Studios> PM :P 
[05:40] <Ked830> hyphyphypey
[05:40] <HyperFlash Studios> kedkedkeddy
[05:40] <Ked830> could you help me with something or are you busy?
[05:41] <HyperFlash Studios> Sure, what is it?
[05:41] <Ked830> i need you to help me mass murder the pics i uploaded here c:
[05:41] <Ked830> not all of them
[05:41] <Ked830> but most
[05:42] <HyperFlash Studios> Can do (derp3) 
[05:42] <Ked830> yay
[05:42] <Ked830> let me gather them and then you can shoot them
[05:42] <HyperFlash Studios> k
[05:42] <HyperFlash Studios> *readies bot*
[05:42] <Ked830> hai mc
[05:43] <Alemas2005> Chat froze.
[05:43] <HyperFlash Studios> didn't for me
[05:43] <Impossibubbles> come back to PM >:3
[05:44] <HyperFlash Studios> AP :{P 
[05:44] <Ked830> apapap
[05:44] <AmazingPythor> \o 
[05:44] <Alemas2005> Bubbles, refresh...
[05:44] <Alemas2005> Ah, Pythor, hi.
[05:45] <Alemas2005> Impossibubbles, you miserable derp.
[05:45] <AmazingPythor> Alemas
[05:45] <Alemas2005> Yes?
[05:45] <AmazingPythor> I wish you chaps were as good at making tanks as you are food
[05:45] <Impossibubbles> I replied you derp
[05:46] <AmazingPythor> Or at conquering Ethiopia 
[05:46] <Alemas2005> At least my food isn't responsible for 90% of the world's obesity.
[05:46] <AmazingPythor> I just complimented your food
[05:46] <AmazingPythor> And this is how you repay me
[05:46] <Ked830> i have a concerning amount of pictures of my leg on here
[05:48] <AmazingPythor> Alemas
[05:48] <AmazingPythor> Want to see your entire military history in a nutshell
[05:48] <AmazingPythor>
[05:49] <Alemas2005> ...sorry, why are you suddenly attacking my country? :P 
[05:49] <AmazingPythor>
[05:49] <AmazingPythor> I just had Italian food 
[05:51] <Ked830> mcmcmc
[05:51] <Man.city1> Yes ked
[05:51] <Ked830> allo
[05:51] <Man.city1> hi
[05:51] <Man.city1> im gonna watch a movie
[05:51] <Man.city1> Bye.
[05:51] <Ked830> bai
[05:52] <AmazingPythor> cya mc
[05:53] <AmazingPythor>
[05:53] <Alemas2005> ... :P 
[05:53] <Alemas2005> You seem to suddenly hate us. :{P 
[05:54] <Ked830> (he does)
[05:54] <Alemas2005> BBL, dinner.
[05:54] <AmazingPythor> Actually no Italy is the dankest country I've been to
[05:54] <AmazingPythor> k bye
[05:54] <Ked830> kay bai
[05:54] <Alemas2005> No ne-
[05:54] <Alemas2005> Too late.
[05:54] <Impossibubbles> NUUUUUUU alemas
[05:54] <Pacman87> italy is dank
[05:54] <Impossibubbles> <span class="me-username">* <span>Impossibubbles</span></span> grabs ale's feet
[05:54] <AmazingPythor>
[05:55] <Ked830> ap plz tell me you don't make stuff like that
[05:55] <AmazingPythor> I've made a few dank memes
[05:55] <AmazingPythor> Want to see
[05:55] <Ked830> do i?
[05:55] <AmazingPythor> idc
[05:56] <Ked830> majololololololololololololololololololololololo
[05:56] <Ked830> hai
[05:57] <AmazingPythor>
[05:57] <Majolo9050> hai kedededededededededededed
[05:57] <Ked830> hah XD
[05:57] <AmazingPythor>
[05:57] <Ked830> "waiting for memes to die like"
[05:58] <Ked830> i remember that one
[05:58] <AmazingPythor>
[05:58] <Ked830> oh gosh
[05:59] <AmazingPythor>
[05:59] <Pacman87> ap no
[06:00] <Impossibubbles> ap
[06:00] <AmazingPythor>
[06:00] <Impossibubbles> span
[06:00] <Impossibubbles> spam
[06:00] <AmazingPythor> bubbles
[06:00] <Impossibubbles> don't make me demote you
[06:00] <AmazingPythor> Your existence is spam
[06:00] <AmazingPythor> Aw
[06:00] <AmazingPythor> bubbles demoting me
[06:00] <AmazingPythor> (cute) 
[06:00] <Impossibubbles> well
[06:00] <Impossibubbles> through ale ofc
[06:00] <Impossibubbles> :3
[06:00] <AmazingPythor> Unlike you ale has taste in memes
[06:01] <Impossibubbles> didn't you hear ap?
[06:01] <AmazingPythor> So shut up
[06:01] <AmazingPythor> what
[06:01] <Impossibubbles> I'm a puppet master just controlling you and ale
[06:01] <AmazingPythor> Oh yeah forgot
[06:01] <AmazingPythor> You're like descartes' evil genius
[06:01] <Impossibubbles> I've infected your minds (gasp) 
[06:01] <AmazingPythor> Yeah now I'm a biased admin here to destroy democracy
[06:02] <Impossibubbles> yes
[06:02] <AmazingPythor> Because I'm blinded by your feminine charms
[06:02] <Impossibubbles> because you only ever talk to me and I'm secretly controlling everything
[06:02] <AmazingPythor> Yeah
[06:02] <AmazingPythor> mc doesn't count
[06:02] <Ked830> what does that make me
[06:02] <AmazingPythor> Irrelevant
[06:02] <Ked830> no u
[06:02] <AmazingPythor> I swear to god
[06:02] <Ked830> but he isn't there
[06:02] <Ked830> only bubbles
[06:02] <Pacman87> hype
[06:03] <Impossibubbles> god isn't real ap
[06:03] <HyperFlash Studios> ?
[06:03] <AmazingPythor> Why are my best friends here nothing more than a malfunctioning sandwich machine and whatever the hell mc is
[06:03] <Pacman87> do you know how much legendaries sell for on wow
[06:03] <Ked830> mc is a wizard you silly chicken
[06:03] <HyperFlash Studios> I do not
[06:03] <HyperFlash Studios> I thought they were bound tho
[06:03] <AmazingPythor> you're not real bubbles
[06:03] <Impossibubbles> I am the evil genius. I am the only real thing
[06:04] <AmazingPythor> bubbles
[06:04] <AmazingPythor> Do you even know how descartes works
[06:04] <Pacman87> oh
[06:04] <AmazingPythor> My mind also exists
[06:04] <Pacman87> i got a ilvl 885 legendary
[06:04] <Impossibubbles> no
[06:04] <AmazingPythor> And is the only thing proven to exist
[06:04] <AmazingPythor> bubbles
[06:04] <Impossibubbles> you're just a computer person
[06:04] <AmazingPythor> cogito ergo sum
[06:04] <AmazingPythor> no
[06:04] <Ked830> do you even french philosopher bubbles
[06:04] <AmazingPythor> You're the evil genius controlling my reality
[06:04] <Pacman87> AP knows french!!
[06:04] <AmazingPythor> And I am my mind
[06:04] <Impossibubbles> it's true
[06:04] <Impossibubbles> I control you
[06:05] <Impossibubbles> apparently
[06:05] <AmazingPythor> That doesn't sound like such a bad life actually
[06:05] <Impossibubbles> that sounds like marraige 
[06:05] <AmazingPythor> Just my consciousness floating through space being manipulated by you
[06:05] <AmazingPythor> Yeah
[06:05] <AmazingPythor> Basically marriage
[06:05] <AmazingPythor> conscience
[06:05] <AmazingPythor> gos
[06:05] <AmazingPythor> god
[06:06] <Impossibubbles> \:3 
[06:06] <AmazingPythor> wow
[06:06] <Impossibubbles> *:3
[06:06] <AmazingPythor> Good job
[06:06] <Impossibubbles> what?
[06:06] <AmazingPythor> You even managed to screw that up
[06:06] <Impossibubbles> and?
[06:06] <AmazingPythor> Also I forgot
[06:06] <AmazingPythor> :3
[06:06] <AmazingPythor> there
[06:06] <Impossibubbles> you're surprised?
[06:06] <AmazingPythor> No, I just love belittling you
[06:06] <AmazingPythor> You make it too easy
[06:07] <Impossibubbles> do I tho
[06:07] <AmazingPythor> Yes
[06:07] <Impossibubbles> orly
[06:07] <Impossibubbles> how
[06:07] <AmazingPythor> "/:3"
[06:07] <Impossibubbles> ?
[06:07] <AmazingPythor> Your typing and editing amuse me
[06:08] <AmazingPythor> "lol i forgot to update rank"
[06:08] <Impossibubbles> that was you
[06:08] <AmazingPythor> No
[06:08] <Impossibubbles> ye
[06:08] <AmazingPythor> I screwed up the signature
[06:08] <AmazingPythor> KED
[06:08] <AmazingPythor> GOD DAMN IT
[06:08] <HyperFlash Studios> How about
[06:08] <AmazingPythor> [[Legoaquilino?diff=803570&oldid=803516]]
[06:08] <HyperFlash Studios> both of you are editing failures
[06:08] <HyperFlash Studios> and we leave it at that (Derp4) 
[06:09] <Ked830> yes ap?
[06:09] <AmazingPythor> kED
[06:09] <Ked830> yes? <3
[06:09] <AmazingPythor> Stop proving bubbles' points
[06:09] <AmazingPythor> >.>
[06:09] <Impossibubbles> Sorry. Only people who edit get to comment on my editing (derp4) 
[06:09] <AmazingPythor> This is why I edit
[06:09] <Ked830> stop proving them yourself ap
[06:09] <HyperFlash Studios> I edit occasionally (derp4) 
[06:09] <AmazingPythor> So I'm always allowed to make fun of her
[06:09] <AmazingPythor> <3
[06:09] <Impossibubbles> Counts for nothing (as) 
[06:09] <Impossibubbles> ye ap
[06:09] <HyperFlash Studios> Well then
[06:10] <AmazingPythor> Ked this is more proof that you're just a product of the evil genius
[06:10] <AmazingPythor> aka bubbles
[06:10] <Impossibubbles> So I have Hero's Journey stuck in my head. But it's three people singing, so it sounds awkward. :( Still gonna learn it on uke
[06:10] <Ked830> ap
[06:10] <Ked830> it's just more proof that you're just
[06:10] <Ked830> bad
[06:10] <Ked830> aCCEPT YOUR FATE
[06:10] <AmazingPythor> ... ;~;
[06:10] <Ked830> ayyyyyy Jaqy
[06:10] <Ked830> how are ya
[06:10] <AmazingPythor> At least bubbles still appreciates me
[06:10] <Impossibubbles> I should do one of those cringey videos where I film myself three times
[06:10] <AmazingPythor> Okay maybe not
[06:11] <AmazingPythor> NO
[06:11] <AmazingPythor> NO
[06:11] <Ked830> ap it's okay you're still tolerable and decent
[06:11] <Impossibubbles> yes
[06:11] <Ked830> what
[06:11] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles
[06:11] <Ked830> do what
[06:11] <AmazingPythor> I will stop talking to you
[06:11] <Impossibubbles> Nah
[06:11] <AmazingPythor> yeh
[06:11] <Impossibubbles> At least ale will still love me then
[06:11] <AmazingPythor> Wait what no
[06:11] <AmazingPythor> c'mon
[06:11] <Impossibubbles> ha
[06:11] <AmazingPythor> I don't deserve this
[06:12] <AmazingPythor> *slams door dramatically*
[06:12] <Ked830> you forgot the hair flip ap
[06:12] <Impossibubbles> so in love with this show tho
[06:12] <Impossibubbles> how long till you can watch it
[06:12] <AmazingPythor> I'll start in November
[06:12] <Impossibubbles> so I can fangirl. I'll rewatch it with you xD
[06:12] <AmazingPythor> Assuming I finish OS this month
[06:13] <AmazingPythor> I can only watch one a night tho
[06:13] <AmazingPythor> Except on weekends
[06:13] <AmazingPythor> So don't go too fast
[06:13] <Impossibubbles> There are rumors of netflix picking it up for a third season
[06:13] <Impossibubbles> I really hope so
[06:13] <HyperFlash Studios> OK, I got the retired admin/buro tags set up
[06:13] <AmazingPythor> nice hype
[06:13] <HyperFlash Studios> Are there any other tags I should make?
[06:13] <AmazingPythor> And bubbles
[06:13] <Impossibubbles> Yes?
[06:13] <Pacman87> hype make a tag rainbow
[06:13] <AmazingPythor> Remember when I had control over what tv I watched
[06:13] <AmazingPythor> lolololol
[06:13] <Impossibubbles> My TV is better
[06:13] <AmazingPythor> *cough*
[06:14] <AmazingPythor> Excuse me
[06:14] <Impossibubbles> I'm trying to get ale to watch rebels
[06:14] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles
[06:14] <Impossibubbles> the most recent ep was so good
[06:14] <Pacman87> rebels is meh
[06:14] <Impossibubbles> Hera is amazing
[06:14] <AmazingPythor> You do realize my tv consists of
[06:14] <HyperFlash Studios> Aleeeee
[06:14] <AmazingPythor> The twilight zone
[06:14] <AmazingPythor> right
[06:14] <Impossibubbles> I've broadened your horizons
[06:14] <AmazingPythor> In multiple ways.
[06:14] <AmazingPythor> Hi rod
[06:14] <Pacman87> i thought your tv consisted of stupidity
[06:14] <Pacman87> wait it does
[06:15] <AmazingPythor> Speaking of which have you watched any since the other night bubbles
[06:15] <Impossibubbles> nooooo >.>
[06:16] <Ked830> okie pokie dokie bai all
[06:16] <AmazingPythor> The dedication here is completely one sided
[06:16] <AmazingPythor> bye ked
[06:16] <AmazingPythor> oh
[06:16] <Majolo9050> awww kedi makes soc- aw man i was going to tease her
[06:17] <HyperFlash Studios> Alemas2005 (UD) 
[06:17] <AmazingPythor> He's eating
[06:17] <AmazingPythor> I think
[06:17] <Impossibubbles> he also has no pings, so saying his name over and over is pointless
[06:18] <HyperFlash Studios> Well I just love doing pointless things\
[06:18] <HyperFlash Studios> Alealealealeale
[06:18] <AmazingPythor> I really don't get why he doesn't at least have his full username as a ping
[06:18] <Impossibubbles> Because he doesn't like being available xD
[06:18] <HyperFlash Studios> AP are there any other tags you want me to make
[06:19] <AmazingPythor> Can't think of anything right now, no :P 
[06:19] <AmazingPythor> And wow bubbles
[06:19] <HyperFlash Studios> ok
[06:19] <AmazingPythor> 10/10 dedication
[06:19] <Impossibubbles> I just boop him in pm
[06:19] <AmazingPythor> Meanwhile I have "ap" as a ping
[06:19] <AmazingPythor> Like a real man
[06:20] <Impossibubbles> appropriate 
[06:20] <Impossibubbles> :3
[06:20] <AmazingPythor> I hate you
[06:20] <AmazingPythor> <3
[06:20] <HyperFlash Studios> In that case AP you can copy the code over
[06:20] <Impossibubbles> pretty sure hating me is impossible my love
[06:20] <HyperFlash Studios> Whenver you're ready ofc
[06:21] <AmazingPythor> My hate is greatly overshadowed by other things, my love
[06:21] <AmazingPythor> And k hype
[06:21] <AmazingPythor> So uh
[06:21] <AmazingPythor> What page again
[06:21] <HyperFlash Studios> [[User:HyperFlash Studios/wikia.js]] to [[MediaWiki:Wikia.js]]
[06:21] <AmazingPythor> Ah that's what I thought
[06:21] <AmazingPythor> So copy/paste the whole thing
[06:21] <AmazingPythor> ?
[06:22] <HyperFlash Studios> Yeah, replace everything above /*import scripts*/ with my code
[06:22] <AmazingPythor> Can do.
[06:22] <AmazingPythor> Done
[06:23] <AmazingPythor> And submitted for review
[06:23] <AmazingPythor> (cool o) 
[06:23] <HyperFlash Studios> (ok) 
[06:23] <HyperFlash Studios> I need to go wring out and hang up some laundry, our washing machine broke (derp7) 
[06:23] <HyperFlash Studios> So I'll be back after that
[06:23] <AmazingPythor> Oh that sucks
[06:23] <AmazingPythor> Cya then
[06:27] <AmazingPythor> hi rome
[06:27] <Romaniandude12> well 'ello there :P 
[06:32] <Alemas2005> PYTHOR.
[06:32] <Alemas2005> WHAT THE HELL.
[06:32] <Alemas2005> Wait.
[06:32] <AmazingPythor> ?
[06:32] <Alemas2005> Did Rio show up?
[06:32] <AmazingPythor> ???
[06:32] <Alemas2005> [[Thread:283029#5]]
[06:32] <Alemas2005> (UA) 
[06:32] <Alemas2005> "We start moving once Rio sends the email to Wikia for the 'crat demotions (don't forget to add a link to the vote and the user pages of each 'crat getting demoted)."
[06:32] <AmazingPythor> wait did I just
[06:32] <AmazingPythor> oops
[06:32] <AmazingPythor> brb
[06:32] <Alemas2005> "At the same time I'll edit MediaWiki:Wikia.js to include the retired admin/'crat tags (also have to do it for Spy, Gogs, and Irate, since they demoted themselves) and submit it for approval."
[06:33] <Alemas2005> (UA) (UA) (UA) 
[06:33] <AmazingPythor> lol
[06:33] <AmazingPythor> undoing i
[06:33] <AmazingPythor> t
[06:33] <Alemas2005> Great.
[06:34] <Alemas2005> You'd now have to re-submit the old version.
[06:34] <Alemas2005> (JC) 
[06:34] <Ked830> guys i need an extra opinion
[06:34] <AmazingPythor> (y) 
[06:34] <Impossibubbles> HELLO
[06:34] <Alemas2005> And thus all my work for making Wikia's job easier is all undone...
[06:34] <Ked830> how many syllables does "propelled" have?
[06:34] <Romaniandude12> 2..?
[06:34] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[06:34] <Alemas2005> Shut up Bubbles, Pythor is being even more of a miserable derp than you normally are. (UA) 
[06:34] <Impossibubbles> good job ap
[06:34] <Ked830> my sources are conflicting >.>
[06:35] <Impossibubbles> and you can't shut me up dear
[06:35] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles I don't need your cruel belittlement 
[06:35] <Romaniandude12> the word pro-pel has two
[06:35] <Romaniandude12> the ed doesnt add one
[06:35] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[06:35] <Romaniandude12> so two
[06:35] <Ked830> ed sometimes adds one
[06:35] <Ked830> but kay
[06:36] <Romaniandude12> i didnt say t never adds one
[06:36] <Ked830> iambic pentameter is so awkward
[06:36] <Romaniandude12> i said it doesnt
[06:36] <Ked830> shh
[06:36] <Alemas2005> You absolute miserable derp of a Polandball, Pythor. (UA) 
[06:36] <Alemas2005> You disappoint me like this. (UA) 
[06:36] <Impossibubbles> ;3
[06:36] <Ked830> how did ap become an admin again
[06:36] <AmazingPythor> I hate all of you
[06:37] <Ked830> dun hate me plz
[06:37] <Alemas2005> That's what I'm currently asking myself, Ked. (UA) 
[06:37] <AmazingPythor> :{P 
[06:37] <Ked830> hai pb
[06:38] <Purplebrick333> Hanging out here because the Redskins are doing better with me not watching today (derp8) 
[06:38] <Purplebrick333> Hi Keddy
[06:38] <Ked830> hai swipey
[06:40] <Purplebrick333> Swipey killed chat (derp2) 
[06:40] <Ked830> swupe y u do dat
[06:40] <Pacman87> swipey no swiper
[06:40] <Ked830> it was his kawaii-ness
[06:42] <Purplebrick333> So, uh, what's up guys? (Derp) 
[06:42] <Ked830> not the GA Bulldogs rank in the SEC ;~;
[06:43] <Purplebrick333> I'd sympathize but I'm a Gator so :-p 
[06:43] <Ked830> ...mkay den
[06:44] <Ked830> >.>
[06:44] <Purplebrick333> My apologies :-p 
[06:44] <Ked830> hah it's cool i don't care about football enough to be mad at anyone over it XD
[06:45] <Purplebrick333> Me neither :-p 
[06:46] <Ked830> sweet :[[]]P
[06:46] <Purplebrick333> But I do hope the Redskins win :-p 
[06:47] <Ked830> im not too into professional football
[06:47] <Purplebrick333> I'm not a ton, but 
[06:48] <Purplebrick333> I'd be more if my team was better :-p 
[06:48] <Ked830> hah
[06:49] <Purplebrick333> Cuz the Redskins have been varying degrees awful for like ten years now XD
[06:49] <Ked830> haha XD
[06:49] <Ked830> the struggle
[06:50] <Impossibubbles> gonna go nap
[06:50] <Alemas2005> Bye. :P 
[06:50] <AmazingPythor> aw cya bubbles
[06:50] <Impossibubbles> baiii
[06:50] <Purplebrick333> Bye Bubbles
[06:50] <Game Wolf> >nap
[06:50] <Game Wolf> what r u 
[06:50] <Purplebrick333> Hi Wolf
[06:50] <AmazingPythor> Yeah gw
[06:50] <Game Wolf> a kindergartener?
[06:50] <AmazingPythor> she's like 5 or something
[06:50] <AmazingPythor> idr
[06:50] <Ked830> ey wilfy
[06:51] <Game Wolf> she is either that or a cat
[06:51] <Game Wolf> hey kedi
[06:51] <AmazingPythor> Or a psychopath who got three hours of sleep
[06:51] <Game Wolf> kedi the Jedi 
[06:51] <Ked830> or both
[06:51] <Game Wolf> dont be ridiculous 
[06:51] <Game Wolf> psychopaths get 2 hours of sleep 
[06:51] <AmazingPythor> Okay *slightly insane person
[06:52] <Game Wolf> a psychopath doesn't mean an insane person (derp) 
[06:52] <Game Wolf> learn your mental health terms (derp) 
[06:52] <AmazingPythor> No but it's often used that way as an insult
[06:52] <Game Wolf> well then stop pushing an incorrect Hollywood definition p: 
[06:53] <Ked830> tfw wilf
[06:53] <Game Wolf> Okay srsly Ked 
[06:53] <Game Wolf> what is your avatar?
[06:53] <Game Wolf> no
[06:53] <Game Wolf> no
[06:53] <Game Wolf> no
[06:53] <Game Wolf> no
[06:53] <Game Wolf> leave
[06:54] <AmazingPythor> gw
[06:54] <Game Wolf> no
[06:54] <Majolo9050> i am staying
[06:54] <Majolo9050> whether you like it or not
[06:54] <Game Wolf> y tho
[06:54] <Majolo9050> y not
[06:54] <Ked830>
[06:54] <Ked830> this
[06:54] <Game Wolf> Huh
[06:54] <Ked830> it's Lindsey Stirling
[06:54] <Majolo9050> so basically
[06:54] <Game Wolf> i always thought that it was a slug of some sorts 
[06:55] <Majolo9050> keds avvie
[06:55] <Game Wolf> xp
[06:55] <Ked830> haaaaah
[06:56] <Majolo9050> fine wilf
[06:56] <AmazingPythor> Okay since neither of the losers I hang out with are here I'm gonna go work on some Latin stuff
[06:56] <Majolo9050> i'll leaf
[06:56] <Majolo9050> i have better stuffs to do anyways >.>
[06:56] <Ked830> bai you two
[06:56] <Ked830> *waves hankie*
[06:56] <Majolo9050> hankie
[06:56] <AmazingPythor> *salutes* 
[06:56] <Majolo9050> what
[06:56] <Game Wolf> ape 
[06:56] <Game Wolf> don't salute 
[06:56] <Game Wolf> only n'azis salute 
[06:56] <KnightoftheLight> "Latin stuff" Oh, that's why AP could understand my Latin. XD
[06:57] <Game Wolf> good riddance cat 
[06:57] <Ked830> gg knight
[06:57] <Ked830> aps taking like, AP Latin
[06:57] <Ked830> no joke
[06:58] <KnightoftheLight> XD
[06:58] <KnightoftheLight> As a Junior? :P 
[06:58] <Purplebrick333> Who's AmzingPythro
[06:58] <Ked830> yes Knight
[06:58] <KnightoftheLight> His chatbot
[06:58] <Ked830> Amzing is a chat bot
[06:58] <Ked830> who logs chat
[06:58] <KnightoftheLight> Oh, in my school only Seniors can take AP Latin. :P 
[06:58] <Purplebrick333> Oh OK
[06:58] <Ked830> he's very knowledgeable in Latin Knight
[06:59] <Ked830> i find your lack of faith incredibly disturbing
[06:59] <KnightoftheLight> I started 5 weeks ago. :3
[06:59] <Purplebrick333> Weirdo knows a good deal of Latin too
[06:59] <Ked830> hai hype
[06:59] <KnightoftheLight> O/ Hyoe
[06:59] <Purplebrick333> Hey Hyper! O/ 
[06:59] <KnightoftheLight> *Hype
[06:59] <HyperFlash Studios> Hi
[06:59] <Ked830> im on my fifth year of latin
[07:01] <KnightoftheLight> These MB sigs are going to make me go blind.
[07:01] <Ked830> hah XD
[07:02] <Ked830> gotta go
[07:02] <Purplebrick333> But I like my cuddly traps (puppyeyes) 
[07:04] <Purplebrick333> Everyone iis leaving me ;-;
[07:04] <Alemas2005> ROD-
[07:04] <Alemas2005> Oh he's not here.
[07:05] <HyperFlash Studios> o/ 
[07:05] <MisterXenomorph> ow ping
[07:05] <KnightoftheLight> PB, as long as your sig doesn't have a shadow effect or colored backround, it's fine. :P 
[07:05] <MisterXenomorph> What's up
[07:05] <HyperFlash Studios> god dang
[07:05] <HyperFlash Studios> there are a lot of duplicate images
[07:06] <MisterXenomorph> It's deleting images time
[07:06] <Purplebrick333> It has a shadow on the cuddly traps
[07:06] <MisterXenomorph> then we can have juice and jam time
[07:06] <Purplebrick333> I'll probably change iit for my next sig
[07:07] <MisterXenomorph> Nobody is excited for juice and jam time?
[07:07] <KnightoftheLight> Okay then. XD
[07:07] <MisterXenomorph> No? k
[07:09] <Pacman87> can someone get skul on
[07:09] <HyperFlash Studios> Leave a message on his wall lol
[07:09] <KnightoftheLight> "Honestly, I would think Kai would be a little bit brown because he singed himself a little."
[07:09] <KnightoftheLight> (Fp) 
[07:09] <Pacman87> i dont want to
[07:10] <Pacman87> can you link me to his wall
[07:10] <HyperFlash Studios> [[Message Wall:Skully of House Lannister]]
[07:10] <HyperFlash Studios> agh
[07:10] <Pacman87> wrong one
[07:10] <Alemas2005> [[Message Wall:Skully Of House Lannister]]
[07:11] <Alemas2005> And that's why self-linking is rather silly...
[07:11] <Alemas2005> Well, in this case...
[07:11] <Alemas2005> "self-linking".
[07:11] <HyperFlash Studios> In this case possibly
[07:12] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[07:12] <MisterXenomorph> b n r
[07:13] <MisterXenomorph> I have to ask again, how come every time I open my damn mouth the whole chat is dead?
[07:13] <Pacman87> because you are here
[07:13] <HyperFlash Studios> Dunno
[07:14] <HyperFlash Studios> Used to happen to me
[07:14] <Pacman87> ooh burn
[07:14] <MisterXenomorph> Did I do something?
[07:14] <MisterXenomorph> I mean I know I don't have the best history with some of you guys here
[07:14] <HyperFlash Studios> Nah, that's not it
[07:14] <HyperFlash Studios> Just unfortunate timing is all 
[07:15] <MisterXenomorph> Ah okay. 
[07:26] <HyperFlash Studios> Hey Harold o/ 
[07:27] <Game Wolf> Xeno
[07:28] <Game Wolf> what did u do this time?
[07:28] <Harold89> hey \o 
[10:08] <Impossibubbles> No
[10:08] <Impossibubbles> that's not the problem
[10:08] <Ked830> ah
[10:09] <Ked830> okie
[10:09] <Impossibubbles> duplicate files are images that look the same
[10:09] <Impossibubbles> so
[10:09] <Alemas2005> The problem is that the avatars, despite looking the same,# have a different file name.
[10:09] <AmazingPythor> My bot is freaking useless
[10:09] <Romaniandude12> per ale
[10:09] <Alemas2005> So it's literally impossible to predict what the URL/file name will be.
[10:09] <Romaniandude12> i changed some of the file names like this one, but still [[File:Red ninja.png]]
[10:10] <Impossibubbles> I've added over a thousand user articles at this point
[10:10] <Alemas2005> What other files have you renamed, Rom?
[10:10] <Impossibubbles> you're gonna sk me
[10:10] <Impossibubbles> *ask
[10:10] <Impossibubbles> to dig through avatar files
[10:10] <Romaniandude12> think that was the only one
[10:10] <Impossibubbles> every time I add a new one?
[10:10] <Alemas2005> Ok then.
[10:10] <Impossibubbles> That is just stupid
[10:11] <Alemas2005> So you've gained hundreds of edits for nothing, Rom.
[10:11] <Alemas2005> (derp) 
[10:11] <Alemas2005> And angered a content mod.
[10:11] <Alemas2005> (derp) 
[10:11] <Alemas2005> No wait, two of 'em.
[10:11] <Alemas2005> (derp) 
[10:11] <Romaniandude12> it was all hype's idea
[10:11] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[10:11] <Alemas2005> URGH.
[10:11] <Alemas2005> (FW) 
[10:11] <Impossibubbles> I can understand being annoyed about other duplicates
[10:11] <Roddy15> and nobody is allowed to anger ben and get away with it rome
[10:11] <Roddy15> *banned*
[10:11] <Impossibubbles> but for the purposes of our wiki
[10:11] <Impossibubbles> it makes no sense
[10:12] <Impossibubbles> Due to avatar files
[10:12] <Alemas2005> Good luck explaining it to Hyper, at this point...
[10:12] <Romaniandude12> bubbles, nobody asked you to go through all of them
[10:12] <Impossibubbles> Rom
[10:12] <AmazingPythor> Okay brb printing 360 copies of something
[10:12] <Romaniandude12> hype just wanted to clean out the ones already on the wiki
[10:12] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[10:12] <Impossibubbles> do you not understand
[10:12] <Romaniandude12> i do
[10:12] <Impossibubbles> oh my god
[10:12] <Impossibubbles> no you don't
[10:12] <Romaniandude12> yes, I do :{P 
[10:12] <Alemas2005> Calm. Down.
[10:12] <Impossibubbles> every time I upload a new avatar file it will show up on that list
[10:12] <Alemas2005> Stop.
[10:12] <Alemas2005> Breathe.
[10:13] <Impossibubbles> So I'm not going to change the way I edit, sorry
[10:13] <Romaniandude12> nobody
[10:13] <Romaniandude12> told
[10:13] <Romaniandude12> you to
[10:13] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[10:13] <Alemas2005> Oi, as soon as Hyper gets here, someone tell him about it, yes?
[10:13] <Impossibubbles> By attempting to get rid of all duplicate files, that is in essence what you are asking me to do
[10:13] <Alemas2005> That the whole thing's off?
[10:13] <Romaniandude12> you effect the list. the list does not effect you, bubbles
[10:13] <Romaniandude12> so calm down
[10:14] <Alemas2005> Look can we just leave it? :P 
[10:14] <Alemas2005> Now? :P 
[10:14] <Alemas2005> The case is closed.
[10:14] <Romaniandude12> i'm all for it ale :P 
[10:14] <Impossibubbles> No, it /does/. Because then ever file I upload with eventually be deleted, and where is the sense in that?
[10:14] <Alemas2005> The case is closed and done...
[10:14] <Alemas2005> We won't delete any more duplicate files.
[10:14] <Impossibubbles> Okay
[10:15] <Alemas2005> As it would end up as a massive inconvenience for anyone attempting to create a user article.
[10:15] <Impossibubbles> oh god. My parents are trying to get me to go to a prayer meeting
[10:15] <Alemas2005> ... :P 
[10:15] <Impossibubbles> help
[10:15] <Alemas2005> Uh.
[10:15] <Legoanimals750> Alright, makes sense to me 
[10:15] <Alemas2005> *Shoves you into the trash can*
[10:15] <Alemas2005> No-one will find you there.
[10:15] <Majolo9050> oh my gosh bubbles
[10:15] <Majolo9050> i am so sorry
[10:16] <Alemas2005> But someone must tell Hyper about this, yes?
[10:16] <Alemas2005> When he gets on.
[10:16] <Impossibubbles> *hides in the trashcan*
[10:16] <Romaniandude12> i'll talk to him ale
[10:16] <Impossibubbles> AP can do it
[10:16] <Alemas2005> Rom, Pythor, Animals...
[10:16] <Alemas2005> Even you, Bubbles... :P 
[10:16] <Impossibubbles> No 
[10:16] <Legoanimals750> All of us? :P 
[10:16] <Impossibubbles> I can't talk to irrational people
[10:16] <Romaniandude12> hype trusts me pretty well
[10:16] <Impossibubbles> because I end up wanting to kill them
[10:16] <Romaniandude12> i can just talk to him
[10:16] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[10:16] <Impossibubbles> okay rom can do it
[10:17] <Alemas2005> Is that a death threat, Bubbles? (gasp) 
[10:17] <Impossibubbles> what? no?
[10:17] <Legoanimals750> Per Bubbles. :P 
[10:17] <Alemas2005> 'cause...
[10:17] <Alemas2005> Nevermind. :P 
[10:17] <Impossibubbles> it's just my personality xD
[10:17] <Alemas2005> You're cranky, I get it. :P 
[10:17] <Alemas2005> Thought you'd get my joke. :P 
[10:17] <Alemas2005> Anyway.
[10:17] <Impossibubbles> no no
[10:17] <Impossibubbles> I got it
[10:17] <Impossibubbles> xD
[10:17] <Alemas2005> Didn't seem like you did. :P 
[10:17] <Impossibubbles> I was going to ignore it xD
[10:18] <Alemas2005> Well, gotta go anyway.
[10:18] <Impossibubbles> alright
[10:18] <Impossibubbles> I'll go as well
[10:18] <Alemas2005> Pythor's still here.
[10:18] <Alemas2005> :P 
[10:18] <Impossibubbles> Well I gotta eat
[10:18] <Alemas2005> Ah.
[10:18] <Alemas2005> (derp) 
[10:18] <AmazingPythor> I'm semi Afk anyways 
[10:18] <Impossibubbles> toodles o/ 
[10:18] <AmazingPythor> Printing stuff
[10:18] <AmazingPythor> bye bubbles
[10:18] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[10:19] <Alemas2005> Bye all, then. :P 
[10:19] <AmazingPythor> Cya ale asked 
[10:19] <AmazingPythor> i hate mobikr 
[10:19] <Marshal6000> [[User blog:Marshal6000/2017]]
[10:19] <Ked830> y u ping me
[10:19] <Marshal6000> :P 
[10:19] <Marshal6000> Ad Ad Ad!!
[10:19] <Legoanimals750> "Ale asked" :P 
[10:21] <AmazingPythor> I loathe my typing
[10:22] <Ked830> me too
[10:22] <Ked830> i mean i hate my typing
[10:22] <Marshal6000> so, who's hyped about the photo? :P 
[10:22] <Ked830> it looks cool marsh
[10:23] <Romaniandude12> looks neat
[10:23] <Marshal6000> Took me awhile with editing it to make some of the effects in the photo
[10:24] <Marshal6000> I really like AP's comment: "This looks dank as hell."
[10:24] <AmazingPythor> It's true tho
[10:24] <Marshal6000> :{P 
[10:25] <Marshal6000> Thanks AP :{P 
[10:25] <Marshal6000> I'll see if I can't edit that comment in the Director's Cut. :{P 
[10:25] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[10:26] <Marshal6000> "Critics are calling it: "...Dank as hell."
[10:26] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[10:26] <Marshal6000> Or even just on the box cover: "This looks dank as hell." - AmazingPythor Reviews
[10:27] <Kingwja> what are you guys talking about? :P 
[10:27] <Marshal6000> Anyway. I need to make those guys in the photo have more screen time. I really need to work on their screen time.
[10:28] <Marshal6000> This king: [[User blog:Marshal6000/2017]] :{P 
[10:29] <Marshal6000> That's what we're talking about. :{P 
[10:29] <Kingwja> What is it, Marsh?
[10:29] <Marshal6000> :O 
[10:30] <Kingwja> Is it a stop motion? :P 
[10:30] <Marshal6000> You've never seen the first one! :O 
[10:30] <Kingwja> huh?
[10:30] <Marshal6000> This is a teaser for a upcoming sequel to probably my most famous stop motion ever! :P 
[10:30] <Kingwja> Which one would that be. :P 
[10:31] <Marshal6000> [[User blog:Marshal6000/ACTION MOVIE]]
[10:32] <Ked830> omg you used descendants music
[10:33] <Ked830> this is great
[10:35] <Kingwja> Marsh did you make that stop motion
[10:35] <Marshal6000> Yes
[10:36] <Kingwja> say whaaaaaaa
[10:36] <Marshal6000> What did I use Ked? :P 
[10:36] <Ked830> it's so great
[10:36] <Kingwja> noice
[10:36] <Kingwja> ye, per ked xD
[10:36] <Marshal6000> Thanks you guys! :) 
[10:36] <Ked830> music from the movie Descendants in the beginning
[10:36] <Marshal6000> I used "Interloper" by Kevin MacLeod. :P 
[10:36] <Kingwja> I liked the avengers music at the end (deep)
[10:36] <Kingwja> * (derp) 
[10:36] <Marshal6000> xD
[10:37] <Marshal6000> The new one has Metallica as the ending song. :P 
[10:37] <Kingwja> cool xD
[10:37] <Ked830> i mean when they're going through the names
[10:37] <Marshal6000> Oh. the names?
[10:37] <Ked830> ya
[10:38] <Marshal6000> Ya. That's Rotten to the Core from
[10:38] <Ked830> like i said
[10:38] <Marshal6000> *Descendants
[10:38] <Ked830> Descendants music
[10:38] <Marshal6000> :P 
[10:38] <Kingwja> lol
[10:38] <Marshal6000> I thought you meant the very beggining which is this
[10:38] <Ked830> nah
[10:39] <Marshal6000> Ya, :P I used an instrumental version though :P That's the only difference. :P 
[10:39] <Ked830> right
[10:40] <Marshal6000> Any other music you guys recognized? 
[10:41] <Marshal6000> or was that it? :P 
[10:41] <Ked830> i cant remember
[10:41] <Marshal6000> Because I used more songs which might sound familiar to you if I tell you the names and where they came from
[10:42] <Ked830> i cant think of any
[10:42] <Ked830> my memory is trash
[10:42] <Marshal6000> OK, let me run down the list that I used :P 
[10:42] <Marshal6000> Once Vegas gets up and running (frustrated) 
[10:42] <Marshal6000> It's a pretty bug file size :P 
[10:42] <Marshal6000> *big
[10:44] <Marshal6000> OK so we already said "Interloper" by Kevin MacLeod
[10:44] <Marshal6000> Yakety Sax AKA The Benny Hill Theme
[10:45] <Ked830> ey wallo
[10:45] <Marshal6000> "Dystopia" by Machinimasound
[10:45] <Marshal6000> Rotten to the core as you pointed out
[10:47] <Marshal6000> I aslo used "What an Eiffel!" from Tomorrowland
[10:47] <Ked830> okie
[10:47] <Impossibubbles> I want pizza
[10:48] <Marshal6000> "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepson 
[10:48] <Ked830> ya
[10:48] <A Walruse> eyy
[10:48] <Marshal6000> "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straights
[10:49] <Marshal6000> "Lost Time" by Kevin MacLeod
[10:49] <Impossibubbles> what is this now?
[10:49] <Marshal6000> I'm running down the list of music that I used in ACTION MOVIE (1) for Ked
[10:50] <Impossibubbles> Ah, I see
[10:50] <Marshal6000> "Exigence" by Machinimasound
[10:51] <Marshal6000> "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins
[10:51] <Marshal6000> "Run Amok" by Kevin MacLeod
[10:52] <Marshal6000> "Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine
[10:52] <Marshal6000> AKA the ending theme from the original Matrix
[10:52] <Ked830> oooo
[10:53] <Marshal6000> "Streets of the Unknown" by Machinimasound
[10:54] <Marshal6000> And then finally the Avengers Theme
[10:54] <Marshal6000> I think that's it ;P 
[10:54] <Marshal6000> * :P 
[10:54] <Ked830> nice
[10:54] <Marshal6000> hey sat o/ 
[10:54] <Ked830> hoi doc
[10:55] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hello.
[10:55] <Impossibubbles> ello
[10:55] <Marshal6000> Be sure to check this out: [[User blog:Marshal6000/2017]] :{P 
[10:55] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> what is that :P 
[10:56] <Marshal6000> A teaser for a sequel of on on my best stop motions ever :{P 
[10:56] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> noice :P 
[10:56] <Marshal6000> Have you seen the original?
[10:57] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> nope
[10:57] <Marshal6000> [[User blog:Marshal6000/ACTION MOVIE]]
[11:01] <Marshal6000> What do you think sat? :{P 
[11:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Nice, I just finished. :P 
[11:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Who voices it? :P 
[11:02] <Marshal6000> Me
[11:02] <Marshal6000> :{P 
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