[11:54] <Game Wolf> nooooooooo
[11:54] <Son of Elrond> you're a goofy goober
[11:55] <Son of Elrond> yeah
[11:55] <Legoanimals750> Since i left a month and a half ago FF gained 14K post, CT 20,670 and BB gained only 3K :P 
[11:55] <Son of Elrond> I'm a goofy goober
[11:55] <Son of Elrond> yeah
[11:55] <AmazingPythor> yes
[11:55] <Son of Elrond> wE'RE ALL GOOFY GOOBERS
[11:55] <Son of Elrond> YEAH
[11:55] <Game Wolf> KILL ME
[11:55] <AmazingPythor> *guitar solo*
[11:55] <Marshal6000> test
[11:55] <Marshal6000> back
[11:55] <Marshal6000> hi
[11:55] <Marshal6000> o/ 
[11:55] <Nart L. Chipikal> o/ 
[11:55] <Game Wolf> NOOOO
[11:55] <Game Wolf> NO GOOBERS
[11:55] <Bioniclefan1> Everyone read that in a Admiral Thrawn voice 
[11:55] <Son of Elrond> xD
[11:55] <Game Wolf> NO GODDAMN GOOBERSNO 
[11:56] <Son of Elrond> wilf you're racist 
[11:56] <Son of Elrond> :| 
[11:56] <Game Wolf> IM NOT RACIST 
[11:56] <Game Wolf> IM HISPANIC 
[11:56] <Legoanimals750> Caps
[11:56] <Son of Elrond> racist caps
[11:56] <Game Wolf> with a Chinese aunt 
[11:57] <Romaniandude12> i was going to make a racist joke
[11:57] <Romaniandude12> but
[11:57] <Romaniandude12> reasons
[11:57] <Game Wolf> and an ex aunt who was Arabic 
[11:57] <AmazingPythor> I have a bad one but nah
[11:59] <Son of Elrond> ded
[11:59] <Son of Elrond> ap killed it :| 
[11:59] <Legoanimals750> Yup
[11:59] <Bioniclefan1> Say something Admiral Thrawn like 
[11:59] <Romaniandude12> <span style="font-size:7pt;"> but it was so artfully done</span>
[12:00] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> "I'm a bootleg Tarkin"
[12:00] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> B) 
[12:00] <Son of Elrond> Amazing Pythor must be apprehended for his act of murder 
[12:00] <Son of Elrond> how was that
[12:00] <Bioniclefan1> That sounds racist Sky. (derp) 
[12:00] <Impossibubbles> <span class="me-username">* <span>Impossibubbles</span></span> stabs AP
[12:01] <AmazingPythor> *bleeds all over bubbles' carpet*
[12:01] <Son of Elrond> motherrrrrr
[12:01] <Son of Elrond> we don't do thattttt
[12:01] <Impossibubbles> what?
[12:01] <Impossibubbles> why not?
[12:01] <Son of Elrond> violenceeeee
[12:01] <Son of Elrond> it's not niceeeee
[12:01] <AmazingPythor> It's okay soe
[12:01] <Legoanimals750> The Empire was racist. :P 
[12:01] <AmazingPythor> At least now she has to get her carpet cleaned
[12:01] <Bioniclefan1> oh my gosh you guys are acting so out of character with your avatars! Justttt
[12:01] <AmazingPythor> Okay fine
[12:02] <AmazingPythor> *anschlusses the hell out of bubbles*
[12:02] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> how do i act like my avatar
[12:02] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> i doubt you even know what my avatar is
[12:02] <Bioniclefan1> oh 
[12:02] <Impossibubbles> dirty ap
[12:02] <Son of Elrond> its a banana 
[12:02] <Bioniclefan1> well you have it easy then 
[12:02] <AmazingPythor> bubbles
[12:02] <AmazingPythor> you are reich now
[12:02] <Impossibubbles> orly
[12:02] <AmazingPythor> yes
[12:02] <AmazingPythor> All is reich
[12:03] <Impossibubbles> all you need is reich
[12:03] <AmazingPythor> never too old to reich
[12:03] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> what kind of banana
[12:03] <Son of Elrond> a yellow one
[12:04] <Impossibubbles> a pencil one
[12:05] <Impossibubbles> So I've already made 300 edits this week
[12:06] <Impossibubbles> what is life
[12:06] <Legoanimals750> I made like 75. :P 
[12:06] <Legoanimals750> Because i was out most of the day playing Volleyball. :P 
[12:06] <AmazingPythor> I made like maybe 50
[12:06] <Impossibubbles> you made 89
[12:06] <AmazingPythor> ... Me? :P 
[12:07] <Impossibubbles> yep
[12:07] <Impossibubbles> I stalk you
[12:07] <AmazingPythor> You mean you look at [[Special:Community]]
[12:07] <Impossibubbles> What no
[12:07] <Impossibubbles> I do WORK
[12:07] <Impossibubbles> I count it all up
[12:07] <Impossibubbles> yeah
[12:07] <AmazingPythor> bubbles you creep
[12:07] <Impossibubbles> :3
[12:07] <AmazingPythor> :3
[12:08] <AmazingPythor> but tbh
[12:08] <AmazingPythor> Does it count sunday
[12:08] <Legoanimals750> Yes
[12:08] <Impossibubbles> I know where you live
[12:08] <AmazingPythor> There is no way I mad- ah
[12:08] <Beeofboys> ayy guys
[12:08] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[12:08] <Son of Elrond> beeeee
[12:08] <AmazingPythor> Well bubbles
[12:08] <Beeofboys> i put another selfie up jsyk
[12:08] <Beeofboys> im alivea nd all
[12:08] <Impossibubbles> South Carolina right?
[12:08] <AmazingPythor> You're one of like three probably whom I've told my cit-
[12:08] <Beeofboys> *alive and all
[12:08] <Legoanimals750> On Sunday it counts last Sunday too. :P 
[12:08] <AmazingPythor> brb hanging self
[12:08] <Son of Elrond> beeee hi
[12:08] <Beeofboys> hey soe!
[12:08] <Beeofboys> wassup son
[12:09] <Son of Elrond> things wassup with you pa
[12:09] <Beeofboys> not much... finally am not busy for like a half hour
[12:09] <Impossibubbles> I don't remember your city AP
[12:09] <Son of Elrond> isn't that a great feeling tho
[12:09] <AmazingPythor> I definitely told you at some point
[12:09] <Impossibubbles> I barely remember your state of Tennessee 
[12:10] <Impossibubbles> and I know you did
[12:10] <AmazingPythor> You're the worst
[12:10] <Impossibubbles> I'm the best
[12:10] <Impossibubbles> at everything
[12:10] <Impossibubbles> there ever was
[12:10] <AmazingPythor> Is that so
[12:10] <AmazingPythor> Oh wait you're the evil genius
[12:10] <AmazingPythor> nvm
[12:10] <AmazingPythor> >.>
[12:11] <Beeofboys> its a wonderful feeling :D :D 
[12:12] <Impossibubbles> smell cinnamon buns
[12:12] <Impossibubbles> but it's all a lie
[12:12] <Impossibubbles> it's just melt sandwiches >.>
[12:12] <AmazingPythor> Do those smell similar
[12:12] <AmazingPythor> ?
[12:13] <Beeofboys> dont talk about those please i cant eat more junk -_-
[12:13] <Impossibubbles> There was a cheesecake baked the other night
[12:13] <Impossibubbles> I assume the smells are mixing?
[12:13] <Impossibubbles> that sounds weird
[12:13] <AmazingPythor> ooh
[12:13] <AmazingPythor> Cheesecake
[12:13] <Impossibubbles> yeah it wasn't great
[12:13] <Legoanimals750> That sucks
[12:13] <AmazingPythor> I haven't actually made one in years
[12:13] <Impossibubbles> basically what we've decided is that I'm the only one who can make cheesecake in this family xD
[12:13] <AmazingPythor> Have you been to the cheesecake factory
[12:13] <Impossibubbles> ye
[12:14] <Impossibubbles> I got a burger
[12:14] <AmazingPythor> I go there on my birthday
[12:14] <AmazingPythor> The menu is like a novel
[12:14] <Impossibubbles> I know
[12:14] <Impossibubbles> Which is why I probs won't go back xD
[12:14] <AmazingPythor> Have you even tried the cheesecake
[12:14] <Impossibubbles> You can't cook something with excellence when the menu is that big
[12:14] <Impossibubbles> and nah
[12:15] <AmazingPythor> Their other stuff is pretty good but you've missed the point if you haven't had any actual cheesecake :P 
[12:16] <Impossibubbles> But I don't like cheesecake :P 
[12:16] <AmazingPythor> You what
[12:16] <AmazingPythor> :P 
[12:16] <Impossibubbles> yep
[12:16] <Legoanimals750> How dare you Bubbles
[12:16] <AmazingPythor> ... What /are/ you
[12:16] <Impossibubbles> It's heavy and too rich
[12:17] <Son of Elrond> (I don't like cheesecake either) 
[12:17] <Impossibubbles> I like the cheesecake I make myself 
[12:17] <Impossibubbles> It's light and fluffy
[12:17] <Impossibubbles> and has lemon in it to cut the richness
[12:17] <Son of Elrond> "Cooked light and fluffy"
[12:17] <AmazingPythor> The stuff is absolutely horrible for you but it's good
[12:17] <Impossibubbles> and then a raspberry sauce
[12:17] <Impossibubbles> so good
[12:17] <Beeofboys> Cheesecake is good
[12:17] <AmazingPythor> Ooh :P 
[12:17] <Legoanimals750> But heavy and rich is what makes it good. :p 
[12:17] <AmazingPythor> I used to make something along those lines
[12:17] <AmazingPythor> But that was like three years ago
[12:18] <Impossibubbles> soe
[12:18] <Impossibubbles> was that
[12:18] <Impossibubbles> was that
[12:18] <Impossibubbles> a veggie tales reference?
[12:18] <Son of Elrond> of course it was
[12:18] <Impossibubbles> ily <3
[12:18] <Son of Elrond> ily
[12:18] <Son of Elrond> 2
[12:18] <Son of Elrond> mum
[12:18] <Son of Elrond> <3
[12:18] <Legoanimals750> Is that about eggs? :P 
[12:18] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> omlet
[12:18] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> boy i remember that
[12:18] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> B) 
[12:18] <AmazingPythor> well bubbles
[12:19] <Beeofboys> veggietales was my life...
[12:19] <AmazingPythor> Apparently all but one of the remaining star trek episodes suck
[12:19] <Impossibubbles> just wait
[12:19] <Nart L. Chipikal> omelette du fromage?
[12:19] <Impossibubbles> hippie ep is coming
[12:19] <AmazingPythor> Yeah that one's the second to last
[12:19] <AmazingPythor> My least favorite is still the one with the children
[12:19] <AmazingPythor> Are the hippies really worse
[12:20] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> M i S e R
[12:20] <Impossibubbles> musical interludes 
[12:20] <AmazingPythor> omg
[12:20] <AmazingPythor> I forgot
[12:20] <AmazingPythor> But that was so great the last time:
[12:20] <Impossibubbles> but now they just sing hippie music and not the good kind
[12:21] <AmazingPythor> Hippie music as in like the who
[12:21] <AmazingPythor> Cause that'd be pretty dank
[12:21] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[12:21] <Impossibubbles> that's what I meant. Not the good kind (derp4) 
[12:21] <Son of Elrond> ayyy dirty dan
[12:21] <Son of Elrond> o/ 
[12:21] <Impossibubbles> It's just
[12:21] <Impossibubbles> ew
[12:21] <Eagleeyedan> y'all
[12:21] <AmazingPythor> Well knowing your tastes I wanted more specification 
[12:21] <Impossibubbles> and then Spock
[12:21] <Impossibubbles> "jams" with them
[12:21] <AmazingPythor> I eagerly await this
[12:22] <Son of Elrond> bee no
[12:22] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[12:22] <AmazingPythor> Right now I'm on the one where Kirk is stranded on an empty Enterprise with some chick
[12:22] <Impossibubbles> I don't remember that one?
[12:22] <AmazingPythor> "The Mark of Gideon"? :P 
[12:23] <Impossibubbles> oh
[12:23] <Impossibubbles> OH
[12:23] <AmazingPythor> There we go
[12:23] <Impossibubbles> the one where you see all the people
[12:24] <AmazingPythor> Yeah I don't get this
[12:24] <AmazingPythor> :P 
[12:24] <Impossibubbles> flopping around like fish in the windows
[12:24] <AmazingPythor> Can this just
[12:24] <AmazingPythor> be over
[12:24] <Impossibubbles> I about lost my crap at that. It was freaking hilarious how stupid and random it was
[12:24] <AmazingPythor> I don't think I got to that yet
[12:25] <Son of Elrond> russ o/ 
[12:25] <AmazingPythor> rus the bus
[12:25] <RusMan> Ayy
[12:25] <RusMan> Pyth, did you finish the Solipsism album?
[12:25] <AmazingPythor> Oh I just listened to the song, not the whole album (derp) 
[12:25] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[12:26] <RusMan> Oh (derp) 
[12:26] <AmazingPythor> It was nice tho
[12:26] <RusMan> Mhm, I found it helpful for studying.
[12:26] <Impossibubbles> I gotta go eat
[12:26] <AmazingPythor> aw cya bubbles
[12:26] <RusMan> Çiao
[12:26] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[12:26] <Impossibubbles> baiiii
[12:27] <AmazingPythor> \o 
[12:27] <Bioniclefan1> All hail the empire. :| 
[12:27] <Son of Elrond> bio
[12:27] <Son of Elrond> is that
[12:27] <Son of Elrond> what is that
[12:27] <Bioniclefan1> Yesssss
[12:27] <Bioniclefan1> wait 
[12:28] <Bioniclefan1> you were going to say it
[12:28] <Bioniclefan1> but you stopped
[12:28] <Son of Elrond> I'm too lazy to look at your page to see it bigger
[12:28] <Bioniclefan1> you know what
[12:28] <Bioniclefan1> just click my page
[12:28] <Son of Elrond> fine
[12:28] <Bioniclefan1> oh
[12:28] <Son of Elrond> ...
[12:28] <Son of Elrond> what is it
[12:28] <Bioniclefan1> you don't recognize it? 
[12:28] <Bioniclefan1> do you think all humans look the same to you. 
[12:29] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> what is that
[12:29] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> bootleg buzz lightyear?
[12:29] <Son of Elrond> I don't recognize it
[12:30] <Bioniclefan1> guys why can't you recognize a star wars rebels character and his stuck up face when you see it 
[12:30] <RusMan> I get to go to a theatre tomorrow.
[12:30] <Son of Elrond> bio
[12:30] <Bioniclefan1> come on 
[12:30] <AmazingPythor> nice rus
[12:30] <Son of Elrond> that looks like a cheep cg render
[12:30] <Son of Elrond> not from rebels 
[12:30] <Bioniclefan1> its that one pilot
[12:30] <AmazingPythor> same thing soe
[12:30] <Son of Elrond> "that one pilot"
[12:30] <Bioniclefan1> the one they always humiliate 
[12:30] <RusMan> Mhm, so I don't have any school until 14:00. (Derp) 
[12:30] <Son of Elrond> ap no
[12:30] <Son of Elrond> shut up
[12:30] <AmazingPythor> jk
[12:30] <Son of Elrond> :P 
[12:30] <RusMan> And then Friday is a half-day 
[12:30] <AmazingPythor> Don't tell bubbles I said that
[12:30] <Son of Elrond> Mommmmmm
[12:30] <Son of Elrond> (as) 
[12:30] <AmazingPythor> Nice rus
[12:31] <AmazingPythor> I have a horrendously busy week so
[12:31] <RusMan> And then the next week there really isn't any school because most of my school is going to a festival thing.
[12:31] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> [[File:Avatar2260 1.jpeg]] lets see if we can recognize this gem
[12:31] <RusMan> Aka the buckle of the bible belt
[12:31] <RusMan> Aka BJU :p 
[12:31] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> instead of some obscure pilot from some tv show
[12:31] <AmazingPythor> ... Yikes. :P 
[12:31] <Bioniclefan1> THIS GUY 
[12:31] <RusMan> Yeah, fun :p 
[12:31] <Legoanimals750> That's not creepy or anything. :p 
[12:32] <RusMan> It's such a long bus ride there too.
[12:32] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> as if all the tie pilots didnt look the same
[12:32] <Legoanimals750> Oh, that pilot. :p 
[12:32] <Son of Elrond> bio
[12:32] <Son of Elrond> who is that
[12:32] <RusMan> Usually around 16 hours one way
[12:32] <Son of Elrond> which season
[12:32] <Bioniclefan1> the first one
[12:32] <Son of Elrond> oh well then
[12:32] <Bioniclefan1> Ezra robbed him
[12:32] <AmazingPythor> Damn rus
[12:32] <Son of Elrond> how do you expect me to remember tha
[12:32] <Son of Elrond> that
[12:32] <Son of Elrond> :P 
[12:32] <Bioniclefan1> Because he's always in the show
[12:32] <Legoanimals750> He was "the best one in that system" :p 
[12:32] <Bioniclefan1> they humiliate this some guy every time 
[12:32] <Bioniclefan1> same
[12:33] <Son of Elrond> I need to re-watch season 1
[12:33] <Bioniclefan1> he has fan art 
[12:33] <Son of Elrond> of course he does
[12:33] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> who doesnt have fan art
[12:33] <Son of Elrond> who doesnt 
[12:33] <Son of Elrond> jinj
[12:33] <Son of Elrond> jinx
[12:33] <Son of Elrond> what
[12:33] <Bioniclefan1> (ud) 
[12:33] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> jumanji
[12:33] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> B) 
[12:33] <Son of Elrond> stop using that emote
[12:33] <RusMan> Yeah, and neither of my best friends are going so i won't be as fun. :p 
[12:33] <Son of Elrond> :P 
[12:34] <RusMan> *it
[12:34] <Bioniclefan1> 
[12:34] <AmazingPythor> Is it like a weekend trip or something :P 
[12:34] <RusMan> No, like a weeklong trip :p 
[12:34] <AmazingPythor> ... I'm so sorry. :P 
[12:34] <RusMan> Leave Sunday night and get back Friday :p 
[12:34] <Bioniclefan1> He's been blown up like twice
[12:35] <Bioniclefan1> (lived both times.)
[12:35] <RusMan> Eh, it's okay I guess, I mean I can visit classes and see some friends down there so it shouldn't be too bad. 
[12:35] <AmazingPythor> Well at least that's good (derp) 
[12:35] <RusMan> I could hang out at their library or something lol
[12:35] <RusMan> They actually have Harry Potter books there believe it or not.
[12:36] <Son of Elrond> I need some crappy netflix show to get hooked on
[12:36] <Son of Elrond> help pls
[12:36] <AmazingPythor> Aren't they considered satanic by some super conservative areas :P 
[12:36] <RusMan> Watch Rick and Morty.
[12:36] <Son of Elrond> no
[12:36] <Son of Elrond> not a show like that
[12:36] <Son of Elrond> :P 
[12:36] <Bioniclefan1> Watch everything! 
[12:36] <RusMan> Yeah by suuper conservatives :p 
[12:36] <RusMan> BJU has relaxed a bit since even 10 years ago 
[12:36] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> ive seen churches promoting harry potter books
[12:36] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> where do you nerds live
[12:36] <Son of Elrond> bio no
[12:36] <RusMan> People at my school read them.
[12:36] <Son of Elrond> that's not possible
[12:37] <Son of Elrond> :| 
[12:37] <AmazingPythor> I don't experience it, I just hear stories
[12:37] <RusMan> Eeven the teachers have 
[12:37] <Bioniclefan1> you are not possible. :| 
[12:37] <AmazingPythor> Most occurrences are in the south I imagine
[12:37] <RusMan> Yeah, they have a new president sown there and he's made things better imo.
[12:37] <RusMan> *down
[12:38] <Bioniclefan1> can't you watch one of the marvel shows 
[12:38] <AmazingPythor> Ah, good then :P 
[12:38] <Game Wolf> The marvel shows are good. 
[12:38] <Son of Elrond> those aren't good enough to get hooked on
[12:38] <RusMan> People can actually wear normal clothes after class hours :p 
[12:38] <Game Wolf> Luke Cage kinda fizzled out toward the end. 
[12:38] <Son of Elrond> oh you mean those
[12:38] <Son of Elrond> not really interested in them
[12:39] <Game Wolf> Punisher is going to be awesome 
[12:39] <Bioniclefan1> I'm still waiting for them to come to dvd or blu ray
[12:39] <Game Wolf> ha
[12:39] <Bioniclefan1> maybe I can watch Luke Cage in like 2045
[12:39] <Game Wolf> keep waiting 
[12:39] <Son of Elrond> is young justice any good
[12:39] <RusMan> But yeah, it won't be all that bad.
[12:39] <Bioniclefan1> #MarvelNOWLies
[12:39] <Game Wolf> Ugh
[12:39] <Game Wolf> i hate marvel tbh
[12:39] <AmazingPythor> Well, make the most of it I guess, good luck. :P 
[12:39] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[12:40] <Bioniclefan1> I disown you gw
[12:40] <Game Wolf> I really only like the Netflix shows. 
[12:40] <RusMan> Lol last time I was there I listened to Slipknot, I'm so edgy :p (derp) 
[12:40] <RusMan> Thanks :p 
[12:40] <Game Wolf> Marvel has become way to formulaic, liberal leaning, and they always try to cash in on the movies 
[12:40] <Bioniclefan1> better than DC Rebirth 
[12:40] <Game Wolf> plus the films are vey blande 
[12:41] <Bioniclefan1> just pandering to nostalgia 
[12:41] <Game Wolf> Dude, DC rebirth is a good step for DC 
[12:41] <Bioniclefan1> for now
[12:41] <Bioniclefan1> Marvel knows to appeal to new demographics. They know better. 
[12:41] <Son of Elrond> Was Ender's Game any good
[12:41] <Game Wolf> And I'm very interested to see where they go with the whole Watchmen sequel aspects 
[12:42] <Game Wolf> Marvel also had Captain America be revealed as a Hydra Agent just to compete with DC Rebirh 
[12:42] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> harrison god was in that movie
[12:42] <Bioniclefan1> that was planned
[12:42] <Bioniclefan1> the reveal was to compete 
[12:42] <Son of Elrond> I guess I'll just watch that (derp) 
[12:43] <Game Wolf> Sure it was. So was DC Rebirth. 
[12:43] <Bioniclefan1> and they did pretty good with it 
[12:43] <Game Wolf> It was stupid and pointless. 
[12:43] <Bioniclefan1> DC was probably real angry. xD
[12:43] <Bioniclefan1> Well people told Marvel to stop pandering to "sjw" 
[12:43] <Game Wolf> And I'm so sick of marvel making new ethnicity bent versions of characters 
[12:43] <Bioniclefan1> and then they gave us Hydra Cap
[12:44] <Game Wolf> Blacl Female Iron Man. 
[12:44] <Bioniclefan1> they have no other way of selling gw
[12:44] <Game Wolf> Enough said. 
[12:44] <Bioniclefan1> Fandom's fault
[12:44] <Game Wolf> And every damn time they do a movie they try to do a cheap cash in. 
[12:45] <Legoanimals750> Shouldn't that be Iron woman?
[12:45] <Bioniclefan1> Her name is Iron Heart
[12:45] <Bioniclefan1> but the comic is called Iron Man because brand names
[12:45] <Legoanimals750> That sounds dumb 
[12:45] <Game Wolf> They introduced the Chitauri into 616 and gave them the same look as the film, unlike the original Chitauri 
[12:46] <Bioniclefan1> does it matter if they bring in mcu stuff in the comics gw? 
[12:46] <Game Wolf> They made Fury black by saying he had a son who just happened to lose the same eye as his dad 
[12:46] <Game Wolf> It does when they do it to much. 
[12:47] <Bioniclefan1> meh 
[12:47] <Game Wolf> Its just pointless cash ins. 
[12:47] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> dc has better comics
[12:47] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> ^^^^^^^^^
[12:47] <Bioniclefan1> doesn't really affect any of the comics 
[12:47] <Game Wolf> DC has won me over 
[12:47] <Game Wolf> And the Marvel films are so formulaic 
[12:48] <Game Wolf> and uninspired now adays 
[12:49] <Game Wolf> There is no interesting or memorable music, the action is the same, there is no threat of anyone dying, and if civil war is any indication they don't have the stones to kill anyone. 
[12:49] <Game Wolf> For all of BvS faults, it has a lot of positives. 
[12:50] <Bioniclefan1> everyone needs to read the marvel star wars comics
[12:50] <Bioniclefan1> especially and most importantly Darth Vader
[12:50] <Game Wolf> There are always exceptions to marvel bio 
[12:51] <Bioniclefan1> give it a year and marvel will be on top again gw
[12:51] <Game Wolf> Not in the film department. 
[12:51] <Bioniclefan1> dc rebirth will fizzle. 
[12:51] <Game Wolf> Maybe in the comic department. 
[12:51] <Bioniclefan1> DC doesn't seem to be doing good films 
[12:52] <Bioniclefan1> first three movies slammed by critics
[12:52] <AmazingPythor> The Dark Knight is still way better than anything Marvel has produced
[12:52] <Bioniclefan1> or has suicide squad done good now? 
[12:52] <Game Wolf> DC's films are actually pretty good. BvS is better than people give it credit. 
[12:52] <AmazingPythor> But yeah nowadays DC kinda sucks
[12:52] <Game Wolf> BvS has amazing AMAZINGly filmed action scenes. 
[12:52] <Bioniclefan1> Wouldn't people complain about TDK being too dark nowdays like BvS
[12:52] <Game Wolf> The third act is worth it. 
[12:53] <Game Wolf> Batfleck was good. 
[12:53] <Bioniclefan1> I liked BvS because as you said it was different 
[12:53] <Game Wolf> The music is on point. 
[12:53] <Bioniclefan1> but DC will just copy Marvel to play it safe
[12:54] <Game Wolf> I don't remember any music from the Marvel films - besides the obvious from GoTG - but the Wonder Woman theme song will stick with me. 
[12:54] <Bioniclefan1> and they will not have Hans Zimmer for other movies. 
[12:54] <Game Wolf> DC seems to be doing one serious movie and a more lighter hearted film per year. 
[12:55] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> frankly i dont think any current marvel or dc themes are that memorable
[12:55] <Bioniclefan1> I'd hope they'd do that. 
[12:56] <Game Wolf> BvS was dark and brooding, SS was still dark yet a bit light hearted. 
[12:56] <Bioniclefan1> need to see that
[12:56] <Game Wolf> Wonder Woman looks to be serious, and JL seems to be more light hearted. 
[12:56] <Game Wolf> You haven't seen suicide squad?
[12:56] <Bioniclefan1> nah
[12:57] <Game Wolf> Let me just say, that people in it died that I didn't expect. 
[12:57] <Bioniclefan1> I'll probably skip it and Doc Strange till dvd and blu ray
[12:57] <Bioniclefan1> well the movie is called suicide squad 
[12:57] <Game Wolf> Yeah. 
[12:57] <Game Wolf> It's one of the reasons why DC has won me over for this year. 
[12:58] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> JL will be lighthearted because Aquaman is a joke
[12:58] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> B) 
[12:58] <Bioniclefan1> oh gosh
[12:58] <Game Wolf> I didn't expect Superman to die, and I didn't expect the couple of SS members to die either. 
[12:58] <Bioniclefan1> do you guys realize how terrible it would be to be dc superheroes irl 
[12:58] <Bioniclefan1> the worst would be Aquaman
[12:59] <Bioniclefan1> people would blame him for every shark attack
[12:59] <Bioniclefan1> if he complained about oil spills people would tell him he should live on land. 
[12:59] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> "nothing wrong with a little natural selection, citzens"
[01:00] <Bioniclefan1> PETA would try to get him for mind controlling animals
[01:00] <Game Wolf> I can't wait for the extended cut of SS later this year. 
[01:00] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> i can catch those references boy
[01:00] <Bioniclefan1> also speaking of PETA they would probably make Beast Boy their mascot
[01:00] <Bioniclefan1> "You could be eating Beast Boy's cousin!" 
[01:01] <Bioniclefan1> and then Cyborg would be pretty bad to be
[01:01] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> "i'm disabled"
[01:02] <Bioniclefan1> Everyone would ask him to hack stuff 
[01:02] <Bioniclefan1> and he would be blamed for every technical difficulty 
[01:03] <Bioniclefan1> lol the comments on the video you linked sky
[01:03] <Bioniclefan1> aqua man flame war
[01:07] <Bioniclefan1> why did I have to be the killer
[01:07] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> nobody likes talking about aquaman i guess
[01:07] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> RIP
[01:20] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> baba booey to you
[01:21] <Romaniandude12> k
[01:23] <AmazingPythor> wb
[01:23] <Impossibubbles> ello
[01:23] <Impossibubbles> did I miss anything (derp4) 
[01:24] <Bioniclefan1> Well
[01:24] <AmazingPythor> Just superheroes discussion for like half an hour
[01:24] <Impossibubbles> oh 
[01:24] <Impossibubbles> so no xD
[01:24] <AmazingPythor> Nothing of note
[01:24] <AmazingPythor> Also bubbles
[01:24] <Impossibubbles> yes?
[01:24] <AmazingPythor> Relatable:
[01:25] <Impossibubbles> I don't look like that thi :( 
[01:25] <Impossibubbles> *thi
[01:25] <Impossibubbles> *thi
[01:25] <Impossibubbles> *tho
[01:25] <Ked830> *tumbles into chat* hai
[01:25] <AmazingPythor> You're a cuter evil genius, but equally evil on the inside
[01:25] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[01:25] <Impossibubbles> so I'm told
[01:26] <Impossibubbles> never forget. I'm secretly in charge of this place because I'm just so manipulative. I've poisoned your mind against other users, because, that's possible and you aren't rational (derp4) 
[01:26] <AmazingPythor> I used to have control over my life
[01:26] <AmazingPythor> Then Impossibubbles came
[01:28] <Impossibubbles> yes
[01:29] <AmazingPythor> when can I have my free will back
[01:29] <Impossibubbles> when I die
[01:29] <Impossibubbles> but I'm eternal 
[01:29] <Impossibubbles> so
[01:29] <Nart L. Chipikal> bubbles is a goddess
[01:29] <AmazingPythor> Eternal doesn't mean invincible 
[01:29] <Impossibubbles> I'm the evil genius. How will you even get close to me
[01:30] <Impossibubbles> Can't kill me
[01:30] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> it kind of does pythor
[01:30] <AmazingPythor> Well it could just mean the inability of death by old age
[01:30] <AmazingPythor> And I'll find a way bubbles
[01:30] <AmazingPythor> Then I'll take my life back
[01:30] <Impossibubbles> pfffft
[01:31] <Ked830> ap do you /really/ need your life back
[01:31] <AmazingPythor> Welllllll
[01:31] <AmazingPythor> Maybe this isn't /so/ bad
[01:31] <Ked830> exactly
[01:31] <Ked830> also ap
[01:31] <Ked830> i haz patroller now
[01:32] <Ked830> *rollbacks ap*
[01:32] <AmazingPythor> damn
[01:32] <Impossibubbles> I'll probably go to bed at a normal time tonight
[01:32] <AmazingPythor> I mean congrats ked
[01:32] <AmazingPythor> Probably a good idea bubbles
[01:32] <AmazingPythor> Normal time being what
[01:32] <Impossibubbles> because I can't talk to ale ;~;
[01:32] <Impossibubbles> not 4-5 am
[01:32] <Ked830> aw
[01:33] <Ked830> hai hype
[01:33] <AmazingPythor> Well that's good then considering you have class tomorrow
[01:33] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[01:33] <Impossibubbles> class at 2 pm
[01:33] <Bioniclefan1> o/ 
[01:33] <AmazingPythor> Yeah but if you go to bed at 6am that still sucks
[01:34] <Impossibubbles> hmph
[01:34] <AmazingPythor> Just be glad you don't have to get up /at/ 6am
[01:35] <Romaniandude12> keddd
[01:35] <RusMan> I have to get up at 7 each day (bh) 
[01:35] <RusMan> :p 
[01:35] <Ked830> i have to get up at 6
[01:35] <Ked830> ap
[01:35] <Ked830> shhhh
[01:35] <AmazingPythor> I get up at 6 or 7 depending on what classes I have that day
[01:36] <RusMan> I always have the same classes each day. :p 
[01:36] <AmazingPythor> brb gonna shower
[01:36] <RusMan> Well, some days are clubs and others I have study hall :p 
[01:36] <Ked830> i get up at 6 even tho on mondays and wednesdays my first class is at 8:40
[01:36] <Bioniclefan1> I get up at 5:30 am
[01:35] <RusMan> :p 
[01:35] <Ked830> i have to get up at 6
[01:35] <Ked830> ap
[01:35] <Ked830> shhhh
[01:35] <AmazingPythor> I get up at 6 or 7 depending on what classes I have that day
[01:36] <RusMan> I always have the same classes each day. :p 
[01:36] <AmazingPythor> brb gonna shower
[01:36] <RusMan> Well, some days are clubs and others I have study hall :p 
[01:36] <Ked830> i get up at 6 even tho on mondays and wednesdays my first class is at 8:40
[01:36] <Bioniclefan1> I get up at 5:30 am
[01:37] <Ked830> hai
[01:37] <FiretigerIsMLG> has anyone actaully checked the i like pie thing
[01:37] <FiretigerIsMLG> imao
[01:37] <FiretigerIsMLG> whoops
[01:37] <Ked830> psst
[01:37] <Ked830> no imao
[01:37] <HyperFlash Studios> I asked you to stop saying that :P 
[01:37] <RusMan> That's not actually allowed here :p 
[01:38] <FiretigerIsMLG> i forgoy
[01:38] <FiretigerIsMLG> pie
[01:39] <Bioniclefan1> and that was?
[01:39] <Ked830> not really sure
[01:40] <Bioniclefan1> odd
[01:40] <Ked830> [[Firetiger4052]] but they seem to be this person
[01:40] <Nart L. Chipikal> his presence disturbs my soul
[01:40] <HyperFlash Studios> They said they weren't
[01:40] <Bioniclefan1> I'm so glad there's a wiki for this stuff. (derp) 
[01:40] <Bioniclefan1> Nart what
[01:41] <Ked830> nart pretty sure they is a gurl
[01:41] <Ked830> wait
[01:41] <Ked830> idek
[01:41] <Ked830> what are they
[01:41] <Nart L. Chipikal> idk man
[01:41] <Bioniclefan1> do you have a soul sense or something 
[01:41] <Nart L. Chipikal> yes
[01:41] <Bioniclefan1> sounds useful
[01:41] <Nart L. Chipikal> not always
[01:43] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> i missed another meme
[01:43] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> damn
[01:43] <Ked830> rip
[01:50] <Marshal6000> o/ 
[01:50] <AmazingPythor> \o 
[01:51] <Bioniclefan1> does anything happen if I pm your bot
[01:51] <AmazingPythor> You'll see
[01:52] <Romaniandude12> wait does something happen
[01:52] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[01:52] <Bioniclefan1> I already did though and nothing has happened. (derp) 
[01:52] <Ked830> ap D:
[01:52] <Ked830> hai sama chan
[01:52] <AmazingPythor> refresh
[01:52] <SamanthaNguyen1116> o/ 
[01:52] <AmazingPythor> Ked 
[01:52] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[01:53] <Bioniclefan1> everyone pm ap
[01:53] <Bioniclefan1> 's bot
[01:53] <Ked830> let's see if we can kick it out
[01:53] <AmazingPythor> do you all just hate me
[01:54] <HyperFlash Studios> After what he did to my bot with his bot I'm tempted to return the favor
[01:54] <Nart L. Chipikal> we love you ap
[01:54] <Nart L. Chipikal> we want to make sure your bot works
[01:54] <AmazingPythor> How altruistic of you nart
[01:54] <Bioniclefan1> we are official bot testers
[01:56] <Game Wolf> Phew. 
[01:56] <Romaniandude12> ked
[01:56] <Game Wolf> After weeks of procrastinating 
[01:56] <Ked830> ye
[01:57] <Romaniandude12> <span style="font-size:7pt;"> pm is a thing</span>
[01:57] <Game Wolf> I have finally bought the Titanfall 2 Deluxe Vanguard Collectirs edition 
[01:57] <Ked830> is it now
[01:58] <Game Wolf> wait is Ked unaware of pms?
[01:58] <Ked830> pms sound like pajamas
[01:58] <Slicer Vorzakh> ked beat you to it apey 
[01:58] <Game Wolf> yes Ked 
[01:58] <Bioniclefan1> prime minister 
[01:58] <AmazingPythor> what
[01:58] <Game Wolf> pm means pajamas 
[01:58] <Ked830> slushy you don't have a CM page
[01:58] <Ked830> or bio
[01:58] <Ked830> w/e
[01:59] <AmazingPythor> oh
[01:59] <AmazingPythor> dammit ked
[01:59] <Ked830> heheeee XD
[01:59] <Slicer Vorzakh> hype removed it cause he thought it was redundant
[01:59] <Slicer Vorzakh> that's fine
[01:59] <Ked830> oh okay
[02:00] <Ked830> ap
[02:00] <AmazingPythor> ked
[02:00] <Game Wolf> hype 
[02:00] <Ked830> what are the weird random characters that appear in the code of a staff page when i edit it
[02:00] <AmazingPythor> what
[02:00] <Ked830>
[02:00] <AmazingPythor> let me czech
[02:01] <Ked830> the top and bottom
[02:01] <Ked830> it happened when i editing the patroller page too
[02:01] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[02:01] <Bioniclefan1> Someone give me a character to be in Shamchat. Someone I can mess with people with. 
[02:01] <Ked830> edited
[02:01] <AmazingPythor> You mean
[02:01] <AmazingPythor> <div class="astmain" style="padding-top: 15px;"> ?
[02:01] <Bioniclefan1> o/ 
[02:01] <Ked830> no
[02:01] <Ked830> that was there before
[02:02] <Game Wolf> aw 
[02:02] <Ked830> in the line below the div for that
[02:02] <Game Wolf> my dog is acting cute 
[02:02] <AmazingPythor> "{|width="100%" cellpadding="0""?
[02:02] <Ked830> and the }| that was at the bottom of the page
[02:02] <AmazingPythor> Just template nonsense or something I imagine
[02:03] <Ked830> it says there's a space between the {| and width for me
[02:03] <HyperFlash Studios> Let me look
[02:03] <Ked830> did i break it
[02:03] <Ked830> again
[02:04] <HyperFlash Studios> That's inline css
[02:04] <HyperFlash Studios> So no you didn't break it
[02:04] <HyperFlash Studios> It may not have loaded correctly for you I guess
[02:04] <Ked830> oh
[02:04] <Ked830> okie
[02:04] <Game Wolf> my dog is being a snoop
[02:05] <Ked830> ey Swupey
[02:05] <AmazingPythor> swipe (ss)
[02:05] <HyperFlash Studios> Swipey! 
[02:05] <Game Wolf> goddamnit why didn't anyone make a snoop Dogg joke?
[02:05] <AmazingPythor> sorry I'm tired
[02:05] <Assassin Swipe> Hiya! :P 
[02:08] <Romaniandude12> ap
[02:08] <Romaniandude12> in these archives
[02:08] <AmazingPythor> rome
[02:08] <Romaniandude12> can I just remove it if it says the person was "popular"
[02:08] <Romaniandude12> esp if it doesnt fit
[02:08] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[02:08] <AmazingPythor> Sure. :P 
[02:08] <AmazingPythor> Can I see the article
[02:09] <Romaniandude12> [[Elementron/Archive]]
[02:09] <Romaniandude12> already edited it
[02:09] <AmazingPythor> Ah, chill.
[02:09] <Romaniandude12> [[Elementron/Archive?diff=807811&oldid=757869]]
[02:09] <Commandercody113> hello everyone
[02:09] <Commandercody113>
[02:09] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[02:10] <Commandercody113> I would appreciate support on my new project
[02:11] <Romaniandude12> welcome
[02:12] <Bioniclefan1> I think I'll go now. o/ 
[02:12] <AmazingPythor> \o 
[02:13] <Commandercody113> goodbye
[02:13] <AmazingPythor> cya :P 
[02:13] <Commandercody113> I was goodbyeing Bioniclefan
[02:14] <Ked830> braaaave
[02:14] <AmazingPythor> oh
[02:14] <AmazingPythor> lol
[02:14] <Commandercody113> I'm here for a bit longer
[02:14] <AmazingPythor> Ignore me then
[02:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> so
[02:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> uh
[02:14] <AmazingPythor> I'm a bit absentminded atm
[02:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> today this girl was hugging/stroking me
[02:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> and told me she loved me
[02:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> the problem is that she has like an actual boyfriend???
[02:15] <Ked830> what does that make you
[02:15] <AmazingPythor> Challenge him to a duel
[02:15] <Ked830> why do people like touching you brave
[02:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> ap i can probably 1v1 him on club penguin
[02:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> because ked
[02:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> I dont resist
[02:15] <AmazingPythor> damn
[02:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> or really show any emotion
[02:15] <Ked830> oh
[02:15] <Ked830> i see
[02:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> until they try to go for my ribs
[02:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> then some primeval senses kick in
[02:15] <Ked830> and then you just throw them to the ground
[02:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> basically
[02:16] <A Walruse> why am i still awake
[02:16] <AmazingPythor> Wal seriously
[02:16] <Ked830> wal go to beeeeeed
[02:16] <Commandercody113> I see it now: Brave vs. his Lover's boyfriend. A duel to the death
[02:16] <Commandercody113> Like Hamilton and Burr
[02:16] <Commandercody113> but who is hamilton?
[02:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> i still havent seen hammytun
[02:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> ive just heard like 3 songs
[02:17] <A Walruse> also btw Jadotville, really commend that movie
[02:17] <Commandercody113> not the damn musical.
[02:17] <A Walruse> anyway i should probably go to bed
[02:17] <A Walruse> it's after 4am
[02:17] <AmazingPythor> I heard the rap battle with Jefferson
[02:17] <Commandercody113> It's history, man!
[02:17] <AmazingPythor> Yeah you should wal
[02:17] <Ked830> yes you should wally
[02:17] <AmazingPythor> cya
[02:17] <HyperFlash Studios> probably wal
[02:17] <Ked830> ey maj
[02:17] <Ked830> night wal
[02:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> fastest rapping ever in a musical
[02:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> >ok
[02:17] <Commandercody113> yeah
[02:17] <A Walruse> that's one of the most awkward awards ive ever hread
[02:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> the worst award ever is
[02:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> longest time spend masturbating
[02:18] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> baba booey
[02:18] <HyperFlash Studios> BNR, no
[02:18] <AmazingPythor> Is that word blocked
[02:18] <Commandercody113> is that you brave?
[02:18] <RusMan> BNR no please
[02:18] <AmazingPythor> I thought it was
[02:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> apparently not ap
[02:18] <AmazingPythor> huh
[02:18] <Ked830> it's not
[02:18] <AmazingPythor> Test: masturbate  
[02:18] <Ked830> but it's not allowed
[02:18] <AmazingPythor> there
[02:18] <Ked830> oh
[02:18] <AmazingPythor> Yeah don't say that
[02:18] <RusMan> Awards (h) (h) (puke o) 
[02:18] <AmazingPythor> :P 
[02:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> k
[02:18] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> but the verb is not blocked
[02:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> Sky
[02:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> that is a verb
[02:18] <Romaniandude12> ap, you might as well go fix that :P 
[02:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> (yk) 
[02:18] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> B) 
[02:18] <Romaniandude12> obvious loophole
[02:19] <Commandercody113> BNR is not happy with decency
[02:19] <AmazingPythor> Uh
[02:19] <AmazingPythor> idk rome
[02:19] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[02:19] <Romaniandude12> the word is blocked. it just so happens that it conjugates the last letter off
[02:19] <AmazingPythor> I don't think it matters really
[02:19] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[02:19] <AmazingPythor> Well
[02:20] <AmazingPythor> I'll discuss it with ale, I don't want to do anything without communication :P 
[02:20] <HyperFlash Studios> (ys) 
[02:20] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> so what you are saying is that since it is not blocked we can say it
[02:21] <Romaniandude12> no
[02:21] <AmazingPythor> no
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> "i dont want to block it but dont say it"
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> THE
[02:21] <AmazingPythor> Actually fine I'll just do it
[02:21] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> good
[02:21] <Romaniandude12> i'll kick the next person who willingly says it in this conversation 
[02:21] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[02:21] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> don't wait for that m-m-monkey's approval
[02:21] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> B) 
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> how do you unwillingly say it
[02:21] <AmazingPythor> *lemur
[02:21] <Commandercody113> what about the second person who willingly says it? :P 
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> just like have a muscle spasm
[02:22] <Romaniandude12> sure bnr
[02:22] <RusMan> Autocorrect ofc
[02:22] <Romaniandude12> rus :P 
[02:22] <Ked830> true rus
[02:22] <Romaniandude12> so true though
[02:22] <AmazingPythor> Test: Masturbating
[02:22] <AmazingPythor> Done
[02:22] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> !!!!
[02:22] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> 
[02:22] <RusMan> :o 
[02:22] <Ked830> rom kick ap
[02:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> sometimes i try to type wth
[02:22] <Romaniandude12> i canttttttt
[02:22] <Romaniandude12> cri
[02:22] <Ked830> ;~;
[02:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> but then i type in a letter two next to h
[02:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> and it comes out as a red x word
[02:23] <AmazingPythor> I almost did that once bnr
[02:23] <Romaniandude12> i'm always worried guac is going to typo "buck"
[02:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> i did it again two nights ago or smth
[02:23] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[02:23] <Commandercody113> Ok, did everyone notice Son of Elrond's pic is freaking THRAWN?
[02:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> i also sometimes do other acronyms that probably not blocked
[02:24] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> not a big fan of bootleg Tarkin
[02:24] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> but yes i noticed
[02:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> like one that starts with f and ends with s
[02:24] <Ked830> hai Coggsy
[02:24] <Ked830> D:
[02:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[02:24] <Ked830> he dun luv me no more
[02:24] <Commandercody113> bootleg tarkin? how dare you!
[02:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> you imply he ever loved you
[02:24] <Ked830> he liked me yes
[02:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> o boy
[02:24] <RusMan> But he has a gf ;~;
[02:24] <Ked830> i can have friends okay
[02:24] <Romaniandude12> can i kick sky
[02:24] <Romaniandude12> pls
[02:24] <Ked830> im aware rus
[02:25] <Commandercody113> Tarkin is more politician than he is soldier. Thrawn sees a bigger picture
[02:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> i skinned myself so hard that pus came out of me
[02:25] <Romaniandude12> no pun intended cody?
[02:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> its kinda gross
[02:25] <Ked830> brave what did you do
[02:25] <Romaniandude12> (link) 
[02:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> i slid
[02:25] <HyperFlash Studios> BNR, this is the last time I'm gonna warn you about that :P 
[02:25] <Ked830> did you chop off your palm again
[02:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> HYPE
[02:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> look at me.
[02:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> pus is a real thing
[02:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> that comes out of your body
[02:25] <Romaniandude12> i dont want to look at you
[02:25] <Commandercody113> was that a pun?
[02:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> when you have abrasions/cuts
[02:25] <Romaniandude12> you're asian
[02:25] <Ked830> im okay with looking at brave
[02:26] <Commandercody113> BNR, you really should shut up now
[02:26] <Romaniandude12> ked keep your thoughts to yourself
[02:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> no ked i skinned myself on wrestling mats
[02:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> multiple
[02:26] <Romaniandude12> bnr you wrestle? :P 
[02:26] <HyperFlash Studios> Yeah but do we need to be discussing that on this chat
[02:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> I wish
[02:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> hype what is your problem
[02:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> for gods sake
[02:26] <Commandercody113> BNR is such a bro. Wrestling and playing ball
[02:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> i can say it here if i damn well please because its not a topic that is banned nor do people have personal problems with it
[02:27] <Romaniandude12> <span style="font-size:7pt;"> hype does</span>
[02:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> and if they do they must speak up now
[02:27] <Romaniandude12> he just did
[02:27] <Romaniandude12> (derp) 
[02:27] <Commandercody113> I think a better question is why do you wish to have this conversation?
[02:27] <Ked830> Rom I keep plenty comments to myself can I please get away with that ocassionally
[02:28] <Romaniandude12> late reaction much
[02:28] <Ked830> no
[02:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> ...because i get a response, cody :P 
[02:28] <Ked830> i reacted when I could
[02:28] <Commandercody113> ah, I think the psychologist in me would call that a "need for attention"
[02:28] <Commandercody113> But of course I'm not a psychologist
[02:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> I prefer the term "human interaction" (derp) 
[02:29] <RusMan> Tfw you try to listen to classical music for studying but get distracted over the sheer beauty and emotion in the piece
[02:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> RUS
[02:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> SAME
[02:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> >listen to 1812 overture
[02:30] <Romaniandude12> i need to find me some good classical music
[02:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> >cant stop dancing to cannons
[02:30] <AmazingPythor> 1812 overture yes
[02:30] <Commandercody113> Human interaction? I'm getting human interaction by pretending to be a marxist psychologist
[02:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> >and/or blowing my ears out to them
[02:30] <AmazingPythor> Anyways I'm going to bed now
[02:30] <Commandercody113> ooh I love the 1812 overture
[02:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> ap 
[02:30] <RusMan> Debussy's Arabesque No. 1 is quite beautiful
[02:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> y so early
[02:30] <AmazingPythor> I have to get up at 6
[02:30] <Ked830> night ap
[02:30] <Ked830> ap is smart that's why brave
[02:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> i get up at 6 everyday (derp) 
[02:30] <Commandercody113> I'm also to bed
[02:30] <Son of Elrond> okie
[02:30] <Son of Elrond> I need to read the books now
[02:30] <AmazingPythor> Plus bubbles and mc aren't here
[02:31] <Commandercody113> I get up at 5.30 every day :P 
[02:31] <Ked830> bai Ely
[02:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> ked do you wanna <span style="font-size:16pt;"><span style="font-style:italic;">FIGHT</span></span>
[02:31] <Ked830> but ap im here ;~;
[02:31] <RusMan> Also I cannot listen to any of Grieg's violin sonatas while studying anymore because I get distracted over how pretty they are :p 
[02:31] <Son of Elrond> no ked
[02:31] <Ked830> im close enough right ;~;
[02:31] <Son of Elrond> not leaving 
[02:31] <AmazingPythor> You're irrelevant ked
[02:31] <Commandercody113> Elrond, I love your pic
[02:31] <Ked830> so are you ap
[02:31] <Commandercody113> You're my man
[02:31] <AmazingPythor> ik
[02:31] <AmazingPythor> *cries*
[02:31] <Son of Elrond> I just finished watching Ender's Game
[02:31] <Son of Elrond> and now
[02:31] <RusMan> Çiao, Pyth o/ 
[02:31] <Son of Elrond> I need to read the books
[02:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> >poland
[02:31] <Ked830> *gives ap hankie*
[02:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> >irrelevant
[02:31] <Commandercody113> the movie's bad
[02:31] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> HARRISON GOD
[02:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> accurate
[02:31] <Ked830> also brave i will fite u
[02:31] <AmazingPythor> lol
[02:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> where
[02:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> when
[02:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> how
[02:31] <Commandercody113> it doesn't have Peter
[02:31] <Son of Elrond> It actually wasn't too shabby
[02:31] <Commandercody113> I NEED Peter!
[02:31] <Son of Elrond> Peter was in it
[02:31] <Ked830> not all of those matter
[02:31] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> i dont care about peter i care about HARRISON GOD
[02:32] <Son of Elrond> for 2 minutes 
[02:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> ok
[02:32] <Ked830> all that matters is that i will fite you
[02:32] <Son of Elrond> But now I really want to read the books :P 
[02:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> i was texting someone and they wanted to leave
[02:32] <Commandercody113> Peter is so much more in the book
[02:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> so they texted me "chow"
[02:32] <Son of Elrond> for 2 minutes 
[02:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> ok
[02:32] <Ked830> all that matters is that i will fite you
[02:32] <Son of Elrond> But now I really want to read the books :P 
[02:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> i was texting someone and they wanted to leave
[02:32] <Commandercody113> Peter is so much more in the book
[02:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> so they texted me "chow"
[02:32] <Son of Elrond> I started the first one a few years ago
[02:32] <Ked830> gg
[02:32] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> if peter was really important he would be in the movie
[02:32] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> B) 
[02:32] <Son of Elrond> got bored and never finished it (derp) 
[02:32] <Commandercody113> Ok, well I'm to slee--CHOW!!!???
[02:32] <Son of Elrond> but now
[02:32] <Son of Elrond> I feel like I understand the story better
[02:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> cody is triggered
[02:32] <Romaniandude12> omw bnr
[02:32] <Romaniandude12> I am triggered
[02:32] <Ked830> night cody
[02:33] <Romaniandude12> ciao is used in romanian
[02:33] <Commandercody113> I hate Italians, sure but respect the Language
[02:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> also who the hell even pronounces ciao like chow
[02:33] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> chEEEow
[02:33] <Commandercody113> Goodnight, actually this time
[02:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> ye
[02:33] <Romaniandude12> becuase C makes the Ch sound and the vowels are pretty obvious
[02:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> i always had a frickin speech impediment when i said it
[02:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> so it came out as shiaow
[02:34] <Romaniandude12> freakin asian
[02:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> shut up
[02:34] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> "chee-NE"
[02:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> i sound white now
[02:34] <Romaniandude12> no u
[02:34] <Ked830> wait how do you pronounce ciao
[02:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> this was 10 years ago
[02:34] <Romaniandude12> ked what
[02:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> i do it (in my head at least) like xiao now
[02:34] <Romaniandude12> good boy
[02:34] <Romaniandude12> i guess
[02:35] <Ked830> how do you pronounce it
[02:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> who are you asking
[02:35] <Ked830> uhh
[02:35] <Ked830> everyone present
[02:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> ..
[02:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> kek
[02:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> rome
[02:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> is your first name christi
[02:35] <Ked830> rom
[02:35] <Ked830> christi
[02:35] <Ked830> hah
[02:36] <Romaniandude12> uhhhh
[02:36] <Romaniandude12> close
[02:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> christi is like half of what all romanians are called
[02:36] <Romaniandude12> (derp3) 
[02:36] <Ked830> haha XD
[02:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> is it cristi
[02:36] <Romaniandude12> no
[02:36] <Ked830> no brave
[02:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> or did it get amerikanized into chris
[02:36] <Romaniandude12> and petru is more common
[02:36] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[02:36] <Ked830> ameriKanized
[02:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> ..never heard of petru
[02:36] <Ked830> you what
[02:36] <Romaniandude12> peter in romanian
[02:36] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> petroleum pedro
[02:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> ic
[02:36] <Romaniandude12> i knew like 7 petrus or somethin
[02:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> meanwhile
[02:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> in korea
[02:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> 50% of the population has kim
[02:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> as a last name
[02:37] <Romaniandude12> kek
[02:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> ked
[02:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> ked
[02:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> ked
[02:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> ked
[02:38] <Ked830> yes
[02:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> how many push ups can you do now
[02:38] <Romaniandude12> lel
[02:38] <Ked830> <span style="font-size:7pt;">dang it</span>
[02:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> inb4 youve been forgetting
[02:38] <Ked830> uhhhh
[02:38] <Ked830> we can go with that
[02:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> i see how it is
[02:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> (ud) 
[02:39] <Romaniandude12> ked, drop and do 30
[02:39] <Ked830> *whacks brave with noodle arms*
[02:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> careful rome 
[02:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> she can barely do 3
[02:39] <Ked830> do i have to do them all at one time rom
[02:39] <Ked830> cuz i can
[02:39] <Ked830> just
[02:39] <Ked830> not all at once
[02:39] <Ked830> pssh brave
[02:39] <Ked830> i can do
[02:39] <Ked830> 4
[02:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> (wo) 
[02:39] <Romaniandude12> do 5 in a row
[02:39] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> woWOoow
[02:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> my record was 27 at my own pace
[02:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> im also weak
[02:40] <Romaniandude12> i know I can do somewhere around 30 but usuually get too lazy
[02:40] <Romaniandude12> (derp3) 
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> kek
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> at a slow pace ive done 20 or smth
[02:40] <Ked830> you know what forget it i dont have to be fit
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> slow push ups are the devils workout
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> ked
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> youre gonna be like
[02:40] <Romaniandude12> ked
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> 22
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> and really fat
[02:40] <Ked830> no brave
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> and then nobody will like you
[02:40] <Ked830> ill starve myself before that happens
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> then youll turn into a feminist
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> and then youll have to be a cat lady
[02:41] <Ked830> also what rom
[02:41] <Romaniandude12>
[02:41] <Romaniandude12> that
[02:41] <Ked830> oh
[02:41] <Ked830> i thought we said i was not fat
[02:41] <Ked830> last night
[02:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> ked yuor already fat
[02:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> just a little
[02:41] <Romaniandude12> thats you in one year ked
[02:41] <Romaniandude12> the meme
[02:41] <Ked830> wow
[02:41] <Romaniandude12> if you dont shape up
[02:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> don't be a fatty
[02:41] <Romaniandude12> <span style="font-size:7pt;"> literally</span>
[02:41] <Ked830> what shape rom
[02:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> you little lipid
[02:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> rome
[02:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> round is a shape
[02:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> (derp4) 
[02:42] <Romaniandude12> shape up
[02:42] <Ked830> per brave
[02:42] <Romaniandude12> not shape middle
[02:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> so like
[02:42] <Ked830> are you saying im not shaped at all rom o:
[02:42] <Romaniandude12> aka build up your upper body
[02:42] <Romaniandude12> ofc
[02:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> a triangle
[02:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> ??
[02:42] <Romaniandude12> sure bnr
[02:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> rome thatll look really weird
[02:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> if she has lots of upper body
[02:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> because her legs are as thin as a stop sign post
[02:43] <Ked830> or vice versa
[02:43] <Romaniandude12> exactly
[02:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> at least thicc legs look good
[02:43] <Ked830> my shoulders hurt now
[02:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> not just THICC ARMS
[02:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> because you did 3 push ups?
[02:43] <Romaniandude12> no
[02:43] <Romaniandude12> because she thought about 3 push ups
[02:43] <Ked830> nah i did 5 (:3) 
[02:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> (wo) 
[02:43] <Romaniandude12> (wo) 
[02:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> do it without your knees touching the ground next time
[02:44] <Ked830> im strong *pokes brave*
[02:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> (bcg) 
[02:44] <Romaniandude12> should I see how many I can do rn
[02:44] <Ked830> uhm excuse me i do them without my knees touching the groun
[02:44] <Ked830> what am i a lady
[02:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes
[02:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> you are of the female gender
[02:44] <Ked830> i may be weak but at least i do proper push ups
[02:44] <Romaniandude12> >ked
[02:44] <Romaniandude12> >laday
[02:44] <Romaniandude12> pls
[02:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> at least it can be assumed so
[02:45] <Ked830> one of the first things i said
[02:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> we never know for sure because nobody has seen your genitalia or chromosomes
[02:45] <Ked830> when i joined this chat
[02:45] <HyperFlash Studios> gtg
[02:45] <Ked830> was that i could prove im a gir
[02:45] <Ked830> girl
[02:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> uh
[02:45] <Ked830> i meant it totally innocently
[02:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> how
[02:45] <Ked830> but
[02:45] <HyperFlash Studios> behave all of you
[02:45] <Ked830> pics
[02:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh lord
[02:45] <Ked830> bai hypey
[02:45] <Romaniandude12> ked what
[02:45] <Ked830> i regret it very much XD
[02:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> who doubted you ked
[02:45] <Romaniandude12> >prove i'm a girl
[02:45] <Romaniandude12> >pics
[02:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> was it keps
[02:45] <Romaniandude12> ked
[02:45] <Romaniandude12> wat
[02:45] <Ked830> i dont remember lol
[02:45] <Ked830> shh rom
[02:45] <Romaniandude12> i've got dis hype
[02:45] <Ked830> shhhhhhhhhh
[02:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> twas probably keps or gw
[02:46] <Ked830> <span style="font-size:7pt;">shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh</span>
[02:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> >rome
[02:46] <Ked830> nah
[02:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> >gotting it
[02:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> kek
[02:46] <Ked830> it wasn't keps
[02:46] <Ked830> or gw
[02:46] <Ked830> i didn't meet wilf
[02:46] <Ked830> until like
[02:46] <Romaniandude12> was it rom
[02:46] <Ked830> 2016
[02:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> rom
[02:46] <Ked830> no
[02:46] <Ked830> rom
[02:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> ked
[02:46] <Ked830> i met you in June
[02:46] <Ked830> plz
[02:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> didnt you join 2016
[02:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> ..
[02:46] <Romaniandude12> no
[02:46] <Ked830> no
[02:46] <Ked830> 2015
[02:46] <Ked830> October
[02:46] <Romaniandude12> you met me in january
[02:46] <Romaniandude12> scrub
[02:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> o
[02:46] <Ked830> ohhhhhhhhh
[02:46] <Ked830> right
[02:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> i cant keep track of all these noobs
[02:46] <Ked830> but i didnt like you until July :3
[02:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> im an old man
[02:46] <Romaniandude12> i joined two years ago
[02:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> i joined 5 years ago
[02:47] <Romaniandude12> at least you had the decency of leaving
[02:47] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[02:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> 5 years of my life wasted
[02:47] <Ked830> i joined last year! X3
[02:47] <Romaniandude12> and that is why you can only do 5 pushups
[02:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> the year is 2021
[02:47] <Ked830> *grabs step stool so im not as short*
[02:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> i'll have a neck beard
[02:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> and ill still be here
[02:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> making fun of little girls on the internet
[02:47] <Ked830> ap says he will be too so it's okay
[02:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> and their inability to do physical exercise
[02:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh he'll have more than a neckbeard
[02:48] <Ked830> i can physically exercise
[02:48] <Romaniandude12>
[02:48] <RusMan> Once you join LMBW there is no escape.
[02:48] <Ked830> just not a lot
[02:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> ap will have like a chest beard
[02:48] <Romaniandude12> bnr in 10 years folks ^^^
[02:48] <Ked830> whyyy rom
[02:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> rom
[02:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats accurate if you make that hat one of a naval officer's
[02:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> omg so
[02:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> i just deleted like 10 pages on this other wiki
[02:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> that i made like 4 years ago
[02:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> imagine deviant art in text form
[02:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats what i wrote
[02:49] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> here you go
[02:49] <Romaniandude12> guys
[02:49] <Ked830> whale
[02:50] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> made sure it was a US Navy poster
[02:50] <Romaniandude12> i just did 40 pushups
[02:50] <Romaniandude12> *dabs*
[02:50] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> B) 
[02:50] <Ked830> rommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[02:50] <Ked830> *throws potted plants at rom*
[02:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> LOL SKY
[02:50] <Romaniandude12> (as) 
[02:50] <Ked830> *melts into a ball and grieves*
[02:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> tfw ked throws a potted plant
[02:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> she throws it 2 feet
[02:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> and it doesnt even break
[02:50] <Ked830> im not that weeeeeeeeeeeeeeak
[02:50] <Romaniandude12> xD
[02:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes you are
[02:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> stop lying
[02:51] <Ked830> no
[02:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes
[02:51] <Ked830> nuu
[02:51] <Ked830> ey majo
[02:52] <Romaniandude12> should I post a non-existant muscle pic
[02:52] <Romaniandude12> (kappa) 
[02:52] <Ked830> yessss
[02:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> no
[02:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> i dont need to see your flab
[02:52] <Ked830> i gave you one (derp4) 
[02:52] <Ked830> oh wait
[02:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> You fricking atheist fedora tipper
[02:52] <Romaniandude12> >straight girl
[02:52] <Romaniandude12> >yessss
[02:52] <Romaniandude12> >straight guy
[02:52] <Romaniandude12> >no
[02:52] <Ked830> wha
[02:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> """""straight""""" guy
[02:52] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[02:52] <Romaniandude12> (kappa) 
[02:53] <Romaniandude12> bnr I just did 40 pushups with this flab
[02:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> rome 
[02:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> i want you
[02:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> to strangle me
[02:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> with your flab
[02:53] <Romaniandude12> nohomo rite
[02:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> and let me call you daddy or smth
[02:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> ye
[02:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> just bromo
[02:53] <Romaniandude12> nah im good
[02:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> darn
[02:54] <Ked830> *hides in corner* ;-;-;-;
[02:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> ked shut u p
[02:54] <Ked830> y
[02:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> you dont deserve attention
[02:54] <Ked830> yyyy
[02:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> what will you do with it
[02:55] <Ked830> uh
[02:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah thats what i thought
[02:55] <Ked830> that's a hard question
[02:55] <Ked830> ish
[02:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> you see
[02:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> giving you attention is like giving you a bank loan
[02:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> i cant just make an unsafe investment
[02:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> i gotta be sure its worth it
[02:55] <Ked830> oh
[02:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> ye
[02:56] <Ked830> okay
[02:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> ask rom because hes less jewish than me
[02:56] <Romaniandude12> well actually
[02:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> inb4 hes a romani
[02:56] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[02:56] <Romaniandude12> i do have jewish blood
[02:56] <Romaniandude12> from my german side :P 
[02:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> KEK
[02:57] <Romaniandude12> ikr
[02:57] <Ked830> what do i ask rom
[02:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> idk
[02:57] <Ked830> uhh
[02:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> just satisfy yourself
[02:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> but quit using me
[02:57] <Ked830> rom will you marry me
[02:57] <Ked830> that good?
[02:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> kej
[02:57] <Romaniandude12> well
[02:57] <Romaniandude12> i mean
[02:58] <Romaniandude12> i'm busy saturday and yaknow
[02:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> >will you marry me
[02:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> >well im busy saturday sorry
[02:58] <Romaniandude12> ye
[02:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> looks like its time to find new friends
[02:58] <Ked830> me or him
[02:58] <RusMan> Wanderlust by Joep Beving is so emotional. (H) 
[02:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> you
[02:58] <Ked830> oh
[02:59] <Ked830> again ;~;
[02:59] <Romaniandude12> i'll be ur fren
[02:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> rus have you ever heard requiem by mozart
[02:59] <RusMan> Ked I'll be your friend (hp) 
[02:59] <RusMan> I believe I have, yes.
[02:59] <Ked830> yay rus
[03:01] <Ked830> BRAVE git back here
[03:01] <Romaniandude12> brave I'll a post a muscle pic if you come back
[03:01] <Romaniandude12> (kappa) 
[03:03] <RusMan> You guys should learn Russian.
[03:03] <RusMan> It's fun.
[03:03] <RusMan> Ayy Bubbles o/ 
[03:04] <Ked830> eya bubbly
[03:06] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> Армя́нская Сове́тская Социалисти́ческая Респу́блика hey look i speak russian
[03:08] <RusMan> Google Translate? :p 
[03:08] <Ked830> ey robo
[03:09] <RoboticBrick28> ey ked
[03:09] <RusMan> "Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic"
[03:10] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> i typed in soviet socialist republic into google
[03:10] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> went to the list on wikipedia
[03:10] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> went to the first article on the list
[03:10] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> and copied the russian translation
[03:10] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> B) 
[03:10] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> google translate not required 
[03:10] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> B) 
[03:11] <RusMan> Thug life
[03:15] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> ayy lelouch
[03:15] <Lelouch vi Britannia of the Rebellion> Suuuh dude
[03:15] <Ked830> eyyyy Lelouch
[03:15] <Lelouch vi Britannia of the Rebellion> o/ 
[03:15] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> chillin with these nerds 
[03:15] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> you know the deal
[03:15] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> B) 
[03:15] <Lelouch vi Britannia of the Rebellion> Sounds thrilling
[03:17] <Nart L. Chipikal> lelouch o/ 
[03:17] <RusMan> LéLouch o/ 
[03:18] <Lelouch vi Britannia of the Rebellion> Heyyooo :P 
[03:18] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> I didn't know you came on here Lelouch
[03:20] <Lelouch vi Britannia of the Rebellion> Neither did I
[03:22] <RusMan> >Member since Nov. 2012
[03:22] <RusMan> Well then, welcome back :p 
[03:23] <Lelouch vi Britannia of the Rebellion> Hehe thanks
[03:23] <Lelouch vi Britannia of the Rebellion> One could say I'm a veteran :P 
[03:39] <RusMan> Sooo.. anything new for anyone? :p 
[03:39] <RoboticBrick28> Nope. (derp3) 
[03:39] <Ked830> i keep finding out friends on mine have girlfriends
[03:39] <Ked830> and im like "oh okay <span style="font-size:7pt;">wow</span>"
[03:40] <Ked830> guys friends ofc
[03:40] <Nart L. Chipikal> what is on mine o:
[03:41] <Ked830> randomness w/e sorry that was on my mind a lot lol
[03:41] <Ked830> idk why
[03:42] <Nart L. Chipikal> oh o:
[03:42] <Nart L. Chipikal> well we're all human
[03:42] <Nart L. Chipikal> we all have a desperate need for love c:
[03:43] <Nart L. Chipikal> most of us, anyway c:
[03:43] <Ked830> haha, I guess.. XD
[03:43] <Nart L. Chipikal> yeah o:
[03:43] <Nart L. Chipikal> don't worry, you've still got your friends, and they have friends, and those friends have friends c:
[03:44] <Nart L. Chipikal> we're all people c:
[03:44] <Nart L. Chipikal> unless we're not c:
[03:44] <Ked830> mhm c:
[03:45] <Nart L. Chipikal> so how's it going? o:
[03:45] <Ked830> i'm okaaaaay
[03:46] <Ked830> i have a speech tomorrow im not too thrilled about
[03:46] <Nart L. Chipikal> oooh speeches
[03:46] <Nart L. Chipikal> what are you gonna talk about? o:
[03:47] <Ked830> Politics c: fun very fun yes
[03:47] <Nart L. Chipikal> oooh o:
[03:47] <Ked830> about how the two party system is not great nor safe
[03:48] <Nart L. Chipikal> are you ready? o:
[03:48] <Ked830> mostly.. (derp) 
[03:48] <Ked830> im ready enough
[03:49] <Nart L. Chipikal> the important thing is that you try not to leave huge gaps when you present o:
[03:49] <Nart L. Chipikal> i do that sometimes and my teachers don't like that so try to keep a dialogue going o:
[03:50] <Ked830> oh yea, I think I have enough of an outline to keep talking
[03:50] <Ked830> oh dearie
[03:53] <RusMan> How ironic. I give my speech on Thursday.
[03:53] <Ked830> im going on the last day for speeches
[03:53] <Ked830> hallelujah
[03:53] <RusMan> Mine's the second-to-last day of speeches.
[03:54] <RusMan> Also wow, I judt finished listening to the entire Requiem by Mozart. :p 
[03:54] <RusMan> *just
[03:54] <Ked830> i need to listen to more music
[03:55] <RusMan> Yes, you do.
[03:55] <Nart L. Chipikal> i need to sleep
[03:56] <Nart L. Chipikal> gotta draw stuff though
[03:56] <RusMan> Did you listen to that mix?
[03:56] <Ked830> sleep is good tho nartle
[03:56] <Ked830> not yet rus
[03:56] <RusMan> Well there you go. :p 
[03:57] <Ked830> mhm, right, i was just saying in general hah
[03:57] <Nart L. Chipikal> i've been listening to chvrches a lot these days
[03:58] <RusMan> Chvrches is great.
[03:59] <Nart L. Chipikal>
[03:59] <RusMan> Noice
[03:59] <Ked830> niiice
[04:09] <Man.city1> Ked
[04:09] <Ked830> mc
[04:09] <Man.city1> wha R u doin
[04:09] <Ked830> uhh
[04:09] <Man.city1> ites late
[04:09] <Ked830> watching the news
[04:10] <Man.city1> hmm? :p 
[04:10] <RoboticBrick28> Ked can stay up if she wants to. (pe) 
[04:10] <Ked830> i am watching news stuff
[04:10] <Man.city1> ked 
[04:10] <Man.city1> what about speep
[04:10] <Man.city1> +sleep
[04:10] <Ked830> i didn't realize how late it was
[04:10] <Romaniandude12> kaa--eeeed. ked
[04:10] <Ked830> i blame roma
[04:10] <Romaniandude12> go to bed
[04:11] <Ked830> i want to watch this news thing tho
[04:11] <Ked830> muuuuurp
[04:11] <Ked830> i dont feel tired why
[04:11] <Romaniandude12> does your teacher look like they care when you tell them thats why you fell asleep in class
[04:11] <Romaniandude12> no
[04:12] <Romaniandude12> night
[04:12] <Ked830> night, dear
[04:12] <Ked830> ill go to bed
[04:12] <Ked830> after news
[04:12] <Ked830> sleep well darling
[04:13] <Ked830> sad
[04:14] <Ked830> classes tomorrow whyyy
[04:16] <Ked830> pac o:
[04:16] <RoboticBrick28> itsa PAC
[04:16] <Pacman87> im totally not doing a project late at night haha
[04:17] <Ked830> same
[04:17] <Pacman87> what time is it there
[04:17] <RoboticBrick28> Same, but I tell the truth. ;D 
[04:17] <Ked830> it's 11 PM for me
[04:17] <Pacman87> i had to do a keynote and research paper due tomorrow
[04:17] <Pacman87> that i started yesterday night
[04:17] <Ked830> nice
[04:19] <Ked830> sleep why
[04:19] <Pacman87> i dont need sleep
[04:19] <Pacman87> its still early
[04:19] <Ked830> what time
[04:20] <Pacman87> that'd be giving my location\
[04:20] <Ked830> oh
[04:20] <Ked830> fine then
[04:20] <Pacman87> and ben already knows
[04:20] <Ked830> so why can't I
[04:20] <Ked830> ;~;
[04:20] <Pacman87> i dont live in hawaiii
[04:20] <Ked830> okay
[04:20] <Ked830> good to know
[04:22] <Ked830> ey majo
[04:22] <Ked830> okieeee
[04:22] <Pacman87> ked you're a
[04:22] <Ked830> night loves
[04:22] <Pacman87> a
[04:22] <Ked830> take care
[04:22] <Ked830> im a what
[04:22] <Pacman87> woman
[04:23] <Ked830> i am
[04:23] <Pacman87> k bye
[04:23] <Ked830> what about it
[04:23] <Ked830> >.>
[04:23] <Ked830> fine then night
[04:23] <Ked830> pray i do not die mid speech plz <3
[04:23] <Nart L. Chipikal> i can offer you an incantation of luck 
[04:24] <Pacman87> she dun need luck
[04:24] <Pacman87> bye
[04:24] <Nart L. Chipikal> she's got this
[04:28] <RoboticBrick28> Quantum. o/ 
[04:31] <Person of Info> Hey guys
[04:31] <Nart L. Chipikal> o/ 
[04:31] <Person of Info> o\ 
[04:31] <Person of Info> Wow, been a long time since I've been here
[04:31] <Person of Info> I decided to drop by for a visit
[04:31] <Person of Info> How've you been?
[04:32] <QuantumHedgehog> o/ 
[04:32] <RusMan> Daaaang son, it's Info! O/ 
[04:32] <RusMan> How've you been?
[04:33] <Person of Info> Hey hey heeeeey, it's my fam Russo! o\ 
[04:33] <Person of Info> I've been doing well actually though I do miss you guys
[04:33] <RusMan> That's great to hear, yeah, it's been a while. :p 
[04:33] <Person of Info> So I decided to pay a visit cause I saw you and Nart on the sidebar :P 
[04:33] <Person of Info> Yeah it has :P 
[04:33] <RusMan> I actually just got back from a month-long break from here.
[04:33] <Person of Info> 'Bout two months I think
[04:33] <Person of Info> Oh really?
[04:33] <Person of Info> You left too? :P 
[04:33] <RusMan> Mhm, I did for a while, yeah. :p 
[04:34] <Person of Info> Ah I see :P 
[04:34] <Person of Info> But now WB (derp) 
[04:34] <RusMan> It was taking up way too much time. :p 
[04:34] <RusMan> Danke
[04:34] <Person of Info> Yeeeaahh (derp) Honestly leaving LMBW two months ago was great for me, I don't regret it cause I was able to finally learn real programming :P 
[04:35] <Person of Info> I coded a thing that simulates Conway's Game of Life in a command prompt window actually (derp) 
[04:35] <RusMan> Noice, yeah, I've been able to focus more on stuff like reading and studying more. :p 
[04:35] <RusMan> Ooh sweet
[04:35] <Person of Info> Oh yaaay, that's great to hear! :P 
[04:35] <Person of Info> Conway's Game of Life is, uh
[04:36] <RusMan> Did you ever get your dorm room?
[04:36] <Person of Info> well just look it up on Wikipedia :{P 
[04:36] <Person of Info> Yeah I did
[04:36] <Person of Info> I'm in my dorm room right now actually :P 
[04:36] <RusMan> Yay
[04:36] <Person of Info> It's been a boon and I've been really happy c:
[04:36] <Person of Info> I finally feel like I'm becoming a real, independent adult now
[04:36] <RusMan> That's great. (Y) 
[04:37] <RusMan> Any roommates or just yourself?
[04:37] <Person of Info> And I also get to, uh, destress myself at any time :P 
[04:37] <Person of Info> Just by myself
[04:37] <Person of Info> I like living alone I guess, though it does get lonely
[04:37] <Person of Info> But I don't feel as lonely when I have friends to talk to
[04:37] <Person of Info> Like you guys c:
[04:38] <RusMan> Ja, good to see you here c: We should play on Steam or something again sometime. :p I've barely touched Steam since school started. :p 
[04:39] <RusMan> In fact I've hardly played any videogames in the past couple of months. :p 
[04:39] <Person of Info> And I'm glad to see you again too honestly c: Yaaaaasss, we should, we really need to play Portal 2 :P And yeah I think I saw that (derp) 
[04:39] <Person of Info> Oh, same actually :P 
[04:39] <Person of Info> Hmm if there was a third person here who just came back from a break from LMBW, I'd assume this would be some kind of trend (derp) 
[04:40] <Person of Info> But anyway
[04:40] <Person of Info> Is it OK if I talk about what I've learned during my absence? :P 
[04:41] <RusMan> Go ahead :p 
[04:41] <Person of Info> Alrighty :P 
[04:41] <RusMan> Although I may go to bed shortly :p 
[04:41] <Person of Info> Oh yeah it's late :P 
[04:41] <Person of Info> I'll try to make this quick :P 
[04:41] <Person of Info> So during my two month absence, I've been thinking about a lot of things
[04:42] <Person of Info> I actually took a break from all social media, including hangouts and Steam Friends
[04:42] <Man.city1> Rus
[04:42] <Person of Info> Which is why I wasn't able to answer your chat messages, sorry about that :P 
[04:42] <RusMan> Nyess?
[04:42] <Man.city1> We almost half way there now
[04:42] <RusMan> Oh okay, gotcha :p 
[04:42] <RusMan> We are? :p 
[04:43] <Person of Info> But not having any obligation or anyone to talk to gave me a lot of time to think about my life and who I am
[04:43] <Man.city1> For the car to arrive
[04:43] <Man.city1> :{p 
[04:43] <Person of Info> And I feel like before, I didn't have a clear idea of who I am and what I wanted to be
[04:44] <Person of Info> But during my absence, I learned about other people and all kinds of different perspectives, and studying computer science at the same time. And it was then that I eventually realised who I am and what I wanted to live for.
[04:45] <Person of Info> I want to live to make others' lives better.
[04:45] <Person of Info> Which sounds stupid and naive, I know
[04:45] <RoboticBrick28> I want to live to make my life better. &gt;:D 
[04:46] <Person of Info> but it honestly is the only thing that brings my life fulfillment.
[04:46] <RusMan> No, that sounds like a great goal. (Y) 
[04:46] <RoboticBrick28> And a select few other people's lives, but eh.
[04:46] <Person of Info> Because deep inside, I want to spread love and make people happy.
[04:46] <Person of Info> I want to make games to entertain people, and I also want to build systems to help ease people's lives
[04:47] <RusMan> And tbh I've done a lot of thinking and stuff too since we've last talked. 
[04:47] <Person of Info> Most importantly I want people who stepped on for being different to be accepted and feel loved, because we're all human and we should be good to other people.
[04:48] <Person of Info> Oh really?
[04:48] <Person of Info> I see, can you tell me more about that?
[04:49] <Person of Info> I'd like to know honestly
[04:50] <RusMan> Yeah, so I've told you about the Christian doctrine of salvation before, right? So basically right before the school year began I finally accepted Christ as my Saviour and now I've been growing more in my walk with God. That may sound dumb or whatever but that's what's happened. :p So now I've been working on becoming more Christlike. 
[04:50] <RusMan> That's basically it
[04:51] <Person of Info> Oh I see. :P 
[04:51] <Person of Info> If you aim to be Christlike,
[04:51] <QuantumHedgehog> lucky edit here I come
[04:52] <Person of Info> I'd like you to remember that if people say Jesus hates anyone, then they are not Christlike at all.
[04:52] <RusMan> I totally agree with you.
[04:53] <Person of Info> I hope you do. Because a lot of people say that, and yet they hate people who are different from them.
[04:53] <RusMan> John 3:17 even says "For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him."
[04:53] <RusMan> Yes, unfortunately that is a problem in many Christian circles.
[04:54] <Person of Info> Indeed it is.
[04:54] <RusMan> So therefore I'll strive to make the difference in them.
[04:54] <Person of Info> I'd like to see a more loving and accepting Christianity honestly
[04:54] <Person of Info> Yeah, I sure hope you succeed Rus (y) 
[04:55] <RusMan> Yes, we need more Christians who are "full of grace and truth"
[04:55] <RusMan> And who don't admonish fellow sinners but welcome them with open arms
[04:56] <Person of Info> Yeah, exactly.
[04:56] <RusMan> Because we as Christians have to realize that we're sinners just like the rest of the world.
[04:56] <Person of Info> Yeah, no human is perfect and some Christians don't seem to realise that.
[04:57] <Person of Info> Some think that they're somehow better than everyone else, that they're completely flawless even though they're not, and they become arrogant and spiteful to others.
[04:57] <EveryOpenEye> i fund healthcare to prevent teen suicide and mental health issues. my civil rights go down.
[04:57] <Person of Info> Like this one pastor who confronted me.
[04:58] <Person of Info> And I honestly would like that to change.
[05:01] <RusMan> Yeah, and while I believe that we shouldn't compromise truth, we ought to spread the gospel in a loving way like Christ did and remember that we're all sinners including myself. 
[05:03] <Person of Info> Yeah. I'd like to see everyone band together and make the world a better, more loving place.
[05:03] <RusMan> Idk how much you know about the doctrine of salvation and all that but here's a good summary of the gospel's salvation message if you're interested in reading it.
[05:04] <RusMan> Mhm, and by God's grace I can hopefully be that change in the world.
[05:04] <Person of Info> Hmm I have to admit that I'm not really sure where I stand in terms of religion but I'm exploring things as I go
[05:04] <Person of Info> And thanks for the link, I'll check it out (y) 
[05:06] <Person of Info> I believe the main catalyst for change in the world is through the actions of many individuals striving together for the good of all
[05:07] <RusMan> There's another one that tells the same message. 
[05:08] <Person of Info> Hmm, I think I'll make time to read these later tonight
[05:08] <RusMan> Sounds good (y) 
[05:08] <Person of Info> I'll be able to better concentrate at night
[05:08] <Person of Info> I've been questioning a lot of things honestly
[05:08] <Person of Info> Like, what is good? What is evil?
[05:08] <Person of Info> And I'd like to take my time discovering the answers
[05:08] <RusMan> If you have any questions about them, just let me know on Steam or here.
[05:08] <Person of Info> Alrighty (y) 
[05:09] <Person of Info> Oh BTW Rus
[05:09] <Person of Info> There's one thing I'd like to know
[05:10] <Person of Info> Considering all this, I'm worried about something
[05:10] <RusMan> Ah yeah, good philosophical questions. And there are biblical answers for them too. 
[05:10] <RusMan> Mhm?
[05:10] <Person of Info> Have you compromised a part of yourself in your path to find God, or did you find a way to reconcile the two?
[05:13] <RusMan> The former, actually, if you're talking about my homosexuality. Honestly I'd rather just know that I'm 100% right with Him than anything. So that's actually been my main thing that I've been working on since. :p 
[05:13] <RusMan> I know that may come as a shocker but that's what I've decided. :p 
[05:13] <Person of Info> Oh? :P 
[05:13] <Person of Info> Hmm
[05:14] <Person of Info> Wait I think I misread something, lemme read your message again :P 
[05:14] <Person of Info> ...ah. So you did...
[05:14] <Person of Info> I didn't really expect this.
[05:14] <Person of Info> Yeah, it is kind of a shocker. :P 
[05:15] <Person of Info> It's surprising, really
[05:15] <RusMan> I didn't either really, I had no idea I'd be taking this path even a couple of months ago. :p 
[05:15] <Person of Info> Considering that Obi and Rio are religious yet they found a way to reconcile God with who they are
[05:15] <Person of Info> Yeah, I didn't think so either. :P 
[05:18] <RusMan> Well, this might be a helpful read. It kind of explains some things better than I could put it. And yeah, I can't really agree with them anymore on it. :p 
[05:19] <Person of Info> Hmm, lemme check that out.
[05:20] <Person of Info> Hmmmm I'll have to read this several times and analyse it later tonight.
[05:20] <Person of Info> I'll be better able to read it later.
[05:20] <Person of Info> Mostly cause I'm kinda tired from class :P 
[05:20] <RusMan> However, this being all said, I'll always treat homosexuals with lovingkindness and Christlike character. I can't stand the amount of hate that people have towards them when in God's eyes, no sin is any greater than another. God commands us to love all people and show them the gospel message and that's what I'll do.
[05:20] <RusMan> Yeah, that's fine. :p 
[05:21] <Person of Info> Hmm seeing you say homosexuals in that manner is something I"m not sure I'll get used to right away :P 
[05:21] <RusMan> I actually should probably head to bed myself. :p Great chat (y) 
[05:21] <Person of Info> Oh yeah it's late :P 
[05:21] <Nart L. Chipikal> o/ 
[05:21] <Person of Info> Sorry for keeping you up though (derp2) 
[05:21] <Person of Info> But yeah I'm glad to be able to talk to you again :P 
[05:21] <RusMan> Yeah, I'm still getting used to stuff myself :p But I'll talk to you later. c:
[05:21] <EveryOpenEye> o/ 
[05:22] <RusMan> Hope the links are helpful. (Y) 
[05:22] <Person of Info> Test
[05:22] <Person of Info> Ugh lag again
[05:22] <Nart L. Chipikal> passed
[05:22] <Person of Info> Good old Wikia being a pain :{P 
[05:22] <Person of Info> My messages didn't show up
[05:22] <Person of Info> :P 
[05:23] <RusMan> Did my last messages show up? :p 
[05:23] <Person of Info> I think so? :P 
[05:23] <Person of Info> You said you're still lgetting used to stuff but you'll talk to me later :P 
[05:23] <RusMan> Yeah, and I said "hope the links are helpful" :p 
[05:23] <Person of Info> I wont' be able to get on chat at this time but we can still get in touch through Steam if you want :P 
[05:23] <Person of Info> Oh yeah that too :P 
[05:24] <RusMan> Sure, sounds good. (Y) 
[05:24] <RusMan> Night c: o/ 
[05:24] <Person of Info> Alrighty, night Rus! Take care and stay safe c: o\ 
[05:24] <Person of Info> And please just one thing
[05:24] <RusMan> Thanks, you too c:
[05:25] <Person of Info> If you ever have any trouble, tell me about it OK? We'll work things out together (y) 
[05:25] <Person of Info> Anyway I should go too
[05:25] <Person of Info> Bye guys o/ 
[05:25] <Nart L. Chipikal> o/ 
[05:25] <RusMan> Yeah, and vice versa (y) 
[05:25] <RusMan> Night o/ 
[05:25] <Person of Info> Aw thanks c:
[05:25] <Person of Info> Byeeeee o\ 
[05:26] <EveryOpenEye> o/ 
[05:26] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hello.
[05:28] <EveryOpenEye> o/ 
[05:28] <Slicer Vorzakh> people ask why I don't like religion
[05:28] <Slicer Vorzakh> stuff like that is why
[05:29] <Nart L. Chipikal> yup
[05:29] <EveryOpenEye> what stuff
[05:29] <Slicer Vorzakh> rus stuff
[05:29] <Nart L. Chipikal> i read all the articles and i'd like to say words blocked of the chat very much
[05:30] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> what
[05:30] <EveryOpenEye> yeah i don't like the idea that humans are naturally flawed and we have to live a certain way to make up for some great mistake we made thousands of years ago. it hurts people.
[05:30] <Slicer Vorzakh> you missed stuff sat
[05:30] <Nart L. Chipikal> "god is in the process of working it out"
[05:30] <Nart L. Chipikal> it's been ages man
[05:31] <Nart L. Chipikal> so very slow
[05:31] <Nart L. Chipikal> just jumpstart the car and go 
[05:31] <Nart L. Chipikal> vroom vroom
[05:31] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> oh ok
[05:31] <Person of Info> Organised religion is poison.
[05:31] <Nart L. Chipikal> he has standards
[05:31] <Nart L. Chipikal> wow, god has standards
[05:31] <Person of Info> I should head out in a while.
[05:32] <Person of Info> Rus...what happened to you...
[05:32] <Person of Info> Ugh I shouldn't have left
[05:33] <Person of Info> THis isn't gonna end well
[05:34] <Nart L. Chipikal> let's be there for him
[05:34] <Person of Info> Yes, we should, I want to believe there's hope.
[05:34] <Person of Info> Even though I'm prolly being naive.
[05:34] <Person of Info> But still, I want to believe.
[05:34] <Nart L. Chipikal> we don't know how he's actually feeling
[05:34] <Person of Info> Rus is my friend. We've been through thick and thin.
[05:34] <Person of Info> Yeah Nart
[05:34] <EveryOpenEye> he said hes trying to figure it all out
[05:34] <EveryOpenEye> if he wants help, help him
[05:35] <Person of Info> He does need help
[05:35] <Person of Info> He's veering into a possibly destructive path.
[05:35] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> what's he doing
[05:35] <EveryOpenEye> ^
[05:35] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> If you don't mind me asking.
[05:35] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Since I missed stuff clearly
[05:35] <Person of Info> Well, first of all, Rus is gay.
[05:36] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Yeah, and where are we going with this?
[05:36] <Person of Info> DUring his absence, he went to a religion camp and that somehow left a mark on him and now he wants to supress who he is to serve his "God"
[05:36] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> oh no
[05:36] <Person of Info> Yeeeaahh
[05:36] <Person of Info> This will not be pretty
[05:36] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> not one of those "pray the gay away" things, right?
[05:37] <Person of Info> I don't know really, all Ben told me was that Rus went to a nonspecific religion camp
[05:37] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Nothing wrong with that, but I hope for his sake it wasn't one of those.
[05:37] <EveryOpenEye> he didn't say anything about "suppressing himself" tho
[05:37] <Person of Info> Yeah I hope so too
[05:37] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Yeah, and there are religious homosexuals.
[05:38] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> It's not really a big deal, unless you're either a Muslim or a protestant living in the south. One will get you killed, the other ostracized. 
[05:38] <Person of Info> EOE, I asked Rus if he was compromising a part of himself in his path to find "God", and he said yes.
[05:38] <Person of Info> Yeah Satl
[05:39] <Person of Info> Obi and Rio are religious and homosexual
[05:39] <Person of Info> They've managed to reconcile their beliefs with their religion
[05:39] <Person of Info> But Rus's environment, especially the religion camps his parents send him to, is very anti-gay.
[05:39] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I'm assuming he's a Christian. He should know that technically no part within the Bible does God/Jesus specifically condemn homosexuality.
[05:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> The only parts that mention it are the Jewish moral laws, written by Jewish elders.
[05:40] <Person of Info> Leviticus condemns homosexuality.
[05:40] <Person of Info> Yeah
[05:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Read what I said.
[05:40] <Person of Info> I did
[05:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> But yeah
[05:40] <Person of Info> But I"m kinda tired from class
[05:40] <Person of Info> Hmm I think Paul mentioned homosexuality
[05:41] <Person of Info> Back when I was religious, I was shown some verses from Paul
[05:41] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I'll check, as I didn't know that.
[05:41] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Ok, you are right.
[05:41] <Person of Info> Yeah
[05:41] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Yet another reason why Paul is questionable, but hey.
[05:42] <Person of Info> I do believe that Middle Eastern religions generally condemn homosexuality, so this is not surprising to me.
[05:42] <Person of Info> I may be wrong, I'll look into that
[05:43] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Aye, Abramic religions do in general.
[05:43] <Person of Info> Yeah they do.
[05:43] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> *Abrahamic
[05:43] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I can't spell tonight.
[05:43] <Person of Info> Hmm I do feel guilty about all this.
[05:43] <Person of Info> It's understandable
[05:43] <Person of Info> I mean, it is late (derp) 
[05:44] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Aye, it is.
[05:44] <Person of Info> If I didnt' fully leave LMBW and Steam, I would've been able to be there for Rus and possibly talked him out of it before it would've reached to this extent
[05:44] <Person of Info> But I wasn't around, so no one was able to stop Rus
[05:44] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I always found it amusing how Paul's works were added to the New Testament in the third place.
[05:44] <Person of Info> Oh?
[05:44] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> It's his choice in the end.
[05:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> The church basically said, "These are canon. Why? Because."
[05:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Clearly Paul perfectly understood a man he never met.
[05:45] <Person of Info> Hmmm maybe, but I don't want him to suppress his true self because it won't end well, it almost never does. I can't imagine how it'll be if he tries marrying a girl, that will not end well at all.
[05:45] <Person of Info> GG
[05:46] <Person of Info> Yeah Satl (derp) 
[05:46] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> True indeed.
[05:46] <Person of Info> Hmm yes it is funny why Paul gets so much respect and press even though he literally only claims to know Jesus from visions
[05:47] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Paul only claimed to have visions, and only knew people who knew Christ.
[05:47] <Person of Info> Yeah
[05:47] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Regardless.
[05:48] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Wait, you left here? (derp4) 
[05:48] <Person of Info> Uh...yeah? (derp4) 
[05:49] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> oh, that would explain why I hadn't seen you (derp4) 
[05:49] <Person of Info> (derp4) (derp4) (derp4) 
[05:49] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I always forget who left and who didn't and whatnot :P 
[05:49] <Person of Info> Oh, understandable :P 
[05:49] <Person of Info> How active are you anyway? :P 
[05:50] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Eh, it varies. I've been logging in consistently these last few weeks, but I go between months of activity to months of not logging in at all :P 
[05:50] <Person of Info> Oh,that explains a lot (derp) 
[05:52] <Person of Info> Wow these links he sent
[05:52] <Person of Info> This crap is hard to read
[05:53] <Nart L. Chipikal> i read it 
[05:53] <Nart L. Chipikal> it disturbs my soul
[05:53] <Person of Info> OUchie c''':
[05:53] <Nart L. Chipikal> o/ 
[05:53] <EveryOpenEye> o/ 
[05:53] <Person of Info> o/ 
[05:53] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hey, Slice
[05:54] <Person of Info> Hmm I'll pore over them later tonight after I do my homework.
[05:54] <Person of Info> Homework is more important (derp) 
[05:55] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Links he sent?
[05:55] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Sorry, I'm half here, half doing homework myself. :{P 
[05:55] <Person of Info> Yeah. Only because I promised Rus though :{P 
[05:55] <Person of Info> Ah I see :{P 
[05:55] <Person of Info> Oh crap I'm receding into my old :{P habit again
[05:55] <Nart L. Chipikal> shave the moustache
[05:55] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> it embraces you with open arms
[05:55] <Nart L. Chipikal> where are its arms
[05:55] <Person of Info> Indeed it does
[05:56] <Person of Info> Invisible Nart
[05:56] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> just imagine, nart
[05:56] <Person of Info> Like Goomba arms
[05:56] <Nart L. Chipikal> oh
[05:56] <Nart L. Chipikal> i'll paint that later i think
[05:56] <Person of Info> Oioi night chat isn't so bad now, just kinda quiet
[05:56] <Person of Info> I still miss old night chat but it's OK
[05:56] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Tonight is the exception, not the rule.
[05:56] <Nart L. Chipikal> night chat is like more dead now
[05:56] <Person of Info> Oh? How so?
[05:57] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I think it has to do with the fact that the lead nazi was banned (derp4) 
[05:57] <Person of Info> Keplers? (derp4) 
[05:57] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Otherwise I'd be chatting with Brick, Kep, and BNR right now :P 
[05:57] <Nart L. Chipikal> can we still be nazis by night? o:
[05:57] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Yeah, Kep and Brick were banned :P 
[05:57] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> yes nart
[05:57] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> or all day
[05:57] <Person of Info> GG (derp) 
[05:57] <Person of Info> How long? :P 
[05:57] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> only about a week more I think
[05:57] <Person of Info> Oh I see
[05:58] <EveryOpenEye> damn
[05:58] <Person of Info> Well I'll only drop by for Rus but ideally I'd like to chat with him on Steam
[05:59] <Person of Info> Oh crap two minutes till class
[05:59] <Person of Info> GOtta run, sorry
[05:59] <Person of Info> See ya guys o/ 
[05:59] <EveryOpenEye> o/ 
[05:59] <Nart L. Chipikal> o/ 
[05:59] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Cya, POI
[05:59] <Nart L. Chipikal> amusement parks are dangerous and not amusing
[05:59] <Person of Info> Bye Satl, bye Nart nice talking with you o\ 
[06:00] <Person of Info> Hmm should I do a "*flies away*" thing? ..Nah, too lazy (derp) 
[06:00] <EveryOpenEye> hey if you're going to type out a sentence contemplating doing it, you can actually do it
[06:00] <Nart L. Chipikal> just do it 
[06:00] <Person of Info> Oh well :P 
[06:00] <Nart L. Chipikal> don't let your memes be dreams
[06:00] <Person of Info> *flies away*
[06:01] <EveryOpenEye> memes
[06:01] <Nart L. Chipikal> of the dank variety?
[06:03] <EveryOpenEye> obviously
[06:05] <EveryOpenEye> democratic courland-livonia
[06:07] <Nart L. Chipikal> that is a cool flag
[06:07] <EveryOpenEye> thanks
[06:07] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Very nice factbook entry.
[06:07] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I like the historical references to entities like the Livonian Order
[06:07] <EveryOpenEye> at this point its just curoniya with a significantly better economy a slightly worse civil rights/political freedoms so i might as well make it my main
[06:07] <EveryOpenEye> thanks, i tried to do a wikipedia article feel
[06:08] <Nart L. Chipikal> i feel it in my soul
[08:21] <Alemas2005> Quantum's a stoner confirmed.
[08:23] <EveryOpenEye> hm?
[08:24] <Alemas2005> Quantum's got a Dutchball.
[08:24] <EveryOpenEye> ah nice.
[08:25] <EveryOpenEye> the dutch are pretty coolio tho
[08:26] <Alemas2005> (yds) 
[08:27] <EveryOpenEye> :c
[08:27] <EveryOpenEye> im offended by your sarcasm
[08:27] <EveryOpenEye> and that tiny emote
[08:28] <Alemas2005> Offended, how? (derp) 
[08:29] <EveryOpenEye> idk really.
[08:30] <Alemas2005> Then don't be. (steve) 
[08:30] <EveryOpenEye> fine (ud) 
[08:30] <EveryOpenEye> oh my god i remembered that emote
[08:31] <Alemas2005> The steve one? :P 
[08:31] <EveryOpenEye> nah, (ud) 
[08:31] <Alemas2005> Ah.
[08:31] <EveryOpenEye> idk how i remembered the emote code for it
[08:31] <Alemas2005> I bet if I posted a chat log right now Bubbles will absolutely freak out later and complain on my Wall.
[08:31] <Alemas2005> 'cause I told her to not expect me.
[08:32] <Alemas2005> (derp) 
[08:32] <EveryOpenEye> xD well done
[08:33] <Alemas2005> Well, she does call me a tease... (derp3) 
[08:34] <EveryOpenEye> oh =) 
[08:34] <Alemas2005> Not in that sense.
[08:34] <Alemas2005> (steve) 
[08:34] <EveryOpenEye> hehehe
[08:35] <Alemas2005> Anyway, gotta go.
[08:35] <Alemas2005> Bye. :P 
[08:35] <EveryOpenEye> have fun
[08:35] <Alemas2005> You too.
[08:35] <Alemas2005> (derp3) 
[08:35] <EveryOpenEye> (derp4) 
[08:53] <EveryOpenEye> just made a new nation. capitalism wins, as it turns out
[08:57] <Impossibubbles> WHAT
[08:57] <Impossibubbles> GOD DAN IT
[08:57] <Impossibubbles> DMN
[08:57] <Impossibubbles> DAMN
[08:58] <EveryOpenEye> ahahhahaa
[08:58] <EveryOpenEye> go make that angry wall post
[08:58] <EveryOpenEye> beautiful
[08:58] <Impossibubbles> way ahead of you
[08:59] <EveryOpenEye> well done
[08:59] <Impossibubbles> ;~;
[09:00] <EveryOpenEye> im sorry your bae lied to you
[09:02] <Impossibubbles> My life is a series of one unfortunate event after another. *dramatically throws self to floor in tantrum* 
[09:02] <EveryOpenEye> have you considered being an anime protagonist profesionally
[09:03] <Impossibubbles> I'm not sexually ambiguous enough (derp4) 
[09:04] <EveryOpenEye> xDD
[09:05] <EveryOpenEye> thats what fandoms are for tho
[09:06] <Impossibubbles> Now I'm gonna go to bed and also pout for an hour
[09:07] <EveryOpenEye> rip.
[09:45] <QuantumHedgehog> ale 
[09:47] <EveryOpenEye> rip ale
[09:48] <QuantumHedgehog> he should know better
[09:48] <QuantumHedgehog> to mistake poor Luxembourg 
[09:48] <QuantumHedgehog> for the dutch
[09:49] <EveryOpenEye> tbf the shadow makes it harder to tell
[09:49] <QuantumHedgehog> I can't see any difference
[09:50] <EveryOpenEye> besides, luxembourg is rightful dutch clay
[09:50] <EveryOpenEye> just like belgium, which is not a real country
[09:50] <EveryOpenEye> i have not even heard of the name belgium before
[09:50] <QuantumHedgehog> and netherlandsball must have red eyes or incorrect 
[09:50] <EveryOpenEye> lel
[09:52] <QuantumHedgehog> mhm i think I should hang up the towel for today
[09:52] <QuantumHedgehog> o/ 
[09:52] <EveryOpenEye> o/ 
[10:06] <KnightoftheLight> Just because you're not fully educated in geography doesn't mean Belgium isn't a real nation. (derp) 
[10:07] <EveryOpenEye> belgium is not real
[10:07] <EveryOpenEye> its not a real word
[10:07] <EveryOpenEye> what is flanders? all i see is south south brabant
[10:07] <KnightoftheLight> Belgium's been real for over 100 years. :P 
[10:08] <EveryOpenEye> belgium is not a real place.
[10:08] <EveryOpenEye> is all dutch soil.
[10:08] <EveryOpenEye> brussels is a fantastic dutch city.
[10:09] <KnightoftheLight> So America is English/Spanish/Dutch/Portuguese/French soil? :P 
[10:09] <EveryOpenEye> new amsterdam is rightful dutch clay
[10:10] <EveryOpenEye> also, dutch east indies. rightful dutch clay
[10:12] <EveryOpenEye> oops i killed him
[10:07] <EveryOpenEye> its not a real word
[10:07] <EveryOpenEye> what is flanders? all i see is south south brabant
[10:07] <KnightoftheLight> Belgium's been real for over 100 years. :P 
[10:08] <EveryOpenEye> belgium is not a real place.
[10:08] <EveryOpenEye> is all dutch soil.
[10:08] <EveryOpenEye> brussels is a fantastic dutch city.
[10:09] <KnightoftheLight> So America is English/Spanish/Dutch/Portuguese/French soil? :P 
[10:09] <EveryOpenEye> new amsterdam is rightful dutch clay
[10:10] <EveryOpenEye> also, dutch east indies. rightful dutch clay
[10:12] <EveryOpenEye> oops i killed him
[10:53] <EveryOpenEye> <span style="font-weight:bold;">S A V A G E</span>
[11:16] <EveryOpenEye> i accidentally made new britanneia an anarchy
[11:16] <EveryOpenEye> i meant for it to be a capitalist paradise
[11:16] <EveryOpenEye> ill fix that later
[11:17] <EveryOpenEye> >income in equality 20:1
[11:17] <EveryOpenEye> >not my problem
[12:10] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[12:12] <Romaniandude12> ked
[12:12] <Romaniandude12> make up your mind
[12:12] <Ked830> rom
[12:12] <Ked830> okay fine
[12:12] <Ked830> murp
[12:12] <Ked830> i feel very sick
[12:12] <Romaniandude12> d'awwwww ;-;
[12:13] <Legoanimals750> Poor Ked. :( 
[12:14] <Ked830> sick and scared and unprepared
[12:14] <Ked830> but i'll live
[12:14] <Legoanimals750> Why are you scared? 
[12:15] <Romaniandude12> i'd love to stay and chat
[12:15] <Romaniandude12> but
[12:15] <Romaniandude12> i need to go
[12:15] <Ked830> it's okaaay
[12:15] <Ked830> bai, have a good day
[12:16] <Ked830> im scared of school, web
[12:17] <Legoanimals750> Aww. :3
[12:17] <Legoanimals750> Great, now I'm using that too... (eyeroll) 
[12:18] <Ked830> (Derp4) 
[12:18] <Ked830> majjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
[12:18] <Majolo9050> hva
[12:18] <Majolo9050> hai
[12:18] <Legoanimals750> (Ale) 
[12:19] <Ked830> whaaaaaaat
[12:19] <Legoanimals750> nothing. :P 
[12:20] <Ked830> you sure about that
[12:20] <Ked830> >.>
[12:21] <Legoanimals750> Well, I did skin my right knee and slid on my right hip few too many times yesterday. :P 
[12:21] <Ked830> oh dear
[12:21] <Ked830> volleyball tournament, right?
[12:21] <Legoanimals750> Yup
[12:22] <Ked830> how was that?
[12:23] <Legoanimals750> Fun though we lost 6 out of 8 games and came in 4th of 6th place. 
[12:24] <Ked830> ah
[12:25] <Legoanimals750> I need Knee pads
[12:25] <Ked830> that'd probably help guard yourself heh
[12:26] <Legoanimals750> Wouldn't help my hip but oh well
[12:31] <Ked830> mm
[12:34] <Ked830> i can rate my articles now (sie) 
[12:35] <Legoanimals750> I saw, I edited the Patroller game. :P 
[12:36] <Ked830> hm?
[12:37] <Legoanimals750> page*
[12:37] <Ked830> ah okie
[12:37] <Legoanimals750> My brain is elsewhere i guess. :P 
[12:38] <Ked830> that's okay
[12:38] <Legoanimals750> Sometimes
[12:39] <Ked830> sure
[12:42] <Legoanimals750> Well I'm going to eat, bye o/ 
[12:42] <Ked830> bai
[02:13] <Legoanimals750> You want one?
[02:14] <Ked830> no i was just crazy worried about it cuz my speech is trash XD
[02:15] <Ked830> and now i dont have one to begin with
[02:15] <Legoanimals750> Oh, so you should be fine then. :P 
[02:15] <Ked830> oh no
[02:15] <Ked830> i have to give one thursday
[02:16] <Legoanimals750> oh
[02:16] <Ked830> but i have time to fix my horrible speech and totally revamp it so that's nice i guess
[02:17] <Legoanimals750> Yup
[02:17] <Ked830> but i still dont know what to do for it ;~;
[02:18] <Ked830> politics are hard
[02:19] <Legoanimals750> Aww
[02:22] <Ked830> ey wallo
[02:43] <Marcel77799> Test
[02:44] <Legoanimals750> pass
[02:44] <Marcel77799> Thx
[02:44] <Legoanimals750> Hi Star o/ 
[02:44] <Marcel77799> Deadness eh?
[02:46] <Legoanimals750> yup
[03:58] <A Walruse>
[04:07] <Game Wolf> Get this, this one guy on is trying to justify the prophet Muhammad being a pedo. 
[04:08] <Game Wolf> His argument: "It was not considered that bad back then, so it's fine". 
[04:08] <Game Wolf> Me: "Slavery wasn't considered that bad 300 years ago either."
[04:08] <Game Wolf> Him: "Well, that's different"
[04:08] <Game Wolf> smh
[04:15] <Ked830> wilf *throws chocolate at wilf*
[04:16] <Ked830> fine then
[04:18] <Game Wolf> *eats chocolate now that Ked is gone*
[04:45] <Ked830> wow
[04:45] <Ked830> insulted, i am
[05:04] <HyperFlash Studios> test
[05:39] <RusMan> (Zz) 
[05:39] <Legoanimals750> *Wakes up*
[06:17] <GuacamoleCCXR> ... these people vote
[06:29] <Roddy15> yeah some English people don't know a lot of science
[06:29] <Roddy15> I mean he's only a butcher
[06:34] <HyperFlash Studios> Dang chat has been dead today
[06:36] <GuacamoleCCXR> stupid environmentalists 
[06:43] <GuacamoleCCXR> oh boi
[06:43] <GuacamoleCCXR> the riffs thrasher sent me are bucken lit 
[06:43] <GuacamoleCCXR> i'm so glad i asked him to collab lol 
[06:44] <Roddy15> i mean what's even better is England and Wales are all "NO WIND TURBINES!"
[06:44] <Roddy15> meanwhile Scotland is basically leading the charge when it comes to renewable energy
[06:45] <GuacamoleCCXR>
[06:46] <GuacamoleCCXR> tbh i'm okay with no wind turbines, as long as we allocate more funding for ITER and W7X 
[06:49] <Roddy15> Scotland has a pretty unique situation for wind turbines
[06:49] <Roddy15> so does Ireland but we have the same crap here
[06:49] <Roddy15> most Irish people don't mind wind turbines as long as it's not on their nearby hill...
[06:50] <Roddy15> then it's suddenly like we want to build a nuclear power plant right next door to them
[06:52] <GuacamoleCCXR> same with germans 
[06:52] <GuacamoleCCXR> there's entire petitions to stop building wind turbines in the south because it supposedly destroys the view upon nature
[06:52] <GuacamoleCCXR> like, not petitions even, civil movements
[06:53] <Roddy15> i honestly don't mind the view of wind turbines
[06:54] <Roddy15> i mean there used to be tons of oil rigs out at sea near where i used to live in scotland
[06:54] <Roddy15> now there's wind farms that you see a good few km off the coast
[06:54] <Roddy15> and they don't look nasty or anything
[06:54] <Roddy15> they aren't really a problem unless you are going off destroying whole forests or something to put them up
[06:55] <GuacamoleCCXR> yeah, they're not even an eyesore
[06:55] <GuacamoleCCXR> they're reasonably quiet too 
[06:55] <Roddy15> and in Ireland they are so far just placed on hills in random fields
[06:56] <Roddy15> i think they have a few in bog areas now
[06:56] <Roddy15> but most of the bog lands now are protected reserves now since they went mad over peat for years here
[06:57] <Game Wolf> Good god. 
[06:57] <Roddy15> some people claim there's a constant hum when living near them
[06:57] <Game Wolf> How is this place so dead?
[06:57] <Roddy15> but honestly I have my PC on all the time, it's got a constant hum :P 
[06:58] <Roddy15> they claim this hum though aggravates conditions or something.... 
[06:58] <Roddy15> at least that's what one family came out with :P 
[06:59] <Roddy15> of course, it was their child's "condition" so people were all "THINK OF THE CHILDREN!"
[07:01] <Legoanimals750> Where is everyone? :P 
[07:02] <Game Wolf> Dead. 
[07:03] <Game Wolf> I saw it. 
[07:03] <Game Wolf> It was brutal. 
[07:03] <Game Wolf> There was text everywhere. 
[07:04] <Ked830> *throws more candy at- oh wait he's not here
[07:05] <Legoanimals750> ?
[07:05] <Game Wolf> I am here. 
[07:05] <Game Wolf> I ate the chocolate from before. 
[07:05] <Game Wolf> After you left. 
[07:06] <Ked830> *throws more chocolate at wilf*
[07:06] <Ked830> hai
[07:06] <Ked830> how are youuu
[07:08] <Legoanimals750> Him or I? :P 
[07:08] <Ked830> bai to you too! ;~;
[07:08] <Ked830> both is fine haha XD
[07:09] <Game Wolf> I'm fine. 
[07:09] <Legoanimals750> I'm alright, it's cold in my house though. :P I need a blanket. :P 
[07:09] <Game Wolf> School gets out soon. 
[07:09] <Game Wolf> So I'm content atm
[07:10] <Ked830> im in my final class
[07:10] <Game Wolf> Luckyyy
[07:10] <Game Wolf> so am I 
[07:10] <Ked830> yay for final classes
[07:10] <Game Wolf> yay
[07:10] <Ked830> im also cold
[07:10] <Game Wolf> id give you my jacket but that would be creepy and we are in completely different states (derp) 
[07:11] <Ked830> this class is being more interesting than normal it's making me happy haha
[07:11] <Ked830> hah XD
[07:11] <Ked830> i have fluffy socks
[07:11] <Game Wolf> then stretch them over your body 
[07:11] <Game Wolf> and then they will be like a sleeping bag 
[07:13] <Game Wolf> y
[07:15] <Legoanimals750> You scared her off. :p 
[07:18] <Legoanimals750> Hi AP o/ 
[07:18] <AmazingPythor> \o 
[07:19] <Man.city1> Ape
[07:19] <Man.city1> is this what you call
[07:19] <AmazingPythor> mc
[07:19] <Man.city1> "inactive"
[07:19] <Man.city1> :| 
[07:19] <AmazingPythor> I'm on for like 30 minutes
[07:19] <Man.city1> "30mins" :| 
[07:19] <Man.city1> ape, pm :| 
[07:19] <AmazingPythor> And I said semi-inactive
[07:19] <AmazingPythor> k
[07:19] <Legoanimals750> Very inactive. :P 
[07:20] <Man.city1> We at the half way point of the week
[07:20] <Man.city1> more or less
[07:20] <Ked830> IM ALIVE
[07:20] <Man.city1> ked
[07:20] <Ked830> yes
[07:20] <Man.city1> no-one cares
[07:20] <Ked830> oh
[07:20] <Man.city1> :) 
[07:20] <Ked830> fine then
[07:20] <Man.city1> :) 
[07:20] <Ked830> *goes back to class*
[07:20] <Man.city1> ape called u smelly 
[07:21] <Man.city1> fine, be like that ked
[07:21] <Man.city1> ape, pm :| 
[07:21] <Ked830> coming from a boy idk if that means much mc (derp4) 
[07:21] <Ked830> also apapapapapap
[07:21] <Legoanimals750> Should this exist or no? [[TheAwesomeTornado123]]
[07:21] <Man.city1> Ked I'll have u know 
[07:21] <Man.city1> im one of the cleanest guys out there :{p 
[07:21] <Man.city1> i pride myself on it :{p 
[07:21] <Ked830> uhm
[07:21] <Legoanimals750> AP!
[07:21] <Ked830> okay mc
[07:22] <Ked830> also web
[07:22] <Man.city1> APE :@ 
[07:22] <Ked830> technically
[07:22] <Ked830> no
[07:22] <Man.city1> APPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (abe) 
[07:22] <AmazingPythor> test
[07:22] <AmazingPythor> sorry
[07:22] <Ked830> they don't have a rank higher than or equal to Craftsman, nor 100 posts after the update
[07:22] <Ked830> pass ap
[07:23] <Ked830> apapapapapapapap ive been rating my own articles (:3) 
[07:23] <Man.city1> Isn't that biased? :{p 
[07:23] <AmazingPythor> Yay I don't have to approve anything anymore
[07:23] <Ked830> not really mc
[07:23] <Man.city1> like if I could grade my own exams
[07:23] <Ked830> and yes ap now i can go do whatever i want cuz common sense :3
[07:23] <Man.city1> we all know Id give myself As and Bs 
[07:23] <Legoanimals750> Do i delete it or wait to see if this: [[Thread:284623]] passes?
[07:24] <Man.city1> pI won't say all As to make it realistic :{p 
[07:24] <AmazingPythor> yay ked
[07:24] <Ked830> ohhhh i see the predicament web
[07:24] <AmazingPythor> And what do you want to delete
[07:24] <Ked830> and mc no
[07:24] <Ked830> people still look at my edits
[07:24] <Legoanimals750> [[TheAwesomeTornado123]]
[07:24] <Man.city1> I don't ked
[07:24] <AmazingPythor> Just wait for it to pass tbh
[07:24] <Legoanimals750> ok
[07:25] <Legoanimals750> So I'll add an avatar then. :P 
[07:25] <Man.city1> I have a thing for women whose name can be shortened to chrissy :{p 
[07:25] <Man.city1> crap
[07:26] <Man.city1> ape that for you
[07:26] <AmazingPythor> .... :P 
[07:26] <Ked830> wow
[07:26] <Ked830> mc
[07:26] <Ked830> do you know how to pm dear
[07:26] <Man.city1> Ked go away
[07:26] <Ked830> ;~;
[07:26] <Man.city1> ape so you saw that , now go to pm
[07:26] <AmazingPythor> right
[07:26] <Ked830> i am legitimately concerned for you mc! ;~;
[07:26] <Ked830> that's all ;~;
[07:27] <Man.city1> Dw ked
[07:27] <Man.city1> this time she's intelligent (y) 
[07:27] <Ked830> oh nice
[07:27] <Ked830> also wilfyyy
[07:27] <Ked830> stahp leafingggggg
[07:31] <Ked830> fien then
[07:31] <Ked830> ill go back to editing
[07:31] <Legoanimals750> Ok. :P 
[07:33] <Game Wolf> Sorry Ked. 
[07:33] <Game Wolf> My phone kept lagging me. : (
[07:36] <MisterXenomorph> LMR was a big mistake for me
[07:39] <Ked830> ap
[07:39] <AmazingPythor> ked
[07:39] <Ked830>
[07:39] <Ked830>
[07:39] <Ked830> am i okay?
[07:40] <AmazingPythor> yes
[07:40] <Ked830> alrightie cool
[07:40] <Ked830> thank youuuu
[07:44] <AmazingPythor> Hell yeah 645,000th edit
[07:45] <Man.city1> Ape
[07:45] <RusMan> Hallo. O/ 
[07:45] <Legoanimals750> DANG IT! :P 
[07:45] <Man.city1> (boo hoo) 
[07:45] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[07:45] <AmazingPythor> what mc
[07:45] <Man.city1> *divorces,ape*
[07:45] <Man.city1> *slaps ape*
[07:46] <AmazingPythor> ouch
[07:46] <RusMan> Yo MC, you were telling me about your car yesterday. Did you see my pm about me getting one?
[07:46] <Man.city1> No I didjr 
[07:46] <Man.city1> *didnt 
[07:46] <Man.city1> Pwhat did u get? :p 
[07:47] <RusMan> Nothing super affluent like you European chaps but I got a Buick Lucerne. :p 
[07:47] <Man.city1> What yr
[07:47] <RusMan> 2007
[07:47] <Man.city1> Ah
[07:47] <Man.city1> headlights seem a tad big :{p 
[07:48] <RusMan> Oh, idk, they work fine for me. :{p 
[07:48] <Man.city1> I got Audi A1 sportback :{0
[07:49] <Man.city1> * :{p 
[07:49] <RusMan> Noice. :{p 
[07:49] <Man.city1> what colour is yours rus
[07:49] <Ked830> ap (gasp) 
[07:50] <Man.city1> Ked (ud) 
[07:50] <AmazingPythor> what
[07:50] <Man.city1> me and ape are discussing something imp
[07:50] <Ked830> you didn't reply to this guys response a year ago (gasp2) 
[07:50] <Man.city1> women :{p 
[07:50] <Ked830> oh i am so sorry
[07:50] <Man.city1> *throws slugs at ked*
[07:50] <RusMan> Noir
[07:50] <Ked830> ew ew ew
[07:50] <AmazingPythor> uh
[07:50] <AmazingPythor> okay
[07:50] <AmazingPythor> :P 
[07:50] <RusMan> (Black :p )
[07:50] <Man.city1> :{p 
[07:50] <Man.city1> ok
[07:51] <Ked830> teasing ofc (derp4) 
[07:51] <Ked830> bai again
[07:51] <AmazingPythor> cya
[07:51] <Legoanimals750> k...
[07:51] <Man.city1> mine is red and black @rus :p 
[07:51] <RusMan> Ugh, I have to drive it in the winter though. The roads hwre are all icy during the winter. :p 
[07:51] <Man.city1> couldnt resist not getting it in 2 tones :{p 
[07:51] <RusMan> *here
[07:51] <Man.city1> then again 
[07:51] <Man.city1> I couldn't resist to get the majority of extras :{0
[07:52] <Man.city1> ahhhh...well 
[07:52] <Man.city1> summer comes after RUS :{p 
[07:53] <RusMan> Mine didn't have a whole lot extras but I'm happy with heated seats, steering wheel, and an aux port. :p 
[07:54] <Man.city1> Rus
[07:54] <Man.city1> i hope you have a steering wheel .... :{p 
[07:54] <RusMan> Heated steering wheel :p 
[07:54] <Man.city1> ahhhh :p 
[07:54] <Man.city1> for a moment,.... :{p 
[07:54] <RusMan> :p 
[07:55] <Man.city1> manual or automatic or s-tronic?
[07:55] <RusMan> Automatic iirc
[07:55] <Man.city1> ok :p 
[07:55] <Man.city1> i got an S-tronic 
[07:55] <Man.city1> pidk if you ahbe them in america
[07:56] <Man.city1> german cars usually have them 
[07:56] <AmazingPythor> crap
[07:56] <AmazingPythor> My article is glitching
[07:57] <Man.city1> Man chay so weird without ale
[07:57] <Man.city1> ahyway
[07:57] <Man.city1> im off for a bit
[07:57] <Man.city1> cu late
[07:55] <Man.city1> ok :p 
[07:55] <Man.city1> i got an S-tronic 
[07:55] <Man.city1> pidk if you ahbe them in america
[07:56] <Man.city1> german cars usually have them 
[07:56] <AmazingPythor> crap
[07:56] <AmazingPythor> My article is glitching
[07:57] <Man.city1> Man chay so weird without ale
[07:57] <Man.city1> ahyway
[07:57] <Man.city1> im off for a bit
[07:57] <Man.city1> cu late
[07:58] <RusMan> Alright, çiao. O/ 
[08:12] <GuacamoleCCXR> 25 years ago the a340 took its first flight 
[08:17] <Commandercody113> the 90s
[08:18] <RusMan> Hey Bubbles og
[08:18] <RusMan> * o/ 
[08:19] <Impossibubbles> Did alemas say if he would be back later? >.>
[08:26] <Marshal6000> o/ 
[08:35] <Slicer Vorzakh> I wish the a340 was more popular
[08:40] <Son of Elrond> ded
[08:42] <Commandercody113>
[08:43] <Commandercody113> can't stop advertising
[08:43] <Son of Elrond> tfw you swat at a fly right as the beat drops 
[08:44] <GandalftheWizard> hey soe
[08:44] <Son of Elrond> hi gand
[08:53] <RusMan> I just supported it, Cody. (Y) 
[08:54] <Riolu777> yo rus
[08:55] <GuacamoleCCXR> tfw you feel that cribble of a cold that's just around the corner at the back of your throat but you need to do your workouts 
[08:55] <GuacamoleCCXR> life is pain 
[08:56] <Riolu777> rub your entire body with coconut oil
[08:56] <Riolu777> inject yourself with vitamin c
[08:56] <GuacamoleCCXR> oh yes
[08:56] <GuacamoleCCXR> aspirin and sage tea my man
[08:57] <Riolu777> that works too
[08:57] <GuacamoleCCXR> also 
[08:57] <GuacamoleCCXR> this is the funniest thing i've seen on the internet ever
[08:57] <GuacamoleCCXR> speaking of aspirin
[08:57] <RusMan> Hey Rio c:
[08:57] <RusMan> How's life? O/ 
[08:59] <RusMan> Tfw someone drives by and you can hear their bass from your bedroom
[08:59] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> what did you just call me
[08:59] <FiretigerIsMLG> XD
[09:00] <RusMan> And your bedroom isn't even near the street
[09:00] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> ive had my entire house shake from bass
[09:01] <Riolu777> college apps, rus (derp) 
[09:01] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> i cant help but smile when it happens because i know the great darwin in the sky will arrange their untimely demise
[09:01] <Riolu777> what about you?
[09:01] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> B) 
[09:01] <RusMan> Oh, fun. (Derp) 
[09:01] <RusMan> I'm doing well myself.
[09:02] <RusMan> School's been going well for me.
[09:02] <FiretigerIsMLG> hi mah peeps who leik pie
[09:03] <GuacamoleCCXR> tfw no one likes the aspirin joke [[]]:{
[09:03] <GuacamoleCCXR> sad
[09:03] <FiretigerIsMLG> rip
[09:03] <FiretigerIsMLG> :D 
[09:03] <RusMan> Sade
[09:04] <Riolu777> guac I honestly don't get it
[09:04] <RusMan> ^ :p 
[09:04] <FiretigerIsMLG> MAJ!
[09:04] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> I aspire to die 
[09:04] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> B) 
[09:04] <FiretigerIsMLG> :O 
[09:04] <FiretigerIsMLG> B) i dont die br0z
[09:04] <Riolu777> and that's good to hear, Rus
[09:05] <Ked830> ey batgirl
[09:05] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> a fellow member of / B) /
[09:05] <GuacamoleCCXR> if you integrate aspiri with respect to n you get aspiri*n plus an integration constant typically designated as c
[09:05] <RusMan> (Cool o) is better.
[09:05] <BatGirl9431> Ked.
[09:05] <GuacamoleCCXR> i guess it's not funny if you explain it
[09:05] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> B) is memer
[09:05] <GuacamoleCCXR> so nvm
[09:05] <Riolu777> yeah guac I don't find math funny 
[09:05] <RusMan> Hilarious and original
[09:05] <Riolu777> sorry
[09:06] <FiretigerIsMLG> B) im in the B) gang :O 
[09:06] <FiretigerIsMLG> lets sing the lo song
[09:06] <BatGirl9431> Greetings FiretigerlsMLG.
[09:06] <Ked830> allo Drace
[09:06] <BatGirl9431> I do not believe we have met.
[09:06] <RusMan> Drace o/ 
[09:06] <Riolu777> hey drace
[09:06] <MelodyMaker> Does anybody here: A. make games, B. make videos or C. draw?
[09:06] <GuacamoleCCXR> actually clever maths jokes are the best though 
[09:06] <FiretigerIsMLG> lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo 
[09:06] <Ked830> hai there
[09:07] <Worldracer99> any of you guys have horror movie recommendations
[09:07] <RusMan> MLG no
[09:07] <BatGirl9431> I do C MelodyMaker.
[09:07] <Riolu777> hey firetiger let's not spam please
[09:07] <GuacamoleCCXR> like not stupid middle school ones, just you know 
[09:07] <FiretigerIsMLG> there i sang lo song
[09:07] <Legoanimals750> MLG, no flooding chat
[09:07] <Riolu777> english jokes are better guac :P 
[09:07] <BatGirl9431> Adams Family.
[09:07] <MelodyMaker> Can i see your drawings anywhere?
[09:07] <Worldracer99> that's not a horror movie
[09:07] <BatGirl9431> I'm not that great at it.
[09:07] <Worldracer99> it's a dark comedy
[09:07] <FiretigerIsMLG> the lo song is literally lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo XD
[09:07] <FiretigerIsMLG> 
[09:07] <Riolu777> ha ha ha
[09:07] <Majolo9050> FG
[09:07] <Ked830> hai FG
[09:07] <Majolo9050> HAI
[09:07] <RusMan> O/ 
[09:07] <BatGirl9431> Greetings FG.
[09:07] <FiretigerIsMLG> fg
[09:07] <FiretigerIsMLG> hoi
[09:07] <Flyinggirl4> hello o/ 
[09:07] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[09:08] <Worldracer99> ATM my Horror Movies to Watch the Week of Halloween List is V/H/S, Scream, and Shaun of the Dead
[09:08] <Worldracer99> anybody have any more recommendations
[09:08] <RusMan> The Room
[09:08] <FiretigerIsMLG> i beleive i can fly, i beleve i can eat some pie
[09:08] <Worldracer99> the room isn't horror, it's a comedy masterpiece
[09:08] <GuacamoleCCXR>
[09:08] <LordWeirdo> i believe i can die
[09:08] <Riolu777> firetiger how did you find this wiki?
[09:08] <FiretigerIsMLG> on thanksgiving i get pie
[09:08] <RusMan> Horrifically hilarious
[09:08] <FiretigerIsMLG> i found wiki cu\
[09:08] <FiretigerIsMLG> z i like frodo
[09:09] <Worldracer99> judging by his conversation so far, i don't think he found this wiki
[09:09] <Worldracer99> i think he's a demon sent to punish us for something
[09:09] <FiretigerIsMLG> i like frodo
[09:09] <FiretigerIsMLG> hows yours?
[09:09] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> baba booey
[09:09] <Ked830> the question is
[09:09] <Ked830> what exactly is that something
[09:09] <Riolu777> man i didn't want to hear that phrase for a long time
[09:09] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> ive never watched lotr B) 
[09:09] <Legoanimals750> So Firetiger, who are you on the boards?
[09:09] <Worldracer99> probably harboring neonazis
[09:09] <LordWeirdo> firetiger can be hard to live with on the mbs
[09:09] <Ked830> pssh
[09:10] <FiretigerIsMLG> someone creepy
[09:10] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> finally
[09:10] <LordWeirdo> i have seen them at work
[09:10] <Worldracer99> anyways hmu in PMs if you want to recommend me horror movies
[09:10] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> ive been waiting for commander communist to leave all day
[09:10] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> B) 
[09:10] <Worldracer99> preferably not boring gore-for-the-sake-of-gore torture porn
[09:10] <Slicer Vorzakh> but I'm still here, sky
[09:10] <GuacamoleCCXR> THIS IS SO TRUE
[09:10] <LordWeirdo> he/she rants about being mlg all the time
[09:11] <GuacamoleCCXR> i don't know a single mathematics lecturer who doesn't use the word trivial twenty times in a sentence
[09:11] <Riolu777> oh so this isn't some troll
[09:11] <Legoanimals750> ok
[09:11] <Riolu777> because that's what I was thinking the whole time
[09:11] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> they could still be a troll riolu
[09:11] <Worldracer99> rio do you have any horror movie recommendations
[09:11] <Riolu777> drace, I don't watch horror movies
[09:11] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> deep down inside
[09:11] <Worldracer99> nevermind then
[09:11] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> lOloOlOLoLOl XD!!!! mlg B) B) B) 
[09:12] <FiretigerIsMLG> i watch teen titans overdrive and shrek
[09:12] <FiretigerIsMLG> pie
[09:12] <Riolu777> alright just so we're clear, if I see trolling I will kick and then ban
[09:12] <Riolu777> carry on
[09:12] <LordWeirdo> i watch hogan's heroes and mst3k
[09:12] <Worldracer99> >mst3k
[09:12] <Worldracer99> good taste
[09:12] <LordWeirdo> yes
[09:12] <Majolo9050> hogan's heroes very nice
[09:13] <Worldracer99> also i'm currently watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
[09:13] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> jOjO
[09:13] <FiretigerIsMLG> put i actaully do watch teen titans overdrive and Shrek a lot O_O 
[09:13] <Roddy15> JoJo's circus?
[09:13] <RusMan> Hogan's Heroes (y) 
[09:13] <Worldracer99> no
[09:13] <Worldracer99> JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
[09:13] <Riolu777> I remember jojo's circus
[09:13] <GuacamoleCCXR> anyway lads, gonna go do my workout
[09:13] <BatGirl9431> Never watched any of those.
[09:13] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[09:13] <GuacamoleCCXR> nite
[09:13] <RusMan> JoJi Miller
[09:13] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> ^^^
[09:13] <Riolu777> enjoy guac
[09:13] <Ked830> bai guac
[09:13] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> my boy
[09:13] <Riolu777> don't get sick
[09:13] <FiretigerIsMLG> theyre not horror, there kewl
[09:13] <Worldracer99> it's a show about buff guys in flamboyant clothing saving the world from vampires/ancient demigods/vampires again/serial killers/mafia bosses
[09:14] <Riolu777> woah what drace
[09:14] <Riolu777> you've piqued my interest
[09:14] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> serial killers and mafia bosses?
[09:14] <Worldracer99> rio if you don't mind ridiculously over the top battle anime you might like it
[09:14] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> what kind of anime is this
[09:14] <FiretigerIsMLG> idk
[09:14] <Worldracer99> it's the one that gave us the To Be Continued meme
[09:15] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> the japanese have produced something that can be watched
[09:15] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> by the average american
[09:15] <Riolu777> buff men in flamboyant clothing is all I care about drace
[09:15] <Worldracer99> lemme start a PM so i can give you the basic storyline, gimme a sec
[09:15] <LordWeirdo> i've been described as a buff guy before
[09:16] <FiretigerIsMLG> im not american, im Russian and Canadian 
[09:16] <LordWeirdo> no flamboyant clothing though
[09:17] <FiretigerIsMLG> what is flamboyant clothing?
[09:17] <Majolo9050> nuuuu bee
[09:17] <Majolo9050> i must bury her
[09:17] <Majolo9050> mainly because she said not to bury her
[09:17] <Ked830> such a good friend, maj
[09:17] <Majolo9050> i am
[09:17] <Majolo9050> ty for noticing
[09:17] <FiretigerIsMLG> maj
[09:17] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon>
[09:17] <FiretigerIsMLG> why
[09:17] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> look it up yourself
[09:18] <Ked830> you're welcome majo c:
[09:18] <FiretigerIsMLG> no
[09:18] <Majolo9050> why must i bury her?
[09:18] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon>
[09:18] <Majolo9050> because she does lots of stuff to get on my nerves
[09:18] <Legoanimals750> Who uses yahoo or bing? :P 
[09:18] <Majolo9050> so occasionally i have to do stuff to get on hers
[09:18] <Majolo9050> per web xDD
[09:18] <FiretigerIsMLG> i do sometimes
[09:18] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> would you look at that
[09:18] <LordWeirdo> i made something decent in art and i have an almost decent photo of it
[09:18] <Alemas2005> Welcome to this mad corner of the Internet, Firetiger.
[09:18] <Alemas2005> Your sanity may take a beating.
[09:18] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> the ma-ma-monkey has finally decided to show his face
[09:18] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> what's up B) 
[09:19] <LordWeirdo> or ours ale
[09:19] <Alemas2005> ...the what?
[09:19] <Ked830> Alemas o:
[09:19] <FiretigerIsMLG> alemas am i werid
[09:19] <FiretigerIsMLG> im guessing yes
[09:19] <Alemas2005> ...too early to judge. (derp) 
[09:19] <LordWeirdo> FT is insane but the wrong kind of insane for here
[09:19] <FiretigerIsMLG> XD
[09:19] <FiretigerIsMLG> true
[09:20] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> what do you mean "the what"
[09:20] <FiretigerIsMLG> lets play mrsmadtiger - meme rain
[09:20] <FiretigerIsMLG> its the best song evr
[09:20] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> what else
[09:21] <FiretigerIsMLG> mrsmadtiger meme rain
[09:22] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> at least firetiger is not a goanimate kid
[09:22] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> can we all appreciate that
[09:22] <LordWeirdo> a scene from one of my WIP books
[09:23] <Majolo9050> ey, very nice weirdo
[09:23] <LordWeirdo> it'd take too long to explain what on earth is going on
[09:23] <LordWeirdo> thanks maj
[09:24] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> someone is about to get whooped
[09:24] <FiretigerIsMLG> gostopidmate is suky
[09:24] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> ^^^preach
[09:24] <FiretigerIsMLG> i like mrbeast
[09:24] <FiretigerIsMLG> and drink some bleach
[09:25] <FiretigerIsMLG> ill go drink bleach now
[09:25] <FiretigerIsMLG> bouz
[09:25] <FiretigerIsMLG> boyz
[09:25] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> baba booey
[09:25] <Riolu777> (re) 
[09:25] <LordWeirdo> welcome to conversations with FT, rio
[09:26] <Alemas2005> ... :P 
[09:26] <Legoanimals750> Where do you know this person from? :P 
[09:26] <LordWeirdo> MBs
[09:26] <FiretigerIsMLG> mbs
[09:26] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> i dont know him
[09:26] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> alemas did you see the video
[09:26] <Alemas2005> No.
[09:26] <FiretigerIsMLG> surch up minecraft rp then
[09:26] <FiretigerIsMLG> what video
[09:26] <FiretigerIsMLG> mrsmadtiger meme rain?
[09:26] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon>
[09:26] <FiretigerIsMLG> o i idid
[09:27] <LordWeirdo> wait
[09:27] <LordWeirdo> why am i suddenly logged in as purple
[09:27] <FiretigerIsMLG> XD
[09:27] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> god
[09:27] <Impossibubbles> HAIIII
[09:27] <Legoanimals750> Under which username? :P Firetiger4052?
[09:27] <FiretigerIsMLG> yea
[09:27] <LordWeirdo> hi bubbles
[09:28] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> what
[09:28] <LordWeirdo> and yes web
[09:28] <FiretigerIsMLG> maj is back
[09:29] <Legoanimals750> Ah, ok. 
[09:29] <Majolo9050> you cannot be rid of me
[09:29] <Majolo9050> sorry
[09:29] <FiretigerIsMLG> :D 
[09:29] <FiretigerIsMLG> hi maj
[09:29] <Majolo9050> /not sorry/
[09:29] <FiretigerIsMLG> am i more crazy than most peeps here?
[09:29] <Majolo9050> yes
[09:30] <FiretigerIsMLG> :O 
[09:30] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> yes
[09:30] <FiretigerIsMLG> jk im ok with dat
[09:30] <LordWeirdo> in a way
[09:30] <FiretigerIsMLG> xD
[09:30] <Majolo9050> in most ways you're not
[09:30] <Majolo9050> in some you are xD
[09:31] <FiretigerIsMLG> oooooooook
[09:31] <FiretigerIsMLG> i go coast to coast becuz i like 2 roam
[09:31] <LordWeirdo> oooooooook lahoma
[09:32] <LordWeirdo> where the wind comes sweeping down the plains
[09:32] <Majolo9050> i was in that play
[09:32] <Majolo9050> that song is insanely catchy
[09:32] <FiretigerIsMLG> ive been everywhere in canada my home
[09:33] <Majolo9050> i've not really made it out of indiana (y) 
[09:33] <FiretigerIsMLG> its the capitals of canada that i like best
[09:33] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> indiana jones played by harrison god
[09:33] <FiretigerIsMLG> new Brunswick halifax 
[09:34] <FiretigerIsMLG> toronto
[09:34] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> indian territory
[09:34] <Riolu777> aren't those provinces though
[09:34] <Riolu777> wait what
[09:34] <Riolu777> you mixed provinces with cities
[09:34] <Riolu777> idek
[09:34] <GuacamoleCCXR>
[09:34] <FiretigerIsMLG> yellow knife white horse
[09:34] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> toronto is a city
[09:34] <FiretigerIsMLG> i like 2 mix up stuffz
[09:34] <GuacamoleCCXR> half way through, two minute power break lul
[09:35] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> guacamole would that is animal abuse
[09:35] <Riolu777> why do you like to add z to words 
[09:35] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> B) 
[09:35] <FiretigerIsMLG> cuz why not boyz
[09:36] <GuacamoleCCXR> only in one case technically 
[09:36] <FiretigerIsMLG> ?
[09:37] <FiretigerIsMLG>
[09:38] <Roddy15> make it stop
[09:38] <FiretigerIsMLG> what stahp
[09:39] <Roddy15> plus isn't counting with candian money basically pocket money anyway these days
[09:39] <Roddy15> *canadian
[09:39] <Roddy15> yeah 1 euro gets me 1.45 in canadian dollars
[09:39] <FiretigerIsMLG> lel
[09:40] <FiretigerIsMLG> the capitals of usa i DISLIKE best! jk
[09:40] <Roddy15> oh nice i didn't realise we're up to 89 pence now per euro, amazon UK shopping looking cheaper if it stays like that
[09:40] <FiretigerIsMLG> wat
[09:40] <BatGirl9431> I have returned.
[09:40] <Bioniclefan1> Hello people
[09:41] <FiretigerIsMLG> have fun playing "FT horror weridness"
[09:41] <Roddy15> would be nice if we got to the point where a euro gets you roughly a pound, can drive to NI and get stuff then :P 
[09:41] <FiretigerIsMLG> what is a pound
[09:41] <FiretigerIsMLG> do u mean kilo
[09:41] <Roddy15> sterling
[09:41] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[09:41] <Roddy15> the currency :P 
[09:41] <FiretigerIsMLG> o
[09:41] <FiretigerIsMLG> i fout u ment weghy
[09:42] <Roddy15> yeah everyone in the UK and Ireland just calls it pounds :P 
[09:42] <FiretigerIsMLG> o
[09:42] <Roddy15> British Pound Sterling or GBP is too much hassle :P 
[09:42] <BatGirl9431> Firetiger, what does MLG stand for?
[09:43] <RusMan> Major-League Gaming
[09:43] <FiretigerIsMLG> god
[09:43] <FiretigerIsMLG> ask b
[09:43] <BatGirl9431> Who?
[09:43] <FiretigerIsMLG> glubby if u wanna know what MLG stands for O_O 
[09:44] <LordWeirdo> [[LEGO Message Boards Wiki:Emoticon Vote/Coffee (Attempt 2)]] because coffee
[09:44] <Alemas2005> Ah, Pythor, hi.
[09:44] <FiretigerIsMLG> have fun WITH FT HORROR WERIDNNESS!
[09:44] <AmazingPythor> yo
[09:44] <Bioniclefan1> o/ 
[09:45] <FiretigerIsMLG> yo AP have fun talkin 2 me we play FT horror weridness here when im around
[09:46] <LordWeirdo> no we don't 
[09:46] <AmazingPythor> Define "FT horror weirdness."
[09:46] <BatGirl9431> Yes please define it so that we understand what you mean.
[09:46] <LordWeirdo> *weridness apparently
[09:46] <Bioniclefan1> but what does the ft mean 
[09:46] <GuacamoleCCXR> 
[09:47] <FiretigerIsMLG> ft means firetiger
[09:47] <LordWeirdo> yes guac
[09:47] <AmazingPythor> Fascinating.
[09:47] <FiretigerIsMLG>
[09:48] <Legoanimals750> Oh, he linked that again 
[09:48] <Riolu777> bye
[09:48] <LordWeirdo> yay he's gone
[09:48] <Legoanimals750> ^ tbh
[09:48] <AmazingPythor> That was immensely 2014
[09:48] <Alemas2005> ...he seems...
[09:48] <Alemas2005> Off.
[09:49] <Riolu777> hi again
[09:49] <LordWeirdo> he's e same on the mbs, ale
[09:49] <FiretigerIsMLG> hi
[09:49] <Alemas2005> ...?! :P 
[09:49] <LordWeirdo> hi
[09:49] <FiretigerIsMLG> ahahahahhhahahahahahah im back
[09:49] <Legoanimals750> I wonder how many rejected posts he has. :P 
[09:49] <AmazingPythor> I think I've edited his article before (y) 
[09:49] <FiretigerIsMLG> like 13
[09:49] <Riolu777> well on the mbs that's typical behavior
[09:50] <Worldracer99> lolsorandom humor is never funny
[09:50] <FiretigerIsMLG> no its ALWAYS :P 
[09:50] <FiretigerIsMLG> funny
[09:51] <Riolu777> you will get to an age where you regret everything that you're saying right now
[09:51] <Alemas2005> I can guarantee it.
[09:51] <Worldracer99> it is not and the people who think so are nearly as bad as the people who think being "politically incorrect" is automatic comedy
[09:51] <LordWeirdo> i'm at an age where i regret everything ten minutes after i do it
[09:52] <FiretigerIsMLG> i desirve a bage on the mbs for weridness
[09:52] <Alemas2005> It's "weirdness".
[09:52] <Alemas2005> And "deserve".
[09:52] <Alemas2005> And "badge".
[09:52] <AmazingPythor> Not gonna lie this is pretty funny ironically if nothing else
[09:52] <Ked830> weirdo at least you can remember what you did ten minutes ago
[09:52] <LordWeirdo> true
[09:52] <Worldracer99> gonna copy/paste a mini essay i wrote on why lolsorandom humor doesn't work last year
[09:53] <FiretigerIsMLG> i spell things wrong a lot
[09:53] <Bioniclefan1> oh boy
[09:53] <Worldracer99> actually not a mini essay
[09:53] <FiretigerIsMLG> XD
[09:53] <Worldracer99> a mark twain quote
[09:53] <Worldracer99> about why lolsorandom humor doesn't work
[09:53] <Bioniclefan1> okay that's better
[09:53] <Riolu777> don't flood (D:) 
[09:53] <Worldracer99> "The humorous story is told gravely; the teller does his best to conceal the fact that he even dimly suspects that there is anything funny about it; but the teller of the comic story [in this case referring to your lolsorandom humor] tells you beforehand that it is one of the funniest things he has ever heard, then tells it with eager delight, and is the first person to laugh when he gets through. And sometimes, if he has had good success, he is so glad and happy that he will repeat the 'nub' of it and glance around from face to face, collecting applause, and then repeat it again. It is a pathetic thing to see." -Mark Twain
[09:53] <FiretigerIsMLG> Henry has 2 bananas. He ate ½ a banana.
[09:53] <FiretigerIsMLG> HOW MANY IS THERE LEFT?
[09:53] <FiretigerIsMLG> Explain below using math.
[09:53] <FiretigerIsMLG> Explain you’r awenser. 
[09:53] <FiretigerIsMLG> ____________________________________________________________________
[09:53] <FiretigerIsMLG> xd
[09:54] <Ked830> FT shhh
[09:54] <FiretigerIsMLG> i made this math
[09:54] <BatGirl9431> This is a little late but, thank you Ale for pointing out his misspellings.
[09:54] <LordWeirdo> *your :@ 
[09:54] <Roddy15> I have to agree with Rio, I even regret basically every post I had as an admin on a forum. :P 
[09:54] <FiretigerIsMLG> your always autocorrected to your're
[09:54] <Alemas2005> "How many are there left"?
[09:54] <Alemas2005> "Explain your answer".
[09:54] <Alemas2005> ...
[09:54] <Riolu777> then that means your autocorrect learned you saying "you'r" that many times
[09:55] <Alemas2005> ...yeah.
[09:55] <AmazingPythor> lol
[09:55] <Ked830> ap i fixed your page btw
[09:55] <Ked830> :3
[09:55] <LordWeirdo> today on lmbw: english 101
[09:55] <Roddy15> That would be a terrible idea wouldn't it....a universal self-learning autocorrect.....
[09:55] <AmazingPythor> Yay thx ked
[09:55] <AmazingPythor> For some reason the categories weren't cooperating 
[09:55] <FiretigerIsMLG> in school they always in math say "Explain your answer"
[09:55] <Roddy15> Coming to Windows 10 probably now I've thought about it.
[09:56] <FiretigerIsMLG> i have windows 7
[09:56] <Ked830> your gallery was going berserk ap XD
[09:56] <Ked830> it was so odd
[09:56] <Worldracer99> who wants to hear a lecture on why lolsorandom humor never works
[09:56] <AmazingPythor> ... Weird. :P 
[09:56] <FiretigerIsMLG> me
[09:56] <Bioniclefan1> No
[09:56] <LordWeirdo> nein
[09:56] <AmazingPythor> Anyways afk doing biology nonsense
[09:56] <Alemas2005> "They always say in math, "Explain your answer"".
[09:56] <Worldracer99> copypasting from the Bad Webcomics Wiki
[09:56] <RusMan> I used to have Windows 98. (Monocle) 
[09:56] <Alemas2005> Same.
[09:56] <Worldracer99> Surreal humor is a legitimate form of comedy. According to Wikipedia, surreal humor involves "violations of causal reasoning with events and behaviors that are logically incongruent." In their essay "Elephants and Marshmallows," Mary K. Rodgers and Diana Pien describe surreal humor as intentional failure to resolve incongruities. For example, one of the many permutations of the elephant joke goes as follows:
[09:56] <Worldracer99> Q: Why did the elephant sit on the marshmallow?
[09:56] <Worldracer99> A: Because he didn't want to fall into the hot chocolate.
[09:56] <Roddy15> Windows XP was the golden age.
[09:57] <FiretigerIsMLG> not me
[09:57] <Worldracer99> The humor stems from the absurd suggestion that an elephant could sit on a marshmallow and float in a cup of hot chocolate. When asked "why did the elephant sit on the marshmallow?" the logical mind imagines a normal-sized elephant sitting on a normal-sized marshmallow on the ground. However, the answer introduces the concept that the marshmallow was floating in a cup of hot chocolate, which wasn't suggested by the question. An elephant would not—and in fact could not—sit on a marshmallow and float unless it was either an absurdly large marshmallow in an absurdly large cup of hot chocolate, or an absurdly small elephant. It's a subversion of basic human logic and expectation. Now, whether or not you feel that this joke is actually funny is entirely subjective, but the point is it employs wit and misdirection. It actually is a joke.
[09:57] <LordWeirdo> windows xp masterrace (monocle) 
[09:57] <Bioniclefan1> Just say something that's funny instead of posting an essay
[09:57] <LordWeirdo> also chat flood
[09:57] <Roddy15> I remember using Win98 the first time I used a PC though
[09:57] <FiretigerIsMLG> who knows IHT
[09:57] <FiretigerIsMLG> ihavetalent
[09:57] <LordWeirdo> i do
[09:57] <FiretigerIsMLG> who is he?
[09:57] <Worldracer99> What we think of as "random humor" is an attempt to draw laughs from the unexpected but without making use of wit or misdirection. Instead of subverting logic, random humor avoids logic entirely. A common example of random humor would be when a character blurts out a phrase that makes no sense in context, otherwise known as a "non sequitur." For example, in the cartoon Invader Zim, Zim shouts "Invader's blood marches through my veins like GIANT RADIOACTIVE RUBBER PANTS!" while pleading to the Almighty Tallest to allow him to be an Invader.
[09:57] <Riolu777> alright drace no more floods pls
[09:57] <LordWeirdo> he's a little better than you
[09:57] <FiretigerIsMLG> uh
[09:58] <LordWeirdo> @ft
[09:58] <FiretigerIsMLG> no
[09:58] <Roddy15> My primary school had two 98 computers it was like the place was rich or something :P 
[09:58] <LordWeirdo> more tolerable
[09:58] <Worldracer99> Many comics [or people] that rely on random humor feature characters who lack inhibitions and are prone to unprovoked—and often violent—"wacky" outbursts. Such characters often have quirks to substitute for a lacking personality. It's not uncommon for them to exhibit strange obsessions, often with a particular food item, especially one with a "funny-sounding" name such as tuna, waffles, wieners, cheese, etc.
[09:58] <Worldracer99> The problem with random humor is that it's often symptomatic of lazy or unskilled writing, or worse: an attempt to appeal to an easily-amused audience. A skilled writer or comedian who respects their audience should not feel the need to resort to such a tactic. It's also often more obnoxious than it is funny. For this reason, random humor should be used extremely sparingly.
[09:58] <RusMan> Drace staph
[09:58] <FiretigerIsMLG> he actaully is rlly random too
[09:58] <AmazingPythor> Bile is mechanical and not chemical digestion right
[09:58] <AmazingPythor> And yeah enough drace
[09:58] <FiretigerIsMLG> IHT is random too
[09:58] <LordWeirdo> staphylococcus?
[09:59] <FiretigerIsMLG> ?
[09:59] <Legoanimals750> Per Rio, Rus and AP
[09:59] <Worldracer99> also to prove that random humor is never funny, i'll present this ancient meme:
[09:59] <Worldracer99> hi every1 im new!!!!!!! holds up spork my name is katy but u can call me t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m!!!!!!!! lol…as u can see im very random!!!! thats why i came here, 2 meet random ppl like me _… im 13 years old (im mature 4 my age tho!!) i like 2 watch invader zim w/ my girlfreind (im bi if u dont like it deal w/it) its our favorite tv SHOW!!! bcuz its SOOOO random!!!! shes random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more random ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!! lol…neways i hope 2 make alot of freinds here so give me lots of commentses!!!! DOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <--- me bein random again _^ hehe…toodles!!!!!
[09:59] <Worldracer99> love and waffles,
[09:59] <Worldracer99> t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m
[09:59] <AmazingPythor> lol
[09:59] <Roddy15> text walls, text walls everywhere.
[09:59] <GuacamoleCCXR> these exercises are killing me dude 
[09:59] <GuacamoleCCXR> i feel incapable of showering rn 
[10:00] <Legoanimals750> Aww, I thought about it too long. :P 
[10:00] <FiretigerIsMLG> exercises are pie
[10:00] <Worldracer99> sometimes i stare into the mirror late at night and wonder if i really am a pretentious asshat
[10:00] <Riolu777> "ass" still isn't allowed 
[10:00] <Riolu777> :P 
[10:00] <Legoanimals750> and again. :P 
[10:00] <Worldracer99> are you serious
[10:00] <LordWeirdo> π is pie
[10:00] <AmazingPythor> Enough of that please
[10:00] <Worldracer99> we unbanned that months ago i thought
[10:00] <Roddy15> asking for a block at this point :P 
[10:00] <Legoanimals750> Nope
[10:00] <Riolu777> no we have damn and piss though
[10:00] <AmazingPythor> I assumed you knew it was blocked considering the redx didn't show up
[10:00] <AmazingPythor> sorry
[10:00] <AmazingPythor> :P 
[10:00] <Alemas2005> Ah, Bubbles, hi.
[10:01] <RusMan> O/ 
[10:01] <Impossibubbles> Helloooooo :3
[10:01] <Alemas2005> Gotta go soon anyway.
[10:01] <LordWeirdo> hi again bubbles
[10:01] <LordWeirdo> oh shoot
[10:01] <Legoanimals750> Hi Bubbles o/ 
[10:01] <GuacamoleCCXR> my back hurtssss
[10:01] <FiretigerIsMLG> bubbles ahve fun in FT world of werid
[10:01] <GuacamoleCCXR> [[]]:{
[10:01] <Worldracer99> also a good example of surrealist humor (without lolsorandomXD in it) is SiIvaGunner
[10:01] <LordWeirdo> i forgot i'm making dinner tonight
[10:01] <Worldracer99> or the haunted elevator sketch from SNL
[10:02] <Impossibubbles> GOD DAMN
[10:02] <FiretigerIsMLG> XD
[10:02] <Legoanimals750> ?
[10:02] <Alemas2005> What? :P 
[10:02] <Impossibubbles> Why is my schedule so horrible
[10:02] <Impossibubbles> and out of sync 
[10:02] <LordWeirdo> so i must be off to craft casserole
[10:02] <Alemas2005> Oh. :P 
[10:02] <Impossibubbles> *pouts*
[10:02] <Legoanimals750> oh
[10:02] <Alemas2005> Thought you were complaining about me. :P 
[10:02] <LordWeirdo> see y'all later
[10:02] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[10:02] <FiretigerIsMLG> is it bad cuz u found me?
[10:02] <Alemas2005> I guess I can leave without a guilty conscience. (derp3) 
[10:02] <BatGirl9431> I don't trust you Firetiger.
[10:02] <FiretigerIsMLG> XD
[10:03] <Impossibubbles> I was complaining about you (ud) 
[10:03] <FiretigerIsMLG> me
[10:03] <FiretigerIsMLG> ME?
[10:03] <Impossibubbles> no ale
[10:03] <Alemas2005> ...oh.
[10:03] <Alemas2005> ...oh.
[10:03] <Impossibubbles> *pokes*
[10:03] <Alemas2005> What do you want?! :P 
[10:03] <Impossibubbles> To chat ;~;
[10:03] <RusMan> Ayy Rome o/ 
[10:04] <Alemas2005> But, but...
[10:04] <FiretigerIsMLG> hi welcome to FT WERID LAND!
[10:04] <Alemas2005> I gotta go soon... :P 
[10:04] <Alemas2005> "Firetiger Weird Land".
[10:04] <FiretigerIsMLG> yea
[10:04] <Worldracer99> i'd rather di
[10:04] <Worldracer99> *die
[10:04] <Impossibubbles> I know ;~;
[10:04] <Roddy15> oh wow I've just seen the new "pro-life" ad for Ireland....compares pro-choice to slavery. :P 
[10:05] <Impossibubbles> So i cri
[10:05] <FiretigerIsMLG> than what?
[10:05] <Alemas2005> I'm nothing to cry about. (steve) 
[10:05] <Worldracer99> wow what the hell
[10:05] <Worldracer99> @roddy
[10:05] <Alemas2005> You have a penchant for the overdramatic. (steve) 
[10:05] <Impossibubbles> Well too bad
[10:05] <Roddy15> you know they have a bad ad when they need to imply pro-choice is comparable to the Nazis.....
[10:05] <Alemas2005> Are you on mobile? :P 
[10:06] <FiretigerIsMLG> &gt;:D 
[10:06] <FiretigerIsMLG> >:P
[10:06] <FiretigerIsMLG> >:)
[10:06] <Worldracer99> i thought those idiots were america-exclusive
[10:06] <Roddy15> like seriously I've wrecked people in debates when they brought up Nazis out of the blue :P 
[10:06] <Alemas2005> Don't spam...
[10:06] <Impossibubbles> Me?
[10:06] <FiretigerIsMLG> spam wat
[10:06] <Impossibubbles> No
[10:06] <Roddy15> nah we have people here too racer, I mean it is a majority Catholic country
[10:06] <Alemas2005> Ah, right. :P 
[10:07] <Worldracer99> good poin
[10:07] <Worldracer99> *point
[10:07] <Alemas2005> So PM's useless. :P 
[10:07] <Impossibubbles> It is?
[10:07] <Impossibubbles> Why?
[10:07] <Alemas2005> ...I thought you hated PM on mobile... :P 
[10:07] <Impossibubbles> I'm not on mobile xD
[10:07] <Alemas2005> And so I avoided it to n-
[10:07] <Alemas2005> OH.
[10:07] <Roddy15> the marriage equality barely passed here, good thing it did but it wasn't a landslide
[10:07] <Alemas2005> ...
[10:07] <Alemas2005> Sorry, already sleeping.
[10:07] <Impossibubbles> Alemas, you forget what your own questions are xD
[10:07] <Alemas2005> (derp) 
[10:07] <Impossibubbles> *sigh* ;~;
[10:07] <Riolu777> it's illegal to take a selfie with your ballot in colorado (derp2) 
[10:07] <Alemas2005> Yeah...
[10:07] <Alemas2005> Long day.
[10:07] <Alemas2005> :P 
[10:07] <Impossibubbles> Maybe go to bed then ;~;
[10:08] <Alemas2005> Wow wow wow what's this?
[10:08] <Alemas2005> YOU are telling me to go to bed? :P 
[10:08] <Roddy15> pretty sure it's illegal to take pictures of ballots pretty much everywhere
[10:08] <Impossibubbles> It was more of a
[10:08] <Impossibubbles> "you should probably do this but I'll still be sad" (derp4) 
[10:08] <Riolu777> not in 21 states, roddy
[10:09] <Roddy15> wow that many
[10:09] <FiretigerIsMLG> eh
[10:09] <Roddy15> it's supposed to be a secret ballot though
[10:09] <Roddy15> kind of defeats the purpose
[10:09] <Alemas2005> For me it's always...
[10:09] <Alemas2005> "You should go to bed so I'll be happy". (steve) 
[10:09] <Roddy15> sure tell people how you voted but after you've done it
[10:09] <Impossibubbles> Talking to me doesn't make you happy? >:3
[10:09] <Impossibubbles> See what I did there. (as) Flipped it around on you (as) 
[10:11] <Alemas2005> ... :P 
[10:11] <Alemas2005> 'course it makes me happy, but you going to bed would make me even happier still! (Steve) 
[10:11] <Roddy15> this say i'm triggered is an understatement
[10:11] <Impossibubbles> I /sleep/
[10:12] <Roddy15> it doesn't even understand what repealing an ammendment means...
[10:12] <FiretigerIsMLG> install doge ad block NOOOOOOOW
[10:12] <FiretigerIsMLG> pie
[10:12] <Alemas2005> ...what, Bubbles?
[10:12] <Impossibubbles> I said I sleep
[10:12] <Impossibubbles> just
[10:12] <Impossibubbles> not at the normal times xD
[10:13] <FiretigerIsMLG> install doge adblock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[10:13] <FiretigerIsMLG> 
[10:13] <FiretigerIsMLG> &gt;:D 
[10:14] <Alemas2005> You should go to sleep at normal times. (UA) 
[10:14] <Impossibubbles> oh so
[10:14] <Alemas2005> That'd make me happy. (UA) 
[10:14] <Impossibubbles> remember when I said
[10:14] <Impossibubbles> I wanted pointed nails
[10:14] <Alemas2005> ...yeah.
[10:14] <FiretigerIsMLG> i go 2 sleep at 10 pm
[10:14] <Alemas2005> "I go to sleep".
[10:14] <Impossibubbles> I've already started (as) 
[10:14] <Impossibubbles> Gotta file em down more
[10:14] <Impossibubbles> but
[10:14] <Impossibubbles> I'm proud >:3
[10:15] <Alemas2005> (JC) 
[10:15] <Alemas2005> So you want to kill people?
[10:15] <FiretigerIsMLG> wa
[10:15] <Impossibubbles> Then I'll have claws, and you can't call me cute anymore :3
[10:15] <Legoanimals750> She wants claws. :P 
[10:16] <Alemas2005> ...your face.
[10:16] <Alemas2005> Bubbles.
[10:16] <Alemas2005> Your face is the problem.
[10:16] <Alemas2005> :P 
[10:16] <Alemas2005> Not your nails.
[10:16] <Alemas2005> :P 
[10:16] <Impossibubbles> What ;~;
[10:16] <Riolu777> well I'm gonna go
[10:16] <Riolu777> o/ 
[10:16] <Impossibubbles> o/ 
[10:16] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[10:16] <Alemas2005> As long as you have that face, you'll be "cute" no matter what. :{P 
[10:16] <Impossibubbles> I'm cursed (ud) 
[10:17] <RusMan> Çiao, Rio. O/ 
[10:17] <Alemas2005> A good curse.
[10:17] <Alemas2005> (derp3) 
[10:17] <Impossibubbles> But sometimes I don't want to be cute I want to be mysterious ;~;
[10:17] <Alemas2005> Personally, I'd have every girl have that "curse". (derp3) 
[10:17] <Alemas2005> That's what makeup's for. :P 
[10:18] <Impossibubbles> Do I look less cute with makeup? :P 
[10:18] <Alemas2005> I need to be reminded, actually. :{P 
[10:18] <Alemas2005> It's been so long since your last makeup selfie. :{P 
[10:18] <Impossibubbles> I deleted them, but, I probs have one around here
[10:18] <FiretigerIsMLG> eh lets play ft horror
[10:19] <FiretigerIsMLG> New brunswick, halifax, 
[10:19] <Impossibubbles> there >:3
[10:19] <FiretigerIsMLG> yellow knife
[10:19] <FiretigerIsMLG> white horse
[10:19] <Alemas2005> Er, nope, still cute.
[10:19] <Impossibubbles> god damn it ;~;
[10:19] <FiretigerIsMLG> northwest territores
[10:20] <Alemas2005> (derp3) 
[10:20] <Alemas2005> 
[10:20] <FiretigerIsMLG> woah
[10:20] <Legoanimals750> Bubbles is doomed to be cute. :P 
[10:20] <Alemas2005> Oh, I wouldn't complain.
[10:20] <Alemas2005> (derp3) 
[10:20] <Alemas2005> Well, gotta go now.
[10:20] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[10:20] <Impossibubbles> Nooooo
[10:21] <Alemas2005> *Pats back*
[10:21] <Alemas2005> :P 
[10:21] <Impossibubbles> *clings to leg*
[10:21] <Alemas2005> *Shakes you off*
[10:21] <Alemas2005> (UA) 
[10:21] <Impossibubbles> Can't shake me off
[10:21] <Alemas2005> I'm not your teddy bear. (UA) 
[10:21] <Impossibubbles> Have to take me with you (derp4) 
[10:21] <Alemas2005> Oh, alright then.
[10:21] <Alemas2005> Say bye to Bubbles as well, chaps.
[10:21] <Alemas2005> (derp3) 
[10:21] <Impossibubbles> Byeeee everyone (as) 
[10:21] <Alemas2005> Bye.
[10:21] <Alemas2005> (derp3) 
[10:21] <FiretigerIsMLG> welcome to ft horor
[10:22] <Legoanimals750> Meh, I have to go in like 7 minutes anyways. :P 
[10:22] <FiretigerIsMLG> lettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttts talk abou mbs
[10:22] <Impossibubbles> ;~;
[10:22] <Alemas2005> Sorry, just a sec...
[10:22] <Alemas2005> [[User:Alemas2005/Chat/Logs/25 October 2016]]
[10:22] <Alemas2005> Why are emotes there messed up?
[10:22] <Impossibubbles> I dunno
[10:22] <Alemas2005> Is it Edge?
[10:22] <Impossibubbles> I'll try to figure it out
[10:23] <Impossibubbles> It's probs in your .js
[10:23] <Legoanimals750> The heck
[10:23] <Alemas2005> [[User%3AAlemas2005/chat.js|User:Alemas2005/chat.js]]
[10:23] <Alemas2005> That?
[10:23] <Impossibubbles> yeah
[10:23] <FiretigerIsMLG> who likes' are you famos ' topic?
[10:23] <Alemas2005> Urgh, can't be bothered.
[10:23] <Impossibubbles> Yeah, I'll look at it
[10:23] <FiretigerIsMLG> ?
[10:23] <Alemas2005> If you find something's off, tell me on my Wall.
[10:23] <Impossibubbles> Okey
[10:23] <Alemas2005> Thanks. (derp) 
[10:23] <Impossibubbles> np
[10:24] <Alemas2005> Hey, you're being useful for once! :P 
[10:24] <Impossibubbles> OI
[10:24] <Alemas2005> (BF) 
[10:24] <Impossibubbles> I'm always helpful (ud) 
[10:24] <Alemas2005> Suuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrre. (BF) 
[10:24] <Alemas2005> Bye again. :P 
[10:24] <Impossibubbles> *kicks*
[10:24] <FiretigerIsMLG> bye
[10:24] <Alemas2005> *Shoves you out the window*
[10:24] <Alemas2005> (derp3) 
[10:24] <FiretigerIsMLG> ft horror awaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
[10:24] <Impossibubbles> *pulls you out the window too*
[10:24] <Impossibubbles> Bai
[10:24] <Impossibubbles> >:3
[10:24] <RoboticBrick28> Ale is just so polite. (bf) 
[10:25] <FiretigerIsMLG> hi again!
[10:25] <FiretigerIsMLG> MWA HAHAHAHHA
[10:25] <Bioniclefan1> casual murder? 
[10:25] <FiretigerIsMLG> bye again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[10:26] <Impossibubbles> ;~;
[10:27] <Impossibubbles> (derp) (yds) sorry, just testing something with the logs
[10:27] <Legoanimals750> k
[10:28] <Legoanimals750> Looks fine to me it's just Ale's 
[10:29] <Legoanimals750> Well, I should be off. Bye o/ 
[10:29] <RoboticBrick28> Farewell, Webby. o/ 
[10:31] <RoboticBrick28> Kedly, o/ 
[10:31] <Ked830> hai dears
[10:32] <Bioniclefan1> o/ 
[10:33] <Ked830> how are you all?
[10:33] <RoboticBrick28> Surviving, for now
[10:33] <Bioniclefan1> I died. (derp2) 
[10:33] <RoboticBrick28> (derp2) 
[10:34] <Ked830> ah nuuu
[10:35] <Ked830> do we need to bring you back to life or are you good?
[10:36] <Impossibubbles> We should give him ambrosia 
[10:36] <Impossibubbles> you know, I gave ambrosia to one of my ghost sims and the stubborn bastard just refused to come back to life
[10:37] <Impossibubbles> like five times
[10:37] <Impossibubbles> >.>
[10:37] <Ked830> wow
[10:45] <Romaniandude12> hi
[10:46] <Impossibubbles> greetings
[10:46] <Ked830> senpaiiii
[10:46] <Romaniandude12> hi [[ked hai| :P ]]
[10:53] <Ked830> oh Russo, i finished listening to that future funk music you linked me a few days ago
[10:56] <Ked830> Natle hai
[10:56] <Ked830> how are you
[10:56] <Nart L. Chipikal> i'm sleepy
[10:57] <Bioniclefan1> o/ 
[10:58] <RusMan> Oh kewl, what did you think of it?
[11:00] <BBricks> hey
[11:02] <BBricks> o/ 
[11:02] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[11:03] <Ked830> ey webbo
[11:05] <BBricks> funny, when one person comes, another leaves, when two come, two leave.
[11:09] <Starrocks923> o/ 
[11:09] <BBricks> hello
[11:09] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[11:09] <Starrocks923> So who just left?
[11:10] <Starrocks923> Drace. Been a while.
[11:10] <Worldracer99> ey
[11:10] <Worldracer99> i doubt anybody here watches horror movies but i'm still open to recommendations if anybody's got any
[11:10] <RusMan> Watch The Babadook m8
[11:11] <Ked830> Starro haiii
[11:11] <Ked830> also Co- fine then
[11:11] <RusMan> Hey Star o/ 
[11:11] <Starrocks923> o/ 
[11:11] <Starrocks923> Hey guys.
[11:11] <Bioniclefan1> o/ 
[11:11] <Worldracer99> i've also heard Red State is good but it loses the horror aspect and turns into an action movie in the last third
[11:11] <Starrocks923> Horror movies? Not my genre. Have you seen Stranger Things though?
[11:11] <Worldracer99> hell yeah
[11:12] <Bioniclefan1> star how does oliver queen keep his secret identity as mayor 
[11:12] <Starrocks923> I never watched episodes 7 and 8. The guy who was showing the episodes finished beforehand, and the guy who was also waiting to watch last two episodes watched them with his girlfriend instea.d
[11:12] <Starrocks923> Bio, don't question it. Uncle Guggie got u covered
[11:12] <Worldracer99> finish the series
[11:12] <Worldracer99> you need to
[11:12] <Bioniclefan1> I mean he killed a dude 
[11:12] <Starrocks923> I know, Drace. People spoiled it for me beforehand.
[11:13] <Starrocks923> Oliver Queen is a fun guy.
[11:13] <Bioniclefan1> did he not think it could be traced back lol 
[11:13] <Worldracer99> you really should finish Stranger Things
[11:13] <Starrocks923> The mayor goes around snapping peoples necks? HA! Yeah right :P 
[11:14] <Worldracer99> season 2 is coming next year
[11:14] <Starrocks923> Drace, I KNOW. My old Netflix account was shared with my parents, and I don't live at their home anymore.
[11:14] <Bioniclefan1> "Well kidnappers the Green Arrow isn't actually coming." 
[11:14] <Starrocks923> And no, I ain't pirating in a million years.
[11:14] <Bioniclefan1> "How do you know that?" 
[11:14] <Bioniclefan1> "I just do." 
[11:15] <Worldracer99> use a third-party website
[11:15] <Worldracer99> or if you have a credit card, make an account, use the credit card number for the free trial, and cancel it the day before the trial eds
[11:15] <Worldracer99> *ends
[11:16] <Starrocks923> ...
[11:16] <Starrocks923> Just be patient. I'll watch it on break.
[11:16] <Starrocks923> Did you see Stranger Pugs? :P 
[11:16] <BBricks> You mean the dog show?
[11:16] <Worldracer99> nope
[11:17] <Starrocks923> Also, Walking Dead season 7 premiere...I mean, I saw it coming thanks to Reddit, but I still threw my stuffed dog at the wall and yelled loudly.
[11:17] <BBricks> oh no!
[11:17] <Starrocks923> "NO! DARN YOU REDDIT, NO NO NO NO NO!"
[11:17] <Bioniclefan1> why do you have a stuffed dog
[11:17] <BBricks> did you actually see it or..
[11:18] <BBricks> same reason I keep my stuffed animals (joking) 
[11:18] <Legoanimals750> Who doesn't have a stuffed dog? :P 
[11:18] <BBricks> oh, mw
[11:18] <BBricks> me
[11:19] <BBricks> I have a Winnie the Pooh
[11:19] <BBricks> and a stuffed dinosaur
[11:19] <BBricks> and a couple of teddy bears
[11:19] <Starrocks923> I mean, I sent one stuffed dog back home with my mom because she missed him. I texted her that he was getting lonely and that college students were shaking salt in his face. :P 
[11:19] <BBricks> although, I keep them around, 'cause, nostalgia
[11:19] <Starrocks923> Upper classmen at my college are weird. :P 
[11:20] <Bioniclefan1> action figures are where its at guys 
[11:20] <BBricks> Well yeah
[11:20] <Starrocks923> I have found several guys who were classic 2001 fans of Bionicle, though...
[11:20] <BBricks> But name ONE cute action figure
[11:20] <Bioniclefan1> uh 
[11:20] <RusMan> Does anyone here like Chrome Sparks?
[11:20] <BBricks> not sure what that is
[11:20] <Starrocks923> I played the Bionicle 2001 theme music in the dining hall on my phone once to see if a friend recognize it. Other guys at the table recognized it too.
[11:20] <BBricks> what is it?
[11:20] <Bioniclefan1> that's awesome 
[11:20] <BBricks> yes
[11:21] <Starrocks923> BBricks, I don't have an excuse for a stuffed dog. I'm 19 and living at college. :P 
[11:21] <BBricks> Heh heh
[11:21] <Worldracer99> the only reason i know chrome sparks is bc he remixed Goodbye to a World
[11:21] <Bioniclefan1> grow up and buy action figures. :| 
[11:21] <BBricks> but...but
[11:21] <BBricks> (joking) 
[11:22] <RusMan> An electronic music artist @BBricks
[11:22] <BBricks> Oh, cool
[11:22] <Legoanimals750> I have like 120 stuffed animals in my room. :P 
[11:22] <BBricks> are they animals?
[11:22] <RusMan> Great song
[11:22] <Starrocks923> I even traded Bionicle insults with one of my friends. "You could just lie down and die right now." "I know a thousand ways to destroy you, and 941 of them hurt."
[11:23] <Worldracer99> i've been super into Bomb the Music Industry! lately
[11:23] <BBricks> Oh my god
[11:23] <Bioniclefan1> son of a hero factory star? 
[11:23] <BBricks> I never get the chance to do that
[11:23] <BBricks> Who said that, though? I for got
[11:23] <Starrocks923> No no, I meant Bionicle quotes.
[11:24] <Worldracer99>
[11:24] <Worldracer99> awesome song
[11:24] <Bioniclefan1> but that's a bionicle insult. lol 
[11:24] <Starrocks923> "Wonderful. We can deep-carve that on our gravestones: "But at least ____ had fun.""
[11:24] <BBricks> Bionicle insults: You're a star!
[11:24] <Starrocks923> "Star is like a rock; he lacks a brain."
[11:24] <BBricks> Deceivingly insulting
[11:25] <Starrocks923> ^Friend in LEGO Universe after I tried to ship him with a female Maelstrom NPC
[11:25] <Worldracer99>
[11:25] <Worldracer99> another good one
[11:25] <BBricks> these are all good
[11:25] <Worldracer99>
[11:25] <Worldracer99> this one's good too
[11:26] <BBricks> I was actually referring to the insults but the songs are good too
[11:26] <BBricks> o/ 
[11:26] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hello.
[11:26] <BBricks> hey
[11:29] <BBricks> o/ 
[11:29] <RusMan> Bbl, I have studying to do.
[11:29] <RusMan> O/ 
[11:29] <BBricks> bye bye
[11:30] <BBricks> o/ 
[11:31] <Impossibubbles> still stuck in my head (derp) 
[11:40] <FiretigerIsMLG> welcome 2 FT TOURTURE!
[11:41] <FiretigerIsMLG> &gt;:D 
[11:41] <FiretigerIsMLG> 
[11:42] <FiretigerIsMLG> now
[11:43] <Starrocks923> Anyone else think Wally and Jesse on The Flash actually have chemistry? :P 
[11:43] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Those are the two nerds, right? (derp4) 
[11:44] <FiretigerIsMLG> hi agaaaaaaain for FT TOURUTE
[11:44] <FiretigerIsMLG> ~
[11:44] <FiretigerIsMLG> pie
[11:45] <Starrocks923> Wally got speed in Flashpoint. When Barry attempted to reverse it, he lost speed, but Jesse gained it.
[11:46] <FiretigerIsMLG> wat
[11:49] <Beeofboys> o/ 
[11:50] <AmazingPythor> Uh, firetiger
[11:51] <FiretigerIsMLG> what
[11:51] <AmazingPythor> We have our own system for determining activity, so writing that you are "semi inactive" on your userpage is redundant :P 
[11:51] <AmazingPythor> Just to let you know
[11:51] <FiretigerIsMLG> XD
[11:51] <FiretigerIsMLG> on mbs im semi inactive
[11:52] <FiretigerIsMLG> sry
[11:52] <FiretigerIsMLG> i didnt know
[11:52] <Ked830> beeeeeeeeeeee
[11:52] <FiretigerIsMLG> hi
[11:52] <AmazingPythor> Oh it's fine lol, I'll undo it now. :P 
[11:52] <FiretigerIsMLG> welcome to mb land of FT
[11:52] <FiretigerIsMLG> XD
[11:52] <FiretigerIsMLG> 
[11:53] <Beeofboys> keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
[11:53] <Beeofboys> o/ 
[11:54] <FiretigerIsMLG> welcome to mb land of FT
[11:54] <Ked830> haiiii how are youuu
[11:54] <Ked830> hai wilf and skully
[11:54] <Skully Of House Lannister> sup 
[11:54] <AmazingPythor> Well that geologist didn't last long
[11:55] <FiretigerIsMLG> XD
[11:55] <Beeofboys> Ked i am good
[11:55] <FiretigerIsMLG> welcome to mb land of FT
[11:55] <Beeofboys> very busy now
[11:55] <Ked830> good c:
[11:55] <Ked830> oo with what?
[11:55] <Beeofboys> lots of lifting and therapy for my knee
[11:55] <Beeofboys> :P 
[11:56] <Skully Of House Lannister> so pete burns died
[11:56] <Skully Of House Lannister> answering the question 
[11:56] <FiretigerIsMLG> welcome to mb land of FT
[11:56] <Skully Of House Lannister> Dead or Alive 
[11:56] <Ked830> ah i see
[11:56] <Skully Of House Lannister> (Derp0
[11:56] <Skully Of House Lannister> * (Derp) 
[11:58] <FiretigerIsMLG> welcome to mb land of FT
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