[10:50] <AmazingPythor> Okay now going bye
[10:50] <Impossibubbles> o/ 
[10:52] <HyperFlash Studios> Well Bubbles, on the policy page, the MoS is listed under guidelines, and it says if they interfere with your improving the wiki you can ignore them
[10:53] <Impossibubbles> People get all hissy and worked up over pointless things. It's better to force them to vote on it.
[10:53] <HyperFlash Studios> Lol
[10:53] <HyperFlash Studios> True
[10:54] <HyperFlash Studios> Anyway, gotta run
[10:54] <HyperFlash Studios> Later
[10:56] <Matoro4212> I can't sleep T_T
[11:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> sajfksajfsa
[11:22] <Legoanimals750> Dang it Bubbles I was going to do that one. :P 
[11:33] <Romaniandude12> no mods
[11:34] <Romaniandude12> thats rare
[11:35] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[11:35] <Legoanimals750> With Hyper and AP not on there's no mods at this time 
[11:35] <Romaniandude12> huh
[11:35] <Romaniandude12> interesting
[11:37] <Impossibubbles> I trust you can behave yourselves 
[11:39] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[11:40] <Legoanimals750> *Thinks about saying something but doesn't* :P 
[11:40] <KnightoftheLight> Is it against the rules? :P 
[11:41] <Legoanimals750> No, just something silly. :P 
[11:41] <Impossibubbles> I still log chat and screenshot issues to give to the mods, so it would be wise to keep to the rules :P 
[11:41] <Impossibubbles> Ayyy
[11:41] <Impossibubbles> Rus
[11:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> wow
[11:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> tattle tale
[11:42] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[11:42] <Impossibubbles> Wow, following guidelines is a good thing :P 
[11:42] <RusMan> Oh, hello :p 
[11:42] <Legoanimals750> This new LMB troll is amusing 
[11:42] <RusMan> I guess I ruined everyone's fun? :p 
[11:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah
[11:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> return of the mods
[11:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> aaaa
[11:42] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[11:43] <KnightoftheLight> Webby, is it that Lebawan200 or whatever? :P 
[11:43] <Romaniandude12> yes rus
[11:43] <Legoanimals750> Yeah
[11:43] <Romaniandude12> you fail
[11:43] <Legoanimals750> Well Rus there's was was like no one talking for like 30 minutes
[11:43] <KnightoftheLight> She doesn't seem to really be doing anything controversial. :P 
[11:44] <Legoanimals750> "you should retire aren;t you like 40 thats what I heard?!" Her to Ben
[11:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[11:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> rekt
[11:45] <KnightoftheLight> Ooooh, I haven'g checked her recent posts then. :P 
[11:45] <RusMan> Lol 40
[11:45] <Legoanimals750> Yeah, Ben's 40 for sure. :P 
[11:46] <RusMan> Ben definitely is 40. (Ys) 
[11:46] <KnightoftheLight> Proabably not a dupe of Spinlyn, but it could be the same person running both is Spinlyn is a dupe. :P 
[11:46] <KnightoftheLight> *if
[11:46] <KnightoftheLight> By her logic, the Mods should retire too. :P 
[11:46] <KnightoftheLight> Even though they're amazing. :3
[11:46] <Legoanimals750> "hey guys! i loved galidor so I decided to make a fanclub about it does anyone else like Galidor?"
[11:47] <KnightoftheLight> Is 12
[11:47] <Legoanimals750> "Great advice this will help me be the coolest user ever"
[11:47] <KnightoftheLight> Loved Galidor which was around in like 2002.
[11:47] <KnightoftheLight> She sounds like Fetus Spinlyn brought forward in time,
[11:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> "fetus spinlyn"
[11:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> my sides are in venus
[11:58] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[11:59] <Majolo9050> aii o/ 
[11:59] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[11:59] <Impossibubbles> ayy o/ 
[11:59] <Majolo9050> aii o/ 
[11:59] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[11:59] <Impossibubbles> ayy o/ 
[12:00] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[12:01] <I'mDivergent> dangit I needed to ask Sam something
[12:01] <I'mDivergent> hi webby
[12:01] <Majolo9050> GAND
[12:01] <Majolo9050> ai
[12:01] <GandalftheWizard> MAAJJY
[12:02] <Impossibubbles> I think I finally found the perfect music for my profile
[12:03] <Legoanimals750> Nice
[12:03] <Impossibubbles> c:
[12:03] <Majolo9050> good for you :3
[12:04] <Legoanimals750> I need a new theme. :P 
[12:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> what is it
[12:04] <KnightoftheLight> ...I never left, so how did I miss Div? XD
[12:04] <KnightoftheLight> Does it show me as leaving when I'm on other tabs? :P 
[12:04] <Impossibubbles> It's the theatrical version of the original star trek theme
[12:04] <Impossibubbles> it's great
[12:04] <KnightoftheLight> o/ o/ 
[12:04] <Impossibubbles> ayyy
[12:04] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[12:04] <Impossibubbles> AP o/ 
[12:05] <AmazingPythor> ayyyy
[12:05] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles guess what
[12:05] <Impossibubbles> What?
[12:05] <AmazingPythor> I finished Season 3 of su
[12:05] <Matoro4212> I have never seen a Star Trek film
[12:05] <Impossibubbles> And? o3o
[12:05] <AmazingPythor> I must say, Bubbled is among my favorite episodes. o3o
[12:05] <Impossibubbles> The new ones are good, matoro. You may like them
[12:05] <Impossibubbles> I thought it was quite good too
[12:06] <AmazingPythor> Also your Pink Diamond theory seemed possible once Jasper was out of the picture
[12:06] <AmazingPythor> But now I'm not so sure. :{P 
[12:06] <Impossibubbles> Well
[12:06] <AmazingPythor> For, well, obvious reasons. :P 
[12:07] <Impossibubbles> I wasn't going to spoil anything, since I almost accidentally did xD
[12:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> speaking of SU
[12:07] <BraveNewRoyalty>
[12:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> >cleavage: poor
[12:07] <Impossibubbles> I decided to be quiet about it for once :P 
[12:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> kinda like the one in SU
[12:07] <AmazingPythor> Fair enough bubbles
[12:07] <Impossibubbles> gg brave xD
[12:07] <Impossibubbles> what one
[12:07] <Matoro4212> Which ones are the 'new' ones? xD
[12:07] <AmazingPythor> How many episodes in season 4 are out yet
[12:08] <Impossibubbles> The reboot Star Trek movies. Star Trek (2009), into darkness, and Beyond 
[12:08] <Impossibubbles> I think just 2, AP
[12:08] <AmazingPythor> Oh I'm not super far behind then
[12:08] <AmazingPythor> I'll finish catching up tomorrow
[12:08] <Impossibubbles> kk :P 
[12:09] <Impossibubbles> o/ 
[12:09] <ItsCryptiid> APparently I've clocked in 566 hours in Destiny
[12:09] <ItsCryptiid> Never played that much time on a game
[12:09] <Impossibubbles> wow :P 
[12:09] <Legoanimals750> Dang. :P 
[12:09] <Impossibubbles> that's over 23 days of solid game play xD
[12:10] <ItsCryptiid> 23.6, technically.
[12:10] <Legoanimals750> 466 is the most I've played on 1 game. :P 
[12:10] <ItsCryptiid> Aiming for 600 by the time I start school.
[12:10] <ItsCryptiid> Gonna screenshot when I hit 666.6 hours
[12:10] <ItsCryptiid> For Satan
[12:11] <AmazingPythor> [[Thread:273725]] Vote if you have yet to do so.
[12:11] <Matoro4212> I heard a lot of good things abou ST: Beyond
[12:11] <ItsCryptiid> I don't care about Star Trek myself
[12:11] <Impossibubbles> It was quite good
[12:11] <AmazingPythor> Yeah I enjoyed it, even though the trailer was garbage.
[12:11] <Impossibubbles> Pretty awesome on the big screen
[12:12] <ItsCryptiid> Literally never seen any of the Star Trek tv shows or movies
[12:12] <AmazingPythor> I didn't until a few weeks ago Crypt so
[12:12] <ItsCryptiid> No gosh-darn clue on where to start.
[12:12] <ItsCryptiid> On how to get into Star Trek.
[12:12] <ItsCryptiid> I'm entry-level as hell on Star Wars
[12:13] <AmazingPythor> Getting into Star Wars is a bit more straightforward 
[12:13] <ItsCryptiid> Yeah I hear.
[12:13] <Impossibubbles> You can start at the beginning of any of the star trek shows. TNG or original series are the best. And the three new movies stand alone well
[12:13] <AmazingPythor> But I watched Beyond without seeing anything else from the series in my life
[12:13] <AmazingPythor> And I could follow the plot easily
[12:13] <ItsCryptiid> Does the order in which I watch the TV shows and/or movies matter?
[12:13] <AmazingPythor> So
[12:13] <Impossibubbles> Nope, cryp
[12:13] <ItsCryptiid> WEW
[12:14] <AmazingPythor> Watch Star Trek 5 first Crypt, it'll do a good job of catching your interest.
[12:14] <Impossibubbles> AP shut up
[12:14] <AmazingPythor> sry ;~;
[12:14] <Impossibubbles> You haven't even seen that horror show
[12:14] <Impossibubbles> I lived through it
[12:14] <AmazingPythor> Whoa only mod on rn
[12:14] <ItsCryptiid> Oy vey
[12:14] <Impossibubbles> Vulcan Jesus
[12:14] <Impossibubbles> Oh AP
[12:14] <AmazingPythor> Hm?
[12:15] <Impossibubbles> I watched the nostalgia critic ep for star trek V after I finished it
[12:15] <AmazingPythor> Wait he did an episode on that
[12:15] <Impossibubbles> And he calls the guy Vulcan Jesus too! xD
[12:15] <AmazingPythor> Nice :P 
[12:15] <ItsCryptiid>
[12:15] <ItsCryptiid> KEK
[12:15] <AmazingPythor> I saw him review Star Trek 9
[12:15] <AmazingPythor> Insurrection I mean
[12:15] <Impossibubbles> yeah I saw that one too
[12:15] <Impossibubbles> and he said, save for some annoying side bits, it wasn't horrible
[12:16] <Impossibubbles> Data getting his emotion chip was pretty annoying
[12:16] <AmazingPythor> Emotion chip what
[12:16] <Impossibubbles> Data is an Android 
[12:16] <AmazingPythor> Ik
[12:16] <ItsCryptiid> I snagged a copy of Life is Strange Chapter 1 on Steam when it was free and I've never touched it since
[12:16] <AmazingPythor> But why
[12:16] <Impossibubbles> and all he wants is to be more human
[12:16] <Legoanimals750> lol
[12:16] <AmazingPythor> How tragic 
[12:16] <Impossibubbles> Not really
[12:17] <Legoanimals750> @Crypti
[12:17] <Impossibubbles> Humans fascinate him, but he doesn't have emotions, so it's not like something that bothers him, or the person watching
[12:17] <Impossibubbles> He was better without them
[12:17] <Impossibubbles> thankfully the chip malfunctions 
[12:17] <AmazingPythor> How is he fascinated by something if he has no emotions. :{P 
[12:17] <Impossibubbles> He learns 
[12:18] <Impossibubbles> But he can be joyful or sad or angry, ect.
[12:18] <Impossibubbles> *can't
[12:18] <Impossibubbles> He was probably one of the best characters in the show
[12:18] <AmazingPythor> Well finding something interesting implies enjoying learning or pondering something, and enjoyment is an emotion. :{P 
[12:18] <AmazingPythor> Maybe I'm just being overly technical :P 
[12:20] <Impossibubbles> It's more like a programmed response. He's designed to learn and expand his data banks. He wants to learn about humans because he's surrounded by them daily. :P 
[12:20] <Impossibubbles> Lore is annoying
[12:20] <AmazingPythor> Oh so he's programmed to be intuitive, I getcha.
[12:20] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[12:20] <AmazingPythor> not intuitive
[12:20] <AmazingPythor> I'm tired and I guess my vocabulary is screwed apparently
[12:20] <Impossibubbles> xD
[12:21] <Impossibubbles> There's this one scene that I just love for some reason xD
[12:21] <Impossibubbles> He's giving a briefing and gets himself stuck in chinese handcuffs xD
[12:21] <AmazingPythor> ... :P 
[12:22] <AmazingPythor> In Insurrection? :P 
[12:22] <Impossibubbles> No xD
[12:22] <Impossibubbles>
[12:22] <AmazingPythor> I was thinking of the word investigative I guess...?
[12:22] <Impossibubbles> Tell me Patrick Stewart's voice isn't just the best
[12:22] <AmazingPythor> I'm out of it today
[12:22] <AmazingPythor> Holy crap he does have a nice voice
[12:23] <Impossibubbles> I know. Part of why I love him (sie) 
[12:24] <AmazingPythor> "Apologies captain, I seem to have reached an odd functional impasse."
[12:24] <Impossibubbles> xD
[12:25] <BatGirl9431> Hello.
[12:25] <AmazingPythor> Reminds me a bit of Spock actually, from my limited experience at least.
[12:25] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[12:26] <Impossibubbles> He is reminiscent of spock in some ways, except that he enjoys learning about human customs and ideas. Spock wanted to be as Vulcan as possible and ignore his human heritage 
[12:27] <AmazingPythor> Well I'm not saying that Data looks like the new Spock, they merely have similar traits. :P 
[12:27] <Impossibubbles> I love this xD
[12:28] <AmazingPythor> NICE PIPE
[12:28] <Impossibubbles> ikr
[12:28] <AmazingPythor> That's the second best pipe I've seen today
[12:28] <Romaniandude12> BUBBLES
[12:28] <Romaniandude12> THE SUBTITLES
[12:28] <Romaniandude12> ITS ROMANIAN
[12:28] <Romaniandude12> XD
[12:28] <Impossibubbles> ha :P 
[12:28] <Romaniandude12> lol
[12:29] <Impossibubbles> I love the end of the scene xD
[12:29] <Romaniandude12> I rarely see romanian anywehre
[12:29] <Romaniandude12> shocking when I do
[12:29] <AmazingPythor> This is like a cartoon
[12:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> patrick stewart's best role was in fall of eagles
[12:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> where he played vladimir lenin
[12:30] <Herr keplers> Aw, man, Batty left.
[12:30] <Herr keplers> Ulrich have you seen Schwarzesmarken
[12:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> no
[12:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh crap its an anigay
[12:30] <Impossibubbles> ata always makes things weird. :P In this particular ep he read all of the Sherlock books
[12:30] <Herr keplers> Also I have no idea why I still call you that, do you mind
[12:30] <Impossibubbles> *Data
[12:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> i dont care
[12:31] <Herr keplers> Mmk
[12:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> afk war thunder
[12:31] <Herr keplers> Yeh i-- damn you
[12:31] <AmazingPythor> So he's not bereft of human-esque traits then
[12:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> tfw i accidentally bought an italian bomber
[12:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> kill me
[12:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> afk still
[12:31] <Herr keplers> How did you make a mistake that moronic
[12:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> i didnt know there were multiple planes in one slot in the research panel
[12:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> >afk
[12:32] <Impossibubbles> He likes to imitate humans, yes :P 
[12:32] <Impossibubbles> He just doesn't understand fully what he's imitating 
[12:32] <AmazingPythor> He's obviously not completely without emotion or personality then. :{P 
[12:33] <Impossibubbles> He can produce emotion and display. He doesn't have an understanding of it. :P 
[12:33] <Impossibubbles> Or what it mean
[12:33] <Impossibubbles> s
[12:33] <AmazingPythor> Well if he enjoys imitating things he must have some degree of personality. :{P 
[12:34] <Herr keplers> AP, stop exploiting semantics :P 
[12:34] <Herr keplers> As Bubbles is a highly emotional human being, it's hard to describe how an emotionless construct would behave :P 
[12:35] <Impossibubbles> He was programmed with very basic personality. Enough for him to find things interesting and understand that he wants to be able to experience the things humans do. He just isn't able to :P 
[12:35] <AmazingPythor> Perhaps I'm reading too deeply into things.
[12:35] <Herr keplers> opening rust
[12:35] <AmazingPythor> Well that's rather cruel Bubbles :P 
[12:35] <Impossibubbles> There is a reason
[12:35] <Herr keplers> fair warning i have no idea what to do from here
[12:35] <AmazingPythor> I get why they'd program him to want to understand humans
[12:35] <Impossibubbles> When you watch the show and get to the episode with Lore you understand :P 
[12:36] <AmazingPythor> But to want to imitate them when in reality he is physically unable to sounds rather torturous. :P 
[12:36] <AmazingPythor> Fine, fine. :P 
[12:36] <Impossibubbles> He's supposed to be able to think for himself. :P 
[12:37] <Impossibubbles> That was something he set as a goal for himself :P 
[12:37] <Impossibubbles> He wasn't specifically programmed to imitate them :P I believe if comes from humans being the people who found him and reactivated him
[12:37] <AmazingPythor> So he has limited free will?
[12:38] <Impossibubbles> No, I don't believe so
[12:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah so what were you gonna say kep
[12:38] <AmazingPythor> But his mind is more complex than mere calculations and whatnot
[12:38] <Herr keplers> It's an anime set in the DDR
[12:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> /ohboy/
[12:38] <Herr keplers> Complete with alien invasions
[12:38] <Herr keplers> And irritating Stasi
[12:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> /OHBOY/
[12:38] <Herr keplers> And <span style="font-style:italic;">politics</span>
[12:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> is the main girl a qt aryan
[12:38] <Herr keplers> well
[12:39] <Herr keplers> ...
[12:39] <Herr keplers> crap
[12:39] <AmazingPythor> He seems to be able to contemplate distinctly human topics from what I understand
[12:39] <Herr keplers> maybe
[12:39] <Impossibubbles> He was designed to be as close to human as possible. But his emotions were intentionally disconnected.
[12:39] <Herr keplers> maybe all three of the lead girls are, yes
[12:39] <Impossibubbles> There's an episode where you meet the designer 
[12:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> how do you know all of this
[12:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> did you /watch/ it
[12:39] <Herr keplers> I've seen it
[12:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh my god
[12:39] <Herr keplers> It's <span style="font-style:italic;">about the DDR</span>
[12:39] <Herr keplers> What did you expect man
[12:40] <Herr keplers> It's really not cringeworty
[12:40] <AmazingPythor> So he can philosophize and set goals for himself without feeling emotion, hm.
[12:40] <Herr keplers> *worthy
[12:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah let me bookmark this
[12:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> probably #3 in my watch list
[12:40] <AmazingPythor> An intellectually-driven computer, that's rather ingenious
[12:40] <Herr keplers> yey
[12:41] <AmazingPythor> So it's not gonna pull a HAL 9000 I assume
[12:41] <Herr keplers> >Data
[12:41] <Herr keplers> >HAL
[12:41] <Herr keplers> AP r u a n00b
[12:41] <AmazingPythor> Technically speaking, yes.
[12:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> ap
[12:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> data gets court martialed
[12:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> for having too many feelings
[12:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[12:41] <AmazingPythor> I have seen a total of like four minutes of data
[12:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> also kep
[12:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> "The East German Army 666th TSF Squadron"
[12:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> >666th
[12:42] <Herr keplers> I've never seen Star Trek and I know more about it than you smh
[12:42] <Herr keplers> That's the Schwarzesmarken Ulrich
[12:42] <Herr keplers> "Black marks"
[12:42] <Herr keplers> Of course it's gonna be 666 (Derp4) 
[12:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh what the hell
[12:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> this anime is recent
[12:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> no wonder why i havent heard about it
[12:42] <Impossibubbles> Well he's supposed to be the most advanced android to date in the show. Lore is a previous model, and in some ways superior to data, but because of that superiority, he sees himself as better than humans. That's part of why data's emotions were taken away. Because he needed to have some sort of flaw, or he would end up like lore
[12:42] <Herr keplers> Yeah it came out January this year
[12:43] <AmazingPythor> I mean, I gather it would be rather amoral and focused more on its goals and its personal search for knowledge than anything
[12:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> is this red haired person a girl or does s/he just have a large pectoral muscle system
[12:43] <Herr keplers> It's a guy if it's the person I'm thinking of
[12:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> >eberbach
[12:43] <Herr keplers> Yeah
[12:43] <Herr keplers> It's a guy
[12:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> also wth
[12:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> >hohenstein
[12:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> (((hohenstein)))
[12:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> >stein
[12:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> jewish german monarch?
[12:44] <Herr keplers> lel
[12:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> omg
[12:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> the op of this anime is called
[12:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> "white forces"
[12:44] <Herr keplers> They have Waldheim too
[12:44] <Impossibubbles> Data adheres to Star Fleet guidelines, therefore has a sort of moral code :P 
[12:45] <RusMan> Time to try out Warframe. :p 
[12:45] <AmazingPythor> Well as long as its kept away from emotions and human concepts like greed and envy I'm certain it wouldn't pull a HAL :{P 
[12:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> spoiler alert:
[12:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> data pulls a HAL
[12:45] <Impossibubbles> he does
[12:45] <Impossibubbles> in one ep
[12:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> or his evil twin stepbrother does
[12:45] <Impossibubbles> I can't remember why though
[12:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> data nigma
[12:45] <Impossibubbles> oh, wait
[12:45] <Herr keplers> it's sort of inevitable that a machine will pull a HAL at some point
[12:46] <Herr keplers> even if it's reversed
[12:46] <Impossibubbles> I think you're right, it might have been Lore
[12:46] <Herr keplers> that's how fiction works
[12:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> the advancement of AI = more HAL
[12:46] <Impossibubbles> I don't know, I'm watching the series again
[12:46] <Impossibubbles> I haven't gotten to that ep yet
[12:46] <Impossibubbles> I vaguely remember it
[12:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> the most secure security code ever
[12:46] <AmazingPythor> Does he become too smart for Star Fleet's influence and obtain some form of free will?
[12:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> he kisses a girl
[12:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> so yeah
[12:47] <Herr keplers> kek
[12:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> and is on trial for intimacy
[12:47] <Impossibubbles> oh it was from an ep with Lore
[12:47] <AmazingPythor> That'll do it.
[12:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> tfw a robot gets more girls than keps
[12:47] <Herr keplers> *had a relationship*
[12:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> did u kiss
[12:47] <Herr keplers> screw off
[12:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> kek
[12:47] <AmazingPythor> Anyways Bubbles
[12:48] <AmazingPythor> I recommend watching 2001, I think you'd find it interesting
[12:48] <Herr keplers> ... has she not read/seen 2001
[12:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> (i havent)
[12:48] <AmazingPythor> Iirc she has not
[12:49] <AmazingPythor> Arguably the best sci-fi film ever
[12:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> hurr i thought that was star wars
[12:49] <AmazingPythor> plz
[12:50] <Impossibubbles> oh I just watched this ep xDDD
[12:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> best sci fi movie is spaceballs actually
[12:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> (kappa) 
[12:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> darth helmet kinda looks like keps
[12:51] <AmazingPythor> "obscure language known as French"
[12:51] <Herr keplers> you know what looks like you ulrich
[12:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> who
[12:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> or what
[12:51] <Herr keplers> Tojo
[12:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> im not even bald
[12:52] <Impossibubbles> last one. Picard is savage xD
[12:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> im the least nihonjin person ever
[12:52] <Herr keplers> mmh
[12:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> hajimaste fellow nihonjin
[12:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> >insert skateboarder guy
[12:53] <AmazingPythor> This is bnr
[12:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> lolwut
[12:53] <AmazingPythor> "Data seeks advice about women"
[12:53] <AmazingPythor> what
[12:55] <Impossibubbles> He was in charge of keep an eye on someone
[12:55] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[12:55] <Impossibubbles> I can't remember exactly why
[12:56] <AmazingPythor> Oh that makes a tad more sense
[12:56] <Impossibubbles> yeah xD
[12:56] <AmazingPythor> I'm not so sure of the details of HAL's love life
[12:56] <Impossibubbles> xD
[12:57] <Impossibubbles> okay
[12:57] <Impossibubbles> the minecraft forum hurts my eyes
[12:57] <AmazingPythor> Is it even worse than Ninjago
[12:57] <Impossibubbles>
[12:58] <AmazingPythor> ... Ouch
[12:58] <AmazingPythor> Not as bad as Ninjago I still think
[12:58] <AmazingPythor> Disney Princess may be the worst
[12:58] <Impossibubbles> I literally had to turn down the brightness of my screen xD
[12:58] <AmazingPythor> How are you supposed to look at that for more than a minute at a time
[12:58] <AmazingPythor> Is this some method of eliminating spam...?
[12:58] <Impossibubbles> the princess one doesn't bother me really
[12:59] <Legoanimals750> probably AP :P 
[12:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> jeuss christ
[12:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> shut it dowwnnn
[12:59] <BraveNewRoyalty>
[12:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> what the hell
[12:59] <Impossibubbles> why (derp) 
[12:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> "i think dora would win because boots would punch the enderdragon in the face and give him papercuts with the map"
[01:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> pull the trigger piglett
[01:00] <Legoanimals750> (y) 
[01:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> uhhh
[01:00] <AmazingPythor> What the hell why is that still not buried by topics
[01:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> "AwesomePyth0r"
[01:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> ap
[01:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> (yk) 
[01:00] <AmazingPythor> Hey I can explain
[01:00] <Legoanimals750> is that a failed reader? :P 
[01:00] <AmazingPythor>
[01:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> explain
[01:01] <AmazingPythor> That topic was intentionally lame
[01:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> no you were just intentionally made to be lame 
[01:01] <AmazingPythor> It was part of an April Fool's Prank
[01:01] <AmazingPythor> That too
[01:01] <AmazingPythor> The joke was that my attempts at pranking people were stupidly obvious
[01:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> please
[01:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> next time you do that
[01:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> make it a little clever
[01:02] <AmazingPythor> It was intentionally unclever 
[01:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> <span class="me-username">* <span>BraveNewRoyalty</span></span> breathes in
[01:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
[01:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> its stuff like this that makes me lose hope in humanity
[01:02] <Legoanimals750> you still have some? :P 
[01:02] <AmazingPythor> My plan contained multiple levels of satire. :{P 
[01:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> not really lego
[01:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> only keps keeps me going
[01:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> <3
[01:03] <Legoanimals750> oh. (derp) 
[01:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> i probably do the opposite to him
[01:04] <Impossibubbles> the biggest RP in the MC forum is like 60 pages
[01:05] <AmazingPythor> The theme came like two years after the game's prime
[01:05] <Legoanimals750> People still play it though. :P 
[01:06] <Impossibubbles> why
[01:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats dark
[01:06] <Legoanimals750> The angry bird movie tho, way too late
[01:06] <AmazingPythor> LTT lol
[01:06] <Impossibubbles> I saw that movie
[01:06] <Impossibubbles> I didn't hate it
[01:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> keppp
[01:07] <Impossibubbles> I didn't like it either
[01:07] <AmazingPythor> It looked rather atrocious
[01:07] <AmazingPythor> And why is it a thing
[01:07] <Impossibubbles> it was pretty meh
[01:07] <Legoanimals750> They should of made it in 2011 though 
[01:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> why do birds make such damn good mobile games
[01:07] <Legoanimals750> people love bird
[01:07] <AmazingPythor> I got into Flappybird like a year after it was cool
[01:07] <Legoanimals750> birds*
[01:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> birds are very important
[01:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> bavi
[01:08] <Impossibubbles> I always thought that game was lame
[01:08] <AmazingPythor> It kind of was
[01:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> what is a game that you dont think is lame
[01:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats the real question bubbles
[01:08] <Legoanimals750> I never got into it
[01:08] <Impossibubbles> Legend of Zelda
[01:08] <AmazingPythor> Flappybird was stupidly addicting to me in 9th grade
[01:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> i wanna make the grill gammr joke
[01:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> but i'll refrain
[01:09] <Impossibubbles> It was just frustrating 
[01:09] <AmazingPythor> Now I have better things to do with my life
[01:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> /only because i think link is hot/
[01:09] <Legoanimals750> Like go on the LMB wiki (y) 
[01:09] <AmazingPythor> Like whip out this bad boy
[01:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> paper mario
[01:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> aaaaaaaaaaaaa
[01:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> the only console i have is a japanese ps2
[01:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> doesnt even work with american games
[01:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> and i broke it by taking it apart
[01:10] <Assassin Swipe> xD
[01:10] <Assassin Swipe> That's cool :P 
[01:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> its not coo
[01:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> l
[01:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> i cant play it anymore
[01:10] <AmazingPythor> I have an N64, PS2, 360, Wii, GCN, Wii U, 3ds. ds
[01:10] <AmazingPythor> I think that's all
[01:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> and we all know what a pain in the butt it is to emulate
[01:10] <Assassin Swipe> I meant the Japanese PS2 part was cool :P 
[01:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> >not having a virtual boy
[01:10] <AmazingPythor> I'm considering getting an SNES
[01:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> git gud ap
[01:10] <AmazingPythor> ikr bnr
[01:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> appp
[01:11] <Assassin Swipe> It's pretty easy to emulate I thouh 
[01:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> if you get a snes
[01:11] <Assassin Swipe> thought*
[01:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> play castlevania iv
[01:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> not ps2 swipe
[01:11] <AmazingPythor> Castlevaniaaaaa
[01:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> the only emulator for ps2 is crap
[01:11] <Impossibubbles> i wish people would give legit reasons when they delete things
[01:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> delet this
[01:11] <Assassin Swipe> I've used a PS2 emulator tho 
[01:11] <Impossibubbles> this page meets MOS standards, and I don't know why it was deleted
[01:11] <AmazingPythor> What happened Bubbles?
[01:11] <Assassin Swipe> I mean I installed it 
[01:11] <Assassin Swipe> I didn't USE it :P 
[01:11] <Assassin Swipe> I just had it :P 
[01:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah 
[01:11] <AmazingPythor> Link
[01:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> it probably sucks
[01:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> also ps2 games are large
[01:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> and take a while to dl
[01:11] <Legoanimals750> *It was deleted for "reasons"*
[01:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> i wish i could just torrent
[01:11] <AmazingPythor> Or describe, whatever
[01:12] <Impossibubbles> nvm, there it is
[01:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> ap do you know what kancolle is
[01:12] <Assassin Swipe> Anna o/ 
[01:12] <AnnaGR9552> Hello o/ 
[01:12] <AmazingPythor> Don't think so
[01:12] <Impossibubbles> It says it doesn't meet MOS standards, Perf you dork.
[01:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> well
[01:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> it's a game about wwii ships
[01:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> except they're all anime girls
[01:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> (derp) 
[01:12] <AmazingPythor> What did Info~bae do
[01:13] <AmazingPythor> Charming bnr
[01:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> iconically called "shipgirls"
[01:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> what is a shipgirl?
[01:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> nothing but a miserable pile of seamen
[01:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> (derp4) 
[01:13] <AmazingPythor> no
[01:13] <AnnaGR9552> have you guys checked out No Man's Sky?
[01:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah
[01:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> /big disappointment"
[01:13] <Impossibubbles> He got an article deleted without looking at the actual topic, methinks :P 
[01:13] <Assassin Swipe> BNR how far did you get into it?
[01:13] <AmazingPythor> What do you think was his reasoning :{P 
[01:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> like
[01:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> 5 minutes
[01:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> then it crashed
[01:14] <Assassin Swipe> BNR that's not enough time to judg- oh :P 
[01:14] <AnnaGR9552> Have you guys done No Man's Sky?
[01:14] <Impossibubbles> It says "doesn't meet MOS stadards" ap :P 
[01:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> i read enough about it anyways
[01:14] <Impossibubbles> and based on the article, it doesn't
[01:14] <Impossibubbles> Not based on the topic tho xD
[01:14] <AmazingPythor> ... Oh.
[01:14] <Impossibubbles> anyway, I have undelete powers
[01:14] <AmazingPythor> Huzzah
[01:14] <Impossibubbles> so it's fine :P 
[01:14] <AmazingPythor> Do your undeletion witchcraft
[01:14] <AnnaGR9552> has anyone played NMS?
[01:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> oml
[01:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> ask roddy when he comes on
[01:15] <AmazingPythor> It's kinda late for him though
[01:16] <AnnaGR9552> who's roddy?
[01:16] <Herr keplers> a dirtbag
[01:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> a nms fanatic
[01:16] <Herr keplers> I mean a person
[01:16] <Herr keplers> Heyyy it's ANna
[01:16] <Herr keplers> *Anna
[01:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> ap
[01:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> good luck adding to the song's game
[01:16] <AmazingPythor> bnr
[01:16] <AnnaGR9552> it is indeed :P is this the same Keps I know? :P 
[01:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> songs*
[01:16] <AmazingPythor> kk
[01:16] <AmazingPythor> Dammit bnr
[01:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> no 
[01:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> he's a herr now
[01:16] <AnnaGR9552> which means? :P 
[01:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> a sir
[01:17] <Legoanimals750> Yes he's the same one. :P 
[01:17] <Impossibubbles> like a sir
[01:17] <Herr keplers> This is a totally different man named Keplers
[01:17] <Herr keplers> Because there are exactly...
[01:17] <Herr keplers> <span style="font-style:italic;">one</span> of them
[01:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> you will regard to him as Reichsfeldmarschall Keplers
[01:17] <Herr keplers> ^^^^
[01:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> sorry i meant *keplers
[01:17] <AnnaGR9552> That's what I thought Kep :P 
[01:17] <Herr keplers> nah nya's not online
[01:17] <Herr keplers> it's cool
[01:17] <Legoanimals750> lol
[01:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> honestly kep
[01:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> what if a girl irl called you reichsfeldmarschall
[01:18] <AmazingPythor> Eat that bnr
[01:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> damn
[01:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> time to break out
[01:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> the songs ending in foreign languages
[01:19] <Herr keplers> I would "eat that" if a girl called me that
[01:20] <AnnaGR9552> what does it mean?
[01:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> reich field marshal
[01:20] <AnnaGR9552> what does that first word mean? 'P
[01:20] <AnnaGR9552> *;P
[01:21] <AnnaGR9552> * ;P 
[01:21] <AnnaGR9552> ug
[01:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> realm
[01:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> well that's the /literal/
[01:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> the real meaning is more akin to country/nation/empire
[01:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> mostly empire
[01:21] <AnnaGR9552> Ok
[01:21] <AnnaGR9552> I know no German :P 
[01:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> like
[01:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> 70% of non germans know what reich means
[01:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> cause hitler
[01:22] <AnnaGR9552> I know :P 
[01:22] <AnnaGR9552> and actually, I am part German
[01:22] <AnnaGR9552> along with 5 other races ;P 
[01:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> hitler would not approve
[01:22] <Impossibubbles> People adding topic categories to user articles (yk) 
[01:22] <AnnaGR9552> yeah well ;P he's crazy ;P 
[01:22] <AmazingPythor>
[01:23] <AmazingPythor> What Bubbles
[01:23] <Legoanimals750> What? 
[01:23] <AmazingPythor> Who committed this atrocity
[01:23] <Impossibubbles> I dunno. I removed them from two articles
[01:23] <Legoanimals750> check the history. :P 
[01:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> kep
[01:23] <AmazingPythor> Who the hell would even do that
[01:24] <AnnaGR9552> *doesnt know what happened*
[01:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> keppp
[01:24] <AnnaGR9552> I feel so clueless ;P 
[01:24] <Herr keplers> yes ma'am
[01:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> anna just said der fuhrer is crazy
[01:24] <Herr keplers> @ulrich
[01:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> do you care to correct them
[01:24] <Herr keplers> WAS
[01:24] <Impossibubbles> Because the person mainly posted in the city roleplay forum I guess. That category it to keep track of topic articles that belong in the city roleplay though
[01:24] <AmazingPythor> Lol Bubbles
[01:24] <AnnaGR9552> Hehe, I'm leaving ;P 
[01:24] <AmazingPythor> You know what I used to see a lot
[01:25] <AmazingPythor> The roleplay category in user articles
[01:25] <Impossibubbles> Oh I remember seeing that a few times
[01:25] <Impossibubbles> like
[01:25] <Impossibubbles> no xD
[01:25] <Herr keplers> and we scared her off (y) 
[01:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> kep what would you say if
[01:25] <AmazingPythor> I saw it fairly often
[01:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> i roleplayed on a anon rp site as kaiser wilhem ii
[01:25] <AmazingPythor> They were only completely eradicated like
[01:25] <AnnaGR9552> I'm staying ;P 
[01:25] <AmazingPythor> A month ago
[01:26] <Impossibubbles> remember when you used to add useless categories AP
[01:26] <AmazingPythor> This deleted account should be marked as inactive !!!!!!!
[01:26] <Impossibubbles> xDDD
[01:26] <BraveNewRoyalty>
[01:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> 
[01:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> @anna
[01:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> this is kep's favorite song
[01:26] <Herr keplers> Don't listen to him
[01:26] <AnnaGR9552> XD
[01:26] <Herr keplers> My real favorite song is anti-Nazi
[01:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> is it the ddr anthem
[01:27] <AmazingPythor> Also bubbles
[01:27] <Herr keplers> oh screw you
[01:27] <AmazingPythor> I wouldn't even edit the template
[01:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> by ddr i mean Dance Dance Revolution (kappa) 
[01:27] <AmazingPythor> I'd just add inactive under visual editor
[01:27] <Herr keplers> like I would enjoy commie garba--
[01:27] <Herr keplers> go away :P 
[01:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[01:27] <Impossibubbles> (yk) 
[01:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> anti nazi
[01:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> hmm
[01:27] <AmazingPythor> I basically exclusively used VE
[01:27] <Impossibubbles> Some people have done that with rank categories
[01:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> is it das deutschlandlied
[01:28] <AmazingPythor> Because I thought SE would require 
[01:28] <AmazingPythor> complex coding knowledge !!!!!
[01:28] <Impossibubbles> sometimes I'll see a minotaur still in the roman soldier list
[01:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> or gott erhalte franz den kaiser
[01:28] <AmazingPythor> lolwut
[01:28] <AnnaGR9552> what is brave saying XD
[01:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> german anthems
[01:28] <Impossibubbles> Because someone manually added the roman soldier category instead of changing the template :P 
[01:28] <Romaniandude12> bnr what do you think of le kkk
[01:28] <AmazingPythor> Typical n00b mistake
[01:29] <Impossibubbles> easy fix, ofc
[01:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> kkk is funny
[01:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> their leader is called the "grand wizard"
[01:29] <AmazingPythor> I'm so glad I'm halfway competent now
[01:29] <Impossibubbles> yes
[01:29] <AnnaGR9552> I like coding ;P 
[01:29] <Impossibubbles> I don't have to yell at you anymore
[01:29] <AnnaGR9552> except when I dont ;P 
[01:29] <AmazingPythor> I should edit like I did four years ago
[01:29] <Romaniandude12> my grea great grandfather was a kkk wizard @bnr
[01:29] <Herr keplers> "kkk is funny"
[01:29] <Romaniandude12> (derp) 
[01:29] <AmazingPythor> As an anonymous editor
[01:29] <Herr keplers> kkk is wizard yo
[01:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[01:29] <Herr keplers> dope
[01:29] <AnnaGR9552> like when my program brakes...
[01:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> kep
[01:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> answer my questions
[01:29] <Impossibubbles> Cheesecake om nom nom
[01:29] <AmazingPythor> "he used cookies in his posts a lot. Yummy!"
[01:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> if it was das deutschlandlied or gott erhalte franz den kaiser
[01:29] <Herr keplers> what question, fraulein bnr
[01:29] <Impossibubbles> Yummy! xDDDD
[01:30] <Herr keplers> "gott erhalte franz den kaiser" do you take me for a fool
[01:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes
[01:30] <Herr keplers> deutschlandlied
[01:30] <AmazingPythor> I was an 8 year old pretending to be 12 I swear
[01:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol you like the most prissy german anthem
[01:30] <Herr keplers> between that and franz's self-made flatteryfest
[01:30] <Herr keplers> yes :P 
[01:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh
[01:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> i meant
[01:30] <AmazingPythor> I didn't ever write that btw I made that up just now
[01:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> your favorite song
[01:30] <Herr keplers> oh 
[01:30] <Herr keplers> neither :P 
[01:30] <Romaniandude12> i love how keps and bnr are having this german-nazi propogranda somethingorother and then theres ap and bub talking about food
[01:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> is your fav song a saboton song
[01:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> *sabaton 
[01:31] <Impossibubbles> But you did write "Cheesecake, omnomnom"
[01:31] <Herr keplers> probably yeah
[01:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> is it panzerkampf
[01:31] <Herr keplers> i mean it's not like some official favorite
[01:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> it's panzerkampf
[01:31] <Herr keplers> it's actually probably the price of a mile
[01:31] <AmazingPythor> Yes Bubbles
[01:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> isnt it
[01:31] <AmazingPythor> That was my
[01:31] <AmazingPythor> "bio"
[01:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh
[01:31] <Impossibubbles> Actually we're talking about n00b AP's editing, rom
[01:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> also tfw the panzerkampf on your profile 
[01:31] <AmazingPythor> n00b ap
[01:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> its thumbnail 
[01:31] <Romaniandude12> shhhh
[01:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> has m3 grants
[01:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[01:32] <AmazingPythor> The hilarious thing though
[01:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> the box car of tanks
[01:32] <AmazingPythor> Was that when I got a legit account
[01:32] <AmazingPythor> I kept that on there until July of last year
[01:32] <Impossibubbles> you didn't want me to fix your page!
[01:32] <Herr keplers> american lend-lease gone wrong
[01:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> indeed
[01:32] <AmazingPythor> I just "updated" my bio
[01:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> thank god for the matilda 
[01:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> and the churchill
[01:32] <AmazingPythor> "Hm this information is outdated, better fix that :) "
[01:32] <Impossibubbles> I wanted to cut out at least half
[01:32] <Herr keplers> "we want millions of american tanks"
[01:32] <Herr keplers> "well we can give you crap made of cardboard"
[01:32] <Herr keplers> "we're soviet so that's better than our current armor"
[01:32] <Impossibubbles> xD
[01:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> kek
[01:33] <AmazingPythor> I think I ended up cutting most of it
[01:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> the plastic tank
[01:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> my god
[01:33] <AmazingPythor> How did you tolerate my existence
[01:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> i wish that was in panzermadels (kappa) 
[01:33] <Herr keplers> We still don't AP
[01:33] <AmazingPythor> If I had to deal with old me I would not be as patient
[01:33] <AmazingPythor> True keps
[01:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> ap
[01:33] <Herr keplers> I wish the Mk. V was in Panzermadels
[01:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> at least you were not old me
[01:33] <Impossibubbles> How many times did I tell you to stop doing certain things
[01:33] <Impossibubbles> you would add useless categories and change single words xD
[01:33] <Herr keplers> she could be that one girl that's like ten years older than you
[01:33] <AmazingPythor> Honestly Bubbles I remember you being very cool headed about it
[01:34] <Herr keplers> but you're still having an affair
[01:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol kep
[01:34] <Impossibubbles> I was secretly fuming 
[01:34] <AmazingPythor> How did you tolerate that
[01:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> that's really messed up
[01:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> btw
[01:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> i found a new visual novel
[01:34] <Herr keplers> well so are early tanks
[01:34] <AmazingPythor> "wow this is kind of awkwardly worded"
[01:34] <AmazingPythor> "let me replace it with a synonym"
[01:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> that has a touhou girl that is the president of the united states
[01:34] <AmazingPythor> >doesn't update posts and likes
[01:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> and you are the vp
[01:34] <AmazingPythor> >doesn't update freaking avatar
[01:34] <Impossibubbles> you would replace contractions, too xDD
[01:34] <AmazingPythor> "ng can get that lol"
[01:35] <Impossibubbles> and I got mad 
[01:35] <Impossibubbles> and you said
[01:35] <AnnaGR9552> when your friend leaves without replying and your just like 'what on earth!? Come on now!"
[01:35] <Impossibubbles> "Well, I thought that contractions weren't the most professional sounding"
[01:35] <Impossibubbles> and I was like asdfgdsasdfghgfd
[01:35] <AmazingPythor> xDDD
[01:35] <Herr keplers> Contractions aren't allowed in formal writing
[01:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes they are
[01:35] <Herr keplers> Seriously, edit them out of articles
[01:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> this is not 1750
[01:35] <AmazingPythor> Yeah but I wouldn't change anything else
[01:35] <AmazingPythor> I'd just make worthless minor edits
[01:36] <Herr keplers> Ulrich that was literally the case until 2014
[01:36] <Impossibubbles> you wouldn't even bother updating post or like counts xD
[01:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> are you joking me
[01:36] <Impossibubbles> or sigs or avatars xD
[01:36] <AmazingPythor> "I don't want to have to open a new tab ew"
[01:36] <Herr keplers> I'm not conforming to the t-shirt wearing, coffee-drinking hipsters or the uneducated masses
[01:36] <Impossibubbles> Just had to fix those contractions :P 
[01:36] <Herr keplers> Contractions stay out of papers
[01:36] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles I didn't even add images until like June
[01:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> you'll sound pretentious 
[01:36] <AnnaGR9552> XD you guys are funny
[01:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> well more so than you already do
[01:36] <AmazingPythor> I was too lazy or something
[01:37] <Herr keplers> for goodness sake I'm not saying removing contractions from the English language
[01:37] <AmazingPythor> The only reason I started editing again was so Hype wouldn't pass me (derp3) 
[01:37] <AmazingPythor> Now I somewhat enjoy it
[01:37] <Herr keplers> I just don't believe they belong in academic writing or semi-formal writing like articles
[01:37] <Impossibubbles> hey, I have 5,995 edits xD
[01:37] <Impossibubbles> cool xD
[01:37] <AmazingPythor> Dammit you have 1000 more than me
[01:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> 5,995 b.c.
[01:37] <AnnaGR9552> BTW, I am not inactive as my profile says ;P I come.. I just dont change things ;P 
[01:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> good year
[01:38] <Herr keplers> Heh. :P 
[01:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> do vampires have wine cellars 
[01:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> but instead of wine
[01:38] <Herr keplers> ... Kenny Baker passed away
[01:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> they're blood?
[01:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> "Scottish
[01:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> 1880
[01:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> good year."
[01:38] <AnnaGR9552> and Hype really has jumped on being a moderator XD
[01:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol kep
[01:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> are you living under a CGI added in special edition rock?
[01:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> he's been dead for like 3 days
[01:38] <Herr keplers> ... not really, Anna
[01:39] <AnnaGR9552> it feels like it ;P 
[01:39] <Herr keplers> sthu ulrich I don't follow Star Wars news much :P 
[01:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> it was national news
[01:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> media ran out of anti trump things to say
[01:39] <AnnaGR9552> well, I'm going to play NMS before bed... got stuff to trade and more planets to explore
[01:39] <AmazingPythor> \o 
[01:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> if nms actually worked
[01:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> would it be the wow killer
[01:40] <AnnaGR9552> talk to you all later 
[01:40] <AnnaGR9552> it does work ;P 
[01:40] <AnnaGR9552> you jsut need the correct stuff
[01:40] <Herr keplers> 'Night Anna. :P 
[01:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> sorry i meant if it wasnt the biggest disapointment of 2016 so far
[01:40] <AnnaGR9552> it is a seriously hard game for computers
[01:40] <AnnaGR9552> it isnt that bad of a dissapointment
[01:40] <Herr keplers> >biggest disappointment of 2016
[01:40] <Herr keplers> >this election
[01:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> did you see the e3 stuff 4 years ago
[01:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> /4/ years ago
[01:40] <AmazingPythor> True
[01:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> most of it isnt in the game
[01:41] <Herr keplers> though I'll call it second-biggest
[01:41] <AnnaGR9552> just most people dont have the correct processor and graphics cards
[01:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> third biggest: ghostbusters (2016)
[01:41] <AnnaGR9552> it works almost just fine on my dad's computer that he just upgraded
[01:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> it's not a spec problem it's the lack of promised content
[01:41] <AnnaGR9552> they'll upgrade it
[01:41] <AnnaGR9552> they had what, 5 people working on it?
[01:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol did you see the tweets by the main guy?
[01:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> he thought the whole thing was funny
[01:42] <AnnaGR9552> I could barely get one small game out in one quater
[01:42] <AnnaGR9552> nope, dont have twitter
[01:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> i hope star citizen is better
[01:43] <AnnaGR9552> dont know what taht is, but I'm running out of time to play, goodnight!
[01:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh god
[01:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> kep
[01:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> you know what's gonna be worse?
[01:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> ffxv
[01:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> coming out this year
[01:44] <Herr keplers> oh god
[01:44] <Herr keplers> can they just stop
[01:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> for 90 dollars
[01:44] <Herr keplers> the first billion clearly weren't "final"
[01:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> the first was supposed to be final (derp) 
[01:44] <Herr keplers> and they're rapidly bending the definition of "fantasy"
[01:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> final sci fi
[01:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> new series 
[01:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> plz
[01:45] <Herr keplers> 90 bucks though
[01:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah
[01:45] <Herr keplers> Like I know inflation exists but that's more than Fallout
[01:45] <Herr keplers> Which is by far more entertaining
[01:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> i dont even think ffxiii (their last disappointment) was even worth 70
[01:45] <Impossibubbles> I'm hungry again
[01:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> go to budapest then
[01:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> wait
[01:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> wrong hungary
[01:45] <Impossibubbles> mum hot chocolate 
[01:45] <Impossibubbles> *got
[01:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> what is this chocolate diet youre on
[01:45] <Herr keplers> germany was hungary and ... (derp4) 
[01:45] <Impossibubbles> and I was excited, until I found out it was dark chocolate
[01:45] <AmazingPythor> What's wrong with dark chocolate? :P 
[01:45] <Herr keplers> dark chocolate is of heaven you heretic
[01:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> heh
[01:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> at least persona 5 will be good
[01:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> right?
[01:46] <Impossibubbles> I hate it
[01:46] <Impossibubbles> It leaves a gross aftertaste in my mouth xD
[01:46] <Herr keplers> whenever a game makes more than two sequels
[01:46] <AmazingPythor> Try 80% cacao 
[01:46] <Herr keplers> it's almost impossible to keep good
[01:46] <Herr keplers> well, sequels/prequels
[01:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> you know fire emblem?
[01:46] <Herr keplers> who the hell doesn't
[01:46] <Impossibubbles> no thanks, AP
[01:46] <Impossibubbles> My parents
[01:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> well do you know the games before awakening
[01:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> is what i meant
[01:46] <AmazingPythor> I bought some in San Francisco last year
[01:47] <Herr keplers> not intimately but yeah
[01:47] <AmazingPythor> I kind of liked it actually
[01:47] <Impossibubbles> bought some really fancy chocolate in france
[01:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> god
[01:47] <AmazingPythor> Ooh
[01:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> it liked evolved into anime emblem
[01:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> ever since 13
[01:47] <Impossibubbles> but it was dark chocolate and I thought it was gross
[01:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> also castlevania
[01:47] <ItsCryptiid> Dark chocolate is friggin gross
[01:47] <Herr keplers> every franchise is turning anime
[01:47] <Herr keplers> it's the new black
[01:47] <AmazingPythor> What is wrong with you chaps
[01:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> the year is 2020
[01:47] <Impossibubbles> just give me the sugar and milk, please
[01:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> call of duty: anime warfare is the hit new release
[01:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> original weeaboos are hiding in their closets still
[01:48] <Herr keplers> if you don't look like some cute japanese cartoon, you're doing it wrong
[01:48] <AmazingPythor> Dark chocolate is an acquired taste tho tbf
[01:48] <Impossibubbles> milka chocolate is the best
[01:48] <AmazingPythor> I kinda like white chocolate too
[01:48] <AmazingPythor> Milk is great ofc
[01:48] <Herr keplers> >milk chocolate best
[01:48] <Herr keplers> >dark chocolate worst
[01:48] <Impossibubbles> milka
[01:48] <Impossibubbles> the brand
[01:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> wth
[01:48] <Herr keplers> you may as well just have water
[01:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> milk chocolate
[01:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> is just
[01:48] <Impossibubbles> my dad used to bring us some from germany
[01:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> baby food
[01:48] <Herr keplers> water has higher chocolate content than what you enjoy
[01:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> >not eating belgian chocolate
[01:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> (yk) 
[01:48] <Romaniandude12> ah yes milka 
[01:48] <AmazingPythor> Oh Milka lol
[01:49] <AmazingPythor> I like Swiss chocolate the most tbh
[01:49] <Impossibubbles> tbh
[01:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> that's made out of money you fool
[01:49] <Impossibubbles> I just really love cadbury
[01:49] <Romaniandude12> milka's the best cheap chocolate in romania at least
[01:49] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[01:49] <Impossibubbles> I don't have money for expensive nice chocolate 
[01:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> but you have money for star trek cosplay
[01:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> k
[01:50] <Romaniandude12> though they started importing hershey's not too long ago
[01:50] <Herr keplers> she's like me ulrich
[01:50] <Impossibubbles> I don't have money for that either, brave
[01:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> rip
[01:50] <Herr keplers> i can buy a full colonel's dress uniform but i'm not buying my own damn lunch
[01:50] <AmazingPythor> Have you ever tried Swiss chocolate Bubbles
[01:50] <Impossibubbles> I have about 15 dollars I can spend here and there
[01:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[01:50] <AmazingPythor> ... Oh :P 
[01:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> i cant figure out if i want a military uniform or a new pc
[01:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> probably a new pc
[01:51] <Herr keplers> pc first
[01:51] <Impossibubbles> sure, AP
[01:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> thatll take me like 10 years to save up for tho
[01:51] <Impossibubbles> not recently 
[01:51] <Romaniandude12> get a new pc then use it to get a military uniform off amazon
[01:51] <Impossibubbles> ayyy 6,000 edits
[01:51] <Romaniandude12> #logic
[01:51] <Herr keplers> depending on the uniform you could probably get it off a week's work
[01:51] <AmazingPythor> ayyyyy good job
[01:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> remember kep
[01:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> im 14
[01:51] <Herr keplers> that's minimum working age
[01:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> no its not
[01:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats 16
[01:52] <Herr keplers> the hell is with your state
[01:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> liberal
[01:52] <Romaniandude12> mow lawns or something 
[01:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> nobody pays me to mow lawns
[01:52] <Herr keplers> also if you sell your body it doesn't matter how old you are
[01:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> when they can mow their own lawn
[01:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> i'll only sell my body to you kep
[01:52] <Romaniandude12> are paper boys still a thing
[01:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> no
[01:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> nobody reads the paper
[01:52] <Romaniandude12> oh
[01:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> the only money ive made ever in my life
[01:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> is selling weed
[01:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> "weed"
[01:53] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[01:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> aka oregano mixed with herbs
[01:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> that i sell to stupid preteens like myself
[01:53] <Herr keplers> kek
[01:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> when can i become a sailor
[01:56] <Herr keplers> "Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17"
[01:56] <Herr keplers> for real
[01:56] <Herr keplers> for real
[01:56] <Herr keplers> just
[01:56] <Herr keplers> the title alone
[01:56] <Herr keplers> just
[01:56] <Herr keplers> no
[01:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> heh
[01:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> it's a touhou song
[01:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> no idea what it /actually/ means
[01:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> it's not about japanese imperialism
[02:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> is it bad that i only wear my luftwaffe shirt as pajamas
[01:56] <Herr keplers> no
[01:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> heh
[01:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> it's a touhou song
[01:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> no idea what it /actually/ means
[01:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> it's not about japanese imperialism
[02:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> is it bad that i only wear my luftwaffe shirt as pajamas
[02:03] <AmazingPythor> I do that with most of the shirts my grandmother gets me
[02:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> are they that embarassing
[02:03] <AmazingPythor> A few of them. :{P 
[02:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> what are they like
[02:04] <AmazingPythor> I'll take a picture and show you later :P 
[02:04] <Impossibubbles> i wanna see (as) 
[02:05] <AmazingPythor> Fine. ;~;
[02:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> wow
[02:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> i see how it is
[02:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> your only let your gf see it immediately (derp) 
[02:05] <AmazingPythor> Just not rn
[02:05] <AmazingPythor> bnr go away
[02:07] <Impossibubbles> brave pls
[02:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> is it bad that i wanna play hatred
[02:07] <Impossibubbles> what's that?
[02:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> its a game where youre a mass murderer
[02:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> killing helpless people
[02:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> like gta but darker and more sadistic
[02:11] <Herr keplers> dude isn't that a normal wednesday for you
[02:11] <Impossibubbles> i see
[02:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> well kep
[02:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> i dont have anyone to hurt irl
[02:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> so
[02:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> not rly
[02:13] <Ked830> I put my hair in a bun successfully (omg) 
[02:13] <AmazingPythor> I would congratulate you if not for the usage of that emoticon.
[02:13] <Ked830> Yay meeee
[02:13] <Ked830> O
[02:13] <Ked830> kay ;~;
[02:13] <Herr keplers> Nice
[02:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> wow ap
[02:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> you broke her heart
[02:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> like mc did too
[02:14] <AmazingPythor> Okay where is Marc
[02:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> taken by the gestapo
[02:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> i mean
[02:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> uh
[02:14] <Herr keplers> lel
[02:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> internet disconnected prob
[02:14] <Herr keplers> disconnected by the secret police
[02:14] <AmazingPythor> He's usually here logging chat
[02:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> isnt this his sleeping time
[02:15] <Herr keplers> yeah
[02:15] <Impossibubbles> i'm logging chat. He is unneeded 
[02:15] <Herr keplers> he usually leaves it on though
[02:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> maybe his internet cut out while hes asleep
[02:15] <AmazingPythor> True Bubbles
[02:15] <Impossibubbles> it's not like he mods (derp) 
[02:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> he probably modded me in the past
[02:16] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles is slowly making all of us officials redundant
[02:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> when i was a huge booger
[02:16] <Ked830> Bubbles what do you do about hairspray in your hair after its served its purpose?
[02:16] <Impossibubbles> what xD
[02:16] <Herr keplers> The Germans are a bit annoying regarding their moderation
[02:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah
[02:16] <Impossibubbles> I don't use hairspray 
[02:16] <Herr keplers> They do just enough modding that you can't say "they never mod"
[02:16] <Impossibubbles> wash it out, I assume
[02:16] <Ked830> Oh okay
[02:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol kep
[02:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> i found this twitter
[02:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> that retweeted posts about romney being hitler
[02:17] <Herr keplers> wth :P 
[02:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> looks like it didnt happen
[02:17] <Romaniandude12> pinged
[02:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> and its not gonna happen again
[02:17] <Ked830> Romeyyyyy
[02:17] <Romaniandude12> oh ked
[02:17] <Romaniandude12> hi
[02:17] <Ked830> senpaiiiii haiiiiiiii
[02:17] <Romaniandude12> xD
[02:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> i wanna see trump's SA
[02:17] <Herr keplers> idk before there was a '33 there was a beer hall putsch
[02:18] <Romaniandude12> o/ 
[02:18] <Romaniandude12> 
[02:18] <Romaniandude12> 
[02:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> tfw the clinton exposer got shot
[02:18] <Herr keplers> romney 2021
[02:18] <Romaniandude12> oh lol
[02:18] <Herr keplers> ikr bnr
[02:18] <Impossibubbles> I hate when the soles of my feet itch (derp2) 
[02:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> i think we all know who has the secret police here
[02:18] <Herr keplers> totally unrelated tho
[02:18] <Impossibubbles> Then I have to get like a freaking nail or something to scratch them
[02:18] <Herr keplers> the clintons and death are like two wholly unrelated topics
[02:19] <AmazingPythor> I don't think that ever happens to me bubbles
[02:19] <Ked830> Do you have one of those rocks you could use Bubbleh?
[02:19] <Impossibubbles> what rocks
[02:19] <Romaniandude12> i rock
[02:19] <Romaniandude12> ba dum tss
[02:19] <Ked830> The rocks you use to rub dead skin off on the soles of your feet
[02:19] <Ked830> rom shh
[02:19] <Impossibubbles> Oh, nah
[02:20] <Impossibubbles> I never wear shoes. I have callouses for days
[02:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> hillary is more akin to hitler
[02:20] <Impossibubbles> I need straight up sharp metal 
[02:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> but she says she supports gays so nvm
[02:20] <Herr keplers> all the left supports gays no
[02:20] <Ked830> Never ever Bubbles? (Derp3) 
[02:20] <Herr keplers> the left now is literally nothing like the left today
[02:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> clinton used to not support it
[02:20] <Herr keplers> except... for... the socialism
[02:20] <Impossibubbles> Not when I don't have to
[02:20] <Impossibubbles> I walk around the neighborhood barefoot
[02:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> the left used to be extreme capitalists
[02:21] <Herr keplers> ... what 
[02:21] <AmazingPythor> I just wear flip flops out of laziness
[02:21] <Herr keplers> no :P 
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah m8
[02:21] <Ked830> My parents wouldn't let me do that sadly
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> in the 1800's
[02:21] <Ked830> haiii Rus
[02:21] <Impossibubbles> I don't even bother with flipflops 
[02:21] <Impossibubbles> I have a pair
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> "liberals" supported free trade
[02:21] <Impossibubbles> I haven't worn them in like 2 years
[02:21] <AmazingPythor> y
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> ked just do it 
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> screw them
[02:21] <Impossibubbles> Because when I do wear shoes, I wear heels
[02:21] <Impossibubbles> or boots
[02:21] <RusMan> Wow Instagram
[02:22] <AmazingPythor> I use 'em just when I'm briefly stepping outside
[02:22] <Herr keplers> i'm talking like 1900s left-wing
[02:22] <AmazingPythor> Or when I'm walking my dog
[02:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah duh
[02:22] <RusMan> "Your report from /December 31/ was just updated."
[02:22] <Impossibubbles> I think my callouses actually make it possible for me to wear heels with minimal damage :P 
[02:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> 1900's left wing were good people
[02:22] <Ked830> ..huh
[02:22] <Herr keplers> i want to wear boots
[02:22] <AmazingPythor> Hm :{P 
[02:22] <Herr keplers> but unfortunately people hate the hobnails
[02:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> but theyre too heavy for your legs*
[02:22] <Impossibubbles> I have purple/red combat boots
[02:22] <RusMan> It was some random spam account I reported and they /just now/ took it down. :p 
[02:22] <Impossibubbles> I love them to death
[02:23] <Herr keplers> go to hell ulrich :P 
[02:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> lul
[02:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> i want the wehrmacht boots
[02:23] <AmazingPythor> Anyways
[02:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> that take like 10 years to put on
[02:23] <AmazingPythor> Rus can you mod for about an hour
[02:23] <Ked830> /Keps in ugg boots/ tho
[02:23] <RusMan> Uhh.. I guess so :p 
[02:23] <AmazingPythor> I'm gonna go
[02:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> keps would never wear uggs
[02:23] <AmazingPythor> Or just until someone gets on :P 
[02:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> he would wear military surplus boots
[02:23] <Impossibubbles> uggs are for girls
[02:23] <RusMan> Mkay :p 
[02:23] <Impossibubbles> do boys wear them?
[02:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> wow bubbles
[02:23] <Ked830> Your point being Bubbly?
[02:23] <Impossibubbles> They shouldn't 
[02:24] <AmazingPythor> Okay goodbye all you scrubs and non patrollers
[02:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> just yesterday you were ok with me shaving my legs and wearing skirts
[02:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> but uggs
[02:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> ohhh no uggs
[02:24] <AmazingPythor> bbl
[02:24] <Ked830> he could still wear them and it'd be funny XD
[02:24] <RusMan> Cya Pyth
[02:24] <Herr keplers> ked
[02:24] <Herr keplers> why do you say these things
[02:24] <Herr keplers> what have i done to you
[02:24] <Impossibubbles> I didn't comment on wether you should or shouldn't do those things, brave, iirc (as) 
[02:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> you said that i could do them if i wanted
[02:24] <Impossibubbles> But seriously. No one should wear uggs
[02:24] <Impossibubbles> girl or boy
[02:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> i wanna dress like the ultimate military dood
[02:24] <RusMan> Wear crocs instead. (Y) 
[02:25] <Ked830> you not find it amusing at all Keps (derp3) 
[02:25] <KnightoftheLight> Ewwwwwww... Uggs
[02:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> wehrmacht boots, highlander kilt, roman legion breast armor, and a crusader helmet
[02:25] <KnightoftheLight> My sister has to avoid everything when she's in them so they don't get "ruined"
[02:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats how i wanna dress
[02:25] <Romaniandude12> roman (doge) 
[02:26] <Impossibubbles> I believe everyone should be able to do what they want, brave. Doesn't mean I think it looks good. :P 
[02:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> lul
[02:26] <Herr keplers> >Highlander kilt
[02:26] <Herr keplers> >Roman breastplate
[02:26] <KnightoftheLight> BNR is a Romainian dude confirmed. :P 
[02:26] <Impossibubbles> But I'm very into fashion, so. (ys) 
[02:26] <Herr keplers> wth m8
[02:26] <Romaniandude12> ugh too many pings
[02:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> i like how you didnt comment on the other things
[02:26] <KnightoftheLight> (Despite Rome and Romania being different places) (derp) 
[02:26] <Romaniandude12> (Derp) 
[02:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> but the romans did wear skirts too
[02:26] <Impossibubbles> tbh
[02:27] <Herr keplers> yeah but the romans had to literally build a wall and say that their borderless empire of infinite conquest ended there
[02:27] <Ked830> It's called a toga 
[02:27] <Impossibubbles> I like a dude in a kilt
[02:27] <Impossibubbles> just saying
[02:27] <Herr keplers> because the scots on the other side were insane
[02:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> theres reasons why men dont wear skirts anymore
[02:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> its because its too sweaty down there
[02:27] <Herr keplers> it's degrading to both sides to wear both at once :P 
[02:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> so the scent just attacks you
[02:27] <Impossibubbles> I would imagine skirts would provide better ventilation 
[02:27] <Herr keplers> men actually stopped wearing skirts/togas/robes because horseback riding
[02:27] <Herr keplers> and flexibility in combat
[02:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> you still have to wear underwear so no
[02:28] <Herr keplers> Kilts don't use underwear
[02:28] <Impossibubbles> no one said you had to
[02:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> >current year
[02:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> >not wearing underwear
[02:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> what are you, lewd barbarians?
[02:28] <Herr keplers> >current year
[02:28] <Herr keplers> >Roman breastplate
[02:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> what if you get excited
[02:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> then what happens
[02:28] <Romaniandude12> bnr no :{P 
[02:28] <Herr keplers> well you wouldn't know
[02:29] <Herr keplers> i'd never be "excited" with you around
[02:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> just so excited you start piercing the heavens
[02:29] <Impossibubbles> okay
[02:29] <Impossibubbles> end this xD
[02:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah
[02:29] <Impossibubbles> Please :P 
[02:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> this is why males dont wear skirts or kilts
[02:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> as much as they used to
[02:29] <KnightoftheLight> The heavens are getting ear piercings? (Derp) 
[02:29] <Impossibubbles> Yes, sam
[02:29] <Herr keplers> i don't think their <span style="font-style:italic;">ears</span> are getting pierced tonight
[02:29] <Romaniandude12> oh dear
[02:29] <Romaniandude12> no mods
[02:29] <Impossibubbles> with the celestial earring gun
[02:29] <Romaniandude12> a predicament :{P 
[02:30] <Impossibubbles> those things are terrifying btw
[02:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> i get so excited that i blast off to uranus
[02:30] <Romaniandude12> bnr no
[02:30] <Romaniandude12> dont
[02:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> /yes/
[02:30] <Impossibubbles> Brave, let me remind you I'm documenting everything
[02:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> who actually reads them
[02:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> honestly
[02:30] <KnightoftheLight> To be honest any piercing besides earrings creeps me out to an extent. :P 
[02:30] <Romaniandude12> ale
[02:30] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[02:30] <Impossibubbles> No, I'll just show specific portions to the mods
[02:30] <KnightoftheLight> o/ 
[02:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> rip
[02:30] <Ked830> She could also show them to a CM so
[02:30] <Ked830> hey Maj
[02:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> i forget you follow the rules
[02:30] <Romaniandude12> rus can you control this scrub :{P 
[02:31] <Majolo9050> hey guys
[02:31] <Romaniandude12> i happen to too bnr
[02:31] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[02:31] <Impossibubbles> Heya maj
[02:31] <RusMan> Oops, sorry, I was afk
[02:31] <RusMan> Bnr, behave (derp) 
[02:31] <Impossibubbles> s'ok Rus :P 
[02:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> ok
[02:31] <Herr keplers> Rus
[02:31] <Herr keplers> Rus
[02:31] <Herr keplers> Rus
[02:31] <Romaniandude12> that a boy rus
[02:31] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[02:31] <Herr keplers> can you do something for me as a mod
[02:32] <RusMan> And what's that? :p 
[02:32] <Herr keplers> kick everyone except for me and ban ulrich for until 3099
[02:32] <Herr keplers> and when that expires
[02:32] <Herr keplers> ban him again
[02:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> i will train my grandchildren
[02:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> to train their own grandchildren
[02:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> and eventually i will return 
[02:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> with one of my future kin
[02:32] <RusMan> <span class="me-username">* <span>RusMan</span></span> has kicked everyone and banned BraveNewRoyalty until the year 3099.
[02:33] <Herr keplers> yay thanks
[02:33] <Romaniandude12> marsh can do it better than you rus
[02:33] <Romaniandude12> (derp) 
[02:33] <RusMan> I wasn't trying to do it better. :p 
[02:33] <KnightoftheLight> <span class="me-username">* <span>KnightoftheLight</span></span> is waiting for his kick *
[02:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> why do you want me banned so long keps
[02:33] <Romaniandude12> bnr
[02:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> is it because im better at insulting you
[02:33] <Ked830> You're a threat
[02:33] <Romaniandude12> i legit would sit here and wait to see your grandchildren come on lmbw
[02:33] <KnightoftheLight> Guys
[02:33] <Ked830> To him somehow
[02:34] <KnightoftheLight> So I read an article
[02:34] <Romaniandude12> omw
[02:34] <Romaniandude12> i just had this weird feeling
[02:34] <Impossibubbles> yes, sam?
[02:34] <RusMan> What if Wikia didn't exist in 3099 A.D./C.E.? :o 
[02:34] <KnightoftheLight> Where the author proved that a letter detailing Trump's medical record
[02:34] <KnightoftheLight> was FAKE
[02:34] <KnightoftheLight> (Derp) 
[02:34] <Impossibubbles> okay?
[02:34] <Romaniandude12> what if one day our kids end up coming here
[02:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> so no heel spurs?
[02:34] <Ked830> No
[02:34] <Ked830> my kids are not coming here
[02:34] <Romaniandude12> xD
[02:34] <Ked830> no one related to me is touching this site
[02:34] <KnightoftheLight>
[02:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> tfw if bcg's family has kids i might be around long enough
[02:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> LOL KNIGHT
[02:35] <Romaniandude12> are you related to you
[02:35] <Impossibubbles> Why? So they don't see past you? (derp) 
[02:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> HUFFINGTON POST
[02:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> PLEASE 
[02:35] <Ked830> not that I'd have a problem with y'alls kids but
[02:35] <KnightoftheLight> I might give my kids my MB account. 
[02:35] <KnightoftheLight> Assuming the MBs still exist
[02:35] <Herr keplers> I don't think the MBs would last that long
[02:35] <Impossibubbles> tbh, I wouldn't want my kids seeing what I did as a younger person 
[02:35] <RusMan> What about Buzzfeed, BNR? :P 
[02:35] <KnightoftheLight> Their analysis makes sense though
[02:35] <Impossibubbles> they don't need any ideas
[02:35] <Ked830> We're you talking to me Bubbles?
[02:35] <Herr keplers> I don't even think I'd give my kids LEGO
[02:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> "my mom was a nerd"
[02:35] <Impossibubbles> Yup
[02:35] <KnightoftheLight> LEGO WAS MY LIFE
[02:35] <Herr keplers> I'd probably give them my old sets
[02:35] <Ked830> i have nothing wrong with them seeing what I do on here??
[02:35] <Romaniandude12> and now what is LEGO
[02:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> buzzfeed is cancer
[02:36] <KnightoftheLight> I will share that with my kids. :P 
[02:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> they just make listacles
[02:36] <Romaniandude12> @sam
[02:36] <Ked830> see past what
[02:36] <Herr keplers> But everything LEGO produced after 2014 was CRAP
[02:36] <Impossibubbles> then why can't they touch this site? :P 
[02:36] <RusMan> idek what Lego makes anymore
[02:36] <KnightoftheLight> Lego ruined Star Wars
[02:36] <RusMan> I used to keep up with it.
[02:36] <KnightoftheLight> With their absurd pricing after the TFA sets came out
[02:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> when is liberalism coming to lego
[02:36] <Herr keplers> I stopped keeping up with it after they disappointed me left and right
[02:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> "lego transgenders"
[02:36] <KnightoftheLight> Ninjago is getting better and better
[02:36] <Romaniandude12> per sam tbh
[02:36] <KnightoftheLight> Elves is cool
[02:36] <Ked830> i don't want them making accounts and joining because tbh in my perfect world I wouldn't be here (I think), and I don't want them dealing with long distance relationships cuz they suck
[02:37] <Romaniandude12> @star wars commetn sam made
[02:37] <Impossibubbles> I merely assumed you meant you didn't want them on here because looking back on one's past self can be embarrassing xD
[02:37] <Herr keplers> >Ninjago
[02:37] <Herr keplers> >Better and better
[02:37] <Herr keplers> >Went downhill immediately after Rebooted
[02:37] <KnightoftheLight> Some Nexo sets are cool but they don't interest me. :P 
[02:37] <Romaniandude12> ked (Derp2) 
[02:37] <Romaniandude12> (Derp5) 
[02:37] <Impossibubbles> Long distance friendships are fine
[02:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> >lego without bionicle
[02:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> >"good"
[02:37] <Impossibubbles> other relationships are no
[02:37] <Herr keplers> You don't want them joining wikia because long-distance relationships lel
[02:37] <Ked830> if they look at the site, fine, idc, I was a crap person and fully acknowledge that and I'm cool with them knowing that
[02:37] <KnightoftheLight> Keps. We got sets such as the Temple of Airjitzu and the Lighthouse Siege.
[02:37] <Ked830> husdktfksecgkakrkff
[02:37] <Herr keplers> Knight
[02:37] <KnightoftheLight> Setwise the auality definitely improved
[02:37] <Herr keplers> Shut up. :P 
[02:37] <KnightoftheLight> *quality
[02:37] <Impossibubbles> I don't think you're a crap person, ked :S 
[02:38] <Romaniandude12> keps. you shut up :{P 
[02:38] <RusMan> Per Bubbles
[02:38] <Ked830> I was though
[02:38] <Herr keplers> The sets got <span style="font-style:italic;">bigger and expensive</span>
[02:38] <Ked830> sooooo
[02:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> if i ever have kids
[02:38] <Impossibubbles> I wasn't referring to any specific event or anything :P jsyk
[02:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> I might put them up for adoption
[02:38] <Romaniandude12> which you wont
[02:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> immediately
[02:38] <Herr keplers> And on top of that the story comes before the sets for me
[02:38] <RusMan> I used to be crappier (derp) 
[02:38] <Impossibubbles> I just know that the older I get, the more I cringe at younger me xDD
[02:38] <RusMan> Back in 2013 :p 
[02:38] <Herr keplers> And LEGO has proven their stories are crap
[02:38] <KnightoftheLight> The waves have followed a similar pattern since 2011. :P 
[02:38] <RusMan> Ikr Bubbles
[02:38] <Impossibubbles> I was the worst xD
[02:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats what we call growing up
[02:39] <RusMan> I cringe at myself :p 
[02:39] <Impossibubbles> Especially when I was 11 omg
[02:39] <KnightoftheLight> And Ninjago is arguably the only non-crappy LEGO story. :P 
[02:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> but im sure i was thr worst on this wiki
[02:39] <Herr keplers> Ulrich if you ever have kids you'll probably
[02:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> back in 2011
[02:39] <KnightoftheLight> Nexo Knights (sick) 
[02:39] <Romaniandude12> i cringe at my 15 y/o self
[02:39] <Herr keplers> raise them to be monarchist IJA lunatics
[02:39] <RusMan> Back in 2013 I was rather annoying on here. :p 
[02:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> i'd probably beat them if i did not put them up for adoption
[02:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[02:39] <Herr keplers> pro-kaiser all the way through
[02:39] <Impossibubbles> I cringe at my 2 months ago self (derp4) 
[02:39] <RusMan> "HANGOUTS GUYZ, SUP BROS"
[02:39] <Impossibubbles> xDDD
[02:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> i cringe at my yesterday self
[02:39] <Majolo9050> i cringe at my year ago self 
[02:39] <Romaniandude12> me too bnr
[02:40] <Majolo9050> aka the pink font ;-;
[02:40] <KnightoftheLight> The cringiest thing about my old MB years is my typos.
[02:40] <Romaniandude12> we all cringe at your yesterday self
[02:40] <RusMan> I mean, I do love a good hangout :p 
[02:40] <Impossibubbles> rom xD'
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> rom
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> im gonna kill you
[02:40] <RusMan> But I was more annoying about it. :p 
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> I will send 20 recreational nukes at romania
[02:40] <Herr keplers> The cringiest thing about my old MB years
[02:40] <Herr keplers> Was that you were all idiot newbies
[02:40] <Romaniandude12> i dont live in romania bnr
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> 4 of which will be aimed at bucharest
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> i dont care
[02:40] <Impossibubbles> keps pls xD
[02:40] <Romaniandude12> go for it
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> it'll make you sad
[02:40] <Romaniandude12> idk anyone in bucharest
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> like that time they lost moldova
[02:40] <Herr keplers> >nukes
[02:40] <Herr keplers> >aimed at bucharest
[02:40] <Herr keplers> =
[02:40] <Herr keplers> waste of uranium
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> and transylvania
[02:41] <KnightoftheLight> Although I found an old convo with Div on G+ where he was complaining about homeschooled Christian users taking over CC and tattling and I was like "IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, IGNORE IT" :P 
[02:41] <Romaniandude12> im not even romanian
[02:41] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[02:41] <Ked830> Hai bubsey
[02:41] <KnightoftheLight> o/ 
[02:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> then why did you name yourself romanian if you dont care about them
[02:41] <KnightoftheLight> my name's not sam
[02:41] <KnightoftheLight> :P 
[02:41] <BubseyBrick> Hello fellow LMBWers :P 
[02:41] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[02:41] <BubseyBrick> o/ 
[02:41] <Herr keplers> Bubsey, turn back
[02:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> "hajimaste fellow nihonjin"
[02:41] <RusMan> Hallo there. (Hp) 
[02:41] <Herr keplers> We're losing it :P 
[02:41] <Impossibubbles> but we're gonna call you sam anyway
[02:41] <Romaniandude12> why do you call yourself royalty when you're dirt poor
[02:41] <Majolo9050> ey bubs
[02:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> because rom
[02:41] <BubseyBrick> "Losing it?" :P 
[02:41] <Romaniandude12> exactly
[02:41] <Herr keplers> nippon most grorious country
[02:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> it was a nod to the civ v dlc
[02:41] <Romaniandude12> because rom
[02:42] <Romaniandude12> theres your answer
[02:42] <BubseyBrick> because bub
[02:42] <BubseyBrick> theres your question
[02:42] <KnightoftheLight> Sam is the only thing I like being called here. :P 
[02:42] <RusMan> Transnistria is the most glorious.
[02:42] <RusMan> (Link) 
[02:42] <KnightoftheLight> Omly Dumbledore remembers my IRL name and KotL is awful. :P 
[02:42] <Herr keplers> go away inferiror rite man
[02:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> imperialism aint free ok. praise amaterasu not that buddhist crap. PrAISE NIPPON
[02:42] <KnightoftheLight> I don't actually mind Knight though. :P 
[02:42] <Impossibubbles> Is it Bob, sam?
[02:42] <KnightoftheLight> No
[02:42] <BubseyBrick> KOTL! Come down for dinner! :P :P :P 
[02:42] <Impossibubbles> It's Bob, isn't it
[02:43] <BubseyBrick> It does not roll down the tongue. I mean off :P 
[02:43] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[02:43] <Impossibubbles> roll down the tongue
[02:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> tbh kep
[02:43] <Herr keplers> knight's name is probably nostradamus
[02:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> ija is bad
[02:43] <Romaniandude12> where you too lazy to hit backspace bub
[02:43] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[02:43] <Romaniandude12> *were
[02:43] <Romaniandude12> *bubsey
[02:43] <Impossibubbles> I wondering the same thing xD
[02:43] <Herr keplers> THIS JUST IN FROM ULRICH: "ija is bad"
[02:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> like not even the war crimes were bad
[02:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> just horrible military
[02:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> in general
[02:44] <Majolo9050> hype o/ 
[02:44] <HyperFlash Studios> Hi :P 
[02:44] <BubseyBrick> HYPE for the LEGO Ninjago Movie :P o/ 
[02:44] <KnightoftheLight> I'm hyped to see Hype! :D 
[02:44] <HyperFlash Studios> How original 
[02:44] <HyperFlash Studios> (yk) 
[02:44] <RusMan> Settle down there, Ked. :p 
[02:44] <KnightoftheLight> Lol, the Ninjago fandom hates the movie. :P 
[02:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> ija is like the worst japanese military ever
[02:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> not counting the current one
[02:44] <Ked830> How are you dear?
[02:45] <RusMan> Also yay, another mod is on. :p 
[02:45] <HyperFlash Studios> What did Ked do Rus
[02:45] <Herr keplers> >current one
[02:45] <Herr keplers> >military
[02:45] <BubseyBrick> Nah, it's just 'cause I was talking about how I was hyped about it with my friends :P 
[02:45] <Herr keplers> doesn't even count bnr
[02:45] <KnightoftheLight> And my name isn't Bob. :P 
[02:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> aka NATO phonecallers
[02:45] <RusMan> I was just kidding :p 
[02:45] <Impossibubbles> the ninjago movie is still happening?
[02:45] <HyperFlash Studios> I'm doing well, Keddy c:
[02:45] <KnightoftheLight> If it were I'd prefer to be called Robert. :P 
[02:45] <BubseyBrick> Considering I'll be in high school when the movie comes out, I don't care :P 
[02:45] <HyperFlash Studios> Hey Slice
[02:45] <Herr keplers> besides if you want a real army you have to go to prussia
[02:45] <Impossibubbles> You're not in high school?
[02:45] <Slicer Vorzakh> hey
[02:45] <Impossibubbles> I feel really old
[02:45] <KnightoftheLight> Yes, Izzy. And they're changing the voice actors and Misako's name. :P 
[02:45] <BubseyBrick> Shush :P 
[02:45] <KnightoftheLight> Everyone is freaking out. :=
[02:45] <Ked830> Good to hear ^c^
[02:45] <Herr keplers> "changing misako's name" what
[02:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> tfw during frederick the great the military was over 90% of Prussia's budget
[02:46] <Impossibubbles> Lol I never saw any of the old ninjago stuff, sam. I wouldn't know
[02:46] <Impossibubbles> also
[02:46] <RusMan> There's a Ninjago movie coming? :p 
[02:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> now prussia is poland
[02:46] <Impossibubbles> izzy doesn't ping me, jsyk
[02:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> rip
[02:46] <BubseyBrick> Do the other writers hate the name "Misako"?
[02:46] <KnightoftheLight> Lloyd's new mom is named Koko. (Derp) 
[02:46] <Herr keplers> "Most states have an army. The Prussian army has a state."
[02:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> lel
[02:46] <HyperFlash Studios> Sam please tell me you're not serious
[02:46] <KnightoftheLight> I am
[02:46] <Impossibubbles> Is the Ninjago movie going to look the same as the batman and lego movies?
[02:46] <KnightoftheLight> Official LEGO announcement
[02:47] <HyperFlash Studios> :\
[02:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> elaß lorithingen aint free ok. praise the eagle not the republic. PRAISE PRUSSIA
[02:47] <KnightoftheLight> Yes, Izzy
[02:47] <KnightoftheLight> S
[02:47] <Herr keplers> lel
[02:47] <KnightoftheLight> It's not part of the TV universe. :P 
[02:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> you ever see that screenshot of a twitter post that has some guy's budget
[02:47] <Impossibubbles> I would prefer it if you didn't call me izzy, just saying (derp4) 
[02:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> but he spends like 4k on candles
[02:47] <Impossibubbles> Also cool
[02:47] <Impossibubbles> then I'll probably see it
[02:47] <Herr keplers> ... wth
[02:47] <KnightoftheLight> Ok. :P 
[02:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> "please help my family is starving"
[02:47] <Herr keplers> <span style="font-style:italic;">how</span>
[02:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> just replace candles with "flags" and you have prussia
[02:47] <Herr keplers> EAT THE WAX
[02:47] <Herr keplers> lol
[02:48] <ItsCryptiid> OY VEY SHUT IT DOWN
[02:48] <ItsCryptiid> THE GOYIM
[02:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> THEY KNOW
[02:48] <HyperFlash Studios> Brb
[02:48] <ItsCryptiid> SHLOMO
[02:48] <Impossibubbles> What
[02:48] <KnightoftheLight> SHLOMO?
[02:48] <KnightoftheLight> SHLOMO?
[02:48] <Impossibubbles> Alright
[02:48] <KnightoftheLight> Darthy! :'D 
[02:48] <Impossibubbles> Calm it down please I don't know what's happening (derp2) 
[02:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> antisemitism
[02:48] <Herr keplers> it's funny because when britain goes to war their nobility usually joins the army as a captain or something
[02:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats whats happening
[02:48] <Impossibubbles> awesome
[02:48] <Romaniandude12> cryp, calm down
[02:48] <Herr keplers> when germany goes to war, their nobility already made up the whole command structure
[02:48] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[02:49] <ItsCryptiid> His nose was hooked.
[02:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> kek
[02:49] <ItsCryptiid> But not hooked enough.
[02:49] <ItsCryptiid> RIP Shlomo. A true goy.
[02:49] <Romaniandude12> kay
[02:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> when french goes to war their nobility is beheaded
[02:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> the french*
[02:49] <Herr keplers> LEL
[02:49] <Herr keplers> no, no, french is right
[02:49] <ItsCryptiid> BNR: No, their nobility is surrendered
[02:49] <Herr keplers> there's only one of the going to war
[02:49] <Herr keplers> *them
[02:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> when russia goes to war their nobility gets executed
[02:50] <RusMan> I wish my history knowledge didn't suck so I could actually participate in the conversation. :p 
[02:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> when austria goes to war their nobility form seperate states
[02:50] <Ked830> Hai wilf
[02:50] <ItsCryptiid> When America goes to war their nobility will defend this.
[02:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> >america
[02:50] <Herr keplers> >america
[02:50] <Herr keplers> >nobility
[02:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> >nobility
[02:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> pick one
[02:50] <Herr keplers>
[02:50] <Game Wolf> hai ked
[02:50] <ItsCryptiid> :^)
[02:50] <ItsCryptiid> >be non-americn
[02:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> you fool
[02:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> every country is owned by america
[02:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> which is owned by the jews
[02:51] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[02:51] <Game Wolf> tgats racist 
[02:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> your mom is racist
[02:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> so is my mom
[02:51] <Game Wolf> no
[02:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> and kep's mom
[02:51] <Game Wolf> my mom is Mexican 
[02:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> >being a human bean
[02:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> (yk) 
[02:51] <HyperFlash Studios> What
[02:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> ohno mods are here
[02:51] <Game Wolf> silence hype 
[02:52] <Impossibubbles> I'm a human bean
[02:52] <ItsCryptiid> >being mexican
[02:52] <ItsCryptiid> LOLRIP
[02:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> time to move back to lowkey racism
[02:52] <ItsCryptiid> you have to go back :^)
[02:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> >one chance at life
[02:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> >born black
[02:52] <ItsCryptiid> >one chance at life
[02:52] <Game Wolf> > low key racism 
[02:52] <ItsCryptiid> >born hispanic and short and scrawny
[02:52] <HyperFlash Studios> Ok that's enough
[02:52] <KnightoftheLight> Donald Trump
[02:52] <Impossibubbles> Please. Refrain (derp) 
[02:52] <ItsCryptiid> >tfw not stronk pure aryan
[02:52] <Game Wolf> > fully loaded racism. 
[02:52] <ItsCryptiid> refraining
[02:52] <HyperFlash Studios> Subject change 
[02:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> refrained
[02:52] <Impossibubbles> danke sir
[02:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> uhhh
[02:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> The franco prussian war
[02:52] <Herr keplers> Ulrich and I are fully halfway honorary Aryan
[02:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> was really embarassing for france
[02:52] <Herr keplers> eat it scrubs
[02:52] <KnightoftheLight> Donald Clinton! :D 
[02:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> >be french
[02:52] <ItsCryptiid> VIDEO GAMES
[02:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> >die
[02:53] <Game Wolf> Pfft
[02:53] <Game Wolf> video games 
[02:53] <Impossibubbles> Donald Duck
[02:53] <Impossibubbles> which reminds me
[02:53] <Game Wolf> video game wolf 
[02:53] <Game Wolf> vid gae wilf
[02:53] <Impossibubbles> I have the duck tales theme stuck in my head again
[02:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> video gay wolf
[02:53] <HyperFlash Studios> It's so easy to get stuck in your head, Bubbles 
[02:54] <Impossibubbles> so you all can suffer with me
[02:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> hey crypt
[02:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> what do you think of the /mu/sic on my profile
[02:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> i changed it
[02:55] <ItsCryptiid> What does LMBW think of Ireland?
[02:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> roddy is ok
[02:55] <RusMan> Ayy Ducktales
[02:55] <Game Wolf> Ireland sux
[02:55] <ItsCryptiid> [[user:BraveNewRoyalty]]
[02:55] <RusMan> It would be cool to visit Ireland.
[02:55] <HyperFlash Studios> Ireland is pretty cool
[02:55] <Impossibubbles> yup rus
[02:55] <Game Wolf> its full of drunkards and redheads 
[02:55] <Impossibubbles> great show tho
[02:55] <ItsCryptiid> >DADROCK
[02:55] <Game Wolf> and nya 
[02:55] <KnightoftheLight> I'm Irish, so it's amazing. :P 
[02:55] <RusMan> Irelandiscool
[02:55] <ItsCryptiid> REEEEEEEEEEE
[02:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> its not dad rock
[02:55] <RusMan> (Derp) 
[02:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> wth
[02:55] <ItsCryptiid> o
[02:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> it was made in 2010 lol
[02:55] <ItsCryptiid> you're talking about the instrumentation
[02:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes
[02:56] <Impossibubbles> I'm half irish 
[02:56] <ItsCryptiid> pretty dope desu
[02:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> or the music that is auto playing
[02:56] <ItsCryptiid> Shouldn't auto-play tbh
[02:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> too late
[02:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> i want people to suffer
[02:55] <ItsCryptiid> o
[02:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> it was made in 2010 lol
[02:55] <ItsCryptiid> you're talking about the instrumentation
[02:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes
[02:56] <Impossibubbles> I'm half irish 
[02:56] <ItsCryptiid> pretty dope desu
[02:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> or the music that is auto playing
[02:56] <ItsCryptiid> Shouldn't auto-play tbh
[02:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> too late
[02:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> i want people to suffer
[02:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> at least its not marching music anymore
[02:56] <Game Wolf> suffering is fun 
[02:56] <RusMan> Check out the music on my profile. 
[02:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> ok calm down there masochist
[02:57] <Impossibubbles> I like making people suffer with my profile music
[02:57] <Game Wolf> does anyone know how many GB's of RAM mine craft take up?
[02:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> i like making people supper
[02:57] <Impossibubbles> tho tbh, I don't see it as suffering (derp) 
[02:57] <KnightoftheLight> Let's ship LMBWers! :'D 
[02:57] <Impossibubbles> let's not
[02:57] <Impossibubbles> and say we did
[02:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> i hope i get shipped with kep
[02:57] <HyperFlash Studios> Sam
[02:57] <RusMan> I already have my ship established.
[02:57] <Game Wolf> KnightXYJF
[02:57] <HyperFlash Studios> That's a terrible idea 
[02:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> but i think bubbles and ap is a good ship
[02:57] <Herr keplers> I hope I'm not shipped with Ulrich
[02:58] <Herr keplers> I'll take any girl
[02:58] <Impossibubbles> He's my father, brave (gasp) 
[02:58] <KnightoftheLight> Wolf. 
[02:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> what if i become a trap
[02:58] <Herr keplers> no
[02:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> even better bubbles
[02:58] <Impossibubbles> ew
[02:58] <Impossibubbles> get out
[02:58] <Impossibubbles> :P 
[02:58] <ItsCryptiid>
[02:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[02:58] <Game Wolf> KeplersXnya
[02:58] <ItsCryptiid> SERSIOUYL
[02:58] <HyperFlash Studios> ... (re) 
[02:58] <ItsCryptiid> WATCH THIS
[02:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> >nya
[02:58] <Game Wolf> CryptidXNigma 
[02:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> you got thr second worst girl
[02:58] <KnightoftheLight> He tried to make me gay. (Derp) 
[02:58] <ItsCryptiid> It's almost cartoonish how North Korea portrays us
[02:59] <Game Wolf> He tried to make you gay?
[02:59] <Impossibubbles> wow cryp
[02:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> whats my ship
[02:59] <Game Wolf> He hit on me! (derp2) 
[02:59] <Game Wolf> BNR X Bonr
[02:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> nice
[02:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> If only that was a real person
[02:59] <KnightoftheLight> He said it would make him feel good if he could turn someone gay. :P 
[02:59] <ItsCryptiid>
[02:59] <ItsCryptiid> MY SIDES
[02:59] <Game Wolf> It is a real person 
[02:59] <KnightoftheLight> He was nice though. :P 
[02:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> AUSTRALIANS
[03:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> >AUSTRALIANS
[03:00] <KnightoftheLight> Bonwr1? :P 
[03:00] <HyperFlash Studios> Caps (ud) 
[03:00] <Game Wolf> He used to come here from the BCC a long time ago 
[03:00] <ItsCryptiid> Is Bonwe1 related to Bon Iver
[03:00] <Game Wolf> but stopped once he realized that this place is hell 
[03:00] <Game Wolf> and since Von would call him Boner 
[03:01] <KnightoftheLight> ... :P 
[03:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> I'm Rick Harrison, and this is my Pawn Shop. I work here with my Old Man, and my son, Big Hoss. Everything there has a story, and a price. In the 23 years I've worked here - you never know WHAT is gonna come through that door.
[03:02] <Game Wolf> oh look
[03:02] <Game Wolf> a copy pasta 
[03:02] <Herr keplers> I tried to come through the door with five assault weapons and two grenades
[03:02] <ItsCryptiid> I'm
[03:02] <ItsCryptiid> Rick
[03:02] <ItsCryptiid> Harrison
[03:02] <Herr keplers> And then the set security showed me off
[03:02] <ItsCryptiid> and THIS
[03:02] <ItsCryptiid> THIS RIGHT HERE
[03:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> chumlee took you down
[03:02] <ItsCryptiid> ismuhpaaaawnshoooop
[03:03] <Impossibubbles> what is it with this video and drinking snow
[03:03] <ItsCryptiid> Anyone here play Destiny?
[03:03] <KnightoftheLight> No
[03:03] <HyperFlash Studios> I don't, but I know someone who does 
[03:04] <KnightoftheLight> Anyone here like Bars and Melody? :3
[03:04] <Ked830> Ima head off, baiiiii all. Take caaaaaaaare
[03:04] <Ked830> YE I DO
[03:04] <KnightoftheLight> O\ 
[03:04] <HyperFlash Studios> Bye Keddy
[03:04] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[03:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> My name is Richard Harrison, and this is my legal shop for reclaimed goods. I also employ my Elder Father, and my son, Large Hoss. Everything here, being reclaimed from another individual, has a long and lengthy narrative, and of course as this being a legal shop, also has a price for sale. In the Twenty Three years I've been employed at this legal shop, one cannot simply predict the contents or nature of what will inevitably go through my legal shop's front entrance.
[03:05] <Herr keplers> LOL
[03:05] <HyperFlash Studios> Is it legal tho
[03:06] <Herr keplers> honestly looking at the guys on pawn stars
[03:06] <Herr keplers> i severely doubt uit
[03:06] <Herr keplers> *it
[03:06] <HyperFlash Studios> Minor detail
[03:06] <KnightoftheLight> ...Why on Earth do G+ communities let you ban and demote other owners? :P 
[03:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> My name is Kaiser Wilhlem II, and this is my Reich. I rule here with my Predecessor, and my Heir, Wilhelm III, Krownprinz. Everything here is an army, and well trained. In the 23 years I've reigned here, you never know WHAT is gonna cross over Elaß-Lorithigen.
[03:07] <HyperFlash Studios> In case they do something wrong..? :P 
[03:07] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[03:07] <Herr keplers> lel bnr
[03:07] <KnightoftheLight> True, but theoretically one owner could just take over the community. :P 
[03:08] <KnightoftheLight> Though it's the most efficiant option.
[03:08] <Pacman87> i was invited to a party and I didnt realise it until 4 days later
[03:08] <Herr keplers> if one g+ owner wants to "take over" a community he has some serious mental issues
[03:08] <HyperFlash Studios> Well you wouldn't promotr an owner unless you trusted them :P 
[03:08] <KnightoftheLight> True. :P 
[03:08] <Herr keplers> also all the former owners and community members would just move to a new one :p 
[03:08] <HyperFlash Studios> And per Keps
[03:08] <ItsCryptiid> My name is Andrew Jackson, and this is my government. I rule here with my vice president, and my spoils system. Everything here in nullified, and bank-free. In the 8 years I've ruled here, you never know WHO is gonna cross over the Mississippi.
[03:08] <Herr keplers> KEK
[03:08] <HyperFlash Studios> gg
[03:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> My name is George H.W. Bush, and this is my country. I work here with Bush Senior, and my puppy, Jeb Bush. Everything here is constitutionally protected, and robust. In the 1 term I've worked here, you never know WHAT will crash into the World Trade Center.
[03:09] <KnightoftheLight> Andrew Jackson=Worst president ever
[03:09] <HyperFlash Studios> Taking over LMVW is much more satisfying anyway
[03:09] <ItsCryptiid> Andrew Jackson was based.
[03:09] <HyperFlash Studios> *LMBW
[03:09] <HyperFlash Studios> gg me
[03:09] <ItsCryptiid> Jeb!
[03:09] <KnightoftheLight> Isn't HW the older one? :P 
[03:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> uh
[03:09] <KnightoftheLight> Crypt XD
[03:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes
[03:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> typo
[03:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> I meant to just say W
[03:10] <KnightoftheLight> LMB Chronicles 5: Invasion of the Breastfeeding Moms
[03:10] <KnightoftheLight> (fp) 
[03:10] <ItsCryptiid> Breasthony Feedtano.
[03:11] <HyperFlash Studios> The heck
[03:11] <HyperFlash Studios> :P 
[03:11] <KnightoftheLight> DUMBLE
[03:11] <Dumbledore115> I read the cursed child in 3 hours :P 
[03:11] <KnightoftheLight> WASN'T IT AWFUL? :P 
[03:11] <KnightoftheLight> Sry caps
[03:11] <ItsCryptiid> >tfw I was never into Harry Potter
[03:11] <HyperFlash Studios> Ale and AP aren't here so
[03:12] <Dumbledore115> Ill tell you my opinion of it in PM, it will involve spoilers :P 
[03:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> My Name is Pvt. Charlie, and this is my rifle. There are many like it but this one is mine. Without me, my rifle is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless.
[03:12] <ItsCryptiid> @BNR: kekkery
[03:12] <ItsCryptiid> SHould've done a Pvt. Pyle one
[03:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> In the 2 years I've been drafted, you never know WHAT the Vietcong's next trap will be.
[03:13] <ItsCryptiid> I two-manned the Nightfall this week
[03:13] <ItsCryptiid> And got Treads Upon Stars too
[03:14] <ItsCryptiid> Intense daberoni
[03:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> My name is John Lennon, and this is The Beatles. The fact that so many still consider The Beatles as the "most influential rock band ever" just shows how far rock is from being a serious art. In the 10 years I've been a Beatle, you never know WHO is gonna shoot your kidney.
[03:16] <Herr keplers> oooh man
[03:17] <Herr keplers> okay but can we be fair and admit to call rock a serious art at all is...
[03:17] <Herr keplers> sad:P
[03:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> My name is Billy Joel, and this it my most hated song. I have Communists and Genocide in it. In the 40 years I've been making music, I still don't know WHO started the fire.
[03:18] <HyperFlash Studios> Gotta go
[03:18] <HyperFlash Studios> Later all
[03:18] <Herr keplers> <img class="chatags-image" src="">
[03:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> kek
[03:19] <Herr keplers> >don't know who started the fire
[03:19] <Herr keplers> >lel
[03:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> >germany
[03:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> kep you know girls und panzer right
[03:21] <ItsCryptiid> I wanna move to Dublin
[03:21] <Herr keplers> like hell i do
[03:21] <ItsCryptiid> For Irish qts
[03:21] <Herr keplers> <img class="chatags-image" src="">
[03:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> i cant believe the STUG team still
[03:21] <ItsCryptiid> In Ireland
[03:21] <Herr keplers> they were the best
[03:21] <Herr keplers> by far
[03:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> i didnt even watch all of it
[03:21] <ItsCryptiid> Do the students typically wear uniforms?
[03:21] <Herr keplers> <img class="chatags-image" src="">
[03:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> but the main girl was a qt
[03:22] <ItsCryptiid> >tfw no third reich qt
[03:22] <Herr keplers>
[03:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> i only got to like ep 5 lol
[03:22] <Herr keplers> Still so disappointed Erwin's not a person
[03:22] <Herr keplers> I'd Anschluss her in a minute
[03:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> so you admit youre attracted to anime girls
[03:23] <ItsCryptiid> No
[03:23] <ItsCryptiid> That's stupid.
[03:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> de_stroyed
[03:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> i was talking to kep
[03:23] <ItsCryptiid> That's like being attracting to someone you don't know
[03:23] <ItsCryptiid> Like how I am
[03:23] <ItsCryptiid> dkahdadhakjsdhakdjas
[03:23] <Herr keplers> ... well
[03:23] <Herr keplers> of course bnr
[03:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> you will never have a dritte reich loving gf
[03:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> Why still be straight?
[03:24] <Impossibubbles> heys dado
[03:24] <Impossibubbles> *heya
[03:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> I read that as "daddy"
[03:24] <Herr keplers> I
[03:24] <Herr keplers> I might
[03:23] <Herr keplers> ... well
[03:23] <Herr keplers> of course bnr
[03:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> you will never have a dritte reich loving gf
[03:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> Why still be straight?
[03:24] <Impossibubbles> heys dado
[03:24] <Impossibubbles> *heya
[03:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> I read that as "daddy"
[03:24] <Herr keplers> I
[03:24] <Herr keplers> I might
[03:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> as if keps
[03:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> the best youll get is the prussian police girls
[03:25] <Herr keplers> That...
[03:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> and theyre decreasing in numbers
[03:25] <Herr keplers> Oh get real the Prussian police is basically an army :P 
[03:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> looking for: history gf
[03:26] <ItsCryptiid> looking for: dublin gf
[03:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> the only history "gf" i had was that trans guy
[03:26] <Herr keplers> ... mm
[03:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> what keps
[03:26] <ItsCryptiid> Closest thing I have to a dublin gf is a girl from dublin who i talk to over snapchat
[03:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> no grills like history
[03:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> I sad
[03:27] <ItsCryptiid> Sadly.
[03:27] <ItsCryptiid> History is based.
[03:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats why im pretty homo
[03:27] <ItsCryptiid> "History made me gay"
[03:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> most girls like stuff that i dont care about
[03:27] <ItsCryptiid> Vote history!
[03:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> and if they dont like it then theyre lesbians
[03:28] <Impossibubbles> I'm just a fantasy/sci-fi nerd :( 
[03:28] <ItsCryptiid> I'm just a Destiny nerrd.
[03:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> when will there be an online dating site specifically for military history people
[03:28] <ItsCryptiid> 566 hours and counting
[03:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah bubbles any other girl i know like that is a lesbian
[03:29] <Impossibubbles> I thought non lesbian fantasy/sci-fi nerds were common (derp) 
[03:29] <Impossibubbles> Am I mistaken?
[03:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> where they at though
[03:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> i mean tumblr is the only place i see them with the exception of you
[03:30] <LordWeirdo> i'm a nerd of nothing
[03:30] <Impossibubbles> Well, I dunno. I figured my antisocialness kept me from meeting them 
[03:30] <ItsCryptiid> I'm a nerd of music too
[03:30] <ItsCryptiid> Not Fantano-level though
[03:30] <Impossibubbles> You have a sword, dado. You're a nerd :P 
[03:30] <ItsCryptiid> Or Scaruffi level
[03:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> i think youre mistaken then (derp) 
[03:30] <LordWeirdo> true
[03:30] <Impossibubbles> I want a sword
[03:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> dont we all
[03:30] <LordWeirdo> I forgot i am a weapons nerd :P 
[03:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> i want a zweihander
[03:31] <Impossibubbles> I want a master sword
[03:31] <LordWeirdo> zweihanders are cool
[03:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> here we go with me wanting to make the grill gamer joke again with bubbles
[03:31] <LordWeirdo> grill gamer
[03:31] <Impossibubbles> I'm not really a gamer
[03:31] <ItsCryptiid> The heck's a zweihander
[03:31] <Impossibubbles> I just love legend of zelda
[03:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> google it crypt
[03:32] <ItsCryptiid> Looks lame
[03:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> all grill gamers i know /love/ legend of zelda
[03:32] <ItsCryptiid> The Kirkhammer looks more based
[03:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> its a jagged sword
[03:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> kirkhammer sounds like captain kirk's special package
[03:32] <ItsCryptiid> special package =) 
[03:32] <ItsCryptiid>
[03:32] <Impossibubbles> I have the new game preordered (sie) 
[03:32] <ItsCryptiid> It's not JUST a hammer
[03:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> ive only played a link to the past
[03:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> because its rather boring for me
[03:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> i sorta wanna play oot
[03:33] <ItsCryptiid> What game
[03:33] <ItsCryptiid> bubbles
[03:33] <RusMan> Ooh yes, Legend of Zelda. (H) 
[03:33] <ItsCryptiid> Tfw I never grew up with Nintendo
[03:33] <ItsCryptiid> I grew up with Playstation
[03:33] <Impossibubbles> breath of the wild
[03:33] <ItsCryptiid> Oooooo
[03:33] <RusMan> >LTTP
[03:33] <RusMan> >Boring
[03:33] <RusMan> (Yk) 
[03:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> it is though
[03:34] <RusMan> Not to me
[03:34] <Impossibubbles> I never played it
[03:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> Also i played it on the gba
[03:34] <ItsCryptiid> I don't like shoegaze.
[03:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> in japanese
[03:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[03:34] <Impossibubbles> Wind Waker and Skyward sword are my favorites
[03:34] <RusMan> Well play it on the SNES. :P 
[03:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> this is why i play bullet hell games
[03:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> i have no snes
[03:34] <ItsCryptiid> Bullet hell, like Touhou, right?
[03:34] <RusMan> Try an emulator then.
[03:34] <Impossibubbles> ASDFGHGFDSADFGHGFD It looks so amazing tho
[03:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> i dont feel like emulating a 10 button controller
[03:35] <Impossibubbles> Ayyy
[03:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> 30 minutes of /jp/ doesnt count
[03:35] <AmazingPythor> Ayyyyy
[03:35] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles
[03:35] <AmazingPythor> You never told me the Goodfeathers parodied Rocky
[03:35] <RusMan> You just use WASD and a couple other keys.
[03:35] <RusMan> Not that hard.
[03:35] <ItsCryptiid> I know OF Touhou
[03:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> rus theres 4 main buttons and the side buttons
[03:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> i cant bind that efficiently
[03:35] <ItsCryptiid>
[03:35] <ItsCryptiid> LOOK HOW AWESOME IT LOOKS
[03:35] <RusMan> Nobody uses the side buttons on a SNES controller.
[03:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> i play touhou
[03:35] <Impossibubbles> I just hope I can use a classic controller with the new zelda game
[03:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> tell that to the batman games rus
[03:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> ive only beaten two touhous though
[03:36] <AmazingPythor> "yO ADRIAN"
[03:36] <Impossibubbles> My wrist just can't handle playing with a wii remote
[03:36] <AmazingPythor> I died
[03:36] <Impossibubbles> Haha xD
[03:36] <RusMan> Bubbles, have you played TP?
[03:36] <ItsCryptiid> I need $30
[03:36] <ItsCryptiid> For Rise of Iron
[03:36] <Impossibubbles> Yes, rus. It was my first zelda game
[03:36] <AmazingPythor> I played the original Zelda on a 3ds
[03:37] <RusMan> Noice.
[03:37] <Impossibubbles> I liked it
[03:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> i like zelda ii
[03:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> the most
[03:37] <RusMan> It's the only one I've beaten, actually. :p 
[03:37] <Impossibubbles> though not as much after playing other games
[03:37] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles if you want to play it I recommend using a walkthrough (derp) 
[03:37] <Dumbledore115> Why do you call girls grills BNR
[03:37] <ItsCryptiid> What is the best time signature and why is it 12/8?
[03:37] <Impossibubbles> play what?
[03:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> because dumble
[03:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> its fun
[03:37] <Dumbledore115> is that an intentional typo?
[03:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> >12/8
[03:37] <AmazingPythor> Like, if you want to beat it you have to burn random bushes with no hints
[03:37] <AmazingPythor> The original Zelda
[03:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> christ crypt
[03:37] <Impossibubbles> Oh weird
[03:37] <ItsCryptiid> What's your perfect time sig, Brave?
[03:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> im so bad at music i cant play 6/8 that well
[03:37] <AmazingPythor> Also it's freaking hard
[03:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> cause im lazy
[03:38] <ItsCryptiid> 6/8 ain't that difficult.
[03:38] <AmazingPythor> If you beat it then you're a better player than I
[03:38] <Impossibubbles> tbh
[03:38] <Impossibubbles> I like nice graphics xD
[03:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> i also cant identify time sigs in songs cause im rhythm deaf
[03:38] <Impossibubbles> I don't like many old games
[03:38] <AmazingPythor> Graphics are nice, but not a key factor for me
[03:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> despite playing in a band for 3 years
[03:38] <Impossibubbles> I prefer to feel like I'm exploring a world rather than just solving puzzels 
[03:38] <Impossibubbles> *puzzles 
[03:38] <Impossibubbles> if that makes sense
[03:38] <AmazingPythor> I'd take something like Earthbound over a generic high-res shooter any day of the week
[03:38] <ItsCryptiid> If you get 6/8 down you can literally master almost all of the compound signatures
[03:39] <AmazingPythor> You'll like the new game Bubbles
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah i can technically play 6/8
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> but my band mates cant
[03:39] <ItsCryptiid> 3/8, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 8/8, 9/8, 10/8, 11/8, 12/8 and so on
[03:39] <Impossibubbles> Oh it looks amazing o3o
[03:39] <AmazingPythor> It's eight times the size of Skyrim's map
[03:39] <Marshal6000> Vote!! [[LEGO Message Boards Wiki:Emoticon Vote/Uncle Frank?t=20160816205915]]
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> so they make me plau wrong
[03:39] <Marshal6000> P: 
[03:39] <Dumbledore115> Ugh i have sail by awolnation stuck in my head :P 
[03:39] <AmazingPythor> And having played Skyrim
[03:39] <RusMan> I need to play Earthbound.
[03:39] <AmazingPythor> That's rather disturbing :{P 
[03:39] <Impossibubbles> I already have it preordered, AP
[03:39] <ItsCryptiid> Just don't mess with the /16 time signatures.
[03:39] <AmazingPythor> Nice o3o
[03:39] <Marshal6000> I need to play the new DOOM.
[03:39] <Impossibubbles> If they actually deliver, I should get it around christmas, actually
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> im playing a touhou earthbound (derp) 
[03:39] <RusMan> Pyth, you should try some older DOS games.
[03:39] <Marshal6000> But I don't have a gaming pc :P 
[03:39] <AmazingPythor> Wait it's coming in December?
[03:39] <RusMan> If you like adventure games
[03:39] <AmazingPythor> DOS? :P 
[03:39] <RusMan> There are some fun ones out there.
[03:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> omg ap
[03:40] <RusMan> Yeah, DOS. :P 
[03:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> you dont know what dos is?
[03:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> play the original xcom
[03:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> and the water xcom
[03:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> and daggerfall
[03:40] <ItsCryptiid>
[03:40] <RusMan> Daggerfall and Arena (y) 
[03:40] <ItsCryptiid> @Brave
[03:40] <RusMan> Please tell me you've heard of DOS. :P 
[03:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah i dont play much music anymore crypt
[03:40] <AmazingPythor> Yeah I need to play Daggerfall
[03:40] <Impossibubbles> that's what it said when I preordered. It officially comes out in march next year
[03:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> dos is old school Microsoft
[03:41] <Herr keplers>
[03:41] <Herr keplers> apologies for link name
[03:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> you need emulator to play tho
[03:41] <RusMan> If you download Dosbox, you're all set.
[03:41] <AmazingPythor> Wait you're getting it a few months early Bubbles?
[03:41] <AmazingPythor> I should preorder as well
[03:41] <Marshal6000> "Shanty towns are forming in the suburbs of major cities."
[03:41] <BubseyBrick> Back
[03:41] <AmazingPythor> Keps (yk) 
[03:42] <RusMan> Pyth ignored me ;~;
[03:42] <AmazingPythor> sry
[03:42] <AmazingPythor> ;~;
[03:42] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles did you ever find Majora's Mask on the virtual console
[03:42] <AmazingPythor> I got it on the Wii one a few years ago
[03:42] <Impossibubbles> no, I forgot to look
[03:42] <ItsCryptiid> KEP THAT LINK
[03:43] <ItsCryptiid> Get that weak stuff outta here
[03:43] <AmazingPythor> Well it's probably the best game in the series, I recommend it. :{P 
[03:43] <AmazingPythor> I need to play Zelda 2
[03:43] <AmazingPythor> I haven't thrown a controller in a while
[03:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> play castlevania instead
[03:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> lots of controller throws
[03:43] <Marshal6000> Should I accept this offer?
[03:43] <AmazingPythor> Or Battletoads
[03:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[03:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> ninja gaiden
[03:44] <Marshal6000> "“You’re looking at this the wrong way. This isn’t a problem; it’s a golden opportunity!” says theme park tycoon Calvin Xavier, slicking back his hair. He continues: “Picture this: thousands upon thousands of tourists flocking to The Nation Of Meinrich. Why are these people coming in droves, you ask? To see the one, the only Great Catfish Sea Oil Slick! Throw up a few more platforms, add some roller coasters, a few restaurants, tie it all together with a jolly mascot, and you’ve turned this unfortunate accident into a lucky break!”"
[03:44] <RusMan> I was actually getting decently far into Minush Cap about a year ago, and then my save file disappeared. 
[03:44] <AmazingPythor> >gravitates towards nearest pit
[03:44] <AmazingPythor> Minish Cap is great Rus
[03:44] <RusMan> *Minish
[03:44] <Marshal6000> Any opinions guys? :P 
[03:44] <AmazingPythor> I beat it a few weeks ago
[03:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah marsh
[03:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> You shouls
[03:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> hire your own advisors
[03:44] <RusMan> Yes it is, but after that happenes, I kind of lost the enthusiasm to play it. :p 
[03:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> (kappa) 
[03:44] <LordWeirdo> yes my income inequality is up
[03:44] <Marshal6000> Let's see what happens
[03:45] <Marshal6000> cross your fingers
[03:45] <AmazingPythor> Also Bubbles the one where Pinky and Brain star as characters in a puppet show is my new favorite
[03:45] <RusMan> *happened
[03:45] <Impossibubbles> Hehe xD
[03:45] <Marshal6000> "Ollie the Oiled Seal welcomes throngs of tourists to the newly opened Oil Oasis Water Park."
[03:45] <Impossibubbles> I'm glad you like it (as) 
[03:45] <AmazingPythor> "you're paying for our tHERAPY BILLS!"
[03:45] <Marshal6000> GG
[03:45] <RusMan> And the game runs great on my phone too.
[03:45] <AmazingPythor> I should listen to you more often :{P 
[03:45] <Impossibubbles> >:3
[03:45] <AmazingPythor> >:3
[03:45] <RusMan> >:3
[03:45] <Marshal6000> >:3
[03:45] <AmazingPythor> Anyways let me a get a picture of that stupid shirt I said I'd show earlier
[03:46] <Marshal6000> "After receiving four-digit internet bills, the people of The Nation Of Meinrich are demanding that a free internet service be made available by the government."
[03:46] <Impossibubbles> yey
[03:47] <LordWeirdo> free internet
[03:47] <RusMan> Lol, watch the speeds be crappy
[03:47] <LordWeirdo> for a tax increase
[03:47] <LordWeirdo> of course
[03:48] <Marshal6000> "The internet has been placed under government control."
[03:48] <AmazingPythor>
[03:48] <AmazingPythor> She got me XL
[03:48] <AmazingPythor> I don't know why
[03:49] <AmazingPythor> Also idk what it even is
[03:49] <AmazingPythor> So I wear it to bed
[03:49] <ItsCryptiid>*Version*=1&*entries*=0
[03:49] <ItsCryptiid> I want this shirt
[03:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> is it bad that i forced someone to take up writing to leave me alone
[03:49] <LordWeirdo> my nra shirt is missing
[03:49] <ItsCryptiid> no
[03:49] <ItsCryptiid> at least you got them into something
[03:49] <LordWeirdo> i liked it
[03:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> heh
[03:49] <LordWeirdo> but only wore it like twice
[03:50] <Marshal6000> I want this:
[03:50] <Marshal6000> :P 
[03:50] <ItsCryptiid>
[03:50] <Impossibubbles> lol AP
[03:50] <Impossibubbles> that is quite something 
[03:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> I am wearing my luftwaffe shirt now
[03:50] <AmazingPythor> I don't know what to make of it
[03:51] <AmazingPythor> Am I supposed to wear it in public...?
[03:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> I need to cut the tag
[03:51] <Impossibubbles> ASFGHFDSD I'm watching enterprise (derp) 
[03:51] <AmazingPythor> >has worn monocle in public
[03:51] <AmazingPythor> >this is too much
[03:51] <Impossibubbles> So there's an agent from the future protecting the enterprise. Oh my!
[03:52] <Impossibubbles> And the captain finds out. Oh my!
[03:52] <AmazingPythor> How many episodes into it are you
[03:52] <Impossibubbles> Captain: "Why should I trust you?"
[03:52] <Impossibubbles> Guy: "You like your eggs soft. Have I ever brought them to you any other way?"
[03:52] <Impossibubbles> Captain: *nods knowingly*
[03:52] <Impossibubbles> WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAn
[03:53] <ItsCryptiid> What name is the biggest red flag and why is it Rachel?
[03:53] <AmazingPythor> What the hell bubbles
[03:53] <Impossibubbles> and like 5 eps, ap
[03:53] <Marshal6000> What are you watching bubbles? :P 
[03:53] <AmazingPythor> How many are there
[03:53] <Impossibubbles> too many
[03:53] <AmazingPythor> Did they at least cancel after a season or two?
[03:53] <Impossibubbles> there are like 5 seasons
[03:53] <AmazingPythor> ... (re) 
[03:53] <Impossibubbles> oh
[03:53] <AmazingPythor> I'm so sorry.
[03:53] <Impossibubbles> 4 seasons
[03:53] <Impossibubbles> but still
[03:53] <Marshal6000> what show us it?
[03:53] <Impossibubbles> bleh
[03:53] <Marshal6000> *is
[03:53] <Impossibubbles> Star Trek Enterprise
[03:53] <AmazingPythor> You're very dedicated.
[03:54] <Marshal6000> Oh. :P 
[03:54] <Impossibubbles> I know, AP
[03:54] <Marshal6000> Just wait for Star Trek Discovery
[03:54] <Marshal6000> :P 
[03:54] <RusMan> [img=""] I want a BoC shirt. ;~;
[03:54] <Impossibubbles> I plan on watching it when it comes out
[03:54] <RusMan> (Yk) 
[03:54] <AmazingPythor> I don't know whether to respect you or be appalled
[03:55] <RusMan> How did the link mess up?
[03:55] <AmazingPythor> Blue Oyster Cult is a great band Rus
[03:55] <AmazingPythor> (y) 
[03:55] <Impossibubbles> I'm dedicated to something I love. Good and bad alike 
[03:55] <Marshal6000> <img class="chatags-image" src="">
[03:56] <Marshal6000> test
[03:56] <AmazingPythor> I fail to understand how you cope with such misery.
[03:56] <Marshal6000> [img=""]
[03:56] <Impossibubbles> I try to find small bits of good?
[03:56] <Marshal6000> The link doesn't work rus :P 
[03:56] <Impossibubbles> it's hard (derp) 
[03:56] <AmazingPythor> Do you ever find any?
[03:56] <RusMan> So is Boards of Canada, even though they're more of a duo. (Y) 
[03:56] <Impossibubbles> Ummmmmmmmmmm
[03:56] <Impossibubbles> ummmmm
[03:56] <Impossibubbles> ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[03:57] <AmazingPythor> Just remember that you have my support and I'm with you in spirit (not that I'd ever watch that crap with you, god no)
[03:57] <Impossibubbles> erm, there was a– no... um, I like....that...they sometimes flesh out history that is mentioned in other shows? (derp) 
[03:58] <Impossibubbles> Oh, I do enjoy some of the alien species they encounter. I don't like the ship, or the crew, but I always like seeing new civilizations 
[03:58] <AmazingPythor> It's hard to look on the bright side when there's literally nothing positive
[03:58] <AmazingPythor> That's good? :P 
[03:58] <Impossibubbles> except
[03:58] <Impossibubbles> in one ep
[03:59] <Impossibubbles> Where the chief engineer goes to help some species fix their ship and one female impregnates him and he starts growing nipples on his wrists (yk) 
[04:00] <AmazingPythor> ... What
[04:00] <Impossibubbles> Yes
[04:00] <AmazingPythor> Are the creators of this show on drugs
[04:00] <AmazingPythor> Hyoer
[04:00] <Impossibubbles> I am enduring that level of CRAP
[04:00] <AmazingPythor> Is it worse than Final Frontier? 
[04:00] <Impossibubbles> oh and you know how it happens?
[04:00] <Marshal6000> <img class="chatags-image" src="">
[04:00] <AmazingPythor> Do tell.
[04:00] <AmazingPythor> Marsh plz
[04:00] <ItsCryptiid> 8675309
[04:00] <HyperFlash Studios> "and he starts growing nipples on his wrists" 
[04:00] <Impossibubbles> they stick their fingers in some pebbles and play a mind reading game
[04:00] <HyperFlash Studios> Nope
[04:00] <Impossibubbles> it makes no sense
[04:00] <AmazingPythor> what
[04:00] <AmazingPythor> Who wrote this
[04:01] <Impossibubbles> The pebbles glow I guess (derp) 
[04:01] <AmazingPythor> Sounds like the byproduct of a sugar-high 12 year old
[04:01] <AmazingPythor> Or preferably cocaine high
[04:01] <AmazingPythor> Yeah we'll go with that
[04:01] <Impossibubbles> The best part was when they come across some klingons and they laugh at the pregnant dude
[04:01] <Impossibubbles> I will admit
[04:01] <ItsCryptiid> 8
[04:01] <ItsCryptiid> 6
[04:01] <ItsCryptiid> 7
[04:01] <ItsCryptiid> 5
[04:01] <ItsCryptiid> 3
[04:01] <ItsCryptiid> 0
[04:01] <ItsCryptiid> 9
[04:02] <AmazingPythor> Crypt
[04:02] <Impossibubbles> there was one part in the ep, setting aside all the badness, that I found amusing xD
[04:02] <AmazingPythor> Warning
[04:02] <ItsCryptiid> it's a number :^)
[04:02] <AmazingPythor> Okay so it's not an endless torrent of misery
[04:02] <Impossibubbles> Where the engineer starts acting like a stereotypical pregnant woman xD
[04:02] <AmazingPythor> Just endless with a few breaks
[04:02] <Impossibubbles> Like breaks that last about 30 seconds
[04:03] <AmazingPythor> Like how in hell they pass around beers every million years
[04:03] <AmazingPythor> And what is "stereotypical pregnant woman"
[04:04] <HyperFlash Studios> Oh wow AP, you almost have 5k edits
[04:04] <AmazingPythor> Yeah I'm so slow ik
[04:04] <Impossibubbles> Like he starts berating this one guy that the area next to the engine would be unsafe for children. xD And the guy is just like "....what children...what?" His reaction was amusing :P 
[04:04] <Pacman87> im sad
[04:04] <HyperFlash Studios> Bubbles here already has more than 6k
[04:04] <ItsCryptiid>
[04:04] <AmazingPythor> The hell bubbles
[04:05] <Impossibubbles> LOOK IT WAS A WHOLE LOT OF BAD. And I laughed xD
[04:05] <ItsCryptiid>
[04:05] <AmazingPythor> I suppose in the darkest of times even jokes like that can be perceived as amusing
[04:05] <ItsCryptiid> THESE TIME SIGNATURES
[04:05] <AmazingPythor> The Rocky references in that episode killed me though
[04:06] <Marshal6000> 7/16?
[04:06] <Marshal6000> WTH!
[04:06] <Marshal6000> That's a time signature!
[04:06] <ItsCryptiid> yeah
[04:06] <ItsCryptiid> As is 5/16.
[04:06] <ItsCryptiid> It's a Zappa thing.
[04:06] <Marshal6000> I thought 5/4 was ludicuris
[04:06] <ItsCryptiid> It's not.
[04:06] <ItsCryptiid> 5/4 isn't that difficult. Mars memed 5/4.
[04:06] <HyperFlash Studios> I've noticed nobody has put up an RfR for anything in a while
[04:07] <AmazingPythor> Slice is running for admin eventually possibly
[04:07] <AmazingPythor> Or maybe I am potentially
[04:07] <AmazingPythor> idk
[04:07] <Impossibubbles> that pinged me
[04:07] <HyperFlash Studios> Meh
[04:07] <Impossibubbles> (derp) 
[04:07] <BubseyBrick> I'm baaaack! :P 
[04:07] <HyperFlash Studios> I'd probably support you AP, not sure
[04:07] <HyperFlash Studios> Dunno about Slice
[04:07] <Impossibubbles> It's kind of rude to reply to everything with meh
[04:07] <ItsCryptiid> Gustav Holst single-handedly turned 5/4 into a meme.
[04:07] <AmazingPythor> Well we kinda need another admin
[04:08] <BubseyBrick> o/ 
[04:08] <AmazingPythor> I think Slicer or myself would be ideal, preferably slice
[04:08] <AmazingPythor> He's more experienced
[04:08] <Impossibubbles> hiya div
[04:08] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[04:08] <I'mDivergent> hi
[04:08] <HyperFlash Studios> Hi Div
[04:08] <I'mDivergent> all the admins dislike slicer though 
[04:08] <Impossibubbles> Why?
[04:08] <AmazingPythor> Only Ale does I thought
[04:09] <AmazingPythor> Rio and Loney gave him decent scores
[04:09] <HyperFlash Studios> Uh
[04:09] <I'mDivergent> Well Ale is the most public about 
[04:09] <I'mDivergent> they talked about demoting him on the admin site
[04:09] <Marshal6000> everyone put ":P" as their ping! :P 
[04:09] <HyperFlash Studios> There's a difference between liking a CM and how well they preform :P 
[04:09] <AmazingPythor> ... Oh. :P 
[04:09] <AmazingPythor> @div
[04:09] <Impossibubbles> no thanks, marsh xD
[04:09] <HyperFlash Studios> And that was back during the night chat incident 
[04:09] <AmazingPythor> Most agree he's improved I thought
[04:09] <AmazingPythor> I mean
[04:09] <Marshal6000> [[LEGO Message Boards Wiki:Emoticon Vote/Uncle Frank?t=20160816205915]]
[04:09] <Marshal6000> Plz P: 
[04:10] <AmazingPythor> Do you guys think I should run...? :P 
[04:10] <I'mDivergent> meh, I find in this wiki how well they perform influences how they're liked :P 
[04:10] <AmazingPythor> I have mixed feelings
[04:10] <Impossibubbles> I would probably be neutral 
[04:10] <HyperFlash Studios> It does, Div
[04:10] <Impossibubbles> Heya slice
[04:10] <HyperFlash Studios> But I try to keep that seperate :P 
[04:10] <AmazingPythor> Slicer o/ 
[04:10] <Slicer Vorzakh> hey
[04:10] <AmazingPythor> Slice when are you gonna put up your rfr
[04:10] <I'mDivergent> AP would you link me to the admin site if you got admin
[04:11] <AmazingPythor> (yk) 
[04:11] <Marshal6000> best thing ever:
[04:11] <Slicer Vorzakh> uh
[04:11] <Impossibubbles> >AP immediately demoted 
[04:11] <I'mDivergent> if Ed has it why can't I
[04:11] <AmazingPythor> *when/if
[04:11] <HyperFlash Studios> More like
[04:11] <ItsCryptiid> Marsh
[04:11] <ItsCryptiid> No
[04:11] <ItsCryptiid> Just
[04:11] <ItsCryptiid> No
[04:11] <HyperFlash Studios> >AP permablocked
[04:11] <ItsCryptiid> We need a Zappa emote
[04:11] <Marshal6000> I actually liked it :P 
[04:11] <Slicer Vorzakh> well technically my two month wait time isn't over but the admins should let me put itip
[04:11] <ItsCryptiid> Even though I'm the only one here who cares about Zappa
[04:11] <Herr keplers> time for the insane flame wars
[04:11] <AmazingPythor> Talk to Ava next time you see him I guess
[04:11] <Herr keplers>
[04:11] <Slicer Vorzakh> ava's on vacation
[04:12] <AmazingPythor> ... Oh
[04:12] <Impossibubbles> I love steven crowder
[04:12] <AmazingPythor> Uh
[04:12] <AmazingPythor> This is why we need more admins (derp) 
[04:12] <HyperFlash Studios> Why should the admins let you put it up
[04:12] <HyperFlash Studios> ?? 
[04:12] <Slicer Vorzakh> because they let you put up a second rfr too early
[04:12] <Impossibubbles> mhm
[04:13] <I'mDivergent> I'll bet all the people who have hardly a reason to oppose Slicer will be like "with so many rfrs seems desperate for power (derp) "
[04:13] <HyperFlash Studios> Yes, and that's because mine was closed too early and nothing was done about it
[04:13] <AmazingPythor> Hype didn't they make an exception for you because of the need for CMs
[04:13] <Marshal6000> The reaction here is priceless:
[04:13] <Herr keplers> I was on board with Gaz but now that he's claimed that he's only running "to oppose Ale" I'm not sure I want to support him anymore
[04:13] <AmazingPythor> Perhaps the same thing would work for slice
[04:13] <Herr keplers> Because I actually agree with Ale most times
[04:13] <ItsCryptiid>
[04:13] <ItsCryptiid> Best thing ever
[04:13] <I'mDivergent> Ale's a doofus, Kep
[04:14] <I'mDivergent> someome has to oppose him 
[04:14] <Slicer Vorzakh> I said that I'd be like an opposite to ale
[04:14] <Slicer Vorzakh> not just because I oppose him
[04:14] <HyperFlash Studios> Pretty sure it was more because mine was closed early but they might allow Slice to put one up
[04:14] <Impossibubbles> Is this english, cryp
[04:14] <ItsCryptiid> Bubble
[04:14] <ItsCryptiid> It's
[04:14] <HyperFlash Studios> And Div srs
[04:14] <AmazingPythor> Your second RfR you mean Hype?
[04:14] <ItsCryptiid> Angry Scottish peoplel saying real words maybe
[04:14] <Impossibubbles> I can't even understand it
[04:14] <I'mDivergent> It's true, Hype
[04:14] <HyperFlash Studios> My first RfR was closed too early
[04:15] <HyperFlash Studios> And wasn't reopened
[04:15] <HyperFlash Studios> Unlike my second one, which was reopened :P 
[04:15] <AmazingPythor> Ah.
[04:15] <ItsCryptiid> IT's the point bubbles
[04:15] <Impossibubbles> I'm not sure why we're arguing this. If slice gets an okay from the admins, there's no issue.
[04:16] <HyperFlash Studios> We were arguing...? :P 
[04:16] <AmazingPythor> That was hardly an argument. :{P 
[04:16] <Impossibubbles> I'm not paying attention. All I see is a topic not being dropped :P 
[04:16] <HyperFlash Studios> I was answering AP's question :P 
[04:16] <AmazingPythor> Whatever just talk to the next admin who comes on slice
[04:17] <ItsCryptiid> 566 hours on Destiny boyos
[04:17] <Marshal6000> IDK why But everytime I watch that AGT act I laugh my face off! :P 
[04:17] <I'mDivergent> Aren't there cuss words in it, Marsh
[04:18] <Marshal6000> No.
[04:18] <Marshal6000> There arn't any in the original song either.
[04:18] <Marshal6000> Just because it's metal doesn't mean it has swears. :P 
[04:18] <I'mDivergent> Never said that
[04:18] <Impossibubbles> GOD NO
[04:18] <I'mDivergent> it sounds like a donald trump rally lol
[04:18] <Impossibubbles> NO
[04:18] <Impossibubbles> NO
[04:19] <AmazingPythor> What
[04:19] <Impossibubbles> The young turks ended up in my autoplay 
[04:19] <AmazingPythor> gOD WHY
[04:19] <Impossibubbles> I think half my brain just died
[04:19] <Impossibubbles> if not all of it
[04:19] <AmazingPythor> The other half was already killed by Enterprise and your editing I thought
[04:19] <BubseyBrick> Sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind
[04:19] <Impossibubbles> it's all dead then
[04:19] <Marshal6000> <span style="font-size:16pt;">LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!!!</span>
[04:19] <Impossibubbles> Marshal
[04:19] <Impossibubbles> my god
[04:19] <Impossibubbles> no
[04:19] <Marshal6000> :P 
[04:20] <AmazingPythor> (yk) 
[04:20] <Impossibubbles> aw keps isn't here
[04:20] <Impossibubbles> I wanted to tell him how much I liked the steven crowder vid xD
[04:20] <I'mDivergent> Bubsey, quoting twenty one pilots is going to get you killed here unless you're talking to Ava, Me or Rus :P 
[04:21] <Slicer Vorzakh> oh god twenty one pilots
[04:21] <AmazingPythor> I concur with slice.
[04:22] <Slicer Vorzakh> I was neutral on them before but then people on Google plus ruined it
[04:22] <AmazingPythor> I basically always hated them, but G+ made it more annoying.
[04:23] <Impossibubbles> I never liked them. But they've been shoved in my face so much, I hate them
[04:23] <I'mDivergent> Next time Savvycat or Kiah posts something about them they're going to get blocked 
[04:24] <Slicer Vorzakh> both of them already blocked me
[04:24] <I'mDivergent> lol
[04:25] <Slicer Vorzakh> either for insulting top or saying god in a sentence, I don't remember which
[04:25] <AmazingPythor> Oh, Hype
[04:25] <I'mDivergent> Probably a combination of both
[04:25] <AmazingPythor> I tried messaging Info on G+ but he never responded ;~;
[04:26] <Impossibubbles> 8:28. I died xDDD
[04:26] <HyperFlash Studios> Oh, I see, AP
[04:26] <HyperFlash Studios> Thanks for trying (derp) 
[04:27] <AmazingPythor> Sorry. (derp) 
[04:27] <ItsCryptiid> Ughhhh 21 Pilots
[04:27] <ItsCryptiid> Worst fanbase in recent memory
[04:27] <I'mDivergent> Did Info ever retire or did he just leave 
[04:28] <LordWeirdo> well i'm going to sleep
[04:28] <AmazingPythor> Just left really, abruptly posted something on his wall.
[04:28] <LordWeirdo> theoretically
[04:28] <ItsCryptiid> nighty
[04:28] <AmazingPythor> Bye Weirdo.
[04:28] <Impossibubbles> see ya dado
[04:28] <LordWeirdo> goodnight sonnies
[04:28] <I'mDivergent> After he pulled that suicide thing I feel like he just faded 
[04:28] <AmazingPythor> Nah he was pretty active here in like April/May
[04:29] <I'mDivergent> Hi Rus
[04:29] <RusMan> Back
[04:30] <HyperFlash Studios> Well he disappeared about a month and a half ago, Div
[04:30] <I'mDivergent> He never talked in main and I was kind of rude to him so... :P 
[04:30] <RusMan> You talking about Info?
[04:31] <I'mDivergent> ya
[04:31] <RusMan> I talk to him occasionally on Steam, actually.
[04:31] <HyperFlash Studios> I'm a bit worried about him but I can't contact him so oh well (derp) 
[04:31] <RusMan> Afaik he's doing alright.
[04:31] <I'mDivergent> i just realized what afaik stands for omg
[04:32] <ItsCryptiid> As Far As I Kno
[04:32] <ItsCryptiid> *Know
[04:32] <RusMan> Also, we got food from Arby's last night, and I never ate my Jamocha shake, and so now I basically have ice cream. :p 
[04:32] <I'mDivergent> i was blind but now i see
[04:32] <Impossibubbles> I often encouraged him to leave this place because he said it was toxic. Maybe he just finally decided to leave? (shrug2) 
[04:32] <ItsCryptiid> This place is a lot less toxic than it used to be tbh
[04:32] <I'mDivergent> Jamocha?
[04:32] <AmazingPythor> Well I feel like he'd at least keep in touch on G+
[04:32] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles did you get my replies
[04:32] <RusMan> He's on Steam :p 
[04:33] <Impossibubbles> G+ is pretty bad, AP
[04:33] <HyperFlash Studios> Well
[04:33] <Impossibubbles> Yes, I did
[04:33] <AmazingPythor> Hangouts I mean
[04:33] <AmazingPythor> kk
[04:33] <Impossibubbles> Hangouts is bad
[04:33] <Impossibubbles> it all sucks :P 
[04:33] <AmazingPythor> Well we've talked there plenty before
[04:33] <AmazingPythor> So idk
[04:33] <Impossibubbles> before he left here?
[04:33] <AmazingPythor> Yeah
[04:33] <Impossibubbles> He probably doesn't want contact with most of the people from here
[04:33] <HyperFlash Studios> I mean he kinda ran away one day in the middle of a PM with me after he gave me some news so 
[04:33] <Impossibubbles> I was the same when I left
[04:33] <RusMan> Actually I should check up on him, I haven't talked to him since late July.
[04:34] <I'mDivergent> This probably sounds really random but does anyone else remember LGBTLMBW
[04:34] <AmazingPythor> Well we were good friends
[04:34] <AmazingPythor> So it's a shame really
[04:34] <RusMan> I was actually taking a break from here in late June-early July and it was nice, maybe I should attempy another break. :p 
[04:34] <AmazingPythor> I mean if he needed space that's fine, I'd just prefer he tell me.
[04:34] <RusMan> Mhm, Div
[04:34] <Impossibubbles> We were close until the who suicide thing
[04:35] <Impossibubbles> *whole
[04:35] <RusMan> God, the whole suicide situation
[04:35] <ItsCryptiid> Wait
[04:35] <ItsCryptiid> What suicide thing
[04:35] <Impossibubbles> I was so upset I made myself sick
[04:35] <ItsCryptiid> Did someone an hero?
[04:35] <HyperFlash Studios> Yeah this is the second time he's left without telling me AP so
[04:35] <RusMan> He's doing a lot better now 
[04:35] <AmazingPythor> He's more emotionally stable now
[04:35] <ItsCryptiid> Wai
[04:35] <RusMan> Last I knew he was even planning on movingto his own dorm
[04:35] <ItsCryptiid> WAit
[04:36] <I'mDivergent> We were pretty indifferent but after the suicide thing I said some mean things to him and never got the chance to apologize. 
[04:36] <ItsCryptiid> Someone tried to suicide?
[04:36] <ItsCryptiid> :o 
[04:36] <I'mDivergent> No, everyone thought he did but he didn't 
[04:36] <ItsCryptiid> Ahhhh that's scary.
[04:36] <I'mDivergent> and he knew people thought he did but didn't say anything about it 
[04:36] <HyperFlash Studios> I found the blogs about the whole ordeal
[04:36] <I'mDivergent> to assess how people mourned or something 
[04:36] <Impossibubbles> I was just upset he would let me believe that. I grieved, and it really hurt our friendship
[04:36] <ItsCryptiid> I had to deal with a suicide attempt before and it was terrifying
[04:37] <RusMan> Yeah, I myself was kind of mean to him briefly after the ordeal.
[04:37] <ItsCryptiid> So I've been there myself.
[04:37] <RusMan> Yeah, I was the first to deal eith it, Crypt.
[04:37] <RusMan> *with
[04:37] <ItsCryptiid> It's tough rus
[04:37] <ItsCryptiid> :| 
[04:37] <RusMan> It was.. not fun, but at least I was there for him.
[04:37] <I'mDivergent> Were people very mean to Neh when he pretended that he died? 
[04:37] <ItsCryptiid> I konw how you feel?
[04:37] <ItsCryptiid> I forgot who Neh is
[04:37] <RusMan> Nehpets
[04:37] <I'mDivergent> Nehpets
[04:37] <ItsCryptiid> I remember the name but that's it
[04:37] <HyperFlash Studios> Why do you guys think patroller shouldn't be required for admin rfrs :P 
[04:37] <ItsCryptiid> OOOOOOHHHHHHH
[04:37] <ItsCryptiid> him
[04:38] <ItsCryptiid> idk him that well
[04:38] <I'mDivergent> patroller = editing 
[04:38] <I'mDivergent> editing = irrelevant to everyone but like five users 
[04:38] <Impossibubbles> Because it's pointless
[04:39] <HyperFlash Studios> Admins should know how to edit 
[04:39] <ItsCryptiid> I wanna be patroller
[04:39] <HyperFlash Studios> Or else we have to do their jobs for them
[04:39] <ItsCryptiid> Nobody'd vote for me
[04:39] <HyperFlash Studios> Not like we don't do that anyway
[04:39] <ItsCryptiid> Kek
[04:39] <I'mDivergent> patroller rfr doesn't exist crypt
[04:39] <ItsCryptiid> Oh sweet
[04:39] <Impossibubbles> That's why there's a requirement for mainspace edits, hype
[04:39] <ItsCryptiid> So can I patrol
[04:39] <Impossibubbles> they shouldn't be required to have patroller
[04:39] <AmazingPythor> Crypt if you want patroller you may want to edit
[04:39] <AmazingPythor> jsyk
[04:39] <ItsCryptiid> [[user:ItsCryptiid]]
[04:39] <ItsCryptiid> How much editing?
[04:40] <HyperFlash Studios> Crypt you have to ask an admin but you should learn how to edit mainspace
[04:40] <ItsCryptiid> sweet
[04:40] <Impossibubbles> Um, you need to edit frequently every day, cryp
[04:40] <Impossibubbles> it's not about just getting rights
[04:40] <ItsCryptiid> >tfw 972 edits
[04:40] <Impossibubbles> It's about doing a job
[04:40] <HyperFlash Studios> I don't edit frequently every day
[04:40] <HyperFlash Studios> Hmm
[04:40] <Impossibubbles> So you need to show consistency 
[04:40] <ItsCryptiid> I don't think I can edit simply because I don't know what there is to edit.
[04:40] <ItsCryptiid> The board seems to be fine as is.
[04:40] <I'mDivergent> Ava said I had to edit everyday for a week if I wanted patroller and I decided it wasn't worth it on mobile :P 
[04:40] <ItsCryptiid> There MAY be a grammatical error here and there
[04:40] <ItsCryptiid> MAY.
[04:41] <Impossibubbles> You can update user articles
[04:41] <Impossibubbles> Those always need updating
[04:41] <HyperFlash Studios> Slice doesn't edit at all
[04:41] <I'mDivergent> edit those post counts
[04:41] <HyperFlash Studios> And he's a content mod
[04:41] <RusMan> I thought briefly before about running for admin
[04:41] <HyperFlash Studios> So it's not that hard
[04:41] <Impossibubbles> Then maybe he shouldn't have those rights, hype
[04:41] <Impossibubbles> Because he's not doing his job
[04:41] <I'mDivergent> do it rus
[04:41] <RusMan> But I'd rather have a life tbh. :p 
[04:41] <HyperFlash Studios> Yes I've tried to discuss this with him/admins
[04:41] <HyperFlash Studios> But
[04:42] <HyperFlash Studios> He uses them to clean up vandalism when we're all asleep
[04:42] <HyperFlash Studios> So he does use them
[04:42] <Impossibubbles> Rights are there for a purpose. You need to actually use them. Not just acquire them for a fancy title.
[04:43] <HyperFlash Studios> Well, I know some people who think differently 
[04:43] <HyperFlash Studios> *coughpaccycough*
[04:43] <Impossibubbles> Pac shouldn't have rights.
[04:43] <I'mDivergent> paccy has rights? 
[04:43] <AmazingPythor> He's a patroller
[04:43] <Impossibubbles> And it's not about what the users think.,
[04:43] <AmazingPythor> I don't know why
[04:43] <Impossibubbles> Because we have admins who give out rights like candy
[04:44] <HyperFlash Studios> He doesn't have rollback so he can't do much
[04:45] <AmazingPythor> *coughguavacough*
[04:45] <HyperFlash Studios> Er
[04:45] <Impossibubbles> yup
[04:45] <HyperFlash Studios> Ale gave Pac his rights 
[04:45] <HyperFlash Studios> Not Ava
[04:45] <I'mDivergent> Hi bnr
[04:45] <AmazingPythor> ... Seriously? :P 
[04:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> ahoy
[04:46] <HyperFlash Studios> He asked him if he wanted rollback 
[04:46] <RusMan> O/ 
[04:46] <HyperFlash Studios> Pac said no
[04:46] <I'mDivergent> well the belief is you ask for patroller and you get it
[04:46] <HyperFlash Studios> (Pac doesn't know much about user rights) 
[04:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> patroller is just as useful as HALL MONITOR
[04:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> (kappa) 
[04:47] <HyperFlash Studios> Test
[04:47] <I'mDivergent> bnr do you want me to write you up for running in the mainspace
[04:47] <HyperFlash Studios> We have more cont mods than patrollers 
[04:48] <HyperFlash Studios> Lol
[04:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> what
[04:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> what is running in the mainspace
[04:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> i swear if its part of the hall monitor joke
[04:48] <I'mDivergent> it is
[04:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> i havent seen that ep in about 10 years
[04:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> oops
[04:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> the only part i remember is the
[04:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> HES JUST STANDING THERE
[04:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> MENACINGLY
[04:49] <HyperFlash Studios> And am I alone in thinking that having CM Rights and DM rights is redundant 
[04:49] <I'mDivergent> Huh?
[04:50] <Impossibubbles> No
[04:50] <HyperFlash Studios> Like
[04:50] <HyperFlash Studios> AP has both CM and DM
[04:50] <HyperFlash Studios> And as such has a bunch of redundant tags on his masthead and is on both the CM list and DM list 
[04:50] <HyperFlash Studios> It's like
[04:51] <I'mDivergent> I'm not sure I'm following you
[04:51] <HyperFlash Studios> Being and admin and giving yourself all the rights below
[04:51] <HyperFlash Studios> Unnecessary :P 
[04:51] <Slicer Vorzakh> it's not really harming anything
[04:51] <I'mDivergent> Are you saying CM + DM = Admin basically or what
[04:52] <HyperFlash Studios> No
[04:52] <HyperFlash Studios> I'm saying CM + DM is like CM + Admin, it's just redundant 
[04:52] <I'mDivergent> Ohhh 
[04:52] <I'mDivergent> I see 
[04:53] <Impossibubbles> Are we gonna have to have another vote about this. (ys) 
[04:53] <Impossibubbles> It's fine the way it is
[04:53] <HyperFlash Studios> I don't see how this would warrant a vote :P 
[04:53] <AmazingPythor> test
[04:53] <I'mDivergent> pass
[04:54] <HyperFlash Studios> Just in the interest of simplicity and organization 
[04:54] <I'mDivergent> No more votes pleaseee
[04:54] <Slicer Vorzakh> I like the tags in my masthead
[04:55] <Impossibubbles> I'm with div xD
[04:55] <AmazingPythor> Okay brb in like 15
[04:55] <Impossibubbles> aw :( 
[04:55] <AmazingPythor> sry
[04:55] <Impossibubbles> i cri
[04:56] <AmazingPythor> ;~;
[04:56] <Impossibubbles> sadeness ;~;
[04:56] <I'mDivergent> did I just watch lmbw titanic or what
[04:57] <I'mDivergent> Wait omg
[04:57] <HyperFlash Studios> I'm off for the night
[04:57] <Impossibubbles> what xD
[04:57] <I'mDivergent> it half fits lol
[04:57] <GandalftheWizard> hype pm
[04:57] <Impossibubbles> what xDDD
[04:57] <GandalftheWizard> before you go
[04:57] <GandalftheWizard> nvm
[04:57] <I'mDivergent> nvm stupid joke 
[04:57] <Impossibubbles> I've never seen titanic ;~;
[04:58] <I'mDivergent> im me neither 
[04:58] <RusMan> Me neither
[04:58] <HyperFlash Studios> Night all
[04:58] <I'mDivergent> all I know is "paint me like one of your French girls" 
[04:58] <I'mDivergent> bye hype
[04:58] <Impossibubbles> lol same xD
[04:58] <RusMan> Even though I was a Titanic fanatic when I was younger. 
[04:58] <Impossibubbles> that and the stupid song
[04:58] <I'mDivergent> MY HEART WILL GO OOOOONNNNN
[04:59] <I'mDivergent> That one?
[04:59] <Impossibubbles> That's the one :P 
[05:00] <RusMan> <img class="chatags-image" src="">
[05:00] <Impossibubbles> jesus. why is this my generation
[05:00] <GandalftheWizard> idiocy...
[05:00] <GandalftheWizard> plz kill me
[05:00] <I'mDivergent> I saw her perform it on tv and she dedicated it too her dead husband and she started crying and the whole crowd started singing it for her and then I was crying and it was a mess
[05:01] <RusMan> There are apparently a lot of people that didn't know it was a real ship that sank. :p 
[05:01] <I'mDivergent> "My parents didn't come over from Germany to see this country taken over by immigrants!" 
[05:01] <Impossibubbles>
[05:01] <RusMan> Idk
[05:01] <Impossibubbles> Is history class not a thing?
[05:01] <RusMan> Sounds like the type of people that go to my school :p 
[05:01] <GandalftheWizard> never underestimate stupidity, bubbles :P 
[05:01] <GandalftheWizard> never
[05:02] <RusMan> "Is a lemon a vegetable??"
[05:02] <GandalftheWizard> pffft xD
[05:02] <RusMan> Just dumb questions like that :p 
[05:02] <Impossibubbles> Are we cutting the tragedies of history out of the curriculum for risk of triggering people?
[05:02] <I'mDivergent> History is hardly history 
[05:02] <RusMan> "Julius Caesar was around in the 1800s, right?"
[05:02] <RusMan> ^ my all time favourite :p 
[05:02] <GandalftheWizard> um... :p 
[05:02] <I'mDivergent> a strawberry isn't a berry but a banana technically is
[05:02] <GandalftheWizard> ofc
[05:02] <RusMan> Totally legit question by a fellow classmate who is actually /older/ than I.
[05:03] <RusMan> (Fw) 
[05:03] <Impossibubbles> well
[05:03] <Impossibubbles> aggregate doesn't have the ring berry has :P 
[05:03] <RusMan> Sorry, I'm starting to rant. :p 
[05:03] <I'mDivergent> strawaggregate shortcake
[05:04] <I'mDivergent> beautiful 
[05:04] <Impossibubbles> Mmmm
[05:04] <Impossibubbles> Sounds appetizing 
[05:04] <I'mDivergent> I had to take Pacific NW History this past year and I swear half the kids had never seen a map before 
[05:05] <Impossibubbles> I knew very little about maps before taking a geography class
[05:05] <Impossibubbles> Then I had to make my own (derp) 
[05:05] <I'mDivergent> That sounds awful
[05:05] <RusMan> I still have not yet taken a geography class and I have most of the country locations memorized. :p 
[05:06] <Impossibubbles> Yeah. The worst part, is that I was given a legitimate map makeing program, ArcGIS, and expected to figure it out
[05:06] <Impossibubbles> It is not intuitive at all
[05:06] <RusMan> Fun..
[05:06] <Impossibubbles> I spent days just doing tutorials 
[05:06] <Impossibubbles> Tutorials that did nothing to further my actual project >.<
[05:08] <I'mDivergent> I made it all the way through Human Geography without knowing all the countries 
[05:08] <I'mDivergent> ugh gtg
[05:08] <I'mDivergent> ;~;
[05:08] <Impossibubbles> bai
[05:08] <RusMan> Aw cya o/ 
[05:08] <Impossibubbles> lol I don't know all the countries (derp) 
[05:08] <I'mDivergent> My mom has a stupid rule that we have to turn in devices by 9:30 and its 10 :P 
[05:08] <RusMan> I still need to finish memorizing Africa and Oceania.
[05:09] <Impossibubbles> Africa is a country, right? (derp4) 
[05:09] <RusMan> Mhm
[05:09] <GandalftheWizard> ofc
[05:09] <Impossibubbles> It has a lot of states like the US, right? :) 
[05:09] <RusMan> Mhm
[05:10] <RusMan> I thought Europe was a country. :s 
[05:10] <Impossibubbles> I hear it's a great place full of lions and everyone owns a pet zebra
[05:10] <GandalftheWizard> The United Republic of Antarctica is also a country, right???
[05:11] <Impossibubbles> My Geography teacher was from Nigeria. I learned a lot about the topography of africa xD
[05:11] <RusMan>
[05:11] <RusMan> Watch that :p 
[05:11] <Impossibubbles> Oh I actually watched that ep years ago
[05:11] <Impossibubbles> I used to watch that show with my dad
[05:12] <Impossibubbles> IS FRANCE A COUNTRY 
[05:12] <Impossibubbles> GAH
[05:12] <RusMan> Another one
[05:13] <Impossibubbles> Oh I also saw that vid years ago :P 
[05:13] <Impossibubbles> British is totes a language 
[05:14] <RusMan>
[05:14] <Impossibubbles> What is the world's tallest mountain?
[05:14] <Impossibubbles> "It's not mt rushmore is it?"
[05:14] <Impossibubbles> *sigh*
[05:15] <Impossibubbles> I assumed everyone knew DC stood for district of columbia (derp) 
[05:16] <RusMan> Too much to hope for :c
[05:17] <Impossibubbles> DC stands for obama 
[05:17] <Impossibubbles> okay
[05:18] <AmazingPythor> Why does FB keep recommending communist meme pages
[05:19] <Impossibubbles> Ap (gasp) 
[05:19] <Impossibubbles> put away your little red book (gasp) 
[05:20] <AmazingPythor> You can't tell me what to do
[05:21] <Impossibubbles> Okay, I'll just go collect a torch and my pitchfork then 
[05:21] <RusMan>
[05:21] <AmazingPythor>
[05:21] <AmazingPythor> me rn
[05:21] <Impossibubbles> I had a communist propaganda book as required reading in school :P 
[05:22] <AmazingPythor> Who was it by
[05:22] <Impossibubbles> Lol I can't remember. It was like 5th grade and I never bothered to look at authors :P 
[05:22] <AmazingPythor>
[05:22] <Impossibubbles> It was part of being exposed to different world views and ideas xD
[05:23] <AmazingPythor> Communism would be chill if people weren't untrustworthy pieces of crap
[05:23] <Impossibubbles> I don't know any other homeschooler who read communism propaganda. I'm quite proud xD
[05:23] <RusMan> I have yet to read communism propaganda books :p 
[05:23] <AmazingPythor> Well that's good, I know some people who think it's the same thing as fascist
[05:23] <AmazingPythor> fascism
[05:23] <Impossibubbles> Well, there will always be untrustworthy pieces of crap
[05:23] <RusMan> Yes, I'm quite ignorant, sorry (derp) 
[05:23] <AmazingPythor> Which is kind of no
[05:24] <AmazingPythor> Exactly Bubbles, which is why communism is too good to be true
[05:24] <AmazingPythor> At least, full communism
[05:24] <AmazingPythor> Which is literally just anarchy
[06:23] <AmazingPythor> I refreshed and my messages are not showing up for me still :{P 
[06:23] <Herr keplers> a standing soviet/russian gun philosophy is that if an officer is so desperate to need to use a handgun
[06:23] <Herr keplers> he may as well be dead
[06:24] <Herr keplers> so the makarov is purely a display piece
[06:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> nice
[06:24] <Herr keplers> it carries like eight rounds that have all the stopping power to kill maybe a mouse if you're lucky
[06:24] <Impossibubbles> I see your message
[06:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> lel
[06:24] <Herr keplers> and enough accuracy to possibly hit an elephant from two meters
[06:24] <AmazingPythor> Ah
[06:24] <AmazingPythor> I loathe wikia
[06:24] <Impossibubbles> yes
[06:24] <Impossibubbles> will this ever be fixed I wonder (derp) 
[06:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> m1 carbine seems like a good survival riflr
[06:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> rifle*
[06:25] <AmazingPythor> Within the next decade would be appreciated.
[06:25] <Herr keplers> It's definitely easiest to use
[06:27] <Herr keplers> Oh god the stupid parachute gun
[06:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah
[06:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> i first saw it in day of defeat
[06:27] <Herr keplers> That's <span style="font-style:italic;">real</span> survival gear I guess
[06:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> lel
[06:27] <Impossibubbles> I see it
[06:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> is the lee enfield even good
[06:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> i hear brits like their well timed rifle shots
[06:28] <Herr keplers> The Lee-Enfield is supposedly better than the G98
[06:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> >g
[06:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> do you mean k
[06:28] <Herr keplers> No
[06:28] <Herr keplers> I mean G
[06:28] <Herr keplers> From WWI
[06:29] <Herr keplers> The G98's bolt was absolute hell to use
[06:29] <Herr keplers> Whereas the Enfield's was easier
[06:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh yeah wasnt there a wwii gewher
[06:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> that was semi auto
[06:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol this reminds me one time i was at a wwii weapons display where they let you hold the guns
[06:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> the had a panzerfaust and i asked if i could hold it
[06:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> they said yeah but when they gave it to me the "faust" bit fell off
[06:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> and plopped onto the ground
[06:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> i thought it was gonna explode tbh
[06:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> scariest moment of my life
[06:31] <Herr keplers> whaaaaaa
[06:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> what
[06:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> are you jealous that i have held every wwii gun
[06:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> minus the fg-42 and thompson
[06:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> and bar gun i guess
[06:32] <Herr keplers> Yes
[06:32] <Herr keplers> Yes I am
[06:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> heh
[06:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> come fly over here next time then
[06:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> they also fired tanks and 88 mm flak
[06:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> it was "lit"
[06:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> 88 mm flak hurts the hell out of your ears though
[06:37] <Herr keplers> I bet
[06:37] <Herr keplers> Enough firepower to kill anything in the war
[06:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> yup
[06:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> I saw a hetzer fire its cannon
[06:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> ouch
[06:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> my ears 
[06:38] <Herr keplers> Ey Gand, why dontcha stay a minut
[06:38] <Herr keplers> I wonder what it's like /inside/ the Hetzer
[06:38] <GandalftheWizard> lame company :P 
[06:38] <GandalftheWizard> why stay???
[06:38] <Herr keplers> Because if you don't I'll send my legitimate German army
[06:39] <Herr keplers> [img=""
[06:39] <GandalftheWizard> 'legitimate' German army???
[06:39] <Herr keplers> <img class="chatags-image" src="">
[06:39] <GandalftheWizard> then I'll legitimately nuke them
[06:39] <Herr keplers> I say it ironically because only like three people here look like soldiers
[06:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> are those socialist militia
[06:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> or reichswehr
[06:40] <Herr keplers> No that's actually the real army fighting the socialist militia
[06:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> christ
[06:40] <Herr keplers> Gotta love the guy with the fedora though
[06:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> gand
[06:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> if you nuke kep's army
[06:40] <Herr keplers> peaked caps and stahlhems all around, but i serve my country in a <span style="font-style:italic;">fedora</span>
[06:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> I will have no choice but to send retaliatory nukes
[06:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> coward
[06:42] <GandalftheWizard> i will nuke your nukes
[06:42] <GandalftheWizard> nukes are fun
[06:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> we shall have mutually assured destruction
[06:44] <GandalftheWizard> no, unilateral nuclear destructive edgy retalitory warfare ending as ridicious
[06:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> K
[06:44] <GandalftheWizard> glad you agree
[06:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> keps
[06:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> should i get drunk tomorrow
[06:46] <GandalftheWizard> yes
[06:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> it sounds like fun
[06:46] <Herr keplers> only if you film it
[06:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> i cant do that legally
[06:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> jesus christ
[06:46] <Herr keplers> No but girlfriends can send their bfs nudes legally either
[06:46] <GandalftheWizard> well no, not 'legally'
[06:46] <Herr keplers> *can't
[06:46] <Herr keplers> *can't verdammt
[06:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> where would i upload it
[06:47] <Herr keplers> You wouldn't have to
[06:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> wot
[06:47] <Herr keplers> just like email it or somethi... Wth am i saying
[06:47] <Herr keplers> no, im shutting up
[06:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> why would i email you
[06:47] <Herr keplers> Exactly
[06:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[06:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> im gonna get drunk and film myself playing bullet hell
[06:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> how about that
[06:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> full with mic and everything
[06:50] <Herr keplers> lol
[06:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah this will be fun
[06:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> no doubt it wont be clean enough for here tho
[06:51] <Herr keplers> pffftch
[06:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> I guess ill just youtube it whilst sending everyone pms if they want
[06:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> ever use fraps before?
[06:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> hell i dont think i can play bullet hell since im locked in a low low resolution
[06:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> i think i have an idea anyways
[06:55] <Herr keplers> I've never used fraps no
[06:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> itll probably work
[06:55] <Herr keplers> whatre you gonna call it
[06:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> "I angrily play Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom"
[06:56] <Herr keplers> "drunk landser fails to survive bulletstorm — cannot even fall gelb"
[06:56] <Herr keplers> oh
[06:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> i cant /really/ say im drunk
[06:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> cause legal issues
[06:56] <Herr keplers> well duh
[06:56] <Herr keplers> that's why you put it there (derp4) 
[06:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> maybe ill just say high
[06:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> i could also play hoi2 whilst drunk
[06:58] <Herr keplers> so basically literally hitler
[06:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> nah i'd play france
[06:58] <Herr keplers> so basically literally petain
[06:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> jk im not that degenerate
[06:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> literally antonescu probably
[06:59] <Herr keplers> mmh
[06:59] <Herr keplers> not de gaulle smh
[06:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> i cant actually play germany that good
[06:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol de gaulle is so boring
[06:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> 2 divisions
[06:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> and the ability to make about 3 more in 5 years
[07:00] <Herr keplers> if you want divisions play russia
[07:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> no man power
[07:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> gg
[07:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> "The Pope? How many divisons does HE have?"
[07:01] <Herr keplers> "we have more troops than we have people plz send help"
[07:01] <Herr keplers> "and by that i mean the conscript peasants arent people"
[07:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> i can win the wwi start as any country tbh
[07:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> except serbia and ottomans
[07:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> (italy is out of the question)
[07:01] <Herr keplers> serbia cant win crap so thats exxpectable
[07:01] <Herr keplers> *expectable
[07:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> Serbia wins quite often actually
[07:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> its just that in my last run germany didnt the the schlieffen plan
[07:02] <Herr keplers> how many serbs does it take to change a croat light bulb
[07:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> how many
[07:02] <Herr keplers> 2
[07:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> why
[07:02] <Herr keplers> one to shoot the croat and the other to change the bulb
[07:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[07:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> but yeah in my last run i had to hold out the entire combined forces of germany and austria for 4 years
[07:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> since russia fell in 1914
[07:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> spoiler alert: i didnt win
[07:04] <RusMan> Warframe is actually pretty fun so far imo.
[07:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> i cant run it
[07:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> gg
[07:04] <RusMan> Well I'm running it on my ps4. :p 
[07:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> i cant use controllers
[07:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> gg
[07:05] <Herr keplers> good lord
[07:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah that was a really bad thing
[07:05] <Herr keplers> i dont understand console fps
[07:05] <Herr keplers> how the hell do you mean
[07:05] <Herr keplers> *aim
[07:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol you dont
[07:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats why everything is a machine gun
[07:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> or auto aim
[07:05] <Herr keplers> lel
[07:05] <Herr keplers> good point
[07:06] <RusMan> :p 
[07:06] <Herr keplers> Verdun is going to console though
[07:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> tfw in the wwi start germany as the option to attack through switzerland
[07:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol its gonna fail
[07:06] <Herr keplers> As if the trenches didn't suck enough
[07:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> especially as b1 as competition
[07:06] <Herr keplers> wait germany can go through switzerland
[07:06] <Herr keplers> how long do they expect to last
[07:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah theres an event
[07:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> choices:
[07:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> SCHIEFFEN PLAN
[07:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> EXPANDED SCHLIEFFEN PLAN
[07:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> RUPRECHET PLAN
[07:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> do nothing
[07:07] <Herr keplers> "Expanded" dear god
[07:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes
[07:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> you attack the netherlands as well
[07:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> it works better
[07:08] <Herr keplers> LOL
[07:08] <Herr keplers> "so like i was thinking, we're gonna invade paris right"
[07:08] <Herr keplers> "right"
[07:08] <Herr keplers> "going through belgium right"
[07:08] <Herr keplers> "uhhh"
[07:08] <Herr keplers> "so why dont we take the netherlands on the way"
[07:08] <Herr keplers> "..."
[07:09] <Herr keplers> "if thats too minimalist for you we can also invade denmark"
[07:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> lel
[07:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> ive done all of them but the ruprechet
[07:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> cause switzerland strong
[07:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> also that forces italy and usa immediately into war
[07:10] <Herr keplers> you'd have to be a total moron to attack switzerland
[07:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> britain too
[07:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> Indeed
[07:10] <Herr keplers> i literally dont care what year you invade
[07:10] <Herr keplers> any year is a bad one to hit switzerland
[07:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> tfw ive pushed directly through the maginot line once
[07:10] <Herr keplers> a country thats maintained its neutrality by virtue of shooting dead everything that invaded
[07:11] <Herr keplers> is not one to be hurt
[07:11] <Herr keplers> ... Wait WHAT
[07:11] <Herr keplers> WHY
[07:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> because 
[07:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> i was bored
[07:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> it took me about 2 years 
[07:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> cause no bombers in wwi
[07:11] <Herr keplers> 2 years to cross a fricking wall
[07:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> hey its better than 4 
[07:11] <Herr keplers> proof trumps plan is viable
[07:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> to cross Belgium
[07:11] <Herr keplers> fair enough lel
[07:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> the ottomans suck
[07:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> always
[07:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> they get rekt by the british and russians
[07:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> like they have the caucuses
[07:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> use them for christ's sake
[07:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> ottoman ai is probably messed up
[07:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> like half their troops sit in instanbul
[07:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> so i have to assume military control
[07:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> i eventually just throw them at petrograd
[07:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> free cannon fodder
[07:14] <Herr keplers> i mean that's kinda realistic
[07:14] <Herr keplers> got to keep the troops in istanbul to prevent a coup
[07:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> kek
[07:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> bulgaria is probably a better ally than austria
[07:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> honestly
[07:15] <Herr keplers> that is sad in so many ways
[07:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> the ai for bulgaria is helpful
[07:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> also it doesnt fall apart when it cant destroy serbia on its own
[07:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> tfw after the breast litovsk treaty romania is just an awkward backwards "c" in the middle of germany and austria
[07:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> since they dont have transylvania
[07:17] <Herr keplers> lel
[07:17] <Herr keplers> still better than czech republic
[07:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> also tfw austria only gets more of venice if they beat italy
[07:17] <Herr keplers> ... :p 
[07:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> and tfw the reverse Versailles treaty only expands slightly into france
[07:17] <GandalftheWizard> Reading youtube comments: 99% me thinking: 'Holy crap these idiots commit a lot of logical fallacies...o.0; 0.999% me thinking: 'Holy crap! That was an epic comeback!; 0.001% me thinking: 'Let us have a moment of silence - an intelligent or witty thing has been said on youtube.'
[07:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> was that itself a youtube comment gand
[07:18] <GandalftheWizard> no
[07:18] <RusMan> Why are you reading youtube comments?
[07:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> TFW
[07:18] <GandalftheWizard> because i'm bored, rus
[07:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> AND I INVADE BRITAIN
[07:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> >treaty: we're sorry 
[07:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> "ok"
[07:19] <Herr keplers> gg gand
[07:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> nothing changed
[07:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> but the dissent i caused by looting their stuff was so good that scotland and ireland fought for independence
[07:19] <Herr keplers> i think a great outcome
[07:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> good job??
[07:19] <Herr keplers> would be if france became a part of the glorious zweite reich
[07:19] <Herr keplers> LOL
[07:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> (i might have also cheated)
[07:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> that would be an international disaster
[07:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> also impolite
[07:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> the german war goal was to just pacify france
[07:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> whilst rekting russia
[07:20] <Herr keplers> you just beat the crap out of russia, serbia, england and france, and presumably america
[07:20] <Herr keplers> i would incorporate france into glory
[07:20] <Herr keplers> it's practically a favor
[07:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh yeah the best part was when I invaded america
[07:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> i occupied 100% of their territory
[07:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> >no treaty
[07:20] <Herr keplers> kek'd
[07:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> so i just annexed
[07:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> good colony.
[07:21] <Herr keplers> america 1776-1916 "we always thought he was kinda crappy"
[07:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> von lettow-vorbeck will now have all of africa to roam free
[07:21] <Herr keplers> lel
[07:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> portugal was the same story too
[07:21] <Herr keplers> his dream come true
[07:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> tfw all of france became so rebellious after the war
[07:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> that the capital moved to algiers
[07:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> there's a mod called kaiserreich
[07:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> which is if germany won wwi
[07:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> >communists in france
[07:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> >unstable russia
[07:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> >petain govt in french africa
[07:23] <Herr keplers> ...
[07:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> >no more austria hungary but rather a commonwealth
[07:23] <Herr keplers> whaaaat
[07:24] <Herr keplers> i dont buy that
[07:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> it was already weak
[07:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> when franz joseph died it was bad
[07:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> cause carol was young
[07:24] <Herr keplers> Mmmh
[07:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> also theres a PAN ARAB AXIS
[07:24] <Herr keplers> wth
[07:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> Egypt wants to genocide
[07:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> Iraq wants more land
[07:25] <Herr keplers> why is iraq not into ottoman
[07:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> And Iran is similar but is happy with being out of the way
[07:25] <Herr keplers> pfff
[07:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> cause ottomans got sorta rekt by the brits
[07:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> the war lasted until 1924
[07:25] <Herr keplers> Despite winni— good god
[07:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> or 1922 
[07:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> and so the arab axis rekts the ottomans
[07:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> also von lettow vorbeck is still undefeated
[07:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> even more so with 4 more years
[07:26] <Herr keplers> lel
[07:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> so he is a candidate for chancellor
[07:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> hes a good one too
[07:26] <Herr keplers> hah
[07:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> >Wilhelm ii dies
[07:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> >commie france invades
[07:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> >Wilhelm III is a pansy and panics
[07:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> usually france wants a piece of switzerland
[07:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> but germany stops
[07:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> so switzerland joins das mitteuropa
[07:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> and beats back the french 
[07:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> or sometimes the french rekt germany
[07:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> also north/south italy 
[07:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> basically korea but reversed
[07:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> britain is also communist
[07:28] <Herr keplers> Mitteuropa
[07:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> Guess who runs the African colonies?
[07:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> Hermann Göring
[07:28] <Herr keplers> ... 
[07:28] <Herr keplers> XD
[07:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> and "mein kampf" is just another war book
[07:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> hitler dies in the eastern front
[07:28] <Herr keplers> lol
[07:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> There is an american civil war
[07:29] <Herr keplers> Communist?
[07:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> in which ultra nationalists (basically the old csa) and the communists (chicago kids) and the pacific states revolt
[07:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> canada has a choice of helping or just taking new england, panama, and alaska from them
[07:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> they usually take the land
[07:30] <Herr keplers> heh
[07:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> so macarthur stages a military coup cause herbert hoover is autistic
[07:30] <Herr keplers> >canada
[07:30] <AmazingPythor> Canada can take New England
[07:30] <Herr keplers> >annex
[07:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> canada actually makes a puppet state
[07:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> also note since the british are communists the royal family fled to canada
[07:30] <AmazingPythor> 1814 best year of my life
[07:31] <Herr keplers> makes sense
[07:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> edward viii is a good monarch when he has a purpose
[07:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> theres also factions in india
[07:31] <Herr keplers> tbh 1812 was sort of a joke
[07:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> Pro british in delhi area
[07:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> royalists in south area
[07:31] <Herr keplers> the brits lost like hell in the end
[07:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> and commies in east
[07:31] <Herr keplers> without our help wwi would have dragged on and wwii would have been over for them
[07:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> america participated in like 3 battles in wwi
[07:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[07:32] <Herr keplers> yeah but they basically carried the french
[07:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> you know
[07:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> i used to have nightmares 
[07:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> when i was first reading about wwi
[07:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> i would just see gasmask'd Germans approach me
[07:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> probably rape me too idk
[07:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> ever seen the facial reconstructive surgery in wwi?
[07:33] <Herr keplers> kek
[07:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> goddamn its horrifying
[07:33] <Herr keplers> no
[07:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> google image it
[07:34] <Herr keplers> oh shit 
[07:34] <Herr keplers> never again
[07:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> rip
[07:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> war is hell
[07:34] <Herr keplers> >common sense policy
[07:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> artillery shrapnel blowing your jaw off
[07:35] <Herr keplers> I never understood how you could live with that
[07:35] <Herr keplers> Like
[07:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> you probably didnt
[07:35] <Herr keplers> Literally, how do you survive without a mouth
[07:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> it would get infected
[07:35] <Herr keplers> Fair enough
[07:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> dentures m8
[07:36] <Herr keplers> lol, i guess thats assuming you make it through the day with that injury
[07:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> or have someone chew for you
[07:36] <Herr keplers> yeah but your whole lower jaw is missing
[07:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> ... Thats kinda hot tbh
[07:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> to have someone chew for you
[07:36] <Herr keplers> itd basically have to be shoved down your throat
[07:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> and put it in your own mouth
[07:36] <Herr keplers> i dont want their damn spit in my food
[07:36] <Herr keplers> well
[07:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> what if they were a qt girl
[07:36] <Herr keplers> if its a hot girl and she transfers the food via a french kiss
[07:37] <Herr keplers> maybe
[07:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeahh
[07:37] <Herr keplers> /maybe/
[07:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> man we are so sexually and romantically devoid
[07:37] <Herr keplers> were japs so we get a break 
[07:37] <Herr keplers> japans weird
[07:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> i think weeaboo girls like me
[07:37] <Herr keplers> lel
[07:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> cause i can fake speak japanese
[07:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> enough so they believe it
[07:37] <Herr keplers> PFFFFFFFFT
[07:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[07:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> hajimaste fellow nihonjin
[07:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> the "white girl who is only into asian guys"
[07:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> hhh
[07:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> those are real cringe
[07:39] <Herr keplers> i can get as far as ohio go-zi-mass (kappa) 
[07:39] <Herr keplers> we call that FLUENT (kappa) 
[07:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> boku wa Wilhelm II desu
[07:39] <Herr keplers> lel
[07:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> god what if your name was actually Wilhelm
[07:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> that would be amazing
[07:43] <Herr keplers> well
[07:44] <Herr keplers> i'm pretty sure every "william" from germany is
[07:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> i mean if youre in english countries
[07:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> like if i was named wilhelm 
[07:44] <Herr keplers> oh
[07:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> would probably never feel suicidal again
[07:44] <Herr keplers> that would be pretty cool
[07:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> "my life sucks but at least my name is cool"
[07:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> -not me
[07:45] <Herr keplers> kek
[07:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> ...
[07:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> why am i imagining you in goring's clothes
[07:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> theyd be like wizard robes to you
[07:46] <Herr keplers> because youre a history/kepler fetishist
[07:46] <Herr keplers> also yes considering he weighed like ten times what i do
[07:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah
[07:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> pet lion tho
[07:47] <Herr keplers> he flew 500 planes over berlin when his daughter was born
[07:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[07:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> i think im gonna sleep
[07:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> so i can be nice and alert to be drunk
[07:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> if that makes sense
[07:48] <Herr keplers> no it doesnt tbh
[07:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> shut up
[07:48] <Herr keplers> but have fun
[07:48] <Herr keplers> g'night
[07:48] <Herr keplers> enjoy yourself
[07:49] <AmazingPythor> MC o/ 
[07:50] <Slicer Vorzakh> even for lmbw standards I have a hard time believing brave is this strange
[07:56] <GandalftheWizard> i don't
[10:18] <Alemas2005> Ah, Bubbles, hi.
[10:18] <Alemas2005> You haven't slept a lot. :P 
[10:20] <Impossibubbles> Not really, no
[10:22] <Alemas2005> Problems sleeping? :P 
[10:22] <Alemas2005> Or just not sleepy enough? :P 
[10:23] <Roddy15> my nation's economy is now really, really good
[10:23] <Roddy15> 1 yo-yo is now $1.05
[10:23] <Impossibubbles> I dunno, I'm just doing stuff and I forget to sleep :P 
[10:24] <Alemas2005> "forget to sleep".
[10:24] <Alemas2005> Seriously. :P 
[10:24] <Alemas2005> How does one...?! :P 
[10:25] <Alemas2005> What, Roddy? :P 
[10:25] <Alemas2005> What nation? :P 
[10:25] <Alemas2005> NationStates? :P 
[10:25] <Impossibubbles> I just do >:3
[10:25] <Alemas2005> Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here come the topics.
[10:25] <Impossibubbles> Wot
[10:25] <Alemas2005> You are now obsessed with topics. :P 
[10:26] <Impossibubbles> Yeah, because they're all out of date :P 
[10:26] <Roddy15> yeah nationstates
[10:26] <Impossibubbles> no one cares about the topic articles
[10:26] <Impossibubbles> I've adopted them
[10:26] <Alemas2005> ... :P 
[10:27] <Alemas2005> You care so others don't have to, hm? :P 
[10:27] <Roddy15> my economy is thriving thanks to the highest poor income and the fact we live like a year more than the 2nd place in lifespan :P 
[10:27] <Impossibubbles> Yep :P 
[10:27] <Alemas2005> ...I have the second-highest poor income...
[10:27] <Alemas2005> Yet my economy is only "reasonable".
[10:27] <Alemas2005> (UA) 
[10:28] <Alemas2005> All you seem to do is create topics. :P 
[10:28] <Alemas2005> Topic articles. :P 
[10:28] <Impossibubbles> Because we barely have one page of topic articles
[10:28] <Impossibubbles> do you know how old those articles are? :P 
[10:28] <Impossibubbles> Practically ancient xD
[10:29] <Alemas2005> [[LEGO News Station Advanced 3 (LNSA 3)]]
[10:29] <Alemas2005> While you are at it, fix that. :{P 
[10:29] <Alemas2005> Oh, but wait.
[10:29] <Alemas2005> The whole LEGO News forum got deleted.
[10:29] <Impossibubbles> yeah
[10:29] <Roddy15> oh wow I remember LNSA
[10:29] <Alemas2005> ...the article for the Brickys got deleted?!
[10:29] <Alemas2005> Oh c'mon, that was a part of MB history. (UA) 
[10:30] <Impossibubbles> Probably because it didn't meet MOS requirements technically
[10:30] <Roddy15> I never posted in it but I read it a few times :P 
[10:30] <Impossibubbles> If you know what the page was, you can undelete it
[10:30] <Impossibubbles> Or I can do it
[10:30] <Alemas2005> [[The Brickys]]
[10:30] <Alemas2005> Oh.
[10:31] <Roddy15> oh that No Man's Sky update dropped
[10:31] <Alemas2005> [[Brickys]]
[10:31] <Impossibubbles> it doesn't look very deleted to me
[10:31] <Alemas2005> "21:01, August 4, 2016 HyperFlash Studios (wall | contribs | block) deleted page Brickys (Unused redirect) (view/restore)"
[10:31] <Alemas2005> "(Unused redirect)"
[10:31] <Alemas2005> (YK) 
[10:31] <Alemas2005> Wait what Roddy.
[10:31] <Alemas2005> *Starts up Steam*
[10:31] <Impossibubbles> Hype has been deleting a lot of things he shoulding
[10:31] <Impossibubbles> *shouldn't
[10:31] <Roddy15> it updated for me about 10 minutes ago
[10:31] <Impossibubbles> I've been getting red links all over the place
[10:32] <Impossibubbles> redirects aren't useless
[10:32] <Alemas2005> [[LEGO News Station Advanced 3 (LNSA 3)]]
[10:32] <Alemas2005> Now that's better.
[10:32] <Roddy15> Okay NMS is borked for me
[10:32] <Alemas2005> ...y'know, when going through the subforums...
[10:32] <Alemas2005> Wait no.
[10:32] <Alemas2005> C'mon.
[10:33] <Roddy15> it just made this window full screen
[10:33] <Roddy15> and launched the game in a window...
[10:33] <Impossibubbles> what are you on about? :P 
[10:33] <Alemas2005> Ah, it happened sometimes to me as well.
[10:33] <Alemas2005> You just have to close NMS.
[10:33] <Alemas2005> And Chrome.
[10:33] <Alemas2005> A game, Bubbles.
[10:33] <Impossibubbles> the brickys has no categories...
[10:33] <Impossibubbles> no wonder no one could ever find it
[10:34] <Impossibubbles> also wikia isn't loading for me
[10:34] <Impossibubbles> lovely
[10:35] <Roddy15> and the hitches are still there... 170fps down to like 40fps
[10:35] <Roddy15> doesn't seem quite as bad
[10:35] <Alemas2005> ...urgh, where are the patch notes...
[10:35] <Roddy15> ewwww it changed AA to FXAA
[10:36] <Roddy15> not sure they have them out yet
[10:36] <Roddy15> they'd be on the website or reddit soon
[10:36] <Alemas2005> You do your magic, Bubbles. :P 
[10:36] <Alemas2005> Your editing magic. :P 
[10:36] <Roddy15> but the update just came out 15 minutes ago
[10:36] <Impossibubbles> With what? :P 
[10:36] <Alemas2005> Brickys. :P 
[10:36] <Alemas2005> Ah.
[10:36] <Impossibubbles> I need to fix up the article
[10:36] <Alemas2005> Alrighty then. :P 
[10:36] <Impossibubbles> it's awful
[10:36] <Impossibubbles> But for now I've just added categories
[10:36] <Alemas2005> (UA) 
[10:37] <Alemas2005> You could have added the categories AND fixed up the article.
[10:37] <Alemas2005> In one edit.
[10:37] <Impossibubbles> No, that would take to long
[10:37] <Alemas2005> ...?! :P 
[10:37] <Impossibubbles> I need to go to bed :P 
[10:37] <Impossibubbles> I work tomorrow xD
[10:37] <Roddy15> yeah fps drops still there but the game is running a lot higher in the fps so it doesn't come across as bad as before
[10:37] <Alemas2005> Are you running on fullscreen?
[10:38] <Roddy15> windows borderless
[10:38] <Alemas2005> They might have fixed alt-tabbing.
[10:38] <Alemas2005> Still haven't started it up. :P 
[10:38] <Roddy15> i'm pretty sure they had a kind of thrown together patch notes a few days ago
[10:38] <Roddy15> but it was basically a list of issues and the issues they were fixing
[10:39] <Roddy15> going to see if the fps is as bad when loading new planets
[10:39] <Roddy15> i found that was the worst
[10:39] <Impossibubbles> [[Thread:273725]] since it looks like this is going to pass with no opposition, may I start employing common sense in adding articles now? (derp) 
[10:40] <Alemas2005> Not until that vote closes. :{P 
[10:40] <Roddy15> lowest dip was to 93fps
[10:40] <Alemas2005> Patience, young one. :{P 
[10:40] <Roddy15> way better
[10:40] <Impossibubbles> You are such a stubborn bean, ale
[10:40] <Alemas2005> How do you even measure the FPS?
[10:40] <Alemas2005> Steam in-game counter?
[10:40] <Impossibubbles> there are so many potential topics I could add!
[10:40] <Impossibubbles> :( 
[10:40] <Alemas2005> Just wait. :{P 
[10:40] <Alemas2005> Re-add, actually. :P 
[10:41] <Alemas2005> You should have a look at the deletion log. :P 
[10:41] <Impossibubbles> I want to add ones with fancy pink and blue topic listings ;~;
[10:41] <Alemas2005> Now just go to bed. :{P 
[10:41] <Alemas2005> And sleep over it. :P 
[10:41] <Impossibubbles> Tomorrow night I get my 30 day badge. Have I really been back that long? 0.o
[10:42] <Roddy15> yeah i'm using the steam one
[10:43] <Roddy15> shadowplay doesn't seem to be playing nice for me so i just use the steam one
[10:47] <Impossibubbles> Alright, I'm gonna die if I don't sleep
[10:47] <Impossibubbles> night night o/ 
[04:38] <Alemas2005>
[04:38] <Alemas2005> It's "Impossibubbles".
[04:38] <Alemas2005> (YK) 
[04:39] <GandalftheWizard> you think I care???
[04:40] <Alemas2005> You should.
[04:41] <GandalftheWizard> I don't
[04:41] <GandalftheWizard> Yo Soe o/ 
[04:41] <Son of Elrond> ay
[04:41] <Majolo9050> fel ai again
[04:41] <Son of Elrond> ai
[04:43] <Son of Elrond> hi mum
[04:44] <Impossibubbles> "impossiblebubbles" 
[04:46] <Alemas2005> ...perfect timing.
[04:47] <Alemas2005>
[04:47] <Alemas2005> ...lower-case "b"...
[04:47] <Impossibubbles> lol at least it's spelled right. idrc about capitalization xD
[04:48] <A Walruse> everytime something like this happens im so glad im never included in these things
[04:48] <Alemas2005> So it's fine if I call you "IMPossiBuBBles"? :{P 
[04:48] <Alemas2005> I have no such luck. :P 
[04:48] <Impossibubbles> If you really want to? (derp) 
[04:48] <A Walruse> iMpOsSiBuBbLeS for maximum cancer
[04:49] <A Walruse> wait now
[04:49] <A Walruse> xXxiMpOsSiBuBbLeSxXx
[04:49] <Legoanimals750> No, just no
[04:49] <Impossibubbles> anyway, I gtg. Work now >.>
[04:49] <Alemas2005> Make it your YouTube channel name.
[04:49] <Impossibubbles> o/ 
[04:49] <Majolo9050> D:
[04:49] <Alemas2005> :{P 
[04:49] <Majolo9050> baibaiii
[04:49] <Legoanimals750> Bye o/ 
[04:49] <A Walruse> so anyway
[09:22] <Roddy15> and we have some indie games to do
[09:22] <Roddy15> but they are always rubbish ones
[09:23] <Roddy15> when it comes to youtube i always find it's very hard to be motivated when you know hardly anyone will ever watch it
[09:23] <Roddy15> no matter how good it is
[09:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> i guess
[09:24] <Roddy15> it's not like i want to be pewdiepie but having people other than close friends watching would be nice :P 
[09:24] <Roddy15> and knowing there are other people watching it :P 
[09:25] <Roddy15> we had that feeling with our payday 2 stuff for a while and it felt less taxing to be spending hours editing when you know someone will watch it
[09:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> just stream it next time (derp) 
[09:25] <Roddy15> i'd love to do streams but 0.2mbps upload
[09:26] <Roddy15> which as you can also probably guess makes youtube video uploads a pain :P 
[09:26] <Impossibubbles> I LIVED
[09:26] <Roddy15> the last video we uploaded took about 18 hours to upload :P 
[09:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[09:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> at least i have /something/ in tech that's better than yours (derp3) 
[09:27] <Roddy15> 1gbps fibre soon though hopefully
[09:27] <Legoanimals750> Yay For Bubbles 
[09:27] <Impossibubbles> AP 
[09:27] <Impossibubbles> I survived 
[09:27] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles
[09:27] <AmazingPythor> yay c:
[09:27] <Impossibubbles> and tomorrow is my last day
[09:27] <AmazingPythor> How many hours
[09:27] <GandalftheWizard> of life???
[09:27] <GandalftheWizard> last day of life???
[09:27] <Impossibubbles> 6 hours
[09:28] <AmazingPythor> Oh (D:) 
[09:28] <AmazingPythor> Well at least it's the end
[09:28] <Impossibubbles> yeah (derp) 
[09:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> do you get to babysit another stupid child afterwards
[09:28] <Impossibubbles> No
[09:29] <AmazingPythor> When do you start tomorrow
[09:29] <Impossibubbles> 9:30
[09:29] <AmazingPythor> Eugh. :{P 
[09:29] <Legoanimals750> *updated 22 days ago yet still said he active but hasn't made a post in a year*
[09:29] <Impossibubbles> mum is gonna try to force me to get a job during the school year
[09:29] <Impossibubbles> I wanna work at Chipotle
[09:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> /try/
[09:29] <AmazingPythor> Like, during weekends?
[09:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> will she be successful 
[09:29] <Impossibubbles> no
[09:30] <AmazingPythor> I'm just doing one on the weekends, if I had to balance a daily job and school I'd die
[09:30] <Impossibubbles> Unless I can get a job on campus
[09:30] <Impossibubbles> that would be nice
[09:30] <AmazingPythor> Though I'll have to go to work at like 6am so
[09:30] <Impossibubbles> But it's not as if hundreds of other people want those jobs or anything (derp) 
[09:31] <AmazingPythor> 'Course not
[09:31] <GandalftheWizard> KED HI
[09:32] <AmazingPythor> Anyways 
[09:32] <Impossibubbles> Placement tests are a thing that have to be taken by homeschoolers? (derp) 
[09:32] <GandalftheWizard> HEY CONGRATULATIONS!!!
[09:32] <GandalftheWizard> LET'S PARTY TO CEEEELLEEEBRAAATEEE!!!
[09:32] <Ked830> I'm doing online classes this year bubbles
[09:32] <Legoanimals750> Yay for Ked
[09:32] <Impossibubbles> I wonder if I could get a tutoring job
[09:32] <BraveNewRoyalty>
[09:32] <AmazingPythor> Starting two weeks from now I may barely be active at all (derp) 
[09:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> ????
[09:32] <Impossibubbles> I'm good at english
[09:32] <Impossibubbles> or I could tutor low level math classes
[09:32] <Ked830> i had to take the tests to get credit for the classes I took in 9th
[09:33] <AmazingPythor> My Chinese friend tutors seniors in AP Calculus
[09:33] <AmazingPythor> He's 16
[09:33] <Alemas2005> Bubbles, I asked you a question earlier, but you didn't reply. :P 
[09:33] <Alemas2005> Do you deal with "special" kids? :{P 
[09:33] <Impossibubbles> I deal with one deaf child
[09:34] <Alemas2005> ...not that type of "specialness". :{P 
[09:34] <AmazingPythor> Honestly they sound like they'd have mental disabilities though based on their behavior
[09:34] <AmazingPythor> Especially the 15 year old
[09:34] <Legoanimals750> ^
[09:34] <Impossibubbles> They're just lazy and spoiled
[09:34] <AmazingPythor> I mean not everyone is super mature at 15 or anything, but that still appalls me. :{P 
[09:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> the xbox kid sounds like he has severe autism
[09:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> honestly
[09:35] <AmazingPythor> Out of context I would've thought a 3 year old was being described
[09:35] <Alemas2005>
[09:36] <Alemas2005> What are you talking about, Pythor?
[09:36] <Roddy15> but I wanna play Xbox!!!!!!!
[09:36] <Legoanimals750> I was thinking 4 year old
[09:36] <Impossibubbles> Alright
[09:36] <Impossibubbles> I'm filling out a student aid application now (derp) 
[09:36] <AmazingPythor> The chap who cried because his mom wouldn't let him walk around in his underwear and took away his Xbox over it or something
[09:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> at least nobody has had to ever babysit me before
[09:36] <AmazingPythor> He's like 15 apparently
[09:36] <Alemas2005> ...?!
[09:36] <Impossibubbles> yep
[09:36] <AmazingPythor> Honestly at 15 you should be perfectly capable of babysitting your siblings
[09:37] <AmazingPythor> I was doing that at like 12
[09:37] <Alemas2005> Is it one of Bub-
[09:37] <Alemas2005> THAT'S what I meant with "special kids", Bubbles. (UA) 
[09:37] <Legoanimals750> ikr
[09:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> i dont think the severely autistic should be trusted with babysitting
[09:37] <Impossibubbles> I don't watch that kid, ale
[09:37] <Alemas2005> Oh.
[09:37] <AmazingPythor> He's not even actually disabled tho
[09:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> he might as well be
[09:37] <Alemas2005> who does...? :P 
[09:37] <Alemas2005> Sorry, you guys seem to know more than me. :{P 
[09:38] <AmazingPythor> That's because I'm not always afk playing FIFA. :{P 
[09:38] <Impossibubbles> I can't remember my phone number help (derp) 
[09:38] <GandalftheWizard> 383-944-8584
[09:38] <AmazingPythor> Mine is stupidly easy to remember
[09:38] <GandalftheWizard> there you go, bubbles :P 
[09:38] <Alemas2005> I'm not even playing FIFA.
[09:38] <Alemas2005> Got bored of it.
[09:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> mine is 867-5309
[09:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> :^)
[09:38] <GandalftheWizard> *calls it*
[09:38] <Alemas2005> Oh God. :P 
[09:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> "hello this is jenny"
[09:39] <Legoanimals750> Bored? What?!? But You're Ale. :P 
[09:39] <Alemas2005> Bubbles, life hack.
[09:39] <Alemas2005> Create a contact with your own phone number.
[09:39] <Alemas2005> Extremely useful.
[09:39] <Impossibubbles> I did that
[09:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> i'd give out my real phone number if you make fun of me
[09:39] <Impossibubbles> I just don't know where my phone is
[09:39] <Alemas2005> Oh. :P 
[09:39] <Ked830> Get your phone number tattooed onto you wrist
[09:39] <Alemas2005> Then ask someone to call it. :{P 
[09:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> ked
[09:39] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles do you have an iPhone?
[09:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> she isnt a jew in a concentration camp
[09:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> she doesn't need number tattoos 
[09:40] <Alemas2005> Not one of us. :P 
[09:40] <Ked830> Mhm?
[09:40] <Impossibubbles> It's official 
[09:40] <Alemas2005> Your parents. :P 
[09:40] <Impossibubbles> I'm not getting this job (derp) 
[09:40] <Ked830> right
[09:40] <Alemas2005> ...? :P 
[09:40] <Alemas2005> What job? :P 
[09:40] <AmazingPythor> ? :{P 
[09:40] <Impossibubbles> There were three pages of questions about my ethnicity 
[09:40] <Alemas2005> Why not? :P 
[09:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> oops
[09:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> liberals strike again
[09:40] <AmazingPythor> Is it a highly competitive job...? :P 
[09:40] <Impossibubbles> And I had to select white for all of them (derp) 
[09:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> diversity quotas were a good idea
[09:40] <Alemas2005> What job? (UA) 
[09:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> (derp) 
[09:40] <Impossibubbles> A student aid, ale
[09:41] <AmazingPythor> Is there a lot of competition for it or
[09:41] <Alemas2005> ... :P 
[09:41] <Impossibubbles> Well
[09:41] <Impossibubbles> At least I
[09:41] <Alemas2005> Well, you are a nanny. (derp) 
[09:41] <Impossibubbles> I'm female
[09:41] <Alemas2005> Is it a summer job?
[09:41] <Impossibubbles> No
[09:41] <Worldracer99> ok how do u ember images again
[09:42] <Impossibubbles> It's a campus job
[09:42] <Worldracer99> *embed
[09:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> bubbles just say you've been sexually assaulted or something
[09:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> then you'll get the job
[09:42] <AmazingPythor> bnr plz
[09:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> cause muh oppression 
[09:42] <Alemas2005> (YK) 
[09:42] <Legoanimals750> ....
[09:42] <Alemas2005> Not funny.
[09:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> but its right
[09:42] <Alemas2005> Doing uni?
[09:42] <Worldracer99> anybody
[09:42] <GandalftheWizard> maybe he was serious
[09:42] <Worldracer99> how do u embed images again
[09:42] <Slicer Vorzakh> what do you want to embed
[09:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> <img class="chatags-image" src="http://">
[09:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> omg
[09:43] <Worldracer99> an image
[09:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> img=""
[09:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> brackets around it tho
[09:43] <Worldracer99> img="[link without the http]", right
[09:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah
[09:43] <Impossibubbles> I'm just hoping my whiteness doesn't cancel out my femaleness (derp) 
[09:43] <Alemas2005>
[09:44] <Worldracer99> img=""
[09:44] <Alemas2005> Before img and after the quote.
[09:44] <Alemas2005> Oh God. :{P 
[09:44] <Worldracer99> img="[<a href="]" "="">]"</a>
[09:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> >you need [ }
[09:44] <Alemas2005> After the last quote. :P 
[09:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> [ ]*
[09:44] <Assassin Swipe> . . . :P 
[09:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol wr is an html noob
[09:44] <Worldracer99> img="[]
[09:44] <Legoanimals750> *Gives up* :P 
[09:44] <Alemas2005> BEFORE img. (UA) 
[09:44] <Slicer Vorzakh> just link your damn image
[09:44] <Worldracer99> "img=[]
[09:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> ^
[09:44] <Alemas2005> ?!?
[09:44] <Worldracer99> "img=[]"
[09:45] <Alemas2005> THE BRACKET.
[09:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> bracket before the img
[09:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> omg
[09:45] <Alemas2005> (UA) 
[09:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> quotes around the link
[09:45] <Worldracer99> img=[""]
[09:45] <Slicer Vorzakh> just link your goddamn image
[09:45] <Alemas2005> OH C'MON.
[09:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> <span class="me-username">* <span>BraveNewRoyalty</span></span> breathes
[09:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> BOY
[09:45] <Alemas2005> XD
[09:45] <Alemas2005> I'm laughing though. :P 
[09:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> <img class="chatags-image" src="">
[09:45] <Worldracer99> i'm equally frustrated that i keep screwing it up and amused at your frustration
[09:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> it's not even a real image
[09:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[09:45] <Alemas2005> This is how IT support must feel like. :P 
[09:45] <AmazingPythor> Did Ale just use "XD"
[09:45] <Alemas2005> Pythor.
[09:46] <Alemas2005> I use it.
[09:46] <Alemas2005> Just rarely.
[09:46] <Alemas2005> Nothing special.
[09:46] <Worldracer99> img="[]"
[09:46] <AmazingPythor> I have never seen it until now. :{P 
[09:46] <Alemas2005> ... *Sigh*
[09:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> wr
[09:46] <GandalftheWizard> i have xD
[09:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> i just did it for you
[09:46] <AmazingPythor> Drace are you for real
[09:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> and the img doesnt exist
[09:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> so
[09:46] <Worldracer99> ok so
[09:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> conclusion: stop being stupid
[09:46] <Alemas2005>
[09:46] <Worldracer99> img="[link goes here]"
[09:46] <Alemas2005> That's the link.
[09:46] <Worldracer99> correct?
[09:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> OH
[09:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> OH GOOD ONE
[09:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> GOOD IMAGE
[09:47] <Worldracer99> i was using that as a test
[09:47] <Worldracer99> there's a different image i want to send
[09:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> wr i just told you the format like 4 times
[09:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> and you still do it wrong
[09:47] <Slicer Vorzakh> just link your images since his obviously won't work
[09:47] <Alemas2005> Gimme a sec.
[09:47] <Worldracer99> but it's img="[link goes here without http]"
[09:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> no
[09:47] <Worldracer99> img=["link goes here without http"]
[09:47] <Worldracer99> ?
[09:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> i cant actually type it out completely cause it will think im trying to embed
[09:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> but it's
[09:47] <Slicer Vorzakh> [[w:c:Dev:ChatTags|READ]]
[09:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> [
[09:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> img="link"]
[09:47] <Alemas2005> [[User blog:Alemas2005/Chat Tags added to Chat]]
[09:47] <Alemas2005> READ.
[09:47] <Legoanimals750> lol
[09:48] <Worldracer99> <img class="chatags-image" src="">
[09:48] <Worldracer99> there we go
[09:48] <Alemas2005> ...nothing on images there.
[09:48] <Worldracer99> thanks
[09:48] <Alemas2005> AT LAST.
[09:48] <Assassin Swipe> we've been waiting all this time 
[09:48] <Assassin Swipe> watching
[09:48] <Assassin Swipe> for Sample Text
[09:48] <Assassin Swipe> :P 
[09:48] <Assassin Swipe> Wow :P 
[09:48] <Worldracer99> anyways i found a picture of marshal
[09:48] <Legoanimals750> *Slow clap* :P 
[09:48] <Worldracer99> <img class="chatags-image" src="">
[09:48] <Alemas2005> Trump?
[09:48] <Worldracer99> marshall.jpg
[09:49] <Assassin Swipe> hey that's me 
[09:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> that's a goddamn 3 year image
[09:49] <Alemas2005> ... :P 
[09:49] <Slicer Vorzakh> how goddamn edgy of you
[09:49] <Legoanimals750> lol
[09:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> this was not worth it
[09:49] <Assassin Swipe> ^ :P 
[09:49] <Alemas2005> Nah. :P 
[09:49] <Legoanimals750> ikr
[09:49] <Worldracer99> so are we now allowed to goddamn curse like frank goddamn miller writing about the goddamn batman
[09:50] <Impossibubbles> gonna go
[09:50] <GuacamoleCCXR> all of calculus is really just l'hôspital for days
[09:50] <Impossibubbles> see ya o/ 
[09:50] <AmazingPythor> Bye Bubbles \o 
[11:35] <RusMan> O/ 
[11:39] <Pacman87> hi
[11:39] <Pacman87> i bought a $40 dollar book
[11:40] <Impossibubbles> I'm looking at buying a $40 book. But it's usually $79 (derp) 
[11:40] <Legoanimals750> Yay discounts. :P 
[11:42] <RusMan>
[11:42] <RusMan> Hmm, can you rent any of your books?
[11:45] <Impossibubbles> I'm not sure why my mother is getting angry with me over this (ud) 
[11:45] <Impossibubbles> She's treating me like I'm the person who made books so expensive 
[11:46] <Pacman87> the more expensive the better
[11:49] <RusMan> Well can you rent any of them? :p 
[11:49] <Impossibubbles> No
[11:49] <Romaniandude12> whos Jaq
[11:49] <Impossibubbles> matoro 
[11:49] <Impossibubbles> or whatever
[11:49] <Impossibubbles> anyway
[11:50] <Jaq42> Yup
[11:50] <Legoanimals750> Mat something. :P 
[11:50] <Impossibubbles> I need to at least get a hard cover so I can resell them
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