[03:52] <SquashBrain> FREY! o/ 
[03:52] <SkySSundee> Why. 3:
[03:52] <NiaraGarmadon> HI SQUISH!!!
[03:53] <SquashBrain> *FROEY :P Hey SKy and Niara :'D 
[03:53] <Legofrodo12> What are you freaking out about, Squash?
[03:53] <SquashBrain> I am sooooooo happpehhhhhhh :3
[03:53] <ToneTyphoon> Nia he was just intimidated buy her :P 
[03:53] <Legofrodo12> Why? :D 
[03:53] <Gslover> Annabel Lee is a somewhat obsessive poem. :P 
[03:53] <SkySSundee> WHAT HAPPENED
[03:53] <NiaraGarmadon> @toneTyphoon I am saying that it is possible for someone IRL to do it
[03:53] <SquashBrain> I GOT MANDISA'S REMIX ALBUM
[03:53] <ToneTyphoon> Why am I having this conversation.....
[03:53] <Legofrodo12> Hi Kat. o/ 
[03:53] <ToneTyphoon> No it's not Nia :P 
[03:53] <SquashBrain> AND, Britt Nicole's Say it album :3
[03:53] <Legofrodo12> What is that.... :P 
[03:53] <Packachoo> GS, have you read mine?
[03:53] <Impulse09> Squash, MK O/ 
[03:53] <SkySSundee> Per Froey.
[03:53] <Madkatmaximus> Just got out of a nerf war. (Derp) 
[03:53] <SquashBrain> Kewl albums :3
[03:53] <ToneTyphoon> Hey it's Mad
[03:53] <Vonness11`> Hay Kat
[03:53] <Impulse09> Yey Squashy! :p 
[03:53] <SquashBrain> Hey mad o/ 
[03:53] <Legofrodo12> Nice Mad! That sounds epic
[03:53] <Packachoo> [[User blog:Packachoo/Obsession]]
[03:53] <Gslover> Erm, yes, Pack :s 
[03:53] <ToneTyphoon> And Squish Squash o/ 
[03:54] <SquashBrain> Tone o/ 
[03:54] <SquashBrain> Impy \o 
[03:54] <Legofrodo12> Squish Squash, Applesauce. :P 
[03:54] <NiaraGarmadon> @tone typhoon I know but gee whiz, he could've picked a batter, more private time than on NATIONAL TELEVISION
[03:54] <SquashBrain> lol :P 
[03:54] <Packachoo> *Obsessive*
[03:54] <Packachoo> BFN pm
[03:54] <Gslover> Sadly, I am going to get rid of my Nerf collection. It serves me no purpose, especially since I haven't anyone to shoot with. :{P 
[03:54] <ToneTyphoon> He couldn't plan for that happening Nia :P 
[03:57] <NiaraGarmadon> @Tone Typhoon you are singing the song of my people!!!!
[03:57] <SquashBrain> unstoppabbbbbllllllleeeeeeeeee
[03:57] <ToneTyphoon> Not look at explosions? :P 
[03:57] <SkySSundee> No, my brothers 4 years old.
[03:57] <SkySSundee> Squash, how much chocolate did you eat today? :P 
[03:57] <SkySSundee> 
[03:57] <NiaraGarmadon> @Tone Typhoon you are singing the song of my people!!!!
[03:57] <Gslover> @Tone: Action hero? Why not piano hero? (ud) :P 
[03:57] <Legofrodo12> So not an effective shootout then, Huh Tad. :P 
[03:57] <SquashBrain> No chocolate :P 
[03:57] <SquashBrain> Actually some XD
[03:58] <SquashBrain> I just have a bunch of adrenalin...
[03:58] <Legofrodo12> How much sugar then, Squash?
[03:58] <SkySSundee> I can destroy him in like 2 seconds. :P 
[03:58] <ToneTyphoon> Gs, piano heroes don't do parkour :P 
[03:58] <SquashBrain> Jeez this isn't that good
[03:58] <SkySSundee> Squash is Sugar Lady.
[03:58] <Som1udontno> Piano Hero, the new spin off of Guitar Hero
[03:58] <ToneTyphoon> lol Som :P 
[03:58] <SquashBrain> Not that much sugar :P I'm like this normally (derp4) 
[03:58] <Legofrodo12> True Tone. :P 
[03:58] <Impulse09> Forgiveness remix is decent
[03:58] <Legofrodo12> I know, Squish. :P 
[03:58] <Madkatmaximus> Meh gtg
[03:58] <Gslover> @Tone: What is this "parkour" you speak of? 
[03:58] <SquashBrain> Listening to itttt :P 
[03:58] <Impulse09> And Speak Life remix was good (y) 
[03:58] <Gslover> Bye, Mad o/ 
[03:58] <SquashBrain> Frogiveness
[03:58] <Impulse09> O/ 
[03:58] <Som1udontno> The Assassin's do parkour, they aren't "action" heroes.
[03:58] <Impulse09> Frogiviness XP
[03:59] <Som1udontno> WHOO
[03:59] <SquashBrain> Gonna listen to Speak life next....
[03:59] <SquashBrain> Bye Mad 
[03:59] <Som1udontno> FALCO FIGHT
[03:59] <SkySSundee> I'm really hyper if I'm eating/thinking about fudge. :P 
[03:59] <SquashBrain> \o 
[05:03] <ToneTyphoon> I care (bf) 
[05:03] <~Batgirl78~> Meh gtg
[05:03] <ToneTyphoon> Cya Luna o/ 
[05:03] <Marcel77799> Cya Kelly o/ 
[05:03] <Marcel77799> *hug*
[05:03] <~Batgirl78~> Ttyl :c
[05:03] <Marcel77799> :c
[05:03] <ToneTyphoon> Tata you losers....?
[05:03] <Marcel77799> BTW
[05:03] <ToneTyphoon> :P 
[05:04] <ToneTyphoon> Katimus Prime o/ 
[05:04] <Marcel77799> Cay was here yesterday @Kel and Kat
[05:04] <Vonness11`> Bye Kellie :c
[05:04] <Legofrodo12> Bye Kellie. o/ 
[05:04] <Marcel77799> Misswd her though but she was on again
[05:04] <Madkatmaximus> Yeah I emailed her a few days ago
[05:04] <Marcel77799> IK
[05:04] <Marcel77799> You told me
[05:05] <Madkatmaximus> I did? (Derp) 
[05:05] <Marcel77799> Yes
[05:05] <ToneTyphoon> Yeah :P 
[05:05] <Som1udontno> *that moment when a video that is the same image for 4 minutes needs to buffer*
[05:05] <Marcel77799> Yesterday
[05:05] <Man.city1> Marcel
[05:05] <ToneTyphoon> You did :P 
[05:05] <Madkatmaximus> well my memories kind of fogged right now 
[05:05] <Man.city1> We are destryoed
[05:05] <Marcel77799> IK
[05:05] <Marcel77799> That 1:2
[05:05] <Marcel77799> OMG bro
[05:05] <Marcel77799> How? Why?
[05:05] <ToneTyphoon> Quick ask Mad a personal question he won't remember it later (derp) 
[05:05] <Vonness11`> Your memory's fogged? DRINK LIQUOR. That'll make you feel like Chuck Norris!
[05:06] <Man.city1> 2 red cards (derp) :P 
[05:06] <Marcel77799> You wont win against us
[05:06] <Madkatmaximus> Brb getting another Pepsi 
[05:06] <Marcel77799> Yeah
[05:06] <Man.city1> We will marcel, just wait and see :p 
[05:06] <Marcel77799> Not without Yaya
[05:06] <Man.city1> It ill be our coming into the CL
[05:06] <Man.city1> We have Frank :P 
[05:06] <Man.city1> Lampard, Milner and Fernando in midfield :P 
[05:06] <Marcel77799> Only if we play like we dont care
[05:06] <Madkatmaximus> tone, the only thing most people don't know about me at this point is my phone number 
[05:06] <Madkatmaximus> xD
[05:06] <Marcel77799> Otherwise you are screwed
[05:07] <ToneTyphoon> What's your phone number (derp3) 
[05:07] <Marcel77799> I mean we are first of group already
[05:07] <Madkatmaximus> 666-666-6666
[05:07] <ToneTyphoon> You can trust me (derp) 
[05:07] <Marcel77799> So you might be lucky that we like like we dont care
[05:07] <Man.city1> There is still hpe Marcel :p 
[05:07] <Marcel77799> IK
[05:07] <Marcel77799> But its small
[05:08] <Vonness11`> My phone number is 123-456-7890 :) :) :) 
[05:08] <Vonness11`> brb
[05:08] <Marcel77799> Man City and CL though
[05:08] <Man.city1> There is hope :P 
[05:08] <Marcel77799> Doesnt seem to work
[05:08] <Som1udontno> My hone number is 555-1234
[05:08] <Marcel77799> Its sad
[05:08] <Som1udontno> *phone
[05:08] <Marcel77799> You have such a good team
[05:08] <Man.city1> I feel we will beat you 3-1 :P then vs Roma we will win 2-1 :P 
[05:08] <Man.city1> Vs you Lampard to score 2 + Aguero
[05:09] <Marcel77799> Implying you win 3-1 vs us (yk) 
[05:08] <Marcel77799> Doesnt seem to work
[05:08] <Som1udontno> My hone number is 555-1234
[05:08] <Marcel77799> Its sad
[05:08] <Som1udontno> *phone
[05:08] <Marcel77799> You have such a good team
[05:08] <Man.city1> I feel we will beat you 3-1 :P then vs Roma we will win 2-1 :P 
[05:08] <Man.city1> Vs you Lampard to score 2 + Aguero
[05:09] <Marcel77799> Implying you win 3-1 vs us (yk) 
[05:09] <Man.city1> Vs Roma lamaprd to score 2 :p 
[05:09] <ToneTyphoon> Mine's 867-5309 
[05:09] <ToneTyphoon> (smug) 
[05:09] <Som1udontno> TIME TO SPAM PHONE TONE
[05:09] <Marcel77799> Maybe 1-0 or 2-1
[05:09] <ToneTyphoon> Anyone get that? 
[05:09] <ToneTyphoon> Anyone?
[05:09] <Marcel77799> But not more
[05:09] <Man.city1> Sometime our team needs to play well :P 
[05:09] <ToneTyphoon> Som1, you're about to maek someone very mad :P 
[05:09] <Man.city1> And I feel it will be vs you :p 
[05:09] <ToneTyphoon> It's from a song :P 
[05:10] <Marcel77799> Yeah maybe
[05:10] <ToneTyphoon> Just forget about :P 
[05:10] <Marcel77799> But if we have a good day and you dont...
[05:10] <Man.city1> Well then we see what happens :P 
[05:10] <Marcel77799> Then youll end like Roma
[05:10] <Marcel77799> In the first game I mean
[05:11] <Marcel77799> But I think a 1-1 or 2-1 coulf be even realistic
[05:11] <Coggsworth Motors> Harold (sie) 
[05:11] <Marcel77799> Anyway
[05:11] <Marcel77799> BBL
[05:11] <Man.city1> bye :P 
[05:11] <Marcel77799> Need sleep
[05:12] <ToneTyphoon> cya Marcy Marc o/ 
[05:12] <Legofrodo12> Bye Marc. o/ 
[05:12] <Madkatmaximus> Meh, closing this, will be on hangouts 
[05:12] <ToneTyphoon> But your phone number Katimus (derp) 
[09:43] <Vonness11`> Because they're causing lag/making PM difficult to see
[09:43] <Alemas2005> What Von said. :P 
[09:43] <Vonness11`> and they aren't even here
[09:44] <Ireithien> oh
[09:44] <Derpdroid> :P 
[09:44] <Alemas2005> Irate, PM me, please...
[09:44] <Ireithien> Ale, I have a PM from you already
[09:44] <Alemas2005> Oh?
[09:44] <Ireithien> Yeah.
[09:44] <Impulse09> Keeck Super Miron (ud) 
[09:44] <Madkatmaximus> just woke up
[09:44] <Madkatmaximus> (derp) 
[09:44] <Impulse09> O/ 
[09:44] <SquashBrain> Car, Mad o/ 
[09:44] <Worldracer99> MAAAAD
[09:44] <Worldracer99> * Worldracer99 smacks mad
[09:44] <Worldracer99> WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN
[09:45] <Derpdroid> O/ 
[09:45] <Coggsworth Motors> Mad, what time is it for you>? (thinking) 
[09:45] <Madkatmaximus> asleep
[09:45] <Vonness11`> hi kat
[09:45] <Edward Nigma> hi madkart
[09:45] <Alemas2005> Ah, Mad, hi.
[09:45] <Madkatmaximus> 4:44 pm
[09:45] <Alemas2005> Been a while.
[09:45] <Edward Nigma> :) 
[09:45] <Worldracer99> * Worldracer99 smacks mad again
[09:45] <ToneTyphoon> Awwwww
[09:45] <Worldracer99> wait you're on est?
[09:45] <ToneTyphoon> Prey 2 was officially cancelled 
[09:45] <ToneTyphoon> Dang it
[09:45] <Worldracer99> where do you live...?
[09:45] <Worldracer99> i thought you were in texas
[09:45] <Ireithien> GTG. Bye. I'll be on later. :P 
[09:45] <Vonness11`> o/ 
[09:45] <SquashBrain> \o 
[09:45] <Coggsworth Motors> But Ire :( 
[09:45] <Edward Nigma> \o 
[09:45] <Coggsworth Motors> Hey Squash :P 
[09:45] <Madkatmaximus> reason: was at a party last night, didn't sleep for over 24 hours, went hom at 8 AM, showered, slept for 6-7 hours
[09:45] <ToneTyphoon> Cya Jed o/ 
[09:45] <Madkatmaximus> thus, I just woke up
[09:45] <Madkatmaximus> bye ire
[09:45] <SquashBrain> Hai.... >_>
[09:45] <Worldracer99> von pm
[09:45] <Madkatmaximus> Ohio, drace
[09:46] <ToneTyphoon> Squash is here? :P 
[09:46] <Coggsworth Motors> What is it Squash? :P 
[09:46] <ToneTyphoon> Oh hey she is :P 
[09:46] <SquashBrain> NO (gasp) (gasp2) 
[09:46] <Worldracer99> wait ohio is eastern standard time
[09:46] <ItsCryptiid> We must prepare ourselves from the CC attack
[09:46] <ToneTyphoon> Haidere (smug) 
[09:46] <Coggsworth Motors> Squash, you live in Ohio? :P 
[09:46] <Vonness11`> who remembers when we said Obama instead of Ohai
[09:46] <SquashBrain> ...why do you want to know (gasp) (gasp2) 
[09:46] <Derpdroid> :P 
[09:46] <Coggsworth Motors> Squash: cuz I go there every other year :P 
[09:46] <ToneTyphoon> Because Coggs is a hardcore Stalker :P 
[09:47] <SquashBrain> stalker (gasp) (Gasp2) 
[09:47] <Derpdroid> (Derp2) BRB. (derp2) 
[09:47] <Coggsworth Motors> Yes, Tone, that is a rational assumption :P 
[09:47] <Madkatmaximus> coggs in that case come to my house so I can strangle you for no reason
[09:47] <ToneTyphoon> You can trust me though (smug) 
[09:47] <Worldracer99> >so i can strangle you for no reason
[09:47] <ItsCryptiid>''/Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu,+Hawke's+Bay+4292,+New+Zealand/@-40.3499287,176.5130923,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x6d4238daad82f815:0x3f6a6d05382efca8!2m2!1d176.55!2d-40.35!1m5!1m1!1s0x6d4238daad82f815:0x3f6a6d05382efca8!2m2!1d176.55!2d-40.35
[09:47] <Worldracer99> (ss) 
[09:47] <ItsCryptiid> Win.
[09:47] <SquashBrain> it is (gasp) (gasp2) 
[09:47] <SquashBrain> no i can't (gasp) (Gasp2) 
[09:47] <Coggsworth Motors> Mad, whose been eating your grapes man ? :P 
[09:47] <Madkatmaximus> drace
[09:47] <Madkatmaximus> shut up
[09:47] <Madkatmaximus> (derp) 
[09:48] <Vonness11`> i thought drace said "dnace" lol
[09:48] <ToneTyphoon> What Crypt? :P 
[09:48] <ToneTyphoon> (dance) 
[09:48] <Worldracer99> dnace dnace rveolution
[09:48] <Worldracer99> (dnace)
[09:48] <ItsCryptiid> It's one of the longest place names
[09:48] <Madkatmaximus> Coggs, as I said, up until 8:30 this morning I didn't sleep fpr well over 24 hours
[09:48] <Alemas2005> GuacamoleCCXR, you ape, PM.
[09:48] <Worldracer99> mad pm
[09:48] <Coggsworth Motors> Are you drunk> :P 
[09:48] <Worldracer99> mad did you get hammered
[09:48] <Worldracer99> (dnace)
[09:48] <ItsCryptiid> It's one of the longest place names
[09:48] <Madkatmaximus> Coggs, as I said, up until 8:30 this morning I didn't sleep fpr well over 24 hours
[09:48] <Alemas2005> GuacamoleCCXR, you ape, PM.
[09:48] <Worldracer99> mad pm
[09:48] <ToneTyphoon> (dance) (dance) Revolution
[09:48] <Madkatmaximus> I'm still feeling the aftereffects 
[09:48] <Coggsworth Motors> Are you drunk> :P 
[09:48] <Worldracer99> mad did you get hammered
[09:48] <Coggsworth Motors> From the partay :P 
[09:49] <Madkatmaximus> no
[09:49] <ToneTyphoon> Even if he didn't he stayed up til 8 am :P 
[09:49] <Worldracer99> did you get with anybody
[09:49] <Marcel77799> Kat PM
[09:49] <Alemas2005> Mad, please try to behave in a way appropriate for your position on this site... :P 
[09:49] <Worldracer99> to plan a nice lunch out
[09:49] <ToneTyphoon> Wow Whir
[09:49] <Madkatmaximus> I did drink an entire 12 pack of pepsi though
[09:49] <Worldracer99> (derp) 
[09:49] <Alemas2005> ... :P 
[09:49] <Marcel77799> I was drunk last night...
[09:49] <Coggsworth Motors> Did you find any babes? (derp) 
[09:49] <Madkatmaximus> Ale, It's not hindering my judgement or anything
[09:49] <ToneTyphoon> Ale that's a misdemeanor 
[09:49] <ToneTyphoon> Get im
[09:49] <Alemas2005> I just want to be sure, Mad. :P 
[09:50] <Marcel77799> I didnt chat much though
[09:50] <ToneTyphoon> (derp) 
[09:50] <Madkatmaximus> If it did I just wouldn't get on
[09:50] <Vonness11`> [[User blog:Brickmaster7946/Obama!]]
[09:50] <Worldracer99> >Mad, please try to behave in a way appropriate for your position on this site... :P 
[09:50] <Worldracer99> 
[09:50] <Worldracer99> So now if you do things IRL that Ale doesn't agree with, you have to step down as mod?
[09:50] <Madkatmaximus> For the record: I did not get drunk
[09:50] <Edward Nigma> yes wr
[09:50] <Worldracer99> This website is important above all
[09:50] <Alemas2005> Oh c'mon, WR. :P 
[09:50] <Marcel77799> why not Kat?
[09:50] <Marcel77799> Driving?
[09:50] <Worldracer99> mad pm
[09:50] <Aravis Tarkheena> What your mental state is matters not to this wiki
[09:50] <Madkatmaximus> tbh tho drace if one of the admins got on while drunk that wouldn't make him/her look very good
[09:50] <Aravis Tarkheena> as long as you're behaving properly for the wiki
[09:50] <Coggsworth Motors> VON
[09:51] <SquashBrain> Coggs
[09:51] <Vonness11`> wHAT
[09:51] <Coggsworth Motors> I KNOW WHO I MIXED YOU UP WITH :P 
[09:51] <Vonness11`> ...Who? :P 
[09:51] <Marcel77799> Being drunk =/0 behaving badly
[09:51] <Aravis Tarkheena> And if you're admin it's bad because no one can kick you if you're misbehaving while impaired somehow. :P 
[09:51] <Marcel77799> *=/=
[09:51] <Coggsworth Motors> I mixed you up with RysTennant! :P All this time of accusing you of being a troll :P 
[09:51] <Coggsworth Motors> And it wasn't even you! :P 
[09:51] <Vonness11`> ....... (yk) 
[09:51] <Edward Nigma> o/ 
[09:51] <Vonness11`> o/ 
[09:51] <Marcel77799> ha ha ha xD
[09:51] <Aravis Tarkheena> Tator o/ 
[09:51] <SquashBrain> \o 
[09:51] <SquashBrain> Coggs
[09:51] <Alemas2005> Ara, get that ape here.
[09:51] <Vonness11`> very funny, cogsworth
[09:51] <Aravis Tarkheena> Alemas
[09:51] <Alemas2005> You know who I mean.
[09:51] <Coggsworth Motors> I just found his userpage and saw "blocked" and then it just cllicked
[09:52] <Coggsworth Motors> No Von I really did mix you up wth hm :S 
[09:52] <Vonness11`> He's blocked because I asked for him to be
[09:52] <Alemas2005> Please. :P 
[09:52] <Vonness11`> HE IS ME
[09:52] <Aravis Tarkheena> We're having an important conversation 
[09:52] <Marcel77799> Coggs (FW) 
[09:52] <Tatoranaki> \o Hi Aravis
[09:52] <Coggsworth Motors> How did I do that .. :P 
[09:52] <Alemas2005> Ah yes... :P 
[09:52] <Marcel77799> GG mate
[09:52] <Aravis Tarkheena> And as far as I know he's not even at his computer :P 
[09:52] <Harold89> TAT
[09:52] <Aravis Tarkheena> So :P 
[09:52] <Vonness11`> GTG
[09:52] <Vonness11`> D:
[09:52] <Vonness11`> BBL
[09:52] <Vonness11`> o/ 
[09:52] <Alemas2005> Wait, he can chat with you without his PC? :P 
[09:52] <Edward Nigma> \o 
[09:52] <Coggsworth Motors> Alemas: through neurotransmitters
[09:52] <Tatoranaki> \O Harold
[09:53] <Vonness11`> Ever heard of iPad's Ale :p 
[09:53] <SquashBrain> \o 
[09:53] <Vonness11`> *iPads
[09:53] <Alemas2005> You are chatting with him... and he's not at his PC? :P 
[09:53] <Edward Nigma> wat
[09:53] <Alemas2005> I don't recall him mentioning an iPad.
[09:53] <Aravis Tarkheena> It's called a smartphone, Alemas
[09:53] <Aravis Tarkheena> I think you even have one yourself.
[09:53] <Edward Nigma> o/ 
[09:53] <Harold89> alemas be like
[09:53] <SquashBrain> \o 
[09:54] <Madkatmaximus> Alemas: Mind = blown
[09:54] <ToneTyphoon> Harold dat pic 
[09:54] <ToneTyphoon> :P 
[09:54] <Madkatmaximus> Lol harry
[09:54] <Worldracer99> mad pm
[09:54] <Nart L. Chipikal> *throws crowbar at everyone* 
[09:54] <Harold89> guys
[09:54] <Harold89> what should i add to my userpage
[09:54] <Harold89> i need things
[09:54] <ToneTyphoon> Ale didn't know people have been chatting on their phones this whole time? XD
[09:55] <Edward Nigma> sELFy
[09:55] <ToneTyphoon> Um..........
[09:55] <Edward Nigma> @hAr e
[09:55] <SquashBrain> Harold random facts
[09:55] <Worldracer99> selfen lied
[09:55] <SquashBrain> Coggs pm
[09:55] <Harold89> nah
[09:55] <Edward Nigma> alemas is probably a noob and doesn't know how to chat on mobile :) 
[09:56] <Aravis Tarkheena> It's hard anyway :P 
[09:56] <ToneTyphoon> Yeah :P 
[09:56] <ToneTyphoon> Definitely inconvenient :P 
[09:56] <Aravis Tarkheena> Though I haven't had like any experience at all :P 
[09:56] <ToneTyphoon> I have :P 
[09:56] <ToneTyphoon> Not fun :P 
[09:57] <Aravis Tarkheena> Except maybe for a couple times :P 
[09:57] <Edward Nigma> I've used mobile for months on end
[09:57] <Edward Nigma> :p 
[09:57] <ToneTyphoon> Unless they've changed it recently
[09:57] <Aravis Tarkheena> It's not like I've got a phone :P 
[09:57] <Edward Nigma> from jan - september
[09:57] <Edward Nigma> so
[09:57] <Edward Nigma> :p 
[09:57] <ToneTyphoon> Which they probably haven't
[09:57] <ToneTyphoon> You don't have a phone.......
[09:57] <Madkatmaximus> I used to hate chatting on mobile but tbh once you get used to it it's pretty easy
[09:58] <Edward Nigma> yeah
[09:58] <ToneTyphoon>
[09:58] <ToneTyphoon> @Ara
[09:58] <Edward Nigma> i hate chatting on phones though
[09:58] <ToneTyphoon> Yeah it sucks
[09:58] <SquashBrain> Coggs pm
[09:58] <Edward Nigma> I would type something in
[09:58] <Worldracer99> i have such feels for this character it's almost painful, help
[09:58] <Edward Nigma> and the result would be
[09:58] <Harold89> aravis pm
[09:58] <Edward Nigma> "fggdFB"FOPFg"
[09:58] <Edward Nigma> and i'm just like wat
[09:59] <SquashBrain> Okay someone tell me if my names says "M.I.A" ok
[09:59] <ToneTyphoon> It does
[09:59] <Edward Nigma> yes
[09:59] <ToneTyphoon> Squash
[09:59] <SquashBrain> success [h] 
[09:59] <SquashBrain> :P 
[09:59] <ToneTyphoon> Dn
[09:59] <ToneTyphoon> don't you feel good
[09:59] <Edward Nigma> i'm chatting while m.i.a. :) 
[09:59] <SquashBrain> I wanna dn you too Tone ;) 
[09:59] <SquashBrain> I love dning people ;) 
[09:59] <Harold89> gtg
[09:59] <Edward Nigma> (smug) 
[09:59] <ItsCryptiid> Time to re-visit the LMBs...
[09:59] <SquashBrain> Don't you? ;) 
[09:59] <ItsCryptiid> Pure nostalgia...
[09:59] <Worldracer99> oh dear
[09:59] <Edward Nigma> \o 
[09:59] <SquashBrain> Bye o/ 
[09:59] <Edward Nigma> o/ 
[10:00] <Techno Bacon> Where is Cake when you need him?
[10:00] <SquashBrain> You meant to say pm, though, right? XD
[10:00] <Edward Nigma> no
[10:00] <Tatoranaki> Does anyone like Nintendo stuffs? :P 
[10:00] <SquashBrain> Talking to Tone
[10:00] <Worldracer99> mad pm
[10:00] <SquashBrain> I do I guess (derp) 
[10:00] <Worldracer99> Yes, Tatoranaki.
[10:00] <Edward Nigma> he meant "don't"
[10:01] <Edward Nigma> no kidding squash
[10:01] <ToneTyphoon> No I didn't Squash
[10:01] <Edward Nigma> Yeah, I like Nintendo :p 
[10:01] <Tatoranaki> Because Nintendo is asking me what they should add to their amiibos... besides the announced features. Ideas? :P 
[10:01] <SquashBrain> Okay :P 
[10:01] <SquashBrain> No idea Tator :P 
[10:01] <Worldracer99> why are they asking you personally?
[10:01] <ToneTyphoon> My keyboard is smaller than my last so I keep accidently hitting enter 
[10:01] <ItsCryptiid>
[10:01] <ItsCryptiid> Thank Talos this is still here.
[10:01] <Edward Nigma> but you wanna know who likes nintendo more than anyone else here
[10:01] <ToneTyphoon> Dk
[10:01] <ToneTyphoon> Hands down
[10:01] <Edward Nigma> no
[10:01] <Tatoranaki> Probably because I've been a Platinum Club Nintendo members for three years. So they figure I have ideas. ;P 
[10:02] <ToneTyphoon> Fine who? :P 
[10:02] <Worldracer99> Oh.
[10:02] <Worldracer99> :P 
[10:02] <Edward Nigma> Diglett :S 
[10:02] <Tatoranaki> *member
[10:02] <ItsCryptiid> The LU subforum is dying... it's beginning to feel like Monowi, Nebraska.
[10:02] <Madkatmaximus> :S :S :S :S :S :S 
[10:02] <Tatoranaki> Nebraska :D 
[10:02] <Edward Nigma> :S :S :S :S :S :S :S 
[10:02] <Madkatmaximus> no more
[10:02] <Madkatmaximus> (derp) 
[10:02] <SquashBrain> gtg
[10:02] <ToneTyphoon> MORE (derp) 
[10:02] <Worldracer99> >Monowi
[10:02] <Worldracer99> >moNOWI
[10:02] <Worldracer99> The LU subforum is a dragon in the form of a tenyearold
[10:02] <ToneTyphoon> Cya Squash
[10:02] <ToneTyphoon> o/ 
[10:02] <Edward Nigma> \o 
[10:03] <ToneTyphoon> o/ 
[10:03] <ItsCryptiid> So apparently my LMB account is deactivated...
[10:04] <ToneTyphoon> Soundgarden did a version of Rusty Cage......?
[10:04] <Worldracer99> mad pm
[10:04] <ToneTyphoon> Aight
[10:04] <ToneTyphoon> Skul o/ 
[10:04] <SkySSundee> o/ o/ 
[10:04] <Skully Of House Lannister> where es bene
[10:04] <Tatoranaki> So no ideas for Nintendo? :P 
[10:04] <ToneTyphoon> Nope
[10:05] <Tatoranaki> :| 
[10:05] <ToneTyphoon> Haven't played it so 
[10:05] <Madkatmaximus> Tone
[10:05] <Worldracer99> Tato, you played Fire Emblem Awakening?
[10:05] <Madkatmaximus> Soundgarden WROTE rusty cage
[10:05] <ToneTyphoon> yeah Mad?
[10:05] <Tatoranaki> I have (sie) 
[10:05] <Worldracer99> I need to play more and get back into it
[10:04] <ToneTyphoon> Nope
[10:05] <Tatoranaki> :| 
[10:05] <ToneTyphoon> Haven't played it so 
[10:05] <Madkatmaximus> Tone
[10:05] <Worldracer99> Tato, you played Fire Emblem Awakening?
[10:05] <Madkatmaximus> Soundgarden WROTE rusty cage
[10:05] <ToneTyphoon> yeah Mad?
[10:05] <Tatoranaki> I have (sie) 
[10:05] <Worldracer99> I need to play more and get back into it
[10:05] <Worldracer99> Who'd you marry in your game?
[10:05] <Skully Of House Lannister> soundgarden did write rusty cage
[10:06] <Tatoranaki> I married Lucina.
[10:06] <Edward Nigma> Ben said he's not coming on yet bc he's posting :p 
[10:06] <Edward Nigma> *ben e
[10:06] <Worldracer99> I ended up marrying Panne
[10:06] <Skully Of House Lannister> ben is obsessed with the rank reqs :P 
[10:06] <Skully Of House Lannister> its disturbing how obsessive he is :P 
[10:06] <Worldracer99> although irl i kinda have a thing for sully
[10:06] <Skully Of House Lannister> ede we need to get him a girlfriend before his life is destroyed :{P 
[10:06] <Tatoranaki> Oh really? How'd that turn out? Sully is a much better character, methinks. :P 
[10:06] <ToneTyphoon> Who, WR or Ben? :P 
[10:06] <Edward Nigma> imp e
[10:07] <Edward Nigma> That Refresh Monkey thing is amazing :p 
[10:07] <Worldracer99> I learned that my son is the biggest dork nerd rabbit baby of all time.
[10:07] <Edward Nigma> I added 10 hours to my online time with it
[10:07] <Worldracer99> Also he quotes Monty Python.
[10:07] <ToneTyphoon> I'm not dead (derp2) 
[10:07] <ToneTyphoon> I feel fine (derp2) 
[10:08] <Skully Of House Lannister> @ede:
[10:08] <Skully Of House Lannister> I've got 5k mins online so far today. :P 
[10:08] <Edward Nigma> (yk) 
[10:08] <Edward Nigma> :;p
[10:08] <Edward Nigma> * :P 
[10:08] <Skully Of House Lannister> What? :P 
[10:08] <Skully Of House Lannister> i have six browsers :P 
[10:08] <Edward Nigma> Did you open like 20 tabs and set it to refresh like every 2 seconds or smth
[10:09] <Skully Of House Lannister> no
[10:09] <Edward Nigma> I have 8 
[10:09] <Skully Of House Lannister> you need dif. browsers m8
[10:09] <Skully Of House Lannister> ik
[10:09] <Tatoranaki> Monty Python... :o 
[10:09] <Edward Nigma> :p 
[10:09] <Skully Of House Lannister> which
[10:09] <ItsCryptiid> I wanna talk about LU.
[10:09] <Skully Of House Lannister> my laptop is glitching out
[10:09] <Tatoranaki> LU (sie) 
[10:09] <Skully Of House Lannister> cuz ie is breaking it
[10:09] <Skully Of House Lannister> i tried to update it and it broke
[10:09] <ToneTyphoon> What the heck did you do? :P 
[10:09] <Worldracer99> One of Yarne's (Panne's son) critical hit quotes is "I'VE GOT SHARP POINTY TEETH"
[10:09] <ItsCryptiid> That game... the memories... the great times... the fun... all gone.
[10:09] <ItsCryptiid> It's really sad.
[10:09] <SkySSundee> Tone, what are you trying to PM me? :P 
[10:09] <Skully Of House Lannister> Mr. Ree was a drug dealer
[10:09] <ToneTyphoon> Am I? (ss) 
[10:10] <ToneTyphoon> It's nothing important :P 
[10:10] <SkySSundee> Yes.
[10:10] <ItsCryptiid> Jamesster's LU playthrough helped LU last longer... in a sense.
[10:10] <ItsCryptiid> Mr. Ree is Xur from Destiny.
[10:10] <ToneTyphoon> Don't you mean the other way around..... 
[10:10] <SkySSundee> It says "Private Messages ToneTyphoon" 
[10:10] <Tatoranaki> Haha, I don't remember that one. :P I didn't focus too much on Yarne unfortunately. :| I want to do a playthrough where I level up everyone though, on L+.
[10:10] <Worldracer99> I'm mad that Destiny doesn't have the adorable moth creatures that the originally planned to have in the Mothlands.
[10:10] <SkySSundee> (derp4) 
[10:10] <ToneTyphoon> Destiny cam after so..... :P 
[10:11] <ToneTyphoon> Yeah, I PM'd yah Sky :P 
[10:11] <Worldracer99> mad pm
[10:11] <ItsCryptiid> I know.
[10:11] <SkySSundee> Theres nothing there. :P 
[10:11] <ToneTyphoon> Shucks :P 
[10:11] <ItsCryptiid> GUYS
[10:11] <ItsCryptiid> I came up with a theory that connects Mr. Ree with Xur.
[10:12] <SkySSundee> Tell me on main.
[10:12] <ToneTyphoon> Fine :P 
[10:12] <ItsCryptiid> After LU closed, there was nobody to defend the Nexus. Overwhelmed, the remaining minifigures died and/or become infected with the Maelstrom.
[10:12] <ItsCryptiid> Mr Ree was one of these people.
[10:12] <ToneTyphoon> Just (dance) it'll be ok (derp3) 
[10:12] <ToneTyphoon> @SKy
[10:12] <Worldracer99> i'm so mad that these aren't in destiny
[10:12] <ToneTyphoon> See nothing important :P 
[10:13] <ItsCryptiid> And, since then, he has taken on the dark, mysterious form that is known as Xur.
[10:13] <ItsCryptiid> This means... 
[10:13] <ItsCryptiid> The Maelstrom = The Darkness
[10:14] <ToneTyphoon> Yeah ok :P 
[10:14] <ItsCryptiid> Sucks how they didn't have those huge toad things:
[10:14] <ToneTyphoon> Get over your LU withdrawal :P 
[10:14] <ItsCryptiid> bruh
[10:14] <ItsCryptiid> That game was literally perfect.
[10:14] <ToneTyphoon> Eh
[10:14] <ItsCryptiid> But LEGO was doing so many things wrong.
[10:14] <ToneTyphoon> It was fun :P 
[10:14] <ItsCryptiid> Extremely fun
[10:15] <Worldracer99> mad pm for an important thing
[10:15] <ToneTyphoon> Hey I loved it, but it's been, what 4 years?
[10:15] <ItsCryptiid> It shut down 2012
[10:15] <ToneTyphoon> Or is that Bionicle?
[10:15] <ToneTyphoon> Yeah It's been 2 years :P 
[10:15] <Harold89> whats bionicle
[10:15] <ItsCryptiid> It was released in 2010, though.
[10:15] <ItsCryptiid> Almost 3.
[10:15] <Madkatmaximus> bonkles
[10:15] <ItsCryptiid> beeyonikulls.
[10:16] <ToneTyphoon> Wanna see my bonkles (huh)
[10:16] <ToneTyphoon> (?)
[10:16] <ItsCryptiid> Sometimes I wonder, huh.
[10:16] <ToneTyphoon> Wut :P 
[10:16] <ItsCryptiid> Wonder if other people wonder, huh
[10:16] <ItsCryptiid> Just like I do, Lord, just like I do
[10:16] <ItsCryptiid> It's a folk song :P 
[10:16] <ItsCryptiid> 
[10:17] <ItsCryptiid> HEY CODY
[10:17] <Codyn329> o/ 
[10:17] <Codyn329> wow, lots of peeps
[10:17] <Codyn329> hey cryptiid o/ 
[10:17] <ToneTyphoon> Glitch Cody
[10:17] <Madkatmaximus> brb
[10:17] <ItsCryptiid>
[10:17] <ItsCryptiid> This show...
[10:17] <ToneTyphoon> It's the cross dimensional event again
[10:17] <ToneTyphoon> lol Crypt :P 
[10:17] <Codyn329> lol
[10:17] <ToneTyphoon> I remember that thing :P 
[10:17] <Harold89> well
[10:17] <Harold89> They did enjoy a suite life
[10:18] <Harold89> and a sweet life
[10:18] <Harold89> that's why it's funny
[10:18] <Harold89> that's why we're laughing
[10:18] <Codyn329> uh huh
[10:18] <Codyn329> totally (derp) 
[10:18] <ToneTyphoon> You and me have the world to see
[10:18] <ToneTyphoon> So come on down
[10:18] <ToneTyphoon> Just me and you know what to do so come on down
[10:18] <ToneTyphoon> Just you and me
[10:18] <ToneTyphoon> ANd me and you
[10:19] <Worldracer99> mad pm
[10:19] <ToneTyphoon> We've got the whole place to our selves (derp3) 
[10:19] <ToneTyphoon> Why do I remember that still
[10:19] <ItsCryptiid> Oh god why
[10:19] <ToneTyphoon> :P 
[10:19] <Codyn329> wutt
[10:19] <ToneTyphoon> It's Disney Channel, why not? :P 
[10:19] <ItsCryptiid>
[10:19] <ItsCryptiid> Eh...
[10:19] <Codyn329> Indian adaption
[10:19] <Codyn329> I see
[10:20] <ToneTyphoon> Indian Superman (bf) 
[10:20] <Codyn329> well, that's interesting to say the least. :P 
[10:20] <Worldracer99> Gravity Falls = Best Disney Channel show
[10:20] <Worldracer99> MADKATMAXIMUS PM >:C
[10:20] <Harold89> Ehhh
[10:20] <Madkatmaximus> back
[10:20] <Harold89> I'd say Kim Possible, then Gravity Falls
[10:20] <ItsCryptiid> Tone, Indian Superman is Gandhiman.
[10:20] <ItsCryptiid> Gravity Falls is really really really good
[10:20] <ItsCryptiid> Harold
[10:20] <ItsCryptiid> How could you forget That's So Raven?
[10:20] <Madkatmaximus> drace my god when I say BRB it typically means I'm away from my keyboard (derp) 
[10:20] <Codyn329> woow :P 
[10:20] <ItsCryptiid> Come on.
[10:20] <Worldracer99> Gravity Falls is the only good show on Disney Channel tbh
[10:20] <Codyn329> o/ 
[10:20] <ItsCryptiid> Currently, WR.
[10:21] <Worldracer99> Yeah, currently.
[10:21] <ItsCryptiid> The others are... meh.
[10:21] <Worldracer99> Phineas and Ferb is hit or miss.
[10:21] <Derpdroid> Per WR. :P 
[10:21] <ItsCryptiid> Yeah
[10:21] <Worldracer99> When it's good, it's great.
[10:21] <Worldracer99> When it's not...
[10:21] <ItsCryptiid> It's god-awful.
[10:21] <Worldracer99> (I'm still so glad about the steampunk episode of Phineas and Ferb tho)
[10:22] <Harold89> ^
[10:22] <Derpdroid> Yeah! :P 
[10:22] <ToneTyphoon> Every comment you make is predicated by a derp face
[10:22] <ToneTyphoon> I can't even notice the other emotes half the time
[10:22] <Harold89> For me it goes Kim Possible > Gravity Falls > Phineas and Ferb
[10:23] <Harold89> for Disney Channel shows
[10:23] <ItsCryptiid>
[10:23] <ItsCryptiid> RIP
[10:23] <Derpdroid> (derp) 
[10:23] <ToneTyphoon> My brain literally interpreted the :P as a derpface for a second
[10:23] <Derpdroid> BRB. :P 
[10:23] <ToneTyphoon> I'd say GF and Kim Possible are on the same level
[10:23] <Harold89> Ehhh
[10:23] <ToneTyphoon> Ehhh (smug) 
[10:24] <ToneTyphoon> Fight me (smug) 
[10:24] <Harold89> IDK, Gravity falls is still fairly newish
[10:24] <ItsCryptiid> Not to mention:
[10:24] <Harold89> we'll see if it gets to KP status
[10:24] <Harold89> :P 
[10:24] <ToneTyphoon> :P 
[10:24] <ToneTyphoon> KP wasn't all that great when it started :P 
[10:24] <ToneTyphoon> It was still GOOD
[10:24] <ToneTyphoon> Not GREAT :P 
[10:25] <ToneTyphoon> But we'll see with GF I guess :P 
[10:25] <Harold89> Yaeh
[10:25] <Harold89> But by the later seasons when Kim/Ron had a legit relationship it was great
[10:25] <ToneTyphoon> I liked the Replacements :P 
[10:26] <ToneTyphoon> @Harry It was mainly the dialogue/plot flow that had issues to me 
[10:26] <Harold89> yeah
[10:26] <Harold89> @Tone: meh, idk
[10:26] <Harold89> I had no problem with it :P 
[10:26] <Harold89> The Replacements had a terrible moral
[10:26] <Harold89> "do your parents suck? heres new ones"
[10:26] <Harold89> :P 
[10:27] <ToneTyphoon> They usually ended up returning them :P 
[10:27] <Harold89> yeah but still
[10:27] <Harold89> :P 
[10:27] <ToneTyphoon> And didn't they not have parents? :P 
[10:27] <ToneTyphoon> At first
[10:27] <ToneTyphoon> Yeah, they lived in an orphanage
[10:28] <ToneTyphoon> So they kinda needed the parents
[10:28] <Harold89> Oh yeah
[10:28] <Harold89> But wasnt there that daredevil dude
[10:28] <Harold89> wasnt he the dad :P 
[10:28] <ToneTyphoon> Yeah :P 
[10:28] <GuacamoleCCXR> wasn't he a stuntman
[10:28] <GuacamoleCCXR> or something
[10:28] <ToneTyphoon> He was :P 
[10:29] <GuacamoleCCXR> my celestia the memories. [[]]:p
[10:29] <ToneTyphoon> My celestia XD
[10:29] <Harold89> :P 
[10:30] <SquashBrain> Question:
[10:30] <SquashBrain> How do you do the (gasp) and (gasp2) emotes on a mw? 
[10:30] <ToneTyphoon> Squish Squash o/ 
[10:30] <ToneTyphoon> MW?
[10:30] <Alemas2005> You can't. :P 
[10:30] <ToneTyphoon> Mars.... World......?
[10:30] <SquashBrain> message wall-- dang :P 
[10:30] <SquashBrain> Well thanks Ale :P 
[10:30] <SquashBrain> Bye now \o 
[10:30] <Alemas2005> Well, wait.
[10:30] <ToneTyphoon> Can't you use editting? :P 
[10:30] <Alemas2005> You could use the image. :P 
[10:30] <ToneTyphoon> LIke jsut get the file name :P 
[10:31] <ToneTyphoon> Exaaaactly :p 
[10:31] <Alemas2005> I mean, there's no template. :P 
[10:31] <Alemas2005> Yeah, just... find the file name. :P 
[10:31] <SquashBrain> No I just want small things 
[10:31] <SquashBrain> Like emotes
[10:31] <ToneTyphoon> I was recommended that show Harry :P 
[10:31] <ToneTyphoon> YOu'll have to edit it yourself then Squash
[10:31] <Alemas2005> We'd have to create a templ- :P 
[10:32] <ToneTyphoon> I know barely anything about this so :P 
[10:32] <ToneTyphoon> 
[10:33] <SquashBrain> I just want smallness (puppyeyes) 
[10:33] <ItsCryptiid> Speaking of daredevils...
[10:33] <SquashBrain> :P 
[10:33] <ItsCryptiid> Rocket Power
[10:33] <SkySSundee> Go and get a shrinker. :P 
[10:33] <SquashBrain> Tady o/ 
[10:33] <SkySSundee> and shrink yourself. :P 
[10:33] <SquashBrain> ..No :P 
[10:33] <SkySSundee> Hey Squash. :P 
[10:33] <Tatoranaki> And time to leave again. Bye \o 
[10:33] <SquashBrain> Talking about (gasp) and (gasp2) emotes
[10:33] <SkySSundee> You wanted smallness. 
[10:33] <SquashBrain> On a mw
[10:34] <SkySSundee> Mega (fp) .
[10:34] <Edward Nigma> oh, that';s easy
[10:34] <Edward Nigma> or should be
[10:34] <Worldracer99> ha ha ha i wish my friends live closer so that i could spend more time with them
[10:34] <SquashBrain> Ha ha :P 
[10:34] <Worldracer99> also i wish i could have memorable dreams that were actually good
[10:34] <ItsCryptiid> Sometimes when watching/reading about these old shows, I look at the shows we have today and think, "What happened?"
[10:34] <Worldracer99> But there are wonderful shows out there.
[10:35] <SquashBrain> Impy o/ 
[10:35] <GuacamoleCCXR> Castle. c:
[10:35] <ItsCryptiid> It seems like the glory days of Rocket Power, Rocko's Modern Life, and Ed, Edd, n' Eddy are gone and replaced with... Uncle Grandpa?
[10:35] <Worldracer99> Adventure Time may seem dumb at first, but the storyline gets really dark and great as you go along
[10:35] <Edward Nigma> ?
[10:35] <Edward Nigma> oh
[10:35] <Aravis Tarkheena> (pony) 
[10:35] <Worldracer99> Uncle Grandpa may be stupid, but the animation is gorgeous.
[10:35] <ItsCryptiid> Gravity Falls and some others are a breath of fresh air.
[10:35] <Worldracer99> Wander over Yonder is amazing, too.
[10:35] <Worldracer99> And so is TMNT2012
[10:35] <ItsCryptiid> Like how Advanced Warfare is a breath of fresh air for the CoD franchise.
[10:36] <SquashBrain> ew ew ew ew ew ew
[10:36] <GuacamoleCCXR> XD
[10:36] <Worldracer99> HOLD X TO PAY RESPECTS
[10:36] <SquashBrain> my brother is like eating only suger
[10:36] <SquashBrain> *sugar
[10:36] <GuacamoleCCXR> Advanced my butt
[10:36] <SquashBrain> cookie with sprinkles and frosting junk bleh
[10:36] <SquashBrain> EW MORE SPRINKLES 
[10:36] <GuacamoleCCXR> They have freaking Mountain Dew and Doritos armour in that game
[10:37] <ItsCryptiid> THIS is really sad to me:
[10:37] <GuacamoleCCXR> it would be funny of kawd took the TF2 route and became a parody of itself
[10:37] <GuacamoleCCXR> *if
[10:37] <ItsCryptiid> WR, it's better than fish A.I
[10:38] <ItsCryptiid> FISH A.I....
[10:38] <Worldracer99> All I know about Advanced Warfare is PRESS X TO HOLD RESPECTS and they also kinda ripped off Titanfall
[10:38] <FortressOfNight> shut up fish ai was revolutionary man
[10:38] <Worldracer99> fish ai?
[10:38] <ItsCryptiid> I know, with the Exo-Suits.
[10:38] <ItsCryptiid> In Ghosts
[10:39] <Worldracer99> i didn't play ghosts
[10:39] <GuacamoleCCXR> oooooh the new Zardonic track is released
[10:39] <ItsCryptiid>
[10:39] <FortressOfNight> the exo-suits, double-jumping, titans...
[10:39] <SkySSundee> Just posting this so i'm not mia. :P 
[10:39] <FortressOfNight> on another note, blizzard is making an fps
[10:39] <ItsCryptiid> Lasers
[10:39] <FortressOfNight> it has 12 classes
[10:39] <FortressOfNight> it's basically tf2
[10:40] <GuacamoleCCXR> GTA V FP and stuff.
[10:40] <ItsCryptiid> But THB, LU will always be my favorite game
[10:40] <ItsCryptiid> The music was fantastic.
[10:40] <FortressOfNight> except, y'know, blizzard actually cares about it
[10:41] <Worldracer99> i am obsessing over this character so much and i am having such feels but
[10:41] <Worldracer99> >tfw you'll never be threatened by your favorite character
[10:41] <Edward Nigma> afk
[10:41] <ItsCryptiid> I loved LU, even though 99% of the community hated me
[10:42] <SquashBrain> IT MADE ME M.I.A AUTOMATICALLY (gasp) (gasp2) 
[10:42] <SquashBrain> Thought it would do that :P 
[10:42] <ItsCryptiid> Up to 2 million players... wow.
[10:42] <Worldracer99> i am having such feels over this character and not all of these feels are sflmbw
[10:42] <ToneTyphoon> The LU music was awesome
[10:42] <ItsCryptiid> Crocidile cove was the best.
[10:43] <ItsCryptiid> It was so.... upbeat.
[10:43] <GuacamoleCCXR> I freakin loved the LU music
[10:43] <GuacamoleCCXR> it was probably the best thing about the entire game
[10:43] <ToneTyphoon> Per Guac
[10:43] <Worldracer99> Cryptiid, Guac, do you watch LoK
[10:44] <SquashBrain> they probably have the soundtracks on youtube ya know
[10:44] <ItsCryptiid> Best music in LU.
[10:44] <GuacamoleCCXR> I would have probably hated the gameplay if the music and visuals didn't create a grand enough atmosphere for me to enjoy the endless grinding. :P 
[10:44] <SquashBrain> Never played LU buut
[10:44] <ToneTyphoon> We know Squash :P 
[10:44] <ToneTyphoon> We
[10:44] <SquashBrain> yeah see what I mean :P 
[10:44] <ToneTyphoon> We're not Neanderthals :P 
[10:44] <SquashBrain> Put too much caramel in this cocoa
[10:44] <Worldracer99> guac?
[10:44] <Worldracer99> cryptiid?
[10:45] <Worldracer99> do u?
[10:45] <ItsCryptiid> Crocodile Corner's soundtrack... so much feels.
[10:45] <GuacamoleCCXR> nope
[10:45] <ItsCryptiid> It's so upbeat!
[10:45] <ItsCryptiid> And happy!
[10:45] <SkySSundee> I'm not mia silly. (ud) 
[10:45] <Worldracer99> cryptiid do you watch LoK?
[10:45] <ItsCryptiid> no
[10:45] <SquashBrain> Yes yo uare (ud) 
[10:46] <SquashBrain> I am (ud) 
[10:46] <ToneTyphoon> Cryptid
[10:46] <Worldracer99> nobody here watches Legend of Korra
[10:46] <ItsCryptiid> I would give LMO a shot but... UNSUPPORTED HARDWARE
[10:46] <ItsCryptiid> wot
[10:46] <ToneTyphoon> This was the best music :P 
[10:46] <SkySSundee> Can someone screenshot me with 2,000 edits?
[10:46] <ToneTyphoon> Uh hold on :p 
[10:46] <Worldracer99> i can't talk about this character i love
[10:46] <ItsCryptiid> Crocodile Corner was the best, IMO
[10:46] <SquashBrain> Goggles watches Korra
[10:46] <ToneTyphoon>
[10:46] <SquashBrain> Sure tad
[10:46] <SkySSundee> My computer oddly hates screenshotting. 
[10:46] <ToneTyphoon> This one :P 
[10:46] <Aravis Tarkheena> Dude, you've been here less than a year and you have almost 2000 edits
[10:46] <ToneTyphoon> The Croc corner one sounded like something out of a Disney movie :P 
[10:47] <Aravis Tarkheena> That's... a lot. :P 
[10:47] <ItsCryptiid> Oh Nimbus Station!
[10:47] <ItsCryptiid> THAT was #1
[10:47] <SquashBrain> Done Tad
[10:47] <ItsCryptiid> Croc. Corner is #2
[10:47] <Worldracer99> oh my goodness i just remembered the LU LEITMOTIF AND NOW I'M HAVING SUCH FEELS
[10:47] <Worldracer99> DUN DUN DUNDUNDUN DUUUUUN
[10:47] <ItsCryptiid> Duke's sword though...
[10:47] <SkySSundee> Thanks.
[10:47] <ToneTyphoon> WR gettin the ptsd :P 
[10:47] <SquashBrain> T.Sundee? XD
[10:48] <SquashBrain> o/ 
[10:48] <ToneTyphoon> Skul o/ 
[10:48] <Worldracer99> now i'm having feels
[10:48] <SkySSundee> T.Sundee. :P 
[10:48] <ToneTyphoon> Me too :P 
[10:48] <ItsCryptiid> It looked amazing, but it sucked when you actually got to yield it.
[10:48] <SkySSundee> Yeah? :P 
[10:48] <Worldracer99> i loved this game...
[10:48] <SquashBrain> Nice. :P 
[10:48] <ItsCryptiid> *wield
[10:48] <SkySSundee> Like E.Nighma
[10:48] <Worldracer99> What Factions were you guys?
[10:48] <Worldracer99> And what ranks?
[10:48] <Edward Nigma> ?
[10:48] <SkySSundee> *nigma
[10:48] <ToneTyphoon> Duke's sword? barely remember it
[10:48] <ToneTyphoon> Sentinel
[10:48] <Worldracer99> In your armor rank, I mean.
[10:48] <SkySSundee> ENigma.
[10:48] <ToneTyphoon> I liked it til they nerfed us
[10:48] <FortressOfNight> paradox4lyfe wr
[10:48] <SquashBrain> Tad
[10:48] <Worldracer99> I got up to Level 2 Paradox Sorcerer before i lost my membership
[10:48] <ToneTyphoon> 4 baby :P 
[10:48] <SquashBrain> Do you want me to put it on the wiki?
[10:48] <Edward Nigma> y r u pingang me
[10:48] <ToneTyphoon> Used the money glitch :P 
[10:49] <GuacamoleCCXR> Assembly best faction eu
[10:49] <SquashBrain> SkySSundee
[10:49] <Worldracer99> THE PARADOX ARE EVIL AND SPIES
[10:49] <SquashBrain> 12legotad
[10:49] <SquashBrain> Tad
[10:49] <SquashBrain> ping
[10:49] <SkySSundee> Yeah, you can. :P 
[10:49] <SquashBrain> Do you want me too? :P 
[10:49] <FortressOfNight> oh gosh
[10:49] <FortressOfNight> i don't want to remember those people wr
[10:49] <SkySSundee> I don't really need it, but it would be cool. :P 
[10:49] <ToneTyphoon> Stupid kids :P 
[10:50] <SquashBrain> OKAY THEN (ev) 
[10:50] <SquashBrain> [[File:2,000.png]]
[10:50] <ItsCryptiid> LEGO Universe Wiki has no chat?
[10:51] <GuacamoleCCXR> you're welcome
[10:51] <Edward Nigma> i'm sure it did
[10:51] <Harold89> test
[10:51] <SkySSundee> Thanks. =) 
[10:51] <SquashBrain> Yo welcome [h] 
[10:52] <Edward Nigma> 00:19, October 30, 2014 Mythrun (Talk | contribs) wikifeatures (set extension option: wgEnableChat = false)
[10:52] <Edward Nigma> it was disabled about a week ago
[10:52] <Edward Nigma> @gk
[10:52] <SkySSundee> I need to get 2014. 
[10:52] <SkySSundee> :P :P :P 
[10:53] <SquashBrain> <span style="font-weight: bold;"> bc I can </span> 
[10:53] <ItsCryptiid> Wow
[10:54] <ToneTyphoon> No one ever got on it anymore
[10:54] <GuacamoleCCXR> <span style="font-size: 16pt;"><span style="font-weight: bold;"><span style="color: red;">PONIES</span></span></span>
[10:54] <SquashBrain> <span style="font-size: 16pt;"> woot </span>
[10:54] <ToneTyphoon> Figures Mythrun removed it :P 
[10:54] <Aravis Tarkheena> (yay) 
[10:54] <Alemas2005>
[10:54] <Aravis Tarkheena> Alemas, I didn't sneeze.
[10:54] <Alemas2005> Ugh, more CC ghosts.
[10:54] <SquashBrain> <span style="font-weight: bold;"> <span style="font-size: 16pt;"> Hey person (derp) </span> </span>
[10:54] <Alemas2005> Ara, bless you.
[10:54] <ToneTyphoon> Ale XD
[10:55] <ToneTyphoon> That's so true XD
[10:55] <Coggsworth Motors> Hey person :P 
[10:55] <ToneTyphoon> Coggs o/ 
[10:55] <SkySSundee> AFK.
[10:55] <Edward Nigma> o/ 
[10:55] <Coggsworth Motors> Squash, it didn't work :P 
[10:55] <Alemas2005> Aaaaaaand my kick won't work.
[10:55] <Edward Nigma> lol
[10:55] <Coggsworth Motors> It sn't big :p 
[10:55] <SquashBrain> What didn't wordk?
[10:55] <Edward Nigma> my dupes are kick resistant :) 
[10:55] <Alemas2005> Aaaaaand they are gone.
[10:55] <SquashBrain> My hey person?
[10:55] <Edward Nigma> i mean
[10:55] <SquashBrain> Worked for me...
[10:56] <SquashBrain> <span style="font-size: 16pt;"> <span style="font-weight: bold;"> it worked ok? </span> </span>
[10:56] <SquashBrain> :P 
[10:56] <Edward Nigma> wat
[10:56] <Coggsworth Motors> It works now, Squash :p 
[10:56] <SquashBrain> Talking to Coggs
[10:56] <SquashBrain> Worked before, too 
[10:56] <Coggsworth Motors> But when you said "Hey person" it didn't :P 
[10:56] <SquashBrain> Probably something wrong on your end it worked fine for me
[10:56] <SquashBrain> idk why
[10:56] <Coggsworth Motors> Not foe me. :P What browser are you using??
[10:57] <SquashBrain> Firefox
[10:57] <Coggsworth Motors> I use Chrome atm :P 
[10:57] <Coggsworth Motors> SO thatmay be it.. (thinking) 
[10:57] <SquashBrain> Yeah >_>
[10:57] <SquashBrain> <_<
[10:58] <Worldracer99> alpha pm
[10:58] <Worldracer99> twistedalpha?
[10:58] <FortressOfNight> chat hates me
[10:59] <SquashBrain> It does ;) 
[10:59] <Harold89> is this website safe
[11:00] <SquashBrain> no it isn't ;) 
[11:00] <ToneTyphoon> Nope
[11:00] <Harold89> k
[11:00] <SquashBrain> You can click it anyways ;) 
[11:03] <SkySSundee> I gtg.
[11:03] <SkySSundee> Bye. o/ 
[11:03] <Harold89> \o .
[11:03] <ToneTyphoon> Later Sky o/ 
[11:03] <ToneTyphoon> (dance) 
[11:04] <Worldracer99> alpha pm because i g2g
[11:04] <SquashBrain> Aw bye tad
[11:04] <SquashBrain> \o 
[11:04] <FortressOfNight> sry
[11:04] <ToneTyphoon> Taddeous Maximus (dance) 
[11:04] <SquashBrain> YES TONE :P 
[11:05] <ToneTyphoon> (smug) 
[11:05] <ToneTyphoon> Chippeh o/ 
[11:05] <Edward Nigma> o/ 
[11:05] <Harold89> \o 
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