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Adopt a Newbie is a topic in the Message Board Help and Suggestions Forum. It was created by Dwarfminefan580 on June 16, 2011. It currently has 408 pages and 125 likes on the first post. The topic was originally posted in the Message Boards Forum (which is now the Community Chat Forum), but it was later moved by WhiteAlligator to the Message Board Help and Suggestions Forum. In this topic, newbies would ask to be "adopted" by more experienced users, hoping to learn about the LEGO Message Boards.

Similar Topics

While Dwarfminefan580 helped the Adopt a Newbie topic become well-known, the currently existing topic is the second of its kind; the first was locked due to spam, which caused it not to receive any likes after the update.

An Apprentice named legosaurus282 originally posted an Adopt a Newbie topic in the MLN Help Subforum in 2009, before Dwarfy created one in the Message Boards Forum. It is unknown whether or not Dwarfy was aware of the other topic before he posted his.

There is also a duplicate topic, called Adopt A New User, which was made by bubseylegoguy in 2012. It has 49 pages and is located in the Message Board Help and Suggestions forum. The topic was locked by WhiteAlligator on April 18, 2013, due to the fact that it was a duplicate and was getting confused with the Adopt A Newbie topic.


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