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Admin was an early moderator who participated in the LEGO Message Board Beta Test. He has 179 posts and, until 2006, 1 stud.


Admin joined the LEGO Message Boards as a moderator in the LEGO Message Boards' Beta test in 1999. His username may refer to his job, being an administrator. Although it is unknown, it is believed he tested the official LEGO Message Boards before it was open to the public, as he joined on January 1, 2000. Other users think this is just a strange glitch.

Admin went inactive in 2005 with 179 posts and a few studs, although his last one was lost in 2006. He lost his account in the Great Migration.

JuniorBuilder Confusion

Screen Shot 2012-01-21 at 1.57.56 PM

The user thought to be another Admin.

For a long while users believed there were two Admins - one, a moderator and the other, a user who joined on the same day and was a JuniorBuilder with 201 posts. This caused a lot of confusion.

This, however, was proved a posting glitch when users looked at the Members List, and only found one user named Admin; the one with 179 posts.


There is a story called Revenge of Admin starring him as the main villain. The story is written by Tiggerjake9 and posted in the Community Chat Forum.

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Admin has either deleted their account or has been deleted by a moderator

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