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The Agents Forum was based on the Agents and Agents 2.0 LEGO themes. It was mostly a roleplay forum, and turned into one of the most popular roleplays. It had 303+ topics and 36,379+ posts. On August 2, 2011, it was moved to being a subforum in the Classics Forum. The Agents Roleplay was a more serious roleplay, but with fewer people in it.


Roleplay teams used to fall into three sides: Agents, Infernos, and Freelancers. Eventually, the Agents were the only ones left after the Freelancers disappeared and the Infernos were blasted in a World War lasting weeks. Worldwide search parties were sent out into different forums, and finally forced the leaders into jail for 6 weeks. They stopped playing, and the Infernos disappeared. Bluehat8 started "The Battlefield for Agents battles." The topic was created after the continuous amount of HQs being posted was becoming considerably messy and not many battles were going on. 

Agents teams included:

  • The X-Treme Spies
  • The Spy HQ
  • F.A.L.N.S 3.0 (Former Agents who don't Like New Style)
  • C.O.M.B (Classic Operational Minifigure Base)
  • M.I.6. (Military Intelligence Six)
  • S.T.U.D.S. (Secret Tactical Undercover Detective Specialists)
  • The EMF (Elite Minifigure Force)

Old Agents teams included:

  • A.G.E.N.T. (Agent's Galactic Enforcing Navigational Transmissioner)
  • S.M.A. (Secret Minifigs Agency) Formerly known as S.P.A. (Secret People Agency)
  • Agents 2.0 HQ 2 (Main Agents topic)
  • E.O.B (Elite Operations Battalion)
  • Some of the sub agent bases include Agents Space Base, Agents Jungle Base, Agents Underwater Base, and some others.

The old Inferno topics included:

  • Inferno HQ 4 (Main Inferno topic)
  • Inferno Underwater Base
  • Inferno Asteroid Base
  • Inferno Detention Center 2
  • Dark Agent Desert Outpost
  • Dark Agents H.Q.

Freelancers had only one topic and would temporarily take sides only if offered equipment or money:

  • Freelance Agents HQ

Also, there was one "bad guy" topic, although not necessarily an Inferno one:

  • Rogue Agents

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