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Alcom1 is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on May 18, 2005, one day before the Great Migration. He has the rank Musketeer, 5,296 posts, and over 1,702 likes received. He mainly posted in the LEGO Video Games Forum, as well as in the LEGO GENERAL Forum. He was nominated for the Lifetime Participation Award at the 2014 Golden Brick Awards.


Past Trolling

While LEGO Universe ran and for a time period after it closed, Alcom was most notorious for trolling. Alcom would often make wacky comments mocking other users' posts. This caused a mix following and minor conflicts with other users. Most of this trolling occurred in the LEGO Universe Subforum.

Recent Activity on the LEGO Video Games Forum

While he had a history of aggravation and trolling, Alcom's more recent posts have become a collection of criticisms and assistance regarding LEGO Video Game ideas and issues. This shift in behavior coincides with a change in his signature which states "Studying game design at a university somewhere."

LDD Final Boss is Too Hard

While becoming a more helpful individual, Alcom's trolling activities did not halt completely. LEGO Digital Designer is a CAD program with no gameplay or final boss. Despite this, in one remarkable topic called "LDD Final Boss too Hard," Alcom requested help with a supposed final boss in LEGO Digital Designer. The topic had over 150 replies, containing various nonsensical suggestions on how to beat the imaginary final boss, or confused responses regarding whether the boss is real and how to get to it.

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