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"Alien Invaders are on the quest to conquer the Earth. Join the Alien Defense Unit forces to prevent the Alien Conquest!"

The Alien Conquest Forum was one of the forums on the LEGO Message Boards. It was added on May 4, 2011, to go along with the new theme Alien Conquest. It had roleplay topics, discussion topics, and "Are UFOs real?" topics, but the roleplay topics were the most popular. Because the roleplays were so popular, the moderators made a Roleplay Subforum for it.

The forum had over 326 topics and over 9,000 posts. The Alien Conquest Roleplay Subforum had over 100 topics and over 14,000 posts. The theme replaced Space Police, so this forum was a replacement of the Space Police Forum. On January 15, 2013, it was moved into the Classics Forum. Then, later, it was deleted along with its roleplay subforum.

Popular HQs in the Roleplay Subforum

  • Alien Conquerors HQ (197 pages)
  • Good Aliens HQ (28 pages)
  • A.D.U. (128 pages)
  • Astronaut HQ (45 pages)
  • Alien Bounty Hunter HQ (49 pages)
  • Ailens Ship Hangar!!! (33 pages)

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