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Apprentice was the 1st rank on the LEGO Message Boards in the original ranking system. It took just one post to get to it, so all users who had posted on the LEGO Message Boards would have had this rank at some point in time.

An Apprentice would always have zero studs

There were thousands of Apprentices, but only a minute fraction stayed active. Most of the Apprentices were people that had a question, which meant they only needed to make a small number posts. Many of them began posting by asking questions, or replying to an interesting thread. Others started out by posting a topic in places such as the LEGO Universe Forum or the Message Board Forum, although these topics did not usually become very popular. Another margin of Apprentices were parents who had a question regarding LEGO products, or desired help for their child(ren) on some particular topic of LEGOs.

Most Apprentices were only online for a brief period of time, spanning from a few days to a week. For this reason, there were a topics titled Adopt A Newbie, where older, more experienced users tried to teach newcomers the basics of the MBs, and encouraged them to stay active. Many "Newbie Help" topics were made as well.

Apprentice was the rank most people had on the LEGO Message Boards. There were not many Apprentices in HQs, and there were not many active Apprentices, so it was the only rank that didn't require the post amount to double to reach the next rank. Journeyman was the rank after Apprentice, and it required 48 posts to reach. There were not many active Apprentices, because many either left, or ranked up.

Former Apprentices now have a badge on their profile to commemorate their old rank.


  • Apprentices were often referred to as "newbies" seeings how they were newer to the Message Boards.
  • Apprentices were the most common posters on the LEGO Message Boards.
  • Most Apprentices were known to not stay very long in the LEGO Message Boards.
  • There were very few Apprentices on this Wiki.
  • There were more Apprentices than all the other ranks combined.
  • Most Apprentices didn't know how to use emoticons.
  • Oddly, it was the only rank with a brick next to it.

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