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Ar9914 is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on November 27, 2007. He had the rank Craftsman, 1,353 posts, and 0 studs. He joined the LEGO Message Boards after he found out about LEGO Universe's closure, participating in many petitions and rage topics about LU's end. After LU ended in January, he broadened his posting habits and started posting in all sorts of topics in the LEGO Universe Subforum. He started a story in the Stories subforum, called "The Final Battle." It was never finished, as he soon fell behind on posting chapters until the story topic became inactive. After that, he tried his hand at Roleplay, and joined "The Void Empire" in LU roleplay. Being a huge fan of BIONICLE, he made his character a Toa of ice, Kalzarn Shootya (he thought last names were mandatory).

Soon he went to the BIONICLE Forum, slowly moving away from the LU forums. He soon joined the Makuta HQ using a character named Voidarix. Voidarix used to be black with red spikes, until it seemed to be a too overused color scheme for him. He revamped Voidarix, this time using a maroon and silver color scheme.

As time progressed, he expanded more and more, taking challenges at "The Mysterious Tower" and "The Deadly Challenges." He soon put his writing skills to work in his topic, "Roleplay Stories," where he invited anyone to post stories about his or her roleplay character.

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