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  • The image for Artisan
  • New LMB image
  • Artisan Badge on the new LEGO Message Boards
  • Immediately prior to the update, Artisans could only have 1 stud, although earlier they could have two
  • An Artisan with 7 studs, now impossible
  • An example ArtisanGo to Frenzy and squidman

Artisan was the 7th rank on the old LEGO Message Boards and it took 1,504 posts to achieve. This rank came after Craftsman and before Inventor. If you were semi-famous on the LEGO Message Boards, you were usually at Artisan and about half-way to Inventor . Often at that point, you became more popular, and people would pay more attention to you and your posts. By the time of the 2012 Update, an Artisan would have only 0 or 1 studs, because the second stud was only available to Inventors as a result of a mass of users who ranked up. In the past they used to have many studs, like 4, 5, 6 or 7, and possibly even 8, when the LEGO Message Boards were less popular. It took about 3,008 posts to get to Inventor, and Artisan was a half way mark to reaching it. Artisan, along with all the other old ranks, was replaced by the new ranks of the Lego Message Board when they where updated. Like all users that joined before the 2012 Update, an Artisan would get a badge on their profile page to signify their old rank.


  • Once a user became Artisan, they would most likely become more noticed, especially by users of higher ranks (although Inventor was the rank between Beginner and Classic).
  • Artisans on the LEGO Message Boards spread out more into other themes or forums.
  • If a poster was an Artisan on the German Message Boards, they were most likely very popular there due to the fact that there are considerably fewer users there than on the English LEGO Message Boards.
  • The Artisan image was very popular among most users because of its unique design and green color.

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