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Benboy755 is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on June 7, 2010. He had the rank Maniac, 20,774 posts, and 7 studs. He believes that he created his account many years before 2010, but only activated it in 2010, when he decided to check out My LEGO Network. He made his first post on the LEGO Message Boards in late 2010, while looking for gems, pipes, and gypsum to complete the MLN ranks 4 and 5 with. He did not return to the LEGO Message Boards until January 31, 2012, the day after LEGO Universe closed. He started posting in the Goodbye to Friends Forum, but quickly moved into other forums, such as the Star Wars Forum, to rank up on the LEGO Message Boards.

After Goodbye to Friends closed, Benboy755 moved into the LEGO Universe Forum, creating his topic Benboy755(Maya755 in Game) Chatroom, which was locked by WhiteAlligator. He mainly posted in the LEGO Universe Forum, sometimes going to other forums. He slowly ranked up, getting to Inventor in early May 2012. Shortly after he reached Inventor, his friend Felixthunter joined his chatroom, doubling its post rate. Benboy reached Old Timer in early June 2012, and his chatroom reached 500 pages at about the same time. Benboy mainly posted in his chatroom until it was locked when he was 300 posts from Maniac.

He then began posting in Pacman87's chatroom, the Venture League chatroom, and several of his old topics that he revived. Using these topics and the Talk to the Mods topic, Benboy reached Maniac on July 25, 2012. He then mainly posted in Pacman87's chatroom and some topics in the Community Chat Forum and the LEGO Universe Forum. Until his chatroom got unlocked due to the update. Benboy passed Legodurcheinander on August 21, 2012, to claim his 7th stud. At the update, he held the 17th highest post count on the message boards.


He had a signature, but rarely used it:



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Benboy avatar with exactly 10,000 postsBenboy with exactly 17,000 PostsBenboy with exactly 18,000 Posts.Benboy with exactly 20,000 Posts.

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