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BusyCityGirl BusyCityGirl 20 September 2020

Last Ever(?) Chat Reunion Results - Sept. 19, 2020

Well, we did it. We managed to come together as a precious little community for the second time in this crazy 2020 year and enjoy each other's company and the memories and feels and everything that is this place and the lmbw experience. Thank you.

Time moves only forward and stories have non-stagnating plots and ever-changing twists and so, pages turn and chapters conclude and lingering memories fade to sweet dusty inklings. FANDOM will always pull classic Wikia moves and we can shake our heads, smile, mumble good riddance, or let a tear slip, but all of us have been shaped to some degree by chat here and saying goodbye to such an impactful element of childhood is worthy of a memorable reunion.

Chat will shortly be gone and whether or not it…

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Loney 97 Loney 97 19 September 2020

Riolu's cool and epic cool journey - Harold89

Long has it lived on the Splendiferous Publications Association, but it deserves to be seen by everyone

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TheShaymin TheShaymin 13 August 2020

Man oh man

Between quarantine and my new job I've been on my laptop just as much as I used to back in the day when I'd sit in the LMBW chat and be cringy by talking in third person.  

I've had some crazy nostalgia looking back every time I come here. I'm on the discords but for any of you I haven't talked to I hope everything is going well and feel free to hit me up! :) My cord is on my profile. 

Until next time, 

Squid "TotallyHypnoSquid"

Or TheShaymin lmao

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BraveNewRoyalty BraveNewRoyalty 11 August 2020

EMERGENCY - The Off-Season Chat Reunion, September 19th?

With the horrid announcement that Wikia (now known as FANDOM) is doing a total revamp of the fundamentals of wikis, including the removal of chat, the fate of this wiki is now in question. Nobody knows when it will happen, but some time in the near future everything about this wiki will be unrecognizable to its users. Perhaps most unfortunately, the chat feature will be removed, and thus we will not be able to hold our yearly reunion.

So the time we have for a final chat reunion (in the traditional sense) is running short. Perhaps our annual First-Saturday-of-the-Year plans could be cut by unforeseen circumstances.

Therefore, I have proposed a reunion in the coming weeks, on September 19th. I understand that perhaps most people won't do thei…

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Riolu777 Riolu777 4 May 2020

a shout into the void

damn what a trip down memory lane, i am drunk and have gone through years of my life on here, anyone still checking this hellsite?

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MissLadyJadie MissLadyJadie 20 April 2020

yankee with no brim


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BusyCityGirl BusyCityGirl 5 January 2020

Jan 4, 2020 - Chat Reunion Results

Sweet! Another successful chat reunion complete! And, several have said this was the best/nicest yet. Thanks to each of you who made this nostalgic event a glowing success by gracing us with your presence, memories, and fun. So good to connect and see all the familiar jokes, avvies, and usernames again!

Missed the main buzz? Not to worry. We’ve got a bit of an annual trend going it seems. Check in next year around this time! First weekend in January or sometime around January 5th (LMB closing memorial date). I’m sure there’ll be another.

Below is a full list of users who were present in chat during the time the reunion party roughly took place. A beautiful turnout. Thank you to BNR for helping keep track of names.

  1. A Walruse (LEGOMessProductio…
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Alemas2005 Alemas2005 18 July 2016

The Ship Harbour

Right then, since this place produces more ships than South Korea (look it up), I've decided to record all instances of shipping (i.e. placing two people in a fictional relationship) between users. Not only the instances of shipping, however, but also what caused the ship to be created in the first place. This'll include everything from chat screenshots (ONLY screenshots, no logs) to threads and blog comments.

A couple of rules...

1) The cause of the ship must be visible. What constitutes as a cause is too difficult to define exactly, but in general it's a show of affection or interest/giving attention coming from the shipped users.

2) The ship must be of the form "[Ship name] confirmed" and must be shown in the screenshot/thread.

  • HyperKed S…

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Morigamer Morigamer 2 January 2020

The Replacement Of The Lego Message Boards

The Lego Message Board Is Coming Back As The Lego Forum And Has Topics To Add Topics And Reply To Others You Can Also Create Topics To Make Messages And Reply As Of 2020 The Forum Will Release To The Public. To See The Forum Images Go To This Link\legounforum

To Archive Posts Copy And Paste Into The Lego Forum.

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BraveNewRoyalty BraveNewRoyalty 17 December 2019

LMBW Chat Reunion 2020 - Jan 4

Beating BCGirl to it this year.

To everyone's surprise, this place has had activity after nearly three years of the boards being closed. Due to the success of our last reunion, it'd be wonderful if we could get everyone together again for old time's sake. Hop on chat at whatever time on Saturday, Janurary 4th and relive some memories.

See you there, !

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Worldracer99 Worldracer99 31 October 2019

site's dead

feeling a weird unexplainable sense of nostalgia for this place so i figured i'd see if anyone notices this

i'm @drace_nines on twitter. feel free to give me a follow if you feel like it. i reserve every right to block you if i feel like it.

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Madkatmaximus Madkatmaximus 10 October 2019


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Dr. Shady Dr. Shady 6 July 2015

Hello Everyone

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NinjaDogDB NinjaDogDB 10 June 2019

Thank you for the memories

I did not expect to see my old Lego account to have a page on here. It's been over 5 years since I last checked up on the Lego website and even the message boards which have been closed down since I was last on them which is a shame. Seeing my old account having a page on this wiki was unexpected because I never really had much reputation in the message boards and wasn't really known at all.

Seeing my old account avatar brings back memories but also sadness for you see I was locked out of my account over 5 years ago and was unable to sign into it. I don't remember ever changing my password, but for some reason my password no longer worked. I tried and tried to log in, but nothing worked. I panicked and I did something quite rash and looking…

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TwistedAlpha TwistedAlpha 6 January 2014

Batgirl isn't Leaving

She just couldn't leave. Forget everything that ever happened here.

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RusMan RusMan 20 May 2015

The Strange Glitch That Has Infected Me.

I'm suffering from a chat ban glitch, which hopefully will be fixed soon. It seems to only affect Chrome (so far), but here's some screenshots for your amusement.

Also, it seems to affect other users too, as seen in the link with Alemas and even a Wikia staff member being blocked.

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RusMan RusMan 9 August 2015

Will be largely absent for a week.

I'm going to be absent from chat for about a week from Sunday to Saturday-ish, as I'm going on vacation. I may stop in chat a bit from time to time. See everyone then. c:

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RusMan RusMan 4 October 2015

Since it's so popular right now...

Might as well join the bandwagon. What do you think of me? Be as honest as possible, and maybe leave some tips on how I can improve, thanks!

- Rus

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RusMan RusMan 28 May 2013

Disney,WHY must you ruin Star Wars???

WHY? And did you guys hear that Disnel made an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse called "Quest for the Crystal Mickey"?

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HyperFlash Studios HyperFlash Studios 5 June 2016

Alexit2016, the need for change

I've had enough of this. 

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Scorpio360 Scorpio360 14 March 2019


what does the ting go

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Scorpio360 Scorpio360 14 March 2019


alex shut up

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Scorpio360 Scorpio360 14 March 2019

Join discord

life won't last that long

why not join discord?

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Satoshi2 Satoshi2 28 February 2019


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LondonDauntlessCorvair963 LondonDauntlessCorvair963 27 July 2013

Brick HATES Port-a-potties!

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The New MCP Fanon

I'm gonna start on a new MCP fanon called The MCP Tales. Basically, it will be a series of stories about the crimes and investigations done by the loyal robotic soldiers of the MCP. I'll try to make one every week, but if I forget, I'll try to make it up to you guys. This will not apply to the first one. I will make a first one, sort of a pilot episode, and see what you guys think. Then I will continue if you guys like it. It will contain mystery, action, and references to pop culture, things I all enjoy. I hope you guys will enjoy it, too.

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Rei, Star of Justice Rei, Star of Justice 19 January 2019

here's to seven years...

...and hopefully not seven more...

it's been FIVE years since i made one of these blogs since i was blocked during my 3rd, 4th, and 5th anniversaries

as per tradition i will be rehashing my old anniversary blogs, so without further ado:

"Seven years ago today, on Wednesday, January 18, 2012, 7:07PM CST, I made my first edit here, anonymously (I have since gone under dozens of names). And I'm very sad to say that this place is... dead. You might actually see me around a fair bit, because I'm a moderator here it's where I spend most of my time on Wikia. I'd like to give a thank-you to BusyCityGuy for having me create an account here, which I have used for good on various FANDOM wikis, including this one, Brickipedia, My LEGO Network Wiki, and t…

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BusyCityGirl BusyCityGirl 6 January 2019

2019 Chat Reunion Results

We did it! Thanks for coming, everyone. You made this year’s chat party reunion a success. So good to see all your sweet memory-filled usernames again.

Can this be like an annual thing? January 5th seems a fitting date. Or maybe the first weekend after New Year's? Hm...

Below is a full list of users who were present in chat during the time the reunion party roughly took place. Thank you to BNR for helping keep track of names.

  1. 1999Bug
  2. A5637
  3. AmazingPythor
  4. Aravis Tarkheena (AravisOfNarnia / Katuvis)
  5. Arya Elf
  6. Benboy755
  7. BraveNewRoyalty
  8. Brick425
  9. Bricksmasher2110 (sparrowhawk)
  10. BusyCityGirl
  11. Clone gunner commander jedi (ClonetrooperCobb)
  12. DisneyCars3627
  13. Eagleeyedan
  14. EpicWarrior72
  15. EtherealSpirit (Vinyl Scratch =D)
  16. Fanboy1890
  17. Fellders (Felldohir / Son of Elrond)
  18. Guacamole…
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BusyCityGirl BusyCityGirl 14 December 2018

LMBW Chat Reunion - Jan 5!

.*finally creates my first ever proper blog post just for you, Peat*

Guess what!? It's happening! It's LMBW reunion time!

At about this time two years ago, the sparkling LEGO world of hundreds of children-at-heart stood frozen still for a shocking, dreaded eternity as the LMBs announced their crumbling close. An end of a Narnia dropped glaring void at the world. And thus, the beautiful reunion of January 5, 2017, so marvelously documented by BM, began. 

Many of us are still processing the tragedy of the boards announced that day I'm sure, but if you can find it in your will power to join our epic reminiscent chat party this coming January 5th (2019), the true spirit of LMBW therapeutic nostalgia (partially thanks to Seaside's gracing the plac…

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ToaZahrok ToaZahrok 5 December 2018

Fastcar800 announces LEGO 2

Ok, don't know what the point of that title is.

Well, hello everyone. It has been a looooong time since I've stopped in here. I'm legitimately amazed that there are still people here. What's keeping you here? Nostalgia? A gun pointed at your head?

I kid, of course. Glad to see you all are holding onto something that meant a damn to you. I joined in 2007 (11! years ago), didn't become active on the MBs until 2011. In my time on the LMBs, I made some close friends, made a damn fool of myself many times over, had some topics in the top 5 overall, began my writing enthusiasm that continues to this day, and so much more.

I sorta yeeted out of here without warning a few years back. I made sure to make visits on holidays, but there were less …

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Rei, Star of Justice Rei, Star of Justice 30 November 2018

attention all lmbw minecraft gamers

Server is shut down as of May 2020. Please join the Discord for a world download, and thanks for playing!

minecraft steve is in great danger and he needs your help to survive the creeper attack in his dirt house. to do this, he needs an enchanted bow and a couple stacks of arrows. to help him, all he needs is your credit card number, the three digits on the back, and the expiration month and year for you to join my minecraft server. but, you gotta be quick so that steve can get the items and secure the epic victory Royal

Boardscraft 3.0

Yes, people actually play on this, it would be nice to have more though

IP address:

please join our discord server

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Satoshi2 Satoshi2 29 November 2018

*tips Data Mining Light* gamers

hit me up

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Alemas2005 Alemas2005 25 November 2018

It's been one year since my retirement

...and I have zero regrets about it.

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Rei, Star of Justice Rei, Star of Justice 21 November 2018

just a big ol collection of 2012-2013 users that people wanted

  1. 18tanzc
  2. 1999bug
  3. A5637
  4. Adamlenton1
  5. Agent Swipe / Assassin Swipe / Malc.
  6. Agenti / Agenti397
  7. AgentLevi JesusRocks
  8. AG-SYSTEMS / GhostsSpector
  9. AJRAWLEY57 / LEGOfan2010
  10. Alcom1
  11. Alden51
  12. Alec Warper
  13. Alemas2005
  14. Animallover1011 / Indigo~
  15. Anonymous Kontributor / Panzer VIII Maus
  16. Aokpisz / Aokpisze / Aok
  17. Apple123350 / TheShadowAssassin
  18. Ar9914
  19. AravisOfNarnia / Aravis Tarkheena / Katuchim / Katuvis
  20. Arya Elf / Zihark-Kohai
  21. Assassin 927 / Lelouch vi Britannia of the Rebellion
  22. AwesomeMe44 / New Dalek Paradigm / TheHarleyQuinn*
  23. Awesomenoa
  24. Batgirl78 / Sadistica / PrincessLunaMoonDancerNinja78 / ~Batgirl78~ / Batgirl78 :)
  25. BattleTruckGalactica
  26. Benboy755
  27. BestBrickFilm
  28. Bgirlabby / The Fruitlord
  29. Bionicle fanatic / Botven1*
  30. Bioniclefan1 / STrangE AdVenT*
  31. Birdbot4444
  32. Bluehat8
  33. Bluepeso
  34. Boyoboy8 / Li…
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Loney 97 Loney 97 23 October 2018

hey friends

Made a steam group for LMBW since I couldn't find one ->

Join up!

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Floyd pinkerton19 Floyd pinkerton19 21 October 2018

Leslie's Meat Boiler Warts

That's wild!

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Aravis Tarkheena Aravis Tarkheena 20 October 2018


this happened and we forgot to tell you so here's everyone's favourite vintage celebrity couple

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RIP Clara RIP Clara 6 October 2018

Some final words

Hello, or should I say goodbye? Damn, it's hard to open these haha. Anyway,

I doubt any of you remember me but I was Rys/Von on here, loved by some of you, hated by a lot because I was an annoying brat. I guess I'm making this to say, sorry for being the annoying selfish brat here, and for the chat spamming last year. Though I do hope some of you got some good laughs from me, it was childish and I'm definitely a different person from what, 5 years ago? It has been awhile, hasn't it.

If any of you did remember me, I'm doing quite well. I'm aiming for a streaming career, and plan to move in with some lovely people very soon. (And no, I'm not linking my twitch.)

I guess this is the part where I thank some of you, apologize to others, and then sa…

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Marshal6000 Marshal6000 19 July 2016

Why I Support Donald J. Trump

So for everyone who missed the reasons yesterday morning on chat. I present to you this chat log so people can stop asking me to repeat it. For everyone who is opposed to Donald J. Trump I would advise against reading this as your mind will never be changed (I'm talking about you Obi) So without further ado, I present to you the chat log:

And I'm going to end it there. To see the full log and turn of events be sure to check it out here:

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I'mDivergent I'mDivergent 22 August 2018

does anyone i actually liked still come here


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Agent Spy Agent Spy 6 November 2012

Election day!

Ok so who do you think should win? Vote here. Please do not vote.

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Madkatmaximus Madkatmaximus 20 November 2012

Stupid, random, chat log.

Random chat log. Gets funny at around 12:14.

Also, if you read this whole thing in under 5 minutes you must be SUPERMAN.

Klintrin 12:00 AnimalLover1011 Lag 12:01 ThroughMyEyes Klint? Klintrin? 12:01 AnimalLover1011 I copy everything that we say on chat and put it in my diary on my iPod 12:01 ThroughMyEyes AL... KLINT? KLINTRIN? ... AL, could you please tell your brother I PMed him? Ho Swipe? Welcome to the Lego Message Boards Wiki chat. Be sure to follow the rules! 12:03 Agent Swipe Ho 12:03 ThroughMyEyes

  • !

Ho Kat 12:03 Agent Swipe Kat? 12:03 ThroughMyEyes Madkat 12:03 GlitterMagmaKitten GTG 12:03 Agent Swipe Ah 12:04 ThroughMyEyes oH Glit Welcome, Padmec3po! Please remember to follow the Cha…

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Cakecandy572 Cakecandy572 26 November 2012

Please unban me!

Please unban me! I promise I will be good! Just unban me! Please I want to kill time in school by chatting with you guys! Also please unblock Legobricklijah!

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Codyn329 Codyn329 27 January 2013

Creator Wiki alliance with this wiki (Klint's Idea)

Klint suggested to me that the LEGO Creator Wiki should be allianced with this wiki, so now I'm suggesting to you guys to see what you think. In the past 3 months since I joined there I made around 60 out of 70 of the pages, and I've been making improvements on all of them during that time. You can look at the pages and see what you think. I've also tried making a nice Main Page:

It's not the best main page of course, but I'm trying to make it look a lot better.

There are about 2 pages that obviously need more info, Andy the Designer, and Builder's Island, but that's about it. To be honest, I'm not sure what require's an alliance, but you can take a look around to see it yourself. =)

What …

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Brickmaster7946 Brickmaster7946 2 March 2013

Love Admissions

  • Hey guess what? Caysie98 joined.  You're supposed to be happy.  CELEBRATE! 
  • 4:53Coggsworth Motors
  • 4:53SilverPoolofSunclan99My cat is biting me....
  • 4:53Coggsworth MotorsCAYSIE!!!
  • 4:53GordaxWelcome back, my lo--Caysie.
  • 4:53Agent SwipeSilver, bite it back!
  • 4:53SilverPoolofSunclan99
  • 4:53Coggsworth MotorsNo, she's mine
  • 4:53SilverPoolofSunclan99Gord!! XD
  • 4:53Agent SwipexD
  • 4:53GordaxLick it, Silver! I want to know what happens when you lick a cat!
  • 4:53Som1udontnoGordax be a stutterin'
  • 4:53Coggsworth MotorsShe's my trophy.
  • 4:53SilverPoolofSunclan99He admitted his love, finally.
  • 4:53Agent SwipeCoggsworth and I just talked to Caysie.
  • Via Hangout.
  • 4:53Brickmaster7946
  • 4:53Gordax
  • 4:53ZackcarlpBye guys. p/
  • 4:53SilverPoolofSunclan99Hang out?
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WS9167 WS9167 5 May 2012

Yet Another Blog.... But.....

See for yourself.

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WS9167 WS9167 27 May 2012



Hi all,
I just want to post a note on here about us disabling accounts.
A few users have recently signed up impersonating others, offending others or just registering to spam in general (either copying previously banned users or being previously banned users). Us disabling their accounts isn't the point I want to make, though.
I want you guys to know that these individuals have also had any other accounts linked to them disabled, too, and in a couple of these cases, the user accounts in question were quite well known and those users have now lost all studs, ranks and identity related to those 'normal' user IDs. This is the unfortunate consequence to them of stepping over the line and I want to give everyone fair notice that this wi…

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WS9167 WS9167 4 May 2012


I can post in the reporting forums!

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Madkatmaximus96 :P Madkatmaximus96 :P 3 March 2013

We the heathens of chat.... =P

OK if mods get mad about this I quit Wikia.

  • Chipika123Please don't say that again.
  • 10:21Madkatmaximus96 :P?
  • 10:21LordJumpyASSASIN TROOPER IS......
  • 10:21Man.city1Its a name
  • 10:21Roseann ShadowflameIt's a name, Chip!
  • 10:22LordJumpyIts a name.
  • 10:22The ZapsterUh huh?
  • 10:22Man.city1
  • 10:22LordJumpyFor gods sake,
  • 10:22Roseann ShadowflameI'm gonna get banned for saying Brandywine.
  • 10:22Madkatmaximus96 :P
  • 10:22LordJumpyThese people are too strict.
  • 10:22Assassin Trooper
  • 10:22Roseann ShadowflameLIQOUR REFERENCE *permaban*
  • 10:22The Zapster
  • 10:22Assassin Trooper
  • 10:22LordJumpy
  • 10:22Roseann ShadowflameNo, it's a place in Pennsylvania. xD
  • 10:22Madkatmaximus96 :P
  • 10:22The Zapster
  • 10:22LordJumpyNext think you know they're gonna ban you for saying "Skul isn't awesome" or somet…

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Roseann Shadowflame Roseann Shadowflame 3 March 2013

I'd suggest not reading this. It's rage. -.-

Alright. So anyway, yesterday, I posted a chat log between Brick and I in PM. It wasn't anything harmful, just a little joke, you know? I kept going, "'Cause you were never there for meeeeeeeee." And he kept saying, "I am the oneeeeee." And stuff like that.

Now, I don't see why this is bad compared to other chat logs that have been posted. Because this was just a joke, as those ones probably were. Like, "Love Amissions," what makes this worse than that? That was upfront, this was me pulling the classic "Momma-told-me-not-to-" fill in the blank. -.-

It isn't spam either, it's in a PM. PM's are personal conversations, and thus there really can't be anything such AS spam. Spam is unrelated, pointless, and annoying. Now honestly, we were both do…

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