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Boyoboy8 (also known as BOB8 or boyo) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on January 7, 2006. He has the rank Highland Battler, 3,544 posts, and over 834 likes received. He is now retired.

He was the creator of the CCC (Combat Cars Club), though it declined due to its main members leaving the LEGO Message Boards and real life causing much inactivity. Although he attempted to revive it, it has faded to the back pages of the DbM Forum. He attempted to run many rule-based roleplays but couldn't get enough members.


In Castle he was an active member of the Dragons HQ as the shapeshifter Link. When the Castle Forum ended he joined the beasts HQ in kingdoms, again as shapeshifter Link, but eventually faded to in-activeness. He wasz the self-proclaimed leader of the Assassin HQ and Beast HQ, as his new characters Alex the half-dragon assassin and Narlash, the greater meadon (a created race with the ability to change into different elements).


BOB8 wrote a few stories in the DbM, Castle and Kingdoms Forum but didn't feel appreciated. He was writing the story of Spriggs and plans on writing a story on the characters Alex, Sophie and Eric. He was also working on a collaboration with AravisOfNarnia.

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