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CaptainBrickmaster (also known as cBm, cB, Cap, or The Cap'n) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on February 16, 2008. He had the rank Maniac, 14,466 posts, and 6 studs. He became the 12th Maniac on July 11, 2011. He was the founder of the famous band "Brick-it!" in the MLN Music and Bands subforum. He was also the leader of the band "Rascal Studs," was in a duo project with Hanks2005 called Bricks and Studd, and was part of the band "Falls Apart." He posted mainly in MLN Bands topics. cBm was one of the most famous roleplayers in the Star Wars Forum, and eventually became the leader of the Sith for many years. After some arguments in the Star Wars Roleplay and MLN Bands closing down, he became very inactive, and had stated that he would fully retire when MLN Bands went down completely.


He had no signature.


  • cBm started posting on the LEGO Message Boards in the LEGO Star Wars Forum, and stayed there for over a year before going to other forums.
  • He was the first user to ever take control of a roleplay topic by force.
  • cBm lead the Sea Monster H.Q., the Wizard H.Q., the Merchants H.Q., and the Dino Research H.Q.
  • For a long time he also led the Sith H.Q. but gave that position to Rock-o-Ages, Dude777477, and Jonbuddy1. He tried to take his leadership back from Dude due to him acting inefficiently as leader, but MKM resolved that he wasn't allowed to.
  • He reportedly made 1,012 posts during the Exo-Force Glitch.

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