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Talk about LEGO KINGDOMS – the epic battle between the Lion’s and Dragon’s knights!

The Castle Forum was a forum on the LEGO Message Boards in which users discuss the LEGO Castle theme. There was a roleplay subforum for this forum as well. Interestingly, the forum description is still that of the former Kingdoms Forum. It has over 84,482 posts and 1,593 topics. The most liked topic in the forum is Kingdoms Summer Club, with 10,366 likes. The most liked user is TannerJ2598, with over 3,924 likes received.

The forum also doubles as a forum for Castle Roleplay and Castle Stories. It was deleted on December 31, 2016.


The old forum picture

There was once a forum for the LEGO theme "Castle," but because the Castle theme was discontinued a few years ago, it was turned into a subforum in the Classics Forum for all Classics Roleplay topics. After Pirates was discontinued, the Castle Forum was deleted. However, it is still on the German Message Boards. Some of the HQs have stayed behind and are now a part of the Classics Roleplay subforum. These HQs eventually became inactive, and the roleplay transitioned to a more general fantasy theme, commonly known as Nightmare Roleplay.

Old Forum Description

"Talk about tales of the mighty heroes from the land of Morcia at the Knight's Kingdom Board!"


In 2013, the Castle forum returned since the original Castle theme was remade. All topics from the Kingdoms Forum were moved there except for the Kingdoms Roleplay Subforum, which was moved to the Classics Forum as a sub-forum. A roleplay sub-forum was also created for the Castle forum a while later but has since been removed.

Famous Castle Forum HQs

  • Knights HQ
  • Wizard HQ
  • Skeleton HQ
  • Dwarf HQ
  • Elf HQ
  • Dragon HQ
  • Troll HQ

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