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Chaorruptedlego is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on November 1, 2011. He had the rank Inventor, 4,137 posts, and 1 stud. He was usually active on the LEGO Universe, Message Boards, and Monster Fighters forums. Apart from posting to the next rank, he loves to roleplay and write stories. His biggest success was the F.2.P.A.G.P RP topic, which had 102 pages. His most famous story was Unleashed, and now recently, Crossfire; however, he had discontinued both of them. He planned to retire after he achieved Maniac, but he announced that he was putting the decision off.


ChaorruptedLego as an Artisan

One of the things he was doing was convincing many people, along with Talmid and skulduggery77, that LEGO Universe will not reopen. His favorite topic was Alemas's LEGO Universe Chat Room, along with the F.2.P.A.G.P. topic and his new Monster Fighters Roleplay topic, the Chaos Empire. He was Russian, but lives in the United States of America.

He announced that he was leaving Roleplay, and the LEGO Message Boards forever.

He had a LEGO Universe account by the names ChaorruptedLego, and AvengerOfLegos. He was Rank 3, and Level 45.

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