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The City Forum is a forum for the LEGO City theme. At first, it had practically all Roleplay topics until around late November 2010, when the City Roleplay Subforum was added. It currently has 175 pages. The most liked user on the LEGO City Forum is pradoing2345 with 1,508 likes received. The most liked topic in it is My City Cheat Codes by Sim533. The forum is one of the oldest active forums, being a replacement for the World City forum, which was the city theme before LEGO City was released. 


Users there mostly discuss the games on the LEGO City website and the sets from the LEGO City theme. The Forum used to have two Officials that sometimes posted there: Dairefromcity and Karstenfromcity, but they are now both inactive. They are both LEGO City set designers and would often answer questions from users, and occasionally take up suggestions from them. MLN Music and Bands, a well-known topic, was also moved to the roleplay subforum of this forum.

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