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Go Retro! This is the place to talk about the all the cool LEGO themes of days gone by!


Classics Forum

The Classics Forum includes all of the discontinued themes or forums. Its current subforums are:

It has 6,670 topics and 292,163 posts. Usually, when a theme gets discontinued, it gets a subforum in this forum, and all of its topics are moved to the subforum. After a long period of time, the subforum is usually deleted, and most of the contents are moved into the Roleplay subforum. This has happened with a few themes, including the Agents, Atlantis, Mars Mission, Exo-Force, Pirates, Castle, Power Miners, and Prince of PersiaSpongeBob Subforum, The Lone Ranger Forum Monster Fighters Subforum, Monster Fighters Subforum, Legends of Chima Online Forum, Galaxy Squad Subforum, LEGO Universe Forum and DINO Subforum. There are also many topics outside of the roleplay, with most along the lines of, "Whatever Happened To...?" or "Do You Remember...?". One of the most popular and most liked topics is THE CLASSIC CAFE!, where users can talk about any Classic LEGO set or theme. fffffplayer1 is currently the most liked user in the forum, with over 4,127 likes. There are 290 pages in this forum.

LEGO Universe Subforum

The LEGO Universe forum and its subforums (LU Stories and LU Roleplay) were made subforums of the Classics Forum on July 1, 2012, carrying over all topics and posts, and its forums at the time.

Bionicle Subforum

3 years after closing, the Bionicle forum was sent to classics on January 9, 2013, along with its Roleplay forum.

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