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Cocodeville is a moderator who joined the LEGO Message Boards on March 19, 2010. She has the rank Official, with 2,309 posts, and over 3,040 likes received. She mainly moderated in the LEGO UniverseMessage Boards, and Mindstorms forums. She had been inactive, but Keighlian announced in the New Moderation Team that she was expected to be both active and moderate again, which she did do. She was considered to be one of the funniest mods; she has been given many dares, and has given out many dares. She is also considered to be a very kind mod, commenting on and encouraging people's stories. She was a very active moderator around the LEGO Message Boards. She is currently inactive from the boards, "on a top-secret assignment" according to WhiteAlligator's rather ambiguous announcement on Talk to the Mods (although her 'Official' rank was retained). It was unknown whether this meant she has been assigned elsewhere, or whether she retired. After she left, Koolkanin, a new mod, replaced her.


Her bio that she posted on the "Moderator Bios" topic is as follows:

"Name: Well, I like Cruella Deville's hair but I don't like her attitude. So I went with Coco.

Favorite LEGO set: 9441 Kai's Blade Cycle!

Favorite MB: Stories of LEGO Universe, for sure. I can't get enough of the adventures you guys create.

Favorite Gallery: LEGO Minifigures cracks me up!

Hobbies: Languages, laughing, movies and stupid jokes.

Favorite animal: the Polynesian rat

Favorite foods: Sushi!"


  • Defenestrate is one of her favorite words.

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