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Diglett809 (aka Dig, Digs, or Diglett) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on April 21, 2009. He currently has the rank Alien, 104,218 posts, and 60,666 likes received. He is currently 8th on the all time likes leaderboard. He mainly posted in the Community Chat Forum. He was a part of the Community Helper Program and was one of the first four Community Helpers; he later became a member of the permanent Community Helper Program.


  • The origin of his username is from a Pokémon named Diglett.
  • Diglett has said that the "~I)~N~/-\~" in his signature means "DNA." At one point Diglett said that it also stood for "Diglett's Not Annoying."
  • Diglett used regular faces instead of the LMB emotes, such as :) :P :( etc. He was trying to break Alemas's record of longest streak without using them, and succeeded (though his record was broken again by AwesomePythor). He now uses regular emotes.
  • He was banned from the LEGO Message Boards for a week in early 2013, due to spam-liking dude777477.
  • He was interviewed by the moderators here on May 23, 2014.
  • He won the Most Awesomely Helpful User award and was nominated for the Most Awesome Roleplay Rep in the 2014 Golden Brick Awards. This made Diglett the first user ever to win a Golden Brick Award on the Message Boards. In the 2015 Golden Brick Awards, he won the Most Awesome Roleplay Rep award and the Most Awesomely Helpful User award.
  • He was known as one of the fastest people to get from Apprentice to Old Timer, but the title was dampened as some believed that he spammed during that time. He became the 19th user to reach Maniac on November 5, 2011, just one day after Riolu777. On October 9, 2012, he became the 14th user to reach Legend.
  • He was the 1st Alien (along with Benboy755), Hippie, Pilot, Bandit, Detective, Cowboy, and Revolutionary Soldier. He was also the 3rd Pirate, the 2nd Viking, and the 1st male Viking.
  • He became the third user to achieve 100,000 posts on September 10, 2016.

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