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eagleeyedan2 (aka EED, Eagle or Dan) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on June 28, 2009. He held the rank Pirate, made 12,794 posts, and received 4,507 likes. He mainly posted in the LMB Old Timers topic in the Community Chat Forum. His brother, BusyCityGuy02, was also a member of the LEGO Message Boards; they were both well-known users during their time. EED was interviewed along with Daler99 by the moderators on April 12, 2013. He was the 8th most liked user in the Classics Forum and was at the top for a long time due to his ongoing story, "The Adventures of Flash Jackson."


EED was a user from before the Great Migration, but like many others, his account was deleted in the security switchover. He created eagleeyedan2 as a replacement, but because he was upset with LEGO for letting his account get locked, he quit the LEGO Message Boards for several years before coming back to activity on his eagleeyedan2 account. After that, he became a very active roleplayer after a short tutoring spell from Rock-o-Ages. He was then given control of more than 10 HQs. Eventually, EED was on eragon3443's list of people to look up to and Fancypantsguy8's List of Legends. He was in a race to Inventor with Campie1212 and Danielboone6702, who went inactive for a while and lost the race. Campie1212 won the race on September 9, 2011. EED then raced with several other Inventors, including Fancypantsguy8, Birdbot4444, and Campie to reach Old Timer, and lost on October 11, 2011. Once he entered college and had less time to post, EED only remained active in the LMB Old Timers topic.

Roleplay Names

He used to be a major roleplayer, but eventually pulled back in 2012 and retired in May 2013. These were his roleplay names:

Action and Sci-Fi themes
  • Bud "Flash" Jackson
  • Jack Blade
Medieval themes
  • Harold West
  • Agent Dagger
  • A post with his old account
  • His old account as seen on the member list
  • EED as an Inventor
  • Part of the Bob Avatar Protest
  • His signature built in LEGO Universe
  • His brother


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