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The Exo-Force Glitch was a glitch late in the year 2009, where there was no moderation in the Exo-Force Forum. You could create a post and your posts would instantly go through, without a moderator viewing them and people could spam in the forum. So some users had to act as moderators, such as drew1200, JohnnyNeutron, captainBrickmaster, and IndyMan97. They had to post the topics which the average mod would post. Such as "Please Use the Quote Button" and more. Also, some MB Legends took part in it. Tommy 60 was one of the first to see the glitch. This could explain why so many have a lot of posts. Also, IndyMan97 popped in to look at the glitch, as well as many other partially inactive users such as MSROWDYREDHEAD and CrazyRacerXtreme who were alerted of the glitch through MLN Team and MLNO. It was fixed on early Monday morning in Eastern USA Standard Time. Many users experienced the glitch after viewing the posts going up very quickly. Some users, such as captainBrickmaster, Kitty309257, and Pikmin0207, were reported to have made over 1,000 posts from that glitch. CaptainBrickmaster confirmed that he made 1,012 posts during this glitch.

The same glitch happened to the MLN Module Help Subforum at one point, and nearly the same thing happened in the Delete Me Glitch.

There was a rumor going around at the time that it was a test to see whether the users on the MB were ready for No-Wait-Moderation. Indyman said that if it was, that they most likely failed the test, due to many users abusing the lack of moderation. No moderator officially confirmed or declined whether it was a test or not, leading to the rumors continuing for quite some time.

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