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Source: Finding Friendships

Finding Friendships (often abbreviated as "FF") is a chat topic started by Friends861 on February 5, 2013. It is the largest and most liked topic ever created, with 35,891 pages and 538 likes on the first post. It was originally posted in the LEGO General Forum, but was later moved by the moderators to the Community Chat Forum, where activity increased significantly. It is the first and only topic to ever reach a million likes.

It is considered a rival to the topic WELCOME TO BRICKBOOK!, as they are the two largest topics on the boards and are similar in nature; both are chat topics in which users post updates about their lives and chat about random topics.

The topics has been known to gain up to 600 posts per day due to the number of users who post there, but it has since decreased to a fairly moderate amount of posts per day. More likes have been given in it than any other topic, and the users there have been accused of spam-liking on numerous occasions. Several users have been known to excessively post in the topic, up to hundreds of posts from a user there in one day.

On August 10, 2015, it got locked due to users continuing to ship other users, despite many warnings from the moderators. It was unlocked the next day, the moderators saying that if there was any more shipping and other things like it, the topic would be permanently locked.


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