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The Forum Cafe is the biggest café in the German Message Boards. It has 1,279 pages and 25 likes on the first post. It was one of the first German MB topic to reach over 100 pages. It was created by Marcel77799 on the April 18, 2011.

In the first month, it was not growing very quickly, but after reaching 30 pages in Summer 2011, legodurcheinander, Justus301, and lustorm became active there, and it gained at least 6 pages every day. One of its fastest periods was in July–August 2011 (paradoxically, Marcel was on vacation during that time).

At some point it slowed down to only 1 page per day, but sped up again when the rank race between Marcel77799 and guacamole1998 started. During that time it grew by at least 5 pages a day, but its record is 15 pages in one day. After the big race to Maniac was over, it became a bit slower and many users of the GMBs were still posting. After Guacamole went inactive, it started to slow down a lot. After his comeback, it did not get much better. At the end of November 2011 it got better and the Café sped up a lot again.

Today there are at least 2-3 new pages every day. Most of the 760+ pages are filled with lots of spam and also fun-spam. Most of the posts made in that topic, especially the ones from page 30 to 350, end with, or contain, the Tongue Smiley emote.


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