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GideonF210 is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on August 26, 2011. He had the rank Bandit, 48,417 posts, and 76,898 likes received. He mainly posted in the Community Chat Forum, but also regularly posted in the Minifigures Forum, and the Message Boards Stories Subforum. Gideon and his sister, LegoCritter35, were interviewed by the moderators in The Official Interview Room on February 23, 2013. He was the most liked Revolutionary Soldier, and the 5th most liked user of all time. He was one of the second group of users involved in the LMB Community Helper Program. He served as a Community Helper from February to April 2015.


Gideon used to post actively on the LEGO Universe Gallery, but when the LEGO Universe MMOG was cancelled, he left the gallery. He posted a few creations on the Minifigures Gallery and the City Gallery, but then decided to visit the Message Boards, where he remained active.


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