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Glendon501 (also known as Glendon or Glen) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on September 30, 2005. He has the rank Caveman, 1,066 posts, and over 2 likes received. In the Star Wars Clone Wars Roleplay, he was considered an MB Legend. He played a crucial part in the creation of the roleplays as a whole.


Glendon began posting in the Games Forum and several other forums. After a few years, his activity dwindled and he only posted in the Mars Mission and Star Wars forums. In Mars Mission, he spent most of his time posting parts of a story that few people read. Interestingly enough, a part of this story would be added to the ill-fated radio transmissions on the Mars Mission site.

When Kit-Fisto7 created the Jedi Council topic, Glendon was eager to be one of the 12 that would be chosen to join the Council. He was indeed chosen, but after a week or so, Kit decided this topic wasn't what he had really wanted. Instead, he wanted a Bounty Hunter HQ; however, the topics he submitted weren't approved. When Glendon heard this, he went and succeeded where others had failed, posting the first official HQ. During the first months of the HQ, Glendon posted quizzes once every week. When Kit couldn't get his Pirates HQ through either, Glen attempted to help yet again, but failed. Over time, Glendon became one of the more famous roleplayers, and helped fight off enemies, and promised to write at least one book based on the roleplays, although it is unknown if he ever did.

When the mods decided that the spamming and lack of realism of the roleplays was getting out of hand, they shut them down. Many roleplayers complained, and moderator Loekieloe promised to help work out a new HQ system. Glend played a large part in these negotiations. Loekieloe continued to keep a keen eye on the SW roleplays. Glendon tried his hand at a few other roleplay forums, but never could find an equal to the SW ones, in his opinion.

When Kit-Fisto7 retired from the roleplays due to the unrealisticness in roleplay, Glen took his place on the Bounty Hunter Council. He remained there for a long time, taking part in many of the same activities as before. When Miakittymoon replaced Lokieloe as a major mod, Glendon saw a distinct difference. Like many others, he believed MKM allowed too much unrealistic action, rule breaking, and spam. Eventually he got fed up during a particular argument about the future of the RPs. He retired from his position, giving his council spot to Flushy.

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