A glitch is a malfunction in the LEGO Message Boards that causes unintended behavior. The current version of the LEGO Message Boards has numerous glitches, and is currently going through a Beta phase to resolve any issues.

Glitches on the Old MBs

Glitches were extremely common on the older LEGO Message Boards, which was sometimes referred to be "glitchy" because of that. The older version of the LEGO Message Boards had been around for several years, from late 2005 until the 2012 Update, with a few minor changes, such as the removal of 2 statistics boxes in 2007.

Unresolved Glitches

Post and avatar glitch

Post and avatar glitch

Some glitches happened all the time, including the 0 studs glitch where users with any amounts of studs appeared to have lost them and not have any. Other glitches involved the "My Posts" section, which listed previous posts in a seemingly random order for users above Craftsman, and the search bar, which only worked when you were logged out, and if you were signed in, it told you "There were no results found". However, the "My Posts" section and the search bar worked perfectly well during the earlier part of the Old MBs. Another would be the Double Post Glitch, where one message would be posted twice, or the Repeated Post Glitch , where one message was posted more than once.

Compatibility Glitches

The Old Message Boards were not fully consistent across different browsers, and some core features varied between even the most popular browsers.

For example, formatting tools for posting, such as bold, underline, italics, etc., were available in the latest version of Firefox, but in Chrome, Safari and Opera, they did not work, and they worked in Internet Explorer if certain settings were enabled.

Some of these incompatibilities were favorable to users; for example, browsers that supported formatting also allowed a 600 character limit to be enforced; but other browsers were incompatible with the character limit, which is computed client-side, so it was possible to make posts of arbitrary length in the past, but posts that were significantly longer than 600 characters were later rejected by the moderators.

These incompatibilities caused some browsers to be favored among others for certain tasks on the older Message Boards; for example, rating topics did not work on earlier versions of Firefox, forcing users to use a different browser for rating. This glitch was later fixed, though.

List of Glitches in the Old MBs

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