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Gracelw1 is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on April 20, 2010. She has the rank Cowboy, 8,583 posts, and over 6,304 likes received. She mainly posted in the City Forum and City Roleplay Subforum, as well as the Friends Forum, where she was quite popular. She was also active in the Disney Princess Forum. She is Botven1's, Bonrw1's, and Haystak1's  sister, and was interviewed along with Botven1 on April 19, 2013. She was the author of "Daredeville," a LEGO Friends fan fiction.

She was a member of Raiders of the Lost Band in the City Roleplay Subforum.

About Gracelw1

Her favorite forum in the LEGO Message Boards was the LEGO Friends forum, where she was active in several roleplays, discussion topics and fan-fiction stories. Her favorite topic was "Raiders of the Lost Band" in City Roleplay. She became active on the LEGO Message Boards one year after she created her account. She has said that she started posting only because of wanting to meet Ryo-757, her brother botven1's best friend on the LMBs. Gracelw1 was also active on the LEGO Friends gallery since it began.

She retired on June 14, 2014 for the same reasons Botven1 did.

Since her retirement, she has made some very brief visits.


  • Her three best friends on the LMBs were TannerJ2598, IndianaBonesSulfrix9 and RLROCKS18.
  • Gracelw1 was fairly well known for her artwork on the LEGO Friends gallery.
  • She called herself the "Artee Goblin-Girl of Pickleyness," a nickname adopted by most of her friends.
  • Gracelw1 was never "adopted" as a newbie.
  • Gracelw1 is the co-creator (along with TannerJ2598) of "Pickle Dew," an imaginary soft drink made from Pickle juice and Mountain Dew.
  • She has three brothers on the LMBs: botven1, bonrw1 and haystak1.

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