HQs (Headquarters) are roleplay topics. They are the main bases for certain roleplay factions, such as the Firefighters HQ, Police HQ, Citizens HQ, etc. They are usually the battlegrounds for any battle between factions and are the center of activity in roleplays. Secret plans and announcements are usually made in HQ's, sometimes in jammers, unless it's a very big secret. In that case the leaders can meet in a Café or another general discussion topic where other HQs probably would not look for them. Before roleplays came about, they were mostly used in the Racers Forum as HQs for teams in the Drome Racers Challenge game. Each team had an HQ where they would discuss what team they were focusing on beating and what track they wanted to take over.

The first HQ was the Bounty Hunters HQ, made by Kit-Fisto7 in the Star Wars Forum.

The users who have led the most HQs are skulduggery773 and Dude777477.

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