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"Join the discussion about the place where Heroes are made: LEGO Hero Factory!"

The Hero Factory Forum was added in 2010, right after the theme was introduced. There are a lot of poll topics, and there was one subforum, the Hero Factory Roleplay Subforum. It is a BIONICLE replacement, forum-wise as well as theme-wise partly. The forum has over 86,663 posts and 4,075 topics. Combined with the roleplay subforum, there is a total of over 150,806 posts. The most liked topic there is a song topic, "Cuff Me Maybe" by Fastcar700. The most liked user is TIE-PILOT with over 1,941 likes received. The forum was deleted and its active topics were moved to the Classics Forum.

List of Major Roleplay Topics

  • The Hero Factory Assembly Tower HQ (over 400 pages)
  • Villains HQ over (1150 pages)
  • Hero Factory Black Team (over 29 pages)
  • Velocity Team H.Q (over 103 pages)
  • Gamma Division Villains H.Q (over 260 pages)
  • Black Market (Villains Only) (over 22 pages)

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