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IndianaBonesSulfrix9 is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on May 14, 2009. He had the rank Old Timer, 11,288 posts, and 6 studs.


He formerly posted in the LEGO Universe Forum, Kingdoms and MLN Music and Bands, before it was closed but now, he mainly posts in the Hero Factory, City, LEGO News Forum, Community Chat Forum, Ninjago Forum, and Atlantis Forum. He was the founder of a band called "Raiders of the Lost Band," and had released 8 albums.

Topics started

  1. Tell about your H.F comics [HF]
  2. Crab Warriors HQ (RP) [Atlantis]
  3. Gamma division villains H.Q (RP) [HF]
  4. HF News (RP) [HF]
  5. HF Sport (RP) [HF]
  6. RotLB H.Q (Semi RP) [MLN M&B]
  7. RotLB H.Q (Semi RP) [City roleplay] {Replacement to the MLN one]
  8. Hero olympics 2012 (RP)[HF]
  9. VGSBC Hornet- Gamma flagship (RP) [HF]
  10. Stud World- bringing you all the bits 'n' pieces [LEGO News]
  11. Stud World TV SPORT [LEGO News]
  12. Reporters Wanted! [LEGO News]


  • He was well known for claiming to be evil, though he never got into trouble with the moderators.
  • He made a topic getting people to change their avatars to pirates, for Talk Like a Pirate day.
  • He had revealed that he was of Scottish heritage, and lives in Scotland.
  • He's a big rival of Skulduggery77, who both believe they are the greatest villains on the MBs and are destined to rule over them.
  • He also had developed a friendly rivalry with samed5, who are engaged in an unofficial rank race to Maniac, which Indiana is JUST keeping the lead in, although Samed eventually won.
  • He loved giving odd nicknames to users.

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