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  • Initiate Badge on New MBs
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  • Long ago, Initiates had 1 stud
  • By the 2012 update, Initiates have no studs
  • An example of an Initiate with 1 stud
  • An example Initiate.

Initiate was the 3rd rank on the LEGO Message Boards and was achieved at approximately 96 posts. It came before JuniorBuilder, and after Journeyman. An Initiate was usually considered a "newbie," as most users were still figuring out the Message Boards by the time they were at this rank. They had also begun to explore more forums, but were generally still learning about the Boards. Years ago, before the Great Migration, when the Message Boards were less populated, some Initiates had a stud. Today, users will not get a stud until they are at least an Artisan. It took 189 posts to get to the rank JuniorBuilder, and Initiate was the approximate halfway mark. Unfortunately, many users retired during this rank. Former Initiates now have a badge on their profile pages signifying their old rank.


  • Initiate was considered by some to be one of the later "newbie" ranks.
  • Some people considered the Initiate rank the rank that asserts you as a real LEGO Message Boards user.
  • Some people considered the Initiate rank the first step to being noticed.

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