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IrrationalSeagull (aka IS, IGull, Issy, or Seagull) is a moderator who joined the LEGO Message Boards on February 6, 2013. She has the rank Official, 7,402 posts, and 15,483 likes received. 


My name is IrrationalSeagull and I am the newest member of the LEGO Moderation team, best team in the world!!

I am very, very excited to join the team and to get to know all of you amazing fans that make the boards and galleries so much fun!

Here is my Bio:

Name: There are a lot of seagulls where I live (a small city by the sea) and they can be quite irrational and unpredictable, I promise I am not though Happy (New)

Favorite LEGO set: I love anything Star Wars – difficult decision but I’ll go with 10188 Death Star!

Favorite Message Board: I love reading your stories on the Star Wars stories forum! Keep them coming Happy (New)

Favorite Gallery: The Minifigures Gallery – your creations on there always make me smile!

Hobbies: I write songs and I am in a band where I sing and play guitar, I also love reading, cooking, watching films and playing board games

Favorite Animal: I have a cat so I’ll have to say cats (otherwise she’ll come after me…)

Favorite Food: I am a vegetarian so anything without meat will do Wink (New) Although I especially like Thai and Mexican food, yummie!

I look forward to reading all your posts!



  • She is one of five moderators with users names that have animals in them, the others being MiakittymoonWhiteAlligator, catwizard, and Cicada646.
  • Her username comes from the fact that her hometown is coastal and has many seagulls which may be irrational at times.

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