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Jammyjam10 (commonly called JJ) is a retired moderator who joined the LEGO Message Boards on November 1, 2001. Though previously a Sheriff with 464 posts, she now has no rank and 21 likes received. She was the oldest active moderator, as she had joined on the first day the Message Boards were created. JJ was one of the original Mods, and the most popular for years, until Miakittymoon joined the Mod Team and replaced Jammyjam as the chief mod back in 2007. Jammyjam also named the "jammers" system invented by Kit-Fisto7, due to the "jams" in her name. Her last post was announcing that the Pirates Subforum was being deleted, and that the Agents Forum was being moved to a subforum of the Classics Forum. She was also a Game Master (also called a GM) in LEGO Universe.

She was often thought to be a male due to her avatar's face, but she has said before in the Talk to the Mods Topic that she is actually female, which shocked some users.

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