This page is an archive of a rank on the old LEGO Message Boards. Feel free to correct mistakes and add information.

  • JuniorBuilder Badge on the New MBs
  • All JuniorBuilders will have 0 studs
  • The rank picture
  • The rank picture after the 2012 update
  • A JuniorBuilder with exactly 189 posts
  • An example JuniorBuilder
  • A JuniorBuilder with two studs, which is now far impossible

JuniorBuilder was the 4th rank on the LEGO Message Boards. It took 189 posts to achieve (though if you right-clicked on the rank and selected "Properties," it incorrectly stated that 118 posts were needed to get the rank). It came after the rank Initiate and before MasterBuilder. JuniorBuilders would usually explore more forums and more topics, which made them better known than those at lower ranks. Many JuniorBuilders had ranked up, and there were not very many well-known users who were still at this rank, apart from Admin, one of the first users of the LMBs. Unfortunately, the other ranks took a much longer time to achieve than JuniorBuilder and this lead to frustration for some users. Former JuniorBuilders now have a badge on their profile page to signify their old rank.

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