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KRRouse is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on February 10, 2003. She had no rank, 15,500 posts, and no likes received. KRRouse's account had been locked, along with many other users' accounts. Some users questioned her existence, but the Members List displays her username, which disproves the users' theories. She lost her eighth stud to Eragon3443. Users still try to find one of her posts using archives such as the Wayback Machine, but have so far been unsuccessful in finding one. Since the update, she has been proven to exist by the fact that she has a searchable profile. She was the first ever Maniac.


Many posters had come to the conclusion that KRRouse could have made another account, but that theory turned out to be wrong. However, Skulduggery77, after being told that there was a user named KRRouse on deviantART, made a deviantART account and contacted her, to find that it was the same KRRouse of 2005. She gave concrete information that it was her, and skulduggery77 convinced her to return.

On October 8, 2012, she rejoined as KRRouse-2, the next day making a post at the LEGO News Station Advanced 3. Skul was told that she mainly posted in the Bionicle Forum. This actually meant her identity had been confirmed, although she was not aware of the fact she was the first poster to reach Maniac, quite possibly because there were no ranks on the 2001-2005 LEGO Message Boards.

In mid-2012, a user named cheatcodes7334 made a duplicate account called _KRRouse_. This account was banned, along with his main account.

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