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This subforum was for Kingdoms-related discussion and roleplaying. It is now closed.

Kingdoms Roleplay was a subforum of the Kingdoms Forum. It was for Kingdoms-related roleplay, and was once a popular subforum. The Kingdoms theme was eventually discontinued, leading to the deletion of the Kingdoms Forum and its subforums. It has since been replaced by the Castle Forum.

List of Major Roleplay Topics

  • The Elven Kingdom (292+ pages)
  • Lion Knight HQ II (208+ pages)
  • Dragon Knights HQ II (233+ pages)
  • The Old Tavern (88+ pages)
  • Beasts HQ! (104+ pages)
  • Smugglers HQ (104+ pages)
  • Dragons HQ (57+ pages)
  • Alleb Knights HQ (53+ pages)
  • Dwarves HQ (141+ pages)
  • Liberty Knight HQ (109+ pages)
  • Outlaw HQ! (26+ pages)
  • White Light Knight HQ (24+ pages)
  • Crusader Knights HQ (19+ pages)
  • Reformed Dragon Knight H.Q. (27+ pages)

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