[11:52] <Impossibubbles> it's wrong
[11:52] <AmazingPythor> You'd be surprised by how much of the country denies it :P 
[11:52] <Impossibubbles> sooooooo
[11:52] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> The PARTY gets lobbied, the base has to deal with the effects of climate change
[11:52] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> No, I know they're out there :P 
[11:52] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I'm just saying that it's growing less common
[11:52] <AmazingPythor> A third of the country is creationist
[11:52] <AmazingPythor> Which says a lot
[11:52] <Chrismajor2124> Not a crime :P 
[11:52] <Chrismajor2124> Oh Dahrk ...
[11:53] <Chrismajor2124> Stop messing up history please
[11:53] <AmazingPythor> No, but a testament to our flawed education system. :P 
[11:53] <Impossibubbles> Like if people are constantly hammering in the message that climate change is all your fault and there are NO OTHER POSSIBLE EXPLANATIONS. Then yeah, I see how people out of anger start denying it. kinda
[11:53] <Impossibubbles> does that even make sense
[11:53] <Impossibubbles> I don't know
[11:53] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> a bit
[11:53] <Impossibubbles> I also think people see what they want to see
[11:53] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Although the checks offered by companies are what encourage the Republican party to deny it more than anything
[11:53] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> 
[11:53] <Impossibubbles> and if you've been raised a certain way and taught one way your whole life
[11:53] <Impossibubbles> then
[11:54] <AmazingPythor> Okay 30% of Americans deny climate change apparently
[11:54] <Impossibubbles> you're gonna keep on seeing what you want to see
[11:54] <Impossibubbles> that's less than I expected, ap
[11:54] <AmazingPythor> Same actually :P 
[11:54] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> That's my point, it isn't half :{P 
[11:54] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> It isn't all conservatives :P 
[11:54] <AmazingPythor> But still
[11:54] <Impossibubbles> All the deniers are dying off xDDD
[11:54] <AmazingPythor> That's quite disturbing (derp) 
[11:54] <Chrismajor2124> Fascinating
[11:54] <Impossibubbles> cuz I'm sure it's mostly old people just saying
[11:55] <Chrismajor2124> Well that's ... morbid
[11:55] <AmazingPythor> You'd be surprised I think, never underestimate ignorance in this country. :P 
[11:55] <Impossibubbles> sorry, but, kinda true (derp4) 
[11:55] <Impossibubbles> Also again
[11:55] <Impossibubbles> like
[11:55] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Creationists are amusing, though, seeing as a number of churches including the Catholic church don't view Genesis as a factual line of events :P 
[11:55] <Impossibubbles> being raised a certain way
[11:55] <Impossibubbles> some people are hard headed and will only see what they want
[11:56] <AmazingPythor> Yeah a lot of Christians view it as metaphorical 
[11:56] <Chrismajor2124> Hmm
[11:56] <AmazingPythor> brb
[11:56] <Impossibubbles> My mom is a creationist, but like, I don't know how
[11:56] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Mostly Southern Baptists and Methodists don't
[11:56] <Impossibubbles> she went to wheaton 
[11:56] <Impossibubbles> none of the professors there are creationists 
[11:56] <AmazingPythor> Aren't your grand parents in the Tea Party
[11:56] <AmazingPythor> Why did I put a space there
[11:56] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> What qualifies for membership in the Tea Party? :{P 
[11:57] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Being insane? :P 
[11:57] <Chrismajor2124> Ouch
[11:57] <AmazingPythor> *affiliate with :P 
[11:57] <Impossibubbles> But I mean, I guess if you're a Christian and you really honestly believe in god and that he's all powerful, I guess he could have done it the way it says in the bible? (derp) 
[11:57] <Impossibubbles> If he really wanted to? (derp) 
[11:57] <Chrismajor2124> I would dare argue there's more overlap between universe origin theories and the Bible than most would admit
[11:59] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I find religion and science to not be at odds with each other. For example, if you're buddhist, you might view natural history as a cycle of rebirth
[11:59] <Chrismajor2124> The Big Bang was a massive explosion of matter and energy that kickstarted the universe, and we've detected interstellar light radiation we extrapolated to a common source. "Then God said 'let there be light' and there was light." More connection than many would like to admit
[11:59] <Jahchildren> I'm gonna go. \o 
[11:59] <Impossibubbles> o/ 
[11:59] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Cya, Jah
[11:59] <Chrismajor2124> Adios amigo
[11:59] <Chrismajor2124> Adios amigo
[12:00] <Impossibubbles> Maybe I'm just lazy, but I prefer not to think about the origin of our world
[12:00] <AmazingPythor> I don't like the idea of explaining everything that is thus far unexplainable with God. (derp) 
[12:00] <Impossibubbles> it's dizzying xD
[12:00] <Impossibubbles> well that's you, ap
[12:00] <Impossibubbles> and you're you
[12:00] <Impossibubbles> so
[12:00] <Impossibubbles> *pats head*
[12:00] <AmazingPythor> .... What is that supposed to mean :P 
[12:00] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I concur, but I understand.
[12:00] <Impossibubbles> <span class="me-username">* <span>Impossibubbles</span></span> squishes ap's face
[12:00] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Take the Big Bang. It's widely believed that the laws of physics were created at the birth of the universe.
[12:01] <AmazingPythor> get off from that stool bubbles
[12:01] <Impossibubbles> the tv show?
[12:01] <AmazingPythor> you might hurt your-
[12:01] <Impossibubbles> heuheuheu
[12:01] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Therefore, the laws of physics can't define what happened before, as time itself began then
[12:01] <AmazingPythor> Nvm I'll do it for you
[12:01] <Chrismajor2124> Exactly, but before the big bang, what was there?
[12:01] <Impossibubbles> do what for me
[12:01] <Impossibubbles> hurt me? xD
[12:01] <Legoanimals750> I've met some Christians that believe God made the big bang 
[12:01] <AmazingPythor> yes
[12:01] <AmazingPythor> That was the implication 
[12:01] <Impossibubbles> worth it
[12:01] <Chrismajor2124> I would argue it's layered. If God set up the universe, then He also set up its mechanics. So when we find something in our universe we cannot yet explain, logically we can derive that God set it up, but we can still derive equations and formulas to describe it
[12:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> If someone wishes to believe that a deity created the laws of physics and started time so to speak, then so be it
[12:02] <AmazingPythor> I don't believe humanity can have any certainty whatsoever in anything regarding the nature of reality
[12:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> We have no idea what happened (derp4) 
[12:02] <Impossibubbles> who in this conversation is religious. Other than ap, I never keep track xDDD
[12:02] <AmazingPythor> Wow
[12:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I'm actually a deist. 
[12:03] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Former atheist.
[12:03] <Chrismajor2124> Too many Christians I know dismiss science because it takes work to reconcile it with the Bible, and too many secular scientists dismiss the Bible because they assume there is no reason to reconcile the two
[12:03] <AmazingPythor> You managed to remember my theological views
[12:03] <AmazingPythor> Impressive
[12:03] <Impossibubbles> oh my, sat
[12:03] <Impossibubbles> now I feel bad
[12:03] <Impossibubbles> because all this time
[12:03] <Impossibubbles> I thought you were christian for some reason x3333
[12:03] <AmazingPythor> I did too actually
[12:03] <AmazingPythor> :P 
[12:03] <Chrismajor2124> Every time you type Christian I get pinged :P 
[12:03] <Impossibubbles> sorry xD
[12:03] <HyperFlash Studios> lel
[12:04] <Legoanimals750> I wonder why. :P 
[12:04] <Chrismajor2124> Nah it's okay, I don't mind a bit :p 
[12:04] <Impossibubbles> does Christ ping you?
[12:04] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> lel
[12:04] <Chrismajor2124> Yep
[12:04] <Impossibubbles> Chris the Christ (sie) 
[12:04] <Chrismajor2124> Nah, I'm not that good :P 
[12:04] <Chrismajor2124> To quote John, "He must become greater and I must become less"
[12:05] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> To be fair, you wouldn't be too wrong. I often say "I'm Christian" because I don't want to have to explain deism :P 
[12:05] <Impossibubbles> I was forced to memorize bible verses for like
[12:05] <Impossibubbles> 12 years of my life
[12:05] <Impossibubbles> I couldn't quote any of it to you
[12:05] <Chrismajor2124> Interesting
[12:05] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> And I don't want to listen to the "YOU'RE GOING TO HELL" speech that could come if you're speaking to someone in the south
[12:05] <Chrismajor2124> Dem south :P 
[12:05] <Chrismajor2124> * Dat
[12:05] <AmazingPythor> My state is the least religious in the nation (y) 
[12:05] <Chrismajor2124> Aw I'm sorry to hear that :P 
[12:05] <Impossibubbles> I like being agnostic 
[12:05] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> YOU'RE GOING TO HELL
[12:05] <AmazingPythor> Which is ironic considering the Salem witch trials
[12:05] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> :P 
[12:05] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> lel
[12:05] <Impossibubbles> it fits my lazy personality
[12:06] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Wait, you live in Massachusetts? 
[12:06] <Impossibubbles> no
[12:06] <AmazingPythor> Sat we've been over this. :{P 
[12:06] <Impossibubbles> he lives in Alabama 
[12:06] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> sorry m8
[12:06] <AmazingPythor> bubbles I will kick you
[12:06] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I'm just really envious, I like Boston :P 
[12:06] <Impossibubbles> ily2
[12:06] <Impossibubbles> fine, sorry
[12:06] <AmazingPythor> Boston is a great city :P 
[12:06] <Impossibubbles> Tennessee 
[12:06] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles I'm ignoring you
[12:06] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Charleston's great, but it doesn't even compare to Boston :P 
[12:06] <Chrismajor2124> I applied for MIT and would have ended up in Massachusetts, but ... :P 
[12:06] <Impossibubbles> no you aren't
[12:07] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I applied for MIT too, honestly :{P 
[12:07] <AmazingPythor> Yeah who am I kidding lol
[12:07] <Chrismajor2124> Kewl
[12:07] <Impossibubbles> I did not apply for MIT (sie) 
[12:07] <AmazingPythor> I'll probably apply for MIT and Harvard and whatnot
[12:07] <Chrismajor2124> Well it's okay - I didn't make it
[12:07] <Impossibubbles> I'm not smart enough for that (derp4) 
[12:07] <AmazingPythor> Might as well try (derp) 
[12:07] <Chrismajor2124> Go for it
[12:07] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Same, but I only applied so I wouldn't regret not applying
[12:07] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Do it, AP
[12:07] <Chrismajor2124> You'll only regret not doing it
[12:08] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> ^
[12:08] <Chrismajor2124> Yeah, Doc here's got it
[12:08] <Impossibubbles> I applied for Minnesota State and got accepted. Hooraaaaaaaay
[12:08] <AmazingPythor> I shall, most likely. :P 
[12:08] <Impossibubbles> I was also accepted to University of Minnesota. Which was really cool
[12:08] <AmazingPythor> But there are a ton of good schools within 5 hours or so from me
[12:08] <Chrismajor2124> I'm at MSU and its EE/CpE department is very impressive
[12:08] <Impossibubbles> don't have the money
[12:08] <Impossibubbles> but
[12:08] <Impossibubbles> cool
[12:08] <Impossibubbles> (derp) 
[12:08] <Chrismajor2124> Montana State University I mean
[12:08] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Even Boston University would be considered an amazing school by SC standards :P 
[12:08] <AmazingPythor> Oxford would also be nice, albeit ambitious. (derp) 
[12:09] <AmazingPythor> Boston University is quite good by national standards, yeah
[12:09] <Chrismajor2124> May as well, see what happens :p 
[12:09] <AmazingPythor> My parents make fun of UMass a lot
[12:09] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> University of Zurich m8
[12:09] <AmazingPythor> But it's still way better than the average American college lol
[12:09] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I wish I had learned German
[12:09] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> yeah
[12:09] <Impossibubbles> I was also accepted to Northeastern in Boston (sie) 
[12:09] <Impossibubbles> again, no money! (as) 
[12:10] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I almost applied to Northeastern
[12:10] <Chrismajor2124> White Canary is totally stealing Black Window's moves
[12:10] <AmazingPythor> That would've been the dankest bubbles
[12:10] <Impossibubbles> All my dream colleges are so expensive and they crush my dreams :3
[12:10] <AmazingPythor> Northeastern is a very good college as well, my cousin goes there
[12:10] <Chrismajor2124> Scholarships. You'll only regret not trying
[12:10] <Romaniandude12> bubbles u so lazy
[12:10] <Romaniandude12> get job
[12:10] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I got accepted to Georgia Tech, but I didn't want to bankrupt myself (UD) 
[12:10] <Romaniandude12> get good grades
[12:11] <Impossibubbles> Rom, do you understand how much a job I could get with no degree would pay
[12:11] <Romaniandude12> make family proud
[12:11] <Impossibubbles> and how long I would have to work
[12:11] <Impossibubbles> for absolutely nothing
[12:11] <AmazingPythor> Iirc it's in like the top 50 schools internationally, definitely closer to your level bubbles :P 
[12:11] <Impossibubbles> of course it is
[12:11] <Impossibubbles> But I can't afford it
[12:11] <AmazingPythor> ik, it's a damn shame
[12:11] <Romaniandude12> im jk bub :P 
[12:11] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> capitalism is good, guys
[12:11] <AmazingPythor> brb
[12:11] <Romaniandude12> then theres sat
[12:11] <Chrismajor2124> Free market aw yeah
[12:11] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> what
[12:11] <Romaniandude12> trying to start controversies?
[12:12] <Impossibubbles> My new plan is to go to Minnesota State and apply to Carnegie Mellon's graduate school 
[12:12] <Romaniandude12> (yk) 
[12:12] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> yes
[12:12] <Romaniandude12> cool
[12:12] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Triggering commies and capitalists is my job
[12:12] <Chrismajor2124> Fascinating ... "sips tea"
[12:12] <Impossibubbles> free market isn't a horrible thing tho. and it irritates me when people cry about it
[12:13] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> If it's green tea, I'll take some
[12:13] <Chrismajor2124> "hands some green tea"
[12:13] <Chrismajor2124> "sips green tea"
[12:13] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Very kind :P 
[12:13] <Impossibubbles> I'm in a sociology class right now
[12:13] <Impossibubbles> at a community college
[12:13] <Impossibubbles> if you can imagine 
[12:13] <Chrismajor2124> Oh joy
[12:13] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> lel
[12:13] <Chrismajor2124> Green Tea?
[12:13] <Impossibubbles> pls
[12:13] <AmazingPythor> Laissez-faire capitalism and political corruption go hand in hand *dabs*
[12:13] <Chrismajor2124> "hands Bubbles green tea"
[12:14] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> hence why socialism is the way forward
[12:14] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> mix it with nationalism and you have the perfect society
[12:14] <Impossibubbles> <span class="me-username">* <span>Impossibubbles</span></span> dumps hot tea on AP and shoves him out the window 
[12:14] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> as demonstrated by Inceptia :{P 
[12:14] <AmazingPythor> *screams*
[12:14] <Chrismajor2124> Assuming of course we don't destroy ourselves :P 
[12:14] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles the proletariat has nothing to lose but its chains
[12:14] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I'm legitimately drinking green tea right now :P 
[12:14] <Impossibubbles> lucky
[12:14] <Chrismajor2124> Aw man, I wish I had green tea in my dorm\
[12:14] <Impossibubbles> I had coffee
[12:14] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[12:14] <Impossibubbles> but I drank it all
[12:15] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[12:15] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I have two packs in mine :{P 
[12:15] <Pacman87> I hate coffee
[12:15] <Impossibubbles> my hands are shaking now
[12:15] <Impossibubbles> I got a large and an extra shot of caffeine 
[12:15] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Also a pack of Arnold Palmers
[12:15] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> RIP ARNOLD
[12:15] <Impossibubbles> I've been up since 3 (sie) 
[12:15] <AmazingPythor> why
[12:15] <Impossibubbles> it's 6:15 (sie) 
[12:15] <Impossibubbles> I was busy (sie) 
[12:16] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles rn:
[12:16] <Impossibubbles> oh I got the quiz back
[12:16] <Impossibubbles> hiding notes in a calculator is effective. I have no regrets xD
[12:16] <IronDuke18> RABBIT SEASON!!
[12:16] <AmazingPythor> Crime doesn't pay bubbles
[12:16] <Chrismajor2124> it is indeed
[12:16] <Impossibubbles> yes it does
[12:16] <Impossibubbles> it pays in A'S BABY
[12:16] <Chrismajor2124> Such dishonor
[12:16] <AmazingPythor> I'm going to expose you
[12:17] <Impossibubbles> lol how
[12:17] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> #bubblesexposed
[12:17] <Chrismajor2124> Much dishonor to you and your family for fifteen generations
[12:17] <Chrismajor2124> And your cow
[12:17] <AmazingPythor> I'll just take my mom's car and drive to your college
[12:17] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> sounds like either youtube drama or a video on another kind of site
[12:17] <Impossibubbles> yes, ap
[12:17] <Impossibubbles> be sure to stop in and say hi
[12:17] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> notes in the calculator are great
[12:17] <AmazingPythor> oh ofc
[12:17] <RoboticBrick28> AP's plan is flawless!
[12:17] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> instructors arent competent enough to know
[12:17] <Impossibubbles> we can go to starbucks like good white children should
[12:17] <Chrismajor2124> But I drink coffee without anything in it :P 
[12:17] <AmazingPythor> I was thinking we go to a communist rally but okay
[12:18] <Chrismajor2124> Nah, I don't wanna argue with people :p 
[12:18] <Impossibubbles> My godmother's husband drinks black coffee
[12:18] <Impossibubbles> he was in the army
[12:18] <Chrismajor2124> It's the only way to fly :P 
[12:18] <Pacman87> so therefore
[12:18] <Impossibubbles> I guess that's the best drink they have in the army
[12:18] <Pacman87> military men drink black coffee
[12:19] <RoboticBrick28> oh look, it's a pac :{P 
[12:19] <Impossibubbles> it was funny when their son would ask to try it and would shiver because he thought it was gross, but pretend to love it to be like dad
[12:19] <Chrismajor2124> I used to drink more ... intricate .. coffee but eventually I got sick of it and realized how much sugar and crap I was putting in it. So I got rid of all the sugar and crap and now I just drink it raw
[12:19] <Impossibubbles> twas cute
[12:19] <AmazingPythor> I've had coffee like three times
[12:19] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I don't drink coffee
[12:19] <Impossibubbles> sugar coffee drinks taste so good, but are so unhealthy 
[12:20] <Chrismajor2124> There's actually a fair amount of benefit to drinking tea and/or coffee without anything in it
[12:20] <RoboticBrick28> yes
[12:20] <RoboticBrick28> you get to learn why sugar was invented ;D 
[12:20] <Pacman87> sugar was never invented
[12:20] <Impossibubbles> I prefer green tea to coffee, and I don't put anything in it
[12:20] <Chrismajor2124> Ha ha ha, I'll give you that one Robo :P 
[12:20] <Pacman87> it was found
[12:20] <Impossibubbles> but my mom says tea leaves are expensive
[12:20] <Chrismajor2124> They are
[12:20] <Impossibubbles> so she won't get me any >.>
[12:21] <RoboticBrick28> pac, enough with your technicalities
[12:21] <Impossibubbles> and I refuse to drink dish water
[12:21] <Impossibubbles> I remember one time my mom gave my grandmother tea made with a teabag
[12:21] <Pacman87> I'm right and always right
[12:21] <Chrismajor2124> Well if you drink black coffee, you gotta get a pretty dark roast
[12:21] <Impossibubbles> My Irish grandmother who grew up drinking tea
[12:21] <Impossibubbles> She politely took like one sip and didn't touch it again
[12:21] <AmazingPythor> Have you been to Teavana bubbles
[12:22] <Impossibubbles> no?
[12:22] <Impossibubbles> I drank black coffee once
[12:22] <Impossibubbles> because I was at church and I poured a cup
[12:22] <AmazingPythor> That has some good stuff, pretty expensive though.
[12:22] <Impossibubbles> and didn't realize they were out of cream
[12:22] <Impossibubbles> so I drank it anyway because I didn't want to be rude
[12:23] <Chrismajor2124> I worked at my church over the summer and on Sunday morning's I'd down at least three cups of coffee because I had to wake up early and test all the equipment :P 
[12:23] <Chrismajor2124> * mornings
[12:23] <AmazingPythor> I had black coffee a few months ago actually
[12:23] <Impossibubbles> I always wanted to help out with the equipment at church
[12:23] <AmazingPythor> I kinda liked it actually
[12:23] <Impossibubbles> because it was something to do
[12:23] <Impossibubbles> but my parents said no
[12:23] <Chrismajor2124> If your church is anything like mine, they'd love a volunteer or two :P 
[12:23] <Impossibubbles> and I also know nothing about equipment 
[12:23] <AmazingPythor> brb
[12:24] <Chrismajor2124> They'd teach you. I had to learn the video switcher the first couple times but then it gets easy
[12:24] <Impossibubbles> Instead I just try not to fall asleep every sunday 
[12:24] <Chrismajor2124> Aw man
[12:32] <Impossibubbles> Gotta go o/ 
[12:32] <AmazingPythor> aw cya bubbles
[12:34] <Chrismajor2124> Ah, kanji. You will destroy me one day
[12:35] <Brick425> o/ 
[12:35] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[12:35] <Brick425> SAT
[12:37] <Brick425> Fine
[12:40] <Brick425> Slice o/ 
[12:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> back
[12:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> WHAT
[12:40] <Brick425> Well, this is directed at both of you now
[12:40] <Brick425> Do you make any spacecraft?
[12:41] <Brick425> Dan o/ 
[12:41] <Leinad~> \o 
[12:41] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> That's next to be produced.
[12:41] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Once we have developed appropriate weaponry and power for our spacecraft, we shall build a fleet and then rapidly expand our forces on earth and in space
[12:42] <Chrismajor2124> Sign me up. You'll need a programmer/circuit designer
[12:42] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> This is for NationStates :P 
[12:43] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> But I appreciate the enthusiasm :P 
[12:43] <Chrismajor2124> Aw ...
[12:43] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I mean, with a physics student and a computer engineering student, spaceships would be easy to build! :P 
[12:43] <Chrismajor2124> Oh for sure
[12:44] <Chrismajor2124> I almost considered aerospace but I'm still not sure ...
[12:44] <Brick425> I have a fleet but IDK what kind of weapons they have. :P 
[12:44] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Yeah, I considered aerospace as well. 
[12:44] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Oh, Brick? :P 
[12:44] <Brick425> But I want to make a subsidiary of Marlin Motors Corporation called Marlin Galactic that makes ships for civilians, too
[12:44] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Nothing specific at all?
[12:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I think I'll go with rail guns, despite the obvious flaws presented by Newton's third law
[12:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> In order to compensate, we'll adopt the Project Orion approach :{P 
[12:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Need a course redirect? Nuke :P 
[12:46] <Brick425> Newton's 3rd Law destroys everything I come up with.
[12:47] <Chrismajor2124> But you know what they say about laws - they were meant to be broken
[12:47] <Brick425> Maybe you could have small compensating engines that, whenever you fired, it reduced the effects of the recoil on the ship
[12:47] <Brick425> Maybe to George Lucas, Chris
[12:48] <Chrismajor2124> Couldn't resist
[12:48] <Brick425> i.e. Mr. Sound In Space
[12:48] <Chrismajor2124> Oh gosh
[12:48] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> We try to have some rules to follow in our fantasy galaxy-spanning nations :{P 
[12:48] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> 
[12:48] <Chrismajor2124> Are you trying to design a rail gun or a rail-gun-esque engine on a ship?
[12:48] <Brick425> Rail gun engine... Wat? :P 
[12:48] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Some have budgets for tech development like myself, others decide to build SOLAR POWERED AIRCRAFT :P 
[12:48] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> A rail gun, Chris
[12:48] <Chrismajor2124> I see
[12:49] <Brick425> Sorry, is solar powered aircraft not tech development? :P 
[12:49] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> If it's a paper airplane with a few solar panels on it, no :P 
[12:49] <Brick425> It's a multirole fighter plane.
[12:49] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> but what else do you expect from a commie state stuck in the '50s :P 
[12:49] <Brick425> What? That's Eskrada, not the IFR. :P 
[12:49] <Chrismajor2124> Perhaps loading the ammunition with a cartridge that ejects on firing. So the projectile launches forward and the cartridge ejects backwards to try and compensate for the motion
[12:49] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Matore, Brick :P 
[12:49] <Brick425> The IFR is the one with the solar plane. :P 
[12:50] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> That's an interesting proposal, Chris.
[12:50] <Brick425> Oh. Well, their standard issue weapon is a bullpup
[12:50] <Brick425> So it's a 90s commie country
[12:50] <Brick425> That's a good idea, actually
[12:50] <Brick425> But we'd have to make it so that only the magnets were strong enough to pull the rail out of its shell.
[12:51] <Chrismajor2124> Indeed
[12:51] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I mean, we could probably mount more standard weaponry on our ships, but rail guns are so overpowered, it's glorious :P 
[12:51] <Chrismajor2124> Go big or go home
[12:52] <Brick425> Or maybe it could work like a normal gun in a way. A hammer (In its gun sense, not the tool) would swing down and hit the back of the shell. The primer inside it explodes, sending the rail forward. The force propels the shell back, which in turn sends the hammer back up on its hinge, like a swing.
[12:52] <Brick425> Then magnets accelerate the rail further.
[12:52] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Holy crap, what about a Plasma Railgun?
[12:52] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I didn't even know that those existed :{P 
[12:52] <Chrismajor2124> Aw that would be interesting
[12:52] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> "The weapon was able to produce doughnut-shaped rings of plasma and balls of lightning that exploded with devastating effects when hitting their target."
[12:53] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Results of launching plasma with a railgun at a target :P 
[12:53] <Brick425> Plasma weapons have a range of 4 feet
[12:53] <Brick425> In real life, at least. :P 
[12:53] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> ^ :P 
[12:53] <Brick425> Unless you were firing a star, you can't condense plasma that much. :P 
[12:53] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I mean, we have space travel, I think some leeway is allowed :P 
[12:53] <Chrismajor2124> Perhaps a plasma discharge within a projectile round?
[12:53] <Chrismajor2124> Like a shotgun shell
[12:53] <Brick425> We have space travel in real life, too. :P 
[12:54] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> "woo-hoo, we've been to the moon"
[12:54] <Brick425> Is that not travel, by definition? :P 
[12:55] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> No (UD) 
[12:55] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> 
[12:55] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> It's "Low-earth orbit Travel"
[12:55] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Which is significantly less exciting :P 
[12:55] <Chrismajor2124> Indeed, but we're getting there
[12:55] <Chrismajor2124> I take it you followed Blue Origin's recent launch?
[12:55] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Yup
[12:56] <Chrismajor2124> That's the future
[12:56] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I had forgot that Blue Origin existed for a while :{P 
[12:56] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I was paying more attention to SpaceX's barges 
[12:57] <Chrismajor2124> SpaceX has done some good work, but Blue Origin's methods were surprisingly more reliable
[12:58] <Chrismajor2124> We watched the launch recording in my microprocessors class
[12:59] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> That's pretty cool!
[12:59] <Chrismajor2124> It was epic
[01:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> i often like looking at DARPA projects
[01:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> AND HOLY CRAP
[01:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.>
[01:02] <Chrismajor2124> Whoa - that's a thing?
[01:02] <Chrismajor2124> That's insanity!
[01:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Apparently
[01:03] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> That's unbelievable (UD) 
[01:03] <Brick425> Hot damn
[01:03] <Brick425> Or should I say, "hot metal?"
[01:03] <Brick425> AHAHAHAHA
[01:03] <Chrismajor2124> Not an inaccurate description :P 
[01:03] <Brick425> No, but seriously, we need to invest in that.
[01:03] <Brick425> o/ 
[01:04] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Apparently we are :P 
[01:04] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Oh, you mean our countries :P 
[01:04] <Brick425> Both :P 
[01:05] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I forgot about EMPS
[01:05] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> How did I forget about EMPs?
[01:05] <Legoanimals750> ?
[01:05] <Legoanimals750> @GW
[01:06] <Chrismajor2124> Game Wolf should start a metal band
[01:06] <Game Wolf> The Metal Band to End All Metal Bands 
[01:06] <Chrismajor2124> by Fall Out Boy
[01:06] <Brick425> Do EMPs actually work like Hollywood says they do? Stupid question. :P 
[01:06] <Game Wolf> *Irrelevant Trashy Music
[01:06] <Game Wolf> Yes. 
[01:07] <Game Wolf> But
[01:07] <Game Wolf> Byt
[01:07] <Game Wolf> *But
[01:07] <Chrismajor2124> Technically you can build an EMP
[01:07] <Chrismajor2124> But they're illegal, assuming you are caught of course
[01:07] <Chrismajor2124> A wild Sugariri appears
[01:07] <Sugariri> omg brick?
[01:07] <Game Wolf> they fry the circuits and there are special vaults and things to prevent and EMP from affecting your stuff. 
[01:07] <Chrismajor2124> Indeed
[01:08] <Chrismajor2124> Welcome to the scary world of cyber security
[01:08] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Aye, EMPS do work, and you don't actually need a nuclear blast :P 
[01:08] <Brick425> Illegal? That's not in the IFR government's dictionary
[01:08] <Sugariri> omg it is
[01:08] <Sugariri> I can't believe ya'll are still here
[01:08] <Brick425> Do I know you? :P 
[01:08] <Sugariri> Batgirl78
[01:08] <Game Wolf> But let's face it, if there ever came a day when an ordinary citizen was exposed to an EMP then we wouldn't even have any need for things with circuits. (Derp) 
[01:08] <Sugariri> xD
[01:08] <Legoanimals750> ah. :P 
[01:08] <AmazingPythor> Yo it's bats
[01:08] <Brick425> [[]]:O
[01:08] <Sugariri> Im rly old now
[01:09] <Pacman87> gtgb ye
[01:09] <Pacman87> lol bats
[01:09] <Brick425> ...How old is "rly old"? :P 
[01:09] <Sugariri> Like
[01:09] <Sugariri> 20
[01:09] <Sugariri> xD
[01:09] <Chrismajor2124> Wow. 20. You've seen it all
[01:09] <Game Wolf> Ha
[01:09] <Brick425> Haha Chris :P 
[01:09] <Game Wolf> No 20 year old would come here. 
[01:09] <Chrismajor2124> Tell me, Sugariri, what were the dinosaurs like?
[01:09] <Brick425> 20 isn't old. :P 
[01:09] <Sugariri> Thought I would just pop in
[01:10] <Game Wolf> The ammount of cancer that is generated from the thought of this place is enough to send even the most stable minds into a padded cell. 
[01:10] <Sugariri> I rly liked the t-rex
[01:10] <Sugariri> those were cool
[01:10] <Chrismajor2124> Did you ride one when you were a kid?
[01:10] <Brick425> "were"
[01:10] <Brick425> >implying the government doesn't have clones hidden in secret facilities all over the country (yk) 
[01:11] <Game Wolf> They dont Brick. 
[01:11] <Sugariri> yeh
[01:11] <Game Wolf> Thats the dumbest conspiracy theory ever. 
[01:11] <Sugariri> it was fun
[01:11] <Brick425> They do. They're waiting for the Russian invasion.
[01:11] <Sugariri> lol u kids and the goverment
[01:11] <Chrismajor2124> Did you know the CIA made up dinosaurs to discourage time travel by the general populace? :P 
[01:11] <Brick425> So the CIA knows time travel will be possible? :P 
[01:11] <Chrismajor2124> Wake up sheeple :p 
[01:11] <Game Wolf> Now, Bush doing 9/11 is a very likely story. 
[01:11] <Legoanimals750> Pfft, I'm sure they have it. :P 
[01:11] <Brick425> GW I hope that's a joke. :P 
[01:12] <Game Wolf> No. 
[01:12] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[01:12] <Chrismajor2124> Ked, harken
[01:12] <Sugariri> Trump is best meme
[01:12] <Game Wolf> Back in the 60's the government planned to cause even more deaths to rally support amongst the civilians for a war against Cuba. 
[01:12] <Sugariri> kek
[01:12] <Ked830> ey
[01:13] <Chrismajor2124> Damien Dahrk
[01:13] <Game Wolf> Does it really seem unlikely that they would kill a few thousands to do the same thing except against the Taliban?
[01:13] <Brick425> Yes there is more than one edgy girl out there who likes bats, Batty. :P 
[01:13] <Sugariri> ;-;
[01:13] <Sugariri> I'm not edgy anymore
[01:13] <Game Wolf> And No Lego, they don't have time travel. 
[01:13] <Chrismajor2124> Damien Dahrk and Eobard Thawne are behind the whole thing
[01:13] <Sugariri> I'm kawaii desu 
[01:13] <Chrismajor2124> Japanese?
[01:13] <Sugariri> and old
[01:13] <Sugariri> no just a weeb
[01:14] <Legoanimals750> Oh. (derp) 
[01:14] <Game Wolf> Now, Time travel is possible but only forward. 
[01:14] <Chrismajor2124> にほんごおわかりますか
[01:14] <Chrismajor2124> Aw dang the kanji didnt show up
[01:14] <Sugariri> あい
[01:14] <Sugariri> <3
[01:14] <Chrismajor2124> すごいですね
[01:15] <Chrismajor2124> I don't know very much though - just a student
[01:15] <Brick425> GW:
[01:15] <Brick425> 1. The Taliban was the government at the time, so that's a bad excuse.
[01:15] <Brick425> 2. If anything, 9/11 would be used as an excuse to invade Iraq, not Afghanistan.
[01:15] <Brick425> 3. Unlike Cuba at the time, the Taliban has no allied countries that would retaliate, let alone allied countries with nuclear weapons.
[01:15] <Game Wolf> According to theoretical physics if you were to reach high enough of a speed you could travel to the future. But not back. 
[01:15] <Sugariri> Same
[01:15] <Legoanimals750> *Has Google Translate open* :P 
[01:15] <Sugariri> im just smol old lady
[01:15] <Sugariri> LOL
[01:15] <Brick425> smol
[01:15] <Chrismajor2124> smol?
[01:15] <Game Wolf> I could have been wrong when I said Taliban. But it was some threat in the Middle East. 
[01:15] <Game Wolf> And jet fuel can't melt steel beams. 
[01:16] <Sugariri> small
[01:16] <Brick425> If you don't know what you're talking about, GW, don't say it. :P 
[01:16] <Brick425> You're a small old lady? :P 
[01:16] <Sugariri> yus
[01:16] <Brick425> How tall are you? :P 
[01:16] <Sugariri> ya'll are too srs for babies
[01:16] <Chrismajor2124> Actually GW there was a YouTuber who used jet fuel to melt a steel beam
[01:16] <Sugariri> 5'1 remember?
[01:16] <Game Wolf> 😐
[01:16] <Brick425> No, I don't remember. :P 
[01:16] <Game Wolf> Stop talking Chris. 
[01:16] <Chrismajor2124> But that doesn't discredit your theory though. I would not be surprised if your theory had some credibility
[01:16] <Brick425> But at least I know I'm taller than someone here
[01:16] <AmazingPythor> *accidentally steps on bats*
[01:16] <Game Wolf> Now. 😐
[01:16] <Sugariri> wen he doesn't remember
[01:16] <Brick425> I'm 5'6 and a half. :P 
[01:16] <BatGirl9431> O_O 
[01:16] <Sugariri> wao pyther
[01:17] <AmazingPythor> 6'2
[01:17] <Chrismajor2124> Aw dang, I'm 6
[01:17] <Brick425> "wen he doesn't remember" It's not like I forgot today was your birthday. :P 
[01:17] <BatGirl9431> AP, why u step on bats?
[01:17] <Sugariri> xDD
[01:17] <Game Wolf> It is highly credible given that the government literally had plans to do THE SAME THING BUT ON A MUCH LARGER SCALE TO RALLY SUPPORT FOR A WAR AGAINST CUBA IN THE 60'S
[01:17] <Brick425> Unless it is, in which case, what do you want for your birthday? :P 
[01:17] <Chrismajor2124> Like I said, GW, I would not be surprised
[01:17] <Sugariri> my birthday was months ago
[01:17] <Legoanimals750> It's a joke about the height. :P 
[01:17] <Brick425> Again GW, Cuba actually had allies
[01:17] <Sugariri> watchy mean
[01:18] <Game Wolf> And the DoE is doing experiments like I'm Stranger Things. 
[01:18] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> The government had all kinds of "plans" There was a plan to nuke the Soviet Union if they invaded Yugoslavia
[01:18] <Game Wolf> *in
[01:18] <Brick425> I just realized
[01:18] <Brick425> >20
[01:18] <Brick425> >born in 1996
[01:18] <Brick425> >FUUUUUTUUUUURE
[01:18] <Brick425> Per Sat
[01:18] <Brick425> Operation Unthinkable
[01:18] <Game Wolf> No, I mean they actually planned to do it. 
[01:18] <Brick425> Nuke China in the Korean War
[01:18] <Brick425> etc
[01:18] <Game Wolf> But the current president shut down the idea. 
[01:19] <Sugariri> are u still a child brick
[01:19] <Sugariri> lel
[01:19] <Brick425> Take off your tinfoil hat, GW. :P 
[01:19] <Brick425> I'm 15, so technically, yes. :P 
[01:19] <Sugariri> omg
[01:19] <Chrismajor2124> I am actually 20, no joke
[01:19] <Sugariri> I forgot how young u were
[01:19] <Brick425> GET A JOB, YOU HIPPIE
[01:19] <Sugariri> r u mocking me
[01:19] <Brick425> No, I was talking to Chris
[01:19] <Sugariri> okiis
[01:19] <Brick425> But you should get a job, too
[01:19] <Sugariri> I have a job
[01:19] <Sugariri> danks
[01:19] <Chrismajor2124> Me? I have a job - fixing everyone's crap :P 
[01:19] <AmazingPythor> Get another one
[01:20] <Brick425> What are you, Chris? :P 
[01:20] <Chrismajor2124> "My internet won't work!"
[01:20] <Chrismajor2124> "You're using Internet Explorer"
[01:20] <Chrismajor2124> "Oh"
[01:20] <Romaniandude12> i'm straight
[01:20] <Game Wolf> Yes, because I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist even though the government did plan do frame Cuba for doing terrorist attacks and the plan was shut down by the president at the time, 
[01:20] <Sugariri> gg
[01:20] <Sugariri> nothin else to do
[01:20] <Chrismajor2124> Mostly tech consulting. I've worked with robotics education groups, as my church's audio and video team, and even tutoring on campus
[01:20] <Brick425> GW, so far all you've said has been all declarative statements and no evidence
[01:20] <Sugariri> :p bye children
[01:20] <Brick425> nooooo
[01:20] <Chrismajor2124> See ya
[01:21] <AmazingPythor> cya bats
[01:21] <Legoanimals750> Bye o/ 
[01:21] <Sugariri> <3
[01:22] <Game Wolf> Im a crazy conspiracy theorist because I said that the DoE was doing Stranger Things esq. experiments, even though a guy a few months ago submitted a freedom of information request for anything regarding anything similar or regarding Stranger Things and got a bunch of papers, most of which were employee emails discussing spoilers, but some partially redacted ones referenced experiments like in Stranger Things. 
[01:23] <Game Wolf> And the one about Cuba is me stating a well known fact. 
[01:23] <Chrismajor2124> Relax GW - if anything, it seems like the conspiracy theorists are less and less discredible these days
[01:23] <Chrismajor2124> Am I convinced beyond doubt? No. Am I discarding the theory? No
[01:23] <Game Wolf> And let's not forget about the program in the 30's that did forced sterilization on blacks. 
[01:24] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> ... Not going to comment on that one :P 
[01:24] <Chrismajor2124> Like I said, I would not be surprised
[01:24] <Brick425> So what you're saying is that if America did crazy stuff when it was a different time, therefore it did crazy stuff now
[01:24] <Brick425> That's the "proof" you're giving here
[01:25] <Game Wolf> Or during the 50-70's when the CIA experimented on government employees, military, and civilian personnel for part of a mind control project where those being experimented on were unwilling subjects. 
[01:25] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> ah, MKUltra
[01:25] <Chrismajor2124> Well how can you prove it though? You can go through cycles of "this is made up!" and "this is real!" and "this is legit!" and "that is faulty information!" and so forth. You can't really "prove" a conspiracy, but you can give probable cause
[01:25] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I love those stories :P 
[01:25] <Chrismajor2124> But that's all
[01:26] <Game Wolf> 1) MKUltra was real. This a confirmed theory. 
[01:26] <Brick425> Nobody's saying MKUltra is fak
[01:26] <Brick425> *fake
[01:26] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> ^
[01:26] <Game Wolf> 2) The forced sterilization of blacks was real. 
[01:26] <Game Wolf> 3) The plans involving Cuba were real. 
[01:26] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> .... darn :{P 
[01:27] <Legoanimals750> *Looks at chat* wth
[01:27] <Game Wolf> 4) The stuff about Stranger Things is a rather new bit of info, but it's also real
[01:27] <Trenzalord11> hola o/ 
[01:27] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[01:28] <Brick425> Even though nobody is saying things 1, 2, and 3 are fake, as for number 4, you can't just say it's real
[01:28] <Brick425> That doesn't mean it's real. :P 
[01:28] <Game Wolf>
[01:29] <Game Wolf> Latest article on it. 
[01:29] <Game Wolf> Might be language. 
[01:29] <Game Wolf> Didnt skim it all. 
[01:29] <Chrismajor2124> Well sorry peoples but i should get food. Until later
[01:29] <Legoanimals750> So you linked something you haven't read?
[01:30] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> "But then, there was this jaw-dropping email from Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz:
[01:30] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> 
[01:30] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> It's not true that “the Energy Department doesn't explore parallel universes.” We support theoretical physicists/cosmologists through the Office of Science High Energy Physics program, some of whom almost certainly are doing a fair amount of research on parallel universes."
[01:30] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> How is this "jaw-dropping?"
[01:31] <Game Wolf> No, I linked an article I haven't read about something I have read about. 
[01:31] <Ked830> pings why
[01:31] <RoboticBrick28> linKED
[01:31] <RoboticBrick28> that is why
[01:31] <Game Wolf> Poor ked
[01:32] <Legoanimals750> So I was right. :P 
[01:32] <AmazingPythor> brb
[01:33] <Ked830> kay changed it
[01:33] <Ked830> actually
[01:33] <Ked830> bai
[01:33] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[01:34] <Jahchildren> I did a coming back. :U
[01:34] <Game Wolf> And I looked up the thing about Jet fuel melting steel beams. Turns out in the video the guy heated up the fuel to 300 degrees higher than normal burning jet fuel. 
[01:35] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> RIP
[01:35] <Game Wolf> Alright, I've got homework so I'm going to be off for a bit but I might return. 
[01:35] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> exposed
[01:35] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> all right, cya, wolf
[01:36] <Brick425> GTG
[01:36] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> cya brick
[01:36] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[01:37] <HyperFlash Studios>
[01:37] <HyperFlash Studios> yes
[01:38] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> noice
[01:39] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[01:39] <HyperFlash Studios> Falafel :{P 
[01:40] <Son of Elrond> Hiphype :{P 
[01:41] <Son of Elrond> what is up
[01:41] <HyperFlash Studios> not much
[01:42] <HyperFlash Studios> Got new headphones today
[01:42] <HyperFlash Studios>
[01:42] <HyperFlash Studios> Ey Loney o/ 
[01:42] <Loney 97> oh man it's so cold in my room right now
[01:43] <Son of Elrond> nice hype
[01:44] <Loney 97> The heater's been on for hours but it isn't doing anything.
[01:45] <Trenzalord11> soe soe soe
[01:45] <Trenzalord11> hai
[01:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> lel, I thought you were chanting "STATE OWNED ENTERPRISE"
[01:45] <Loney 97> Basement rooms suck, and my window is the only one in the house that hasn't been replaced and is still super old and drafty.
[01:46] <Son of Elrond> hi trenz
[01:46] <Trenzalord11> sup
[01:46] <Son of Elrond> things
[01:47] <Trenzalord11> (xD) 
[01:48] <Loney 97> Did you do a lot of shopping for those headphones Hype? I've been looking around for some for myself lately.
[01:48] <HyperFlash Studios> I mean
[01:48] <Trenzalord11> ooo any particular kind you're looking for?
[01:48] <HyperFlash Studios> I checked several different pairs on amazon
[01:48] <Trenzalord11> i can recommend a few as well
[01:49] <Trenzalord11> <3
[01:50] <HyperFlash Studios> my dad has those
[01:50] <HyperFlash Studios> but in black
[01:50] <Trenzalord11> omg really XD
[01:50] <Trenzalord11> they are seriously the best things i've evr put on my ears omg
[01:50] <HyperFlash Studios> Well
[01:50] <HyperFlash Studios> Not the exact model
[01:50] <HyperFlash Studios> But same brand I believe
[01:50] <Trenzalord11> ahhh 
[01:50] <HyperFlash Studios> his don't fold
[01:50] <Trenzalord11> he might have the larger size that goes over there ear
[01:50] <Trenzalord11> yeah
[01:51] <Trenzalord11> the ear*
[01:51] <Trenzalord11> bose also has some nice ones but they're more spendy and less pretty (xD) 
[01:52] <Son of Elrond> trenz
[01:52] <Son of Elrond> stop using that emote please
[01:52] <Trenzalord11> yas
[01:52] <Trenzalord11> why XD
[01:52] <Son of Elrond> because no one actually makes that face when they laugh 
[01:52] <Son of Elrond> and it's hideous 
[01:52] <Trenzalord11> LOL
[01:53] <HyperFlash Studios> if I could I might
[01:53] <Trenzalord11> but [[]]:D is more of a general smile
[01:53] <Trenzalord11> and :'D is actually terrifying 
[01:53] <Son of Elrond> just do xD
[01:53] <Trenzalord11> ok xD
[01:53] <Son of Elrond> or don't use emotes at all (derp) 
[01:53] <Trenzalord11> no i love emotes <3
[01:53] <Son of Elrond> but then you'll sound overly sarcastic I guess
[01:54] <Trenzalord11> yes
[01:54] <Son of Elrond> haha
[01:54] <Trenzalord11> and i am not sarcastic at all
[01:54] <Trenzalord11> like seriously xD
[01:54] <Son of Elrond> hahahah
[01:54] <Son of Elrond> ha
[01:54] <Trenzalord11> also what were you saying hype xD
[01:54] <Loney 97> Once people get used to it, it doesn't sound that sarcastic anymore
[01:54] <Son of Elrond> I suppose so Lones
[01:54] <Trenzalord11> eh fair enough 
[01:55] <Loney 97> I'm personally trying to wean myself off of emoticons
[01:55] <Trenzalord11> <span style="font-size:7pt;">but everyone sounds the same</span>
[01:55] <Loney 97> we'll see how it goes
[01:55] <Son of Elrond> I'm only trying to use them when necessary 
[01:55] <Son of Elrond> xD
[01:55] <Legoanimals750> Good luck
[01:56] <Son of Elrond> Wait
[01:56] <Son of Elrond> who's IronDUke
[01:56] <Son of Elrond> *DUke
[01:56] <Son of Elrond> Duke
[01:56] <Son of Elrond> darnit
[01:56] <Legoanimals750> (y) 
[01:56] <Son of Elrond> ty
[01:56] <Son of Elrond> (who is he though)
[01:57] <Jahchildren> gtg home \o 
[01:58] <Son of Elrond> nevermind then (derp) 
[01:58] <RoboticBrick28> IronDuke18 is a human ;p 
[01:58] <Son of Elrond> Robo shush up k :P 
[01:59] <RoboticBrick28> but he is a human ;p 
[01:59] <ItsCryptiid>
[01:59] <ItsCryptiid> I pay >$150 on a regular basis for this 
[02:00] <RoboticBrick28> Maj. o/ 
[02:00] <Son of Elrond> ai maj
[02:00] <Majolo9050> deeeettt
[02:00] <Majolo9050> ai fel
[02:00] <Son of Elrond> deet deet
[02:00] <Son of Elrond> doot doot
[02:01] <Loney 97> Headphone shopping definitely does a number on my head and my heart - I just want something that both looks and sounds good.
[02:01] <Majolo9050> derp derp
[02:01] <Majolo9050> (Derp4) 
[02:01] <Trenzalord11> hallo maj o/ 
[02:01] <ItsCryptiid> Loney, just as long as you dont get Beats
[02:01] <ItsCryptiid> You're gold
[02:01] <Majolo9050> hai trenz
[02:01] <Trenzalord11> true lol
[02:01] <ItsCryptiid> Guess I'm watching yet another video in 144p
[02:01] <ItsCryptiid> Only for it to buffer ever 2 seconds
[02:01] <Trenzalord11> btw i has more art:
[02:02] <Son of Elrond> does you has more grammars 
[02:02] <Trenzalord11> i do not has no grammars 
[02:02] <Son of Elrond> oh
[02:02] <Loney 97> I like the look of these but I know I'll break the cord, it's way too thin
[02:02] <Son of Elrond> ok
[02:02] <Majolo9050> det go to the handy substitute for pm pls
[02:02] <Trenzalord11> loney the cord on those is actually reeeaaally thick and long
[02:02] <Trenzalord11> i have a pair
[02:02] <Trenzalord11> they sound amazing for the price, too
[02:03] <Loney 97> Oh hey, cool.
[02:03] <Son of Elrond> i hAVE AN APPLE
[02:03] <Trenzalord11> WE HAVE A HULK
[02:03] <Loney 97> don't you dare soe
[02:03] <Son of Elrond> UH
[02:03] <Majolo9050> i got a jar of dirt
[02:03] <Son of Elrond> APPLE P- *gets shot*
[02:03] <Trenzalord11> and guess what's insiiiide iiiit
[02:03] <Legoanimals750> *kick*
[02:03] <Loney 97> Do they have a good soundstage or whatever? 
[02:04] <ItsCryptiid> Apparently our band director swore at the marching band yesterday kek
[02:04] <Majolo9050> mine does that all the time crypt xD
[02:04] <Trenzalord11> hmmm
[02:04] <ItsCryptiid> This guy never does though 
[02:04] <Majolo9050> because nobody ever seems to practice
[02:04] <Trenzalord11> honestly i think they're better than my v-modas
[02:04] <Loney 97> I've never had any kind of good headphones besides trying on my brothers for a bit, so I don't know much about them :P 
[02:05] <Trenzalord11> sometimes it sounds like you're right there in the room -- the acoustics are terrific 
[02:05] <Loney 97> Anything's going to sound a lot better than what I'm used to.
[02:05] <Loney 97> What kind of music do you usually use listen to?
[02:05] <Trenzalord11> but the bass is not as boom-y, but they're not tinny, either -- they fall more in-between
[02:06] <Trenzalord11> literally everything but country, including soundtracks and classical lol
[02:06] <ItsCryptiid> Our marching band is going to some huge statewide competition and they had ran through one of the really hard pieces.
[02:06] <ItsCryptiid> They must've done really bad because the director was like
[02:06] <ItsCryptiid> ahhh forget it
[02:07] <ItsCryptiid> it's a story for another time
[02:07] <Loney 97> Okay, cool.
[02:08] <Loney 97> I'll have to figure out where to buy them from now though. They're literally 80 bucks on
[02:08] <Loney 97> this is the stuff I have to put up with
[02:08] <ItsCryptiid> iDubbbz videos have such unnecessarily long intros.
[02:08] <Trenzalord11> they're the type of headphones i use for certain situations; they're best for things where acoustics are important, like movies or live instruments, but for more electronic sounds and stuff i like my v-modas better
[02:08] <ItsCryptiid> Especially content cop
[02:08] <Trenzalord11> ouuuuuch
[02:08] <Trenzalord11> they're $35 on US amazon, rip
[02:08] <Loney 97> I know :P 
[02:09] <Trenzalord11> try b&h -- they're cheap there too
[02:09] <Loney 97> Good idea
[02:09] <Chrismajor2124> Hey people ... again
[02:09] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> hey
[02:09] <Chrismajor2124> Doctor
[02:10] <RoboticBrick28> Chris is beginning to realize that the addiction is a strong one. ;p 
[02:10] <Chrismajor2124> Oh indeed, Robo good sir, indeed
[02:10] <Trenzalord11> illlll brb
[02:11] <Chrismajor2124> Hmm, no Japanese homework scheduled for tomorrow
[02:12] <Trenzalord11> mmmmmback
[02:12] <Romaniandude12> k
[02:12] <Trenzalord11> ooo you learning japanese?
[02:13] <ItsCryptiid> Is "trenzalord" a reference to Trent Reznor or am I completely and utterly wrong?
[02:13] <Trenzalord11> well it is now because trent reznor is way better than what it's actually referencing xD
[02:13] <ItsCryptiid> What was it referencing
[02:14] <Chrismajor2124> Yep, I'm learning Japanese
[02:14] <Trenzalord11> trenzalord and time lord, both from doctor who haha
[02:14] <Trenzalord11> NIIIIIICE, same
[02:14] <Romaniandude12> *trenzalore
[02:14] <Romaniandude12> ?
[02:15] <Trenzalord11> *YES
[02:15] <Romaniandude12> i dont think trenzalord is a reference to trenzalord (derp) 
[02:15] <Trenzalord11> LOL
[02:15] <Trenzalord11> i wish doctor who was still good ;-;
[02:15] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> .... You don't like Peter Capaldi? :P 
[02:16] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> But apparently the Trenzalore arc was... good? :P 
[02:16] <ItsCryptiid> Changed pfp
[02:16] <ItsCryptiid> bcuz
[02:16] <Son of Elrond> oh look it's MS paint
[02:16] <Trenzalord11> peter capaldi is GREAT but his episodes are trash xD
[02:16] <Legoanimals750> agree
[02:16] <Trenzalord11> i liked mummy on the orient express
[02:16] <Trenzalord11> but pretty much everything else
[02:16] <Trenzalord11> ew
[02:16] <Brick425> o/ 
[02:16] <Trenzalord11> flatline was good
[02:17] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> True enough, he has some great ones. Listen, Mummy on the Orient Express, Heaven Sent
[02:17] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> But I think most sucked :P 
[02:17] <Trenzalord11> agreed
[02:17] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Through no fault of his own
[02:17] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I think the writing is just terrible :P 
[02:17] <Trenzalord11> has season 10 started?
[02:17] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> not yet
[02:17] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I think it starts in a few months
[02:17] <Trenzalord11> yep, and moffat can only do the same thing over and over and over, apparently 
[02:17] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> ugh
[02:17] <Romaniandude12> never seen DW myself
[02:17] <Brick425> Me either
[02:17] <Trenzalord11> it's good until season 8, basically 
[02:18] <Trenzalord11> 7 is hit and miss
[02:18] <Romaniandude12> though ive watched the doctor shanges
[02:18] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> DW is like... how to describe it.
[02:18] <Romaniandude12> *changes
[02:18] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> It's like someone holding an oreo above your head, but if you touch it, you get 10,000 volts of electricity running through your body
[02:18] <Romaniandude12> k
[02:18] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> It has the illusion of being good, but then it burns you (UD) 
[02:18] <Romaniandude12> thx for clearing it up
[02:18] <Chrismajor2124> Whoa, I duck out for one minute and ... overflow :P 
[02:19] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> It always has the /potential/ of being good, but then it never fails to disappoint :P 
[02:19] <Trenzalord11> it almost always fails when it takes itself seriously lol
[02:19] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I don't know about that, I think there's a good mixture of both.
[02:19] <Trenzalord11> with the exception of the first 5 or 6 seasons i guess
[02:19] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Mummy and Heaven Sent both had different tones, but both were good
[02:20] <Trenzalord11> i can never decide if i like heaven sent or not xD
[02:20] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I think it's brilliant, but I just love the concept.
[02:21] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Regardless, I think there can be good in both seriousness and whimsy, but it has to be portrayed well
[02:21] <Trenzalord11> TRUE, i do like the concept
[02:21] <Son of Elrond> brb
[02:21] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> With decent writing and likable, believable characters :P 
[02:21] <Legoanimals750> Which one was that dream episode in season 9? 
[02:21] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> aka not steven moffat and clara oswald
[02:22] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Dream episode... The Christmas special? :P 
[02:22] <Chrismajor2124> Pinged :P 
[02:22] <Trenzalord11> omg moffat
[02:22] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I think you're talking about the Christmas special, and no Christmas special is good :P 
[02:22] <Trenzalord11> his recent track record with DW has me in so much anxiety about sherlock, like gosh
[02:22] <Chrismajor2124> Pinged again :P 
[02:22] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> SORRY :P 
[02:22] <Romaniandude12> OH
[02:22] <Romaniandude12> the stars got fixed
[02:22] <Legoanimals750> No wait, the one with the sandmen. :P 
[02:22] <Romaniandude12> lol
[02:22] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> oh
[02:23] <Trenzalord11> is iforgotmypassword's password irememberedmypassword
[02:23] <Trenzalord11> XD
[02:23] <AmazingPythor> "no christmas special is good"
[02:23] <AmazingPythor> >triggered
[02:23] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I think Sherlock will be good.
[02:23] <Legoanimals750> I liked the 2015 one. :p 
[02:23] <Romaniandude12> try it trenz
[02:23] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> He isn't in complete control of Sherlock :P 
[02:23] <Iforgotmypassword9again9> no i think my password has the word dino in it somewhere idk
[02:23] <Chrismajor2124> Star Wars Christmas Specia;
[02:23] <Trenzalord11> i reeeeaaaally didn't like the Sherlock christmas special lol
[02:23] <Chrismajor2124> * special
[02:23] <AmazingPythor> Sat have you never heard of the /spongebob christmas special/
[02:23] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> nor did I
[02:23] <Trenzalord11> i love everything else though so fingers crossed
[02:23] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I'm not talking about Christmas specials in general
[02:23] <Trenzalord11> and the trailer for season 4 looks stellar
[02:23] <AmazingPythor> Oh
[02:23] <AmazingPythor> Sorry I have no idea what's going on
[02:23] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> but it's spongebob
[02:23] <AmazingPythor> ignore me
[02:23] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> so it automatically sucks
[02:24] <Romaniandude12> git rekt ape
[02:24] <Trenzalord11> XD
[02:24] <Legoanimals750> Found it, "Sleep no more" gosh that was awful imo
[02:24] <Romaniandude12> the doctor's name is so stupid
[02:24] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> oh god
[02:24] <Trenzalord11> wait did i miss something
[02:24] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> yeah, that was a bad one, animals
[02:24] <ItsCryptiid> Can I whine about LU still
[02:25] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I had tried to remove that from my memory
[02:25] <ItsCryptiid> Or am I too old for that.
[02:25] <Romaniandude12> whats lu
[02:25] <ItsCryptiid> Lego Universe
[02:25] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Crypt, that's the first time I've thought about LU in about a year :P 
[02:25] <Romaniandude12> im jk
[02:25] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[02:25] <ItsCryptiid> It came back to me too
[02:25] <Trenzalord11> i loved the LU creation lab loool
[02:25] <ItsCryptiid> Surprisingly because of a /v/ thread
[02:25] <Brick425> Bubbles o/ 
[02:25] <ItsCryptiid> 4chan remembers LU.
[02:25] <ItsCryptiid> 4chan.
[02:25] <Trenzalord11> cancer
[02:25] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> wat
[02:25] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Pulling up /v/ now :P 
[02:25] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> 
[02:25] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> god I hate that board
[02:25] <Chrismajor2124> Lego Universe.
[02:26] <ItsCryptiid> I can link you ot the threa
[02:26] <Chrismajor2124> 2012 Never Forget
[02:26] <ItsCryptiid> *to thread
[02:26] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Please do
[02:26] <Brick425> Woohoo, I'm the least pacifist in the region! That's a real achievement in my book.
[02:26] <Legoanimals750> Good for you. :P 
[02:26] <Trenzalord11> wat
[02:26] <Impossibubbles> So today in psych
[02:26] <Impossibubbles> everyone was freaking out when I walked in
[02:26] <ItsCryptiid> why
[02:26] <Impossibubbles> because a 7 page paper
[02:26] <Trenzalord11> on a scale from 0/10 in pacifism i would score 10000 loool
[02:26] <Brick425> AHHH! A MONSTER!
[02:26] <Brick425> Oh wait that's just Isabel
[02:27] <Romaniandude12> brick
[02:27] <Impossibubbles> and then I was freaking out because I thought it must have been due today
[02:27] <Brick425> You panzy, Trenz
[02:27] <Impossibubbles> turns out it's due the 8th
[02:27] <Romaniandude12> i read that as allahu akbar
[02:27] <Impossibubbles> these babies
[02:27] <Romaniandude12> (link) 
[02:27] <Brick425> LOL ROM
[02:27] <Trenzalord11> ikr brick
[02:27] <Brick425> If I were a terrorist I'd blow Bubbles up, too
[02:27] <Brick425> That's one ISIS strike I'd sanction
[02:27] <Romaniandude12> brick just be liek "ALLAHU AKBAR"
[02:27] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> >not forcing her into a hijab 
[02:27] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> come now
[02:27] <Chrismajor2124> Wow
[02:27] <Brick425> Hijab or death, Sat
[02:27] <Trenzalord11> brb
[02:28] <Romaniandude12> same difference
[02:28] <Brick425> "same difference" kys white girl scum
[02:28] <Brick425> brb invading foelania
[02:28] <Chrismajor2124> We went there
[02:28] <Chrismajor2124> Wow
[02:28] <Romaniandude12> did you just assume my gender
[02:29] <Brick425> "The Free Land of Galewa is a very large, socially progressive nation, notable for its frequent executions, complete lack of public education, and spontaneously combusting cars. The hard-nosed, hard-working, democratic population of 180 million Galewans live in a state of perpetual fear, as a complete breakdown of social order has led to the rise of order through biker gangs."
[02:29] <Brick425> 
[02:29] <Brick425> Mad Max: Somalian Edition
[02:29] <Impossibubbles> I'm not paying attention, what
[02:29] <HyperFlash Studios> None of you are particularly funny
[02:29] <Romaniandude12> you arent all that handsome
[02:29] <Allya373> Whats goin on
[02:29] <Romaniandude12> (pfftch) 
[02:29] <Brick425> Except me, of course @Hype
[02:29] <ItsCryptiid> >spontaneously combusting cars
[02:29] <ItsCryptiid> kek
[02:29] <Brick425> I'm handsome, too
[02:29] <HyperFlash Studios> shut up rom
[02:29] <ItsCryptiid> I wanna build a car that can self-destruct
[02:29] <HyperFlash Studios> at least I look better than you
[02:29] <Romaniandude12> you moron
[02:29] <ItsCryptiid> Whenever you want.
[02:29] <Allya373> What?
[02:29] <Brick425> It's called a Ford Pinto, Crypt
[02:29] <HyperFlash Studios> Yeah deputy
[02:29] <Romaniandude12> have you /seen/ my hair boi
[02:29] <Brick425> Just rear end it to make it blow up
[02:29] <HyperFlash Studios> Ofc you're funny
[02:29] <Allya373> Bye
[02:29] <HyperFlash Studios> Yes rom
[02:29] <ItsCryptiid> BRB looking it up
[02:29] <Chrismajor2124> Ford Pinto :P 
[02:29] <HyperFlash Studios> it's dumb
[02:29] <HyperFlash Studios> k
[02:30] <Legoanimals750> I just lost track of what's going on in chat. :p 
[02:30] <HyperFlash Studios> You had track of it in the first place? :P 
[02:30] <HyperFlash Studios> Not an easy task :P 
[02:30] <Romaniandude12> i lost track of whats going on here two years ago
[02:30] <HyperFlash Studios> obviously
[02:30] <Impossibubbles> why are you a mod, rom
[02:30] <Legoanimals750> Kind of i lost it after we stopped talking about Doctor Who. :P 
[02:30] <HyperFlash Studios> Like thinking you could get cm
[02:31] <Romaniandude12> because if you cant understand them
[02:31] <Romaniandude12> rule over them
[02:31] <Romaniandude12> (y) 
[02:31] <HyperFlash Studios> i have more power than u
[02:31] <HyperFlash Studios> so
[02:31] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Or voluntarily resign and return power to the people
[02:31] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> (y) 
[02:31] <HyperFlash Studios> gl with that
[02:31] <ItsCryptiid> We're starting Plato's Republic in philosophy 
[02:31] <Romaniandude12> Ap
[02:31] <Brick425> Bubbles, don't act like you know what's going on either. :P 
[02:31] <ItsCryptiid> Hnnnnnnnng
[02:31] <Impossibubbles> I understand people too well
[02:31] <Romaniandude12> hes bullying me
[02:31] <AmazingPythor> *laughs at all the inferiors*
[02:31] <Impossibubbles> it's why I'm irritable all the time (derp4) 
[02:31] <Romaniandude12> AP
[02:31] <Brick425> Hell, you don't know what's going on on the Internet in general. Not just LMBW. :P 
[02:31] <AmazingPythor> yes rom
[02:31] <Romaniandude12> ill 1v1 u wen i git admin
[02:31] <Brick425> "wats mlg"
[02:31] <AmazingPythor> (wo) 
[02:32] <ItsCryptiid> Lego Universe
[02:32] <ItsCryptiid> What went right?
[02:32] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> WHO IS THIS 4CHAN HACKER
[02:32] <Brick425> rom 1v1 me on rust
[02:32] <Chrismajor2124> I wish I could get my hands on all of the old classic Lego Town sets ... "sigh" ... they're so beautiful
[02:32] <Brick425> interventions only
[02:32] <Legoanimals750> "I still don't know what mlg means" 
[02:32] <Romaniandude12> never played rust
[02:32] <Brick425> RUST IS A MW2 MAP YOU FOOL
[02:32] <Brick425> Jesus, you guys don't know good games
[02:32] <Romaniandude12> *foel
[02:32] <Romaniandude12> foelania
[02:32] <Romaniandude12> (pfftch) 
[02:32] <Impossibubbles> >still don't know what 4chan is
[02:32] <Brick425> And who the hell thin-kys
[02:33] <Impossibubbles> internet jargon (derp4) 
[02:33] <Brick425> 4chan is a message board where memes are made.
[02:33] <Brick425> Next question
[02:33] <AmazingPythor> bubbles you're impossible
[02:33] <Brick425> redundant
[02:33] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> brick
[02:33] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> that isn't true
[02:33] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> 9gag is where the memes are
[02:33] <Brick425> Ah yes
[02:33] <Brick425> The top quality memes
[02:33] <Impossibubbles> what is 9gag
[02:33] <Brick425> tip top
[02:33] <Chrismajor2124> 4Chan is the pit of the internet, where all that is good and honorable goes to die ... like a Romulan ship :P 
[02:33] <Brick425> 9gag is the crappy meme factory
[02:34] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> *facebook
[02:34] <Impossibubbles> reddit is another thing I don't understand
[02:34] <ItsCryptiid> 4chan is a horrible place.
[02:34] <ItsCryptiid> Stay away
[02:34] <Brick425> Reddit is a message board
[02:34] <Chrismajor2124> Indeed
[02:34] <ItsCryptiid> If not you'll end up realizing this and coming back to the board every single day.
[02:34] <Brick425> Subreddits are topics for it
[02:34] <Impossibubbles> I can never tell who is saying what on reddit
[02:34] <Legoanimals750> Well, I'm off bye o/ 
[02:34] <Impossibubbles> o/ 
[02:34] <AmazingPythor> \o 
[02:34] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> cya animals
[02:34] <ItsCryptiid> aye
[02:34] <Brick425> e.g. r/politics, r/terriblefacebookmemes, etc.
[02:34] <HyperFlash Studios> Bye web
[02:34] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> lel, r/politics
[02:35] <Brick425> r/the_donald
[02:35] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> r/the_donald
[02:35] <Impossibubbles> what
[02:35] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> 11/10 subreddit
[02:35] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> right next r/empiredidnothingwrong
[02:35] <Impossibubbles> what
[02:35] <Brick425> Mate, after the election, r/the_donald was complete pandemonium. :P 
[02:35] <Brick425> It was awesome. :P 
[02:35] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I know, I was posting :P 
[02:35] <Impossibubbles> what
[02:35] <Brick425> It was like a bunch of monkeys throwing their feces
[02:35] <Brick425> But in a celebratory way
[02:35] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> IK :P 
[02:35] <Brick425> BUBBLES
[02:35] <Trenzalord11> mmmmmback
[02:35] <Impossibubbles> what
[02:36] <KnightoftheLight> Donald Trump may be a decent president. :P 
[02:36] <KnightoftheLight> Mahbe
[02:36] <KnightoftheLight> *Maybe
[02:36] <Chrismajor2124> Better than Hillary :P 
[02:36] <Impossibubbles> you expect me to deduce that, brick
[02:36] <Brick425> Thanks for giving him a fair chance, Knight. No, seriously. Lots of people don't. :P 
[02:36] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> It's like r/Sanders4President, but not dead and with more memes :P 
[02:36] <Impossibubbles> I've been on reddit like 3 times in my life and each time was an accident 
[02:36] <AmazingPythor> bubbles are you for real
[02:36] <Trenzalord11> i liked him on 60 minutes the other day lol
[02:36] <Brick425> Reddit is cool though
[02:36] <Trenzalord11> reddit is amazing
[02:36] <Impossibubbles> you better hope the donald stays pres
[02:36] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Reddit's all right, "redditors" are not all right :P 
[02:36] <Impossibubbles> or you get Pence
[02:37] <Brick425> I mean yeah half the time I post a thread I screw up the tags but it's cool to browse
[02:37] <KnightoftheLight> He was valdly elected, protesting is just stupid. :P 
[02:37] <Game Wolf> I heard Sanders and president. 
[02:37] <Brick425> THANK YOU, KNIGHT. :p 
[02:37] <KnightoftheLight> We'll have another election in four years. :P 
[02:37] <Trenzalord11> ikr light
[02:37] <Chrismajor2124> Knight gets a Nobel Groscar
[02:37] <Game Wolf> And I was like "no". 
[02:37] <ItsCryptiid> The fact that Trump is being so militantly opposed by overzealous liberals and SJWs is pure gold.
[02:37] <Impossibubbles> I watched snl after the election
[02:37] <Chrismajor2124> Crypt gets a Nobel Groscar
[02:37] <Impossibubbles> they were so pissy
[02:37] <Trenzalord11> "he's not my president" -- well yeah he actually is dumb-dumb 
[02:37] <Game Wolf> Well, SJW's are cancerous. 
[02:37] <ItsCryptiid> The Trump Train runs on liberal tears.
[02:37] <KnightoftheLight> The snl stuff was dissapointing. :P 
[02:37] <Impossibubbles> it was lame
[02:37] <Brick425> Hillary gets elected: lol suck it republicans lol, keep whining
[02:37] <KnightoftheLight> No Alec Baldwin. :P 
[02:37] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hell, I thought SNL's skit on the election was hilarious :P 
[02:37] <ItsCryptiid> MAGAMAGAMAGAMAGA choo choo
[02:37] <AmazingPythor> SNL is always lame tho
[02:37] <Brick425> ^
[02:37] <Romaniandude12> hypepm
[02:38] <Impossibubbles> I thought the first half was hilarious, sat
[02:38] <Trenzalord11> i loved their trump one XD
[02:38] <Brick425> My mom is obsessed with SNL. :P 
[02:38] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> True
[02:38] <ItsCryptiid> I don't even watch SNL anymore.
[02:38] <ItsCryptiid> I haven't watched it in years.
[02:38] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> SNL does suck 99.9% of the time
[02:38] <KnightoftheLight> The election shit was basically my family minus the black people. :P 
[02:38] <KnightoftheLight> * SKIT
[02:38] <Impossibubbles> but then they had to go with the racism 
[02:38] <AmazingPythor> ...... :P 
[02:38] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> LEL
[02:38] <Impossibubbles> and it got irritating
[02:38] <Game Wolf> HA
[02:38] <Brick425> lol knight good one
[02:38] <Romaniandude12> sam :{P 
[02:38] <Impossibubbles> knight
[02:38] <KnightoftheLight> Sorry (fp) 
[02:38] <Brick425> You "accidentally" made a typo
[02:38] <Brick425> Mmhmm :P 
[02:38] <ItsCryptiid> Geez louise and carrots and peas. That is one hell of a typo.
[02:38] <Game Wolf> You made my day. 
[02:38] <Trenzalord11> "how are you gonna build the wall?"
[02:38] <Trenzalord11> 
[02:38] <Trenzalord11> "i'm gonna challenge them to the biggest match of jinga ever, and when it's all set up, i'm gonna say: I don't wanna play anymore"
[02:38] <Game Wolf> Thank toi. 
[02:38] <ItsCryptiid> H and K are pretty close on the keyboard.
[02:38] <Trenzalord11> "GENNNIIUUUSSSS"
[02:38] <Game Wolf> Its true 
[02:38] <KnightoftheLight> Typing on an iPad isn't the most reliable. (Derp) 
[02:38] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> However, SNL DOES get it right, every now and then
[02:38] <Dr. Satl, M.D.>
[02:38] <Brick425> H and K? *MP5 intensifies*
[02:39] <Brick425> ...Kep would have gotten that.
[02:39] <Impossibubbles> okey gtg
[02:39] <Trenzalord11> MP7 is better
[02:39] <Brick425> *Sigh*
[02:39] <Trenzalord11> lel
[02:39] <AmazingPythor> aw
[02:39] <AmazingPythor> cya bubbles
[02:39] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> This is a parody of a music video released by the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY :P 
[02:39] <Brick425> MP7 sucks
[02:39] <Brick425> Go back to CoD
[02:39] <Chrismajor2124> "Church" :P 
[02:39] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> *cult
[02:39] <ItsCryptiid> Why won't Sooubway die?
[02:39] <Brick425> *cash grab
[02:39] <Trenzalord11> i'm talking about the actual weapon XD
[02:39] <Brick425> I know. :P 
[02:39] <AmazingPythor> I should go for a bit too actually
[02:39] <AmazingPythor> bbs
[02:39] <Brick425> I don't like PDWs. :P 
[02:39] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Well, Scientology is the worst aspects of a cult and corporation combined.
[02:39] <Trenzalord11> eh fair enough
[02:40] <AmazingPythor> "I like people who don't get caught"
[02:40] <Game Wolf> Scuentology is funny. 
[02:40] <HyperFlash Studios> *scrolls up*
[02:40] <HyperFlash Studios> *sam makes redx*
[02:40] <HyperFlash Studios> k
[02:40] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[02:40] <Brick425> If 9mm doesn't penetrate armor, make a 10mm submachine gun
[02:40] <KnightoftheLight> One good thing about Trump is that overall he's not a corrupt politition. :P 
[02:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hype being super-cm
[02:40] <Brick425> We need a 10mm submachine gun. :P 
[02:40] <Brick425> Per Knight
[02:40] <Romaniandude12> i wanna kick sam just for good measure
[02:40] <Brick425> Trump actually funded his own campaign
[02:40] <Game Wolf> And he's not a rape apologist. 
[02:40] <HyperFlash Studios> I was afk
[02:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I'd like to propose a cult of Hyper
[02:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> 
[02:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> he knows all
[02:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> he sees all
[02:40] <KnightoftheLight> I've made homophobic typoes before. :
[02:40] <ItsCryptiid> What the hell do scientologists believe in? The Terminator? Is their holy trinity composed of Hal 9000, Wall-E, and R2D2?
[02:40] <HyperFlash Studios> I can't exactly do anything now
[02:40] <Brick425> No, Crypt
[02:40] <HyperFlash Studios> I was afk
[02:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I'd like to propose a cult of Hyper
[02:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> 
[02:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> he knows all
[02:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> he sees all
[02:40] <KnightoftheLight> I've made homophobic typoes before. :
[02:40] <ItsCryptiid> What the hell do scientologists believe in? The Terminator? Is their holy trinity composed of Hal 9000, Wall-E, and R2D2?
[02:40] <HyperFlash Studios> I can't exactly do anything now
[02:40] <Brick425> No, Crypt
[02:40] <ItsCryptiid> o
[02:40] <ItsCryptiid> figured
[02:40] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> They believe in Thetans....
[02:41] <Romaniandude12> "Well guys, it's getting late. Time for me to hit the gay"
[02:41] <Brick425> Scientology is like a street gang. You get in, and you can't leave.
[02:41] <Romaniandude12> (kappa) 
[02:41] <KnightoftheLight> Kick me, Rom. :P I honestly don't care. :P 
[02:41] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> and... I can't explain it...
[02:41] <Brick425> It's a cash grab.
[02:41] <ItsCryptiid> Thetans sound math-related
[02:41] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> You have to read the descriptions online to understand how ridiculous Scientology is
[02:41] <Trenzalord11> character aside, trump is much better cut out to be a leader than hillary is -- especially given hillary's military record lol
[02:41] <Game Wolf> And you have to pay to enter the higher ranks. 
[02:41] <Trenzalord11> don;t want her as commander and chief
[02:41] <Brick425> You pay more and more to find out the truth or whatever, but it's nothing.
[02:41] <Romaniandude12> but i like keeping my rights, sma
[02:41] <Romaniandude12> *sam
[02:41] <Brick425> Per Trenz. :P 
[02:41] <ItsCryptiid> I'm surprised about how pro-Trump you guys are.
[02:41] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Brick, did you watch "Going Clear?"
[02:41] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> 
[02:41] <ItsCryptiid> I thought you all would be militantly against him.
[02:41] <Game Wolf> Hes not that bad. 
[02:41] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I voted for Trump :P 
[02:41] <ItsCryptiid> You guys are patrish.
[02:41] <KnightoftheLight> Nah, Wolf was doing something gay-like and I called him "Gayasa" but with a typo. :P 
[02:41] <Brick425> I'm only pro-Trump when you bring Hillary into it
[02:42] <Brick425> But he isn't terrible
[02:42] <Trenzalord11> i think people focused WAY too much on character this election and way too little on professional history -- it felt like a soap opera
[02:42] <Brick425> Thank you, Trenz
[02:42] <Chrismajor2124> Trenza is right on
[02:42] <Chrismajor2124> Trenza gets a Nobel Groscar
[02:42] <Trenzalord11> some of the best leaders in history were horrible people lol 
[02:42] <Game Wolf> And this is coming from a guy who's family is literally one of the most mixed families on the planet. Blacks, whites, Chinese, Arabic, straight, gay, my family has it all. 
[02:42] <Game Wolf> (Derp) 
[02:42] <Brick425> What voting is for: Who will lead the US the best?
[02:42] <Brick425> What people think voting is for: Who is a better person?
[02:42] <Trenzalord11> ^
[02:43] <Romaniandude12> hype pm
[02:43] <Romaniandude12> nvm
[02:43] <Brick425> And then there's the triggered SJWs who voted for Clinton because she's a woman
[02:43] <Romaniandude12> pm glitched
[02:43] <Chrismajor2124> As a friend of mine once said, "Donald Trump is everything wrong with our culture and Hillary Clinton is everything wrong with our government."
[02:43] <Brick425> Which I don't even have to give a reason for why that's idiotic
[02:43] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> but she is qualified, she has breasts
[02:43] <Brick425> lol sat
[02:43] <Trenzalord11> LOL i like that, chris
[02:44] <Chrismajor2124> Thank you
[02:44] <Brick425> She dresses like an Imperial officer, though
[02:44] <Brick425> I mean, the white
[02:44] <Brick425> It's bad
[02:44] <Chrismajor2124> She does
[02:44] <ItsCryptiid>
[02:44] <ItsCryptiid> this solo
[02:44] <ItsCryptiid> hnnnng
[02:44] <Brick425> And then she says "May the force be with you"
[02:44] <Brick425> So that proves she's an undercover Jedi
[02:44] <Brick425> But she's a lizard robot jedi
[02:44] <Chrismajor2124> "I voted for Hillary because she wants to build a tolerant and accepting Death Star!"
[02:44] <Game Wolf> I had a moron liberal the other day say that everyone who supports trump is a racist, sexist, Islamaphobic, xenophobe. I told him about my families very mixed back ground and that I supported trump. All he had to say in reply was that I was stupid. 
[02:44] <Brick425> lol
[02:44] <Trenzalord11> Krennic —> Clinnic —> Clinton
[02:44] <Majolo9050> welll he's not wrong
[02:44] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> If Hillary ran her campaign on "BUILD THE DEATH STAR," I would have voted for her
[02:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> sorry :P 
[02:45] <Brick425> Maj, that's the 2nd stupidest thing I've heard anyone say
[02:45] <Game Wolf> I would have voted for that. 
[02:45] <Trenzalord11> LOL that;s fair
[02:45] <Brick425> The 1st stupidest was the kid that told GW that
[02:45] <Brick425> Per Sat. :P 
[02:45] <Game Wolf> We all would have tbh
[02:45] <Brick425> A Death Star would be badbutt
[02:45] <Chrismajor2124> Someone wrote on the dorm whiteboard "TRUMP FOR PRES" and another person wrote "F*** TRUMP!" and I wrote "Liberal tolerance and acceptance of diverse views at its finest!"
[02:45] <Brick425> I'd enlist in the Navy if it meant I could be stationed on the Death Star
[02:45] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> A wall doesn't even compare to a battlestation that can blast illegal immigrants from orbit :{P 
[02:45] <Chrismajor2124> If I had a microphone I would have dropped it
[02:45] <Game Wolf> kek
[02:45] <Trenzalord11> but that would just mean thatt SJWs and keyboard warriors = the rebellion and Star Wars would never be the same
[02:46] <Brick425> Why blast immigrants when you can just blast Mexico?
[02:46] <Chrismajor2124> The government actually responded to a petition asking to build the Death Star by saying it was too expensive :P 
[02:46] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Or that :{P 
[02:46] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> lel chris
[02:46] <Brick425> And hell, why not blast North Korea, Iran, and Palestine off the map, too?
[02:46] <Game Wolf> What really grinded my gears was hearing about the wimps who got a day off from college due to trump winning. 
[02:46] <Chrismajor2124>
[02:46] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> While you're at it, why not Africa and the Middle East? :P 
[02:46] <Brick425> Too expensive? The Empire almost bankrupt itself building the Executor
[02:46] <Brick425> True, Sat
[02:46] <Chrismajor2124> The day after Trump got elected, I had an Electronics Exam. :P 
[02:46] <Chrismajor2124> No mercy here :P 
[02:46] <Brick425> But just singe the Middle East. We don't want to burn the oil
[02:47] <Game Wolf> Raegan wanted to build a Death Star. 
[02:47] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> We can leave a few states, like Morocco and Israel :P 
[02:47] <Chrismajor2124> Yep
[02:47] <Trenzalord11> wasn't that called the star wars program lol
[02:47] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Make sure to add Turkey to the list of places about to be Death Stared
[02:47] <Brick425> Hell yeah, Turkey needs to die out
[02:48] <Brick425> Yes, Trenz :P 
[02:48] <Brick425> Yeah, Israel's cool
[02:48] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> "The construction of the Death Star has been estimated to cost more than $850,000,000,000,000,000. We're working hard to reduce the deficit, not expand it."
[02:48] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> holy crap
[02:48] <Chrismajor2124> Which is ironic :P 
[02:48] <Chrismajor2124> "cough cough" Obamacare
[02:48] <Game Wolf> Israel has a big wall. And they don't have any illegal immigrants. 
[02:48] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> That's actually almost conceivable :P 
[02:48] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I mean, 850 quadrillion is A LOT, but still :P 
[02:48] <Chrismajor2124> Israeli airport security is crazy and yet there are very few incidents
[02:48] <Trenzalord11> the thing is
[02:48] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I thought it would be more :P 
[02:48] <Brick425> Hey, just increase taxes a little bit
[02:48] <Trenzalord11> it doesn't have to be anywhere NEAR that large
[02:49] <Game Wolf> GUYS 
[02:49] <Game Wolf> I GOT AN IDEA 
[02:49] <Trenzalord11> and if worse comes to wrose we can always just pull a starkiller base on the moon XD
[02:48] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I thought it would be more :P 
[02:48] <Brick425> Hey, just increase taxes a little bit
[02:48] <Trenzalord11> it doesn't have to be anywhere NEAR that large
[02:49] <Game Wolf> GUYS 
[02:49] <Game Wolf> I GOT AN IDEA 
[02:49] <Trenzalord11> and if worse comes to wrose we can always just pull a starkiller base on the moon XD
[02:49] <Game Wolf> WE MAKE MEXICO PAY FOR IT
[02:49] <Brick425> Tax the rich to pay for it, enslave the poor to build it, employ the middle class to work on it
[02:49] <Chrismajor2124> Trenza stole my line :P 
[02:49] <Trenzalord11> GENIUSSSS
[02:49] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I also like this "The Administration does not support blowing up planets."
[02:49] <Brick425> Yeah right
[02:49] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> and wolf, that's brilliant
[02:49] <Trenzalord11> sorry chris lolol
[02:49] <Brick425> Pluto, we're coming for your butt
[02:49] <Chrismajor2124> No prob Trenza :P 
[02:49] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> "There can be only 8!"
[02:51] <Son of Elrond> ayyyy
[02:51] <Son of Elrond> Bee
[02:51] <Son of Elrond> hi
[02:52] <Game Wolf> We use the gross from government made summer blockbusters to find the Death Star. 
[02:52] <Beeofboys> sup guys o/ 
[02:52] <Chrismajor2124> Hey Bee
[02:52] <Chrismajor2124> NF Real Music
[02:52] <Beeofboys> yeah dude
[02:52] <Beeofboys> NF is the best
[02:52] <Game Wolf> NF is okay. 
[02:52] <Chrismajor2124> I saw your page and I'm all "heck yeah!"
[02:52] <Beeofboys> ohh yeah man
[02:52] <Beeofboys> Therapy session is great
[02:53] <Game Wolf> In terms of Christian music NF is one of the best artists. 
[02:53] <Chrismajor2124> I got to review it for a CCM review site and it was good
[02:53] <Brick425> Sat, I just realized
[02:53] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Aye?
[02:53] <Chrismajor2124> Game Wolf I'll have to introduce you to RED sometime
[02:53] <Beeofboys> who's RED?
[02:53] <Brick425> $850,000,000,000,000,000 may be the cost of building it
[02:53] <Game Wolf> I've listened to Red a bit. 
[02:53] <Brick425> But you'd need to develop the technology
[02:53] <Chrismajor2124> Allow me to enlighten you Bee :P 
[02:53] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> oh crap
[02:53] <Game Wolf> Skillet is better. 
[02:54] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I didn't even consider that
[02:54] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> aay, skillet's good
[02:54] <Game Wolf> Though Skillets quality has decreased lately. 
[02:54] <Brick425> The giant laser, the engines, the fact you have to size down the exhausts to two meters wide...
[02:54] <Chrismajor2124> "Breathe Into Me" by RED
[02:54] <Beeofboys> I listen to some skillet
[02:54] <Chrismajor2124> Skillet is good but a little less hard rock these days unfortunately
[02:54] <Beeofboys> it's loading, so it could be a while :P 
[02:54] <Chrismajor2124> RED is fairly hard
[02:54] <Brick425> And you'd have to build it far away from earth, so that's a lot of trips in space shuttles
[02:54] <Chrismajor2124> Demon Hunter is freaking heavy
[02:55] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Where would we get the materials from, too?
[02:55] <Game Wolf> Aliens. 
[02:55] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Mining asteroids? :P 
[02:55] <Game Wolf> Duh. 
[02:55] <Brick425> Yeah, the surface area alone would be insane
[02:55] <Chrismajor2124> Asteroid mining is an awesome concept
[02:55] <Brick425> But every single floor, wall, and rail, as well...
[02:55] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> ah, we get it from the generous aliens who we are going to use the Death Star against :P 
[02:55] <Trenzalord11> im gonna make an omelette brb
[02:56] <Brick425> We'll blow up the 9/11 memorial as an excuse to invade Alienraq and take their steel
[02:56] <Game Wolf> Yus
[02:56] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I'm OK with this
[02:56] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> purge xenos
[02:57] <Chrismajor2124> Purge the Xenomorphs
[02:57] <Chrismajor2124> No one wants one sticking out of their guts
[02:57] <Chrismajor2124> Pardon my ... morbid ... summary of Alien
[02:57] <Game Wolf> plot twist 
[02:57] <Game Wolf> We are the aliens!
[02:57] <ItsCryptiid> >be me
[02:57] <Beeofboys> not too bad chris
[02:57] <IronDuke18> Quack!
[02:57] <Chrismajor2124> They've got good stuff. I can link you my favorites if you want
[02:57] <Chrismajor2124> @Bee
[02:57] <ItsCryptiid> >getting advice from people on how to approach this girl i like but never met for the first time
[02:58] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> When they send their saucers, they're not sending their best! They're sending their probers, their experimenters, their abductors! Some of these are BAD XENOS, but some of them are good humanoids, I'm sure
[02:58] <ItsCryptiid> >they almost all say
[02:58] <Beeofboys> yeah they arent bad
[02:58] <ItsCryptiid> "talk to her like a person"
[02:58] <Beeofboys> i think i like skillet better but its still good
[02:58] <IronDuke18> lol Cryptiid
[02:58] <Brick425> LOL SAT
[02:58] <ItsCryptiid> The hell does that mean
[02:59] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> thank you, I'm glad someone appreciated it :P 
[02:59] <IronDuke18> I have no idea XD
[02:59] <IronDuke18> well
[02:59] <Brick425> Nobody respects space aliens more than I do
[02:59] <Chrismajor2124> Listen to "Death Of Me" by RED for something a little heavier :P 
[02:59] <IronDuke18> probably they're just saying to talk to her in a normal manner.
[02:59] <AmazingPythor> brick srs
[02:59] <IronDuke18> I hope...
[02:59] <ItsCryptiid> I figured.
[02:59] <ItsCryptiid> That's an obvious one
[02:59] <Chrismajor2124> Indeed
[02:59] <IronDuke18> also, howdy Majolo! o/ 
[02:59] <Brick425> I am serious, AP
[02:59] <Game Wolf> lol maj
[03:00] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> We don't know where these ships are coming from! We need to properly vet them before they enter our solar system. They'll go out, they can come back, but they have to go out first
[03:00] <Chrismajor2124> We are the Borg
[03:00] <Chrismajor2124> Lower your shields and prepare to be assimilated
[03:01] <Chrismajor2124> Resistance is futile
[03:01] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I think we just created God Emperor Trump protecting humanity from the xeno threat :P 
[03:01] <Game Wolf> *and then the MiB show up outside each of our houses and neuralize us*
[03:01] <Chrismajor2124> Crap
[03:01] <ItsCryptiid>
[03:01] <ItsCryptiid> YOOOOOO
[03:01] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> wow
[03:01] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> blockbusters still exist
[03:01] <ItsCryptiid> Only 12 stores apparently.
[03:01] <Chrismajor2124> How?
[03:01] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> why does alaska need so many
[03:02] <Brick425> The corporation doesn'
[03:02] <Brick425> *doesn't
[03:02] <Brick425> But there's a few
[03:03] <ItsCryptiid> They filed for bankruptcy like 6 years ago
[03:03] <Game Wolf> Because Alaska is a relic. 
[03:03] <ItsCryptiid> >2000 was 16 years ago
[03:03] <Brick425> FUUUUTUUUUUURE
[03:03] <Chrismajor2124> Wow. Blockbuster ...
[03:03] <Chrismajor2124> Blast from the past
[03:03] <Game Wolf> That's it. 
[03:03] <ItsCryptiid> >be me
[03:03] <ItsCryptiid> >be young 
[03:03] <Game Wolf> Mom moving down north of the border to get a job there. 
[03:03] <ItsCryptiid> >go to blockbuster with mom
[03:04] <Game Wolf> *Im 
[03:04] <ItsCryptiid> >renting another (crappy) kid's movie
[03:04] <ItsCryptiid> >see horror movie covers
[03:04] <ItsCryptiid> >fear.png
[03:04] <Game Wolf> per cryptid 
[03:04] <Chrismajor2124> Fear.png :P 
[03:04] <Chrismajor2124> I'm in the same boat :P 
[03:04] <RoboticBrick28> If it is a really low budget movie
[03:04] <RoboticBrick28> fear/jpg
[03:04] <RoboticBrick28> ;p 
[03:04] <RoboticBrick28> fear.jpg
[03:04] <Chrismajor2124> Ha ha ha!
[03:05] <Game Wolf> lol majolo9050
[03:05] <Chrismajor2124> Wow. The Enterprise D in drydock ...
[03:05] <Chrismajor2124> It's gonna be sad when I finish this episode
[03:05] <Chrismajor2124> That means I'll have finished TNG
[03:06] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Watch DS9
[03:06] <AmazingPythor> I started TNG like a week ago
[03:06] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> TNG is great, but DS9 is best :P 
[03:06] <Chrismajor2124> I'm gonna start DS9 after this
[03:06] <Chrismajor2124> I'm going in order
[03:06] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Awesome.
[03:07] <Chrismajor2124> I'm excited
[03:07] <HyperFlash Studios> This song makes me happy
[03:07] <HyperFlash Studios>
[03:08] <ItsCryptiid>
[03:08] <ItsCryptiid> I'm playing this in jazz band
[03:08] <ItsCryptiid> I hate it
[03:09] <ItsCryptiid> Not the piece itself, it's lovely, I just hate playing it.
[03:09] <Trenzalord11> mback
[03:09] <Trenzalord11> star trek 2009 is best trek
[03:09] <Chrismajor2124> NO
[03:09] <Trenzalord11> YAS
[03:09] <Chrismajor2124> HERESY
[03:09] <Trenzalord11> XD
[03:10] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Beyond actually wasn't that bad
[03:10] <Trenzalord11> i've never really been able to connect with the characters in the other ones
[03:10] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I was surprised. 
[03:10] <Chrismajor2124> I've still yet to watch Beyond
[03:10] <Trenzalord11> and i didn't like beyond because the character development was practically nonexistent lol
[03:10] <Trenzalord11> but 09 and Into Darkness were good
[03:10] <Ked830> weeeeeeee
[03:10] <Trenzalord11> hallo ked o/ 
[03:10] <RoboticBrick28> Kedly! o/ 
[03:10] <Ked830> halloa
[03:10] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> hey ked
[03:10] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> heywolf
[03:11] <AmazingPythor> Beyond was pretty good I thought, albeit somewhat ridiculous
[03:11] <Game Wolf> ONG 
[03:11] <Game Wolf> KEEEEEEEEEDLY
[03:11] <AmazingPythor> Much better than the trailer
[03:11] <Son of Elrond> hola kedo
[03:11] <Game Wolf> HAI 
[03:11] <Ked830> hoi
[03:11] <Game Wolf> *floats off a cliff*
[03:11] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> It was, but all that matters was it was enjoyable
[03:11] <Ked830> c:
[03:11] <Trenzalord11> ugghghhhh i liked the first 15 minutes, jaylah, and that's it XD
[03:11] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Even if it wasn't exactly true to Star Trek
[03:11] <Chrismajor2124> I'm the opposite to Trenza - I'm far too attached to the original series that the new movies felt like a disgrace :P 
[03:11] <Ked830> oooooo Star Trek
[03:11] <AmazingPythor> Indeed, from a critical standpoint it was well done :P 
[03:11] <Chrismajor2124> JJ Abrams was better doing Star Wars
[03:12] <Game Wolf> 09 was good. Into Darkness was not. 
[03:12] <Trenzalord11> JJ Abrams is amazing <3
[03:12] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Many disagree with that, Chris
[03:12] <Game Wolf> Beyond was okay. 
[03:12] <ItsCryptiid> The Force Awakens was pretty good.
[03:12] <AmazingPythor> Beyond was the first Star Trek related thing I watched actually (derp) 
[03:12] <Chrismajor2124> I'm certain of that :P 
[03:12] <Trenzalord11> into darkness didn't move the characters' story forward, but other than that i loved it so much
[03:12] <ItsCryptiid> Rey's pace of character development was worryingly quick.
[03:12] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> The Force Awakens? You mean, A New Hope 2?
[03:12] <ItsCryptiid> That, too.
[03:12] <ItsCryptiid> It was too parallel to A New Hope
[03:12] <Chrismajor2124> Although I felt like JJ Abram's Trek was far too much like an extended audition for Star
[03:12] <Chrismajor2124> * Star Wars
[03:12] <AmazingPythor> TFA was repulsively unoriginal
[03:12] <Chrismajor2124> True
[03:13] <Beeofboys> ok ima go to sleep now
[03:13] <Beeofboys> see you guys later o/ 
[03:13] <ItsCryptiid> I wouldn't mind some parallels with A New Hope, but it just feels like a total reskin sometimes.
[03:13] <ItsCryptiid> nighty
[03:13] <Chrismajor2124> See ya Bee
[03:13] <Game Wolf> JJ Abrams lied about into darkness. 
[03:13] <AmazingPythor> It had good aspects but tbh I don't consider it that much better than the prequels :P 
[03:13] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I think that some parallels would be appropriate, but it felt like it just ripped the plot. :P 
[03:13] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> per Crypt
[03:13] <Trenzalord11> you have to lie when you're asked about a secret lol
[03:13] <Chrismajor2124> I do feel that The Force Awakens was a good moment of redemption from the prequels. It wasn't the best but it gave the original trilogy another chance at life
[03:14] <Trenzalord11> (i liked the prequels XD)
[03:14] <Game Wolf> Just like he lied about Lost. 
[03:14] <Ked830> nu bee
[03:14] <Game Wolf> NO 
[03:14] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I think Revenge of the Sith is good
[03:14] <Trenzalord11> yes
[03:14] <Game Wolf> KILL IT WITH FIRE 
[03:14] <Chrismajor2124> Whoa, slow down Trenza
[03:14] <Game Wolf> RotS had some good moments. 
[03:14] <Chrismajor2124> First you like new Trek, then you like the prequels? :O 
[03:14] <Game Wolf> Thats all. It wasn't "good". 
[03:14] <Trenzalord11> yes i like good movies
[03:14] <Trenzalord11> *hides*
[03:14] <Game Wolf> It was okay. 
[03:15] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Wasn't perfect, but was at least enjoyable for an audience to watch
[03:15] <Trenzalord11> roger ebert loved the prequels too, lol
[03:15] <AmazingPythor> Most critics actually agree that Revenge of the Sith was decent in its own right
[03:15] <ItsCryptiid> >main character dies to a sith
[03:15] <ItsCryptiid> >huge death base with huge death laser
[03:15] <ItsCryptiid> >main protagonist - the star of the show, the poster boy (girl, really) - lives a low life and is thrown into a situation bigger than they are but they end up doin' just fine
[03:15] <Game Wolf> So?
[03:15] <Trenzalord11> i think he gave I and III 3/3
[03:15] <ItsCryptiid> It's A New Hope but not as good.
[03:15] <Game Wolf> Doesnt mean it was good. 
[03:15] <ItsCryptiid> It was good.
[03:15] <Trenzalord11> you're talking as if it's an objective matter, lol
[03:15] <AmazingPythor> The first two prequels were definitely poorly executed though :P 
[03:15] <Trenzalord11> all film is subjective
[03:15] <Game Wolf> Rotten Tomatoes gives boon dock saints like under a %20. 
[03:16] <ItsCryptiid> Parallels though
[03:16] <Game Wolf> No, from a film making standpoint there is such a thin as a good or a bad film. 
[03:16] <Chrismajor2124> Film is subjective but if the majority of viewers don't like it, then you got a crisis on your hands
[03:16] <Brick425> Percent 20?
[03:16] <Brick425> *20%
[03:16] <AmazingPythor> Rotten Tomatoes is generally a reliable source if you're looking for purely critical opinions on things
[03:16] <AmazingPythor> The viewpoint of a fan would be different though
[03:16] <ItsCryptiid> The quality of a work of art is purely and entirely subjective.
[03:16] <ItsCryptiid> There is no objective "bad movie".
[03:16] <ItsCryptiid> There is, however, a subjective bad movie.
[03:16] <AmazingPythor> But I'm not a Star Wars "fan" so :P 
[03:17] <Brick425> It's impossible not to be a Star Wars fan
[03:17] <ItsCryptiid> Star Wars is huge.
[03:17] <Chrismajor2124> I'm barely a Star Wars fan, really. I enjoy them, but I'm not a hardcore fan
[03:17] <AmazingPythor> I like many of the movies
[03:17] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Star Wars becomes great when you look at the expanded universe
[03:17] <ItsCryptiid> ^
[03:17] <ItsCryptiid> The expanded universe is wild.
[03:17] <AmazingPythor> But I'm not a "fan" of the franchise as a whole
[03:17] <Trenzalord11> ewwwwwww the expanded universe 
[03:17] <Trenzalord11> XD
[03:17] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> trenz, you're not human
[03:18] <Chrismajor2124> Man Trenz is hitting all the wrong buttons today :P 
[03:18] <Trenzalord11> *unless we're talking about trump
[03:18] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Liking the prequels and Star Trek reboots, and disliking Star Wars Legends :P 
[03:18] <Game Wolf> There is, a movie can be good me it can be bad. Most times when I tell people a movie is good it's my opinion. But there are times when it's a fact or not. Like saying Deadpool was a bad movie. It was actually quite the opposite. The special effects were decent, actually amazing considering the budget, and the cinematography of the fight scenes is spectacular. 
[03:18] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> this is all wrong :P 
[03:18] <Game Wolf> *or it
[03:18] <Trenzalord11> legends was a convoluted mess of poorly written stories imo XD
[03:18] <ItsCryptiid> Deadpool was good tbh
[03:18] <Game Wolf> i hate spell check 
[03:18] <Trenzalord11> but i understand why people like it
[03:18] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles is trying to get me to watch deadpool
[03:18] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> It does have its flaws, but it has its great moments as well
[03:18] <Brick425> Dan o/ 
[03:19] <AmazingPythor> Idk if it'd be my kind of movie though :P 
[03:19] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hey, Dan
[03:19] <Leinad~> It wasn't that great AP
[03:19] <Leinad~> :P 
[03:19] <Game Wolf> Deadpool is good. But some will say it's bad. 
[03:19] <Leinad~> \o 
[03:19] <Brick425> It was alright
[03:19] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> It's an acquired taste, I think
[03:19] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I enjoyed Deadpool, but I knew what I was getting into :P 
[03:19] <Game Wolf> Now, from a subjective standpoint of can be either. But from a quality standpoint it's good. 
[03:19] <Leinad~> It had some enjoyable humor and decent action scenes
[03:19] <Trenzalord11> well true -- i liked the thrawn trilogy, mostly, but overall it lacked direction and focus
[03:19] <Leinad~> but that's about all it had going for it
[03:19] <AmazingPythor> Seems a bit sophomoric for my tastes
[03:19] <ItsCryptiid> Right wing death squads?
[03:19] <AmazingPythor> wb
[03:19] <Trenzalord11> it's kind of like an opportunity to write a lot of fanfiction and call it canon
[03:19] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> RWDS
[03:19] <Impossibubbles> so secret therapy sessions it shall be xD
[03:19] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> where did that come from
[03:19] <Game Wolf> The cinematography in Deadpool is amazing. 
[03:19] <AmazingPythor> What happened bubbles
[03:20] <Game Wolf> Like in Kingsman. 
[03:20] <Impossibubbles> Well
[03:20] <Impossibubbles> my mom said she thought it was fine
[03:20] <Impossibubbles> but that she wanted me to see a christian therapist through our church
[03:20] <Trenzalord11> the funny part is when you realize there was as much cgi as there was cinematography XD
[03:20] <AmazingPythor> .... (re) 
[03:20] <ItsCryptiid> >christian therapist
[03:20] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Could we worse...
[03:20] <Impossibubbles> and she was disturbed that I saw no problem in going to a secular therapist
[03:20] <ItsCryptiid> S T O P R I G H T T H E R E
[03:20] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> be
[03:20] <Game Wolf> >Christian the rapist
[03:20] <Impossibubbles> no, sat
[03:20] <Chrismajor2124> Uh ... no GW
[03:20] <Leinad~> Remind me, are your parents aware of your religious standpoint?
[03:20] <Impossibubbles> no
[03:21] <Game Wolf> ha
[03:21] <AmazingPythor> Don't worry bubbles
[03:21] <Leinad~> I mean that makes sense then
[03:21] <Game Wolf> its time to come out of the closet bubbles 
[03:21] <Impossibubbles> and this therapist would cost about $100 a session 
[03:21] <Game Wolf> tell them 
[03:21] <Impossibubbles> so basically
[03:21] <AmazingPythor> At least a Christian therapist can save you from your homosexual username font
[03:21] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> time to pray the gay away
[03:21] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> lel
[03:21] <Impossibubbles> my mom said, you can see a therapist if you're fine with staying home instead of going away to college
[03:21] <AmazingPythor> ..... :P 
[03:21] <ItsCryptiid> Mike "50 Watts for your Impure Thoughts" Pence
[03:22] <AmazingPythor> I'm sorry, bubbles. :P 
[03:22] <Leinad~> Okay, yeah
[03:22] <Leinad~> that's uh
[03:22] <Leinad~> not cool
[03:22] <Leinad~> :P 
[03:22] <ItsCryptiid> Mike "Treating Homosexuality with some Electricity" Pence
[03:22] <Impossibubbles> So I'm gonna call the office on tuesday and see if I can schedule a session in the time between chem and psych
[03:22] <Game Wolf> Pence doesn't support electroshock treatments. 
[03:22] <Leinad~> :P 
[03:22] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> No, but it makes Pence more interesting :P 
[03:22] <AmazingPythor> Gl with that bubbles
[03:22] <Impossibubbles> but like
[03:22] <Trenzalord11> o.o
[03:22] <Game Wolf> It does, but it's a bit different than that. :P 
[03:22] <Trenzalord11> amazing
[03:23] <Impossibubbles> if I went to the christian therapist
[03:23] <Impossibubbles> I'd ask them if anything I said wasn't allowed to leave the room
[03:23] <Impossibubbles> and I'd tell them flat out I have no interest in christianity 
[03:23] <Chrismajor2124> All therapists are obligated to keep their patient's private information private
[03:23] <Game Wolf> He doesn't support it, but supports some variation of it that is a willing variation. I can't find the right words for it a. 
[03:23] <AmazingPythor> I doubt that'd be a good idea, bubbles (derp) 
[03:23] <Impossibubbles> why?
[03:23] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Per AP :P 
[03:23] <Chrismajor2124> I would say go for it. Be honest
[03:23] <Impossibubbles> they can't do anything, ap
[03:23] <Trenzalord11> doctor-patient confidentiality 
[03:23] <AmazingPythor> Yeah but like
[03:23] <Chrismajor2124> If the therapist truly cares he/she will say what they need to say. That's all.
[03:24] <Impossibubbles> but like what
[03:24] <AmazingPythor> Wouldn't they try to convert you or something (derp) 
[03:24] <Leinad~> If he's a reasonable person then it doesn't matter whether you say that or not
[03:24] <Chrismajor2124> We can't convert anyone :P 
[03:24] <Ked830> it depends
[03:24] <Impossibubbles> If they're a professional and want to get paid, no
[03:24] <Chrismajor2124> It doesn't work like that :P 
[03:24] <AmazingPythor> They're attached to a church so you never know I guess :P 
[03:24] <Impossibubbles> and if my parents ever catch wind of what I said I'd legitimately sue
[03:24] <Trenzalord11> words don't change anybody's mind lol
[03:24] <ItsCryptiid> Mike "LGBBQ" Pence
[03:24] <Chrismajor2124> Still doesn't work like that :P 
[03:25] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I like that, Crypt :P 
[03:25] <ItsCryptiid> Mike "Throw the Queer down the Pier" Pence
[03:25] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> jesus :P 
[03:25] <ItsCryptiid> Mike "The Closet Electrician" Pence
[03:25] <AmazingPythor> Well, hopefully it won;t come to that bubbles
[03:25] <AmazingPythor> (derp) 
[03:25] <AmazingPythor> *won't
[03:25] <Impossibubbles> look
[03:25] <AmazingPythor> I hate my keyboard
[03:25] <Impossibubbles> the person who is through the church doesn't work for the church
[03:25] <Impossibubbles> their job isn't to evangelize 
[03:26] <AmazingPythor> Oh, okay, if it's not an employee of the church then that's not as bad :P 
[03:26] <Leinad~> In your situation, the only downside I see is the fact that it costs more
[03:26] <Impossibubbles> I doubt their non-christian customers would appreciate that
[03:26] <Impossibubbles> so I'd just tell them
[03:27] <AmazingPythor> I thought you meant like a therapist specifically connected to religion
[03:27] <Impossibubbles> "Hey, I know what my mom said. But I have no interest in Christianity, so please don't treat me like a Christian and don't bring god into this. I just want to learn how to deal with my emotions."
[03:27] <AmazingPythor> That's a relief then (derp) 
[03:27] <Game Wolf> Is bubbles gay?
[03:27] <AmazingPythor> she's gay as hell gw
[03:27] <Game Wolf> Oh. 
[03:27] <Impossibubbles> No, ap
[03:27] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> lel'
[03:27] <Game Wolf> I'm so sorry, Ape. 
[03:27] <Impossibubbles> just a therapist that happens to be a christian 
[03:27] <Chrismajor2124> Perhaps there is more connection between God and where you're at than you would think
[03:27] <AmazingPythor> She makes Elton John seem subtle
[03:28] <AmazingPythor> Okay that's much better then, go with that bubbles, ignore what I said earlier. :P 
[03:28] <Impossibubbles> if it were through the church I'd refuse
[03:29] <Game Wolf> Bubbles if you are a lesbian I have a question. 
[03:29] <AmazingPythor> gw I was joking
[03:29] <AmazingPythor> :P 
[03:29] <Game Wolf> Oh. 
[03:29] <Game Wolf> Okay. 
[03:29] <AmazingPythor> ....... :P 
[03:29] <Impossibubbles> I'm not a lesbian
[03:29] <Leinad~> I'm curious as to what the question was anyway
[03:29] <Leinad~> :P 
[03:29] <Trenzalord11> XD
[03:29] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> "how to do the lesbian sex"
[03:29] <Trenzalord11> LOL
[03:29] <AmazingPythor> yes
[03:29] <Game Wolf> No, I was gonna ask if she gets turned on by looking at herself in the mirror. 
[03:30] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> He said homosexual, not autosexual
[03:30] <Impossibubbles> That would be narcissism 
[03:30] <Trenzalord11> everyone i know online eventually ends up thinking i'm gay, rip 
[03:30] <Game Wolf> are gay Trenz. 
[03:30] <Game Wolf> Right??
[03:30] <Trenzalord11> SEEEEEEEEE???!!!
[03:31] <Game Wolf> *CCCCCCCCCCCC
[03:31] <AmazingPythor> Bubbles remember when I thought you unironically believed I was secretly gay
[03:31] <Game Wolf> are secretly gay. 
[03:31] <Game Wolf> Right??
[03:31] <Trenzalord11> i'm... 12% gay
[03:31] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> It's OK, you can come out now, AP
[03:31] <AmazingPythor> obviously
[03:31] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Ale will be most happy to hear the truth
[03:32] <Impossibubbles> You were an idiot, ap
[03:32] <AmazingPythor> You're just mean
[03:32] <Game Wolf> guys 
[03:32] <Impossibubbles> I even told you I was doing it just because you kept reacting
[03:32] <Impossibubbles> several times
[03:32] <Impossibubbles> and you IGNORED me
[03:32] <AmazingPythor> .... What :P 
[03:32] <Game Wolf> I'm just gonna come out and ask is 
[03:32] <Impossibubbles> uh yes
[03:32] <AmazingPythor> You did? :P 
[03:32] <Game Wolf> *it 
[03:32] <AmazingPythor> What
[03:32] <Trenzalord11> wat
[03:32] <Impossibubbles> like three times
[03:32] <Trenzalord11> ask ask ask
[03:32] <Game Wolf> if I like girls 
[03:32] <Game Wolf> does that make me a lesbian?
[03:32] <Trenzalord11> LOL
[03:32] <AmazingPythor> Sorry bubbles I randomly zone out when you speak usually
[03:32] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> kek
[03:32] <HyperFlash Studios> Why is it that every time I afk this happens
[03:32] <Trenzalord11> yes
[03:33] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> This means you should join the conversation
[03:33] <HyperFlash Studios> no thanks
[03:33] <Ked830> oh ap
[03:33] <Ked830> i have a question
[03:33] <AmazingPythor> Hm?
[03:33] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Accept your lesbian tendencies, Hype
[03:33] <Ked830> to prevent me getting yelled at later
[03:33] <HyperFlash Studios> I'll go back to chilling with my music that's on too loud
[03:33] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> it's acceptable in modern society
[03:33] <AmazingPythor> *yells at ked*
[03:33] <Game Wolf> like an emo
[03:33] <Game Wolf> right hype?
[03:33] <HyperFlash Studios> uh
[03:33] <HyperFlash Studios> no
[03:33] <Ked830> I edited your article and rearranged a few things
[03:33] <HyperFlash Studios> I have headphones
[03:34] <Ked830> id just like to make sure what i did was okay 
[03:34] <AmazingPythor> Let me Czech
[03:34] <Trenzalord11> ooo an artice
[03:34] <Game Wolf> its not okay ked
[03:34] <Impossibubbles> oh my god ap stop doing that i hate you
[03:34] <Ked830> if it's not you can revert my edit or fix whatever you don't like
[03:34] <Game Wolf> its nefur okay 
[03:34] <AmazingPythor> [[Awes9.ePythor]]
[03:34] <Trenzalord11> it's terrific. the best article. 
[03:34] <AmazingPythor> wow
[03:34] <Impossibubbles> wow
[03:34] <AmazingPythor> What bubbles
[03:34] <Game Wolf> Yeah ape 
[03:34] <Ked830> i just want to make sure im not in strouble.. (derp) 
[03:34] <AmazingPythor> why do you hate me
[03:34] <Impossibubbles> you are incredible ap
[03:34] <Ked830> who is that ap
[03:34] <HyperFlash Studios> strouble
[03:34] <Game Wolf> stop being secretly gay for rio
[03:34] <AmazingPythor> I hate all of you
[03:34] <HyperFlash Studios> is that a new kind of pastry
[03:34] <AmazingPythor> [[AwesomePythor]]
[03:34] <Impossibubbles> because you can never just say "check"
[03:34] <Ked830> yes hype
[03:34] <AmazingPythor> What's wrong with Czech
[03:34] <Game Wolf> excepr rio right ape?
[03:34] <IronDuke18> just glanced up the chat o.O
[03:34] <Impossibubbles> it's annoying
[03:34] <IronDuke18> I'm out o7
[03:35] <AmazingPythor> but why
[03:35] <AmazingPythor> You do realize I'm going to do it more often now right
[03:35] <Game Wolf> I like cancer. 
[03:35] <HyperFlash Studios> [[User:CzechOut]] is a thing which bothers me a bit
[03:35] <Game Wolf> Do what? Be secretly gay?
[03:35] <Trenzalord11> cancer is cancer
[03:35] <HyperFlash Studios> that you keep saying czech that is
[03:35] <AmazingPythor> Oh yeah all of this is fine ked :P 
[03:35] <Ked830> okie ap, good
[03:35] <Ked830> yay
[03:35] <HyperFlash Studios> I think you're generally fine ked
[03:35] <Trenzalord11> "this is fine" *building is burning*
[03:35] <AmazingPythor> oh lol hype
[03:35] <HyperFlash Studios> As long as it's not ale's article
[03:36] <Ked830> i just wanted to check hype.. (derp) 
[03:36] <Ked830> im checking from now on anyways
[03:36] <HyperFlash Studios> <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">[smallwhich i will edit anyway</span>
[03:36] <Ked830> except with people i can'
[03:36] <Game Wolf> check hype for what?
[03:36] <Ked830> can't
[03:36] <HyperFlash Studios> rip
[03:36] <Ked830> very smooth hype (DErp3) 
[03:36] <ItsCryptiid> what the hell
[03:36] <HyperFlash Studios> shh
[03:36] <ItsCryptiid> for a second i thought i said "rich chigga" in chat
[03:36] <Game Wolf> check hype for cancer?
[03:36] <Game Wolf> >rich chigga
[03:36] <Game Wolf> XD
[03:37] <ItsCryptiid> it's a song
[03:37] <ItsCryptiid> it's great
[03:37] <Game Wolf> ITS MY NEW DUPE XD
[03:37] <Leinad~> Why did you think you said that tho
[03:37] <ItsCryptiid> Pretty solid modern-day comedy hip hop
[03:37] <ItsCryptiid> I dunno. I recall typing "Rich Chigga" earlier
[03:37] <ItsCryptiid> May have been on facebook or something
[03:37] <Leinad~> oh okay 
[03:37] <Leinad~> :P 
[03:38] <ItsCryptiid> The Chainsmokers are legitimately awful.
[03:38] <Leinad~> I respectfully disagree
[03:38] <Rich Chigga> I love this new account. 
[03:39] <ItsCryptiid> wew lad
[03:39] <ItsCryptiid> that was fast
[03:39] <Trenzalord11> LOL
[03:39] <AmazingPythor> gid dammit
[03:39] <AmazingPythor> god
[03:39] <Trenzalord11> what even is this chatroom right now
[03:39] <HyperFlash Studios> I pride myself on speed (sonic) 
[03:39] <Leinad~> dear gid
[03:39] <AmazingPythor> I'll block
[03:39] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> wow
[03:39] <ItsCryptiid> Jesus H. Christ, game wolf
[03:39] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Who was that :P 
[03:39] <Chrismajor2124> Pinged
[03:39] <Trenzalord11> <span style="font-size:7pt;">impressive</span>
[03:39] <Leinad~> "ITS MY NEW DUPE"
[03:39] <ItsCryptiid> I find "Let It Go" by James Bay to be boring.
[03:39] <Leinad~> Yeah I wonder who it was
[03:39] <Leinad~> :P 
[03:39] <ItsCryptiid> Legitimately boring.
[03:40] <Leinad~> Did you just come here to complain about music you don't like? :P 
[03:40] <ItsCryptiid> Yeah.
[03:40] <ItsCryptiid> I need a place to do that.
[03:40] <Trenzalord11> oh
[03:40] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> whos Rich Chigga
[03:40] <Trenzalord11> mitt romney might be secretary of state
[03:40] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> where can i congratulate him 
[03:40] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> for having a godlike name
[03:41] <Leinad~> You people have awful humorous tastes
[03:41] <HyperFlash Studios> Get out of here 
[03:41] <HyperFlash Studios> @Sky
[03:41] <HyperFlash Studios> GW you should know better
[03:42] <Game Wolf> Thank you ape for blocking the account I planned on using from here on out. 
[03:42] <ItsCryptiid> Love is so dumb.
[03:42] <HyperFlash Studios> I don't really think that's acceptable in this case :v
[03:42] <Game Wolf> I didn't see anyone banning Keplers when he used the "Herr Keplers" dupe a while back. 
[03:42] <HyperFlash Studios> I did
[03:42] <HyperFlash Studios> lol
[03:43] <Game Wolf> So, am I not allowed to change my name?
[03:43] <Leinad~> dupe =/= name change
[03:43] <Ked830> probably asking whether or not he can change his name to that
[03:43] <Game Wolf> Well, when I can't change my account name again dupe does = name change. 
[03:43] <HyperFlash Studios> AP pm
[04:37] <Ked830> ooooo
[04:38] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> did i
[04:38] <Ked830> yes
[04:38] <Ked830> twas annoying
[04:38] <HyperFlash Studios> Kep was on yesterday
[04:38] <Trenzalord11> ahhhhhhh aight
[04:38] <Trenzalord11> Is he usually not on until really late or something
[04:39] <Impossibubbles> he's just bust
[04:39] <Impossibubbles> busy
[04:39] <Trenzalord11> Cool cool
[04:51] <Brick425> o/ 
[04:51] <HyperFlash Studios> Greetings, my deputy
[04:51] <Brick425> That's Mr. President to you.
[04:52] <HyperFlash Studios> Don't push it (UD) 
[04:53] <Slicer Vorzakh> not my president 
[04:54] <Brick425> I'm the <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">democratically</span> elected president of the IFR, and that's a fact
[04:54] <Impossibubbles> hello, son
[04:54] <Brick425> Hello, mother.
[04:54] <HyperFlash Studios> But I'm not in the IFR
[04:54] <HyperFlash Studios> So 
[04:54] <HyperFlash Studios> (shrug2) 
[04:54] <Brick425> But you still must acknowledge my position.
[04:54] <EveryOpenEye> everywhere in the world is the ifr
[04:54] <Brick425> See, Fort gets it.
[04:54] <HyperFlash Studios> Not if I'm not in the ifr
[04:54] <Slicer Vorzakh> except matore 
[04:55] <Brick425> As I always say, if you wish for peace, become the world police.
[04:55] <Brick425> And the world is my jurisdiction. 
[04:55] <EveryOpenEye> steps to world peace
[04:55] <EveryOpenEye> 1. kill all humans
[04:55] <EveryOpenEye> 2. peace
[04:55] <HyperFlash Studios> I will run you out of Veralann
[04:55] <Impossibubbles> can't we just enslave them instead, dorty?
[04:55] <EveryOpenEye> but thats rude
[04:56] <Brick425> Even the IFR thinks enslavement is wrong.
[04:56] <Brick425> For a country run by cats, you're evil.
[04:56] <EveryOpenEye> its not enslavement if you dont consider them human
[04:56] <Brick425> And don't think I'll hesitate to <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">invade</span> intervene in Cathardar just because you're my mother.
[04:57] <Impossibubbles> i don't know what ifr means
[04:57] <Brick425> Dart, everyone except communists are human.
[04:57] <Brick425> The IFR is the Internet Freedom Republic. The greatest country in the world.
[04:57] <Impossibubbles> lolol, invade me then
[04:57] <EveryOpenEye> thats your opinion
[04:57] <Brick425>
[04:57] <Slicer Vorzakh> commies are people too
[04:58] <Impossibubbles> oh, it's just you, brick
[04:58] <Impossibubbles> I thought it meant something important 
[04:58] <Slicer Vorzakh> just
[04:58] <Brick425> After the failure of my generals that was Operation Sandstorm, maybe taking Cathardar over might give me some hope.
[04:58] <Slicer Vorzakh> ifr's army is bigger than the entire uoan
[04:58] <Brick425> ^
[04:59] <Brick425> So is our air force, navy, space fleet, and space marine corps.
[04:59] <Impossibubbles> can you even do that, brick. other than just writing it in your factbookxD
[04:59] <Brick425>
[04:59] <Brick425> Yes
[04:59] <Impossibubbles> I don't know what you even linked me, son
[05:00] <Impossibubbles> oh wait
[05:00] <Impossibubbles> do you have to RP?
[05:00] <Slicer Vorzakh> bubbles is so clueless
[05:00] <Slicer Vorzakh> yes
[05:00] <Impossibubbles> you expect me to participate?
[05:00] <Riolu777> SUN AND MOON
[05:00] <Impossibubbles> lolololol
[05:00] <Impossibubbles> hai rio
[05:00] <HyperFlash Studios> Hi rio
[05:00] <Nart L. Chipikal> welp just wasted a hammer and a half trying to get table blueprints from a table
[05:00] <Nart L. Chipikal> good job me
[05:00] <Riolu777> GO ME
[05:00] <Impossibubbles> for what?
[05:00] <Riolu777> Sun and Moon
[05:01] <Impossibubbles> oh I don't know what that is
[05:01] <Slicer Vorzakh> it got down to 60 degrees pretty chilly
[05:01] <Impossibubbles> but
[05:01] <Riolu777> pokemon
[05:01] <Riolu777> new games
[05:01] <Riolu777> biggest deal of the year
[05:01] <Riolu777> yknow
[05:01] <Impossibubbles> have fun. Bring a thermos of hot chocolate and some warm clothes
[05:01] <Impossibubbles> don't forget a scarf 
[05:01] <Nart L. Chipikal> wear eleventeen layers of clothes
[05:01] <Ked830> siiiiiiigh
[05:01] <Riolu777> I'll be warm
[05:02] <Brick425> If you refuse to participate in war... *Puts on Dictator™ brand aviators* I'll take it as a surrender by default.
[05:02] <Ked830> 2 minutes late for an assignment woot woot
[05:02] <Impossibubbles> I haven't logged in in like two weeks lol
[05:02] <Ked830> im going to bed now
[05:02] <Ked830> night guys
[05:02] <EveryOpenEye> o/ 
[05:02] <Slicer Vorzakh> can I use bubbles nation for target practice brix
[05:02] <Slicer Vorzakh> brick
[05:03] <RoboticBrick28> Night Kedly. o/ 
[05:03] <RoboticBrick28> ...
[05:03] <Riolu777> see ya
[05:03] <RoboticBrick28> le sigh
[05:03] <Riolu777> hopefully there aren't many people there 
[05:03] <Brick425> Yes, Slice.
[05:03] <Riolu777> because it's snowing
[05:03] <Brick425> Cathardar is now a free fire zone.
[05:03] <Riolu777> and the target next to it is having an event too, I think
[05:03] <Riolu777> so that's the failsafe
[05:03] <Nart L. Chipikal> i want free fire
[05:03] <Nart L. Chipikal> how much is it
[05:03] <Riolu777> and then if that all fails I can go there tomorrow
[05:03] <Brick425> I'll also be enforcing a no fly zone for any and all aircraft.
[05:03] <Riolu777> $40
[05:03] <Riolu777> I got a paycheck today
[05:03] <Impossibubbles> Except that whatever you do has no bearing on my stats, so, have at it, boys?
[05:03] <Riolu777> so that's where that's going
[05:04] <Riolu777> oh wait chip were you asking me how much is it
[05:04] <Riolu777> or how much free fire is
[05:04] <RoboticBrick28> Quantum o/ 
[05:04] <EveryOpenEye> free fire is very expensive
[05:05] <QuantumHedgehog> i'm sore
[05:05] <Riolu777> bm do you already have it
[05:05] <EveryOpenEye> wat
[05:05] <Riolu777> sun and moon
[05:05] <EveryOpenEye> no idc
[05:05] <EveryOpenEye> sry C:
[05:05] <Riolu777> poop
[05:05] <Nart L. Chipikal> i'll stick to gen 4 pokemon thank you 
[05:06] <HyperFlash Studios> I don't really play pokemon
[05:06] <HyperFlash Studios> I played through almost all of yellow
[05:06] <HyperFlash Studios> And the quit
[05:06] <Impossibubbles> I always wanted to play pokemon. My mom didn't let me
[05:06] <HyperFlash Studios> And when I came back I found out my sister accidentally deleted my save
[05:06] <HyperFlash Studios> And finally, when I came back again to start from scratch
[05:06] <Brick425> A free fire zone is just an area where weapons can fire without permission from the higher ups.
[05:06] <Brick425> Bubbles, why? :P 
[05:07] <HyperFlash Studios> my youngest sister decided to launch the game boy into the sink
[05:07] <Impossibubbles> because she knew I'd get addicted to it
[05:07] <HyperFlash Studios> full of water
[05:07] <HyperFlash Studios> rip
[05:07] <Nart L. Chipikal> i've always been secretly on fire
[05:07] <Riolu777> ooh firefox 50 is out
[05:07] <Riolu777> wow hype
[05:07] <Riolu777> that stinks
[05:07] <HyperFlash Studios> yeaaah
[05:08] <RoboticBrick28> Obi o/ 
[05:08] <HyperFlash Studios> Obi hi
[05:08] <Impossibubbles> still have a crush on fred and george 
[05:08] <Brick425> ...Who? :P 
[05:08] <Obi the LEGO Fan> hi o/ 
[05:08] <Impossibubbles> my brother is watching harry potter rn
[05:08] <Riolu777> OBI
[05:08] <Brick425> Don't tell me those ginger kids from Ha-Oh god
[05:09] <Obi the LEGO Fan> RIO
[05:09] <Impossibubbles> tfw
[05:09] <Brick425> Caps. :P 
[05:09] <Impossibubbles> you realize
[05:09] <Nart L. Chipikal> obi o:
[05:09] <HyperFlash Studios> shush deputy
[05:09] <Obi the LEGO Fan> nart o:
[05:09] <Brick425> *Mr. President
[05:09] <Impossibubbles> that when Fred and George get beards in goblet of fire, it'll be the only time they ever grow old together
[05:09] <HyperFlash Studios> *Deputy
[05:10] <Nart L. Chipikal> ahhh yes walrus camp near the pigs
[05:10] <Nart L. Chipikal> i love this worldgen
[05:10] <Brick425> You will acknowledge my superiority, Sheriff. Or be prepared to meet your new boss, Special Agent General Jason Higgins, CIB.
[05:10] <Obi the LEGO Fan> rio ur star is rainbow and i love it (as) 
[05:10] <Impossibubbles> son, don't be rude.
[05:11] <Riolu777> thanks 
[05:11] <Brick425> I'm coming for you too, catheter.
[05:11] <Riolu777> just being loud
[05:11] <Riolu777> (as) 
[05:11] <Impossibubbles> isn't it lovely tho. I was quite proud of my work on it
[05:11] <Impossibubbles> like you can actually tell it's a rainbow (sie) 
[05:11] <Obi the LEGO Fan> (dance) 
[05:11] <Brick425> Looks like you took a screenshot of a color mixer icon
[05:11] <Brick425> And put it over a star
[05:12] <Brick425> But OK. :P 
[05:12] <Riolu777> yesss you did great
[05:12] <Riolu777> oh brick
[05:12] <Riolu777> trampling over my HAPPINESS
[05:12] <HyperFlash Studios> Deputy I will court-martial you
[05:12] <Impossibubbles> I used photoshop, but it ended up being slightly more complicated than that
[05:12] <Obi the LEGO Fan> brick nobody cares 
[05:12] <Obi the LEGO Fan> :P 
[05:12] <Impossibubbles> because of the small scale. It didn't wanna work with me
[05:12] <Nart L. Chipikal> how do photoshop
[05:12] <RoboticBrick28> Johny o/ 
[05:12] <Brick425> Court martial? Don't make me laugh. Diplomatic immunity, cowboy.
[05:12] <Johnyjo> o/ 
[05:12] <Impossibubbles> anyway
[05:12] <Impossibubbles> attack me, brick
[05:12] <Brick425> The MCHiPs would whoop your department.
[05:12] <Impossibubbles> I'm waiting
[05:12] <HyperFlash Studios> >diplomatic immunity
[05:13] <Impossibubbles> I wanna laugh at you
[05:13] <Brick425> I would Bubbles, but there's more bad people out there than you. Like communiss.
[05:13] <HyperFlash Studios> you lost diplomatic immunity when you became my deputy
[05:13] <Brick425> *communists
[05:13] <Impossibubbles> You're just scared 
[05:13] <Brick425> I'm the President of the IFR first, son.
[05:13] <Obi the LEGO Fan> brick is scared of communists :) 
[05:13] <HyperFlash Studios> And that affects me... how? (re) 
[05:14] <Impossibubbles> come on brick
[05:14] <Impossibubbles> come at me
[05:14] <Brick425> Which means me being your deputy was purely out of the goodness of my heart.
[05:14] <Brick425> That fear has led to anger, Obi. And that anger has led to hate.
[05:14] <Brick425> And it will lead to suffering, believe me.
[05:14] <Riolu777> he's roleplaying as the leader of his Nationstate obi
[05:14] <Obi the LEGO Fan> if you hurt the communists, i will end you :) 
[05:14] <Brick425> Too late
[05:15] <Brick425> Invaded a communist country in 1979.
[05:15] <Obi the LEGO Fan> lmbo
[05:15] <Impossibubbles> It starts with lies and leads to hate and hate to sex and sex to drugs
[05:15] <Obi the LEGO Fan> sex and drugs (clap) 
[05:15] <Impossibubbles> rip
[05:15] <Brick425> That could describe me too, Bubbles.
[05:15] <Impossibubbles> it's a song
[05:15] <Riolu777> that's what happens when you don't go to church (D:) 
[05:15] <Brick425> I've been trying to get off the nose candy, but it helps me cope with terrible leaders like you.
[05:16] <QuantumHedgehog>
[05:16] <Impossibubbles> language
[05:16] <Obi the LEGO Fan> yeah i don't go to church anymore, just smoke weed and have sex all day
[05:16] <Riolu777> legally too
[05:16] <Obi the LEGO Fan> yea
[05:16] <Riolu777> thanks obama
[05:16] <Obi the LEGO Fan> :) 
[05:16] <Impossibubbles> I wish I could quit going to church. And I would spend my time writing and reading away from people
[05:17] <Obi the LEGO Fan> aren't you an adult
[05:17] <Brick425> Religion's always evil in my book.
[05:17] <Obi the LEGO Fan> do what you want
[05:17] <Brick425> Me practice McCarthyism in the IFR.
[05:17] <Impossibubbles> yes. But my parents fund my life, so, no
[05:17] <Johnyjo> What book is that Brick, the Bible? :'D ;p 
[05:18] <Brick425> Get a job, hippie
[05:18] <EveryOpenEye> seize the means of production buble
[05:18] <Obi the LEGO Fan> Genesis 1:1 religion is evil foolz lol
[05:18] <Impossibubbles> how would I get to my job,mpray tell
[05:18] <Obi the LEGO Fan> can you drive
[05:18] <Brick425> Johny that's an oxymoron but OK. :P 
[05:18] <Impossibubbles> I have no license because my parents won't pay for insurance 
[05:18] <Brick425> My book is called The Capitalist Manifesto.
[05:18] <Impossibubbles> and I can't get a job without a cat
[05:18] <Impossibubbles> *car
[05:18] <Slicer Vorzakh> ride a bike
[05:18] <EveryOpenEye> lol
[05:18] <Brick425> You have cats
[05:18] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i had that same problem
[05:18] <Brick425> Per Slice :P 
[05:19] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i have to pay for my own insurance :P 
[05:19] <Impossibubbles> and I can't pay insurance without a job
[05:19] <Impossibubbles> I don't have a boke
[05:19] <Impossibubbles> *bike
[05:19] <Riolu777> yeah cats are usually the key to a successful resume
[05:19] <Slicer Vorzakh> a decent bike isn't too expensive
[05:19] <Obi the LEGO Fan> it's a known fact that you can ride cats to work
[05:19] <Impossibubbles> I don't have money for a bike either
[05:19] <Brick425> If you can't get a job without insurance and can't get insurance without insurance, you're going nowhere fast and you need to bring it up with your parents
[05:19] <Impossibubbles> I have, brick
[05:19] <Brick425> Sorry to make it sound harsh, but it's the truth
[05:19] <Slicer Vorzakh> bubbles do you have a dollar to your name
[05:19] <Impossibubbles> they're unsympathetic
[05:20] <Impossibubbles> All the money I have is stored away to pay for room and board when I leave
[05:20] <Riolu777> God will provide, sweaty :) 
[05:20] <Brick425> When will you leave?
[05:20] <Brick425> sweaty
[05:20] <Impossibubbles> next fall
[05:20] <Brick425> *sweetie
[05:20] <Riolu777> I meant sweaty
[05:20] <Obi the LEGO Fan> rio are you assuming she's sweaty 
[05:20] <Slicer Vorzakh> do you have access to that money
[05:20] <Brick425> OK, Rio. :P 
[05:20] <Impossibubbles> no
[05:20] <Slicer Vorzakh> why 
[05:20] <Riolu777> no its like a joke misspelling
[05:20] <Riolu777> :P 
[05:20] <Impossibubbles> (shrug2) 
[05:20] <Obi the LEGO Fan> (clap) 
[05:20] <Riolu777> wow that's a bad shrug emote
[05:20] <Slicer Vorzakh> ask your parents for enough money for a bike to get a job
[05:21] <Riolu777> (shrug) 
[05:21] <Impossibubbles> because my parents are controlling and I don't care enough to do anything 
[05:21] <Slicer Vorzakh> that shouldn't be too mug to shouldn't for
[05:21] <Johnyjo> So quit complaining ;p 
[05:21] <Brick425> If you don't care enough to do anything then don't complain
[05:21] <Riolu777> yeah you could mug someone
[05:21] <Brick425> Per Johny
[05:21] <Slicer Vorzakh> bubbles you should care :p 
[05:21] <Brick425> ^
[05:21] <Riolu777> good thinking slice
[05:21] <Impossibubbles> I'm not complaining
[05:21] <Johnyjo> Then let's talking about something else, like Pokemon Go =) 
[05:21] <Impossibubbles> literally all I said is I wish I could stop going to church my god
[05:21] <Johnyjo> Have you guys caught a Starlex yet I have =) 
[05:21] <Brick425> You're 19 years old, you should have a job by now. I don't mean to sound hypocritical because I'm still 15, but at least I have a plan
[05:21] <Riolu777> pokemon go when sun and moon are about to released nationwide
[05:21] <Johnyjo> Pokemon go is good
[05:21] <Obi the LEGO Fan> god will help you
[05:21] <Obi the LEGO Fan> :) 
[05:22] <Impossibubbles> yep
[05:22] <Impossibubbles> god has really helped me out
[05:22] <Impossibubbles> especially with my crippling depression 
[05:22] <Johnyjo> To be fair, Idon't think you can blame God for everything ;p 
[05:22] <Brick425> Yes you can
[05:22] <Impossibubbles> God isn't real
[05:22] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i mean 
[05:22] <Impossibubbles> you can't blame him for anything
[05:22] <Riolu777> I blame darwin 
[05:23] <Obi the LEGO Fan> real is a point of view
[05:23] <Riolu777> damn evolutionist
[05:23] <Brick425> lol bubbles
[05:23] <Brick425> technically you're right :P 
[05:23] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i blame nietzsche for everything 
[05:23] <Brick425> I blame the Democrats for everything
[05:23] <Brick425> That's reasonable to me
[05:23] <Trenzalord11> You wouldn't be able to blame god for all your problems any more than you can blame the president, lol
[05:23] <EveryOpenEye> i blame jfk for everything
[05:23] <Johnyjo> I'm not interested in starting a debate because I have homework, so let's just agree to disagree ;p 
[05:23] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i blame andrew jackson
[05:23] <Slicer Vorzakh> the damn government bails people out they should stop paying people
[05:23] <Slicer Vorzakh> (three years later) 
[05:23] <Impossibubbles> I blame the horrible school system being horrible at education for everything
[05:23] <Slicer Vorzakh> government help I'm homeless
[05:24] <Obi the LEGO Fan> government: no :) 
[05:24] <RoboticBrick28> Alright, imma go now, night all!
[05:24] <Johnyjo> I blame McDonalds for not hiring me without a car
[05:24] <Brick425> Then don't say stuff like that, Johny. :P 
[05:24] <RoboticBrick28> Try not to die overnight o/ 
[05:24] <EveryOpenEye> school: "ok its time for calculus. no, you dont need to know what a taxes is"
[05:24] <Riolu777> bye robot
[05:24] <Brick425> ...You can not get hired for not having a car?
[05:24] <Brick425> Do they ask you? :P 
[05:24] <Johnyjo> I was kidding ;p ;p ;p 
[05:24] <Brick425> I mean, I'd be covered, but still. Really? :P 
[05:24] <Brick425> OK, good. :P 
[05:24] <Johnyjo> lol XD
[05:24] <Impossibubbles> for everyone complaining school didn't teach them how to do taxes
[05:24] <Brick425> Not that I'm planning on working at McDonald's. :P 
[05:24] <Impossibubbles> you have the freaking internet 
[05:24] <Johnyjo> Dude, work at Safeway or Foodmax if you want to get a job ;p 
[05:24] <Impossibubbles> show some initiative 
[05:25] <Brick425> Per Bubbles
[05:25] <Obi the LEGO Fan> you also have ur mom
[05:25] <Riolu777> "take every course that isn't relevant for your future career and then go into debt learning how to have a chance at having that career"
[05:25] <Riolu777> yay
[05:25] <EveryOpenEye> the internet can also teach you calculus, doesnt mean school shouldnt teach you stuff
[05:25] <Brick425> The people saying that wouldn't pay attention in that class anyway
[05:25] <Slicer Vorzakh> bubbles
[05:25] <EveryOpenEye> why bother with the education system if you have reddit?
[05:25] <Obi the LEGO Fan> moms are for teaching you about taxes
[05:25] <Obi the LEGO Fan> proven fact
[05:25] <Impossibubbles> My school taught me how to do taxes anyway
[05:25] <Slicer Vorzakh> you just blamed the education system 
[05:25] <Johnyjo> No
[05:25] <EveryOpenEye> lol
[05:25] <Slicer Vorzakh> now you're telling people to take their own initiative lol
[05:25] <Johnyjo> Just blame Obama
[05:25] <Impossibubbles> and how to properly format a letter :3
[05:25] <Obi the LEGO Fan> can we have obama for another term
[05:26] <Impossibubbles> yay homeschool
[05:26] <Brick425> Stop rehashing that stupid statement, obi. :P 
[05:26] <Johnyjo> "I failed this test... =( "
[05:26] <Johnyjo> " (er) Great going, Obama... (:|) "
[05:26] <Impossibubbles> slice doesn't know what sarcasm is
[05:26] <EveryOpenEye> >entire electoral college votes for obama
[05:26] <Riolu777> in defiance of the constitution 
[05:26] <EveryOpenEye> "its what the people said man"
[05:26] <Johnyjo> Obi, my holloween costume was an Obama Third Term supporter :'D 
[05:26] <Johnyjo> *halloween
[05:26] <Brick425> lol
[05:26] <Brick425> really? :P 
[05:26] <Johnyjo> Yes :'D 
[05:26] <Obi the LEGO Fan> lol
[05:26] <Brick425> HA
[05:26] <Johnyjo> It was so fun ;p 
[05:26] <Riolu777> my halloween costume was a Bad Hombre
[05:26] <Brick425> That's good. :P 
[05:26] <Brick425> RIO YES
[05:26] <Riolu777> I got a sombrero
[05:26] <Johnyjo> There was one guy who almost shut the door in my face XD
[05:26] <Impossibubbles> I don't think my brother read the Harry Potter books
[05:26] <Brick425> A kid at my school was a bad hombre. :P 
[05:26] <Brick425> Haha Johny
[05:26] <Obi the LEGO Fan> my Halloween costume was a Nasty Woman
[05:27] <Impossibubbles> it makes me sad he's watching the movies first
[05:27] <Brick425> Next year I'm gonna be Hillary
[05:27] <Riolu777> a white t shirt that said bad hombre on it
[05:27] <Riolu777> and that's it
[05:27] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i am secretly hillary clinton guys
[05:27] <Johnyjo> XD Just dress up like Obi ;p ;p 
[05:27] <Riolu777> I told every house I trick or treated at that I didn't want candy
[05:27] <Impossibubbles> it wasn't a secret, obi
[05:27] <Riolu777> but their job
[05:27] <EveryOpenEye> why did you do this to bernie, obi
[05:27] <Brick425> I'll cough and use a cane and do other over the top stuff. :P 
[05:27] <EveryOpenEye> you monster
[05:27] <Obi the LEGO Fan> oh bernie, that old dear
[05:28] <Riolu777> poor bernie
[05:28] <Obi the LEGO Fan> the people voted for me
[05:28] <Johnyjo> It wasn't HILLARY, it was the DNC... I think Hillary is great TBH...
[05:28] <Brick425> Hell, maybe I'll use my phone in class and when the teacher tells me to put it away I'll just be like, "Hold on I just need to delete a few more emails"
[05:28] <Johnyjo> jk jk ;p ;p 
[05:28] <Impossibubbles> I was a dead animal on Halloween and I triggered animal rights activists 
[05:28] <Brick425> I was about to murder you, Johny
[05:28] <Brick425> Good save.
[05:28] <Johnyjo> lol XD
[05:28] <Brick425> lol bubbles
[05:28] <Johnyjo> I really do not like Hillary at all ;p 
[05:28] <Obi the LEGO Fan> brick no, you are going to mysteriously die first
[05:28] <Obi the LEGO Fan> :) 
[05:28] <Riolu777> who *liked* Hillary
[05:28] <Johnyjo> What about the animal left activists? ;p 
[05:28] <Brick425> Oh, I'm so scared of you, Obi. :P 
[05:28] <EveryOpenEye> hillary liked hillary
[05:28] <Riolu777> and bill
[05:28] <Riolu777> some of the time
[05:28] <Brick425> Bill didn't like Hillary
[05:28] <Johnyjo> Bill doesn't like her ;p 
[05:28] <Johnyjo> Jinx
[05:29] <EveryOpenEye> lo
[05:29] <Brick425> He's never liked her
[05:29] <Johnyjo> IKR ;p 
[05:29] <Johnyjo> And she hates him I'll bet
[05:29] <Impossibubbles> We were taxidermy animals and my brothers were hunters. And little kids would come up to us and say "Are you zootopia?" and my sister would go "Yes. Yes we are.....but DEAD."
[05:29] <Riolu777> also who do you guys think Trump will tap for secretary of state tomorrow
[05:29] <Riolu777> I think it's newt gingrich
[05:29] <Obi the LEGO Fan> hillary clinton
[05:29] <EveryOpenEye> hillary
[05:29] <Obi the LEGO Fan> she's got experience
[05:29] <EveryOpenEye> lol
[05:29] <Johnyjo> lol XD
[05:29] <Johnyjo> Experience in lying ;p 
[05:29] <Brick425> "Are you zootopia" Next year be the actual DVD case for zootopia
[05:30] <Brick425> I changed my mind. I'm gonna be Bee Movie next year
[05:30] <Obi the LEGO Fan> yeah she lies on bed all the time
[05:30] <Obi the LEGO Fan> *in
[05:30] <Johnyjo> o/ 
[05:30] <Pacman87> hi
[05:30] <Impossibubbles> we got a bunch of snide passive aggressive comments from adults
[05:30] <Johnyjo> Who the heck "lies on bed" ;p ;p ;p 
[05:30] <Leinad~> Whenever you get up to a door just start reciting the bee movie script
[05:30] <Brick425> Anyone who sleeps, for one... (ys) 
[05:30] <Riolu777> and don't shut up until they close the door
[05:30] <Obi the LEGO Fan> people who use the ;p emote
[05:30] <EveryOpenEye> how did the bee movie meme even start
[05:30] <Leinad~> Yeah rio :P 
[05:30] <Johnyjo> Anyone with poor grammer for two... ;p 
[05:30] <Leinad~> Just don't stop talking :P 
[05:30] <Riolu777> *grammar
[05:30] <Brick425> We gotta shake it up a little, fort
[05:30] <Leinad~> See if anyone will hear the whole thing out :P 
[05:30] <Riolu777> goodNESS
[05:30] <Brick425> Like black and yellow
[05:30] <Impossibubbles> I was just wondering that earlier, dort
[05:30] <Johnyjo> ;) 
[05:30] <EveryOpenEye> ikr
[05:31] <Impossibubbles> I mean I know the movie was bad
[05:31] <Impossibubbles> but like
[05:31] <Impossibubbles> I don't
[05:31] <Impossibubbles> even
[05:31] <Impossibubbles> I don't get it
[05:31] <EveryOpenEye> i guess dont question the internet
[05:31] <EveryOpenEye> just say
[05:31] <EveryOpenEye> me too thanks
[05:31] <Brick425> "THE BEE MOVIE IS AN A" -The cover
[05:31] <Johnyjo> What movie are we talking about now? ;p 
[05:31] <Leinad~> How does anything become a meme, though?
[05:31] <Johnyjo> Oh, the Bee movie ;p 
[05:31] <Impossibubbles> But I didn't get dat boi wither
[05:31] <Pacman87> WHAT movie
[05:31] <Impossibubbles> *either
[05:31] <Brick425> Dat boi is stupid
[05:31] <Johnyjo> I've only seen part of it XP
[05:31] <Brick425> Dat boi is Tumblr's attempt at comedy
[05:31] <Brick425> Dat boi is what happens when you let a woman drive
[05:31] <Pacman87> is the bee movie the one where the woman is dating a bee
[05:31] <Impossibubbles> I didn't get the spongebob one either
[05:31] <Riolu777> yeah pac
[05:31] <Obi the LEGO Fan> brick you say that as if you have a sense of humor...
[05:31] <Brick425> No pac, it's the one where the bad guy is the good guy's father
[05:32] <Obi the LEGO Fan> :P 
[05:32] <Brick425> I wasn't joking, Obi, but thanks. :P 
[05:32] <Impossibubbles> I hated those memes that would come from vine
[05:32] <Pacman87> I can't tell if thats sarcasm, since I've never seen the movie
[05:32] <Johnyjo> Star Wars: Attack of the Bees
[05:32] <Brick425> All Vines are little black kids saying some basketball player's name in a goofy voice
[05:32] <Johnyjo> Or saying 21 ;p 
[05:32] <Impossibubbles> LEBRON JAMES
[05:32] <Riolu777> a mainstream animated movie about a woman and a bee in a relationship was released before one about a gay relationship
[05:32] <Riolu777> speaking of which
[05:32] <Riolu777> there hasn't been one about a gay relationship yet
[05:32] <Johnyjo> Thank you for your support brick ;D 
[05:33] <Johnyjo> Subscribe to my youtube channel
[05:33] <Brick425> Oh yeah Rio, so oppressed are the gays
[05:33] <Johnyjo> and support on patreon ^_^
[05:33] <Obi the LEGO Fan> rio let's make one
[05:33] <Riolu777> okay 
[05:33] <Obi the LEGO Fan> about a gay relationship
[05:33] <Brick425> A kid oriented animated comedy movie shows that gays are oppressed. :P 
[05:33] <Obi the LEGO Fan> between donald trump and mike pence 
[05:33] <Riolu777> brick
[05:33] <Riolu777> good ness
[05:33] <EveryOpenEye> thats canon obi
[05:33] <Brick425> Obi pls :P 
[05:33] <Impossibubbles> I didn't actually know LeBron James was a current basketball player
[05:33] <Riolu777> I didn't say gays are oppressed in that comparison 
[05:33] <EveryOpenEye> bestiality >>>> icky gays
[05:33] <Riolu777> what are you talking about
[05:33] <Brick425> "If he wasn't my vice president, I'd probably be dating him"
[05:33] <Impossibubbles> I thought he was around with Michael Jorden or something
[05:33] <Riolu777> I made the comparison that bestiality was in a kid's movie
[05:33] <Obi the LEGO Fan> gays are considered inappropriate for children
[05:33] <Johnyjo> Wait, did he say that? XD ;p 
[05:33] <Riolu777> before a gay relationship
[05:33] <Brick425> ....No :P 
[05:33] <Riolu777> :P 
[05:34] <Impossibubbles> because that's the only other basketball player I know
[05:34] <Brick425> It's based on his statement about his daighter
[05:34] <Pacman87> the lego movie showed communism to children
[05:34] <Johnyjo> Oh, okay XD
[05:34] <EveryOpenEye> oh my god pac
[05:34] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i am a pg-13 becuz queer
[05:34] <EveryOpenEye> youre so right
[05:34] <Johnyjo> Oh I remember those people who were complaining about the LEGO Movie
[05:34] <Johnyjo> Wasn't it.. FOX NEWS ;p 
[05:34] <EveryOpenEye> youre so right
[05:34] <Johnyjo> Oh I remember those people who were complaining about the LEGO Movie
[05:34] <Johnyjo> Wasn't it.. FOX NEWS ;p 
[05:34] <Impossibubbles> I don't remember 
[05:34] <Obi the LEGO Fan> fox news is fair and balanced
[05:34] <Brick425> Why do you scream Lego and Fox News? :P 
[05:34] <Pacman87> Like any kid is smart enough to notice communism in the movie
[05:34] <Johnyjo> lol XD
[05:34] <Brick425> So is CNN, Obi
[05:34] <Impossibubbles> I'm pumped for lego batman
[05:34] <Johnyjo> So is CNN (angel) 
[05:34] <EveryOpenEye> have you ever realized a red 2x4 brick is the generic lego piece
[05:34] <EveryOpenEye> RED
[05:34] <Riolu777> and obi I was first planning on starting a jeweler company because they only show hetero relationships in their commercials
[05:34] <Johnyjo> Dang it Brick
[05:34] <Brick425> haha
[05:34] <Brick425> too slow mama joe
[05:35] <Impossibubbles> lol on election night
[05:35] <Brick425> Rio I hope you're kidding about all this. :P 
[05:35] <Obi the LEGO Fan> rio good
[05:35] <Johnyjo> You're too slow, uh...
[05:35] <Pacman87> LEGO Batman is probably gonna have some deeper meaning behind it too
[05:35] <Impossibubbles> my parents made us watch CNN
[05:35] <Impossibubbles> because they wanted to watch the liberal cry
[05:35] <Riolu777> sorry that it affects you that much brick
[05:35] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i'll help by stealing some gems for you
[05:35] <Riolu777> :P 
[05:35] <Impossibubbles> *liberals
[05:35] <Impossibubbles> it was glorious 
[05:35] <Obi the LEGO Fan> "the liberals"
[05:35] <Brick425> No, I'm sorry the lack of pandering affects you this much, Rio. :P 
[05:35] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i am the liberals
[05:35] <Brick425> I'm just unsure if you're joking or not. :P 
[05:35] <Riolu777> pandering
[05:35] <Obi the LEGO Fan> (sinister) 
[05:35] <Johnyjo> I cried when Trump was elected...
[05:35] <Johnyjo> I CRIED FOR JOY
[05:35] <Impossibubbles> Panda-ering
[05:35] <Johnyjo> (cry) 
[05:36] <Johnyjo> ;p ;p ;p 
[05:36] <Brick425> Haha Johny :P 
[05:36] <Obi the LEGO Fan> panda errings 
[05:36] <Obi the LEGO Fan> wait
[05:36] <Impossibubbles> throw me to the pandas please
[05:36] <Obi the LEGO Fan> panda earrings 
[05:36] <Brick425> If they eat you, sure, Bubbles
[05:36] <Obi the LEGO Fan> can i have panda earrings 
[05:36] <Impossibubbles> I don't care
[05:36] <Impossibubbles> what a way to die
[05:36] <Brick425> You are very bamboo like
[05:36] <Brick425> GTG
[05:36] <Johnyjo> I feel like when brick says "haha Johny" he really means "shut up" ;p 
[05:36] <Riolu777> is a commercial showing people of different races "pandering" too
[05:36] <Obi the LEGO Fan> consumed by pandas
[05:36] <Riolu777> :P 
[05:36] <Impossibubbles> mauled by pandas
[05:36] <Johnyjo> Mauled by Harambe
[05:36] <Riolu777> okay bye
[05:36] <Obi the LEGO Fan> yes rio, white cishet men are the default everything else is pandering 
[05:36] <Impossibubbles> johny
[05:37] <Impossibubbles> go to your corner
[05:37] <Impossibubbles> my god that was cancer
[05:37] <Johnyjo> The one with the gorilla in it?
[05:37] <Johnyjo> Do you have your lethal gun ready in case he attacks?
[05:37] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i am harambe
[05:37] <EveryOpenEye> i only use non-lethal guns thanks
[05:37] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i died :( 
[05:37] <Johnyjo> (ghost) 
[05:37] <Johnyjo> I'm sorry for your loss...
[05:38] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i was trying to tell this kid a secret about hillary clinton...
[05:38] <Johnyjo> But wait why were you hurting that poor kid??? =o ;p 
[05:38] <Obi the LEGO Fan> then they got me
[05:38] <Johnyjo> ooooooooh
[05:38] <Obi the LEGO Fan> /them/
[05:38] <EveryOpenEye> harambe was trying to save him actually
[05:38] <Johnyjo> Why didn't you just tell CNN? Oh wait, never mind, CNN would probably kill you too
[05:38] <Obi the LEGO Fan> <span class="me-username">* <span>Obi the LEGO Fan</span></span> has been murdered 
[05:38] <Impossibubbles> <img class="chatags-image" src=""> I want this to be me
[05:38] <Johnyjo> Yes, he was trying to save him from Hillary Clinton ;p 
[05:38] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i am the panda 2nd from the right
[05:38] <Johnyjo> That's a gorilla not a panda
[05:39] <Johnyjo> (loomy) 
[05:39] <Johnyjo> OH MY WORD
[05:39] <Johnyjo> Guys see those terrible pandas?
[05:39] <Johnyjo> They're attacking that girl!
[05:39] <Johnyjo> Get your guns!!!!!!
[05:39] <Impossibubbles> <img class="chatags-image" src="">
[05:39] <Obi the LEGO Fan> no. guns are for redneck hillbillies 
[05:39] <Impossibubbles> I want to hug a panda
[05:40] <Riolu777> i know
[05:40] <Johnyjo> Wouldn't that be PANDAring to a certain demographic of bear lovers?
[05:40] <Riolu777> let's not post images on chat
[05:41] <Impossibubbles> It's not against the rules, please point me to where it says I can't post adorable images
[05:41] <Impossibubbles> thanks ~
[05:41] <HyperFlash Studios> If someone has an issue with it
[05:41] <EveryOpenEye> thanks~~~
[05:41] <HyperFlash Studios> :P 
[05:41] <Impossibubbles> thanks~~~~~~~
[05:41] <Johnyjo> That's stupid ;p 
[05:41] <Riolu777> I'm not saying it's against the rules
[05:41] <Riolu777> :P 
[05:41] <Impossibubbles> I'm going to start posting spongebob anime again
[05:41] <EveryOpenEye> thank mr skeltal
[05:42] <Riolu777> I forgot that my status as a mod makes what I say law
[05:42] <Riolu777> whoops
[05:42] <HyperFlash Studios> Bubbles
[05:42] <HyperFlash Studios> I swear if you do that again
[05:42] <Impossibubbles> Hyper, don't speak
[05:42] <Impossibubbles> I take offense o3o
[05:42] <Johnyjo> Hype we have rules about swearing...
[05:42] <Pacman87> asking hyper not to speak is like asking him not to breathe
[05:42] <Impossibubbles> pftftftf
[05:42] <EveryOpenEye> what is your next command rio
[05:42] <Slicer Vorzakh> if hyper speaks bubbles will get him demoted
[05:43] <HyperFlash Studios> If bubbles posts spongebob anime I will have her demoted
[05:43] <Impossibubbles> You spoke
[05:43] <Impossibubbles> I take issue
[05:43] <Impossibubbles> ADMIN
[05:43] <HyperFlash Studios> Too bad
[05:43] <Impossibubbles> demote
[05:43] <Riolu777> demote
[05:43] <Riolu777> hype you're done
[05:43] <Riolu777> pack your knives
[05:43] <HyperFlash Studios> I never liked any of you anyway
[05:43] <Riolu777> that's right
[05:43] <Impossibubbles> we know
[05:43] <Riolu777> let out your anger
[05:43] <Slicer Vorzakh> well all these admins are gay you can't make them do anything
[05:43] <Obi the LEGO Fan> <span class="me-username">* <span>Obi the LEGO Fan</span></span> puts HyperFlash Studios in a suitcase and leaves
[05:43] <Johnyjo> Next time on LMB Wiki:
[05:43] <Johnyjo> Rio: Stop breathing
[05:43] <Johnyjo> *two hours later*
[05:43] <Johnyjo> CNN Anchor: Dozens of children across the globe suddenly suffocated from an unidentified cause... strangely, almost all of them were chatting in an online chatroom called the LEGO Message Boards wiki Chat...
[05:44] <Impossibubbles> that sounds painful, obi
[05:44] <Riolu777> that's right I am gay
[05:44] <HyperFlash Studios> obi
[05:44] <HyperFlash Studios> this
[05:44] <HyperFlash Studios> is 
[05:44] <Impossibubbles> I'm gay
[05:44] <Impossibubbles> as in happy
[05:44] <HyperFlash Studios> incredibly painful
[05:44] <Impossibubbles> oh waiy
[05:44] <Impossibubbles> *wait
[05:44] <Riolu777> I'm gay as in 
[05:44] <Impossibubbles> no I'm not (derp) 
[05:44] <Riolu777> highly homosexual
[05:44] <Nart L. Chipikal> it's how clowns travel hyper
[05:44] <Obi the LEGO Fan> no it's a big suitcase :) 
[05:44] <Nart L. Chipikal> it's like how they all have those tiny clown cars
[05:44] <HyperFlash Studios> Yes but
[05:44] <HyperFlash Studios> You left your tv in there
[05:44] <Impossibubbles> I was asexual for a few months (derp4) 
[05:44] <HyperFlash Studios> and I'm getting crushed by it
[05:45] <Nart L. Chipikal> you can watch star trek on the tv
[05:45] <EveryOpenEye> as opposed to lowly heterosexual, rio
[05:45] <Impossibubbles> Going on hormone medication does weird stuff to you
[05:45] <Obi the LEGO Fan> <span class="me-username">* <span>Obi the LEGO Fan</span></span> checks the suitcase onto a plane going to Bejing 
[05:45] <Nart L. Chipikal> ahhh hyper is going to china
[05:45] <Riolu777> i guess so bm
[05:45] <Impossibubbles> I'm no-ly homosexual, dorty
[05:45] <Nart L. Chipikal> say hi to the mei mains
[05:45] <EveryOpenEye> fantastich
[05:45] <Riolu777> german isn't allowed here bm
[05:45] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i am a queer queen 
[05:45] <Johnyjo> Alright I gotta get going
[05:46] <EveryOpenEye> fine dutch it is
[05:46] <Impossibubbles> I'm hot man-ly sexual
[05:46] <Johnyjo> Bye peeps ;p o/ 
[05:46] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i like hot men
[05:46] <Riolu777> deutsch isn't allowed either
[05:46] <Riolu777> :| 
[05:46] <Impossibubbles> I need a beefcake in my life
[05:46] <Obi the LEGO Fan> deutsch is not dutch
[05:46] <Impossibubbles> just saying
[05:46] <EveryOpenEye> fine then, dutch it is
[05:46] <Impossibubbles> I'm sure they give great hugs (sie) 
[05:46] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i'd be happy with vanilla cake
[05:46] <Riolu777> I need a beefcake too
[05:46] <Riolu777> damn it
[05:46] <Impossibubbles> I haven't had a hug in over 5 years :3
[05:46] <Obi the LEGO Fan> o:
[05:47] <Riolu777> w h a t
[05:47] <Obi the LEGO Fan> *sends bubbles hugs*
[05:47] <Nart L. Chipikal> i want a hug my everything aches
[05:47] <Obi the LEGO Fan> *hugs nart*
[05:47] <Impossibubbles> The last time I touched a person was maybe 2 months ago
[05:47] <Obi the LEGO Fan> (cry) 
[05:47] <Leinad~> like
[05:47] <Leinad~> at all?
[05:47] <Leinad~> :P 
[05:47] <Impossibubbles> ye
[05:48] <EveryOpenEye> have you touched yourself recently
[05:48] <EveryOpenEye> crap that sounds bad
[05:48] <Leinad~> not even shaking someone's hand, or brushing by an annoying person in a hallway? :P 
[05:48] <Obi the LEGO Fan> (re) 
[05:48] <Riolu777> BM
[05:48] <Impossibubbles> dorty
[05:48] <EveryOpenEye> lol
[05:48] <Impossibubbles> my god
[05:48] <Impossibubbles> nope, lei
[05:48] <Leinad~> That takes some skill tbh
[05:48] <Leinad~> :P 
[05:48] <Impossibubbles> I don't like touching people I don't know
[05:48] <EveryOpenEye> im going to be quiet now
[05:48] <Obi the LEGO Fan> so at church you avoid shaking ppl's hands
[05:48] <Impossibubbles> or my family
[05:48] <EveryOpenEye> i can only make this worse
[05:49] <Impossibubbles> at church I talk to no one and leave as quickly as possible
[05:49] <Nart L. Chipikal> i stay at least eleventeen feet away from a church
[05:49] <Nart L. Chipikal> i do not do well with religion 
[05:49] <Impossibubbles> If I would be allowed to see a therapist maybe I would talk to them and shake their hand :3
[05:50] <Riolu777> i was at church today actually
[05:50] <Obi the LEGO Fan> rio the church-gay
[05:50] <Riolu777> the infiltrator
[05:50] <Nart L. Chipikal> is that like bill nye the science guy
[05:50] <Obi the LEGO Fan> r u a church gay or a club gay or college gay
[05:50] <Nart L. Chipikal> it doesn't have that same ring to it
[05:50] <Riolu777> I'll be all three next year obi
[05:50] <Obi the LEGO Fan> (as) 
[05:50] <Obi the LEGO Fan> want to go clubbing with me
[05:51] <EtherealSpirit> Peekaboo.
[05:51] <Impossibubbles> I hope I can have a friend next year :3
[05:51] <Riolu777> I found out that Pepperdine allowed an lgbt club on campus last year so I'm gonna seek that out as soon as I get there and if it's dead I will revive it
[05:51] <Riolu777> oh that club
[05:51] <Riolu777> :P 
[05:51] <Leinad~> what are we though, bubbles
[05:51] <Obi the LEGO Fan> what club did you think
[05:51] <Riolu777> I guess I'll try out a club when I move out
[05:51] <Riolu777> the club I just mentioned
[05:51] <Riolu777> like a college club
[05:51] <Riolu777> :P 
[05:51] <Obi the LEGO Fan> oh
[05:51] <HyperFlash Studios> Hi Varn
[05:51] <Impossibubbles> acquaintances, lei
[05:51] <Obi the LEGO Fan> my school has no lgbt club
[05:52] <Obi the LEGO Fan> :P 
[05:52] <Leinad~> :| 
[05:52] <Riolu777> I know there are a lot of them downtown here
[05:52] <Obi the LEGO Fan> the problem with clubs here is that they all seem to be 21+
[05:52] <Riolu777> and I'm gonna try and go to pride next year
[05:52] <Impossibubbles> You don't know me (derp) 
[05:52] <Obi the LEGO Fan> in co or ca
[05:52] <Riolu777> here
[05:52] <Riolu777> it's in june 
[05:52] <Riolu777> so I'll still be here
[05:52] <Obi the LEGO Fan> ik
[05:52] <Obi the LEGO Fan> that it's in june :P 
[05:53] <Obi the LEGO Fan> what will your parents say
[05:53] <Riolu777> i know I was just adding it as my reasoning as to why it would be here
[05:53] <Impossibubbles> I guess ap and ale would count as friends. But it's not the same. Online friends don't keep you from feeling empty and lonely. It's sad
[05:53] <Riolu777> :P 
[05:53] <Riolu777> bubbles we're here for you
[05:53] <Riolu777> but yeah
[05:53] <Riolu777> it sucks 
[05:53] <Leinad~> I suppose you're right
[05:53] <Leinad~> It's better than nothing, though
[05:53] <Leinad~> :P 
[05:54] <Impossibubbles> perhaps
[05:55] <Riolu777> well I'm gonna go get ready
[05:55] <Riolu777> for POKEMON
[05:55] <Obi the LEGO Fan> rio i love you
[05:55] <Riolu777> i love you too
[05:55] <Obi the LEGO Fan> don't leave me
[05:55] <Riolu777> obi
[05:55] <Impossibubbles> But I'm 19 and I've never had a real friend irl (derp) I feel like I've missed out on life :3
[05:55] <Riolu777> snapchat
[05:55] <Riolu777> :p 
[05:55] <Obi the LEGO Fan> snapchat me <3
[05:55] <Obi the LEGO Fan> :P 
[05:56] <Riolu777> <3
[05:56] <Riolu777> okay see you guys
[05:56] <Riolu777> I will be
[05:56] <Riolu777> not very active
[05:56] <Riolu777> for a while
[05:56] <Riolu777> because of this game
[05:56] <Riolu777> :P 
[05:56] <HyperFlash Studios> Great
[05:56] <HyperFlash Studios> Now we're down to three admins
[05:56] <HyperFlash Studios> :P 
[05:56] <Riolu777> I'll try to check in once a day
[05:56] <Riolu777> for like ten minutes
[05:57] <Riolu777> does that hekp
[05:57] <Riolu777> *help
[05:57] <Obi the LEGO Fan> lol
[05:57] <Impossibubbles> that's enough
[05:57] <Obi the LEGO Fan> hype shut up, you're in a suitcase no one can hear you
[05:57] <Riolu777> idk why we don't just promote bubbles and hype
[05:57] <Impossibubbles> no thanks
[05:57] <Riolu777> like that would solve that
[05:57] <Impossibubbles> people don't like me and I would explode
[05:57] <Riolu777> i like you
[05:57] <HyperFlash Studios> get me out of here obi
[05:57] <Riolu777> how about I promote everyone on chat
[05:57] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i put you on a plane, it's out of my hands
[05:57] <Riolu777> deal?
[05:57] <HyperFlash Studios> Yes
[05:57] <HyperFlash Studios> Deal
[05:57] <Obi the LEGO Fan> rio you can't promote me
[05:57] <Impossibubbles> that sounds like a nightmare 
[05:58] <Riolu777> okay obi abstains
[05:58] <Leinad~> I'm down with that
[05:58] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i am already boss level
[05:58] <Riolu777> okay you guys will be admins
[05:58] <Riolu777> congrats
[05:58] <Riolu777> lmbw is savewd
[05:58] <HyperFlash Studios> yay
[05:58] <Impossibubbles> are you like an end game boss, obi?
[05:58] <Riolu777> *saved
[05:58] <Impossibubbles> can I fight you?
[05:58] <Obi the LEGO Fan> <span class="me-username">* <span>Obi the LEGO Fan</span></span> demotes Riolu777
[05:58] <Riolu777> poop
[05:58] <HyperFlash Studios> Obi
[05:58] <HyperFlash Studios> (derp2) 
[05:58] <Riolu777> the cycle of democracy is fickle
[05:58] <Obi the LEGO Fan> bubbles you could in theory
[05:58] <Riolu777> never forget me fellow plebs
[05:59] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i am a roman consul!
[05:59] <Obi the LEGO Fan> what plebs do you speak of
[05:59] <Impossibubbles> I'll insult you on twitter and then demand you fight me, like a good youtuber should
[05:59] <Obi the LEGO Fan> oh
[05:59] <HyperFlash Studios> Also I blew up the plane
[05:59] <Impossibubbles> where are my god damn headphones 
[05:59] <Obi the LEGO Fan> damn it hype
[05:59] <HyperFlash Studios> And got everyone to safety
[05:59] <HyperFlash Studios> On a flying
[05:59] <HyperFlash Studios> rock
[05:59] <Obi the LEGO Fan> not again
[06:00] <Impossibubbles> if there are snakes on a plane
[06:00] <Impossibubbles> your only option is to blow it up
[06:00] <Impossibubbles> unless there are spiders on a plane
[06:00] <Impossibubbles> then you must blow it up twice
[06:00] <Impossibubbles> and then burn it
[06:01] <Leinad~> How do you blow it up twice
[06:01] <Leinad~> put it back together?
[06:01] <HyperFlash Studios> k that's the last we'll see of rio until he completes sun and moon
[06:01] <Nart L. Chipikal> it exploded tomorrow
[06:01] <HyperFlash Studios> Lein
[06:01] <Impossibubbles> you just do
[06:01] <HyperFlash Studios> If you have to ask
[06:01] <Impossibubbles> and then you stab it
[06:01] <HyperFlash Studios> You couldn't possibly comprehend
[06:01] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i'll still see rio
[06:01] <Obi the LEGO Fan> (as) 
[06:01] <HyperFlash Studios> So there's no point in explaining
[06:02] <HyperFlash Studios> Yeah thanks obi
[06:02] <HyperFlash Studios> So helpful to the rest of us
[06:02] <Obi the LEGO Fan> you can't all be his husband
[06:02] <Leinad~> I run on logic and reason
[06:02] <Leinad~> You must explain
[06:02] <HyperFlash Studios> <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">also you stuck me in a freaking suitcase</span> whatever
[06:02] <Obi the LEGO Fan> i did that as a FAVOR
[06:02] <Obi the LEGO Fan> u always get into trouble
[06:03] <Impossibubbles> is it healthy to drink 24 oz of coffee with an extra shot of caffeine and have had no food all day
[06:03] <Obi the LEGO Fan> no
[06:03] <Impossibubbles> My hands are shakey 
[06:03] <HyperFlash Studios> I'm not the one who censored trump under a pink x (as) 
[06:03] <Obi the LEGO Fan> why are you bringing up trump, i'd much rather talk about rio
[06:04] <Impossibubbles> I wish I had the energy to make a poached egg
[06:04] <Nart L. Chipikal> :c
[06:04] <Leinad~> Just make some toast
[06:04] <Impossibubbles> but I don't want to stand up
[06:05] <Impossibubbles> and my cat is on my head
[06:07] <Leinad~> ...on...your head? :P 
[06:07] <Impossibubbles> I'm laying down, and she's sort of draped around the top of my head
[06:07] <Impossibubbles> like a hat
[06:08] <Leinad~> oh
[06:08] <Leinad~> okay :P 
[06:09] <Impossibubbles> I have realized 
[06:09] <Impossibubbles> I take my writing way too seriously 
[06:09] <Impossibubbles> it's boring as sin
[06:09] <Impossibubbles> I have so much work to do, I will never be an author >.>
[06:10] <Leinad~> You already are an author
[06:10] <Leinad~> Now, a good one, that's up for debate
[06:10] <Leinad~> :{P 
[06:10] <HyperFlash Studios> :{P 
[06:10] <Leinad~> What kid of writing do you do?
[06:10] <Leinad~> *kind
[06:11] <Impossibubbles> fantasy 
[06:12] <Impossibubbles> which is one of the hardest genres, I think. Because it's very hard to be both original and interesting (derp) 
[06:12] <Leinad~> That's true, I guess
[06:13] <Impossibubbles> I'm more original now
[06:13] <Impossibubbles> but like
[06:13] <Leinad~> Sounds interesting though. I haven't read anything for leisure in a while and I had to read a damn vampire novel for my english class so that sounds a bit refreshing
[06:13] <Impossibubbles> there is no spark (derp) 
[06:14] <Leinad~> As in, motive?
[06:14] <Impossibubbles> no as in, there is no joy in my writing
[06:15] <Leinad~> Oh, I see
[06:15] <Impossibubbles> when you read something, it should be enjoyable and you should be able to tell the author cares about it
[06:15] <Impossibubbles> I have absolutely nothing
[06:16] <Impossibubbles> I need to create a writing space for myself
[06:16] <Impossibubbles> maybe I could get a desk for my closet or something
[06:18] <Man.city1> I'm awake
[06:18] <Nart L. Chipikal> sometimes i hide in my closet and i sit in the laundry bin
[06:18] <Man.city1> i actually slept a bit at hote
[06:18] <Nart L. Chipikal> and then i cry
[06:18] <Nart L. Chipikal> i should start doing that again sometime
[06:18] <Man.city1> but I gotta wash now , coz breakfast at 8
[06:18] <Leinad~> I disagree chip
[06:18] <Leinad~> :P 
[06:18] <Man.city1> and it's,7:20
[06:18] <Man.city1> so, ttyl
[06:19] <Nart L. Chipikal> i feel like everything i do burdens people
[06:20] <Leinad~> don't we all
[06:23] <Nart L. Chipikal> my leg did a thing again and now it hurts like last week good job me 
[06:26] <Nart L. Chipikal>
[06:18] <Nart L. Chipikal> i should start doing that again sometime
[06:18] <Man.city1> but I gotta wash now , coz breakfast at 8
[06:18] <Leinad~> I disagree chip
[06:18] <Leinad~> :P 
[06:18] <Man.city1> and it's,7:20
[06:18] <Man.city1> so, ttyl
[06:19] <Nart L. Chipikal> i feel like everything i do burdens people
[06:20] <Leinad~> don't we all
[06:23] <Nart L. Chipikal> my leg did a thing again and now it hurts like last week good job me 
[06:26] <Nart L. Chipikal>
[06:47] <Impossibubbles> I think
[06:47] <Impossibubbles> I have located the root of all my problems (derp) 
[06:48] <HyperFlash Studios> Oh? (derp) 
[06:48] <Impossibubbles> shoo
[06:49] <HyperFlash Studios> ;~;
[06:49] <Nart L. Chipikal> is it a tree
[06:49] <Impossibubbles> no it's a circle 
[06:49] <Nart L. Chipikal> let's cut it down
[06:49] <Nart L. Chipikal> we will burn it and disintegrate its ashes
[06:50] <Impossibubbles> flip flapping damn it automator broke again
[06:50] <Impossibubbles> dfghjkjhgfghjkl
[06:51] <Nart L. Chipikal> tuphlem grdlfnk
[06:52] <Impossibubbles> I'm stuck in a vicious cycle of getting depressed, shoving my feelings down, eventually they come out, my parents are upset and ask me why I don't go to them for help, I get depressed again, I go to them for help, and then they tell me I'm not being proactive enough, and it's all my fault I'm depressed and not happy, and then they wonder why I don't go to them for help c:
[06:55] <Nart L. Chipikal> i've never really opened up about my feelings
[06:56] <Nart L. Chipikal> i'm afraid people will not understand
[06:56] <Nart L. Chipikal> and then it'll just be the same way 
[06:56] <Nart L. Chipikal> and i just die inside
[06:56] <Impossibubbles> a therapist would understand. They're trained to understand
[06:56] <Nart L. Chipikal> those are expensive
[06:57] <Impossibubbles> If you go to college they're free
[06:58] <EveryOpenEye> >going to college to get things for free
[06:58] <EveryOpenEye> lol
[06:59] <Nart L. Chipikal> is it like free fire
[07:00] <Impossibubbles> it's like
[07:00] <Impossibubbles> you always pay for tuition 
[07:00] <Impossibubbles> might as well take advantage of the extra stuff
[07:06] <Nart L. Chipikal> o/ 
[07:06] <HyperFlash Studios> o/ 
[07:07] <HyperFlash Studios> lel
[07:08] <HyperFlash Studios> [[Thread:266252]]
[07:08] <HyperFlash Studios> I remember this
[07:08] <HyperFlash Studios> Ava kept giving me quoting issues
[07:09] <Nart L. Chipikal> you must stand up for yourself
[07:09] <Impossibubbles> lol that's me
[07:09] <Nart L. Chipikal> give him like
[07:09] <Nart L. Chipikal> uhhh
[07:09] <Nart L. Chipikal> tree issues
[07:09] <Impossibubbles> I'm still connected on firefox. Chat is giving me issues
[07:09] <Impossibubbles> so I was testing on there
[07:10] <HyperFlash Studios> Wait
[07:10] <HyperFlash Studios> what
[07:10] <Impossibubbles> See. And you complained my dupes weren't believable. I can be when I want to be. I didn't think I was fooling anyone on this account (a)
[07:10] <Impossibubbles> (as) 
[07:11] <Impossibubbles> anyway, I just use the account for testing on my wiki
[07:11] <HyperFlash Studios>
[07:11] <HyperFlash Studios> I'm an idiot (derp4) 
[07:11] <Impossibubbles> I was gonna troll way back then but I got bored/thought better of it
[07:11] <HyperFlash Studios> lol i had no clue
[07:12] <Impossibubbles> I know
[07:12] <Leinad~> I'm off \o 
[07:12] <HyperFlash Studios> bye
[07:12] <HyperFlash Studios> \o 
[07:12] <Impossibubbles> I even topped it off with the worst user article in the history of ever
[07:12] <Impossibubbles> it hurt
[07:12] <Impossibubbles> so much
[07:13] <Nart L. Chipikal> i am impatient and reloaded this chat eleventeen hundred time
[07:14] <Impossibubbles> same
[07:14] <HyperFlash Studios> best article [[NancyWho?oldid=760437]]
[07:14] <Impossibubbles> I think I even used visual
[07:14] <HyperFlash Studios> ew
[07:14] <HyperFlash Studios> eW
[07:14] <HyperFlash Studios> <span style="font-style:italic;">jhow</span>
[07:14] <HyperFlash Studios> * <span style="font-style:italic;">how</span>
[07:15] <Impossibubbles> I showed that to AP way back when he wouldn't shut up about how bad I was at fooling everyone
[07:16] <HyperFlash Studios> lol
[07:16] <Impossibubbles> "AP, you know I literally reconstructed a conversation we had before I left about silent films? I even tried to make it word for word on my end. Yeah. I was totally trying to bseriously fool you."
[07:23] <Impossibubbles> "donald trump Illuminati connection strengthens. Hand signals and gestures." why do I even bother with alternative news sites
[07:24] <Nart L. Chipikal> one time my friend showed us an article about "psychotronic mind control" on one of those websites because her class was learning about that 
[07:14] <Impossibubbles> I think I even used visual
[07:14] <HyperFlash Studios> ew
[07:14] <HyperFlash Studios> eW
[07:14] <HyperFlash Studios> [i]jhow
[07:14] <HyperFlash Studios> * [i]how
[07:15] <Impossibubbles> I showed that to AP way back when he wouldn't shut up about how bad I was at fooling everyone
[07:16] <HyperFlash Studios> lol
[07:16] <Impossibubbles> "AP, you know I literally reconstructed a conversation we had before I left about silent films? I even tried to make it word for word on my end. Yeah. I was totally trying to bseriously fool you."
[07:23] <Impossibubbles> "donald trump Illuminati connection strengthens. Hand signals and gestures." why do I even bother with alternative news sites
[07:24] <Nart L. Chipikal> one time my friend showed us an article about "psychotronic mind control" on one of those websites because her class was learning about that 
[07:41] <EveryOpenEye> what am i doing wrong
[07:43] <HyperFlash Studios> idk
[07:43] <HyperFlash Studios> what <span style="font-style:italic;">are</span> you doing wrong
[07:44] <EveryOpenEye> well
[07:44] <EveryOpenEye> as best i can tell it's literally everything
[07:44] <EveryOpenEye> but apart from that idk
[07:45] <HyperFlash Studios> hm
[07:46] <Impossibubbles> I want to sleep
[07:47] <Nart L. Chipikal> two kinds of people, those who say sleep is for the weak and those who sleep for a week 
[07:47] <Impossibubbles> I'm waiting
[07:47] <HyperFlash Studios> I'm the third kind
[07:47] <Impossibubbles> Where is alemas
[07:48] <HyperFlash Studios> I thought he wasn't usually on for another several hours
[07:48] <Impossibubbles> no, he gets on at like 2
[07:48] <HyperFlash Studios> oh, ok
[07:49] <Nart L. Chipikal> isn't it 2
[07:50] <Impossibubbles> yes
[07:52] <Impossibubbles> I
[07:52] <Impossibubbles> am
[07:52] <Impossibubbles> LONELY
[07:52] <EveryOpenEye> thats nice
[07:54] <Impossibubbles> but ale said he would keep me company 
[07:54] <Nart L. Chipikal> i feel lonely and that's mostly because i am an insecure little nart who doesn't know what i'm doing at all the times and i'm probably screwing myself over just talking because i'm probably ruining things somehow
[07:54] <Nart L. Chipikal> when does alemas get on
[07:54] <Impossibubbles> it varies 
[07:55] <Nart L. Chipikal> can we shoot free fire at him
[07:55] <HyperFlash Studios> K, I'm going to sleep
[07:55] <HyperFlash Studios> G'night
[07:55] <Impossibubbles> no
[03:52] <HyperFlash Studios> Did you update it before I did and I missed it. 
[03:53] <HyperFlash Studios> *? 
[03:53] <Purplebrick333> Hmm well it had been well voted on :-p 
[03:53] <Impossibubbles> I updated everything on the first of the month
[03:53] <Impossibubbles> when I should be updated
[03:53] <Impossibubbles> *It
[03:53] <HyperFlash Studios> Oh
[03:54] <HyperFlash Studios> I thought I just missed updating the poll
[03:54] <Impossibubbles> no
[03:55] <RoboticBrick28> Hello Purple, Maj, and Johny. o/ 
[03:56] <Majolo9050> holy crap the chat lag got worse
[03:57] <Majolo9050> test
[03:58] <Impossibubbles> wow. now we get to change the poll in two places instead of just one. This is a great system 
[03:59] <Alemas2005> ...what. :P 
[03:59] <HyperFlash Studios> fyi a subpage template for the main page template should not be anywhere but the main page template
[03:59] <HyperFlash Studios> So
[04:00] <Ked830> Alemas
[04:00] <Impossibubbles> (shrug2) 
[04:00] <Ked830> [[Alemas/Archive]] may i still draw air through my lungs or nah
[04:01] <Alemas2005> ...what? :P 
[04:01] <Ked830> i edited your page
[04:01] <Ked830> can you check it out
[04:02] <Ked830> just wanted to get this out of the way so you didn't have to yell at me later (y) 
[04:02] <Ked830> ey PB
[04:02] <Purplebrick333> *was on MBS and forgot chat was open*
[04:02] <Alemas2005> Looks good enough...
[04:03] <Purplebrick333> I swear this girl stalks me
[04:03] <Ked830> sweet
[04:03] <Ked830> all i needed
[04:03] <Ked830> ill be back later again (Derp) 
[04:03] <HyperFlash Studios> I don't see why it's an issue to have 2 different polls for the main page and community corner
[04:03] <HyperFlash Studios> Adds some variety
[04:04] <Impossibubbles> Because uniformity.
[04:04] <HyperFlash Studios> But
[04:04] <HyperFlash Studios> If I see the same poll on wiki activity
[04:04] <Impossibubbles> also that's the only other poll we have, and I'm not going to think up a new one come December
[04:05] <HyperFlash Studios> That I just voted on at the main page
[04:05] <HyperFlash Studios> That's un-engaging 
[04:05] <Impossibubbles> who even looks at the main page
[04:05] <Impossibubbles> having two different polls is just messy and pointless
[04:06] <HyperFlash Studios> Having the same one in two places makes no sense
[04:06] <Purplebrick333> [[User blog:LordWeirdo/reflections upon sorting through abandoned WIPs and ancient drawings]] I didn't realize he had actually done it XD
[04:06] <Alemas2005> Yes it does.
[04:06] <Alemas2005> :P 
[04:06] <HyperFlash Studios> Why would I vote on it on wiki activity if I already did on the main page
[04:06] <HyperFlash Studios> or vice versa
[04:06] <Alemas2005> You get to see the results more often.
[04:06] <Alemas2005> Having it in Activity.
[04:06] <Alemas2005> :{P 
[04:07] <Impossibubbles> the point of the poll is that it goes along with the sidebar. We're not going to change it do it's different on every page
[04:07] <Impossibubbles> get over it
[04:08] <Purplebrick333> Oh hey I just hit 2200 posts
[04:08] <HyperFlash Studios> ...ok I'm not sure that was necessary
[04:08] <HyperFlash Studios> It only appears on two pages
[04:08] <Impossibubbles> I am sick to words I can't say of your attitude, hyper. I want to throw my computer out my window some4times
[04:08] <Alemas2005> She's not in the best mood, Hyper.
[04:08] <Alemas2005> Have some understanding. :P 
[04:08] <Alemas2005> Er.
[04:09] <Purplebrick333> Johnyjo ping
[04:09] <RoboticBrick28> uhhh... johnyjo is not here. ;p 
[04:09] <Purplebrick333> Sidebar says he is
[04:09] <Alemas2005> Refresh.
[04:09] <Impossibubbles> Instead I shall destroy this notbook
[04:09] <RoboticBrick28> refresh then. ;p 
[04:09] <Impossibubbles> notebook
[04:09] <Alemas2005> But but but...
[04:09] <Alemas2005> How will you chat with us? :( 
[04:10] <Purplebrick333> Oh.
[04:10] <Purplebrick333> Man I was gonna tell him how hilarious his "when will you be banned" quiz is XD
[04:11] <EtherealSpirit> Test
[04:11] <RoboticBrick28> Varn. o/ 
[04:11] <Gae wilf> Alright tumors. 
[04:11] <RoboticBrick28> Test passed. (derp3) 
[04:11] <Gae wilf> Who wants cancer?
[04:11] <Purplebrick333> Hi Ethy o/ 
[04:11] <Impossibubbles> I try so very very VERY hard. It is all for nothing
[04:11] <Gae wilf> God the lag is still bad as hell. 
[04:11] <EtherealSpirit> Test 2
[04:12] <Gae wilf> Im out. I'll return when you gays fix chat. 
[04:12] <RoboticBrick28> Passed 2
[04:12] <Impossibubbles> I'm going to squeeze these limes into my eyes
[04:12] <Alemas2005> ... :P 
[04:12] <Alemas2005> Bubbles. :P 
[04:12] <RoboticBrick28> Goodbye then, Bubbles. Nice knowing you. ;p 
[04:12] <Purplebrick333> ... I hope you aren't serious
[04:12] <Alemas2005> Maaaaaayyyyyyyyybeeeeeeeeee get off chat for a few minutes?
[04:12] <Alemas2005> To cool down?
[04:13] <Impossibubbles> then maybe i'll feel something other than UNBRIDLED RAGE
[04:13] <Alemas2005> ...yeah, definitely get off chat for a few minutes. (derp) 
[04:13] <Alemas2005> Maybe more than a few. (derp) 
[04:14] <Impossibubbles> I hope class ends early today
[04:14] <Impossibubbles> so I can go to the counselors office >.>
[04:14] <Purplebrick333> Is gae wilf some impersonator of Game Wolf
[04:15] <Alemas2005> Nah, new account.
[04:15] <Alemas2005> Counselor for what?
[04:16] <Impossibubbles> so I can schedule an appointment with the resident psycho analyst 
[04:16] <Impossibubbles> when I told my mom I wanted therapy
[04:16] <Impossibubbles> one of the things she said was
[04:16] <Impossibubbles> "do you know what doctor laura says about therapists? She hates them."
[04:16] <Impossibubbles> doctor laura is a radio personality who gives advice
[04:17] <Purplebrick333> OK who's been reviving old Friends Forum topics (ale) 
[04:17] <Alemas2005> ...oh wow.
[04:17] <Impossibubbles> my mother doesn't seem to understand
[04:17] <Impossibubbles> that I need a safe place to sort through my anger and frustration and depression 
[04:17] <Impossibubbles> and now I can't have that
[04:17] <Impossibubbles> I'm just not proactive enough
[04:18] <Impossibubbles> asking for help isn't proactive
[04:18] <Impossibubbles> I just need to get out more and I'll be fine
[04:18] <Impossibubbles> because that's how depression works
[04:18] <Purplebrick333> Realizing you need help is a good start though
[04:57] <Gae wilf> y u need boop snoot?
[04:58] <Majolo9050> because cute
[04:58] <Gae wilf> ew no thanx
[04:58] <Majolo9050> fishies are cute tho
[04:58] <Majolo9050> wilfs arent
[04:58] <EtherealSpirit> Is ethy cute? (Pe) 
[04:58] <Gae wilf> i am no feesh
[04:58] <RoboticBrick28> Yes, ethy is cute ;) 
[04:58] <Gae wilf> i am a circle and a half circle 
[04:58] <Majolo9050> ethiball and ethi is cute
[04:59] <Gae wilf> keep it in ur trench coat robo
[04:59] <Majolo9050> circles and half circles are cute as well
[04:59] <Majolo9050> wilf hush
[04:59] <RoboticBrick28> Keep what in my trenchcoat? ;p 
[04:59] <Gae wilf> The shotgun, silly. (Derp) 
[04:59] <RoboticBrick28> ...
[04:59] <EtherealSpirit> c:
[04:59] <RoboticBrick28> uhm
[04:59] <RoboticBrick28> what
[05:00] <Majolo9050> i will jusr hide and explain to set in pm
[05:00] <Majolo9050> det just*
[05:00] <Gae wilf> You don't want the police to find ur guns do you? (Derp2) 
[05:00] <EtherealSpirit> *is actually tiny enough to hide under Rob's trenchcoat*
[05:00] <Gae wilf> *drags etherball out of trench coat*
[05:01] <Majolo9050> *pulls det by the trenchcoat into the shadows*
[05:01] <EtherealSpirit> <_<
[05:01] <RoboticBrick28> hmm
[05:01] <Gae wilf> no Maj 
[05:01] <RoboticBrick28> either everyone likes me or everyone hates me ;p 
[05:01] <Gae wilf> dont 
[05:01] <Gae wilf> that so wrong 
[05:02] <Majolo9050> nah i like you
[05:02] <Gae wilf> you can't just pull on a persons tench coat
[05:02] <RoboticBrick28> But she did wilf
[05:02] <Majolo9050> why not
[05:02] <Gae wilf> because 
[05:02] <Gae wilf> they cood b a skewl shuter
[05:02] <Majolo9050> i did and detri is not complaining
[05:02] <Majolo9050> i iz not in school ho
[05:03] <Majolo9050> i is in bed
[05:03] <Majolo9050> not wanting to go to the school
[05:03] <Gae wilf> y u not in school ho?
[05:03] <Majolo9050> because band in half hour
[05:03] <Majolo9050> no need to be there until hen
[05:03] <Gae wilf> how u cut hour in half?
[05:04] <Gae wilf> hour can't be cut 
[05:04] <Gae wilf> our is time 
[05:04] <Majolo9050> yes they can
[05:04] <Gae wilf> nut paper 
[05:04] <Majolo9050> name a stringmhour
[05:04] <Majolo9050> cut it in half
[05:04] <Majolo9050> done it cut
[05:05] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hello. o\ 
[05:05] <HyperFlash Studios> Hi salt
[05:06] <Majolo9050> thank god
[05:06] <Majolo9050> Hi satl
[05:07] <Majolo9050> damnit wulf
[05:07] <Legoanimals750> This lag is really awful 
[05:08] <Gae wilf> *purs Satl on a horse*
[05:08] <Gae wilf> *rides the horse*
[05:08] <Majolo9050> it is, web
[05:08] <Gae wilf> *does finger guns*
[05:09] <Gae wilf> Pew pew 
[05:09] <Gae wilf> :3
[05:09] <Majolo9050> such a cute lil wilf
[05:09] <Majolo9050> i suppose
[05:09] <Gae wilf> :3
[05:10] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Is anyone else having issues with chat? :P 
[05:10] <Gae wilf> hai KEDLY 
[05:10] <Gae wilf> yes we are Satl 
[05:10] <RoboticBrick28> Yes satl, most of u sare
[05:10] <Gae wilf> and its pissing me off. 
[05:10] <RoboticBrick28> us are*
[05:10] <Majolo9050> we all are satl xD
[05:10] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Oh. (UD) 
[05:10] <Majolo9050> such lag damn
[05:10] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Not a surprise, considering it's Wik.... FANDOM. (UD) 
[05:10] <Legoanimals750> It's wiki i mean Fandom lag 
[05:10] <HyperFlash Studios> No one calls it fandom
[05:11] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Except for Fandom
[05:11] <Majolo9050> i still refer to it as wikia
[05:11] <Ked830> yo
[05:11] <Majolo9050> bae
[05:11] <Ked830> yay for lag
[05:11] <Ked830> hai bae
[05:11] <Majolo9050> 'Ai
[05:12] <Ked830> woohoo exam done
[05:18] <Ked830> wilf yo
[05:18] <Gae wilf> Yo yo
[05:11] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Except for Fandom
[05:11] <Majolo9050> i still refer to it as wikia
[05:11] <Ked830> yo
[05:11] <Majolo9050> bae
[05:11] <Ked830> yay for lag
[05:11] <Ked830> hai bae
[05:11] <Majolo9050> 'Ai
[05:12] <Ked830> woohoo exam done
[05:18] <Ked830> wilf yo
[05:18] <Gae wilf> Yo yo
[05:46] <GuacamoleCCXR> hello ye good folk
[05:46] <Ked830> hallo hallo hallo
[05:46] <HyperFlash Studios> Ey Guac
[05:47] <HyperFlash Studios> omg so much lag
[05:47] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> hey
[05:48] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> "I like my men how I like my teeth, white and straight"
[05:49] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I don't even know what to say to that
[05:49] <Ked830> say nothing
[05:49] <Ked830> just walk away
[05:49] <HyperFlash Studios> ^
[05:49] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> also a good choice
[05:50] <Ked830> not even worth a response
[05:50] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> but a snarky one would have been funny
[05:51] <Ked830> oh sure
[05:51] <Ked830> what would it have been though
[05:52] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> That's why I ignored it, but I wish I had said something like "It's a shame your teeth don't match your desires."
[05:53] <Ked830> ah XD
[05:53] <Ked830> yea
[05:57] <HyperFlash Studios> Gonna see how many edits I can churn out today
[05:57] <HyperFlash Studios> cause why not
[05:58] <HyperFlash Studios> I'm getting close to 10k
[05:58] <HyperFlash Studios> dang
[06:02] <HyperFlash Studios> <3
[06:03] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I must give you credit, you have good taste, Hype
[06:03] <Ked830> hype that's a lot of edits wow
[06:03] <HyperFlash Studios> Do you listen to F.O.O.L too? :P 
[06:04] <HyperFlash Studios> And yeah ked
[06:04] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Yes, not my favorite, but I like a lot of different artists under the Monstercat label :P 
[06:04] <GuacamoleCCXR> monstercat used to be okay in like 2013-14
[06:05] <GuacamoleCCXR> since then they've turned to crap 
[06:05] <HyperFlash Studios> Monstercat started playing on pandora like a month ago and then I started listening to more music on YT
[06:07] <HyperFlash Studios> Idk guac, I kinda like it
[06:07] <HyperFlash Studios> Though I suppose my musical palate isn't quite as refined as yours
[06:08] <Gae wilf> Monstercat is ok. 
[06:09] <GuacamoleCCXR> it's not that it's like, objectively bad music? but they just churn out the most generic variety of bland house and future music 
[06:09] <Gae wilf> Per Guac 
[06:09] <Gae wilf> But, they have some actual good songs. 
[06:10] <GuacamoleCCXR> then again, i can't expect everyone to listen to division and critical binary releases (derpy) 
[06:13] <HyperFlash Studios> Wait that's an emote
[06:13] <HyperFlash Studios> I need to use that
[06:35] <Gae wilf> Free hugs for all. 
[06:35] <Gae wilf> Each free hug is at a current price of $1. :3
[06:36] <HyperFlash Studios> uh huh
[06:37] <Ked830> awww
[06:37] <Gae wilf> Its a good bargain hype. c:
[06:37] <Ked830> i wanted a hug
[06:37] <HyperFlash Studios> It's not free
[06:37] <HyperFlash Studios> False advertising is what it is
[06:37] <Gae wilf> *gives Ked a styrofoam cut out of the word hug*
[06:37] <Gae wilf> :3
[06:38] <Ked830> oh gosh no not styrofoam
[06:38] <Ked830> *burns it*
[06:38] <Ked830> nu
[06:40] <Gae wilf> nu
[06:40] <Gae wilf> my styrofoam :o 
[06:41] <Ked830> i don't like the sound styrofoam makes
[06:41] <Ked830> it gives me chills
[06:41] <Gae wilf> *gives Ked a foam cut out of the word hug*
[06:41] <Gae wilf> :3
[06:40] <Gae wilf> nu
[06:40] <Gae wilf> my styrofoam :o 
[06:41] <Ked830> i don't like the sound styrofoam makes
[06:41] <Ked830> it gives me chills
[06:41] <Gae wilf> *gives Ked a foam cut out of the word hug*
[06:41] <Gae wilf> :3
[06:42] <Ked830> what kind of foam
[06:42] <Gae wilf> foamy foam :3
[06:43] <Ked830> but
[06:43] <Ked830> do i need to fear it >.>
[06:44] <Gae wilf> Unless you don't like soft things then no. c:
[06:44] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hey, BCGirl
[06:44] <Ked830> hai BCGal
[06:44] <HyperFlash Studios> Eyyy BCGirl
[06:44] <BusyCityGirl> Heya! ^-^
[06:44] <Ked830> okie cool wilf, thanks *hugs the word hug*
[06:44] <Ked830> hola roma
[06:45] <Gae wilf> only on LMBW will you ever see a wild Romainiandude12. 
[06:45] <Alemas2005> Ah, BCGirl, hi.
[06:45] <BusyCityGirl> We've got no power. 
[06:45] <BusyCityGirl> We got struck by lightening 
[06:45] <Gae wilf> Who?
[06:45] <Gae wilf> White peo- oh. 
[06:45] <BusyCityGirl> Ale o/ 
[06:45] <Gae wilf> Nvm. 
[06:46] <HyperFlash Studios> ... :{P 
[06:46] <BusyCityGirl> Also *lightning :p 
[06:46] <Ked830> ah that's no good BCGal
[06:47] <BusyCityGirl> Mhm. Probably have to get a new fridge and stove and furnace and a bunch of other stuff
[06:47] <Ked830> oh no
[06:47] <BusyCityGirl> At least the computers were on surge protectors so they should hopefully be okay
[06:48] <Ked830> oh yea, good
[06:48] <BusyCityGirl> :p 
[06:50] <BusyCityGirl> Woahhh magic :o 
[06:50] <BusyCityGirl> The power literally just came on o.o
[06:50] <BusyCityGirl> Sweet
[06:51] <BusyCityGirl> xD the doorbell is goong off on its own
[06:52] <BusyCityGirl> *going :p 
[06:52] <Marcel77799> Test
[06:52] <HyperFlash Studios> Pass
[06:52] <BusyCityGirl> A+
[06:52] <Marcel77799> O/ 
[06:53] <BusyCityGirl> Marcy is alive after all c;
[06:54] <Marcel77799> Yes
[06:54] <Marcel77799> But now chat is dead :( 
[06:54] <Ked830> Marcello hai
[06:55] <Marcel77799> Yo
[06:55] <Marcel77799> How are ya doing guys?
[06:55] <Ked830> goooood good good
[06:55] <Marcel77799> Me too
[06:56] <Marcel77799> Finally some time relax now
[06:56] <Ked830> finished up the last exam i had before break
[06:56] <Ked830> woohoo
[06:56] <Marcel77799> No upcoming exams yeah
[06:56] <Marcel77799> Finished my last one before February yesterday
[06:57] <Ked830> nice, i bet that's a relief :[[]]P
[06:57] <BusyCityGirl> Thats nice. Schools here have exams all the way to December 20th
[06:57] <Marcel77799> Certainly
[06:57] <Marcel77799> Feels like a little break in the semester 
[07:00] <BusyCityGirl> I've gotta scoot. It was nice to see you all for a bit
[07:00] <HyperFlash Studios> Seeya
[07:01] <BusyCityGirl> :) 
[07:01] <BusyCityGirl> So long o/ 
[07:02] <Marcel77799> Cya
[07:02] <Ked830> baiiiiii
[07:09] <Ked830> hoi web
[07:10] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[07:15] <Marcel77799> Deadness 
[07:15] <HyperFlash Studios> Indeed
[07:16] <HyperFlash Studios> Slice o/ 
[07:21] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Holy crap, Minecraft has had some major updates
[07:21] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I haven't opened it for months :P 
[07:21] <HyperFlash Studios> Same
[07:21] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> There are tons of new mobs
[07:22] <Legoanimals750> Minecraft updated? :P 
[07:22] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Aye, two times since I last opened it :P 
[07:22] <Legoanimals750> Cool. :P 
[07:22] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> There's apparently tons of new mobs, shields, and now my character has an ugly cape for some reason :P 
[07:22] <Ked830> have fun with that, Doc (Derp3) 
[07:22] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Eh, it's whatever :P 
[07:23] <Legoanimals750> oh, Llamas are a thing. :P 
[07:23] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Yeah :{P 
[07:23] <Ked830> yep XD
[07:24] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Also there's a thing called the "Totem of Undying
[07:24] <Ked830> yepp
[07:24] <Legoanimals750> Now where's the red dragon that was in a snap shot in like V1.8? :P 
[07:24] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> And there are new buildings, "woodland mansions"
[07:24] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> full of hostile villagers
[07:24] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> neato
[07:24] <Ked830> they're insane, doc
[07:25] <Legoanimals750> *is loading up MC RN*
[07:26] <Legoanimals750> Why do I always spawn on an island? (yk) 
[07:26] <Ked830> shulker boxes oh oh oh
[07:27] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> What are those?
[07:27] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I spawned one, but didn't know what it was :P 
[07:27] <Legoanimals750> I have no idea
[07:28] <Ked830> it's like a backpack
[07:29] <Ked830> if you put stuff in it, and break it, it'll keep all the stuff in it
[07:29] <Ked830> im pretty sure
[07:29] <Ked830> it's pretty cool
[07:29] <Ked830> you can pick it up and carry it around
[07:30] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> God, I hate security questions
[07:30] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I DON'T KNOW what my favorite restaurant was :P 
[07:30] <Ked830> haha XD
[07:30] <Ked830> "why did the past me think this was a good idea"
[07:31] <Legoanimals750> What's the curse of Vanish enchantment? 
[07:31] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> According to the wiki, it makes your item vanish on death
[07:31] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Instead of merely dropping :P 
[07:31] <Ked830> aye
[07:31] <Ked830> tis a bad thing in most cases
[07:31] <Legoanimals750> That's bad. :P 
[07:31] <HyperFlash Studios> That sucks
[07:32] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> OH, the elytra is a cape-like thing
[07:33] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> "End cities" These are a thing now
[07:33] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Cool
[07:33] <Legoanimals750> Does the Totem do anything?
[07:34] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Yes
[07:34] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> If you hold it, it saves you from death apparently
[07:35] <Legoanimals750> Ah, that kind of makes sense
[07:35] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> "Ocean monument" wat
[07:35] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I would totally make this my new home
[07:35] <Legoanimals750> That's been around a while
[07:35] <Legoanimals750> Well, gtg bye
[07:35] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> First time I've heard of it
[07:35] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Cya
[07:36] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> COOL, Igloos
[07:39] <RoboticBrick28> *checks chat and realizes that someone PMed my several minutes ago*
[07:39] <RoboticBrick28> (fp) 
[07:43] <RoboticBrick28> Living Ked is living? 
[07:44] <RoboticBrick28> Or is living Ked not living?
[07:36] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> COOL, Igloos
[07:39] <RoboticBrick28> *checks chat and realizes that someone PMed my several minutes ago*
[07:39] <RoboticBrick28> (fp) 
[07:43] <RoboticBrick28> Living Ked is living? 
[07:44] <RoboticBrick28> Or is living Ked not living?
[07:44] <Ked830> yo
[07:44] <RoboticBrick28> hai ;p 
[07:44] <Ked830> chat was lagging more than usual for me (DErp) 
[07:44] <Ked830> hai
[07:46] <Ked830> ay wilf
[07:52] <Ked830> romaaaaa
[07:54] <Romaniandude12> no
[07:55] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> (bh) 
[07:55] <Ked830> ;-;
[07:56] <Ked830> they've changed sky wars, roma
[07:56] <Ked830> it's a lot harder now (DErp) 
[07:56] <Romaniandude12> (Derp) 
[08:00] <Ked830> ive died of starvation twice cuz they've made the chests appear in different orders/totally removed half of the chests
[08:01] <Romaniandude12> orly
[08:02] <Ked830> yes
[08:02] <Ked830> it's so annoyingggg
[08:10] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[08:10] <Ked830> yo
[08:10] <RoboticBrick28> \o 
[08:19] <HyperFlash Studios> Hi AP
[08:19] <AmazingPythor> yo
[08:19] <Ked830> ap yo
[08:20] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[08:23] <AmazingPythor> no
[08:23] <Gae wilf> Yus
[08:24] <Gae wilf> test
[08:24] <AmazingPythor> Is this a new account or a dupe
[08:24] <Ked830> wilf's new account
[08:24] <Ked830> apparently
[08:24] <HyperFlash Studios> New account
[08:24] <AmazingPythor> Is the old one blocked :P 
[08:24] <HyperFlash Studios> I checked earlier
[08:24] <HyperFlash Studios> yeah
[08:24] <AmazingPythor> k, carry on then. :p 
[08:24] <Ked830> maj hai
[08:25] <Gae wilf> Yeah Ape blocked the old one. 
[08:25] <Majolo9050> ai
[08:25] <Gae wilf> *Ale
[08:26] <Gae wilf> Test
[08:27] <Gae wilf> So slow chat, eh?
[08:28] <Legoanimals750> Yup
[08:28] <Gae wilf> cool cool
[08:29] <Gae wilf> im kinda miffed that the G is capital in my name 
[08:29] <AmazingPythor> Can I start calling you *gae wilf
[08:29] <Gae wilf> I don't know if it's standard or if I forgot to turn of shift 
[08:29] <Gae wilf> sure ape 
[08:29] <Gae wilf> everyone else does 
[08:29] <Majolo9050> its standard wilf
[08:29] <AmazingPythor> cool
[08:30] <HyperFlash Studios> The capital is standard yeah
[08:31] <AmazingPythor> BRB
[08:31] <HyperFlash Studios> kk
[08:31] <Legoanimals750> Oh, the Doctor Who Christmas special preview just came out. :P 
[08:31] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> oh no
[08:31] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Doctor Who and "Christmas Special" never go well together
[08:34] <Legoanimals750> It looks like a rip-off batman will be in it 
[08:37] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[08:37] <HyperFlash Studios> o/ 
[08:41] <Ked830> im almost
[08:41] <Ked830> done
[08:42] <Legoanimals750> With what?
[08:42] <Ked830> editing the MLN Music and Bands page (y) 
[08:42] <Ked830> my eyes hurt
[08:42] <Legoanimals750> Ah. :P 
[08:43] <Roddy15> oh cool google search has updated
[08:44] <Ked830> would it be okay if i alphabetized the page, do you think?
[08:45] <Roddy15> also the trailer for that dr who special has been out since october :P 
[08:45] <Legoanimals750>
[08:45] <HyperFlash Studios> Is there a current order ked
[08:46] <HyperFlash Studios> or is it random
[08:46] <Ked830> doesn't seem like it
[08:46] <HyperFlash Studios> If it's random idc
[08:46] <Ked830> okay
[08:46] <Ked830> hmm
[08:46] <HyperFlash Studios> If it's random idc
[08:46] <Ked830> okay
[08:46] <Ked830> hmm
[08:46] <Ked830> apapap, would it be okay if i alphabetized the MLN Music and Bands page
[08:46] <AmazingPythor> No I'd block you forever
[08:46] <Ked830> oh ;-;
[08:47] <AmazingPythor> (that means yes)
[08:47] <Roddy15> okay that's a new one
[08:47] <Ked830> (okay cool)
[08:47] <Roddy15> didn't see it come up in google
[08:47] <Leinad~> are you saying that no means yes
[08:47] <Leinad~> :P 
[08:47] <HyperFlash Studios> No
[08:47] <Legoanimals750> Yes it is. :P 
[08:47] <Roddy15> i can't watch it though since the grand tour is downloading
[08:47] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I forgot that came out today
[08:47] <HyperFlash Studios> He's saying "No I'd block you forever" means yes
[08:48] <Leinad~> hype pls
[08:49] <HyperFlash Studios> it's the truth
[08:49] <Alemas2005> ...downloading?! :P 
[08:49] <Alemas2005> Can't you stream the thing? :P 
[08:49] <Roddy15> the amount of leechers to seeders is really poor right now
[08:49] <Alemas2005> Wait a sec.
[08:49] <Roddy15> i don't stream things
[08:49] <Alemas2005> ... :P 
[08:49] <Alemas2005> You're torrenting it?! :P 
[08:49] <Roddy15> i'd rather download and watch without any buffering
[08:50] <Roddy15> if amazon want my money they give us proper prime memberships
[08:50] <Roddy15> not paying 60 pounds only to get access to video and music
[08:50] <Alemas2005> Wow, shame on you. :{P 
[08:50] <Alemas2005> Just watched the first episode, BTW.
[08:50] <Roddy15> it will end up on some sky channel or something later anyway
[08:51] <AmazingPythor> Alright, I'm off for a while
[08:51] <AmazingPythor> May not be back until tonight
[08:51] <Ked830> okie baiii, take care
[08:52] <HyperFlash Studios> Bye AP
[08:52] <Roddy15> i've basically grabbed the first 720p one i could find under 1gb :P 
[08:52] <Roddy15> so this may end up being a really poor video :P 
[08:53] <Alemas2005> Want to know anything? (derp) 
[08:53] <Alemas2005> Or do you want to be spoiler-free? (derp) 
[08:53] <Roddy15> Chris Evans is a special guest?
[08:53] <Alemas2005> No. :P 
[08:53] <Alemas2005> Though there are quite a few references to Top Gear in general.
[08:53] <Roddy15> Chris Evans is actually Clarkson?
[08:53] <Alemas2005> No no. :P 
[08:53] <Alemas2005> No Chris Evans. :P 
[08:53] <Alemas2005> Don't worry. :P 
[08:54] <Roddy15> He's not even an extra? :P 
[08:54] <Alemas2005> Nope. :P 
[08:54] <Roddy15> my chat is currently like getting post, i send something, see it nearly a minute later and the rest comes flooding in at me :P 
[08:54] <Alemas2005> OH.
[08:55] <Roddy15> i'm downloading though which explains my problem
[08:55] <Alemas2005> Ah.
[08:55] <Alemas2005> (Derp) 
[08:55] <Alemas2005> Want to know anything else? (derp) 
[08:56] <Roddy15> it's nearly downloaded though :P 
[08:56] <Roddy15> is it actually worth watching?
[08:56] <Alemas2005> YES.
[08:56] <Alemas2005> DEFINITELY.
[08:56] <Alemas2005> :P 
[08:56] <Alemas2005> It's basically Top Gear. :P 
[08:56] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I'm starting the first episode right now. :P 
[08:56] <Roddy15> because either watching this or doing my daily grind in elite :P 
[08:56] <Alemas2005> The good variety. :P 
[08:57] <Roddy15> it's a shame it's not on netflix
[08:57] <Roddy15> because i would actually pay for that
[08:57] <Alemas2005> The BBC will be genuinely thinking...
[08:57] <Alemas2005> "...ok, that's it, we've screwed up, we're officially hopeless".
[08:58] <Roddy15> i ended up getting netflix because the house of cards torrents were taking too long and i wanted to binge watch it
[08:58] <Roddy15> ended up keeping netflix until around may or something and watched house then on it :P 
[08:59] <Alemas2005> You won't be disappointed at all.
[08:59] <Roddy15> it's a good thing vodafone couldn't care less about what you get up to online :P 
[08:59] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Have they confirmed a second season of The Grand Tour?
[08:59] <Ked830> DONE yay
[08:59] <Alemas2005> Nope.
[08:59] <Roddy15> 36 episodes
[09:00] <Alemas2005> Ah.
[09:00] <Roddy15> so they pretty much have
[09:00] <Alemas2005> Also, 12 episodes.
[09:00] <Alemas2005> For this season.
[09:00] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> ugh
[09:00] <Roddy15> yeah so 3 seasons
[09:00] <Roddy15> which given the money they paid doesn't surprise me
[09:01] <Roddy15> 88.9MB to go now...
[09:08] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Holy crap, the opening is so excessive :P 
[09:09] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Now, "Opening of The Grand Tour" with be the definition of "Over the Top"
[09:11] <Ked830> yo riolulu
[09:11] <Riolu777> im a black girl in Pokemon Sun
[09:11] <Riolu777> what a day to be alive
[09:11] <Riolu777> diversity in pokemon
[09:11] <Alemas2005> At least it shows "WE HAVE MONEY".
[09:11] <Alemas2005> "IN YOUR FACE, BBC".
[09:11] <HyperFlash Studios> I thought we'd never see you again rio
[09:11] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Fair enough :P 
[09:11] <Riolu777> this is one of those ten minute visits
[09:11] <HyperFlash Studios> ah right
[09:11] <Alemas2005> Ten minute visits...?
[09:11] <Alemas2005> ...?! :P 
[09:11] <HyperFlash Studios> <span class="me-username">* <span>HyperFlash Studios</span></span> starts timer
[09:12] <Alemas2005> What do you mean, you're going to visit us once a day for 10 minutes? :P 
[09:12] <Riolu777> for a while
[09:12] <Riolu777> yes
[09:12] <Riolu777> I'll be on chat while I'm playing 
[09:12] <Riolu777> just afk
[09:12] <Riolu777> so I have a presence
[09:12] <Riolu777> right now I'm going through the introduction
[09:13] <HyperFlash Studios> hi rus
[09:13] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> HOLY CRAP
[09:14] <Riolu777> hey rus
[09:14] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> "We're going to be like gypsies, only the cars we drive are insured"
[09:14] <GuacamoleCCXR> submitting my first collab for p@d: amity
[09:14] <RusMan> Hey c: o/ 
[09:14] <Riolu777> wait is grand tour out now
[09:14] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Yep, I like it already, only 10 minutes in :P 
[09:15] <Riolu777> sweet
[09:15] <Riolu777> so many things out today
[09:15] <Riolu777> oh my gosh I have a pet meowth
[09:15] <Riolu777> what a great start to this game
[09:17] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> .
[09:18] <Riolu777> I love pokemon so much Im crying and laughing healp
[09:19] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Amazon sucks at streaming (UD) 
[09:21] <HyperFlash Studios> ":He was now retired."
[09:21] <HyperFlash Studios> people cannot edit archive articles
[09:22] <Riolu777> rockruff is my new favorite pokemon
[09:22] <HyperFlash Studios> Are you gonna rename your account to Rockruff777
[09:22] <HyperFlash Studios> ?
[09:23] <Riolu777> crap
[09:23] <Riolu777> maybe
[09:23] <Riolu777> :P 
[09:23] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> holy hell, Cyper, you've been on an editing frenzy
[09:23] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hyper (UD) 
[09:23] <HyperFlash Studios> Yes
[09:23] <HyperFlash Studios> I have
[09:23] <Man.city1> Last night here
[09:23] <Man.city1> hank god
[09:23] <HyperFlash Studios> *adds cyper to pings*
[09:23] <Man.city1> *thank
[09:24] <Alemas2005> Calm do-
[09:24] <Alemas2005> *Gets shot*
[09:24] <Alemas2005> (derp3) 
[09:24] <HyperFlash Studios> I'm also nearing 10k edits
[09:25] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I'm going to be off watching stuff, see y'all later
[09:25] <Alemas2005> ...only?
[09:25] <Alemas2005> Thought you had more.
[09:25] <Alemas2005> :P 
[09:25] <HyperFlash Studios> \o 
[09:25] <HyperFlash Studios> Me? :P 
[09:25] <Riolu777> yeah gonna focus on the game now
[09:25] <Riolu777> bye
[09:25] <Alemas2005> Yeah. :P 
[09:25] <HyperFlash Studios> Bye Rio :P 
[09:25] <HyperFlash Studios> And nah
[09:28] <Roddy15> already better than Top Gear :P 
[09:29] <Alemas2005> Oh yeah.
[09:29] <Alemas2005> :P 
[09:32] <GuacamoleCCXR>
[09:34] <Roddy15> and finally doing what they promised to do in top gear
[09:34] <Man.city1> Guys
[09:34] <Man.city1> in 
[09:35] <Man.city1> 14 hrs I'll be on my way home 
[09:35] <Man.city1> :D 
[09:35] <HyperFlash Studios> Where are you now? :P 
[09:36] <BatGirl9431> Obviously not home. :P 
[09:36] <HyperFlash Studios> thx
[09:37] <BatGirl9431> No problem.
[09:38] <Man.city1> I'm at a hotel hyoer
[09:38] <Man.city1> its 11:38pm
[09:38] <HyperFlash Studios> ah
[09:39] <Man.city1> i leave here at like 12:20pm tomorrow 
[09:40] <RoboticBrick28> MC is in the Pacific
[09:41] <RoboticBrick28> Or Alaska perhaps
[09:36] <BatGirl9431> Obviously not home. :P 
[09:36] <HyperFlash Studios> thx
[09:37] <BatGirl9431> No problem.
[09:38] <Man.city1> I'm at a hotel hyoer
[09:38] <Man.city1> its 11:38pm
[09:38] <HyperFlash Studios> ah
[09:39] <Man.city1> i leave here at like 12:20pm tomorrow 
[09:40] <RoboticBrick28> MC is in the Pacific
[09:41] <RoboticBrick28> Or Alaska perhaps
[09:55] <Keplers> RB I think you mean Europe
[09:57] <Roddy15> wow...american stig :P 
[09:58] <Alemas2005> Non-Stig.
[09:58] <Alemas2005> You mean.
[09:58] <Alemas2005> :P 
[09:58] <Roddy15> everything not American is communist :P 
[10:01] <Roddy15> of course the american in the crowd is like "we help y'all!" when the RAF is mentioned :P 
[10:02] <Alemas2005> The Grand Tour test track has been located already.
[10:03] <Alemas2005> It's, surprise surprise, an abandoned airfield. :P 
[10:03] <Legoanimals750> Obama banned Oil drilling in the Arctic till at least 2022 today. :p 
[10:04] <Roddy15> airfields are the best places for a track honestly
[10:04] <Keplers> lol LA
[10:04] <Alemas2005>
[10:04] <Alemas2005> Somewhere in Swindon.
[10:04] <Roddy15> don't worry web we will repeal that. I promise you this, Obama wants to ruin America big league. We will repeal it.
[10:05] <Roddy15> we are going to do yuge drilling in the artic
[10:05] <Alemas2005> They actually had to add asphalt. :P 
[10:05] <Alemas2005> The drift area's brand-new.
[10:05] <Alemas2005> As well as the corners leading to the old houses.
[10:05] <Legoanimals750> Yeah, probably. :p 
[10:05] <Roddy15> yeah they looked new ale
[10:05] <Alemas2005> That was a genuine surprise, the test track.
[10:06] <Alemas2005> The "Eboladrome"... :P 
[10:06] <Roddy15> i kind of expected it to be honest
[10:06] <Legoanimals750> and you mean "bigly" :p 
[10:06] <Alemas2005> The BBC would have never got away with that naming. (derp) 
[10:06] <Roddy15> but thought maybe they'd use an existing track or something
[10:07] <Roddy15> using another airfield though doesn't surprise me when one of the best tracks in the world was an RAF airfield :P 
[10:08] <Alemas2005>
[10:09] <Alemas2005> Never ever seen such rave reviews for something.
[10:09] <Alemas2005> 4.9 out of 5.
[10:09] <Chrismajor2124> Hello everyone
[10:09] <Roddy15> it's basically Top Gear with the budget to do everything it wants
[10:09] <Chrismajor2124> Today is an exciting day because I'm starting ST:DS9 :D 
[10:09] <Alemas2005> Indeed.
[10:09] <Roddy15> which is something the BBC would never be able to give
[10:10] <Alemas2005> The BBC now look like proper beggars... :P 
[10:10] <Roddy15> i mean the fact they have the three hypercars on the same track shows how much money they have thrown at this
[10:10] <Alemas2005> Ah yes.
[10:10] <Alemas2005> Something the BBC could not achieve...
[10:10] <Roddy15> BBC honestly punch way above their weight but it's just a shame the tories don't value it
[10:10] <Roddy15> i'm sure most of them would happily see the BBC disappear for good
[10:11] <Alemas2005> The opening intro made a little tear run down my eye. :P 
[10:11] <Roddy15> i mean the BBC are losing rights for stuff left right and centre
[10:11] <Alemas2005> It was like...
[10:11] <Alemas2005> "We're back. And we got money. Lots of it".
[10:12] <Alemas2005> "We can do whatever the hell we want and not be crucified for it"
[10:12] <Chrismajor2124> Well as Batman and Iron Man have proven, money is the ultimate superpower
[10:12] <Chrismajor2124> That and dead parents
[10:12] <Chrismajor2124> Too soon?
[10:12] <Chrismajor2124> ... yeah, too soon
[10:12] <Alemas2005> Though I got to be honest, it does feel a lot more scripted. :P 
[10:12] <Alemas2005> Almost... blatantly so.
[10:12] <Alemas2005> Hang on, what if...
[10:13] <Alemas2005> Y'know when Jeremy and Richard drove each other's cars?
[10:13] <Roddy15> i think that's just the first episode thing though honestly
[10:13] <Alemas2005> Inside the cars, they were proper fans of them...
[10:13] <Roddy15> they've stuff to get through, it's the first show etc.
[10:13] <Alemas2005> Outside, they hated them.
[10:13] <Alemas2005> What if...
[10:13] <Alemas2005> It implies that they still like the cars?
[10:13] <Alemas2005> I mean...
[10:13] <Alemas2005> In Top Gear.
[10:13] <Alemas2005> They had their disagreements all the time.
[10:14] <Chrismajor2124> Could I get a quick recap on the conversation?
[10:14] <Alemas2005> But what if they actually liked the cars and their squabbles were just for the show?
[10:14] <Roddy15> they are for the show :P 
[10:14] <Alemas2005> Grand Tour discussion. :P 
[10:14] <Chrismajor2124> Ah okay
[10:14] <Roddy15> Top Gear was always scripted :P 
[10:14] <Alemas2005> Yes, but they made it blatantly obvious here.
[10:15] <Roddy15> it was obvious all the time though :P 
[10:15] <Roddy15> making jerome d'ambrosio speak french....amazing
[10:15] <Romaniandude12> jeRome
[10:15] <Alemas2005> The subtitles literally made me LOL.
[10:15] <Alemas2005> (derp) 
[10:15] <Roddy15> he's a pretty good commentator actually, he did GP2 commentary a good few times
[10:16] <Alemas2005> Oh, so he does speak English. :P 
[10:16] <Roddy15> also a decent Formula E driver, just not given the car really in F1
[10:16] <Roddy15> yeah of course he does :P 
[10:16] <Alemas2005> Probably the only non-scripted parts are the "Eboladrome" ones...
[10:16] <Alemas2005> Like the old "Power Laps".
[10:16] <Romaniandude12> eboladRome
[10:17] <Alemas2005> And whenever the trio talk about their cars inside them.
[10:18] <Roddy15> yeah once you've watched them for years it becomes obvious when it's scripted or not
[10:18] <Roddy15> generally the in studio stuff is the most scripted and some parts of their trips and stuff
[10:19] <Roddy15> what's amazed me is Ferrari actually let them time the lap against the other hypercars
[10:22] <Roddy15> the P1 time isn't really accurate
[10:23] <Roddy15> probably lost a tenth or so given how much torque there is in it
[10:23] <Alemas2005> Though they didn't let them lap the 488... :P 
[10:24] <Roddy15> The La Ferrari :P 
[10:24] <Roddy15> They weren't willing to do the lap though last time round
[10:25] <Roddy15> Ferrari are just weird though
[10:25] <Roddy15> I mean it's why they have their custom designed track for the cars and when F1 had testing
[10:25] <Alemas2005> I said they weren't allowed to set a time on the Eboladrome with the 488. :P 
[10:26] <Roddy15> yeah i read it wrong :P 
[10:27] <Roddy15> even the credit font seems oddly familiar :P 
[10:27] <Alemas2005> YEAH. XD
[10:27] <Alemas2005> The amount of pokes at the BBC... :P 
[10:38] <Alemas2005> way...
[10:38] <Alemas2005> Roddy...
[10:38] <Alemas2005> CollegeHumor...
[10:38] <Alemas2005> Does Grand Tour ads.
[10:38] <Alemas2005>
[10:38] <Roddy15> i don't really watch collegehumor
[10:43] <Alemas2005> They have a British writer.
[10:43] <Alemas2005> I bet she forced them to do ads for the Grand Tour. :P 
[10:49] <Majolo9050> BatGirl9431 ping 
[10:50] <Legoanimals750> This MC seed is great. :P 
[10:50] <RoboticBrick28> what seed? 15?
[10:50] <RoboticBrick28> ;p 
[10:50] <Alemas2005> Oh, Roddy.
[10:50] <Alemas2005> You know what I just realised?
[10:51] <Alemas2005> Roddy15, you miserable hardcore Scot gamer. (UA) 
[10:51] <Alemas2005> "Scottish".
[10:51] <Legoanimals750> There's a mansion in it. :P 
[10:43] <Alemas2005> I bet she forced them to do ads for the Grand Tour. :P 
[10:49] <Majolo9050> BatGirl9431 ping 
[10:50] <Legoanimals750> This MC seed is great. :P 
[10:50] <RoboticBrick28> what seed? 15?
[10:50] <RoboticBrick28> ;p 
[10:50] <Alemas2005> Oh, Roddy.
[10:50] <Alemas2005> You know what I just realised?
[10:51] <Alemas2005> Roddy15, you miserable hardcore Scot gamer. (UA) 
[10:51] <Alemas2005> "Scottish".
[10:51] <Legoanimals750> There's a mansion in it. :P 
[10:58] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> "mansion"
[10:58] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hello!
[10:58] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> what kind of minecraft are you playing
[10:58] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> The Grand Tour - 10/10
[10:58] <HyperFlash Studios> The updated kind
[10:58] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I really liked it :P 
[10:58] <Legoanimals750> V1.11
[10:58] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> damn
[10:59] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> yeah i dont know anything about minecraft after 1.6
[10:59] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> i quit playing after that
[11:01] <Brick425> o/ 
[11:01] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hey, Brick
[11:01] <Brick425> I need to watch TGT
[11:01] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Only the first episode came out
[11:01] <Brick425> I know :P 
[11:01] <Brick425> I love(d) Top Gear so I think I'll love TGT, too. :P 
[11:01] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I thought it was released all at once, like Netflix original series :P 
[11:02] <Brick425> haha no :P 
[11:02] <Brick425> rip
[11:02] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> It's great, they poke fun at Top Gear at multiple points :P 
[11:02] <Brick425> Ah, good. :P 
[11:03] <Brick425> "Last week a mothballed IFR nuclear missile exploded deep underground, triggering a catastrophic earthquake in rural Internet Freedom Republic. The little evidence that could be recovered from the debris indicates that the explosion was caused by neglected maintenance of outdated warheads, spurring debate over the state of the nation’s nuclear arsenal."
[11:03] <Brick425> 
[11:03] <Brick425> Not my fault. Nukes are against IFR military law.
[11:03] <Brick425> But I'll create a program NS stats-wise just so I can advance my military some more. :P 
[11:04] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> You don't have nukes? :P 
[11:04] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Shame, you can't pull a Project Orion with me (bh) 
[11:04] <Brick425> Nope, sorry.
[11:05] <Brick425> We prefer to keep mass civilian casualties to a minimum so they don't think we're /as/ evil when we make it a puppet state.
[11:05] <Brick425> We use napalm and firebombs, though.
[11:06] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> No, Inceptia doesn't use nukes either. There are far more effective ways of exterminating a population of infidels while leaving the environment and infrastructure of a nation intact.
[11:06] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> 
[11:06] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Then we can send settlers of Inceptian birth in.
[11:07] <Brick425> Haha
[11:11] <Brick425> Does Inceptia have a war that is to it what WWII was for the US?
[11:13] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Oh, something that fixed the economy and sent us into the '50s? No, Inceptia is relatively young
[11:13] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Does the IFR?
[11:13] <Ked830> hai Sama Chan
[11:13] <Ked830> ey skully
[11:14] <SamanthaNguyen1116> o/ 
[11:14] <HyperFlash Studios> Hi skul
[11:14] <Brick425> Well, that, or just a war in which the veterans who fought there are renowned as heroes and saviors of freedom? :P 
[11:14] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[11:14] <Skully Of House Lannister> BECAUSE HE COULD NAZI
[11:14] <Skully Of House Lannister> mwhahahahaha
[11:14] <Skully Of House Lannister> dear god 
[11:14] <Brick425> Skul pls :P 
[11:14] <Skully Of House Lannister> im tired 
[11:14] <Skully Of House Lannister> as hell 
[11:14] <Skully Of House Lannister> ive been making the worst jokes
[11:14] <Skully Of House Lannister> all day 
[11:14] <Ked830> skul needs to rest his poor brain
[11:14] <Skully Of House Lannister> AN 'EAST INFECTION 
[11:14] <Brick425> Liberals, Skul?
[11:14] <Skully Of House Lannister> GEDDIT 
[11:14] <Brick425> Oh
[11:14] <Alemas2005> (JC) 
[11:15] <Skully Of House Lannister> AN EAST INFECTION 
[11:15] <Alemas2005> Yes yes yes.
[11:15] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> No, we haven't been in a "major" conflict, outside from the chaos that led to the birth of a nation. All of the wars have been small scale, like a mini Gulf War
[11:15] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Except not over in a few days :P 
[11:15] <Skully Of House Lannister> I MADE A BELT OUT OF WATCHES 
[11:15] <Brick425> Ah :P 
[11:15] <Skully Of House Lannister> IT WAS A 
[11:15] <Skully Of House Lannister> WAIST OF TIME
[11:15] <Skully Of House Lannister> MWHAHAHAHAHAAH
[11:15] <HyperFlash Studios> omg
[11:15] <Ked830> good thing rom isn't on >.>
[11:15] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> .... (UD) 
[11:15] <HyperFlash Studios> skul stop typing
[11:15] <Alemas2005> You know why Hitler lost the war?
[11:15] <Alemas2005> He did Nazi the Allies coming.
[11:16] <Brick425> For the IFR, that war was definitely the Eskradan War, 1979-1985. Lots of heroes from that one. But only on the IFR side, of course.
[11:16] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> why
[11:16] <Brick425> No such thing as a heroic communist.
[11:16] <Skully Of House Lannister> all class today we were making really bad jokes 
[11:16] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Of course, filthy commies are heroic only when they eventually die. :P 
[11:16] <Brick425> You just said the same thing as Skul, Ale. :P 
[11:16] <Brick425> Amen, Sat
[11:16] <Brick425> Amen.
[11:16] <Skully Of House Lannister> brick do you know the joke about the lesbians next door 
[11:16] <Brick425> THERE'S WHAT NEXT DOOR
[11:16] <Brick425> brb for the next 2 hours or so
[11:16] <Alemas2005> ...where they called the s- *Gets shot*
[11:17] <Alemas2005> Ok I must take my mind to the cleaners.
[11:17] <HyperFlash Studios> pls
[11:17] <HyperFlash Studios> u guys
[11:17] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> cya
[11:17] <Brick425> I want to hear it, Skul. Really. :P 
[11:17] <Brick425> Ale can you take my pants, too? :P 
[11:17] <Skully Of House Lannister> well 
[11:17] <Brick425> They're dirty and they're dry clean only.
[11:17] <Skully Of House Lannister> the lesbians next door asked me what i wanted for my birthday, so i told them 
[11:18] <Alemas2005> Brick. :P 
[11:18] <Alemas2005> Shut up. :P 
[11:18] <Alemas2005> I'm not your cleaner. :P 
[11:18] <Skully Of House Lannister> when my birthday came around, they bought me a sweet Rolex 
[11:18] <Skully Of House Lannister> they misunderstood me when i said "i wanna watch" 
[11:18] <Brick425> xD
[11:18] <Alemas2005> ...oh my good God skul.
[11:18] <Alemas2005> (FW) :P 
[11:18] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> lel
[11:18] <Brick425> Sell it and give them $20,000 each to watch
[11:18] <HyperFlash Studios> that hurt
[11:19] <Alemas2005> You should have called them...
[11:19] <Alemas2005> I don't want to make a sexual joke in chat for God's sake. :P 
[11:19] <Alemas2005> Someone tell me to stop. :P 
[11:19] <Alemas2005> Wait, skul.
[11:19] <Skully Of House Lannister> yes ale 
[11:19] <Alemas2005> You can auto-complete it.
[11:19] <HyperFlash Studios> Ale stop
[11:19] <Legoanimals750> "I don't want to make a sexual joke in chat for God's sake." You're an admin, you can kick you know. :P 
[11:19] <Skully Of House Lannister> lel 
[11:19] <Skully Of House Lannister> i gtg anwyay 
[11:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> anyway 
[11:20] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> you have my full consent to proceed alemas
[11:20] <Brick425> o/ 
[11:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> dinner 
[11:20] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I just heard Bobby Jindal's quote "They're trying to turn the American Dream into the European Nightmare"
[11:20] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Yes, Switzerland is basically Africa
[11:20] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> bobby jindal called donald trump a menace
[11:20] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> RIP bobby
[11:20] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Free healthcare, cheap education, nice infrastructure are all terrible
[11:20] <Brick425> <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">The American dream died when we elected a black president</span>
[11:20] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> YOU RACIST
[11:20] <Brick425> """"""""""""free""""""""""""""""" :P 
[11:21] <Brick425> *White Crib
[11:21] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> white mud hut
[11:21] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> B) 
[11:23] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> It's funny, I told a European friend of mine that I was living in my state capital, and was having trouble getting around without a car
[11:24] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> "Why not use the metro?"
[11:24] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> (UD) 
[11:24] <Alemas2005> (derp3) 
[11:24] <Alemas2005> He could have said "the underground".
[11:24] <Alemas2005> (derp3) 
[11:25] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Yeah, giving it a different name solves the problem of not having one (derp4) 
[11:25] <Brick425> I thought you had a car, Sat. :P 
[11:25] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I didn't bring it to university
[11:25] <Brick425> Foolish
[11:25] <Brick425> Very foolish. :P 
[11:25] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> I can't afford it here :P 
[11:25] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Otherwise I would have
[11:25] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> more places need subways
[11:25] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> just saying
[11:25] <Brick425> Park it as many blocks away as you need to. :P 
[11:25] <Alemas2005> [[Quote message glitch]]
[11:25] <Alemas2005> HYPER.
[11:26] <Brick425> Use Uber, Sat. :P 
[11:26] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> That's what I generally do
[11:26] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> But my point is that this is a fairly decent sized city
[11:26] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Hell, even Charleston doesn't have a subway system
[11:27] <Dr. Satl, M.D.> Closest one is in Atlanta
[11:27] <Sky-Pirate Doubloon> why are you screaming at hyper
[11:28] <Alemas2005>
[11:28] <Alemas2005> Yup.
[11:28] <Alemas2005> Yup.
[11:28] <Alemas2005> :P 
[11:28] <Alemas2005> Because I need his opinion. :P 
[11:28] <HyperFlash Studios> Sorry