This policy covers all aspects related to chat, private messages, and all users' behavior within chat. It is limited to chat, or any other feature related to chat, and is not applicable or enforceable outside of the described jurisdiction. It does however apply to the wiki's official IRC channel.

  • Linking to images, webpages, or videos, from YouTube or other hosting services, with inappropriate content is prohibited. However, you are not responsible for the advertisements on the aforementioned pages which the content is hosted on, nor are you responsible for the comments section on linked YouTube videos. Furthermore, content featuring swearing may be posted in chat if an adequate warning is provided before, during, or after the message to let other users know it features such content.
  • You should talk to all users in a respectful manner. This includes trolls, friends, people you suspect of being dupes, and even a moderator who is threatening to ban you. You can be banned, or have an extended ban time for not doing this.
  • Do not use asterisks (*****) or other common forms of blocking bad language. If you use it in an offensive way, it is still considered bad language.
  • Do not solicit sensitive personal information from other users or give away another person's sensitive personal information. It is strongly suggested that you not share your own sensitive personal information, and giving out your home address or phone number is not permitted.
  • Controversial issues such as politics and religion may be discussed in private and public chat to a limited extent, but if the discussion becomes hostile or creates a disturbance in chat, the discussion may be immediately stopped by a moderator.
  • Do not spam or flood chat. The chat moderators have the authority to determine what is spam and what is not.
  • The use of non-English languages in public chat, with the exception of widely known phrases (e.g., "hola", "danke"), is prohibited.
  • If a user requests that you stop doing something, then you are required to stop unless there is a good reason you should continue. Also, if a user continually makes unreasonable requests, then the situation will be resolved by a moderator.
  • Explicit or suggestive comments are prohibited.
  • Chat may not be used to plan disruptive behavior on other wikis or websites. This includes, but is not limited to, planning chat invasions, vandalism, or trolling.
  • If you'd like to link a chat in main, please first get permission from a chatmod or admin of the chat you want to link.


  • All moderators are also required to follow the policy. There are no exceptions.
  • Do not kick or ban users as a joke, no matter what - even if you let them back in immediately.

Blocked Words

Below is a link to the list of blocked words. Clicking on "View Source" is required to view the list. Do so at your own risk.

LEGO Message Boards Wiki:Blocked Words List

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