This policy covers all aspects related to the mainspace, content, and editor’s behavior. It is limited to edits made or related to the mainspace and content, and is not applicable or enforceable outside of the described jurisdiction.

All edits should follow the Manual of Style. This page gives some additional requirements and guidelines for editing.

  • Edits may only be reverted if they decrease the quality of the article, or if they violate the manual of style.
  • Mainspace articles are intended to be about the LEGO Message Boards only.
  • You may not add or remove an article quality template or category on a page unless you have the authority to do so. This includes templates and categories such as Good Article, Stub, etc. This ability is restricted to patrollers and admins, but there are some categories and templates that may only be added or removed by admins.

Deletion Policy

  • Candidates for deletion should be used in all possible cases. The only exception is if an article qualifies for immediate deletion.
  • An article may be immedieately deleted by a content moderator or admin if one or more of the following is true :
  • The article is spam, and is irrelevant to the LMBs.
  • A blog author requests that his or her blog be deleted.
  • If a blog, forum, talk page, or other form of communication directly violates our policy.
  • If someone has added a delete template to a page, you may not remove it until the discussion for it has ended. However, if a user is simply spamming these templates, the template may be removed immediately by a patroller or admin. If the decision was to keep the page, the delete template should not be added to the same page again for the same reason as before.
  • Reasons for deletion are highly recommended, but not required.

Bot Policy

  • Bots are not restricted to any specific user group. All administrators, moderators, and users have the right to create a bot with approval.
  • The name of the software used by the bots must be public. The actual software does not have to be public, simply the name.
  • Bot ops are encouraged to use a task list whenever possible. This allows for the bot supervisors to easily track a bot’s edits, and improve the organization of bot operations.
  • Bots should always use separate accounts than the bot op’s main account.
  • Only registered bots may use software intended for bots. If an account is not flagged, then any automated editing software may not be used with that account.

See LEGO Message Boards Wiki:Bots for more information on this topic.

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