This FAQ aims to answer general questions new users might have regarding the LEGO Message Boards Wiki.

What is this Wiki?

The LEGO Message Boards Wiki is essentially an archive of information pertaining to the LEGO Message Boards. Anyone can edit its articles, provided the edits meet the Manual of Style. The Wiki is also a place for ex-Message Boards users to socialise through chat, user's Message Walls, and the forums.

Who manages this Wiki?

The Wiki is managed by ex-LEGO Message Boards members. The users responsible for managing the Wiki can be found here. The Message Boards moderators did not endorse this website when they were still online.

Are there moderators?

Yes there are. They are the Administrators, Chat Moderators, Discussion Moderators, and Content Moderators. They can be easily identified by their star in chat or title on threads.

Who should I contact if there is an issue?

You can contact an admin or Discussion Moderator on their Message Walls, or PM them in chat (click on their username on the sidebar to the right and select "Private Message").

What are the rules?

We have a General Policy that covers the whole Wiki, chat included, a Chat Policy, and a Personal Attack Policy. We recommend you read all policies thoroughly before taking part in the Wiki.

What happens if I break a rule?

If the offence happens outside of chat, you will be warned by either an admin or a discussion moderator from repeating it. If you persist, you will be blocked from the Wiki. This means you can't access chat, nor can you edit articles. You may edit your own Message Wall if we allow it.

If the offence happens inside of chat, you will be warned, either verbally or with a kick, and if you continue the behavior you will be banned from chat. This simply means you can't access chat for the duration of the ban. If negative behaviour persists outside of chat as well, you run the risk of being blocked.

What is chat?

Chat is a place where you can instantly message other users. It is the social focal point of the Wiki. Although the messages are not moderated before they are displayed, there are moderators who enforce the aforementioned policies. This means that if a person breaks a part of policy, the moderators will make sure they won't do it again. The chat also features private messaging functions with other users. Policies in PM can be ignored as long as both people are fine with it.

What are chat hacks?

Chat hacks are a set of features that can be enabled in the "Options" menu in the top-right corner in chat.

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