This policy applies to all files (images, videos, audio, etc.) that are uploaded or linked to on the LEGO Message Boards Wiki.

  • Images must follow all the policies found in the General Policy and Personal Attack Policy.
  • If a file is uploaded, it should be uploaded with the intention of using it, whether this be on an article, profile, or blog. If you would like to simply upload a file so that you can share it at a later point, you should use a service specifically designed for file hosting. Unused files may be deleted by the administrators.
  • Using the LEGO Message Boards Wiki to host images which are used exclusively on other sites is strictly forbidden.
  • All uploads should contain the appropriate copyright license. Most files will be licensed under fair use.
  • Duplicate files are not permitted, and will be deleted at the administrators’ discretion. This does not include a higher resolution or quality of an already existing file.
  • Please use an appropriate and non-generic filename. Generic file names such as “Screenshot_1”, “Pic”, etc. should not be used. If you find an already existing file with such a name, please tag it with the {{Poor filename}} template.
  • Any file may be deleted at any time without warning or notice. Due to this, the LEGO Message Boards Wiki may not be held responsible if an image or other file is lost. It is the responsibility of the uploading party to ensure that the files are properly backed up using resources other than the wiki.
  • All files which do not belong in the mainspace must be categorized under the User Files category. It is not necessarily the responsibility of the uploader to categorize these files, but it should be done shortly after the file is uploaded, whether this be by the uploader, or another member.
  • It is perfectly acceptable to upload a file for temporary use, such as to link to it on chat. However, keep in mind that this file will be eligible for immediate deletion 14 days after being uploaded. See the following section for more details.


  • Files that are inappropriate, unused, duplicate, or in some way violate a policy will be deleted.
  • All deletions are handled by administrators and content moderators, but in extreme cases, a replacement file may be uploaded by a community member until an administrator or content moderator is able to permanently delete the file.
  • Files that directly violate a policy will be deleted immediately. All other cases should be handled by Candidates for Deletion, unless otherwise explicitly stated within this policy.
  • If an uploaded file categorized in the User Files category is not used on any page, the file may be deleted any time after 14 days have passed from its upload date. Deleting unused files helps organization, and allows the wiki to be more relevant to its topic.
  • Unused files which do not belong in the User Files category should be added to the appropriate mainspace article. If there is no page where it belongs, it may go through a deletion process via Candidates for Deletion. However, the file may not be deleted without a sufficient vote.
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